The bullet that changed Trump’s trajectory

By the mercy of God, President Donald Trump was spared the assassin’s bullet that pierced his ear, and America was (for now) spared the horror of hopeless descent into Marxist hell. At this stage of the political world war, there is no other populist hero capable of defeating the deep-state globalist Hydra currently ensconced in Washington, D.C. – the de facto capital of world “democracy.” Hope for populists and conservatives is found only in the person of Trump – apparently backed by the power of God. If Trump falls, the remnants of our constitutional republic will fall with him, and “democracy” will be our painful fate.

A bullet through the ear. I’m hoping he recognizes the symbolic significance of that and begins to listen more clearly to the One who saved him. The first reports I saw had him saying only God could have saved him from assassination. We don’t know if that came from him or his PR team. However, in his first published interview after the incident he is quoted as saying, “By luck or by God, many people are saying it’s by God, I’m still here.” What say you, President Trump? That’s the quadrillion-dollar question.

Was this equivocation mere political calculation intended to reassure atheist voters, or is (God forbid) President Trump himself truly ambiguous on the matter? Politically speaking, ambiguity has become Trump’s secret weapon to keeping his diverse network of constituencies moving in the same direction: on virtually every controversial issue he offers vaguely contradictory comments that resonate independently with separate factions. He’s much more a politician in the traditional sense this time around than he was in his prior campaigns. For example, having Melania host Log Cabin Republican events while he publicly applauds populist efforts against drag queens and groomers is classic Bush Dynasty politics, as was the recent partial de-Christianization of the Republican platform.

The Post article showed a significantly changed Donald Trump:

“The former president shared the ‘very surreal experience’ that nearly ended his life during an interview aboard his private plane en route to Milwaukee for the GOP National Convention. …

“GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina spent much of the flight talking to Trump and found his optimism ‘unbelievable.’ ‘He feels like he has a new lease on life,’ Graham said.

“There’s already some proof of that, as Trump related that his brush with death had changed his mind about the speech he will give Thursday to accept his party’s nomination for the third consecutive time. ‘I had all prepared an extremely tough speech, really good, all about the corrupt, horrible administration,’ he said, then suddenly added: ‘But I threw it away.’

“He said a new speech was in the works because ‘I want to try to unite our country.’ Folding his arms, he added ‘but I don’t know if that’s possible. People are very divided. … Some people want open borders, some don’t. Some want men to be able to play on women’s sport teams, and others don’t.'”

What? Is Donald Trump intending to compromise on his core populist issues? Is he now thinking of presenting himself as a neutral mediator and not an implacable swamp drainer? I hope not and that all this is just a temporary moment of weakness being exploited by Lindsey Graham.

Of all the deep state snakes you’d least want coiled around President Trump in the vulnerable hours after such a trauma, Graham ranks high on the list. I picture the scene on that flight being akin to a semi-hypnotized Mogli (Trump) in the coils of Kah the boa constrictor in Disney’s original animated “Jungle Book” film.

Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis is the Marxist formula for social engineering. What happens if Donald Trump stops being the antithesis of Soviet-esque evil and sees himself as the one who brings synthesis? He’s already done that with so-called “gay marriage” and floated “dreamer” balloons on immigration, but frankly, I don’t think he’ll abandon populist themes. I rather think the people he will throw under the bus to make room for more “centrists” are the Christians – since that’s the trend we’ve seen so far. He knows most will still vote for him in spite of it, so there is little political downside in the short term – but in the long term, what would be the fate of the world under a “pragmatic” fully secularized Donald Trump?

The greatest weakness of the MAGA movement has always been the clash of worldviews of its two largest factions: Christian conservatives and secular conservative populists. Organized Christian conservatism has deep roots in the Reagan Revolution of the ’80s and ’90s and its members understand America’s heritage as a Bible-influenced constitutional republic. Secular conservative populists are largely political newbees raised to see America’s vision as (small d) democratic “freedom.” Its more seasoned members arose in 2009 with the Tea Party in reaction to escalating left-wing radicalism under Obama, and the rest started coming out of the political woodwork in 2016 in response to Trump’s brilliant outreach to the “forgotten man.”

What splits MAGA is populist (and Libertarian) ignorance of the stark distinction between “freedom” and “liberty.” As I pointed out in an email to some friends on this recent Independence Day, freedom is to liberal democracy what liberty is to constitutional republicanism. Liberty emphasizes freedom from authoritarian control or oppression while implying a sense of responsibility and accountability. However, fully realized “freedom” (the absence of restraints) is really anarchy – which is the best short explanation for the behavior and philosophy of today’s Left.

Importantly, the founders termed what they gave to us “ordered liberty,” which in context was firmly rooted in natural law from a biblical perspective – as exemplified in the preamble to the Declaration of Independence.

This John Adams quote may seem over-used to some, but “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” The future of our nation and the world depends on whether Donald John Trump understands this truth in his inner man, or just sees his Christian base as a fungible, expendable constituency in a numbers-based election equation.

One thing is certain: That assassin’s bullet understandably and unavoidably changed Trump’s trajectory. It remains to be seen where the new path leads spiritually – toward greater darkness or greater light. God has tickled your ear to get your attention, President Trump! Please don’t insult Him by ascribing your survival to “luck.”

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‘Queers for Palestine’ has a Nazi precedent

Many people are mystified (because of Islam’s supposed hostility to homosexuals) that in 2024 American homosexuals would align with the Islamic terrorists of “Palestine.” I say “supposed,” because just as in all hyper-legalistic religions, the doctrine of the Islamic faith and the conduct of its “adherents” are often starkly at odds. When one’s focus is on the letter of the law, rather than the spirit, there’s always a loophole if you parse the statutes carefully enough (e.g., Luke 11:42). If you also overlay the ancient gnostic heresy of Manichaeim on them you can (in some versions of it) get a full pass on any infraction, because 1) the flesh is evil, 2) humans can’t overcome the flesh, and thus 3) whatever you do to indulge it is not your fault. Other versions of Manichaeism insist you can and must become perfectly pure through flesh-denying spirituality. (In contrast, biblical Christianity sees purity for believers as merely aspirational with our inevitable shortcomings bridged by the mercy of Jesus Christ who paid the price for all sin.)

The most famous Roman Catholic form of Manichaism was Catharism – which flesh-indulging version under the Bulgarians of the Middle Ages became synonymous with homosexual sodomy (“buggery”) and seems still to infect a sizable portion of the priesthood. A Jewish form of Manichaeism was called Frankism, which “asserted that the most important obligation of every person was the transgression of every boundary.” The parents of Supreme Court Justice Luis Brandeis – who invented the extra-constitutional “right to privacy” by which many forms of sexual deviance have subsequently been normalized in America – were Frankists (“Heroes – Trailblazers of the Jewish People,” Beit Hatfutsot, archived from the original on Nov. 17, 2019.

The Islamic form of Manichaeism was very influential in Sufism (also involving homosexuality), which was heavily practiced in Afghanistan until the rise of the Taliban who suppressed it. After the U.S. drove the Taliban from power, homosexual deviance in the form of pederasty flooded back into the society. Under the Obama regime, occupying U.S. soldiers were strictly forbidden from interfering with the open rape and sexual abuse of boys by Afghan security forces, and in 2010 and 2011 at least two U.S. officers were punished for trying. It was only under the Trump administration that a formal investigation was conducted and reported upon by the Army Times, in a Nov. 17, 2017, article titled “DoD IG: US Troops were told to ignore child sexual abuse by Afghan forces.”

But back to Islam and Palestine, whose most famous personage was PLO leader Yasser Arafat (1929-2004). Arafat’s homosexuality was widely acknowledged since at least 1976, when the testimony of a former associate (also homosexual) was published in a Canadian biography, “Arafat, the Man and the Myth” by Thomas Kiernan. Kiernan quotes this man at length:

“We went one night on a training exercise, about twenty of us. We were camped in a citrus grove near Gaza in tents. There was an emergency of some kind. … Several of us ran to Abu Khalid’s tent to find out what we should do. There we discovered Abu Khalid and Yasir giving themselves pleasure – or should I say Yasir was giving Abu Khalid pleasure? After that, Abu Khalid was quite open about what he did with Yasir. In fact, he encouraged all of us to participate in such activities. He said it should be a part of the guerrilla way of life. … It created a closer bond among us. Most of us sooner or later were doing it as a regular way of life. Some of us even gave pleasure to Abu Khalid, and him to us. But he would never let us touch Yasir. Yasir was his special province (Kiernan:108).”

According to Dr. Asher Eder, Jewish co-chairman of the Islam-Israel Fellowship organization, the name “Yasser Arafat” was an alias. Arafat changed his real name, Abdul Rauf el-Codbi el-Husseini, to hide his relationship to Mufti Haj Amin Husseini, his uncle (Eder, “How to Disarm the Terrible Jihad Psychosis Against Jews and Israel that Afflicts the Muslim World Today,”, Feb. 24, 2000).

Mufti Haj Amin Husseini became a close ally of Adolf Hitler. According to Icelandic historian, S. G. Bergsson, in Muftism and Nazism, Husseini became mufti (supreme religious leader) of Jerusalem in 1921 and celebrated by organizing a Jewish pogrom that year. One of the leaders of the massacre of Jews in the 1920 Arab riots in Palestine, Husseini first made contact with the Nazi regime in 1933 and by 1936 was carrying out anti-Jewish riots “with funds supplied by the Nazis” (Bergsson: chapter 3, p.2f).

Further to this topic, the Sowetan newspaper of Johannesburg published this editorial on the topic by South African legislator Jack Bloom:

“Ambiguous Arab-Muslim attitudes to Hitler can be traced to his popularity in much of the Arab world both before and during the Second World War. Political parties that imitated the Nazis were founded, such as the Syrian Social Nationalist Party and Young Eqypt, replete with stormtroopers, torch processions and Nazi slogans. The most significant collaborator with Hitler was … Haj Amin el-Husseini. … His energetic pro-Nazi efforts included a Muslim SS unit in Bosnia. … General Abdul Nasser was a member of Young Egypt and made no secret of his earlier Nazi sympathies when he became president of Egypt. Former Nazis served in his army and secret police, and his personal bodyguard was SS General Oskar Dirlewanger.” (The Sowetan, October 2, 2001)

Dirlewanger, a former SA Freikorps commander in the 1920s, was the creator of an extremely barbarous SS unit known as the Sonderkommando Dirlewanger. According to “gay” historians, homosexual men in Nazi concentration camps had the choice to be released through “transfer to a delinquent battalion like the vicious ‘Strafbataillon Dirlewanger'” (IGLA Euroletter 52, August 1977). Dirlewanger was assisted by former Hitler buddies Otto Skorzeny and Eugen Dollman who recruited large numbers of former Nazi fugitives from Argentina for key posts in the new republican regime in Egypt. Dollman was well known as a homosexual; less is known about Skorzeny, although he had been Hitler’s bodyguard in 1939, and is thus likely to have been “gay.” It is well known that Adolf Hitler was a Manichaen, as was Heinrich Himmler who designed the SS as a overtly occultic organization. It is more vigorously disputed but just as true that Hitler was a homosexual.

This is only a sample of the intertwining relationship of Islam, Nazism and “Queerness” documented in “The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party.” The facts in this article are drawn from Chapters 2 and 7 of the 6th Edition, currently a work-in-progress scheduled for publication in early 2025. For print copies of prior versions go here (the 4th edition is the best option), or for a free introductory video series go here.

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Observations on Steve Bannon’s imprisonment

My regular readers know that I have a slightly unusual writing style that typically features first-person observations and self-disclosures in the context of offering reasoned analysis on politics, history and theology. Since my early teens I’ve intentionally sought out diverse life experiences specifically for their storytelling value, and since my late 20s (when I was saved and healed from 16 years of alcoholism and drug addiction in prayer to Jesus Christ) all those experiences have become fuel and fodder for a lifestyle of testimonial evangelism.

My writing is my primary medium for fulfilling my mission, and thus nearly everything I write is to serve the cause of Christ by sharing truth on topics of social controversy in which my own firsthand perspectives add weight to my cautions, conclusions and predictions. The more afraid others are to tackle a topic, the more likely I am to address it: e.g., the ugly history and agenda of the LGBT movement, the hornets nest of Zionism vs. Antizionism, the balanced reality of people and places like Putin and Russia who are heavily and continuously smeared by professional propaganda agencies. This approach puts me on the “fringe” compared to other, higher-status pundits, who toe the more mainstream-conservative line, but who nevertheless read my work and occasionally adopt my talking points. Attribution would be nice, but the real satisfaction is in their de facto validation of my analysis.

Some might misperceive my style as self-aggrandizing, but it is not. I give all glory to God for any good thing in me or my writing, and I am as willing to share unflattering facts about myself and my experiences as I am to share my victories. Today I will share some very personal and unflattering facts to offer insights about the imprisonment of Steve Bannon.

I went to adult jail twice as a teenager: once at 17 and again at 19. I served a month each time in the county jail we street people called the Elm Street College in Greenfield, Massachusetts. I had been a homeless alcoholic since the age of 16 after my father’s final mental breakdown destroyed our family of eight: he staged an armed standoff with the state police in our home over my having dropped out of school – with shots and tear-gas canisters fired to the shock of my small town neighbors who gathered to watch. He was taken away that afternoon to the state mental hospital under whose care he spent the rest of his life – eventually as an out-patient. My mom lost the house after that and had to move to a smaller one where there was literally no place for me. So I was on the streets getting by as a petty criminal while I finished getting my diploma from a start-up far-left hippie “free school,” graduating in 1976, class of one, the first student to do so.

That petty-criminal lifestyle was how I ended up in jail the first time. I don’t remember the charge, but I do remember being the youngest guy in the jail, and my misfortune that an inmate’s watch had been stolen from his cell the day I arrived. Inmate justice ensued, and every person was required to walk to that cell and then another “drop-off” spot – solo – until the whole group had done so. Thus the property could be recovered with no one punished for taking it. Meanwhile the population of the tier sat together as a group at picnic tables in the common area, while the boss inmate of the tier walked back and forth haranguing the group about the evils of stealing. I would have been amused by the irony except that each time he walked past me he slapped me hard on the side of the head – indicating to everyone he thought I was the thief. I was terrified.

I had arrived shortly after a huge scandal. The Boston mob had long used this jail as their private country club and had even take over the conjugal visit room as an office. The guards were in their pocket. But two goons ruined the fun when they used their trip away for a court appearance as an opportunity to rob an armored car (but got caught). The authorities soon descended en masse on the jail and swept it clean of organized crime figures – except for one lower-level guy named Charlie who somehow escaped the net. Charlie witnessed my ordeal over the watch and took me under his wing, making me untouchable by the punks in power. The only problem was Charlie was a homosexual. Now I was very liberal in those days and that fact didn’t bother me – and no, I wasn’t raped in jail; although the truly crazy guy Charlie assigned as my body guard, Tex (sporting a “Born to Lose” tattoo on his forearm), did make one unsuccessful try.

For his part, Charlie, who owned a string of strip-clubs, tried only to recruit me into filming porn, asking me to read a script for a (hetero) porn flick and offering me a bartending job in one of his clubs. I thanked him for his protection and told him I’d think about it but in the end declined. That’s all I have space to share.

This week Dr. Naomi Wolf wrote a stirring piece on the political implications of Steve Bannon’s ordeal that also addressed the “man vs. institution” fight he will face behind bars. She titled it “What time it is: The imprisonment of Stephen K Bannon.” It is well worthy of your attention.

It caught my eye because in it she invoked the torture camps of the Nazi SA in the months following their arson of the German Reichstag – which was a theme of my recent WND column “J6 and the burning of the German Reichstag” – to my knowledge the first to cite this aspect of the famous historical event in the conservative blogosphere in years, if ever. She either read my piece or received concurrent Holy Spirit inspiration on this topic (a phenomenon I have experienced multiple times in the past with others). Either way, I was impressed.

Now “minimum security” Danbury federal prison isn’t all that far geographically from the Elm Street college (Massachusetts and Connecticut are bordering states) and probably isn’t all that different a culture for inmates in the aspects that matter most: loss of freedom, privacy, dignity and personal security.

Wolf highlighted the institutional restrictions and Bannon’s loss of connection with the outside world, but I would like to address what she cannot: the sudden and shocking immersion of an intelligent, sensitive and idealistic human being into a society dominated by predatory animals. As an inmate in any prison, even county jail, being in “gen-pop” is entirely different and separate from your relationship with the institution itself – and unlike anything you’ve experienced in the outside world.

For all his bluster and bravado in the days and weeks preceding his incarceration, as of right now Steve Bannon is just a lone man in a dangerous jungle. It’s possible he will be received as a hero by some and have an instant support network to shield him from the others, but it is equally possible he will shunned and seen as a “prized trophy” by malicious haters. In my observation most criminals, as lifetime consumers of corporate media narratives and recipients of government largess, tend to lean to the left in political matters. And it’s a hard fact that the prison guards and administrators are all members of public employee unions, even if some may be conservatives even in liberal Connecticut.

In Matthew 5:10 Jesus said, “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” I suffered for my own crimes and stupidity while Bannon (along with most of the J6ers) is truly suffering for righteousness’ sake, but the key commonality is that he IS suffering because prison is a place designed for suffering.

What Steve Bannon needs most from us is prayer! Only God can protect him where he is.

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The timing and method of Biden’s removal

Unlike the many pundits who have concluded – in retrospect – that Biden’s debate debacle was an orchestrated coup by the Dem elites, my prediction of that coup and supporting analysis was published on WND two days before the debate, under the title “Why June 27 will be another ‘Night of the Long Knives.'” I said right up front: “I believe the primary purpose of the debate is to shock the Kool-Aid-drinking blue-pilled left into reality as to Biden’s dementia and the need to remove him. The pro-Biden propaganda machine will keep pumping out the ‘Joe is OK and can win’ narrative right up to the debate itself, and then afterward all the key choir leaders (Rachel ‘Mad Dog’ Maddow, Anderson ‘Catamitus’ Cooper, et al.) will pull out their new song-sheet and talking points.”

That is exactly what happened. The rank and file Dem voters and donors had an instant panic attack during the debate, and within 24 hours Big Media, led by the editorial board of the New York Times, no less, began demanding Biden’s resignation (although Maddow herself didn’t join them). Predictably, the Biden family and core loyalists pushed back hard against that demand and threw up a temporarily defensible barricade around the putative president’s inner circle. And, predictably, the presumed chief coup orchestrator – Barack Obama (along with Pelosi and the Clintons) – rushed to publicly back Old Joe (pending his inevitable surrender). They need the Dem base to blame other people for whatever goes wrong in the coming transfer of power, and for themselves to be perceived as saviors of the process – reluctantly coming around later to the sad necessity of agreeing that Joe needs a “dignified exit” for the sake of “Democracy.”

All of this, including the “comeback kid” theme now being pantomimed before the public is all for show while the extreme and fluid complexities of the power transfer are worked through behind the scenes.

As long as other options exist, however, the Dem elites do NOT want Joe to be reelected! Why? Because, as everyone who’s ever witnessed the phenomenon up close knows, dementia is both irreversible and progressive at an ever increasing speed, and thus in the event of a Biden victory in November there would be no way to prevent the almost universally despised Kamala Harris from becoming president – with no way to remove her. There is no way Biden can finish a second term at the rate he’s declining.

But, of course, because she’s a black female, no one involved in the Biden removal process can ever publicly admit this. Of course, even Harris would be better than Trump in their warped minds – but a Joe Biden reelection is clearly the worst-case “victory” scenario.

The supposed best-case scenario being floated now is for Joe to be persuaded to resign – soon – but the people with the most control of that decision are the ones most desperate to keep him in power: the dominant members of the Biden crime family whose exposure to serious jail time is a very real possibility if they lose the protections of the presidency and its “justice” department. They will fight like cornered wolverines to stay in power – at least until they’re presented with an offer they can’t refuse or are guaranteed sanctuary in a foreign jurisdiction with no extradition treaty with the U.S.

Further, there are election law problems in some states for a candidate who resigns after the primaries. Georgia law allows for the withdrawal of a presidential nominee only if the candidate dies or is unable to serve due to illness or disability (Ga. Code Ann. § 21-2-1), and South Carolina law does not allow for the withdrawal of a presidential nominee for political reasons (S.C. Code Ann. § 7-13-130).

Here’s the kicker, though: The key swing state of Wisconsin’s law allows for the withdrawal of a presidential nominee only in the event of death (Wis. Stat. Ann. § 8.35(1)).

Therefore, from a purely cold-hearted Machiavellian perspective, the actual best-case scenario for the Dem elites is for Biden to die within the narrowing window of time for a replacement nominee to be installed. Unfortunately for old Joe, there are no more cold-hearted Machiavellians in this world today other than Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

A Biden helicopter crash in Marine One directly on Kamala’s house, killing them both instantly would be too suspicious, but, as I’ve postulated since the early days of the Biden regime, a Biden stroke or similar medical event would appear to most people a natural event under the circumstances. In my WND column of May 20, 2024, I stated that I think the Washington Post’s May 14 gratuitous public reminder of Biden’s two prior brain aneurisms was a deliberate setup for this.

So, again, I think Joe Biden is going to suffer a real or staged stroke or similar malady very soon, and for the first time I’m suggesting it may be fatal. Either way, in this best-case or next-best-case scenario for the Dems, Joe will exit stage left and Kamala Harris will have the consolation prize of becoming the putative first woman president for a few months. She’ll be kept out of sight as much as possible so as not to damage the DNC’s actual nominee. And if, as I (along with the great prognosticator Wayne Allyn Root) believe that nominee is Michelle Obama, Harris could actually make her the VP for those key weeks leading up to the election, letting Michelle – and perhaps Barack himself as potential First Dude – use the presidential podium for maximum effect. Talk about a Dem elite wet dream!

There are a couple of other possible factors/scenarios that should also be mentioned.

The first is a Trump assassination, which is actually being urged by some of the more fringy characters on the Left. The Dem elites would certainly love Trump to die, but they know an assassination would likely mean civil war, and that would at the very least disrupt their plundering of the public treasury and could potentially lead to their own public hangings (they’re keenly aware that the other side owns most of the guns and most cops are conservatives).

The second is WWIII and/or major false flag terror attacks sufficient to suspend the elections under martial law. However, without a strong Democrat “commander in chief” at the helm (as Biden was ostensibly perceived to be until the debate), that scenario would vastly favor Trump who actually is a strong commander even in the eyes of those who hate him. And, again, civil war would be a likely result.

So, I’m sticking my neck out again with prediction options that will again be called “wild speculation” instead of “forward-looking reasoned analysis” – unless and until they actually occur, when others will take the credit for calling them retroactively [he said with a bemused smile].

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The Rainbow Mafia is foundering – even at Disneyland!

I never thought I’d live to see the day when the American public finally pushed back effectively against the LGBT Brownshirt Bully-Culture, but it’s happening right now on an impressive scale – even at Disney!

First let’s review recent news on the issue. On May 31, 2024, the Washington Stand published an article titled, “Companies Scrap Over-the-Top Pride Plans to Escape June’s Backlash for Business.” It stated: “It wasn’t that long ago that the mainstream media mocked conservatives for trying to flex their consumer muscle. Not anymore. A year removed from the Bud Light fiasco that sparked a thousand boycotts, even USA Today is admitting – the grassroots strategy worked. LGBT Pride, at least as a wholesale business concept, is dead. For companies brave (or foolish) enough to test Americans’ outrage in 2024, one thing is for certain: there’s no pot of gold at the end of this June’s rainbow. To most CEOs’ surprise, the wave of national fury over trans activism hasn’t just remained steady over the past 14 months – it’s exploded in strength and scope.” [Emphasis added.]

Jump to the present to see just how true that assessment was. On June 27 Bloomberg ran an article whose title and opening line tell the whole story: “Is This the Summer That Humbled Gay Pride? Believing companies would somehow remain loyal to LGBTQ+ consumers following last year’s intense pushback was wishful thinking.” From the article: “According to The Business of Fashion – an industry news site – Nike Inc. ‘is not releasing a Pride-themed collection or targeted ad campaign” for the first time since 1999. Target hasn’t eliminated LGBTQ+ products for Pride month but not all of its estimated 2,000 stores will carry them. …

“The biggest lesson marketers took away last year is the fate of Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light. A niche campaign featuring Dylan Mulvaney, a trans woman actor, became the object of vitriol and a boycott from conservative groups, leading to a more widespread backlash against the beer. Bud Light sales in the U.S. are down 28% from 2023, when it lost its top rank to Modelo Especial, a Mexican brew, amid the controversy. With market share and profits at risk, companies recoiled from LGBTQ+ consumers.”

You can tell from the way these far-left journalists minimize the extent of the scale-back – at Target, for example, and their spin that the corporate “recoil” is from “LGBTQ+ consumers” rather than the LGBT agenda – just how painful it is for the media to admit any diminution at all in “pride” power.

But it gets better. On June 28 the AP ran a story titled “Tractor Supply is ending DEI and climate efforts after conservative backlash online.” It reads, “Tractor Supply said it would be eliminating all of its diversity, equity and inclusion roles while retiring current DEI goals … [and] added that it would ‘stop sponsoring nonbusiness activities’ such as Pride festivals or voting campaigns – and no longer submit data to the Human Rights Campaign, the largest advocacy group for LGBTQ+ rights in the U.S.” This is a HUGE step toward a return to normalcy in the business world and a major blow to the the LGBT cultural hegemon.

The most significant evidence for me, however, was what I saw at my own eyes at Disneyland (the Anaheim campus) on Gay Pride Day itself, June 28, 2024. As it happens, my wife and I recently reconnected with a 9-year-old granddaughter we haven’t seen or spoken to in five or six years. She lives in Southern California within driving distance of Disneyland, and her greatest wish as we planned a reunion was to have a Princess Day at the park. So that’s what we did. I bought tickets for the 27th and 28th without any thought on my part about the significance of the 28th. Strange as it might seem considering my 30 years of pro-family activism, I didn’t mentally connect the fact that we’d be there on “Gay Pride Day” – so completely separate in my mind are family matters and politics.

When, the day before, I suddenly did realize the timing, I had a moment of dread that we would be engulfed in “pride” propaganda on our special day. But when we reached the park that morning of the 27th there was really nothing but a few rainbow accent banners near the entrance to placate the woke (without any other indication that it was LGBT-related), despite it being “Pride Month.” The next day – Pride Day – the most sacred day on the woke calendar – the only difference was the addition of a single flower arrangement in the shape of Mickey ears next to a 2×3 informational sign outside the park in the shopping area called Downtown Disney, off to the side of the main walkway next to the ever-present Jehovah’s Witness team and display. I was frankly astonished – and pleased – that even Disney had largely shut out the faux “pride” pushers. There was a little more wokeness on the Disneyland App, but the overall real-world experience was gloriously non-woke.

Now, some readers will be disappointed that I went to Disneyland at all, but it has always been my policy to reward the good even while punishing the bad in the entities I boycott. I have no use for the Disney Corporation generally speaking, but Disneyland remains (even on Gay Pride Day!) the most hetero-normative entertainment venue in the world. Every single day it is open, that park hosts a gigantic teeming mass of normal families in normal dad/mom/kids configurations and boy/girl romantic duos. Even on Gay Pride Day 2024, people with obvious same-sex attraction disorder were considerably more rare than, for example, people in wheelchairs (like my wife).

In contrast, Disney World in Florida is in many ways just another theme park, but Walt’s spirit seems still to reside, and thrive, at Disneyland. He’s no doubt been spinning in his grave for years now over the rise of anti-family quackery in the company he founded, but if so, his pain is likely lessened recently by the rising tsunami of public demands for a return to family-centered normalcy across America.

When I got my start in pro-family activism during the Reagan Revolution the effort to stop the LGBT agenda was a mostly Christian thing. The rest of society didn’t see or believe where we Christian activists knew it was all headed. But thankfully, when the hard left finally achieved most of what we tried to prevent, the MAGA populist movement was just hitting its stride and decided enough was enough. The addition of their voices and resources to the cause of restoring the natural family to cultural primacy has now obviously tipped the scales.

Thank God that the Rainbow Mafia appears finally to have been routed. Let’s all hope and pray that all the LGBTs retreat fully to the discrete privacy-cherishing sub-cultures we were always willing to tolerate (within reason) – and did largely tolerate in the 1940s and ’50s.

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Why June 27 will be another ‘Night of the Long Knives’

I believe Barack Obama has scheduled his faithful Avatar Joe Biden for political (not actual) “assassination,” live on CNN, on the night of the Trump/Biden “debate,” to pave the way for his own return to the White House on the coattails of his wife, through maneuvers at the upcoming Democratic National Convention. I believe the primary purpose of the debate is to shock the Kool-Aid-drinking blue-pilled left into reality as to Biden’s dementia and the need to remove him.

The pro-Biden propaganda machine will keep pumping out the “Joe is OK and can win” narrative right up to the debate itself, and then afterward all the key choir leaders (Rachel “Mad Dog” Maddow, Anderson “Catamitus” Cooper, et al.) will pull out their new song-sheet and talking points. I could, of course, be wrong – but it’s at least a highly plausible theory consistent with the Dem “morals” and mindset …. and with the history of Antichrist types like Obama.

On June 30, 1934, the last weekend of June, Adolf Hitler betrayed one of his closest friends and allies: the man above all others to whom he owed his success in his long rise to power from the streets of Munich in the 1910s, Ernst Roehm. That event, in which as many as 2,000 of Hitler’s enemies and potential threats were assassinated, was called “The Night of the Long Knives,” which has ever since been a metaphor for betrayal of the most consequential sort. Hitler would never have taken power in Germany if not for the Sturmabteilung (SA) “Storm Troopers,” which Ernst Roehm had first shaped into the most formidable and feared street-fighting force in Europe in the 1920s – and then grew to an army over 3 million strong whose street muscle and grassroots electioneering won Hitler the German chancellorship in 1932. They were called the Brownshirts because, unlike the many gray-uniformed Freicorps bands of out-of-work soldiers from WWI, their founder, Gerhard Rossbach, clothed his men in brown uniforms left over from Germany’s defeated African colonies.

That was not the only thing that made the Rossbachbund unique: Its members were openly, indeed notoriously, homosexual. Roehm was recruited into the Rossbachbund – and into homosexuality – by Rossbach himself, taking it over and renaming it the SA. Eventually, Roehm’s power rivaled that of even national war-hero Herman Goering, and his SA HQ in Munich, the “Brown House,” began establishing its own concentration camps in open defiance of Goering. Dachau, outside Munich, was Roehm’s first: the model and testing ground for grossly sexually-sadistic practices (including testicle-crushing with a machine specifically designed for the Gestapo) that would spread throughout all of German occupied territory.

The initial system of concentration camps had been organized by Goering upon relatively more humanitarian lines, like those of the British during the Boer War in Africa. As Leonard Mosley records in “The Reich Marshal: A Biography of Hermann Goering”:

“[A]larming rumors [began] to circulate that the SA had begun setting up camps of it own, in addition to those which Goering had authorized, and that in these secret places acts of great brutality were being committed against the occupants. … [These illegal camps] annoyed him, because they constituted a threat to his authority. … He blamed [Berlin SA leader and Roehm subbordinate] Karl Ernst for these, because the most notorious ones, in addition to Ernst’s own, were run by two of his closest homosexual friends, Gauleiter Karpfenstein of Pomerania, who had a camp near Stettin, and Obergruppenfuehrer Heines, who conducted a particularly sadistic regime in a camp outside Breslau” (Mosley, 1974, 204-204).

That power play by Roehm would make Goering his lasting archenemy in a behind-the-scenes political war Goering would finally win on the night in question. Karl Ernst (whom even lefty Wikipedia admits “had been … a bouncer at gay nightclubs” prior to joining the Nazi Party) was also assassinated in the Roehm Purge.

So how is any of this relevant to the events of this week in America? First is the fact that America would not be in the social and political mess it’s in were it not for it’s own homosexual “Brownshirts” who made their first major move to take over this nation on the very same weekend in 1969 – specifically, June 28, 1969 – when the “gay” movement officially abandoned its prior demand for “tolerance” and launched a war for total cultural conquest in the Stonewall Riots in NYC. The anniversary of that extreme violence against the police has ever since been celebrated as “Gay Pride Day.”

After Stonewall and a short period of getting nationally organized, squads of “gay” bullies – in a style now commonplace among the anti-Semitic left on college campuses – first (successfully) targeted and compelled the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to end the recognition of same-sex attraction disorder as a pathology in 1973. (The APA has ever since been a vassal and tool of the hard left.) Freed from that political straightjacket, the LGBTs then proceeded to systematically coerce and intimidate every other institution and entity in the nation (especially media and academia) to full compliance with LGBT cultural hegemony, including finally the Boy Scouts of America and the U.S. military. The truth of this is indisputable.

Now lets look at the players on the present stage. It’s not a perfect analogy but fits the pattern in several essential respects. The Grand Narcissist Obama is clearly in the Hitler role, both in the common grandiose vision of “fundamentally transforming” the world to suit his personal vision, and in the (barely hidden) dysfunction of homosexuality – masked by what I believe is a female beard in both cases (Eva Braun and Michelle).

Biden is in the role of Roehm – in the sense of serving Obama in whatever capacity has been necessary to preserve his master’s power. Obama would not have been in a position to effectively run his shadow government post 2016, or to pull off the 2020 coup to oust Trump from the White House without fiercely loyal Biden. But now circumstances have changed dramatically and Biden represents the most serious threat to Obama’s continuation of power – just as Roehm represented Hitler’s most serious threat once he needed to actually govern. There is no other option but removal in both cases – in a way that allows all the scandals, criminality and ethical hypocrisies of the prior years to be blamed upon and “buried” with the victim.

As I’ve stated publicly several times, I think it’s most likely Biden will be “stroked out” and removed stage-left to a nursing home. I could be wrong on any of the predictions in this article, but of the past events I’ve reported here, and the nature and inclinations of the nefarious players I’ve mentioned above I am certainly right. In future history’s timeline, I think this week will rank with 1934 and 1969 as world-changing for similar reasons.

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J6 and the burning of the German Reichstag

By the grace of God I was not in D.C. on Jan. 6, 2021, or I’d probably be rotting away in the D.C. Gulag like the still-growing hundreds of MAGA political prisoners who fell into the entrapment nets set for them on that day by the Obiden secret police. I would never have committed violent acts or breached clearly marked areas, but out of curiosity I might well have been part of the group that entered the Capitol at the invitation/facilitation of the police after the do-not-enter signs and barriers had been pre-removed by presumed Obiden operatives.

As has become obvious since then, Obiden’s shadow government was already (rather, still) in power in D.C., despite four years of Trump’s partial control of the Executive Branch. Hopefully, if Trump regains the White House this November and purges the traitors from public office, all the deep state conspirators who nurtured, provoked and staged the “insurrection” will be exposed and prosecuted.

Instead of D.C., I was driving my wife on a long-promised vacation to Florida. Despite the potent lure of attending the historic event on J6, I couldn’t justify postponing that vacation because I’d just been in Washington on Dec. 12 for the multiple concurrent rallies Steve Bannon called the “Gathering of the Tribes” (an amazingly unique and frankly more impressive event than J6 in terms of the stunning diversity of distinct pro-Trump ethnic and affinity groups on display – united only by their love of Donald Trump.)

So on Jan. 5, we overnighted at the Comfort Inn near the Atlanta airport – where I experienced my own slice of election-fraud drama that I reported the next day in my newsletter:

“I happen to be in Fulton County, Georgia, this morning (Atlanta), where, of course, the Purple Uniparty (the partnership of DEMONIC DEEP-BLUE DEMS and ROTTEN RED RINOs) stole another election last night through fraud – which was only possible because the corrupt ‘Republican’ governor and secretary of state worked tirelessly since Nov. 3rd to protect and preserve the cheat-machine that apparently put them in office in a prior election, and that on Nov. 3rd, 2020, ensured Georgia’s ‘vote’ would flip from Trump to Biden, and force run-off elections for her two conservative Republican U.S. senators.”

What I didn’t include then, because I didn’t put it all together at the time, was that around 2 a.m. on the 6th a large group of loud and excited people gathered in the adjoining room for some sort of meeting that lasted less than an hour. I couldn’t make out many words, but (having been involved in many election campaigns, including my own two runs for governor of Massachusetts) I recognized the clear “feel” of the group as grassroots political, and realized later that it was likely a cash payoff meeting for ballot-stuffers.

I wrote my newsletter in the early morning of J6 and published it by email at exactly 9:57 a.m. Eastern – well before the now infamous events of the day. Presciently, it opened with the following questions:

“What if the German Christians and Jews of the 1920s had been able to see into the future and realize the full consequences of allowing the Marxist Adolf Hitler to take control of their nation in the stolen election of 1933, when his ‘National Socialist German Workers Party’ (aka NAZI Party) secretly burned down the German Parliament and then accused his political enemies of the crime? Do you think we will fare better than the Germans if the Dems take control of all three branches of our government on Jan. 21 because we let them get away with the most blatant and egregious election fraud in world history?”

Now compare what we’ve all witnessed in Obiden’s America since J6 to this short passage in Leonard Mosley’s “The Reich Marshall: Herman Goering” (1974):

“[I]mmediately after the Reichstag fire the National Socialists made good propaganda use of it. On the day after it had happened, while the ruins still smoldered, Adolf Hitler prevailed on President Hindenberg to sign a decree suspending the seven sections of the constitution guaranteeing individual and civil liberties. It was directed against ‘Communist acts of violence endangering the state’ and it ordained:

“Restrictions on personal liberty and on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the Press;

“Curtailment of rights of freedom and assembly and association;

“Censorship of mail, telegraphic messages, and telephone conversations;

“An abrogation of the legal limits on house arrests, requisitions, and searches.

“It was now that the auxiliary SA and SS members of the police came into their own” (Mosley:200).

Replace the word “Communist” with “MAGA” in the third sentence, update the forms of available communication being censored to include social media, and add the suspension of the constitutional right to a “speedy trial” for the J6ers, and the Obiden strategy and tactics are eerily similar to Adolf Hitler’s.

Of course, when we say Obiden we mean Obama, so when we add to this analysis the (heavily suppressed) fact that both Obama and Hitler suffered from homosexuality, and for whom women apparently served as “beards” to fool the public, the homo-fascist parallels are even more disturbing.

Now, leftist and LGBT-compromised “conservative” heads will certainly be exploding at the outing of Hitler as “gay.” This is the solidly documented true history the SPLC named me a “hate group” for exposing and whose agents have for more than 20 years relentlessly worked to cancel me to suppress. You can confirm it for yourself by reading “The Pink Swastika” 4th Edition exclusively here (because Amazon and the other big booksellers have banned it!)

As for the issue of “beards,” my research strongly suggests that Hitler was set up with Eva Braun (late in life) by his exclusive photographer and “fixer” Heinrich Hoffman who had previously married off his own daughter Henny to “gay” Hitler Youth chief Baldur von Schirach, apparently to quash public rumors about his homosexuality. Eva was Hoffman’s employee. Supposedly, Obama’s pastor Jeremiah “G-d Damn America” Wright played the Hoffman role for him in the procurement of “Michelle” (who may or may not actually be a transgender). Discussion of these contentions are contained in the not-yet-published 6th Edition of “The Pink Swastika,” scheduled for release on Jan. 1, 2025.

Speaking of the SPLC and the potential for backlash against the treasonous left, I reject the media and union boss narrow spin that SPLC’s sudden termination of about a quarter of their staff last week was solely “greed based.” If you read between the lines of their own press statement it looks also like policy changes triggered by fear of the fast-growing anti-woke movement. SPLC said it was “to focus and align our work with our programmatic priorities and goals” – which sounds a lot like woke-hurt Disney’s damage-control “apology” to its stockholders after losing its showdown with Ron DeSantis and multiple stink-pot movie releases. I think the money-grubbing SPLC greatly fears fundraising fallout – especially in regards to its anti-whiteness manipulation and LGBT grooming of schoolchildren – in which effort the SPLC has been the Josef Goebbels of public education. Reportedly, the department most affected by the “streamlining” is their “educational” arm.

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The Nazi past and present of the WEF

“It should not be forgotten that the Hitlerian myth of superman proceeds directly from Nietzsche. This superman is indeed resolute man, man freed from all the bourgeois conventions, cynical man, man who replaces his creator, and a man-god. As Hitler confided one day to Hermann Rauschning, president of the Danzig senate: ‘National Socialism is more than a religion; it is the will to create superman.'” – Jean-Michel Angebert, “The Occult and the Third Reich” (1974), page 121 of the chapter titled “Nietzsche and Superman”

Adolf Hitler was the world’s most fervent and aggressive eugenicist – until the emergence of the German son of a Nazi war-materials manufacturer, Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, and its Jewish “False Prophet of Transhumanism” Yuval Noah Harari. Never has there been a man more devoted to the vision of a global “Fourth Reich” than Schwab, and never has there been a Nietzchean acolyte more devoted to fulfilling Hitler’s vision of creating “supermen” from human stock than the Yahweh-hating homosexual Harari. My article “Is this Transhumanism Guru the False Prophet of Revelation?” contains his self-confession of his homosexual lifestyle.

Harari has that in common with Nietzsche, whose homosexuality and hatred of Judeo-Christian morality Kevin Abrams and I have thoroughly documented in “The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi.” Here’s a sample:

“Among the several men who have been dubbed ‘the Father of National Socialism’ (including Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels), Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900) is probably most deserving of this distinction, being so labeled by Nazi luminaries Alfred Rosenberg and Hans Frank (Peters:221). Others have called him the ‘Father of Fascism’ (ibid.:ix). Rabidly anti-Christian and a homosexual, Nietzsche notoriously proclaimed that “God is dead” and contributed to the development of existentialist philosophy. Nietzsche’s publisher, Peter Gast, called Nietzsche ‘one of the fiercest anti-Christians and atheists,’ and described his book, The Antichrist, as a ‘ferocious curse” on Christianity (ibid.:119). Nietzsche called Christianity and democracy the moralities of the “weak herd,” and argued for the ‘natural aristocracy’ of the Uuebermensch or superman, whose ‘will to power’ was grounded in the material world.

“According to Macintyre in ‘Forgotten Fatherland: The Search For Elisabeth Nietzsche,’ Frederich Nietzsche never married and had no known female sex partners, but went insane at age 44 and eventually died of syphilis. According to Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, Nietzsche had caught the disease at a homosexual brothel in Genoa, Italy (McIntyre:91f). In 1908, Freud wrote, ‘Nietzsche directed his attention to the only object of research left to him, one which in any case particularly concerned him as a homosexual, namely, his own ego’ (Kohler:214)….” (Lively and Abrams, ‘The Pink Swastika,’ 4th Edition, 2002, page 133 – however the Freud quote is from the expanded 6th edition still being finalized for publication on Jan. 1 2025.)

For his part, Klaus Schwab has devoted his life to pursuing global government ruled by his own handpicked elite. I agree with the calculated assessment of investigators that “Klaus Schwab is the Great Barker of the Fourth Reich,” the documentation for which contention is offered in a series of power-point slides here.

The presentation style is a bit sensationalistic for my taste, but facts are facts, the most relevant to this article being that 1) “Escher Wyss & Co., Klaus’ father Eugen Wilhelm Schwab’s company [that Klaus came to lead] was designated a ‘National Socialist model company’ by Adolf Hitler in 1936 [which] exploited slave labor and Allied POWs during WWII …. [and which] manufactur[ed] heavy water for a Nazi nuclear weapon.” And 2) that Schwab’s hometown and site of the company plant was “Ravensburg … the first Nazi city to implement eugenics,” the law in question authorizing the forced sterilization of the “genetically ill” (similar to then active eugenics laws championed by the “progressive” movement in America).

The main point I want to stress in this article, however, is that what we call “transhumanism” today is nothing less than the satanic vision of Adolf Hitler for a race of “supermen” to rule the world. He did his best to implement that vision through the Aryan human breeding program called “Lebensborn” and through special training for carefully selected young men, mostly from the SS or Hitler Youth in what were called the Ordensbergen (castles of the order). But it was the march of technology that has brought Harari and his disciples close to the means of actualizing Hitler’s vision, proceeding from the same core satanic theology in which mankind becomes its own “man-god,” with the power to breathe life into an assembly line of science-fiction-age semi-human Frankenstein cyborgs designed and augmented to be “better” than himself.

As far as implementation goes, if Schwab has been the 21st century Hitler wanna-be in this macabre drama, then Harari is a cross between Himmler the Manichaen occultist and Goebbels the true-believer propagandist.

But their vision would not have the remotest possibility of realization if Nietzschean hostility to the God of the Bible had not spread and corrupted so much of the world in the century since Nazism first emerged in Germany. A hundred-odd years after top Brownshirt leader Ernst Roehm joined the German homosexual advocacy group called the Society for Human Rights (founded by early Nazi pioneer Hans Kahnert in 1919) the most powerful “democracy” in the world, the United States of America, is embroiled in Antisemitism-driven Brownshirt-style social chaos by gangs of street thugs whose “Pride-wear” is barely hidden behind their Hamas keffiyehs.

The Fourth Reich is emerging around us: an advanced reiteration of history for which Nazi Germany was the dress rehearsal – complete with a “progressive” movement driving ghoulish social policies in tandem with elite totalitarian fanatics suppressing every natural right and freedom through police-state surveillance and constrictions. Socially corrosive sexual deviance among the people has surpassed even that of the Weimar period which collapsed into Nazism under its weight. And global Antisemitism has reemerged like a demonic Phoenix rising from the ashes of the Holocaust. All of this is thanks to the WEF, and a Judeo-Christian civilization unwilling to fight for God’s natural order and biblical foundations which it exists to promulgate and defend.

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Break free from the uniparty’s dominance with the ‘Law of Sex’

The rules and left/right vocabulary of the “culture war” were invented by the godless elites to control social change to serve themselves. The terms originate in revolutionary France where the Monarchists sat on the right and the Proto-Marxists, supposedly representing the subjects of the monarchy, sat on the left in Parliament. The later characterization of these polar opposites as “conservative” and “progressive” was sheer genius on the part of the elites, guaranteeing the perpetual leftward movement of culture (for everyone who accepts that rulebook).

This controlling paradigm that steers America and the entire Western world assumes as fact that leftward movement is social progress and rightward movement is regression. It relegates rightists to the permanent, limited role of foot-draggers, who, at best, conserve the status quo of the moment – for a moment – before capitulating. The elites recognize the value of incrementalism, so they use conservatism like downshifting to a lower gear when the speed of “progress” creates excessive anxiety in the population. However, while the slowing of leftward “progress” can be tolerated until society “catches up” with the new norms, any rightward movement that actually rolls back leftist gains is “regressive” by definition and can never be allowed to stand.

The only true threat to the elites is populism, properly understood. True populism is best recognized in the American founders’ concept of collective self-governance, by sovereign individuals, exercising inalienable natural rights backed by law. This true populist paradigm necessarily presupposes a law-giving Creator to whom all individuals equally owe allegiance – negating any right of self-serving tyrants to impose laws at odds with the will and best interests of the governed.

Like any social phenomenon, populism spans a spectrum of many variations (including Republican and Democrat forms – e.g., the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street), but in terms of purity all are measured against the founders’ model as outlined in their Declaration of Independence from the tyrannical British Empire. But tyranny never really died in America, it just moved to the shadows for a while and then reemerged with a new name and playbook rooted in the two-party system. We modern populists call our generation of controlling elites the Purple Uniparty because their cabal operates as a single controlling and unifying strata across the top of both the Red and Blue parties.

However, everywhere the progressive/conservative paradigm operates, whether it’s a two party, multiparty, or fully centralized one-party system, the controlling elites use the same strategy to defeat populism: polarization. They divide us to conquer us, and it usually works.

The elites know that their self-serving social changes always breed populist resistance, but gradual change is too slow for their purposes, so they follow a pattern of pushing big waves of rapid “progressive” change followed by periods of “conservative” cool-down. And they intentionally set a goal further than they can reach, so their later “retreat” from the furthest extremes of their unreachable goal looks to the public looks like a compromise. It’s the Marxist dialectic of two steps forward, one step back being purposely played out on the grandest of scales: nationally and globally.

Now populism is not naturally a left/right political phenomenon but is more properly measured by the strength of one’s preference for liberty vs. top-down control, or one’s inclination toward natural systems and lifestyles vs. artificial ones. Left alone, populist-minded people have much more in common than they disagree upon. But deliberate issue-driven political polarization causes people to take sides to the left or right – and through many cycles of repetition has the cumulative effect of increasingly hardening each side in positions toward the extremes.

The elites know that the Left is easier to manipulate because leftists are (generally speaking) more susceptible to subjectivity and emotionalism, while (generally speaking) those on the right are more oriented toward objectively measured standards and rationality. Interestingly, that’s how God designed women and men, respectively, explaining why the most polarized generation in American history – Gen Z – is so heavily divided by sex on culture war issues. The girls are clustered on the left, the boys on the right.

Thus, the waves of social “progress” are purposefully created – top down – by driving the collective left into an emotional frenzy on “social justice” issues, which in turn aggravates the ever reactive right wing to respond with a similar extreme. In other words, leftist extremism creates it’s own corollary opposition on the right: Antifa-type movements tend to produce their own Proud Boys-type opposites. (And where they don’t emerge spontaneously, or aren’t extreme enough, the deep state will produce and arm them.)

But here’s the tricky part for the elites, and the secret to how the populist right could lead the populist left into a workable coalition capable of overthrowing them. The great weakness of the left/right polarization strategy is the reliance on “conservatism” to always neutralize the right wing by making its members focus on “conserving” the status quo instead of completely reversing and replacing it with a true-populist alternative based on the rules established by the founders.

Now that the continual cycles of left/right polarization have finally divided the human race by sex, it would represent the highest form of poetic justice for the male right-wingers to wise-up and man-up to their natural leadership roles – and to collectively woo the female left-wingers back to their natural womanly softness by appealing to their hearts: finding common ground – two by two – on the basics of what it means to be truly human and turning their backs on the elite transhumanist agitators trying to de-humanize and drive them apart. Picture (and pray for) a million Romeos and Juliets defying the artificial rules and boundaries imposed on them by the controlling authorities (but, unlike in Shakespeare’s tragedy, surviving and marrying to breed a new generation of true populists).

The arbitrary rules of social change we’re suffering were written by self-serving men who hate both God and humanity. But the absolute and universal Law of Sex was written in our very flesh by God who created us male and female in His own image. Under this law there is no greater power than the true love of a man for a woman and a woman for a man. It’s this law of love – and sex – from which civilization springs, a law woven into our very being that makes us break down every barrier that stands in our way to reach the other, physiologically complementary half of us who makes us whole: one flesh. No human rule or transhumanist fantasy can trump that. No twisted LGBT lunacy – no matter how relentlessly forced upon us – can change His binary design written in our cells.

The human rules don’t matter – and can’t control us – if we choose and follow the higher law. As the founders taught us, “resistance to tyranny is obedience to God,” and vice versa! To best resist today’s tyrants, trust and obey God’s heterosexual mandate with enthusiasm.

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The Trump ‘conviction’ and an end-time scenario

I was not shocked by the ruling of the Merchan Kangaroo Kourt, though I was hoping the jurors would recognize the danger to the rule of law their complicity in Merchan’s blatant witch-hunt would represent.

We’re in unchartered waters now in America, as far as the Judiciary goes. The Executive and Legislative branches of government fell to Marxism in November 2020, or perhaps more correctly, Jan. 6, 2021 – thanks to the teamwork of Pence and Pelosi.

SCOTUS could still step in if asked and nip this criminal abuse of the courts in the bud – which I think is very much in their interest to do, though the predictable political reaction by the left to declare the high court illegitimate (by the shrillest possible means) might cause a couple of the “conservatives” to hesitate – John Roberts for sure, and maybe Amy Barrett as well. But we’ll just have to wait and see. Trump has said his plan is to appeal directly to the high court, which likely will rule in his favor. That will restore faith in the courts by normal people, but escalate the fear and desperation of the far left even further – if that’s possible.

As you know, I’m a strong Trump supporter, but I’m also hedging my bet based on my view of the unfolding of end-time prophecy.

From a purely worldly perspective, the Trump phenomenon looks like the ultimate historic showdown between the Marxist left and Populist right with Trump as the hero to save us from Marxist tyranny. That’s about as exciting as it gets for a battle-scarred Reagan Revolution culture warrior like me after fighting a losing rearguard action for 30 long years against the exact same people attacking Trump.

But prophetically and spiritually this Biden/Trump showdown seems to be following the biblical pattern of Saul and David when the Israelite Republic of Joshua and Judges was transitioning to the Davidic Monarchy – with Dementia-Joe Biden in the role of Mentally ill King Saul, and Trump in the role of the constantly beleaguered David (whom, year upon year, Saul’s entire regency was devoted to destroying). The parallels are remarkable, including Saul’s illegitimacy in usurping the throne, which was David’s by right, and David’s self-restraint in honoring the “office” of the monarchy and declining to unseat Saul by military means or a coup.

Never forget that our American Republic lasted exactly 400 years, in parallel to the Israelite Republic, starting with the Plymouth landing and Mayflower Compact in November 1620 and ending with the Marxist coup of November 2020.

Now, no analogy is perfect, even in the parables of Christ. As a Canadian friend stated:

America’s “first 150 years we were under a dictator – er, king. During that time there was no religious freedom – you practiced the religion of your town or got jailed. They hung Quakers in Boston; one was a friend’s great grandmother in 1660. Thirty-two years later they hung his wife’s grandmother for witchcraft in Salem. You could also end up in the stocks with your neighbors pelting you with rotten vegetables if you spoke out against the government. It took you Americans 150 years to throw off the yoke (we Canucks never quite managed it.)”

Yes, BUT the Israelite Republic had its parallels to what he correctly identified in America before the revolution: interfering foreign kings, cycles of subjugation, pagan religious practices, internal tribalism and strife, including the religious kind, and even witchcraft. What defined the “republic” at its best in both timelines was not “religious freedom” but de facto bottom-up political autonomy roughly steered/regulated by biblical law, despite continual factionalism. I urge every Christian to reread Joshua through Kings with my hypothesis in mind – it will be eye-opening.

Back to my election-season prognostications, however. Here’s the downside to the Saul/David version of possible upcoming events from my millennialist perspective:

Since the David figure of the end times is actually supposed to be Christ, returning at the Second Advent to take possession of the earth and rule it from David’s throne in Jerusalem, that can’t be Trump, who’s just a flawed human man like David was. Not only is Trump NOT the Messiah, he could, in this scenario, be a false Christ – or even turn out to be thee false Christ whose identity as such would not be revealed until three and a half years into his term. Prophecy says the Antichrist will be welcomed by the unsaved world as a savior at first – performing such signs and wonders that if it were possible even the elect would be deceived – and he isn’t actually exposed as the Antichrist until the middle of his seven-year “kingdom.”

I don’t want that to be true about Trump, even in the slightest. I’m just performing my Christian due diligence on the biblical math as I perceive it.

That’s assuming Trump even makes it to the election in one piece. I’m not the only one who honestly believes the elites are evil and desperate enough to kill him to prevent his re-election. And I think a great many people on the left secretly and passionately want someone to assassinate him.

OR they’ll start World War III (with or without the accompaniment of false-flag terror attacks blamed on Russia) and then suspend the elections under martial law – like they just had Zelensky do in Ukraine – in part, perhaps, with an eye toward softening our voters toward that idea. Every day their provocations of Russia grow more blatant and consequential – again, perhaps in part to prepare the American people psychologically for the BIG ONE. Don’t forget that Ukraine is less a military battlefield in the minds of the organized crime families of the Purple Uniparty than it is the ultimate OBiden crime scene they can never allow investigators to freely roam – and I’m not just talking Burisma and the bio-weapons labs.

Or, as I’ve written about for years, they will stroke out Biden before the DNC convention to allow their committee of elites to replace him with “Big Mike” Obama – in order to put “her” husband back in the White House. “Michelle” would be nothing but Barack’s seat-warmer in the Oval Office while he runs things from the Situation Room as every anti-Trump voter would expect and prefer when they cast their ballot.

That latter option is actually the scenario I think is most likely. Barack Obama is the only man they have with the firepower to go head to head with Trump, and, frankly, he’s been my top choice for Antichrist since he first took office in 2008. I guess we’ll soon see which of these plays out – or something else entirely. In any case, there are “interesting times” on the near horizon.

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God’s warning to Christian anti-Semites

“I am God, and there is none like Me. I declare the end from the beginning, and ancient times from what is still to come. I say, ‘My purpose will stand, and all My good pleasure I will accomplish.'” – Isaiah 46:10

The problem for the anti-Semites isn’t that the evidence against “the Jews” is all false, but that 1) God knows all of it, 2) told us so through His prophets, 3) warned us not to take matters into our own hands – except to keep sharing the Gospel with them because many individuals will receive it, and 4) has always had a plan to save them collectively at the Second Advent of Christ. Included among these anti-Semites are Christian anti-Zionists who claim that today’s Jews are not actually Jews but “Askenazis” – a foolish and moot argument since at worst the blood of some Jews is mixed: But God never limited his Covenant to just “pure-blooded” Hebrew descendants of Jacob, nor to the perfectly morally righteous of them (of which there were never any but Christ). That very line of argument is itself anti-Semitic and unbiblical.

If you’re looking for actual hard evidence against the Jews, however, look no further than the Prophet Moses who codified the core of what we call “Judaism” roughly 500 years before the Kingdom of Judah existed. In the Song of Moses (Deuteronomy 32) he complains, “His people have acted corruptly toward Him; the spot on them is not that of His children, but of a perverse and crooked generation. … They provoked His jealousy with foreign gods; they enraged Him with abominations.”

It was true then and it is true today in the restored State of Israel where the ultimate satanic religion of “Secular Humanism,” grotesque LGBT perversions and child murder through “abortion” are (following the U.S. example) more legitimized and practiced than in most pagan nations, and far more so than in the Muslim countries attacking them (who each will receive their own prophesied punishment for doing so).

And yet God said, “Have I not stored up these things, sealed up within My vaults? Vengeance is Mine; I will repay.” “So I will make them jealous by those who are not a people; I will make them angry by a nation without understanding. … I will heap disasters upon them; I will spend My arrows against them.” [Emphasis mine.] Jews have always reaped the natural spiritual consequences of their defiance of God – which reality did not change in the Gentile Age.

But that’s HIS business and not ours. OUR Christian duty, as He made clear through Paul in Romans 11, is to manifest His blessings so clearly in our own lives that we fulfill our part of the Moses prophecy, which is to become worthy of their envy. Paul states, “I ask then, did they stumble so as to fall beyond recovery? Certainly not! However, because of their trespass, salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Israel jealous. But if their trespass means riches for the world, and their failure means riches for the Gentiles, how much greater riches will their fullness bring!” [Emphasis mine.] Ours is a duty to attract, not coerce: to contrast by personal and collective example, not condemn in the sense of passing or executing sentence.

Romans 11 is the New Testament confirmation of all the Old Testament prophecies of the salvation of the Jews, including that of Moses, whose prophecy ends with the promise of restoration: “[T]he LORD will vindicate His people and have compassion on His servants. … He will cleanse His land and His people.” For He says: “See now that I am He; there is no God besides Me. I bring death and I give life; I wound and I heal, and there is no one who can deliver from My hand.”

Christendom would not exist without the foundation of the Abrahamic Covenant. That’s what Paul means when us says, “If the root is holy, so are the branches. Now if some branches have been broken off, and you, a wild olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others to share in the nourishment of the olive root, do not boast over those branches. If you do, remember this: You do not support the root, but the root supports you. You will say then, ‘Branches were broken off so that I could be grafted in.’ That is correct: They were broken off because of unbelief, but you stand by faith. Do not be arrogant, but be afraid. For if God did not spare the natural branches, He will certainly not spare you either.” [Emphases mine.]

This next bit is a direct rebuke to Christian anti-Semites: “Take notice, therefore, of the kindness and severity of God: severity to those who fell, but kindness to you, if you continue in His kindness. Otherwise you also will be cut off. And if they do not persist in unbelief, they will be grafted in, for God is able to graft them in again. For if you were cut from a wild olive tree, and contrary to nature were grafted into one that is cultivated, how much more readily will these, the natural branches, be grafted into their own olive tree!” [Emphasis mine.] This is a call to kindhearted lifestyle evangelism – not hatred couched in self-justifying litanies of (sometimes accurate) accusations.

Again, the problem isn’t always the truthfulness of the accusations but the fact the God insists on addressing these matters Himself. Anti-Semites, especially the Christian anti-Zionists, are like the snot-nosed little brother sneering at and taunting his sibling while Dad is trying to have a productive “teachable moment” with His older son.

Romans 11 definitively debunks “supersessionism,” which claims Christians fully replaced the Jews in all the aspects of the Abrahamic Covenant. Paul speaks directly to the anti-Zionists when he says, “I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers, so that you will not be conceited: A hardening in part has come to Israel, until the full number of the Gentiles has come in. And so all Israel will be saved, as it is written: ‘The Deliverer will come from Zion; He will remove godlessness from Jacob. And this is My covenant with them when I take away their sins.”

Paul’s cite is actually a summary of multiple parallel Jewish salvation prophecies, the most relevant to this article being Isaiah 59:20: “The Redeemer will come to Zion, to those in Jacob who turn from transgression,” AND Zechariah 12, especially verse 10: “Then I will pour out on the house of David and on the people of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and prayer, and they will look on Me, the One they have pierced. They will mourn for Him as one mourns for an only child, and grieve bitterly for Him as one grieves for a firstborn son.” Paul specifically clarified in Romans 11:25 that these prophetic events occur at the close of the Gentile Age, proving they are still-future events that I believe perfectly comport with the second coming.

Importantly, in Romans 11 Paul takes fully into account all that he has said in his prior epistles (including Galatians 3) regarding the Jews, and subsumes it to God’s greater plan, acknowledging that “Regarding the gospel, they are enemies on your account” … [But nevertheless] regarding election, they are loved on account of the patriarchs. For God’s gifts and His call are irrevocable:” Thus Romans 11 proves there is NO replacement of Jews by Gentiles, only the addition of Gentiles to the promises of the Covenant – both groups judged ever and solely by their loyalty to God and His Word.

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The poison pen and personality of Judge Michael Ponsor

First published 5/27/24

I’ve never laughed so hard in my life as when I read The Gateway Pundit story on Massachusetts Federal Judge Michael Ponsor accusing Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito of unethical conduct for supposedly flying his U.S. flag upside down during the J6 excitement. Leaving aside the fact that Justice Alito has proffered a very plausible explanation for why his wife (not he) flew the flag that way over a political argument with a nasty liberal neighbor who called her a “c**t” – which Ponsor simply ignored as if the reigning leftist narrative was proven fact – it’s simply hilarious for this left-wing wing-nut political activist in black robes to call anyone unethical.

Ponsor is the judge who abused his power and sacrificed the dignity of his courtroom to put me through a legal meat-grinder for four years on the preposterous charge that I was guilty of “Crimes Against Humanity” for nothing more than speaking against the LGBT agenda in Uganda in 2009 in reasoned, civilized and compassionate terms. At best Ponsor allowed a team of lawyers (that peaked at 14, led by his former law clerk) to wage, and at worst personally orchestrated from the shadows, politically motivated lawfare against me as legally bankrupt and ethically repugnant as anything currently being waged against President Trump.

The case was named – no-joke – SMUG v. Lively after its plaintiff “Sexual Minorities Uganda,” and was prosecuted by the grossly misnamed Marxist law firm “Center for Constitutional Rights” (CCR) headquartered – no joke – at 666 Broadway in Manhattan. CCR had years before pioneered the use of a little-known 1789 federal law called the Alien Tort Statute (ATS) to drag foreign defendants (usually multinational corporations) into U.S. federal courts for “serious violations of international law” if they had any branch or office inside the U.S. CCR created its own industry for “shaking down” such defendants in service to its left-wing political agenda, but its ever more “creative” use of the ATS got so far out of hand that sometime prior to the filing of SMUG v. Lively in 2012 the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to review it’s misuse (obviously to serious court-watchers with the intent to end it.)

Knowing their golden goose was about to get cooked, CCR stretched its already legally flimsy interpretation of the ATS beyond all reason to argue that my speech activities in Uganda, which immediately preceded the tabling of what the left called the “Kill the Gays Bill,” were the proximate cause of that bill, supposedly making me legally responsible for the alleged civil rights abuses that followed. Anyone with the tiniest hint of legal training knows this is a ridiculous premise: Even outright incitement to violence (which I was never accused of and have never been guilty of) – can NOT be the legal cause of actions taken by any duly constituted legislative body – especially a national congress. It’s even more ridiculous to suggest it can be the legal cause of the independent alleged actions of strangers allegedly motivated by the legislation. To hold otherwise, such as Judge Ponsor did in refusing to dismiss this case early on, is a gross abuse of power that delegitimizes the court.

The SMUG case was premised on the assertion that alleged civil rights abuses against Ugandan “gays” by people I’d never met represented “serious violations of international law” sufficient to invoke the Alien Tort Statute against me. Yet this assertion compounded the absurdity of the case because, except for one example, the few “civil rights abuses” cited in the complaint were low-level and garden variety – the stuff that typically occupies municipal Human Rights Commissions here in the U.S. The only truly serious incident cited was the brutal murder of SMUG founder David Kato in early January 2011, presumably at the hands of a “homophobic” bigot. The worst week of my life was suffering the relentless pounding of the global leftist media, which claimed Kato’s blood was on my hands. No amount of personal confidence in the sound logic of one’s innocence of such a charge can neutralize the emotional toll of such a smear campaign.

But, in answer to my fervent prayers to God for vindication, David Kato’s murderer was caught a few days later by the police. The killer was 22-year-old gay prostitute Sidney Nsubuga Enoch whom Kato had bailed out of jail to be his live-in lover and houseboy. Enoch bashed his brains in with a hammer over Kato’s alleged failure to pay him for services rendered. The whole SMUG case including this sordid mess is chronicled in pictures here.

A Ugandan court found Enoch guilty and sentenced him to 30 years imprisonment, while the leftist media simply dropped the story like a hot potato without a single retraction or apology – leaving their poisonous accusations against me to spread and fester in the public mind. That incited such great and lasting hatred against me I feared for months I might be assassinated – and I even went on “The Daily Show” to let Jon Stewart mock me on national TV in the belief that letting the left laugh at me would vent some of their volcanic malice. That seemed to have worked, mostly, but to this day, more than a decade later, I still get the occasional death threat and hate mail calling me a murderer – and a (thankfully shrinking) percentage of the conservative media and leadership still keeps me at arms length: such is the power of character assassination by the professionals.

But back to the SMUG case, which was filed a year later in 2012 but nevertheless cited the Kato murder as the primary evidence against me – without any mention of the trial and conviction of his “gay” lover. And Ponsor let that stand, without criticism or correction of the record! Let that sink in.

By the grace of God and the courage of the Christian lawyers at Liberty Counsel, I had a defense more than adequate to my need in the SMUG case. And that need was great. We should have easily won the case with our Motion to Dismiss early on. Indeed, in the oral argument before Ponsor with media in attendance he was the picture of reason – explaining that the underlying statute was before the Supreme Court and in the event it was struck down SMUG’s case would be moot. But months later, after SCOTUS did strike it down, Ponsor moved the goal posts and kept the SMUG case alive – making it the only one of the many affected cases nationally that was not immediately dismissed. That allowed the SMUG legal team to put me through the discovery process – which was as invasive and nasty as could be – but proved beyond a doubt their allegations were baseless.

After four years of foot dragging by Ponsor, Liberty Counsel filed a motion that forced him to either rule or allow us to appeal the lack of a ruling. He then did what he was always legally obligated to do: dismiss the case for lack of jurisdiction (because the ATS was no longer operable). BUT what typically would have been a single line or paragraph announcing the dismissal was written like a ruling against me. I doubt he even wrote it himself it was so childish and polemical – like a guest opinion in a junior college newspaper, filled with invective and irrationality. Yet, on its face it looked like the official ruling of a federal court, so when the lead SMUG attorney publicly stated they would use this “ruling” in foreign courts to go after pro-family activists like me, we were ethically obligated to appeal our “win” to prevent that strategy from harming other Christians in foreign jurisdictions who would not realize the rhetoric in the “ruling” was not legally binding. After another 18 months – and a total of $1.5 million spent by Liberty Counsel over the full six and a half years – we finally got the federal appeals court to put that in writing, so finally the case was over.

In a major spiritual twist, three days prior to that final event, Val Kalende, Kato’s successor as head of SMUG in Uganda contacted my attorney to say she had accepted Christ, repented of lesbianism and wanted to apologize to Scott Lively for everything SMUG and its attorneys had done to me.

I’m still waiting for an apology from the person most responsible for my ordeal: Judge Michael Ponsor, the ethicist.

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Elites take big step toward ‘stroking out’ old Joe

First published 5/17/24

It’s been two months since I published my WND column titled “‘Joey the Scapegoat’ will soon exit stage left,” in which I reiterated my predictions – going all the way back to the Democratic Convention of 2020 – that Joe Biden would eventually take the fall for the entire constellation of Dem debacles that were made inevitable by the astonishing overreach of their criminal conspiracy to deny Donald Trump the second term he rightfully earned.

I argued that the most likely scenario for removing Biden with the least amount of legal and political fallout would be to stage a “stroke” or similar medical emergency that would both maximize public sympathy for him and eliminate the threat of criminal prosecution under the defense of “diminished capacity.” In other words, he couldn’t legally be prosecuted because he wouldn’t be mentally capable of aiding in his own defense. Joey the Scapegoat would thus carry all the sins of the co-conspirators with him over the cliff of Azazel – into the waiting memory-hole already prepared for them by Big Media (or so they hope).

Over the intervening weeks, we’ve seen a remarkable change in media coverage of Mr. Obiden. They’re still fully propping him up on his policy positions – because those are their own priorities – but they’re undermining him in regards to his personal conduct, family relations and prospects for winning the 2024 rematch with Trump. They’re obviously getting the public ready for a change of candidate. Trump surrogate Vivek Ramaswamy recently argued very succinctly that Obiden’s sudden turn-around on debating Trump – at the earliest date in presidential debate history – is a sink-or-swim Hail Mary the results of which will decide Obiden’s fate. I strongly disagree in that I believe his fate is already sealed and the debate is intended to convince his supporters that he needs to go. The whole country will be watching that show.

The most important clue bolstering my theory is the strange May 14, 2024, revisitation by the Washington Post of Joe’s near-death experience with a brain aneurism in 1988, titled “Biden once nearly died of an aneurysm. Risky surgery changed his life.” Presented as a human-interest story told ostensibly to showcase Joe’s “resiliency,” I instantly recognized it as a perfect fit for the medical-emergency scenario I’ve predicted. I think WaPo, the primary narrative-setter for the political realm, is setting the stage for the Obiden removal performance by hanging the opening-curtain backdrop.

The absolutely essential centerpiece of the “diminished capacity” defense on which the scapegoat strategy depends is Robert Hur’s report letting Obiden skate on infinitely more egregious violations of classified document laws than Trump is being prosecuted for by Obiden’s own Justice Department! As I wrote in my prior column:

“The Obiden Justice Department conveniently just set the table for this [scapegoat strategy]. Per Reuters, ‘Robert Hur, the special counsel appointed to investigate whether President Joe Biden improperly handled sensitive government documents, is a former high-ranking Justice Department official with experience in prosecuting sensitive leak investigations. On Thursday, he concluded that probe and found that Biden retained classified materials about Afghanistan after leaving the vice presidency in 2017 but said he will not be criminally charged.’

“Of course, Reuter’s omitted the reason that he’ll skate, which was stated by the nominally more conservative Forbes in its article titled ‘”Elderly Man With A Poor Memory”: Special Counsel Explains Why Biden Won’t Face Charges Over Classified Docs.’

“Those wondering why Obiden’s own DOJ – normally so junkyard-dog ferocious in fighting his battles – would seeming disrespect the president so cavalierly now have their answer. Like so very much in today’s public square, it’s all about narrative-setting and selling. The Biden departure narrative is being built on the foundation that it’s Joe’s age and health to blame for the classified documents theft – and everything else.”

Interestingly, just last Thursday the House Oversight Committee voted to hold Merrick Garland in criminal contempt for refusing to release the tapes of Obiden’s interviews with Hur. While this is (rightfully) being spun as a huge win for the conservatives, it also serves the agenda of the Uniparty elites IF my conspiracy theory is true. The DOJ can’t be seen by the Obiden base as caving too easily to the Republicans, so there has to be some high-profile resistance as part of the show, but everyone already knows what the tapes will prove, so the real purpose of the controversy in my view is to put and keep the underlying matter of Joe Biden’s mental health in the public spotlight. It perfectly serves the elites agenda to have all of America debating Obiden’s mental capacity.

The big question still unanswered is the timing of Joe’s “stroke.” The Dem convention in which a replacement candidate could be hand-picked by the DNC starts Aug. 19. That’s only three months away.

When trying to ascertain liberal strategies, especially associated with Obama and the Clintons (whom I think are running this show) I always try to think like a Hollywood scriptwriter. They’re going to want to coordinate the key events to maximally hurt/blame Trump even as they replace Obiden. I’m thinking the context of the first presidential debate at CNN on June 27 is a likely option – such as goading Trump into going extra hard at Biden in the first debate, followed by a Biden stroke that evening or soon after. Trump gets framed as the playground bully who put a feeble old man in the hospital with the force of his mean-spiritedness. Pure speculation, I know, but very plausible. It would play well to liberal women, which constituency is (election fraud aside) the Dems’ best hope for a November upset.

The second Biden/Trump debate set for Sept. 10 on ABC obviously would be moot in that scenario, but the official Presidential Commission debates set for Sept. 16 and Oct. 9, 2024, could go on as scheduled with Trump vs “Big Mike” Obama, Hillary or whatever other circus clown the Uniparty picks at the DNC convention.

There are other possible scenarios, I know, such as Obiden catching a permanently debilitating new Fauci super-bug (as I mentioned in my “Joey the Scapegoat” article) – which would further other agendas of the elites at the same time. But, thanks to the Washington Post, I’m feeling pretty good about my chances for being right on the staged Biden Stroke-Out option.

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The last gasp of the Boy Scouts of America

First published 5/13/24

In the Cultural Marxists’ “long march through the institutions,” perhaps their toughest conquest was the Boy Scouts of America. This past week the BSA finally fully succumbed to the life-draining internal parasites with which it was infected 11 years ago after decades of stalwart resistance.

As with so many aspects of the fundamental transformation America has suffered in the 21st century, the turning point in the takedown of the Boy Scouts was an Obama operation – headed by deep-state swamp creature Rex Tillerson with a major assist by then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

The then heavily besieged but unbroken BSA stupidly allowed these men through the front gate and onto its board during Obama’s second term where they internally orchestrated the organization’s entirely unwarranted and unnecessary surrender to LGBT demands – bypassing and neutralizing the impenetrable shield of legal and cultural immunity that had been granted to the BSA by the United States Supreme Court in Boy Scouts of America v. Dale (2000).

In the Dale case, SCOTUS recognized that the hybrid constitutional right of “expressive association” absolutely trumped the LGBT agenda. It was the only one of the five major cases on LGBT issues in which “Justice” Anthony Kennedy voted with the conservatives. (He wrote the aggressively pro-LGBT majority opinion on all of the other four – Romer v. Evans (1996), Lawrence v. Texas (2003), U.S. v. Windsor (2013) and Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) – establishing LGBT cultural supremacy over Christianity.)

I’ve been in the fight to save the Boy Scouts since the early 1990s, when I was working to pass the No Special Rights Act in Oregon and Colorado (as state communications director of it’s drafter, the Oregon Citizens Alliance), which fell short in Oregon but passed as Amendment 2 in Colorado. Amendment 2 prohibited “sexual orientation” from being granted civil rights minority status; a legal slam-dunk based on existing case law. But Kennedy struck A2 down in Romer v. Evans with no constitutional review of its merits on his bare opinion that Colorado voters were motivated by “animus” (hatred) and thus the ballot measure was not a legitimate exercise of governmental authority. (He taught the left in that case that accusations of “hate” would invalidate every conservative initiative – which advise they have since followed scrupulously.)

That was the 1992 presidential election cycle that put Bill Clinton in office – in significant part based on his promise to put “gays in the military.” I confronted him on a live “Town Hall” television show about the left trying to force the Boy Scouts to accept open homosexuality in its ranks and leadership. Clinton first dodged it, but my unauthorized rapid follow-up question forced him into a corner in which he stated, “No, I don’t support that.” Rush Limbaugh highlighted that exchange in his radio program the next day. The Clinton administration was soundly defeated on “gays in the military” right out of the gate, offering them the consolation prize of Executive Order 12968 ending the ban on homosexuals receiving Top Secret security clearance and opening the floodgates for the LGBT infiltration (and presumed takeover) of the intelligence agencies.

Obama picked up the anti-military/anti-BSA baton in 2008, and by the end of his second term had both killed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the military (which first necessitated decriminalizing sodomy and bestiality in the The Uniform Code of Military Justice) and orchestrated the surrender of the BSA to the “gays.”

I have chronicled the war on the Boy Scouts from the conservative perspective in a series of articles. In “How to Save the Boy Scouts: The First Amendment Supremacy Clause” (March 3, 2013), I explained how Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs) adopted by major U.S. corporations were being used by fifth columnist Tillerson to threaten the BSA with loss of corporate funding if they did not vote to embrace homosexuality. I also explained how a simple amendment to all public and private anti-discrimination policies could thwart the SORs – a tactic that could work just as easily today.

Following the BSA’s vote to surrender to the “gays,” I wrote “Satan Wins Back the Scouts” (May 24, 2013), explaining how pederasty had literally and openly defined the scouting movement in its earliest days going back to Germany in the late 19th century – until Baden Powell refounded it in the U.K. on Christian values, which the United States scouting movement built upon and improved. I argued that the 2013 BSA vote to embrace homosexuality, essentially handed scouting back to the pederasts, and I advocated it should be shut down immediately to avoid a return to a massive wave of sexual abuse – advice which was, of course, ignored.

In “Desmond, the Boy Scouts and Pedophilia” (Dec. 29, 2018), I offered an update on the moral decline of the Boy Scouts organization and highlighted a specific prediction in 1992 by the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) that the BSA would inevitably cave to the pederasts. I also explained how this sequence of events advanced pederasty and pedophilia in the larger society.

In “The Deep State Takedown of the Boy Scouts of America” (Feb. 19, 2020), I reframed many of the facts I’ve cited here in the context of the larger deep-state agenda, and added additional information not previously cited, including a summary of the history of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

In my most recent sit-rep, “The Boy Scouts of Gomorrica” (Aug. 5, 2023), I reported on how the BSA had been fully transformed into an LGBT recruitment/grooming operation, and pointed families to a healthy alternative called Trail Life USA.

Based on this week’s news, reaching that openly grooming stage after a decade of increasing degeneracy apparently represented the final death throes of the once venerable institution that taught “morally straight” boys to become virtuous men. RIP, BSA.

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Vote dilution: A different kind of election tampering

First published 5/9/24

“One person, one vote” is a core constitutional principle and citizen’s right. While it is not specifically enumerated in the Constitution, it’s logic is implicit in Article I, Section 2 (which governs legislative redistricting), the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment and the cornerstone precept of our Declaration of Independence: “government by the consent of the governed.”

In the 1960s, a series of landmark Supreme Court cases finally established objective criteria for protecting the “one person, one vote” principle, which included Baker v. Carr (1962) and Reynolds v. Sims (1964), holding that state legislative districts must be reapportioned based on roughly equal population, rather than other factors such as geography or political power.

Then, in the hugely important but largely unnoticed (pre-Trump Court era) case of Evenwel v. Abbott (2016), ultra-leftist Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote the majority opinion that based redistricting on the general population of a district rather than the population of eligible voters. While falsely spun by Ginsburg as a protection of one person-one vote, the ruling had the opposite effect. In one fell swoop, all the millions of illegals that had already flooded the country indirectly received the benefit of “one person one vote” without ever having to become legal citizens. Wherever they congregated (usually in the deep blue cities) they automatically diluted the votes of actual citizens and inflated the power of the Democrats to gain new seats in Congress. And that was before the floodgates were fully opened under Obiden.

Thus, illegal immigration suddenly became a new form of ballot-stuffing by which liberals could “legally” steal elections from conservatives – and (more recently) potentially provide a way for the Dems to get the last laugh on Republicans who are shipping illegals to Dem cities as punishment for supporting open borders (although the post-Plandemic flight of legal voters from Dem jurisdictions probably offsets that).

Allow me to explain how vote dilution serves as a form of ballot stuffing, because I have firsthand experience in how it works in actual practice. As my regular readers know, I ran twice for governor of Massachusetts. The first time was in 2014 as an Independent, and my primary purpose was to break out of the “Saul Alinsky Box” the LGBT-controlled media had locked me in to poison the state jury pool against me in the bogus federal “Crimes Against Humanity” lawsuit, SMUG v. Lively. My strategy worked, while also giving me an unprecedented opportunity to advocate for uncensored Christian conservative viewpoints (such as “abortion is murder”) in the political arena – including both statewide candidate debates on live television!

I had no intention of running again until late 2017 when RINO Charlie Baker (who’d won the governorship in 2014) announced he would use state tax revenue to reimburse Planned Parenthood for any money Congress withheld from them over their fetal body parts harvesting and marketing scandals. I also deduced from a series of political clues that he was in the early stages of being gilded and groomed by the Purple Uniparty to take on Trump in 2020 following a carefully planned landslide election in 2018 (for both Baker and Sen. Elizabeth Warren – who would then become a bipartisan anti-Trump “tag team” in 2020).

I thus chose to primary Baker, which necessitated winning at least 15% of the delegates in the 2018 Republican Convention. That seemed a nearly impossible goal because the Massachusetts GOP had for many years kept all conservatives out of the gubernatorial races by using back-room “blank ballot” stuffing to dilute conservative support to keep it below the 15% threshold. Following the candidate speeches there would be a non-binding public “floor vote,” followed by a secret, binding paper-ballot vote, counted in the back room by party officials. Lastly, there would be an official announcement of the winner.

Whenever a conservative candidate would cross the 15% threshold, the liberal officials in the back room would (allegedly) stuff blank ballots into the pile of “total votes” until the tally of actual votes for the conservative dropped below the 15% threshold. The cheaters were limited only by the “undervote” (the number of delegates who didn’t vote in that race) – each one representing a “blank ballot” that should not ethically be counted. But, since it was a secret vote only the vote counters would know that the blanks had been stuffed in to skew the percentages.

That system of cheating became obvious in the 2010 convention when the floor vote for conservative Christy Mihos obviously far surpassed 15%, but the “official” back-room count fell just short. There was massive outrage, but no remedy. So in the next election when conservative businessman Mark Fisher was similarly cheated, my friend Brian Camenker of MassResistance took a video of the floor vote, which evidence allowed Fisher to sue the state GOP and win a settlement costing the (alleged) cheaters nearly half a million dollars including attorney fees. (Unfortunately, Fisher’s campaign momentum greatly suffered from the uncertainty and delay caused by the need to litigate, and he lost.)

When I challenged Baker in 2018 the party couldn’t run their usual game – getting caught cheating with paper ballots in 2014 forced them to switch to electronic balloting in 2018. They tried to compensate for their loss of control by taking away the secrecy of the vote – literally setting up live camera coverage of the voting screens. They combined that with open intimidation of the delegates who were each individually warned not to vote for Lively. As a backup plan, they tried at the last minute to get me to accept paper balloting (for my race only) by pretending the Wifi needed for electronic voting had failed, but when I threatened to sue they backed off. That attempt angered me so much I gave the most blistering political speech of my career, accusing Baker of “stolen valor” for taking credit for the Trump economy, and won 27.6% of the vote – despite all the arm-twisting thuggery. I went on to win 36.1% of the primary votes, devastating the elites’ anti-Trump “Massachusetts Strategy” with no hope of recovery.

However, there are no hopeful prospects on the horizon for killing the national ballot-stuffing “Blue Cities Strategy” in 2024. What is worse, many of those illegals padding the population for long-term redistricting purposes are also being sneaked onto the voter rolls through various hard-to-police methods. It won’t even matter if they actually follow through and vote just so long as they’re on the rolls, where they can be “harvested” by the professional Dem election fraudsters.

The only real solution in 2024 is a pro-Trump turnout so massive that it surpasses the best efforts of the cheaters to counter it. That assumes the elites don’t choose the “nuclear option” of either assassinating him or suspending the elections due to war, terrorism, plagues or all of the above.

If by some miracle America survives 2024 with Trump back in power, one of the many items on his priority list must be pushing for a reversal of Evenwel v. Abbott to restore the principle of “one person, one vote” for American citizens only.

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Confessions of a ‘hate criminal’

First published 5/2/24

The remnant of Western civilization, which still values freedom of speech and other classical ethics and virtues, is aghast at Canada’s Stalinesque “online harms bill,” which would punish so-called “hate speech” with penalties up to life imprisonment, offers both cash incentives and legal anonymity for “whistleblowers” and would retroactively cover speech that occurred even decades before the enactment of the law. The bill could only be worse if it added capital punishment for offenders, which is well within the realm of possibility, eventually.

What conservatives may not realize is that a less extreme version of this proposed law has been in effect in Canada since at least the 1990s in the form of Human Rights Tribunals – including cash incentives for anonymous complainants. I know this for a fact because a Canadian radio talk host was put through one of these investigations for months for interviewing me on-air about my book “The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party,” which I co-authored with Orthodox Jewish Holocaust researcher Kevin Abrams in 1995. And my Canadian friend and fellow-pro-family activist Bill Whatcott has been suffering relentless torture in the nation’s Marxist meat-grinder judiciary for almost a decade for having dared to lead a comedic infiltration of a “gay pride” parade in goofy green Martian costumes to pass out fact sheets on the health risks of “gay” sex (an invitation to which event I was sad my travel schedule did not allow me to accept).

Make no mistake, while the cynical pretext of the new bill is “protecting children,” and the sales pitch for it emphasizes race and ethnicity issues, the primary intended beneficiaries of the policy are the LGBTs. And the primary intended targets for persecution are Christians and Orthodox Jews. This and all similar policies in Canada, the U.K., the EU, Australia and the U.S. (that have since been expanded to empower all the constituencies of the “Progressive” coalition) ALL originate with the LGBTs, going all the way back to Nazi Brownshirt leader Ernst Roehm’s days in Weimar Germany’s “Society for Human Rights” in the 1920s – and have always been designed primarily to serve their agenda.

Because “history always repeats,” Weimar is back with a vengeance today in America as a rising tide of Socialist Brownshirts with Palestinian scarves covering their Pride flags are openly Jew-hunting on U.S. college campuses (of all places) while the far-left government that spawned this anarchy is impotent to slow its momentum by any means short of full-force police-state crackdowns. (Why now when so many of the leftist elites driving U.S. social policy are liberal Jews? Because for the first time in its history, modern Israel is controlled by Orthodox conservatives! The uber-arrogant amoral libs are literally letting it happen, just as – I contend – they deliberately “let slip the [Hamas] dogs of war” on Oct. 7 and are now trying to indict Netanyahu in the International Criminal Court for “war crimes.” Among other geopolitical goals, these events are intended to force “regime change” in Israel.)

What was the cultural force that plunged Weimar Germany so deep into social anarchy that average citizens would accept – even welcome – totalitarianism as the solution under Der Fuehrer? It was the LGBT “sexual freedom” agenda Kevin Abrams and I so thoroughly documented in “The Pink Swastika.” Only ancient Rome under Caligula and modern San Francisco under Harvey Milk (and now Gavin Newsom) have ever truly rivaled Weimar’s debauchery (while still falling short of its perverse extremes). And, of course, “The Pink Swastika” proved that Hitler and his crew were secretly even more homosexually debauched than the Weimar perverts they overthrew!

If I were a Canadian citizen, my freedoms would be forfeited under the “no harms” bill for writing this article. Indeed, despite all of the constitutional “guarantees” our Founders enshrined in America’s foundational laws, I have been the most persecuted of all Americans who have stood up to the LGBT agenda. Christians in Communist and Muslim countries have certainly suffered far worse than I, but here in the land of the free I remain the only person ever put through a civil (not criminal) trial in a U.S. Federal Court (for six and a half years) for “Crimes Against Humanity” for “homophobia.” I’m the first non-crazy Christian permanently added to the SPLC’s “hate map” (preceded only by the lunatic and likely deep-state agent Fred Phelps who led the disgusting “God Hates Fags” demonstrations at the funerals of homecoming war heroes, which poisoned the public against all pro-family activism.)

I’ve received literally hundreds of death threats in my career as a pro-family leader, and suffered many acts of vandalism, sabotage and false witness accusations. And I’ve endured continual and intense character assassination and social media (and pre-social media) suppression since the late 1980s – long before the “cancel culture” made outspoken conservatives heroes of the movement. (I got left behind on that wave because my “evilness” got baked-in to the public record much earlier, when today’s heroes were still drinking the leftist Kool-Aid.) My books are banned (except on my own website). Accounts related to them have been de-banked. My invitations to speak at events have dwindled from dozens annually to almost nothing due to pressure tactics including vandalism of the venues. Online comments I make in my own name are instantly pounced on by teams of “fact-checkers” and well-poisoners. Leftists scour my articles for items to twist and mock. They constantly falsely equate my “tough love” hate-free biblical views and motives with genocide, meaning they would warrant life imprisonment in Canada.

Where’s MY protection from these actual “on-line harms”?

Because of all this I can testify firsthand that “cancel culture” as we know it today began as a program of the LGBTs. But I can also document this fact: Its specific blueprint of goals and talking points was detailed with amazing frankness in a 1987 Guide Magazine article called “The Overhauling of Straight America” They also pioneered the now common leftist practice of “doxxing.”

I’m not stating these facts to garner public sympathy, but to give due weight to my warning that Canada’s bill will probably become American law in time – just as all the evil things our grandparents believed could never happen in America are now commonplace. (Remember when school and college shootings were unspeakable rarities instead of almost weekly realities – increasingly by trannies?) It’s in very large part because we have ignored God’s “litmus test” red-line ban on approving homosexuality (Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:18-32) in favor of licentious humanism. Thus, just as He warned would happen in the closing admonitions of both Leviticus 18 and Romans 1, He has withdrawn His hand of protection that preserved the many generations of our forebears that actively honored Him. How many American Christians still have the biblical grounding to believe and say that openly?

Breaking Update: The latest news is that Canada has just paused the hateful hate bill while they “negotiate” with America’s social media giants to coerce them to voluntarily impose their censorship mandates on the whole world through AI-driven speech restrictions – just like the Obiden administration did with all Plandemic and election-fraud narratives. Either way, it looks like they’re soon going to make “hate criminals” of everyone who dares to stand with God against the LGBT family of behavioral disorders. Welcome to my world.

For more on this topic search for my several articles that reference “The Five Stages of Homofascism” at ScottLively dot net.

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Trump’s path to victory on abortion

First published 4/29/24

I’ve been engaged in a private email debate with “Earl,” a WND reader, on whether or not Donald Trump qualifies for public office under the biblical standard. Earl is a hardcore Never-Trumper trying to ground his arguments in Scripture – specifically Exodus 18:21, which records the advice given to Moses by his father-in-law Jethro: “Furthermore, select capable men from among the people – God-fearing, trustworthy men who are averse to dishonest gain. Appoint them over the people as leaders of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties, and of tens.” He uses this verse in combination with a list of Trump’s flaws and failures and the familiar “lesser of two evils is still an evil” aphorism to make the case that the man is disqualified and we should therefore “Dump Trump.”

At first I thought he might be part of an organized deep-state campaign to undermine Trump support among Christians (something we’re going to see a lot of between now and the election), but after several exchanges I think he’s more likely a lone wolf – in large part because he lacks the analytical and communication skills one would expect from a professional influencer. But he represents at least some part of the conservative base Trump needs to win, and I personally respect every person who tries to engage the culture rather than give up on it, even if I disagree with them, so I think our exchange has educational value for pro-Trump Christians.

Frankly, I think there are better scriptural foundation stones for people with his perspective, but the real problem – a two-fold problem all too common among Christians who venture into political debate and punditry – is 1) the application of an unrealistic quasi-biblical standard for evaluating politicians and candidates, and 2) the practice of applying that standard against only the person they want to spotlight and not the other choices in that specific race and in the history of that office.

It’s a problem that feeds the “lesser of two evils” fallacy because – in reality – no one can meet an overly rigorous standard, so it always works to poison the well against whomever it is applied to. What Christians get by doing this is a very small pool of potential candidates who “qualify” not because they actually meet the standard but because they’re good at hiding their flaws until real-world events expose them – such as in the case of Mike “Benedict Arnold” Pence who fooled all of Christendom until Jan. 6, 2021.

This is what I wrote in my last post to Earl.

“Your error, Earl, is not your conclusion that Trump is flawed but that you’ve singled him out for special scrutiny. When you refuse to name an alternative candidate or politician past or present who passes the same test you’ve imposed on Trump your argument is moot. By the standard you’re measuring Trump against, everyone else is also disqualified for public office if you dig deep enough.

“You know that so you dodge the question. You know that if you offer any real life example of a ‘qualified’ politician or candidate, I’ll expose his flaws and your whole fantasy about earning ourselves a perfect society governed by perfectly righteous men will burst.

“That society won’t exist until the Millennial Kingdom under Christ, because, until then, ‘there is none righteous, no not one’ (Romans 3:10). Only Christ meets the standard, and we Christians do not become perfected in Him – in terms of our behavior as human beings – until glorification. Thus, the meme that I sent shows a picture of Trump and the words: ‘God does not choose perfect men, but men perfect for the job’ is true and 100% proven by Joshua and Judges.

“Because yes, indeed, God IS always true to His word, so YOU must interpret the meaning and principle of Exodus 18:21 by the way God Himself applied it in the specific appointments He made in raising up a long series of seriously flawed men as Judges. Speaking as a lawyer, if you want to know what a lawgiver means in a single-sentence statute, you look at how HE used it in real life. That trumps every contrary theory!”

I’ve long agreed that Trump is clearly America’s modern-day version of an ancient Israelite judge and should be judged by that standard, not the unrealistic evangelical “perfection checklist” that lets mostly the best liars through. And I continually point out that our political arena is – necessarily – a place of compromise, because “We the People” have diverse opinions about what our laws and policies should be. Even those highly principled few who refuse to compromise on some key things must necessarily compromise on others to protect their own priorities. A stalwart pro-lifer like myself would, for example, trade my votes on a spending bill for votes that would protect babies. That’s just the way things work in “government by the consent of the governed.”

If you don’t participate in the process, you have no right to complain, and eventually, like now, you reach a place where the harder-working, less-ethical special interests control enough levers of power to simply impose their will on whomever holds office. That deep-state corruption is what Trump faced in his first term as president and faces again today as a candidate – but in a more potent form. I believe, for example, that Trump was forced to cave to McConnell and the warmongers early in 2017 and hit Syria with missiles for them on the flimsiest of pretexts as the price of a Gorsuch Senate confirmation. I believe his pro-“gay marriage” position is simply an acknowledgment the the LGBT block is too powerful to defeat head-on, so he endorsed the Trojan Horse of “conservative gays” to deflect and distract them. I believe Operation Warp Speed was his only survivable play when Big Pharma and the globalists were setting him up to take a fatal fall for the plandemic. I deplore all of these terrible and harmful compromises, but I understand why he took them and cut him some slack because I’m a political realist.

The sanctity of human life, however, is an entirely different matter for me. In 1990 I was in the front of the crowd at “Unity 90” in Washington, D.C., when Dr. James Dobson made his famous pledge to “never, ever vote for any politician who would kill one innocent unborn baby.” I took that pledge with him, because I recognize that killing a child is the single most evil act of which human beings are capable – and legalizing that infanticide is the most evil public policy that any society can embrace. That’s why I would not vote for staunch pro-abort RFK Jr. despite him being otherwise far better than OBiden.

I highly doubt Donald Trump reads my columns, but if he does, I offer this advice: The solution to the problem of abortion bringing a huge wave of baby-murdering women to the polls this November cannot be a compromise on the sanctity of life itself, or you will set God Himself against you. It is simply, like William Wilberforce on the issue of slavery, to shift focus to the next achievable step on the road to ending all child-killing and make that the topic of public debate. If you unapologetically affirm the sanctity of life and give people a realistic means of incrementally advancing it in public policy, you will demonstrate you are NOT just another politician, but a man worthy of being God’s Judge in His America.

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RFK Jr., the Natural Law Party and universal natural rights

First published 4/28/2024

The biggest news domestically this week was that Robert Kennedy Jr. got on the ballot in Michigan with the help of the Natural Law Party. Most Americans have never heard of this transnational political party founded on the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, advocating the use of Transcendental Meditation. I only know of it because George Harrison (my favorite Beatle) did a benefit concert for the NLP at the Royal Albert Hall in London back in 1992.

Now, I’m a Christian pastor firmly grounded in the truth of John 14:6, but politically and culturally speaking I think TM is relatively benign, and its Hindu-leaning emphasis on natural law is a positive counter to the anti-theist, transhumanist agenda of the “elite” Secular Humanists who now dominate America and most of Western civilization. The MAGA movement is already fully comfortable with Tulsi Gabbard who follows the Hinduism of her father, Mike, who was my friend and powerful ally in the 1990s culture wars against the LGBT agenda. Generally speaking the Hindus are on our side in the matter of natural rights derived from natural law, as are all the world religions.

I have no problem with RFK welcoming the assist from the NLP, and am pleased that he is diligently persisting in his run. If the “elites” somehow kill Donald Trump’s chances of winning back the presidency or (God forbid) actually assassinate him, RFK would offer an alternative to Obiden a thousand times better than a continuation of the current nightmare. If Trump and Kennedy both reach the finish line, the latter’s haul of Democrat and libertarian-leaning independent voters could tip a close contest to Trump, which would make RFK the MVP of 2024.

Should Trump retake the White House (and the Lord tarry) the long-term future of this nation will depend on more than just draining the swamp in Washington and the blue cities – it will require the population of this country to embrace a return to the worldview of the founders. Let me explain why and how this could and should happen.

Throughout human history there have only ever been two forms of government: by far the most common being top-down control of an “inferior” majority by a minority of their “superiors,” and the very rare alternative being collective self-government by sovereign individuals.

Top down control has manifested in many forms both religious and secular, benevolent and malignant: historically and symbolically exemplified by Nimrod, and most fully realized in its malignant form in what we modernly call totalitarianism. It’s more benevolent forms are often religious, such as the Roman Catholic Church and its many Protestant alternatives with centralized hierarchical governance.

Collective self-government has also existed in multiple forms, both religious and secular, with good and bad intent, an ancient small-scale example being the Jerusalem Council of Acts, but the the prime example being America’s protean founding under the Mayflower Compact of 1620, and its more famous sequel, our Declaration of Independence, which is literally America’s First Organic Law. Collective self-government is most beautifully summarized in the preamble of the Declaration of Independence, which is the ultimate bedrock of constitutional self-rule:

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” [Emphases mine.]

More fundamental to America than anything in the Bill of Rights is the historically unique pronouncement that “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” This is the prime-reality and logical necessity of true collective self-governance.

Restoring that principle as the overarching mandate of our federal and state governments must be Job 1 in a second Trump term or we will merely trade one set of masters for another. But how – after decades of “Great Replacement” importation of Third World immigrants – can we restore that mentality to a population that is no longer predominantly White Anglo-Saxon Protestants as was true for our first century and a half as a nation?

The WASPs – in particular the Scottish Presbyterians starting in the 1500s – constructed that self-governing mindset on the theological foundation of Luther’s “priesthood of all believers” – a bottom-up governmental system characterized by the “covenental oaths” of Christian equals, creating constitutionalism as we know it. The Pilgrim Separatists (separating from top-down Anglicanism) brought it to America, where the covenantal oath called the Mayflower Compact planted the seed that became Americanism, as exemplified by that other key covenental oath, the Declaration of Independence.

What, then, can unify so vastly diverse a population as we have now? The only possible basis for national consensus other than a Christian revival more sweeping than anything previously seen in the world (which is in God’s purview, not ours) is unity on universal natural law and rights – which all the world already embraces – except for the Secular Humanist minority that rules over us like a self-appointed aristocracy and keeps us polarized to prevent their overthrow.

So I say let’s build a movement to save and conserve the natural world from the transhumanists and rally around “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” however we may perceive Him. We can have collective self-governance on that basis with unity on all the issues most basic to humanity. And let’s start by seeking common ground on those basics with ALL those groups who believe in natural law, as RFK Jr. has shown by his example.


Update June 3, 2024: Sadly, shortly after this article was originally posted, RFK Jr took a dramatic turn to the left.

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Perv-pandering Pence pivots to compromised Christian college

During the bulk of his tenure as Donald Trump’s supposedly loyal vice president, my opinion of Mike Pence rose higher than my previous view. He first appeared on my RINO radar a few years earlier when, as Indiana governor, he caved to pressure from the LGBTs and killed strong and needed legislation designed to protect Christian businesses from attack by homosexual activists who use state and local anti-discrimination laws as an offensive weapon rather than the defensive shield they were sold to the public as. My column of April 1, 2015, titled “Indiana Meets the Borg,” opened with these two paragraphs:

“Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.” That was the message of the Borg to Capt. Jon-Luc Picard of the starship Enterprise on the television series “Star Trek: Next Generation.” The Borg was a conglomerate of species forcibly transformed into cybernetic drones controlled by a hive mind called the Collective. The Borg grew ever stronger by appropriating and exploiting the assets of whatever new species it encountered as it roamed the universe in pursuit of its insatiable lust for power over the lives of others. Both individual and corporate victims of the Borg were assimilated into the Collective, losing their identity to the hive mind.

“This week, the state of Indiana met the Borg, which on planet earth is spelled LGBT. Like Capt. Picard, the governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, has attempted to reason with Borg and learned that there is no compromise with the Collective. “Resistance is futile,” said Borg drone Tim Cook, the formerly human representative of the now-Collectivist entity Apple Computers. The refrain was echoed by a chorus of other drones, including some from the newly Borg-acquired National Collegiate Athletic Association.

[I went on to explain how the LGBT Borg got such power in corporate American in the first place.]

I went easy on Pence in that piece because he seemed to at least be willing to allow a weak and watered down version of the bill to become law (which later occurred), but I ranked him as a rising RINO on my personal scorecard. Frankly, in retrospect, I believe Pence’s moral compromise on what was probably the most important Bible-based policy of his career was what qualified him in the minds of the Purple Uniparty puppet-masters as worthy of the vice presidency under Trump. They needed someone as clean on the outside but dirty on the inside as Bush 41, who served the same “ace in the hole” function under Reagan.

Hole-card Bush wasn’t needed to fall on a grenade like Pence was: Bush did his dirty work undoing Reagan’s conservative policies after Reagan termed-out – as the “New World Order” president who (intriguingly) gave his defining speech on that theme one decade to the day before 9/11. Hmm. In contrast, Pence was forced to make the ultimate political sacrifice for the Purple team by committing what was arguably treason on J6 (by refusing to allow a vote by Congress on pausing the certification of the fraudulent election pending investigation) and lost any chance of earning the presidency. In further service to his masters he endured the humiliation of a pitiful run against Trump in the 2024 presidential primary.

So what was Pence’s reward for giving so much to the globalist cause? A plum posting to a lucrative A-list NGO, foundation, corporate board or Ivy League university? LOL. No! He was shunted off to puny, pedestrian Grove City College, most famous in pro-family circles as the Christian college that employed fellow “gay pandering” turncoat Warren Throckmorton as a psychology professor.

Some of my longer-term readers may recall that Throckmorton was the snake-in-the-grass who single-handedly launched the decade-long campaign of personal destruction against me that culminated in the federal lawsuit accusing me of “crimes against humanity” for teaching the biblical view of homosexuality in Uganda. I did so at a Kampala seminar in early March of 2009, and also gave comments to Ugandan members of parliament in their National Assembly Hall, urging them to focus not on punishment but on prevention and rehabilitation in their planned but as of then unwritten legislation opposing the normalization of homosexuality. I cited my own personal experience of choosing rehab instead of going to jail for a drunk-driving conviction. (Legally speaking, I consider alcoholism and homosexuality to be roughly equivalent behavioral disorders.)

Immediately following my comments, while I was still in Kampala, Throckmorton launched a surprise attack against me, falsely claiming I was pushing for forced therapy for homosexuals. I was utterly shocked, because even though I had not met him personally, I considered him to be a pro-family peer. He had put out an exceptional video for the ex-“gay” movement titled “I Do Exist” and was well respected in pro-family circles. But apparently, the LGBTs found some dirt on him or otherwise managed to flip him because his knife-stab in my back was only the first in a new mission to attack any Christians who threatened the LGBT cause. I was further shocked when, upon confronting him by phone, he defended his actions and doubled-down on them. He created an entire section on his website devoted to attacks upon me.

I was only one of several, including the eminent Christian historian David Barton, who had recently stoked Throckmorton’s ire by venturing onto the pro-family battlefield with some strong pro-family comments. Upon reading an article about Barton’s publisher suddenly canceling the publication of his book “Jefferson Lies” (refuting lies about Jefferson), I noticed an awfully familiar pattern in the discussion about how the cancellation came about. I called Barton and pieced together that, yes indeed, Throckmorton had orchestrated the attack. I then wrote two articles in Barton’s defense. (See here and here.)

I cite this personal history only to show that I had good cause to ask the leadership of Grove City College in writing to reconsider their relationship with Throckmorton or at least re-affirm the biblical stance on homosexuality. I don’t think any of them replied, but at least I tried.

Since then I haven’t had cause to think much about Grove City College until today, when it was reported on The Gateway Pundit that Pence has been hired by GCC as a “distinguished visiting fellow for the new Center for Faith and Public Life, which appears to have been created just for him. (If anyone can find out who funded it, I’d love to hear from you! I suspect it’s somebody from The Lincoln Project.)

If, as they say, “personnel is policy,” GCC has just made itself a Never Trumper sinking ship, on top of having been a sanctuary for a Bible-defying pro-LGBT saboteur. If I were a parent of college-bound teens, I’d cross this twice-failed “college of Christian compromise” off my list and keep them as far away from the traitor Mike Pence as possible.

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The Strong Commonalities of Russia and Israel

All my life I’ve been pro-Israel for reasons I never gave much thought, and several adult Jews I encountered in my troubled life as a teenager were a great blessing to me at pivotal moments. I was decidedly non-religious then – inattentive to the Roman Catholic teachings of my childhood and only casually dabbling in the New Age paganism that constituted my spiritual life from age 12 to 28 (precisely my years of alcoholism and drug addiction.)

My first wife was a similarly non-religious Russian Jewish girl who married me in an Episcopal Church – I don’t think we ever had a single conversation about the traditional faiths we came from in the 18 months or so we were together before my addictions broke us apart. I’ve just always been drawn to Jews by an inner magnet and viewed them favorably as human beings. I never even heard of “Zionism” until I was in my 30s as a staunch evangelical Christian of the pro-Israel Reagan Revolution, and didn’t research it in any meaningful way for at least another decade. (I’ve since published a lot on this topic.)

Arguably, my biggest impact on the world was publishing “The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party” in 1995 with my co-author Kevin Abrams, an Orthodox Jewish Holocaust researcher. Together with a distribution alliance of thousands of Orthodox rabbis in the U.S., we so thoroughly debunked the LGBT movement’s attempt to fabricate a “Gay Holocaust” under the Nazis comparable to the Jewish Holocaust that they were forced to abandon their plans and along with them the “Pink Triangle” (used to identify the relatively few homosexuals in Nazi work camps – not the death camps) as the primary symbol of their movement in the 1980s and early ’90s. The LGBTs then stole the rainbow from the Black Panthers and Jesse Jackson’s “Rainbow Coalition” to replace the triangle.

That book earned me a permanent spot on the SPLC’s hate map and top-level cancellation long before the “cancel culture” ever started. But it also opened countless doors, including being hired by prominent New York Rabbi Samuel Dresner to co-write his last book, on the LGBT theme, when his cancer became too incapacitating. (Sadly, he died before it could be completed.)

I’ve since visited Israel four times, the last in 2017 leading a church group from California, and more recently I spoke in defense of Israel at an international conference in Riga, Latvia, where I was part of a panel discussion with Rabbi Yehuda Glick, then a member of the Israeli Knesset.

Previously, this very same Riga-based Russian-speaking denomination sponsored my wife and me on our year-long speaking tour through the former Soviet Union, including a list of venues in Russia that stretched from Blagoveschensck in the far east all the way to St. Petersburg in the far west. I frequently testify about this tour because it was such a rare and amazing experience. I got to see places and aspects of Russia few Westerners have ever observed firsthand and came away with a deep respect both for the Russian people and for President Putin.

I’ve done missionary work and otherwise traveled in 68 countries so far and I recognize the Russians as the closest in mentality and ideology to American conservatives of any nation in the world – which is why our leftist elites propagandize and war against them so aggressively – to keep us separated at all cost. I respect Putin because I was immersed for months in the country he single-handedly transformed from lawless gangsterism following the collapse of the Soviets to a highly civilized and prosperous society in which entrepreneurialism thrives, conservative solutions like the flat tax are a reality, LGBT propaganda to children is totally banned, and the Russian Orthodox church has purged and replaced virtually every shred of communism.

Ever since OBiden orchestrated the outbreak of war in Ukraine while cynically calling Russia an “unprovoked aggressor,” I’ve done my best to present the truthful Russian side of the story to my readers in contradiction to the false narratives of our corporate media – and to remind my sometimes duped fellow conservatives that our media always lie about everything we care about, so why trust them about Russia? To do this I have diligently sought out the most honest and objective of the pro-Russian writers and pundits and vetted their analyses to the best of my ability.

The biggest turning point in the propaganda war over Ukraine occurred when it became clear to military strategists and honest civilian observers like myself that Putin could not be forced to give up the pro-Russian territories he had liberated and would likely take more Ukrainian territory, including potentially the biggest plum, Odessa. Suddenly, “coincidentally,” Hamas committed its massacre in Israel, conveniently justifying a military and media pivot to Israel and the sharp reduction of Western funding, resupplying and media attention to Ukraine.

I have stated from the beginning that I believe the Oct. 7 massacre was genuine Hamas-driven terrorism but was deliberately unleashed by hidden globalist elites to serve, first, their overarching geopolitical timeline and, second, the parallel necessity of (eventually but inevitably) taking out Iran’s nuclear capabilities. The third reason they let slip the Hamas dogs of war was to further regime change in Israel, because for the first time in its history, modern Israel is under the control of Torah-faithful Orthodox Jews, not the Marxist Torah-defying Fake Jews of New York and London. (And even in the midst of war, the “color revolution” Obama started in 2015 continues under the OBiden administration.

The Muslim world naturally united against Israel after the massacre, which changed the calculus of the Ukraine propaganda war because Russia has (understandably but regrettably) allied with Shiite Iran as a counterbalance to the U.S. alliance with Sunni Saudi Arabia et al. Therefore, almost immediately most pro-Russian writers and pundits began backing Hamas and attacking Israel in their updates – equating Israel with Ukraine as adversaries of Russian interests with key common attributes.

My immediate reaction was the opposite: that it is Russia and Israel who are most alike in the war of geopolitics, while the “Palestinians” are, like Ukraine, bribed-to-the-brim puppets of the same leftist Western elites. It is Israel whose national interests have been increasingly threatened (geographically and politically) over the past half century by encroaching Islamists – backed by the ultra-leftist U.N., just as NATO has incessantly, incrementally encroached on Russia since WWII, backed by the U.N.

Israel is obviously a more complex case because many of the globalist elites in question are (non-resident) Torah-defying Jews with mixed motives and loyalties regarding the Jewish homeland. But in the current context in which the true Orthodox Jews control Israel and Orthodox Christians control Russia, both holding the same Bible-based moral compass on the essential left/right cultural conflicts of our time – while Hamas and Ukraine are both simply tools of regime change by outsiders – the Israel/Russia commonalities are stark and potent.

If I were an adviser to either Israel or Russia, I would be working to translate this line of reasoning into practical policies strengthening the Christian/Jewish alliance along biblical moral and cultural lines and even encouraging the Muslims to join in against the great secular humanist threat to all humanity – satanic transhumanism, the true ultimate goal of our actual common enemy.

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