Swamp Rangers Recruiting Office

This Website is Under Construction and Will Go Live on January 1, 2021
Join Swamp Rangers Today and Earn the Special “Visionary Patch” Given Only to Pre-Launch Recruits, in Addition to Your Numbered Swamp Ranger Badge, Reflecting Your Membership Seniority. HOW TO JOIN? Read the Swamp Ranger Qualifications Below, and If You Agree, Then Make a Minimum $100 Donation HERE , Checking the Swamp Rangers Option. Membership is $100 Annually and Funds Swamp Rangers Overhead.

You will also receive a free subscription to The Lively Letter by postal mail.


Who Can Become a Swamp Ranger?

You must be a legal adult and a born or naturalized citizen of the United States.

You must take the Swamp Ranger Oath

At all times you must at minimum show respect for the God of the Christian Bible, and to His followers, even if you are not a Christian.

Who Can Become a Friend of the Swamp Rangers?

Anyone who wishes to support the Swamp Rangers mission by donating money or providing other forms of assistance.