Swamp Rangers Methods

Following the example of Francis Marion, the infamous Swamp Fox, Swamp Rangers employ “irregular methods of warfare” to achieve their mission. Once a target is identified, Swamp Rangers working alone or in groups develop strategies and tactics specifically suited to that target. Sometimes the methods are open and traditional, such as recall campaigns, boycotts, buycotts, protests and pressure tactics, but often they are non-traditional and/or stealth tactics such as hidden-camera journalism — but in every case the methods are legal and ethical.

Dr. Lively (aka The Swamp Fox) travels to the swamps of the South Carolina coast just north of Charleston to talk about a legendary hero of the Revolutionary War whom the British military occupiers dubbed the “Swamp Fox:” Francis Marion. In the very swampland where Marion pioneered an American form of guerilla warfare that he had learned from the Cherokee Indians during the French and Indian War (as an enemy combatant), Dr. Lively gives a thumbnail sketch of the “Swamp Fox” and explains why his use of unconventional tactics by his team of mission-oriented volunteers is a model for Scott’s new grassroots activist network, Swamp Rangers. This is the second of Scott’s stops (and videos) on his Swamp Rangers pre-launch tour, the first being a live rally in Valdosta, Georgia with the ultimate swamp-drainer, President Donald Trump.