Springfield MO Update

We held our Community Action Meeting against the “Gay Fascism Bill” at the public library Friday evening at 7PM.  It was a standing-room-only crowd of just over 80 people, about 4 or 5 to 1 pro-family.  Several of the pro-“gay” participants filmed my talk, no doubt to glean more evidence of my “hate” against homosexuals in their never-ending but fruitless campaign to silence me through slander and intimidation.  One of these agents was supposedly sent by the most devoted chapter of my fan club, the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization which is the subject of occasional imprecatory prayer by me:  “Lord God bring this evil Anti-Christ organization down by your mighty hand!  And in such a way that is unmistakably You, Lord, and not by the hand or action of any human being or group.  Save the people.  Destroy their organization.” 

I was very encouraged both by the turnout and the enthusiasm of the crowd to take on the challenge of killing the so-called “sexual orientation antidiscrimination ordinance.”  The coverage in the Springfield newspaper was also surprisingly balanced.  http://www.news-leader.com/article/20120714/NEWS06/307140028/Springfield-anti-discrimination-ordinance-gays-Lively

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