The Poisoned Stream: “Gay” Influence in Human History, Germany 1890-1945

Following is a portion of the Introduction to Dr. Lively’s eighty-page annotated review of Igra’s book, published under the title “Germany’s National Vice Revisited” as Section One of The Poisoned Stream, which was his 1997 sequel to The Pink Swastika.

“In 1945, a courageous Jewish scholar by the name of Samuel Igra published an exposé of the homosexual roots of Nazism titled Germany’s National Vice. Had he published his book just one year earlier or a dozen years later, Igra might today be a familiar name. His analysis of the sociopolitical dynamics of Nazism was both brilliant and insightful. A world still wondering what had happened to cause Nazi atrocities would have found Igra’s case very compelling. But instead, Igra published his book at the close of the war, when the Allies were swept up in the euphoria of victory and thoughts were turning toward home and plans for the future. The shocking truth exposed in Germany’s National Vice went unheralded, and the book sank into obscurity.

“Nearly 50 years later, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, some of the very same dynamics which had impacted Germany began to be experienced in the United States. A large and powerful homosexualist political movement, which had been growing in influence over several decades, began openly demanding concessions from Judeo-Christian society. Specifically, homosexuals have demanded full acceptance of non-heterosexual lifestyles as a social norm: they insisted that the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic (monogamous heterosexual marriage and the nuclear family) be denied cultural primacy in favor of a new pan-sexual social paradigm….”

This is a photo of the original cover of Igra’s landmark book.

Part Three: How American Gays are Stealing the Holocaust (1997)