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In Massachusetts 19,192 Voters Have Not Bowed Their Knee to Baal

Friends, This is my post-election analysis of my campaign for Governor of Massachusetts Some Words of Encouragement “God has not rejected His people whom He foreknew. Or do you not know what the Scripture says in the passage about Elijah, … Continue reading

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A Pastor for Governor?

Some Massachusetts voters are wondering if Scott Lively, a pastor, would be allowed to be Governor of Massachusetts.  “What about the ‘separation of church and state?‘”  Well, not only would I be allowed to be governor, but I would have … Continue reading

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Rescue Obama’s ‘Human Shields’ and Send Them Home with Escorts

There’s a long line at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. You’ve been patiently  waiting your turn for what seems like hours, with a handful of paperwork you  painstaking filled out before you got into line. Suddenly a new group of … Continue reading

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Obama Retaliates Against Africans for U.N. Rebuke

On June 11th, the Continent of Africa delivered a stunning rebuke to President Barack Obama and his “Gay”-puffing U.S. State Department by forcing the election of Ugandan Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa as President of the United Nations General Assembly.   “The U.N. … Continue reading

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Lively vs Obama on Uganda Law

The AP is circulating a story on Obama’s criticism of Uganda today which features my photo (above) and references to my case. Obama: Anti-gay bill step backward for Ugandans This is my response: I was not interviewed for this story, … Continue reading

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I May Run for MA Governor

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release, November 14, 2012 Contact:  Pastor Scott Lively, 413-250-0984 Springfield Pastor Forms Committee to Explore Run For Governor Pastor Scott Lively of Springfield today announced the formation of a committee to explore the possibility of … Continue reading

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RINO Season Begins Today

For conservatives, it’s time to let some hard truths push aside conventional wisdom in the political realm. First, we need to admit and accept that RINOs are worse enemies to our cause than Democrats.  Every time we accept a RINO instead of … Continue reading

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