30 Days of Pride-Month Push-Back


June 1: The day God tore down a ‘gay pride’ flag

In 2008 Anne and I relocated to Springfield, Massachusetts, with the intention of leaving the culture-war battlefield on LGBT issues to launch a more traditional inner-city mission to serve the bottom strata of society in one of the most depressed and decrepit population centers in the country. Springfield was identified by Forbes Magazine that year as “one of the 10 fastest-dying cities in America.” To further this mission I founded a new church under the name Redemption Gate Mission Society, bought and moved into a fixer-upper former crack house in the heart of the worst neighborhood as our personal residence, and acquired an historic building across from the truly historic Springfield Armory (established by George Washington during the Revolutionary War) for our church and ministry operations center.

God – working through my adversaries – had other plans regarding my role in the culture war (“Just when I tried to get out they dragged me back in!”) But we personally led that mission for seven years (one Shemitah cycle, for those who know the biblical time-keeping system) and then turned it over to my ministry partner, Pastor C.S. Cooley, who kept it going for another seven years. I’m writing a book about that amazing ministry right now, under the working title “To Redeem a City.”

Important to this story is the fact that Redemption Gate’s expressly stated mission was to re-Christianize this post-Christian city. I had prayed for the Lord to give me a city to reclaim for Him as we were nearing the end of a foreign mission on that theme, and He sent us to Springfield. Important to the achievement of the mission objective was the choice of the city whether to allow itself to be re-Christianized. And important to that choice was the fact that on April 25, 2011, our Redemption Gate ministry team began circulating a petition in Springfield to have the national motto “In God We Trust” added to the pediment of Springfield City Hall.

Summer 2011 was exactly halfway through our first seven years, and it was at that biblically significant three-and-a-half year mark that a powerful supernatural event occurred, one I will share publicly for the very first time today.

On June 1, 2011, I was taking an early morning prayer walk in downtown Springfield, the high point of the experience being the path through Court Square (originally the town common), described on Wikipedia as “the City of Springfield’s only topographical constant since its founding in 1636 …” which features “a scenic pedestrian-only walkway from the courthouse toward Springfield’s historic Old First Church.”

Court Square is the symbolic and spiritual heart of the city. It was therefore greatly disturbing to me when I reached the end of the path at Main Street and discovered an official “Gay Pride” banner hanging from the lamppost in the same place and manner as the annual Christmas banners. I was deeply vexed in my spirit, because this was to my knowledge the very first time Springfield had allowed such a display – indicating that the historically Catholic city had succumbed to the LGBT Borg and had chosen the path of defilement instead of Christian redemption.

At 4:30 p.m. that very day a massive tornado touched down in Westfield (where Anne and I had lived the first couple of months after our arrival) and carved a 39 mile path of destruction through West Springfield, South Springfield and several towns eastward. It barely missed the Old First Church, but ripped through the rest of Court Square right where the offending banner had hung. The way I see it, God tore down that particular flag Himself.

Significantly to us, the tornado came right to the edge of our designated “Redemption Zone,” turned south along its western border, then continued east along its southern border. There was damage only at the far southwest corner of our prayer-covered mission territory. One of our ministry staff standing on the back porch of the third floor of our church building actually watched the monster bear down directly at him from the west and then turn away south and then east.

That tornado was just the first of three nature-based wakeup calls for Springfield that year. On Aug. 23 it suffered a 5.9 earthquake that literally rocked City Hall (overlooking Court Square from its northern edge). Then a week later, on Aug. 29, Hurricane Irene tore through Springfield and all of Western Mass causing massive flooding and storm damage.

No one but our pastoral staff raised the obvious spiritual questions about this sequence of disasters.

As we would learn later, 2011 was the year that Massachusetts passed “the Expanded Gaming Act … and gambling was legalized in the Commonwealth” … culminating in the creation of the state’s first gambling casino (MGM) in Springfield. The casino went up precisely where the tornado had torn its path through the Italian south end (site of the Mafia hit on the local Don, “Big Al” Bruno, in front of the Our Lady of Carmel Social Club a few years previously), suggesting that the legislation was proposed and passed in consequence of the tornado (though we don’t know the specific timeline).

During the Springfield City Council’s deliberation process about whether to approve the casino, I personally led a group of Christians to offer public comment against it, and to present our “In God We Trust” petition, bearing a little over 500 signatures. I appealed to the council to turn back to God as the means of restoring the health and prosperity of the city. But Springfield chose the Mob instead of Christ.

I spent some time a while back trying to document the city’s “Pride” program for 2011 but found nothing online. But I know what I saw with my own eyes. And I know in my spirit there was a connection between that banner’s symbolic declaration of allegiance to the LGBT agenda and the advent of the tornado. Pat Robertson once got in a lot of trouble with the leftist media making a similar connection between LGBT advocacy in New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina before backing down under the onslaught. I suppose my knowing that might have played a part in not telling this story back when it happened. But that was before my long ordeal at the hands of the Massachusetts LGBT activists (which, coincidentally, also began in 2011) hardened me against coercion. Now I simply don’t care what the world thinks about anything I say or do.

So this is my testimony about Springfield’s Gay Pride and God’s response – and my explanation for why Springfield never was re-Christianized as a city (so far), despite all the powerful influence our mission had and continues to have on the individuals to whom we still minister within the boundaries of the Redemption Zone.


If you’ve never visited the Ark Encounter in Kentucky, you’re missing a world-class God-honoring experience.

June 2: The Rainbow Belongs to God, Not the Gays

The appearance of the brilliant light all around Him was like that of a rainbow in a cloud on a rainy day. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD (Ezekiel 1:28).

The word “gay” once meant “happy” and “carefree” until it was appropriated by the homosexual movement. Now it’s a word that describes sodomy and gender identity disorder.

When it first was introduced to public school students as a form of LGBT indoctrination, those children who had never known the true meaning of the word began to use the phrase “that’s so gay” to describe things that are wrong and undesirable (until they started being punished for it). Homosexual activists and their surrogates tried to sanitize a lifestyle of unnatural sex by giving it a new name, but instead corrupted something that once was clean and wholesome. The world has irreversibly lost a unique and precious gem of the English language that still adorns the poetry and musical lyrics of a more innocent time, like the fading photograph of a beloved child who died long ago, or perhaps more appropriately, a kidnaped child who never came home.

The word “homosexual” was invented by the early LGBT movement in 1860s Germany to accomplish the same impossible goal. In that case, the brand new word, “homosexual,” was invented to replace the term “Sodomite.” “Homosexual” was intended to sanitize the lifestyle defined by the practice of sodomy, by characterizing it as a medical condition rather than a moral weakness, but instead the word became so corrupted in the public mind for so long that the movement eventually felt compelled to abandon it in favor of “gay.”

This brings me to the hijacked symbol of the rainbow. The rainbow belongs to God and was created by Him as a symbol of His authority over creation. Revelation 4:3 describes a rainbow around His throne in heaven. Ezekiel 1:28 also associates the rainbow with God’s very presence. Genesis 9:13-15 declares that He placed the rainbow in the sky as a promise to never again punish the earth by flood. Then in Genesis 19 He gave a preview of the future destruction of the earth by fire — by incinerating Sodom and Gomorrah. Both Peter and Jude remind us that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was a warning to all generations not to follow the gross sexual immorality of those cities (1 Peter 2:6, Jude 1:7).

Who were the sinners of Sodom that prophecy warns will rise again in the end times to dominate society (Romans 1:26-32 and I Timothy 3:1-9)? They were first called “Sodomites,” then “homosexuals,” and now “gays.” Their movement has adopted the rainbow flag as an act of defiance against God, and their final attempt to sanitize their sin is to wrap themselves in His own cloak.

Every authentic Christian (and Torah-faithful Jew) knows that the rainbow belongs to God, not the “gays.” But how many realize that the hijacking of the rainbow by the LGBT movement is a leading sign of the immanency of the last days Antichrist kingdom? Cloaking itself in God’s rainbow represents far more than just arrogant disregard for God teachings in the Bible, it is proof that Lucifer himself is the spiritual head of the triumphal “pride” celebrations taking place across the world.

Satan’s obsession from the beginning has been to take God’s throne for himself – and that is exactly what the “pride” movement represents. Indeed, the only glimpse the Bible gives us of what God’s throne in Heaven actually looks like is the Apostle John’s testimony in Revelation 4:3: “At once I was in the Spirit, and I saw a throne standing in heaven, with someone seated on it. The One seated there looked like jasper and carnelian, and a rainbow that gleamed like an emerald encircled the throne.”

The rainbow signifies the presence and authority of God, which is why He chose that symbol to seal His covenant with mankind after Noah’s flood. In His own words He said:

I have set My rainbow in the clouds, and it will be a sign of the covenant between Me and the earth. Whenever I form clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember My covenant between Me and you and every living creature of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life” (Genesis 9:13-15).

What was the sin of Noah’s generation that finally triggered God’s wrath and unleashed the flood? The ancient Hebrew rabbis said it was humanity’s choice to “compose…nuptial songs in honour of pederasty and bestiality” i.e., to accept and celebrate homosexual “marriage” (Talmud, Genesis Rabbah 26:5:4).

Importantly, God also warned that the next time humanity reaches that level of sin, He will sentence the people of the earth to destruction by fire. The incineration of Sodom and Gomorrah was a foretaste of that, as expressly stated in 2 Peter 2:6 “He condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to destruction, reducing them to ashes AS AN EXAMPLE of what is coming on the ungodly.” Jude 1:7 adds “In like manner, Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them, who indulged in sexual immorality and pursued strange flesh, are on display AS AN EXAMPLE of those who sustain the punishment of eternal fire.” [Emphasis mine.]

Biblically speaking there is no greater form of national rebellion than the celebration of homosexuality, and, unfortunately, our society has perfected that rebellion in so-called “gay pride” parades. As Isaiah 3:9 summarizes: “The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they parade their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.” That “reward” of God’s anger is not just for the “Sodomites” themselves but everyone who celebrates them (Romans 1:18-32), in contrast to the Bible’s example of “righteous” Lot who escaped God’s wrath because he was “vexed in his spirit” about their corrupt culture and conduct (2 Peter 2:7).

The now-defiled rainbow is your warning sign. If you condone, let alone celebrate, “gay pride” you choose the side of Lucifer against God and earn for yourself a share of the wrath to come. Moreover, even if you consider yourself righteous in believing the Bible about LGBT sins, failure to meet your Watchman duty to warn the wicked of these truths puts their blood on your hands (Ezekiel 3:18).

From Genesis to Revelation the Bible shows that God does not mess around when it comes to this category of sin. Please remember that, and your duty to speak plain truth, whenever you see His rainbow being defiled.


This article is a composite of several prior articles which may be found by a search of the word “rainbow” at www.ScottLively.net.

June 3: Uganda Finally Gets It Right

Today, June 3rd, is Martyr’s Day in Uganda, the world’s only national holiday celebrating the rejection of homosexuality and memorializing the Christian victims of it’s most brutal monarch – “The Pederast King” Mwanga. When in 1888, the newly converted page boys of Mwanga’s court (about half and half Catholics and Anglicans) led by Charles Lwanga refused to submit any further to homosexual sodomy – even after days of torture – he had 22 of them individually roasted alive on a bonfire – one by one. In human terms, it was more horrible than even than the homosexual crimes of Sodom and Gibeah (Genesis 19 and Judges 19 respectively). For more on this topic read my article “The Forgotten Mass Murder of ‘Anti-Gay’ Martyrs.”

In anticipation of Martyr’s Day 2023, this past week the Ugandan Parliament passed a law making homosexual pederasty and similar crimes of “aggravated homosexuality” (such as having AIDS-infected sex with certain classes of victims) capital crimes. (Pederasty is a sub-category of pedophilia describing adult male homosexual acts with pubescent-age boys and teenagers.) A previous version of this law was advanced in 2009 (just after I had done a series of pro-family seminars in Kampala) and because of sloppy writing, it could unfortunately have been construed to include under the category of “aggravated homosexuality” repeat offenses of simple consensual adult homosexual acts. Even though the bill was really very clearly an anti-pedophile measure, it was immediately mis-labeled the “Kill the Gays Bill” by the global LGBT juggernaut and its lapdog media, and I was personally but falsely blamed for masterminding it, even though I had publicly opposed it from the beginning as overly harsh, and had urged the Ugandan Congress to focus on prevention and rehabilitation instead. I suffered a decade-long quasi-martyrdom of my own as the white Christian male scape-goat for that, which I’ve written about Here.

The newly passed cleaned-up law may still seem overly harsh to American Christians unfamiliar with criminal jurisprudence in developing countries with minimal funding for courts and jails, but it really isn’t. The function of criminal law in such nations is deterrence to prevent crimes not accountability and punishment after the crime has been committed. The criminal law of Uganda and other African nations is loaded with death-penalty offenses that almost never result in anyone’s execution for anything, even murder. So, just as before, the campaign of international outrage being stirred up by all the ususal leftist NGOs and media pundits is just self-serving propaganda.

Despite the fact that I’ve had nothing to do with Uganda for more than decade, my email inbox is again filling up with nasty hate mail from LGBT activists promising I will burn in hell forever and cursing me for the blood of all the Ugandan homosexuals supposedly being killed there for “being gay.” If it weren’t that some of those nut-jobs might be truly dangerous people, their rhetoric would be hilarious. Despite their hysterical narrative-driven claims, the only death in Uganda related to the LGBT culture war I know of is that of David Kato, former head of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) which was the plaintiff in their crimes against humanity lawsuit against me from 2012 to 2018 (when I won finally the suit, and Kato’s successor at SMUG, Val Kalende, sent me by email a personal apology and a testimony of accepting Christ and repenting of lesbianism).

While Kato was in fact brutally murdered in January of 2011, the perpetrator wasn’t an enraged “homophobe” driven to violence by Scott Lively’s preaching that Christians should compassionately help homosexuals overcome their repentable sin (per 1 Corinthians 6:9-11). The killer was Sydney Enoch, a 22 year old “gay” prostitute whom Kato had bailed out of jail to be his live-in lover and houseboy. Enoch was convicted a few months later of bashing in Kato’s head with a hammer over a lack of promised payment and is (presumably) still serving his 30 year sentence for the crime in a Ugandan prison. (Again, no actual death penalty even for murder.)

Indeed, if we’re keeping score on who’s killed who over LGBT issues in Uganda under the prevailing laws of the land, the official death toll is still 22 pro-family Christians and 0 homosexuals, even after the supposed campaign of anti-gay terror still being spun by the lying leftist media since 2009.

On the positive side, the most encouraging thing about the new anti-pederasty law is that it passed with enormous support of the Ugandan people – despite the threat by the Biden regime to illegally cut off economic aid to Uganda for adopting it. Just yesterday as I write this, a massive rally of college students from nineteen universities rallied in support of the law outside of Parliament, specifically affirming that Ugandan morals and values are more important to them than US funding. What an incredible witness to the world of rightly-aligned Christian priorities!

On February 16, 2014 I was attacked (indirectly) by then-President Barack Obama, who, like Biden today, weighed in on the prior version of the Uganda law in an Associated Press article which (despite never seeking comment from me for the article) painted me as the chief instigator and featured my picture entering federal court in the SMUG v Lively lawsuit.

I will end this article repeating my response to that article: “Although I am portrayed in this AP story as a pastor, I am also a lawyer. I majored in International Human Rights in law school and have practiced as a human rights consultant in numerous countries. I also hold a Certificate’ in human rights (1997) from the U.N. administered Institute of International Human Rights in Strasbourg. Regarding Obama’s veiled threat to Uganda, I’d like to remind him [and Mr. Biden] of actual international policy:

“(1) U.N. General Assembly Resolution 2625 (XXV) of 24 October 1970, (A/RES/25/2625) containing the Declaration of Principles of International Law concerning Friendly Relations and Co-operation among States in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, provides as follows:

“The principle concerning the duty not to intervene in matters within the domestic jurisdiction of any State, in accordance with the Charter. No State or group of States has the right to intervene, directly or indirectly, for any reason whatever, in the internal or external affairs of any other State…. Consequently, armed intervention and all other forms of interference or attempted threats against the personality of the State or against its political, economic and cultural elements, are in violation of international law. No State may use or encourage the use of economic political or any other type of measures to coerce another State in order to obtain from it the subordination of the exercise of its sovereign rights and to secure from it advantages of any kind…Every State has an inalienable right to choose its political, economic, social and cultural systems, without interference in any form by another State.” [End of quote.]

So notwithstanding the opinions of Biden, Obama and the corporate media, Uganda is morally and legally in the right in its reaffirmation of biblical values, and I applaud the Ugandan people for standing up to the global LGBT bullies.


June 4 Gay Pride and the Wrath of God

Click on above graphic to watch videos from Dr. Lively’s Gone2Far press conference of February 5, 2019.

According to the third century Christian monks called the Desert Fathers, “pride” topped the list of the infamous Seven Deadly Sins. However, the Bible itself identifies homosexuality as the most deadly, giving it the special designation “toeva” (abomination) in the Leviticus 18 list of worst-possible sins which cause the land itself to “vomit out” its inhabitants, and making clear that widespread homosexuality was the cause of the incineration of Sodom and Gomorrah (Jude 1:7, referencing Genesis 19). That incident, unique in Biblical history, expressly linked male homosexual sodomy (and that sin alone) with the last-days destruction of the world by God.

So what should faithful Christians and Jews think of “Gay Pride,” the international month-long celebration of homosexual sodomy that occurs every June, drawing support from numerous governments around the world?

The answer should be the clearest for the western nations with a Christian heritage, since the New Testament strongly reaffirms the condemnation of homosexuality found in the Old Testament. Romans 1:18-32 singularly identifies homosexuality as the sin that epitomizes the “reprobate mind” and the apostasy of the last days (see also 2 Timothy 3, Jude 1 and 2 Peter 2). Yet it is many of these “Christian” nations that are the most “affirming” of homosexual perversion. But Jewish Israel, especially Tel Aviv, is not far behind.

All cultures recognize that flags symbolize the powers that rule over a given territory. Raising its flag is the first action taken by any conquering power. How then should we interpret the raising of the rainbow flag across so many nations of the world, not just in June but whenever the “gay” movement is formally acknowledged? For example, on the US Supreme Court’s issuance of the Obergefell “gay marriage” ruling, Barack Obama used colored lights to bath the White House in a rainbow flag. Importantly, no other special interest group receives such honor by the ruling authorities. Spiritually-minded people should recognize this as a phenomenon with deep significance.

Just what does the rainbow itself symbolize and why do the “gays” cloak themselves in it?

The rainbow is the Biblical symbol of the presence and authority of God from the story of Noah’s Flood, foundational to all the Abrahamic faiths, reaffirmed to Jews and Christians in Ezekiel 1:28, and to Christians in Revelation 4:3 in the New Testament. Could there be any more audacious statement of defiance of God than to hijack His symbol to represent the worldwide legitimization of sexual deviance He explicitly condemns? Could this be the meaning of the prophecy of the Antichrist in Revelation 6:2?: “I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.”

Does this verse associate the “gay” movement with the Antichrist of the last days? I believe it does. So does the spiritual comparison of Jerusalem with “Sodom and Egypt” under the Antichrist in Revelation 11:8. Likewise, modern “gay rights” laws that require Christian businesses such as bakers, printers and florists to endorse homosexuality – are reminiscent of restrictions on “buying and selling” imposed on those refusing to take the “Mark of the Beast” (Revelation 13:17). While these associations are not absolutely conclusive beyond a shadow of a doubt, the preponderance of evidence is clear. These passages should give every Christian pause that the Bible’s many warnings about homosexuality from Genesis to Revelation are tied so closely to the last days and to extreme rebellion triggering God’s wrath, especially when these passages are viewed collectively.

Indeed, the ancient prophecy of Isaiah contains the following verse that seems so timely today:

The expression of their faces bears witness against them, And they display their sin like Sodom; They do not even conceal it. Woe to them! For they have brought evil on themselves” (Isaiah 3:9).

This appears a perfect caption for the scene at “Gay Pride” parades, and invokes the many horrors that afflict the “gay” community: from a long string of gruesome “gay on gay” slayings such as the Jeffrey Dahmer cannibal killings, Matthew Shepard and Giani Versace, to the lingering movement-wide plague of AIDS and other frightening STDs (carefully minimized by the pro-“gay” press).

The current “gay” supremacist version of the LGBT movement was born June 28th, 1969 in the notorious Stonewall Riots, when homosexual men violently attacked police officers seeking to arrest a boy “drag queen” prostitute at the Mafia-owned Stonewall Bar on Christopher Street in New York City. That was the origin of “Gay Pride Day,” and of the vicious, implacable army of “gay” activists who have battled ever since to transform every institution of western society into a tool of LGBT advocacy. Since that day, any person who opposes them in any meaningful way faces an intense campaign of personal destruction. By these means they have nearly achieved the end of the family-centered order of civilization my generation took for granted just a a half-century ago.

The Apostle Peter wrote only two short letters in the Bible. The second of these is devoted to prophecy about the last days, and it’s special emphasis was to warn the church about a form of heresy that would then emerge. In Christianity, heresy is a set of beliefs that contradict the clear teaching of the Bible. According to Peter, the last days heresy will be rooted in beliefs about sexuality “Many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of the truth will be maligned,” he wrote in 2 Peter 2:2. He went on to define this heresy by reference to four Biblical texts addressing sexual sin, including especially homosexuality. A close reading of 2 Peter 2 strongly suggests that the last days heresy is so-called “gay theology.”

Christians should not be surprised that the world today, and the US especially, is in such a mess. We’ve been steadily losing the “culture war” that in so many ways is a contest pitting LGBT values against ours. And if these are the last days, that’s the way things are supposed to be, However, our responsibility to stand steadfastly for truth has never changed and is not contingent on circumstances.

We must always “contend earnestly for the faith entrusted once for all to the saints” (Jude 1:3). That means having the courage to speak the truth ourselves, to work vigorously to purge the heresy of “gay theology” from the church, and to continue to fight the culture war to win it, trusting God for whatever outcome will result. Lastly, we must rescue as many souls as we can from the seductive evil of “Gay Pride,” knowing that the wrath it heralds is too terrible to wish upon even our worst enemies.


(This article is a slightly modified version of what was previously published under the same name. )

June 5 The Horrific Hidden T Behind Transgenderism

For about a decade I have been a part of the growing chorus of voices warning about “transhumanism” – a phenomenon that in worldly terms is defined by the technological advancement of the interrelated, mutually force-multiplying sciences of genetic engineering, robotics and artificial intelligence. In spiritual terms, it represents the prophesied last-days rebellion of mankind against our Creator God as we humans attempt, like gods, to create a “better” version of ourselves as if His creative powers are inferior to ours and He inferior to us (the Luciferian delusion of Isaiah 14:12-14, reflected also in the Serpent’s beguilement of Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:1-5 and God’s response in 3:22-24).

I have been alone in linking transhumanism directly to the LGBT movement, contending that the LGBT agenda represents not just a coalition of sexual dysfunctions but a chronology of stages in the deconstruction of God’s created order (from the tips of the branches toward its roots), and that “transhumanism” represents a hidden “T” contained within “transgenderism” in the LGBT acronym.

Transgenderism is the penultimate stage of deconstruction of the civilization God made for us – erasing the human recognition that we are created male and female in His image (Genesis 1:27). 

Transhumanism is the final stage – eliminating through genetic modification God’s wall of separation between humans and animals as distinct “kinds” (Genesis 1:11-25). Transhumanists perceive themselves as wiping the earth clean of God’s “mistakes,” restoring the blank canvas of Genesis 1:6-10 and creating their own perfected utopia in which they are immortal.

This is not hyperbole but an actual plan currently being pursued by the World Economic Forum’s Yuval Noah Harari (whom I have labeled the best candidate for the end-times False Prophet I’ve seen in my lifetime). Significantly, Harari is an admitted homosexual in a counterfeit “marriage” to another man.

The so-called culture war has always been at its essence a Marxist assault on Judeo-Christian civilization. Upon the foundation of Darwinism, Karl Marx and Frederick Engles built a framework for a comprehensive Atheistic alternative to the Biblical worldview in which a theology of human self-perfectibility replaces the plan of God, and an eventual human-created Socialist utopia substitutes for the thousand-year Peaceable Kingdom of Christ on the throne of David (Revelation 20:4-6). Convinced that social evolution makes these things inevitable, and that they alone have clear foresight of the end result, Marxists believe they can speed the process by destroying the existing civilization through revolution and building their utopia on the ashes.  

God’s plan for civilization rests upon monogamous heterosexual marriage and the natural family, protected by the active societal discouragement of all sexual conduct outside of marriage. Thus, the “culture war” has been a process by which Marxists of various stripes work to dismantle the Judeo-Christian social and political order and replace it with their own Secular Humanist alternative. And that has necessarily involved the systematic normalization of all forms of sexual deviance that God’s civilizational model restricted. 

Thus, LGBT has never been just a coalition of groups, but is also a series of stages of sexual “liberation” from societal restraints, in which each group represents the breaking down of the next sequential moral/cultural barrier: lesbianism (L) being the easiest first step in the normalization of unnatural sex, then male homosexuality (G), then all forms of multiple partner sexual relations from bisexuality to polyamory (B) and then the de-normalization of binary heterosexual identity itself (T).

Sadly, with transgenderism also comes pedophilia, because the tactical framework for normalizing transgenderism is making gender self-determination for children a legally enforceable civil right. Assumed as fact in all their rhetoric and public policy arguments is a child’s inalienable right to self-assess their “true” gender identity and to force society, especially parents, to honor it. But “children’s rights” has always been the back door to the normalization of adult/child sex, “The repeal of all laws governing age of consent” being one of the last unachieved agenda items of the 1972 Gay Rights Platform (Section 2, Item 7). And in terms of defeating public opposition, it’s a relatively small step from the right of a child to choose sexual mutilation to the right to choose their sexual partners of any age or type.

But, importantly, pedophilia is not the worst aspect of transgender normalization: the worst is the transhumanist worldview in which children who become cognitively divorced from the reality of the natural order regarding sexuality and physiology willingly become guinea-pigs in the Yuval Harari’s nightmare of human cyborg experimentation because they no longer have any sense of authentic humanness.  

Indeed, preparing the children for enslavement to this false reality may be the reason why the elites are creating such chaos and horror in the natural world: they’re trying to drive the youth deeper into the metaverse where their “reality” may be more easily shaped and directed.  

Always remember that the ideological root of transhumanism is eugenics “the self-direction of human evolution,” which is in turn the raison d’etre of the Cultural Marxist religion of secular humanism. And the Cultural Marxist strategy for world conquest is to disintegrate western civilization’s Judeo-Christian marriage-based natural family foundation by flooding it with the cultural corrosive of sexual anarchy. The LGBT movement is the army of eager mercenaries waging this religious war with the zeal of plunder-crazed cultural savages (child slaves being the most cherished prize), and the sequential L.G.B.T. agenda is their order of battle.

Transhumanism is the end of this zero-sum game. It’s rise extinguishes and supplants the Judeo-Christian order. When they have won, the transhumanists will slaughter their LGBT mercenaries so as not to risk rebellion against themselves, and they will likely restore some semblance of the norms of God with their own tweaks and augmentations. Their utopia will look much like the Millennial Kingdom, absent Jesus Christ…

Or so they believe. The King of Kings has other plans, and, frankly, all these horrific transhumanist delusions are a part of it, justifying the coming great cleansing that He has planned. So, as you see these things unfold, “lift up your head, because your redemption draweth nigh.” 


June 6 The Key to Pro-Family Victory If We Really Want It

I published the following article on February 21, 2013 but the problem and the solution remain the same.

On January 25th of this year [2013] the Russian State Duma, its highest legislative body, voted to prohibit homosexual advocacy to children, following the enactment of similar legislation in a number of Russian cities including St. Petersburg, and Novosibirsk (the capitol city of Siberia).

http://www.pravoslavie.ru/english/59099.htm .  Go Ruskies!

I am personally very pleased to see this development, having called specifically for legislation of this sort in my speaking tour of the former Soviet Union in 2006 and 2007.  During that tour, which began in the Russian Far East city of Blagoveschensk and ended in St. Petersburg, I lectured in a variety of venues including numerous universities, churches and conference halls, and met with numerous government leaders at various levels of influence.  The entire tour spanned approximately 50 cities in seven countries: Russia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, and Belarus (we also passed through Kazakhstan but didn‘t speak there).

Toward the end of the tour I published, from St. Petersburg, A Letter to the Russian People which summarized my central message that I had shared in well over 300 lectures, sermons and media interviews during the prior year.

My pro-family message was warmly welcomed by the people of each of these countries, and to varying degrees the homosexual agenda has been slowed in all of them.  To my knowledge the only two Eastern European countries to pass pro-family legislation designed to curtail the spread of homosexuality are Russia and Lithuania, which are coincidentally, the only two countries to whose people I wrote an open letter.  My Lithuanian letter can be viewed online at www.defendthefamily.com.

My purpose in writing this article is to contrast the positive developments in the former Soviet Union with recent anti-family developments in the west and to offer a better way forward.  Victory is still theoretically possible for the pro-family movement in the west if we are willing to pay the price.

On February 1st of this year I was in tiny Eynsham, England, meeting with a small group of pro-family leaders representing tendrils of our movement in England, Scotland and Wales.  The original purpose of my visit to that country was to debate same-sex “parenting” at Oxford University.  That event fell through for me due to some serious bungling of my invitation details (which I now suspect was deliberate), but not before I had booked non-changeable travel plans.  God redeemed the entire mess by bringing this amazing little group together on very short notice and uniting several of us on a task that promises the potential of great fruit.  More on that in future.

The more important point to this article is that as we were meeting, the main news of the week in all of the headlines was the pending vote on “gay marriage” in the British House of  Commons.  Across the channel the very same scenario was playing out in France.  And across the pond, the very last non-religious institution to publicly reject homosexuality in this country, the Boy Scouts of America, was about to vote on allowing homosexuals into leadership.  By the end of the week both Britain and France had fallen to the “gays“ by sizable margins, and the Boy Scouts had postponed their decision (a hopeful outcome but far from a true pro-family victory).

To my mind, the events of the week were merely confirmation of the spiritual nature of the global “culture war” and further evidence of the biblical end-times.  I’m personally persuaded (though I could be wrong) that we have reached the age of apostasy warned about in scripture and that events are rushing toward the grand conclusion detailed in prophesy.  However, this end-times perspective, which is increasingly popular in the United States is not as widely shared by Christians in the UK.  My analysis was politely challenged by several of the attendees of our meeting whose theological and practical premise is that it is still possible to win this culture war and defeat the “gay” agenda, returning the society to some form of family-centered cultural consensus.

There is a way to win this war,” I conceded, but it so extraordinarily difficult that I don’t believe our people can bring themselves to do it.  We need to completely reject the humanistic presuppositions of the debate on homosexuality as they now exist, and get re-grounded in the presuppositions of the Bible.  In short we cannot possibly create or even preserve public policy that implicitly or explicitly disapproves of homosexuality while conceding the anti-biblical premise that discrimination against homosexuals is morally and legally wrong.  We must be able — and willing — to build all of our arguments on the premise that homosexuality itself is wrong and therefore homosexual “marriage,” “parenting,” etc are wrong.

The most important thing that I have learned in my long career fighting for biblical values is that world-view dictates policy.

In late February of 2011 I made a short-term mission trip to Moldova.  The purpose of the trip was to hold a seminar for the leaders and key activists of that country’s fledgling pro-family movement.  However, providentially, the day before my arrival the government launched a semi-secret campaign to pass a law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of “sexual orientation” (at the behest of the European Union).  Instead of holding a seminar, I and my hosts organized an emergency national campaign to kill that bill, which we did in a matter of days. 

The argument I drafted for this campaign cuts right to the bottom line of the culture war:  “An anti-discrimination law based upon sexual orientation is the seed that contains the entire tree of the homosexual agenda with all of its poisonous fruit.” This is the simplest and most straightforward explanation of how the other side has won and we have lost all the battles of the culture war for the past half century.  If you allow that seed to be planted, and fail to target your efforts at uprooting it, you will lose every subsequent conflict over time.  It is a logical necessity.

In 2012 I took that theme to Springfield, Missouri where the city council had announced plans to adopt a similar anti-discrimination law.  We called this proposal a “Gay Fascism Bill,” to highlight its ultimate goal, to suppress all pro-family opposition to homosexuality and to punish dissenters.  Once again, by educating people about the fascist nature of the anti-discrimination laws, and using the simple one-sentence argument highlighted above, we rallied a large number of opponents and killed the bill (at least for now).

The key to pro-family victory is preventing any more “Gay Fascism Bills” from being adopted, and uprooting the seeds that have already been planted, all toward the openly declared goal of discouraging all sex outside of marriage for the health of our society.  Anything less is futile, except to slow the process of homosexual control.  It can be done if we have the will and are willing to pay the price.  I stand ready to assist any group of pro-family advocates willing to try.


June 7 How to Restore the Primacy of Normalcy

How to Restore the Primacy of Normalcy:
The First Amendment Supremacy Clause

The secret to the LGBT coalition’s political power to bully the rest of society is the proliferation of Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs), specifically anti-discrimination policies that include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories. Emerging as a favorite tool of leftist social engineering in the 1980s, these now ubiquitous SORs were originally sold to the public as a defensive shield to protect LGBTs from (virtually non-existent) discrimination in housing and employment, but they have always actually been used as an offensive sword to attack their opponents. It’s a lesson we should all have learned by now given the steady stream of lawsuits by homosexual activists suing Christians for declining to bake their “wedding” cakes or print their “Gay Pride” posters, or such like. From their inception state and municipal SORs have been used by the LGBTs as a hunting license to seek and destroy defenders of traditional values, while corporate (and military) SORs have been used to purge conservatives from their ranks.

The last best hope for defeating the SORs strategy in the US is the First Amendment. A decade ago, before the (very encouraging) emergence of the MAGA anti-groomer movement, I proposed a simple solution to neutralize the offensive capabilities of the SORs: amending them with a “First Amendment Supremacy Clause:” 

Under no circumstance shall sexual orientation regulations supercede the First Amendment rights of individuals, churches and religious organizations to freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

For the purpose of this amendment religious organizations are those whose policies or culture are substantially influenced by religious values, such as schools and adoption agencies.”

This amendment would provide the means for ending abuses by “gay rights” aggressors while preserving the anti-discrimination protections they were ostensibly designed to establish. The First Amendment Supremacy Clause should immediately be adopted by every city, state, corporation, college, association and government agency with SORs.

There is no perfect rule that will satisfy both homosexual activists and people of faith/family values. Our goals are contradictory because you either have a society that respects and preserves the primacy of true marriage and the natural family (while tolerating discrete subcultures, within reason) or you have sexual anarchy. One must prevail at the expense of the other.

So when conflicts occur between the desire of normal people to live their faith or family values under the protection of the First Amendment and the desire of homosexuals to suppress all disapproval of their lifestyle under the SORs, one legal standard or the other must prevail and the other must fail. As a society we have to choose whether the sexual orientation regulations or the First Amendment will be the ultimate law of our land. It’s a zero sum game we cannot allow the LGBT bullies to win.

Granted, homosexuals and transvestites may feel discriminated against when I quote the Bible that their conduct is morally wrong. They want to shut me up. One of us is going to lose that contest. At stake is nothing less then the power of the First Amendment to protect the freedom to speak my religious opinion which happens to be the same opinion held by those who wrote our constitution.

But it is also the opinion of secular traditionalists who have just as much right to the protection of their speech as I do. It is OUR coalition that represents the majority of Americans on LGBT issues and wants to get back to the primacy of normalcy, with social tolerance for, but never government-sponsored public celebration of, so-called “gay pride.”

Let us remember that freedom of religion is the very first principle of the Bill of Rights, just as it was the very first principle of the Magna Carta, the foundation stone of all civil rights law going back to 1215AD. Freedom of speech is the second principle of the Bill of Rights. So my right to call homosexuality disordered is deeply rooted in the first two principles of our most fundamental civil rights law.

SORs on the other hand are a late 20th century invention of the political left to try to shoehorn homosexuality into our civil rights law. They have no precedent in human rights jurisprudence but were created just decades ago from nothing to serve a political agenda. They literally contradict true civil rights. How can it be that these legally frivolous, highly controversial regulations are allowed to trump the First Amendment?

In years past, liberals used to say “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Today, that’s been changed to “Speak against LGBT dogma and I will destroy you.” And SORs are the weapon that have given them the legal power to act on that threat.

Let’s remember also that SORs were originally sold to us as a policy to protect homosexuals who “just want to be left alone to live their lives” from unfair discrimination in housing and employment situations where their private sexual conduct was irrelevant. We never agreed to arm militant “gay” social engineers with legal weapons to harass and harm secular traditionalists and people of faith. Their pursuit of that is an egregious abuse of power.

Over the past couple of years the first generation of Americans who grew up under the oppression of these SORs has arisen to push back strongly against them under the banner of the Anti-Groomer Movement. I am writing this article today to serve their cause.  

I urge the Anti-Groomers to launch First Amendment supremacy campaigns wherever SORs are in operation, starting with the corporations under pressure by the “gays” to push transgender insanity on the public. Let’s all work to amend these SORs with a First Amendment Supremacy Clause and to hold every decision-maker accountable for their stand on the First Amendment. How many city council members, for example, when pressed in front of an audience to choose the SORs or the First Amendment will say their city SORs should trump the First Amendment? That would likely end their political career, and rightly so.

This is not to say that SORs are transformed into good public policy by the amendment. It would be better to block their adoption in the first place than to amend them later, because they legitimize unhealthy sexual lifestyles that society should instead discourage. Reasonable discrimination against homosexual conduct (indeed all sex outside of authentic marriage) is a social good, not a social evil. However, where SORs are already established, amendment with a First Amendment Supremacy Clause would be an important and effective compromise.

The First Amendment Supremacy Clause can be the solution to the problems caused by the SORs and a neutralizer of the radical LGBT activism they have empowered. It substantially preserves both employment and housing protections for homosexuals while restoring the Bill of Rights to its rightful place of primacy in our society and culture.


June 8 My Advice to Conservative States and Nations

The following was originally published in July of 2013 under the title:
“My Letter to the Hungarian People.”
It’s suggestions are still timely and
universal to all conservative societies.

I have been asked by Heti Válasz magazine of Hungary to comment on whether there is today any country in the world where traditional family values and gay rights are regulated by the law in a balanced way, and what the proponents of traditional family values can do against the “dictatorship of tolerance.”

I can’t point to any country of the world today that is a model for the rest of the world, except perhaps for Russia, which has just taken the very important and frankly necessary step of criminalizing homosexual propaganda to protect the society from being “homosexualized.” This was one of my recommendation to Russian leaders in my 50-city tour of the former Soviet Union in 2006 and 2007.

The real problem is that so-called “gay rights” and family values are incompatible and contradictory. Family values are rooted in God’s commandment that all sexual conduct is restricted to the “one flesh” form of marriage (Genesis 1:27 and 2:24). This natural family model is the foundation of any healthy civilization. “Gay rights” are rooted in the philosophy of “sexual freedom” (of which homosexuals are the primary champions) in which sexual activity and relationships are only limited by the principle of mutual consent. This is really not freedom, but extremely destructive moral anarchy that dissolves and disintegrates civilization — a process that is clearly occurring in the nations of the west.

The only workable compromise is for society to hold firmly to the marriage-based model of sexuality while extending limited tolerance to individuals who choose to live discretely outside the mainstream in a subculture. This was a balance the United States achieved in the 1940s and 50s, when the stated goal of the homosexual movement was “the right to be left alone.”

However, the spirit of homosexuality is rebellion, not self-restraint, so in every society which it enters as a political movement it begins with an appeal for tolerance but quickly escalates to a demand for acceptance, then celebration of its perverse culture, then dominance of its culture, especially over children, and finally, when it has sufficient political control, the punishment of all dissenters.

The homosexual movement has perfected its strategy and tactics in the United States, where most of the country is somewhere between fully accepting homosexual culture and celebrating it, but the key leadership positions are almost fully controlled by “gays,” including the United States Supreme Court, which (following France) has just validated “homosexual marriage” at a national level for the first time in history since the period just prior to the flood of Noah. I don’t believe the United States will survive this moral affront to God, and indeed in my view we are already under national judgment for trading our former status as a Christian “City on a Hill” for the degeneracy of Sodom.

From the United States the “gay” movement has sent missionaries of evil to many countries around the world to transform them in their own image. They follow the same strategy everywhere to homosexualize cultures: first by flooding the society with heterosexual pornography and “sexual freedom” philosophy to corrupt the majority and lessen their moral objections to homosexuality. Next, by sending a second wave of homosexual propaganda about the supposed innateness and immutability of homosexual “orientation (i.e. that they are “born that way” and cannot change — a lie), finally comes sexual orientation regulations (SORs), usually in the form of an anti-discrimination law based on sexual orientation. Once that is in place, the entire “gay” agenda explodes in your society.

These SORs are the seed that contains the entire tree of the homosexual agenda with all of its poisonous fruit: “gay pride” parades, “gay marriage,“ pro-homosexual instruction to schoolchildren, public funding of homosexual organizations and projects, etc.. Once the bad seed is planted in your country, the entire tree inevitably follows. Why? Because the SORs create a presumption in your law that disapproval of homosexuality is immoral and wrong, thus ALL subsequent opposition to homosexuality, including the teachings of the Bible, is deemed to be discrimination and is eventually outlawed.

It is a process that took 50 years to accomplish in the United States, but only 25 years to accomplish in Europe and South Africa, and less than ten years to accomplish in countries like Brazil. They have both perfected their system and grown stronger as a movement at the same time, so today they are more easily overcoming resistance to their agenda wherever they go.

How can this be stopped? Only by resolute and unapologetic discrimination against the “sexual freedom“ agenda. It is not enough to oppose homosexuality or individual elements of the “gay” agenda such as “gay marriage” because the deeper problem is corruption of sexual morality. The “gays” and their allies always start by corrupting heterosexual morality, so by the time the homosexuals come “out of the closet” most of the work of destroying marriage-based culture is already done.

To fully protect your country from the moral destruction that is raging in the United States and Europe it is necessary to affirm and protect authentic marriage as the only proper context for sexual relationships, and to actively discourage sex outside of marriage through your public policy, reserving limited tolerance for people who choose to live discretely outside the mainstream. I strongly advise that you adopt an anti-propaganda law similar to what Russia has recently passed, to stop the “gay” agenda from advancing any further that it may already have done. It will also be necessary to uproot and discard any existing sexual orientation regulations (the bad seeds) which criminalize discrimination against homosexuality in your laws and in the official policies of your government agencies, universities, corporations, and NGOs.

Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that many homosexuals are unwilling and unhappy members of this “gay” movement. For them homosexuality is not “gay” (meaning happy and carefree), but SADD, which is the acronym for “Same-Sex Attraction Disorder,” the condition with which they suffer.

Even as we firmly resist the efforts of this destructive movement, we should not lose compassion for those who suffer from this terrible dysfunction. We should strongly discourage and oppose those who would choose the path of hatred and violence against individuals rather than rational, objective policy-making against their socially destructive philosophy and political agenda.


June 9 Whose Children Are They, Groomers?

I am one of the last remaining front-line leaders of the Pro-Family Movement that started during the Reagan Revolution in the 1980s and largely ended with the Obergefell v Hodges “gay marriage” betrayal of the US Supreme Court in 2015. For the next few years I thought the culture war was pretty much over and we’d lost everything, but then as the left repositioned its armies to begin normalizing transgender insanity, a new generation of conservatives arose and formed today’s Anti-Groomer Movement. Seeing a new glimmer of hope, I’d like to help them succeed where my generation failed, by offering some hard-won insights from a life on the battlefield.  

Having early-on seen the likelihood of losing to the globalists, a quarter-century ago I wrote a booklet titled “Why and How to Defeat the Gay Movement” in which I identified two forces potentially capable of reversing the gains of the LGBT juggernaut eventually: 1) the “ex-gay” movement, and 2) the (then) future parental rights movement of the millennial generation who grew up under the thumb of pro-LGBT propagandists and were thus (as adults) immune to the lies and could use their parental rights power to protect their kids’ generation.  

This article addresses the second force and is inspired by this week’s news of a revolt by Muslim and Christian parents against the forced LGBT indoctrination of their children by Montgomery County Maryland Public Schools. The spark which ignited that particular conflict is a new school policy that eliminates the long-standing right of parents to opt their children out of exposure to LGBT “grooming” resources that normalize homosexuality and transgenderism. 

My prediction has finally come to pass and I’d like to offer a couple of suggestions to help the Anti-Groomers capitalize on it.

Cultural Marxism vs The Abrahamic Faiths  

What made the Maryland “opt out” skirmish a story of national interest was the leadership of the Muslims, whose status as a “victim class” in the minds of liberal journalists allowed them to treat the event as newsworthy without granting legitimacy to Christians (which is absolutely forbidden in “journalism” today.) Indeed, the irrational, seething hatred of biblical Christianity by the “Progressives” was a major factor in the defeat of the Pro-Family Movement – not through the fault of the Christians, but by the shunning of the Pro-Family Movement by many secular conservatives in fear of “guilt by association.” 

Non-religious conservatives failed to recognize the unavoidably religious nature of the fight and declined to stand up with people whose faith they didn’t share – not realizing their “opting out” of the culture war, gave victory to the Marxists by default. They didn’t recognize that “Secular Humanism” is NOT secular: it is the religion of Cultural Marxism (and the de-facto religion of modern America) in which parental rights are a fiction because children belong to the state. Encouragingly, the Anti-Groomer generation now gets it!

The solution is to form an overt coalition of the Abrahamic faiths: Muslims, Jews and Christians on the theme of parental rights. And an even broader coalition with believers in natural law on the theme of natural rights. This strategy has worked powerfully at the international level where moral conservatives have banded together across religious lines to stop many bad policies at the United Nations. A coalition of that nature in America could give victory to the Anti-Groomer cause that was denied to my generation.

R U A Sheik, Soldier, Slave or Sovereign?  

The second insight I’d like to offer goes to the question of who we are really fighting. Our adversaries individually fall into one of the three social strata of classic fascism that was framed originally by Plato in The Republic, modernized by Benito Mussolini and weaponized by the Frankfort School in the form of Cultural Marxism.  

1) Plato’s “philosopher kings” are today’s true “elites” who rule with hubris by diktat: the “Sheiks.” 

2) His intermediary caste of military enforcers are today’s controlling “Social Justice Warriors” in every social institution at every level: the Soldiers.

3) His common people/serfs are today’s compliant minions who (willingly or unwillingly) embrace Marxist narratives and live by them: the Slaves.

In contrast, we who hold to a biblical or natural law perspective believe in the true Republic: self-rule under law. We are the Sovereigns of our own lives (and those of our children) who delegate limited power to government and are not ruled by it. 

Our true enemies are the Sheiks and the Soldiers, not the Slaves. But just as wicked rulers have always done through the ages, the modern elites deploy the Slaves as human shields and use their propaganda power and diversionary tactics to make us think the human shields are the enemy (i.e. the Tea Party vs Occupy Wall Street during the Obama years even though both sides openly blamed the 1% for society’s problems.)

At the grassroots level it is essential for the Anti-Groomer activists to identify and distinguish the Soldiers from the Slaves. Most of the opponents along the battlefront – including many political seat-holders – are merely expendable Slaves who can easily be replaced. You need to identify, expose and remove the true-believer zealots among and behind them, especially those with the greatest influence over policy.  

At the command level it is essential to identify and expose the Sheiks – the George Soros, shot-caller types (big and small) – which is sometimes harder said than done because they don’t want public scrutiny. Infiltration of the opponents organizations, James O’Keefe-style, may be the only way to find the big fish. I’m not a fan of so-called “gay conservatives” on the grounds that anyone who defends sexual-orientation theory as valid science and defines homosexual conduct as equivalent to heterosexual normalcy is part of the problem, not the solution (regardless of their position on other public policy issues.) BUT for true conservatives who admit their same-sex inclinations are dysfunctional even if they can’t yet overcome them, there is cultural redemption in secret-agent espionage against Marxist evil, using their past lives to establish credibility.   

In the end, whether we’re called Pro-Family or Anti-Groomer, our agenda is all about saving the children from homo-fascist tyranny, and we all should do whatever we can to serve that cause.    


June 10 The Homosexual Hijack of the Holocaust

“You must not lie with a man as with a woman; that is an abomination…you must not commit any of these abominations—neither your native-born nor the foreigner who lives among you…anyone who commits any of these abominations must be cut off from among his people”

Leviticus 18:22-29 of the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible.  

In the presidential election cycle of 1992, as State Communications Director of the Oregon Citizens Alliance, I was the spokesman for Ballot Measure 9 in Oregon which would have prevented homosexuality from being granted civil rights minority status. The dominant campaign theme of our “No on 9″ opponents was that the Oregon Citizens Alliance and me personally were “like the Nazis” for opposing LGBT civil rights status based on “sexual orientation.”

It was this deeply offensive and utterly false propaganda campaign that initially led me to team up with Orthodox Jewish Holocaust researcher Kevin Abrams to write The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, and to develop strong relationships with numerous pro-family conservative Jews around the nation. But in the process, I uncovered a conspiracy among the LGBTs to basically steal the Jewish Holocaust for themselves for political leverage.  

Contrary to today’s rising chorus of fringe historical revisionists of the anti-Zionist movement, the Holocaust was an actual plan and policy of Nazi Germany, totally consistent with the philosophy and practice of the eugenicist elites of the early 20th Century. Adolf Hitler, John D. Rockefeller, John Harvey Kellogg, Margaret Sanger, and Josef Mengele were the Klaus Schwabs, Justin Trudeaus, Gavin Newsoms, Jacinda Arderns and Anthony Faucis of their generation: protean transhumanist sociopaths for whom humanity was mere cattle whose utility could and should be improved by scientific experimentation and selective breeding/culling.  

Addressing the future of eugenic advancement in Mein Kampf (1924), Hitler praised the United States as the “one state in which at least weak beginnings toward a better conception are noticeable. Of course, it is not our model German Republic, but the United States.” He would devote his life to overcoming that shortcoming.

Eugenics was the heart of Hitlerian ideology and the source of such diverse Nazi policies as the Master Race theory, the Lebensborn Aryan human breeding farms, the bizarre “science” of phrenology (skull measurements), Dr. Mengeles’ lab experiments on concentration camp prisoners and of course, hatred of the “inferior races,” especially the Jews, whom Occult Queen Helena Blavatski condemned in her book “The Secret Doctrine” as the holdovers of the primitive “root race” that proceeded modernity’s superior Aryan “root race” in her theory of the cyclical evolution of humankind. 

Crazy Blavatsky’s “Theosophical Society” was represented in Germany by Guido von List and Jorge Lanz von Liebenfels who together formed the Armanen Order that played a huge role both in Hitler’s personal life and in the creation of the Nazi Party. They were the first to use the swastika in Germany more than a decade before the Nazi Party was formed, and Lanz von Liebenfels was rightly called “The Man Who Gave Hitler His Ideas” in a 1958 book by Wilfried Daim. Hitler was an avid reader and collector of Liebenfels’ magazine Ostara, which blended occultism and eugenics. I have fully documented this history in Chapter Two of The Pink Swastika. 

(I can personally attest that the Theosophical Society still operates around the world, having stumbled onto one of it’s lodges when I lived in heavily occult-influenced Portland Oregon. And a revived version of the Armanen Order also exists in Germany.

So, yes, the Holocaust was a real historical event, and the malign ideology that spawned it is alive and well today. Attempts by nut-jobs to rehabilitate uber-eugenicist Hitler as a wrongly “canceled” and misunderstood hero of nationalism are as traitorous to humanity as they are stupid.

However my focus in this article is the Holocaust as a symbol of victimization of the Jews specifically, and how the LGBT movement has, to a limited extent, hijacked it to serve their own political agenda.

Kevin Abrams and I wrote The Pink Swastika in large part to debunk the myth of a “Gay Holocaust” in Nazi Germany equivalent to what the Jews suffered. We proved their claims were wildly exaggerated and that their adoption of the inverted pink triangle (used by the Nazis to identify the relatively small number of homosexual in labor camps – not the death camps) was a cynical political ploy to hijack the Holocaust, just as they had hijacked the rainbow flag and control of the Black civil rights movement from the Black Panthers and Jesse Jackson’s “Rainbow Coalition.” 

In addition to our book, we created the International Committee for Holocaust Truth in 1996, whose most prominent members were the late Drs. Judith Reisman and Howard Hurwitz, and Rabbi Yehuda Levin. We then published a report for the ICHT titled “Refuting ‘Gay Holocaust’ Revisionists,” which I reworked for my article “How American ‘Gays’ are Stealing the Holocaust,” which was published as Part Three of my book The Poisoned Stream (1997).

Working with a national network of Orthodox rabbis, we used those tools to thwart the “Gay Holocaust” plot and forced the LGBTs to drop the pink triangle strategy. In response, they shifted to the rainbow as their banner, and they downscaled and moved their Holocaust hijack efforts out of the public view.

In 1997, during my summer law program studying International Human Rights at the University of Strasbourg (France), I took a weekend trip to nearby Munich, Germany to visit the Dachau concentration camp in my research for the third edition of The Pink Swastika. There I was disappointed to find (even then) the pink triangle prominently represented in the form of a stone monument which established a propaganda beachhead that (I now know) was later expanded to a high-visibility “Gay Holocaust” memorial in downtown Munich itself, psychologically emphasizing the special importance of the “gays” relative to the Jews as a victim class.

Ironically, the new Munich memorial (which I only just learned about) commemorates the site of a “gay bar” that was the prime meeting place of Ernst Roehm’s butch-homosexual SA Brownshirts, whose role as chief Nazi perpetrators overwhelmingly dwarfs the significance of the relatively few homosexual victims they persecuted (for effeminacy and/or Communist affiliation). (See The Pink Swastika, 5th Edition, Book 1, page 43 .)   

I had not given much thought to the “Gay Holocaust” hoax since the late 90s until a recent walk along the waterfront in New Orleans brought me face to face with its high-visibility Holocaust memorial, prominently featuring the LGBT rainbow. That brought all the memories of the Measure 9 campaign – and the Brownshirt-style bullying of the “gay” fascists we suffered – flooding back, along with a resolve to speak out anew against their continuing historical revisionism.


Note to the reader. I have decided to update and republish my 1997 ICHT report in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the Measure 9 vote, November 3, 1992. This article is in part an invitation to my readers to offer research assistance on this theme in the form of photos, links, anecdotes and other documentation (by email directly to me here sdllaw@protonmail.com).

You may read the original report HERE to get up to speed on the topic before you visit your own local Holocaust memorial to assess and document the extent to which it has been hijacked by the LGBTs. Also check the donor lists for evidence that LGBT mega-donors have essentially purchased Holocaust “victimhood-rights” from the Jewish hard-leftists (some homosexual themselves) who typically run these facilities in gross violation of their own religious mandate.  

[This article was originally published in August of 2022 as part of Dr. Lively’s book-in-progress “The Battle for Measure 9.”]

June 11 Rainbow Oxymorons Dulling US Intelligence

An oxymoron is a rhetorical self-contradiction, like combining the word “gay” — meaning some peoples’ deliberate self-identification with the shameful, disease-spreading lifestyle of sodomy — with the word “pride.”  

Another example is defining the social goal of “diversity and inclusion” to require the active suppression and exclusion of pro-family Christians, Jews, Muslims and secular traditionalists.  

America is awash in delusions, contradictions and double standards these days as the crazies who stole the 2020 election continue their vain attempt to conform our institutions to their irrational worldview without collapsing it into chaos. Nowhere is that clown-show debacle more ludicrous than in the realms of federal law enforcement and intelligence – both foreign and domestic.

In the same week that Trump was indicted on blatantly bogus and political charges, bombshell new evidence of Joe Biden’s glaring, pervasive and long-standing criminality earned not even the suggestion of an investigation. Instead of the FBI and CIA enforcing the law against their co-conspirator boss, both agencies changed the subject by highlighting their celebrations of “Pride Month.” Here’s what National Pulse had to say about that:

  • “The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) hosted a virtual event to ‘‘commemorate Pride Month’ on Tuesday, June 6, alongside the infamous Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, Biden’s pentagram-tattooed and occult-loving Monkeypox Response Deputy Coordinator. The event witnessed a presentation by Dr. Daskalakis entitled “Out and Proud: Celebrating LGBT+ Diversity in the U.S. Government,” which addressed the “importance of LGBT+ visibility in the government and health care industry.”Daskalakis is best known for his satanic antics alongside his “husband” as well as his recent, bondage-clad appearance in Las Vegas on behalf of the Biden White House. One of the attendees was the Director of the FBI, Chris Wray… The FBI is not alone in championing Pride Month. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) also joined in the celebrations, stating: ‘Pride Month is an occasion for all of us at the Agency to pay tribute to the rich history, community, and mission contributions of our LGBTQ+ officers.’ ”

We have Bill Clinton to thank for creating this particularly foul cesspool of the federal swamp. It was Clinton’s Executive Order 12968 on August 2, 1995 that ended the long-standing ban on top-secret security clearance for homosexuals — opening the floodgates for the LGBT takeover of US Intelligence that then ensued. 

Why had that ban been US policy in the first place? The common wisdom holds it was based exclusively on the fact that homosexuals were especially at risk of blackmail in an era when that lifestyle was (rightfully) discouraged by society. But the greater, less recognized reason was the affinity that homosexuals have always had for political intrigue and espionage. That affinity alone wouldn’t be so bad from the perspective of national intelligence agencies, but the corollary tendency of homosexuals’ to put self-interest and loyalty to each other above national interests made them an unacceptably bad risk.  

Thus Clinton’s culpability in creating today’s crisis of law enforcement and intelligence is enormous. With the stroke of his pen, all of the world’s collective wisdom and experience about the danger of handing access to top national secrets to the most opportunistic, conspiratorial sub-culture of human society was simply thrown out the window. Slick Willie knew there would be hell to pay, but so long as he and Hillary got their cut, he was willing to sell America out to the devil. And, of course, Hillary exploited the “gay” cash cow even further as Secretary of State under Obama – cooperating with him in prioritizing the LGBT agenda across and through all the federal agencies, stacking the foreign service with reprobates and reaping rich rewards politically and financially. 

To be fair, Clinton pal George Bush was also complicit in this, larding the RINO GOP ranks with his own network of “gays” (the roots of the Lincoln Project) including uber-opportunist and top Romney aide Richard Grenell , whom Trump himself later appointed Ambassador to Germany and then dangerously elevated to Director of National Intelligence.

In his shocking postmortem on the Nazi regime and its causes, “Germany’s National Vice” (1945), German Jew Samuel Igra traced a long history of homosexual political intrigues that peaked in the build-up to WWI, contending persuasively that they triggered both the war itself and the emergence of the modern world’s first political party created by homosexuals: the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party). Igra extensively quotes the memoirs of Police Commissioner Hans von Treskow of pre-Nazi Berlin (which was rife with homosexuality), including this highly germane observation:

  • “It is not the sense of duty towards one’s fellow-men or the nation that forms the rule of conduct for homosexualists; but in every turn of life and in all their striving they think only of the good or harm they may do to their own clique of friends.” [There is nothing new under the sun.]

Germany’s National Vice has long been out of print, but I have preserved a PDF copy of the book, and, perhaps more helpfully for modern researchers, have published an extensive review and analysis of it, augmented with documentation that was not available to Igra at that time. My article, titled “Germany’s National Vice Revisited” is prominently featured in my book The Poisoned Stream at www.scottlively.store.

This is not to say that the America’s alphabet agencies were untainted by corruption prior to the Clintons. The notoriously (un-declared) homosexual first Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover is described thusly in Wikipedia: “Later in life and after his death, Hoover became a controversial figure as evidence of his secretive abuses of power began to surface. He was found to have routinely violated both the FBI’s own policies and the very laws which the FBI was charged with enforcing, to have used the FBI to harass and sabotage political dissidents, to amass secret files for blackmailing high-level politicians, and to have collected evidence using illegal surveillance, wiretapping, and burglaries. Hoover consequently amassed a great deal of power and was able to intimidate and threaten political figures.” 

Sound familiar? Now, I ask you, if one self-serving in-the-closet relatively politically conservative homosexual could do that much damage to justice and the rule of law when LGBTism was a barely tolerated sub-culture, how much worse would we fare as a nation with tens of thousands of hyper-partisan “out and proud” radicals clawing for control of the seats of power in our “justice system?” I contend that is exactly what we’re finding out right now.  


June 12 A Henhouse Full of Foxes

The surest way to destroy America’s world-blessing system of “ordered liberty” is to allow bad people to act with impunity. Impunity means exemption or immunity from punishment, harm, or loss. Impunity is doing whatever bad thing you want without suffering the consequences that would normally follow. It is “liberty” without order, which breeds anarchy, which produces social chaos, which has been the goal of every Marxist enemy we have ever faced from the time of Marxism’s emergence to today’s partnership of American Cultural Marxist elites with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Another way to describe “ordered liberty” is “the rule of law,” but not just the ruled-law of man, since that can be (and has been) corrupted by bad actors in the legislative process, but the true “Law of Nature and Nature’s God” invoked by America’s founders in the Declaration of Independence. “Ordered liberty” is more accurately “the rule of the law of human society when it is aligned with the natural law of right and wrong, cause and effect, blessing and cursing.”

Ordered liberty is God’s Holy Grail of true civilization.

Impunity-bred Anarchy is the Devil’s counterfeit that turns order into chaos: the Unholy Grail that promises sin without consequences.

The seduction of “sin without consequences” always starts with sex since that is the easiest form of sin for humans to rationalize – a law of nature that Balaam taught to King Balak (Revelation 2:14) who then sent sexually corrupt Moabite women among the Hebrew men to create chaos in their social order (Numbers 25:1-3).

Sexual sin without consequences is the false promise of contraception on demand to normalize culture-wide fornication (Griswold v Connecticut, 1966), the back-up plan of abortion on demand ( Roe v Wade, 1973), the “No Fault” Divorce laws of the 70s that ended punishment for adultery, legalized sodomy (Lawrence v Texas, 2003), and finally the invention of “gay marriage,” that ended the ancient and essential primacy of natural-family norms which had always served as the “immune system” of society (Obergefell v Hodges, 2015).

Today’s front line of cultural assault on our immunity-suppressed body-politic is transgenderism which moves beyond sexual conduct to destroy binary male/female human identity in preparation for transhumanism. The now-rapidly emerging transhumanism brings the end of God’s design for mankind and the rise of a new human-created “better” species made possible by technology.

Once anarchy had defeated ordered liberty in sexual matters, the disruption of order in all the other social realms was made easier. An army of ideologues united by the new norms of sexual anarchy could abuse whatever power they held, wherever they operated – in academia, news media, social media, NGOs, law enforcement, the judiciary, the church, etc – to cooperate in allowing their agents and fellow-travelers to act with impunity. Their decades-long strategy came to fruition in 2020, whose seemingly distinct and separate forms of disaster and chaos were all just different heads of the same Hydra, defined by one common purpose – the removal of the Restrainer, President Donald Trump – and defined by one common method – the granting of immunity from consequences for all of their key co-conspirators.

The most obvious example of this is the George Soros brigade of District Attorneys in deep-blue cities who refused to prosecute their BLM and Antifa allies in the streets who were being arrested for a months-long, hugely destructive campaign of rioting, looting and arson, while the co-conspirators in the media spun a narrative of “mostly-peaceful” protesters justifiably enraged by “out-of-control White Supremacy-driven police brutality.” News and social media suppressed all truthful dissent from that narrative, while co-conspirators in the government, academia, and NGOs formed a virtual human chain of solidarity to reinforce the false narrative and de-fund the police. The goal and end result was pervasive lawlessness without consequences that continues today.

Who else was granted immunity from the consequences of unethical and/or criminal behavior in 2020? Big Tech’s outrageous censorship and misrepresentation of Trump and the MAGA movement was an abuse of their immunity under the now infamous “Section 230″ enacted during the Clinton administration. Big Media grossly abused their “free press” protection under the First Amendment. Big Pharma got immunity from liability for harms related to their “vaccine” development. Fauchi continually lied with impunity about Covid 19, its origins and masking efficacy, protected by the elites because the pandemic and the lockdowns hurt Trump.

James Comey, Robert Mueller, Christopher Wray, Bill Barr, Adam Schiff, and a host of other anti-Trump zealots acted with impunity because of the conspiracy of the elites. The judiciary, including SCOTUS, allowed Democrat and RINO state officials to blatantly commit election fraud with impunity. Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden have never been held accountable for their criminality in Ukraine and elsewhere – or their sponsorship of the Russian Collusion hoax. Accused-culprit Dr. Peter Daszak is still being allowed to serve as America’s sole representative in the WHO and Lancet investigations of Covid 19’s origins.

There are just too many examples to list – and it’s not necessary because the point is proved.

We’re reached the place where there are so many foxes guarding the henhouse of America that it seems like there’s no room left for the hens.

But that’s an illusion, because we good patriots who love this country and the true rule of law that made America great vastly outnumber these traitors. And all over this land there is a righteous rebellion brewing against their treachery and tyranny that looks like it’s going to explode this summer and dramatically change the political and cultural landscape.

Let us pray and work for that counter-revolution to do more than just punish evil figureheads like Fauchi, Newsom and Cuomo. Let us be champions of a return to the “ordered liberty” that can restore our national immune system.

And let our voices be heard especially clearly during this “Gay Pride” month of June, when the people most responsible for destroying our moral foundations are celebrating their presumed supremacy with presumed impunity.


June 13 Pope Benedict, the Gay Mafia, and the Antichrist

As a former Roman Catholic who has rediscovered the Hebrew roots of Christian faith, and how this perspective profoundly enriches the Reformers doctrines of “the priesthood of all believers” and the absolute supremacy of Scripture over church traditions, I have serious differences with many aspects of Catholicism, but I nevertheless recognize that a great many Catholics are authentic, even exemplary Christians by biblical standards. (If, as I believe, salvation truly is by faith alone in Christ alone, whatever other things one believes in – even false doctrines and rituals — are merely sanctification issues that do not affect one’s justification: important but not spiritually fatal.)

One such exemplary Christian is the recently deceased Joseph Ratzinger whose final service to Christendom was in the role of Pope Benedict (Emeritus). His “Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons,” published in October of 1986 when he was “Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith” is in my view the gold standard of guidance for Christians in approaching the issue of homosexual sin in the church. Importantly, his letter was not a set of mere suggestion to the Bishops but a controlling doctrinal mandate, issued just six months after the Catholic-dominated US Supreme Court issued its landmark ruling in Bowers v Hardwick (forcefully rejecting the decades-long effort to make homosexual sodomy a civil right) – these two documents representing an attempt to establish a global bulwark against the already massive and growing LGBT assault on Judeo-Christian civilization being masterminded by principalities and powers in the United States.

Recently, Catholic turned Orthodox writer and editor Rod Dreher of The American Conservative published a stunning article titled “Benedict XVI: It Is The Time Of Antichrist,” sub-titled “In 2015, BXVI wrote letter to Catholic statesman Vladimir Palko, urging prayer against the ‘expanding power of the Antichrist.’ ” The short missive was a note of appreciation for Palko’s book The Lions Are Coming: Why Europe And America Are Heading for a New Tyranny (not available in English). Palko’s personal embargo of the letter ended with the Pope’s death, and Dreher is apparently the first to reveal its contents, the essence of which is just one sentence long:

“As one sees the power of Antichrist spreading, one can only pray that the Lord will give us mighty shepherds to defend His Church against the power of evil in this hour of need.”

In 2015 when this letter was written, Benedict had been in seclusion/captivity in Vatican City for over a year after what I and many Catholic leaders and lay-persons believe was a forced abdication orchestrated by Barack Obama to install his ideological ally Jesuit Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina (who became Pope Francis in March of 2013). My detailed arguments supporting this conclusion are published here.

One especially significantly fact is that this Vatican coup occurred shortly after a report which Pope Benedict had commissioned finally confirmed the existence of a powerful “gay mafia” in the Vatican (an open secret which had been publicly hinted at by his predecessor Pope John Paul).

I have been unapologetic in stating I believe Barack Obama is both a homosexual and (still) a prime candidate for the Antichrist, and that I believe the widespread societal embrace of so-called “gay pride” will be the issue that triggers the wrath of God against the world under the reign of the Antichrist I believe Obama is the puppeteer controlling Joe Biden and is thus the choreographer of today’s expanding geo-political chaos. And we must never forget that it was the tag-team of Obama and Pope Francis which launched the current globalist blueprint for one-world government, the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” at the UN in 2015.

Following a private meeting with Obama on September 23rd of that year, Francis gave an unprecedented address to Congress the next day (gushingly reported HERE), and then on the 25th officially launched the 2030 Agenda with a speech to the UN General Assembly. It is in the context of these events, whose Vatican City preparations began long before Francis’ trip to the US, that Pope Benedict penned his Antichrist warning.

Brother Dreher may or may not hold these conclusions, but his article implicitly bolsters them. He writes “Benedict wrote about the Antichrist in his first book about Jesus of Nazareth. It was the part where he discussed the temptation of Christ by the devil in the desert, where ‘the devil appeared as a theologian’, in Ratzinger’s words. The Pope also recalled Solovyov’s famous Legend of the Antichrist, which is a short fictional prose where the Antichrist…appears…as a great humanist, he fights against hunger…Benedict uses this only as an illustration that even ‘interpretation of the Scriptures can become a tool of the Antichrist’…And he reminded that the Antichrist does not have to look hideous, that he does not have to be recognized as evil, but he can appear acceptable, benevolent, as a humanist.”

These are not casually-chosen words by the Pope Emeritus, which I take to mean he may have shared my opinion that the religion of the Antichrist is not reflected in some crude and obviously demonic institution like the clownish and conservative-punking LGBT culture-war instrument they call the “Temple of Satan, but is in fact Secular Humanism – the perfection of Satanic delusion in beguiling doctrinal form whose deity is man himself (ala the Serpent’s prophecy in Genesis 3:1-5 and God’s counter-action in Genesis 3:22-24) and whose mind-enslaved adherents deny its beliefs are religious.

Dreher ends his article by drawing special attention to the man I believe may be the actual False Prophet of Revelation, the “married” homosexual transhumanist and World Economic Forum philosopher-in-residence, Yuval Noah Harari. Interestingly, I went public with that hypothesis in a WND column titled “Is this transhumanism guru the false prophet of revelation” in which I tied together the three key elements of this current piece: the centrality of LGBT themes to the Antichrist agenda, the contention that Secular Humanism is the perfection of Satanic religion in the last days, and the starring role of transhumanism in the final insurrection against Judeo-Christian civilization, triggering the second coming of Christ.

I am thus taking Dreher’s illuminating report on Pope Benedict’s perspective of the Antichrist as Holy Spirit confirmation of my conclusions (whether or not he would agree with them), and urging my fellow remnant Christians of all confessions to ponder how this departure from/refinement of traditional eschatology might influence our individual and collective response to current events.

(Originally published February 1, 2023 under the title “Pope Benedict and the Antichrist.”)

June 14 OBiden White House Flies the Nazi Pride Flag

A man in homo-fascist England was arrested and hand-cuffed last year for the “crime” of re-tweeting a meme of four “gay pride” flags arranged to form a swastika (first image above — the second is my own variation on that theme). But is there more behind this rainbow swastika than just artistic license?

The LGBT movement is finally coming out of the closet as the Nazis they have always been, and the biggest clue (aside from their long-standing Brownshirt tactics) is the new flag of their coalition. After their triumph ending the cultural primacy of true marriage and the natural family in 2015 (Obergefell v Hodges) their armies repositioned themselves for the final assault on the concept of binary heterosexual identity itself – the most foundational of the presupposition of Judeo-Christian civilization: “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them” (Genesis 1:27).  

Tellingly their new flag design for this final campaign hides a swastika which can only be seen when all four constituencies – L, G B and T – are individually recognized in a four-part display that symbolizes the cyclical nature of their “liberation” campaign that began roughly when the swastika came into modern use in Germany. Eventually they may stop hiding it and openly march beneath it, just as many of them now openly admit their affiliation with the Temple of Satan (something utterly unthinkable just a decade ago.) 

It was Adolf Hitler’s homosexual mentor and top German occultist Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels who first flew the swastika flag above his castle in Bavaria in 1907. And a little over a decade later it was Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party which became the modern world’s first political party created by and for homosexuals – particularly the “butch” male homosexuals of the German “mannerbund” – the militaristic all male sub-culture initially popularized by the homosexual Prussian King Frederick the Great and later epitomized by the German Gemeinschaft der Eigene (Community of the Elite). 

The Community of the Elite arose at the dawn of the 20th Century in response to “femme” homosexual Karl Heinrich’s Scientific Humanitarian Committee which gained fame for its campaign against the German sodomy laws starting in the 1860s, and which promoted his personal theory that male homosexuals were really female souls trapped in mens’ bodies. The SHC eventually morphed into the Sex Research Institute of Berlin under Magnus Hirshfeld (Germany’s Alfred Kinsey – who inherited his mantle after WWII) and became the political home of the effeminate branch of the hyper-polarized “gay” male subculture, which aligned with the Communists against the masculine branch that invented Nazism. (This explains the legendary supposed enmity of the Nazis for “gays,” but only the “femmes: they were bitter rivals.”)   

Ulrich’s contention that “gay” men were really women deeply offended the “butch” homosexuals who saw themselves as the perfection of masculinity and claimed that throughout history it had been homosexual men of their type who ruled the world. Their philosophy was explained in great detail by a man named Hans Blueher who ranks among the most important but also the most suppressed of all formative influencers of Nazism. Blueher played a huge role in the German youth movement called the Wandervogel – equivalent to the Boy Scouts – which morphed first into the Hitler Youth, and then fed the Stormtrooper arm of the German military as the generation of boys trained in that pederastic worldview came of age.  

The core of Blueher’s teaching was that pederasty (man/boy sex) and male bonding produced the strongest nations and states. In 1912 he published his book “The German Wandervogel Movement as an Erotic Phenomenon” audaciously boasting that this was the actual philosophy and practice of the youth movement, and basically telling the German public to get used it.   

Pederasty has always been the heart of male homosexual society but only in pre-Nazi Germany was it openly legitimized as a basis for a new social order (for the first time since ancient Greece). Adolf Hitler did not orchestrate this development – indeed (according to the memoirs of Hans Von Treskow, the Police Commissioner of Berlin) Adolf was just a teenage “gay” prostitute in Munich and Vienna, and then a low-ranking soldier in the German army during this period – but he gratefully inherited it when he became the political figurehead for a powerful post-WWI network of former storm troopers under the command of former Captain Ernst Roehm, and the two of them took over the fledgling German Worker’s Party as a vehicle for achieving their ambitions, changing the name to the National Socialist German Workers Party. 

The deadly Achilles Heel of the German homosexual movement was the butch/femme political schism that grew worse and not better over time, leading ultimately to the politically-motivated incarceration of at least 10,000 “femmes” in Nazi work camps, where some died. Contrary to the false narrative of LGBT propagandists who attempted in the late 20th Century to invent a “Gay Holocaust” equivalent to that of the Jews, these prisoners were not sent to the death camps unless they happened to be Jews or other targets for racial extermination under German eugenics policies, and most were released upon completion of their sentence or to join the army. 

But after Germany was conquered by the Allied Powers, the center of world homosexual activism shifted to the United States where similar divisions were nipped in the bud by American “gay” leaders such as Harry Hay (the Father of American “Gay Rights”). A series of increasingly larger and more powerful alliances were formed under the banner of what would eventually be called “LGBT” – one united coalition of four of the five primary sub-categories of “sexual minorities.” 

Ironically, to the chagrin of Hay and many other of the “boy-lover” pioneers of the movement, the fifth category, “P” for pederasts/pedophiles, began getting pushed out of the coalition starting in the 1970s to avoid public backlash against their new strategy of banning “discrimination” through legislation. The most famous example of such push-back was singer and beauty-queen Anita Bryant’s “Save Our Children” campaign in 1977 that successfully repealed one of the very first Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs) granting civil rights minority status on the basis of “sexual orientation” in Miami-Dade County Florida. Bryant was also the first, quite shocking casualty of the new LGBT strategy of waging Nazi-style total-war on their enemies. Through relentless harassment and dirty tricks they destroyed her career and made her a social pariah. 

While Harry Hay protested against pederasts being thrown under the bus by the new generation of LGBT leaders (famously wearing a shirt reading “NAMBLA Walks With Me” in gay pride parades) the coalition did not change course. However, it did allow pederasts to operate freely in the leadership and the ranks of the movement, even if they were publicly exposed as pederasts, so long as they did not openly promote adult-child sex. That policy continues to this day, as my future articles in this series will expose.

Importantly, just as much of the surviving Nazi elite was secretly imported and integrated among the US elites in Operation Paper Clip after WWII, the Nazi wing of the “gay” movement never died, it just went underground until such time as it could again operate openly. The creation of the new Nazi Pride flag indicates that season has arrived – and explains why Nazi-style fascism under the fully homosexualized OBiden regime is becoming the new normal in America.  


June 15 The Feminist Mystaque

Why women are reaping the worst of the transgender cultural pandemic and how the Beta Gender’s maternal sympathy for “gay” men made this inevitable. 

Every wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one tears
it down with her own hands,” (Proverbs 14:1).

Betty Friedan, author of The Feminine Mystique in 1963, was one of the most toxic women ever empowered by Marxist radicalism. She was co-founder of one of the bloodiest abortion-pushing entities in American history, the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and was cursed with a personality even her leftist allies at the New York Times characterized (in her obituary, no less) as “famously abrasive”…”thin-skinned and imperious, subject to screaming fits of temperament.” But the most destructive part of her legacy was “Second Wave Feminism” which The Feminine Mystique was “credited” with triggering. Perhaps more than any other person, Friedan is responsible for weaponizing feminist grievances to poison women against home-based family-centered lifestyles and transform them into aggressive workplace competitors with men, leveraging leftist power in the civil rights movement to achieve the cultural Marxist goal of “disintegration of… the monogamic and patriarchal family.” 

As a man who came of age in the 1970s I am a part of the first generation of males upon whom was imposed Friedan’s feminist theory of social order by the American public education cabal. We were the first to be indoctrinated in the false narrative that men and women are equal and interchangeable in all things, and that men’s collective unfair past “oppression” of all women warranted new public policies and practices favoring the advancement of women in roles traditionally relegated to men. Men who declined to voluntarily defer or submit to women’s leadership in this campaign were deemed “male chauvinist pigs” justifying anti-discrimination laws to punish those who stood in the way of “equality.” I only broke free of that mindset when I became a Christian in my late 20s and started understanding God’s plan for family.

To be sure, many aspects of male/female relations and social distinctions in the increasingly secularized world of 20th Century America were unfair – falling well below the previously practiced biblical standard of mutual respect and partnership in which men and women are equal in value while different in function. Some of Hollywood’s John Wayne movies, for example, in which he treats women like children or chattel are truly cringe-worthy. But like every other aspect of Secular Humanist social engineering, the Marxist “cure” called “feminism” (first adopted as public policy in 1920s Russia under the Soviets) was far worse than the disease. 

The worst part of the Marxist approach was the rejection of God’s natural order in family relations. Marxism does not merely offer a different view about “culturally arbitrary” traditional roles, but denies a fundamental truth about Creation itself. God established first the dominant Alpha (male) gender and then the submissive Beta (female) gender, and affirmed the permanence of this pattern from Genesis to Revelation. Eve was created not to become a wife, but created IN the role of a wife: not the equivalent of a master/servant relationship but more akin to that of a President/Vice President. 

Paul perhaps summarized God’s design best in Ephesians 5:21-31 “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, His body, of which He is the Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything. Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her to sanctify her…In the same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself…‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.’ ”  

Importantly, the biblical model was far more generous to women regarding “traditional” roles than the secular world that spawned feminism. Proverbs 31:10-31 famously outlines the character and actions of a godly wife: she is competent and self-directed in the management of her own household and from that strong base extends the positive impact of her family into the community through charity, good works and entrepreneurialism.

As always, human alternatives to God’s plan for civilization produce confusion and suffering. Friedan’s weaponized feminism gave women unprecedented power to steer society to suit themselves while at the same time teaching them to pursue a corrupt concept of self-interest instead of family cohesion, contributing greatly to the slaughter of tens of millions of unborn babies, the ruinous breakdown of the natural family and the concurrent utterly disastrous masculinization of women and emasculation of men that underlies the emerging existential crisis of gender dysphoria. 

Cut loose from its moorings in Judeo-Christian tradition, women’s innate maternalism was manipulated by the elite Marxist puppet-masters away from a child-rearing orientation toward “protectiveness of the oppressed,” most especially “gay” men, whose own goal since the Stonewall Riots of 1969 has been absolute cultural supremacy. Thus, because of feminism the civilization-killing LGBT agenda advanced steadily through legislation despite opposition by a consistent majority of men. 

So now the Friedanian feminists have no one but themselves to blame. They let themselves become the ultimate useful idiots of the left, the “gullible women loaded down with sins, led away by various lusts” of 2 Timothy 3:6 – enslaved to the anti-family agenda of Marxist men. And, as is always true with each successive class of idiots, feminists are now being thrown under the bus because they’re no longer useful. Those who openly resist are smeared as Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs), targeted for personal destruction. Those who don’t resist are betraying their own movement and hastening it’s demise

Meanwhile, hardcore “Incel” misogynists’, brimming with smoldering hate – the Frankenstein creations of feminism-perverted male-female social dysfunction – are “identifying” as women to vengefully invade and defile their most intimate spaces and institutions – backed by legislators and judges whose Marxist delusions and zealotry are even more deeply entrenched than that of the Fredanians. Female identity itself is being systematically erased to serve the new transgender cum transhumanist cause.  

Can American survive the Feminist Mystaque? It’s perhaps too little too late, but there IS recent evidence of a move back to godliness and traditionalism in male female relations. Let’s encourage that trend as best we can, even as we invoke Paul’s admonition in Romans 12:21 to “overcome evil with good.” 


June 16 How LGBTs Exploit Blacks and Women

Amongst the progressive herd of woke sacred cows, none is more exalted than homosexuality, and there’s no better indicator of that truth than the LGBT movement’s “pride of place” in the wokeness “holiday” calendar.

Black History Month gets the frozen wasteland of February (the shortest month being the “short end of the stick” as it were). Women get March (the month of dirty slush and abortive false-spring disappointments). But the gays and trannies get June for “Gay Pride Month” – the best of summer, lush, green and bursting with life: the month of vacations in the sun and lots of sporting events showcasing the gloating superiority of “trans women” over natural women and girls.

June is, of course, the month most optimal for parades – and parade they do. Indeed, the “gay pride” parades are the high point of the woke year – and everyone on the left is expected – nay, required – to attend. It is the ultimate test of virtue – the woke equivalent of a pilgrimage to Mecca – with the highest virtue-signaling scores going to those who bring their children to cavort with the drag queens and leather fetishists. The woke media cover these celebrations like they were V-E Day in Times Square (1945) – and in a very real sense, they are.

Few recognize that these “gay pride” parades are, literally, celebrations of martial power in the tradition of conquering armies flaunting plunder taken from defeated foes. Not kinetic wars but cultural ones: not captured armor and artifacts but captured people and their cultural symbolism. The floats and finery of these processions accentuate a cavalcade of cultural appropriations: the trans appropriation of the emblems of femininity and feminism, the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” appropriation of Catholic imagery, the “welcoming and affirming” contingents of pseudo-Christians’ appropriation of Protestant imagery, etc. – and above all of them flies the rainbow flag, stolen in the 1980s from the Black Panthers and Jesse Jackson’s “Rainbow Coalition.” Each contingent of Boy Scouts, soldiers and sailors, cops, civil servants, business and community groups represent the conquest of a former secular foe to the LGBT agenda being marched, hook-jawed like the Assyrian captives of old before cow-eyed masses awed by “gay” supremacy.

And of course, beyond the scope of the parade context, every church, government building, corporation or sports team that flies the rainbow flag is acknowledging its conquest by the LGBTs. Importantly, they’re not flying the flags of “Women’s Pride,” “Black Pride,” “Hispanic Pride,” or any other “Pride” flags in anything other than temporary token acknowledgment of their ownership by the herd. It’s only the Gay Pride flag that has priority and permanence.

When it comes to dividing the plunder of cultural conquest it’s always “one for you, and two for me.” That’s how, in addition to ALL of June, the LGBTs also get ALL of October for “Gay History Month.” Again, not just any month, but the premium month of the fall season and, most importantly, the first full month of the new school year – when America’s children have finally gotten past the September squirms and settled in to the rigors and rhythms of the new school year.

They’re then optimally ready to be immersed in all-things “gay” in every academic subject and social event, for regurgitation “in their own words” through the rest of the school year – the first major test with high social credit value being “coming out to your parents” on Thanksgiving in November. (The dress rehearsal for that is, of course, “Coming Out Day,” Oct 11, when the entire student body gets to witness the dispensation of special status and privilege by the faculty, administration and already “out” peers to those who “bravely choose to self-identify as ‘gay’ or ‘trans.’”)

My point in this article is to show that the woke herd of sacred cows is not and has never been a “coalition of equals” but an LGBT stable of assets. Radical feminists were useful to them in politically neutralizing white straight men from the 1950s through the 2015 defeat of the exclusivity of heterosexual marriage, and then they were immediately labeled TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) and targeted for political destruction when the cutting edge of the agenda shifted to trans-sexuality.

Black figureheads were especially useful to them from the 1980s to the present as the political equivalent of “offensive lineman” (relative to LGBT quarterbacking) in the long campaign to socially engineer special rights for “gays” under civil rights law. But, again, “Blackness” now offers NO social credit if you’re not 100% pro-LGBT (e.g., Justice Clarence Thomas). To ensure total LGBT control, the leadership of Black Lives Matter was assigned to a pair of black lesbians, and “hetero-normative” icon Bill Cosby was preemptively taken out politically (pre-Ferguson) so as not to interfere. To quash all doubt of who called the shots, the second defining act of BLM was to launch the black-trans agenda in parallel to the war against cops.

We’re again being subjected to another tsunami of relentless, nauseating LGBT propaganda during “Gay Pride Month.” We can’t stop it (yet), but we can do better at pushing back than we have in the past. I am challenging every normal-thinking person reading this article to take on this task in your own way, and to begin by forwarding this article to your friends.

The LGBT movement is built on a foundation of lies, and I believe its greatest vulnerability is the plain, documented truth about its history, goals, strategies and actions. My co-author Kevin Abrams and I proved this hypothesis when we thwarted the “gay” attempt to “culturally appropriate” (hijack) the Holocaust in the 1990s. Our book The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party (First Edition, 1995), which was taken up as a sword against the “Gay Holocaust” fraud by a national network of Orthodox Jewish rabbis, stopped that effort cold.

But the greater benefit of this book is its extensive documentation of the Nazi roots of the American LGBT movement. My plan for “pride month” this year is to bring The Pink Swastika out of mothballs and promote its truths in an advertising campaign for the book. I’ve started my own bookstore for this purpose (because it’s aggressively banned virtually everywhere else) and have just accepted delivery of the first reprint of the Fourth Edition in 20 years. I’m not selling it for personal enrichment but to use 100% of the sales to fund an educational campaign about the ugly true history of the LGBT agenda, especially to the America First movement, which has encouragingly taken up the fight under the “anti-grooming” banner, but which is still mostly ignorant of the nuclear bombshell truths exhaustively documented in The Pink Swastika (using unimpeachable mainstream and LGBT sources).

It’s time to take an axe to the Nazi roots of the groomer trees, but first they need to be exposed.


June 17 The Authentic Jewish View of Homosexuality

In 1992, while elderly and struggling with poor health, Dr. Howard Hurwitz, Chairman of the Family Defense Council, selflessly traveled to Portland, Oregon to offer uncompromising Jewish support to Ballot Measure 9 – the No Special Rights Act. In honor of his courage and clear-spoken articulation of the authentic Jewish position against the normalization of homosexuality Dr. Scott Lively dedicated his second book The Poisoned Stream to Dr. Hurwitz. In the above C-SPAN video from 1997, Dr. Hurwitz offers the same plain-spoken wisdom (his comments start at 2:13:55). Upon his death in 2009, a local newspaper ran this obituary which discusses his role as the Jewish Principal of Long Island City HS who famously defied education bureaucrats and a federal judge on a matter of common-sense student discipline.

Although genealogical research suggests my father’s family may have been Sephardic Jews converted to Roman Catholicism during the Inquisition, I am neither Jewish, nor Catholic. And, while my spiritual views largely comport with the Hebrew cultural perspective of the Jerusalem-based First Century Jewish Christians, I do not claim a right to speak for the Jews of today.

However, throughout my adult Christian life I have cultivated and maintained good relations with many Torah-faithful Jews whom I consider among my strongest friends and allies. One such friend was the late Jewish writer Rabbi Samuel Dresner of New York who hired me while I was in law school in California, to update and complete his unfinished book The Case Against Homosexuality: A Jewish View after he fell too ill with cancer to do it himself. One of the great disappointments of my life was his sad demise at the very end of the project as we worked to refine the final chapter and his family then declined to have it published.

Rabbi Dresner trusted me to do this work based upon my co-authorship with Orthodox Holocaust researcher Kevin Abrams of The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party. That collaboration opened innumerable doors for me in the Jewish community, including, very interestingly, an unsolicited phone call from “a very close relative of Steven Spielberg” (whom I almost certain was his mother Rose) to discuss my view of “replacement theology” (which I’m embarrassed to admit I had not investigated at that time but out of pride pretended I did and thus botched what should have been a reassuring answer to her because — after investigation –I realized I strongly oppose that doctrine). (I’m certain it’s purely coincidental that her famous son’s next film was Minority Report in which the murder victim central to the plot is named Anne Lively – the same as my wife, lol.)

Back to the subject at hand, I can think of no better summary of the authentic Jewish view of homosexuality than that of Kevin Abrams in his Foreword to The Pink Swastika:

“It is often said that the lessons of history leave us with a guide for the future. If this be so, then the lessons of the collapse of the democratic Weimar Republic and the social ideologies that preceded its defeat by the Nazis should provide us with insights into America’s future. As a practicing member of the Jewish faith, I remain wholly unconvinced that by solely remembering the Holocaust we will prevent another. The ominous parallels between the Weimar Republic of pre-Nazi Germany and today’s American republic are simply too pronounced to overlook….

“The political agenda which has as its focus a plan to legalize and coerce a bewildered and unsuspecting public into accepting or regarding sodomy as normal or dignified, is based on falsehood, self-deception and skewed scientific research. In light of the medical record, history and the fact that sodomy represents a corruption of the natural and moral orders of creation, any positive affirmation of homosexuality is totally without merit. Human sexuality is never merely a physical concern, nor is it a purely private matter. It always has social implications. What goes on between partners influences society as a whole. In sexual matters, the issue is “what is advocated and what is practiced publicly” far more than what happens privately….

“American civilization rests on the basic principles of Christian morality, which have their origin in the Hebrew Scriptures. The reason why the Nazis first attacked the Jewish people and swore to exterminate them physically and spiritually is because the teachings of the Bible, both the Torah and the New Testament, represent the foundations on which the whole system of Christian ethics rests. Remove the Bible as the constellation that guides the American Ship of State and the whole edifice of American civilization collapses.

“For my Jewish brethren searching for a Biblical basis for the legitimization of homosexuality, I refer to the words of Rabbis Marc Angel, Hillel Goldberg and Pinchas Stopler and their joint article in the Winter, 1992-93 edition of Jewish Action Magazine:

There is not a single source in all of the disciplines of Jewish sacred literature — halachah, aggadah, philosophy, muscar, mysticism — that tolerates homosexual acts or a homosexual ‘orientation.’ Jews who sanction homosexuality must do so wholly without reference to Jewish sacred literature, in which case their justification has no Jewish standing; or without reference to Jewish sources, in which case they act with ignorance or intellectual dishonesty. The idea, set forth by some of the non-Orthodox leadership, that the Torah prohibited only coercive and non-loving same-sex relationships, thus allowing for a contemporary, voluntary and loving same-sex relationship, is wholly without basis in a single piece of Jewish sacred literature written in the last 3,000 years. [Emphasis added.]

“Dennis Prager, a respected Jewish radio talk show host, commented, “There were two kinds of Jews in Auschwitz -those who knew why they were there and those who thought it was just bad luck.” Today Jews have assimilated ideas foreign to the Jewish perspective and many liberal, secular American Jews, in adopting a tolerance for everything, stand for nothing. As the living, we owe a moral debt to that generation of Jews who were subjected to such inhumane and sadistic torture and extermination. The underlying causes of Nazi militarism are documented in The Pink Swastika. The Holocaust must be remembered for what it was, a war against the Jewish people and Western civilization.

“MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA Kevin E. Abrams, Jerusalem, Israel June 5, 1995”

It is estimated that only about 10-20% of American Jews are conservative, so it is understandable that by the sheer force of numbers American Judaism is assumed to be fully supportive of so-called “gay pride” and the widespread normalization of LGBT deviance. One might be excused for thinking the same about Christianity if it were measured only by the so-called “mainstream” denominations. But as affirmed by the eminent Rabbis cited above, the authenticity and therefore weight of one’s religious opinions is based solely on their alignment with the sacred writings on which the religion is based.

Thus, the authentic Jewish (and Christian) view of homosexuality is that it is an abomination unequivocally condemned by God – and it matters not how many confused and arrogant people of either faith tradition, no matter how “credentialed” they may be, disagree with HIM.

In 1996 Dr. Hurwitz, Dr. Judith Reisman, Kevin Abrams and other Jewish scholars joined Dr. Lively in forming the International Committee for Holocaust Truth (ICTH) to oppose and expose the hijacking of the international holocaust education community to endorse a fraudulent “Gay Holocaust.” Their first annual report is published as Section Three of The Poisoned Stream under the title “How American ‘Gays’ Are Stealing the Holocaust.”


June 18 Masculine Christianity

Masculine Christianity is an essay I wrote about 25 years ago while in law school in Southern California. My purpose in seeking a law degree was to “armor-up” with better skills in order to survive my decision to continue serving the Cause of Christ in fighting the LGBT agenda. Because of my role as State Communications Director of the Oregon Citizens Alliance and spokesman for the No Special Rights Act, I had already suffered great persecution at the hands of the homofascists — including seven years of relentless character assassination, countless death threats and four major lawsuits — intended to drive me off the battlefield. But I determined in my heart that I would never let them stop me from speaking the truth of God. From that inner core of resolve came this short essay.

Masculine Christianity

Scripture teaches in Genesis that when God created man in His image, He created us male and female. The implication is that God’s character spans the full spectrum of masculine and feminine qualities. This attribute is also revealed in the person of Jesus, born as a male, but manifesting both masculinity and femininity in His actions. When exhibiting feminine qualities, Jesus was more nurturing and relationship-oriented than any woman. When exhibiting masculinity, Jesus was more forceful and results-oriented than any man.

Unfortunately, the modern American church, along with the majority of its leaders, has rejected masculinity in favor of an effeminate Christianity. Too many (though by no means all) of today’s pastors, priests, deacons and elders shrink timidly from the challenge of the world, more interested in decorating the interior of their church buildings than in doing cultural and political battle with the enemies of God. Ravening lions rage unchecked throughout the land, while Church leaders hold potlucks and retreats.

Where is the masculine Jesus of the Bible in the life of today’s church? The Jesus who threw down the tables of the moneychangers and drove them out of the temple with a whip? The Jesus who faced down and tamed the Gerasene demoniac? The Jesus who, to their faces, excoriated the cultural and political leaders of the day as a “brood of vipers,” and “whitewashed sepulchers full of dead men’s bones”? This masculine Jesus has been ejected from the American church. In His place is a false and emasculated Christ, as submissive and fearful of controversy as the men who now lead His flock. 

Brethren, this is not an attack on femininity. If anything, the church should be commended for its appreciation for and fulfillment of the feminine aspects of its role. Such vital relationship-centered ministries as feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and soothing the broken-hearted are prospering today. These ministries are very much a reflection of the feminine side of Christ’s complete personality.

Instead, this is vigorous rebuke to both women and men within the church who reject the masculine side of Christianity and have thus abandoned those outside our “church families” to fend for themselves against the forces of evil in the world. This is a rebuke to male church leaders, who channel their masculine competitiveness into sporting contests in church gymnasiums instead of contending for influence over the community outside the church walls. This is a rebuke to those pastors’ wives who keep their shepherd husbands safely close to the flock when they should be sometimes out hunting the lions and wolves.

Masculine Christianity fights to champion what is right and to defeat evil. It is the applied force for good against which the gates of hell cannot prevail. It is an embodiment of the spirit of conquest in which the Great Commission was given. It is the unyielding determination to prevail against all odds and at any cost to achieve a righteous goal — even unto death on a cross. Masculine Christianity is the engine of revival: prophetic, expansionist, uncompromising.

In Biblical history, the greatest heroes of the faith exemplified masculine Christianity. Abraham did not sit idly by when his nephew Lot was captured by the four kings. He armed his servants and went out to rescue him by force. Moses faced down Pharaoh in a series of aggressive confrontations. David fearlessly challenged and defeated Goliath and then cut off his head as a trophy of battle. God blessed these righteous men and backed their righteous deeds with His power.

Josiah is honored in scripture as one of the most righteous of all the kings for banishing the “perverted persons” from the land and destroying the foreign idols. Joshua and Caleb were the only men of their generation allowed to enter the promised land because, out of all the Israelite spies sent into Canaan, they alone called for immediate invasion of Canaan when the others backed away out of fear. John the Baptist, who boldly and publicly rebuked Herod for his sexual immorality was praised by Jesus Himself. Jesus stated that among men there was none greater than John.

Extra-Biblical history is also replete with examples of masculine Christianity. The period of the American Revolution is one in which deeply religious men took up the sword to overthrow an unrighteous oppressor. The great missionary and reform movements are additional examples of masculine Christianity at work.

The defining characteristic of each of these examples is the conquest of evil by God’s people — mostly men. Masculinity is by no means the exclusive domain of men, but it naturally has greater appeal to men in the same way that feminine ministries of the church appeal more to women. Indeed, this explains why the majority of church members today are women or married couples in which the husband attends church at the request of the wife. Where are the men of this generation? Though some are in church, they are significantly outnumbered by women, and they tend to be the least active members of the congregation. Is it any wonder in the light of the de-emphasis of masculinity by the church?

The church and this nation cry out for a revival of masculine Christianity, which is to say that we church leaders need to stop being such, for lack of a better word, sissies when it comes to social and political issues. We need to spend as much time confronting perpetrators as we do comforting victims. We need to do less fretting, and more fighting for righteousness. For every motherly, feminine ministry of the church such as a Crisis Pregnancy Center or ex-gay support group, we need a battle-hardened, take-it-to-the-enemy masculine ministry like Operation Rescue (questions of civil disobedience aside). For every God-hating radical in government, academia and media we need a bold, no-nonsense, truth-telling Christian counterpart: trained, equipped and endorsed by the local church.

These are not easy words to hear for those in authority in the church today, but I offer no apology for saying them, because this is the hard truth that all of us must confront. We are on the brink of utter defeat by our cultural adversaries and the church is only now beginning to wake up to the consequences of our past passivity. We are rapidly nearing a point in time when even a strong call to action, were it to be heard from every one of America’s pulpits, would be insufficient to resolve our nation’s moral crisis. There comes a point of no return in every declining culture.

I imagine us Christians as reclusive householders in an Old Testament walled city. A few of us have stepped out onto the street, confused and dazed, to find our city overrun by enemy soldiers with more coming over the walls. Buildings are burning, the watchmen are falling back under an incredible onslaught, and most of our warriors are still sleeping soundly. We have reached that split-second of decision in which we must choose whether to rush forward into battle on the chance that we can defeat the invaders, or to surrender and look on in resignation as our children are marched off into slavery in a foreign land.


June 19 The Four Pillars of ‘Gay Supremacy’ in America

Unlike “White Supremacy” which is an amorphous and largely fictional conglomeration of agenda-driven hand-crafted Marxist social theories, shameless corporate media propaganda and the pitiful remnants of long-discredited Nazi and KKK polemics, the truly existential threat of “Gay Supremacy” is a hard fact of US jurisprudence supported by four constitution-shattering supreme court rulings driven like railroad spikes into cracks in our constitutional bedrock by one primary agent-saboteur: Anthony Kennedy.  

I will not besmirch the honor of the high court by granting Kennedy the title of “Justice” in this article, because more than any other person ever to disgrace the bench, Anthony Kennedy is the great enemy of natural family centered Judeo-Christian civilization, as the chief empowerer of the LGBT army of conquest that has taken this once great nation to the brink of collapse. If only one person could be blamed for all this, it is Kennedy. 

Deflatingly for the anti-Zionist cult that scapegoats “the Jews” for every aspect of the socially engineered nightmare we’re living, Kennedy is a life-long (putative) Roman Catholic. And a supposed “conservative” in the torturously twisted logic of the RINO “republicanism” of the Bush Dynasty which he apparently served. 

Must shockingly Kennedy was nominated to the court by Ronald Reagan – except that most people don’t realize that Reagan was (I contend) forced to nominate Kennedy as punishment by the Bush faction of the elites for having tried to stack the court with a true conservative majority by adding a “second Scalia” in the form of Robert Bork. The unprecedented all-hands-on deck Uniparty “Borking” of Robert Bork was done to (successfully) break Ronald Reagan – of which Kennedy’s role as the anti-Scalia at SCOTUS served as the constant reminder and warning to all observers. That first “Borking” became the increasingly more common model for all subsequent threats to elite control, with only Donald Trump (so far) surviving the process and hopefully eventually breaking them.

But back to their main man Kennedy.  

Romer v Evans (1996) was the first of his majority opinions advancing the “gay” agenda. At issue was the constitutionality of Amendment 2, the Colorado version of the Oregon No Special Rights Act (Ballot Measure 9) of which I had been chief spokesman. Our pioneering Oregon version failed due to the disproportionate power of hard-left Portland and greater Multnomah County in state elections, but it passed in then-conservative Colorado in November 1992.  

The No Special Rights Act was the magic bullet to kill the “gay” plan for cultural dominance over Christianity because it banned civil rights minority status based on “sexual orientation.”  We supporters warned that granting preferential civil rights based on a subjective, unprovable “orientation” or upon totally voluntary deviant sexual conduct would essentially criminalize traditional sexual morality as “unlawful discrimination” and eventually remove all roadblocks to the full normalization of sexual anarchy in all its forms, which, of course, it did (with just a few items like pedophilia yet to be fully forced on us).

By banning “gay” special rights by a 53/47% majority, Colorado voters had arguably won the culture war, because the court’s own criteria for recognizing supplicants for minority status were legally insurmountable by homosexuals. It was the first domino in an expected sweep of state elections, at the height of the pro-family movement’s political power nationally.  

We celebrated that we had backed the court into a corner guaranteeing our victory UNTIL, with an imperial wave of his hand, Kennedy simply declared Amendment 2 an illegitimate exercise of state power because the voters were supposedly motivated by “animus” (hate) and thus the case did not need to be reviewed on its merits. What?!!  

POOF – in that ultimate act of voter nullification the Kennedy majority 

1) magically eliminated all constitutional restraints to the liberals’ desired outcome, 

2) killed not just that Colorado law but the very No Special Rights legal strategy itself, and 

3) taught the American left that baseless accusations of “hate” against conservatives was their ace-in-the hole to kill ALL conservative policies at the judicial level. 

The destructive consequences of that ruling cannot be overstated.  

Next came the Lawrence v Texas (2003) decision in which the Kennedy-led majority overturned Bowers v Hardwick (1986), the most important pro-family case of the 20th Century, which had recognized the right of states to regulate sexual conduct (specifically homosexual sodomy) in the public interest. Most galling was that the arrest leading to this lawsuit was very plausibly alleged to have been staged by “gay” activists for the express purpose of putting the legality of the nation’s sodomy laws before the corrupt Kennedy majority. That strategic debilitation of the state governments regarding sexual morality was allegedly planned to provide a political and judicial springboard to legalize so-called “gay marriage.” Less than one year later in a curt decision, citing Lawrence, my home state of Massachusetts became the first to purport to “legalize” same sex “marriage.” 

The Massachusetts case triggered a massive nationwide populist backlash in the form of a Defense of Marriage Amendment (DOMA) movement leading to state DOMAs in 35 states (including two in deep blue California! – Proposition 22 and Proposition 8) plus a Federal DOMA. This was a truly monumental achievement establishing conclusively the will of the American people. But Kennedy again saved the day for the elites determined to force LGBT supremacy on the nation. His majority opinion in United States v Windsor (2013) declared the Federal Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional under the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment.  

That ruling was followed by a two-year systematic dismantling of the state DOMAs, mostly by the Federal District Courts in a devious process designed and implemented with the help of Ruth Bader Ginsberg to create the sense of the inevitability of “gay marriage” among the people. When that had been accomplished Kennedy performed the coup de gras with Obergefell v Hodges (2015). 

His primary service to the elites having been accomplished in the faux-constitutional sublimation of Judeo-Christian morality to LGBT cultural supremacy, Kennedy retired to a lucrative position in the private sector in 2018, his still-unfolding legacy being the sexual enslavement and mutilation of countless American children, and the total erasure of the Founders’ intent from selective portions of the Bill of Rights. 


June 20 America’s Creeping Homofascism

For the left, and particularly its LGBT agenda-steering de facto “executive committee,” the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (of “utopian” social engineering) has always been the power not just to suppress all dissent, but to force dissenters to vocally affirm and parrot its narratives. That is the secret to understanding the rising tyranny of “mis-gendering” and “dead-naming” laws and policies – with much, much worse to come if they have their way.

As I outlined in the preface to the second edition of my book “The Poisoned Stream,” there are five stages of “homo-fascism”:

  • 1) Tolerance,
  • 2) Acceptance,
  • 3) Celebration,
  • 4) Forced participation in “gay” culture, and
  • 5) Punishment of dissenters.

In America, that process started in the 1940s when notorious pederast (and “Father of the American Gay Movement”) Harry Hay’s Mattachine Society adopted “the right to be left alone” (the essence of tolerance) as its motto. This was not incidental, but part of a deliberate long-term legal and political strategy built upon SCOTUS Justice Louis Brandies’ theory that a “right to privacy” could be found in the “penumbras” of the U.S. Constitution.

That theory later became binding constitutional law, powerfully facilitating progressive judicial activism by leftist judges, which bypassed the peoples’ legislatures and imposed many culture-transforming policies upon us through the courts – the most consequential being advancements of the “sexual revolution” at the expense of Judeo-Christian moral norms. I have summarized that progression here.

Do not be deceived: In America’s culture war, the LGBT movement has been both the point of the spear and the thrusting arm behind it all along, and the other contingents of the progressive coalition have never been equal partners but always just a “stable of assets” of the “gays.” Many of the major change agents, like Brandeis, have been Jews, not (as claimed by neo-Nazis) because they “control everything” as a single monolithic block (the presence of many stalwart Jewish allies in the conservative movement alone belies that), but because their history of internal cultural liberality on sexual matters (in reaction to overly-restrictive Christian “puritanism”) made their more secularized members early targets in the homosexualization of the Western world. Just as the Boy Scouts, the U.S. military, the Anglican Church and countless other formerly conservative bastions more recently fell to the LGBT agenda, secularized Judaism was conquered (very early) by the same malign force.

As recent history has shown, no groups other than the strongly religious (e.g., true-believer Christians, Jews and Muslims) have displayed enduring effective resistance to the social virus of sexual anarchy – which “virus” is “progressive” not just in the sense of serving a pro-active political agenda, but also in the sense of spreading a degenerative behavioral disorder akin to drug or porn addiction: always worsening over time in ever more defiling and degrading forms of desire and conduct. And so, not just individually, but collectively (as a society containing increasing numbers of afflicted individuals), tolerance gave way to acceptance, then celebration of what prior generations of Americans rightly shunned as depraved and demonic.

Celebration trending to forced participation is the current stage of homo-fascism most of America is suffering. Some parts of the country – the deepest red regions – lag behind at the cusp of acceptance and celebration. Very few have held their ground at tolerance – the only (barely) biblical posture when observed as a “don’t ask, don’t tell” general approach toward individual strugglers and their social groups. Some places – primarily the deepest blue cities and universities – have reach the cusp of forced participation and punishment and are actively punishing dissenters to the (growing) extent that they can get away with it.

Importantly, the progressives are masters of incrementalism – an approach that is imposed on their street-activist armies by the “executive committee” elites, such as the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg whom I spotlighted as Exhibit A in my exposé of the strategy (exactly 10 years ago). She contended in a special speech at U Chicago Law School that Roe v. Wade was a bad ruling because it moved too fast, creating the pro-life movement. I argued that she was telegraphing to the left that SCOTUS was NOT going to create a right to “gay marriage” in its two pending LGBT cases as the street activists demanded and expected. I was soon vindicated in that prediction.

Likewise, I recognized that the ultimate champion of LGBT cultural supremacy, Justice Anthony Kennedy, who wrote all four of the majority opinions imposing it on us by judicial fiat, was not turning against his own cause in Dale v. Boy Scouts of America (2000) by siding with the pro-family majority. Nor, in my opinion, was he showing himself to be a true supporter of Dale’s hybrid right of “expressive association” (combining the right to free speech with freedom of association) in agreeing that the Boy Scouts should not be forced to embrace homosexuality in its ranks. He was only preserving the strategy of incrementalism – knowing that America was not ready for that step. Kennedy gritted his teeth and did it again in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission in 2017 (on the question of whether a baker could be forced to put a pro-“gay” message on a cake) because America was still not quite ready.

But then, after Kennedy resigned in 2018, Donald Trump threw a huge boulder in the path of progressive incrementalism by giving us a “conservative” majority on the Supreme Court that – thank God – is not following conservative tradition by preserving the new status quo created for them by their liberal predecessors. They are instead acting more like true constitutionalists and finally overturning lawless precedents like Roe v. Wade and (it is anticipated) the even more insidious Obergefell v. Hodges invention of “gay marriage.”

But it must be remembered by the activist armies of the right that they (we) have at least as major a part to play in the judicial roll-back to constitutionalism as our street-level counterparts on the left had in prior decades. Our present advantage at the high court MUST be maximized while it still exists, and that means we should be actively fighting the bad laws on the ground to create legal conflicts that can eventually reach SCOTUS. My long-time friend Hal Shurtleff of Camp Constitution did this with the help of my other long-time friends at Liberty Counsel – winning a stunning 9-0 victory for freedom of speech in the Christian flag case in my deep blue home state.

That victory could never have happened without Christian/constitutionalist street activism against bad laws. And there are no worse Constitution-killing laws in America than those crushing our freedoms under the rainbow jackboots of the LGBT movement. Homo-fascism is insidious and deadly and it must be fought first in the streets before honest judges can overturn it in the courts. Our people should be constantly “mis-gendering” and “dead-naming” and otherwise (non-violently) “breaking” those unconstitutional laws for the purpose of creating martyrs with standing to sue the government and every woke institution that practices homo-fascism. As journalist James O’Keefe famously exhorts: Be Brave – Do Something!


The above article was originally published in April 2023 under the title “We’re on Step 4 of homo-fascism plan.”

June 21 The Myth of the ‘Gay’ Conservative

By definition every self-identified or self-declared homosexual is either deceived, a deceiver or both. The truth about human sexual identity is manifest in every person’s body: you’re either male or female with self-evident complementarity to the opposite sex. Yes, some people have a birth defect that causes them to have two sets of genitalia (one if which is almost always incomplete), just like others are born with a hare-lip, six fingers or are co-joined as twins – but such cases are rare exceptions that prove the rule. In my wild liberal youth I once dated a girl who had two overlapping nipples on one breast (the other was normal). It was an intriguing oddity but a clear abnormality. There is no “third sex” only the reality of binary heterosexual physiology – and everything about human sexuality originates in and is premised upon that fact.

We are ALL heterosexual beings with the capacity for engaging in all forms of sexual conduct (limited only by morality and opportunity), and we never stop “being” heterosexual just because we decide or declare ourselves to be something else based on the voluntary behavioral choices that we make, no matter how strong the temptation to indulge in those behaviors may be.

Now, there are various reasons someone might perceive themselves as non-heterosexual when they reach the age that such issues become relevant to them. In my study of gender identity disorder, those factors are nearly all if not exclusively psychological in nature, relating to a very young child’s perceptions of his or her actual or surrogate parents. Simply put, in toddler-hood a child first begins to differentiate maleness and femaleness in adult care-givers and ponders which type he or she is. If, for example, Daddy is a violent drunk or is never home, a little boy might decide to model himself on Mommy – a choice that has no sexual implications at that time, but does later when pre-pubescent ideas about pairing with the “opposite” sex get confused because of then-ingrained habits of personality, socialization and expectation.

At any stage of development, even adulthood, gender identity disorder is a reparable condition as the ex-”gay” movement has proven time and again. That fact is so threatening to the LGBT political agenda that it has spent billions of dollars and millions of journalistic “man-hours” trying (largely successfully) to criminalize reparative talk-therapy and demonize the very notion of heterosexual reorientation: all while simultaneously insisting on absolute self-determination for even very young children who (under the guidance of LGBT teachers and community activists) declare themselves “transgender” and demand extreme “medical assistance” to transition. The cognitive dissonance in this contradiction is, literally, psychotic/demonic.

In any case, there is really no such thing as a “homosexual” in the sense of being designed by God or nature to exclusively function contradictorily to ones physiology. Despite their best efforts and massive funding over many decades, pro-LGBT scientists have failed to come up with any objective test to prove homosexuality is anything other than a state-of-mind. To this day there is no way for anyone to know conclusively whether a newborn or pre-born baby will be “gay” in adulthood – meaning all of the relentless propaganda that “gays” are “born that way” with no hope of recovery is a gigantic steaming pile of steer manure.

Sure, there are many self-identified/self-declared “gays” who honestly believe they ARE born that way – but their self-perceptions about their sexual identity (starting in mid-childhood or later) arise long after their orientation was mis-directed by environmental factors in early childhood. And even if that were not true and there were some genetic basis for same-sex attraction disorder (SSAD), all sexual conduct except rape is voluntary. If the all-too-common inclination toward heterosexual promiscuity can be controlled, for example, by married people, why is it assumed that homosexuals have no choice but to indulge themselves same-sex relationships?

And if we create a social right to sexual lifestyles based on inclinations and temptations for “gays,” how can we prevent that logic from normalizing the relationships of “Minor Attracted Persons” (MAPs) with a generation of children newly granted total self-determination in sexual matters (unless, of course, they want to “go straight”)? We can’t, and that very cutting-edge frontier has become the new Shangri La of the sexual revolution – but has been the goal from the very beginning: “the repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent” being Demand #7 to the US States in the landmark “1972 Gay Rights Platform” of the first national conference of (200) LGBT organizations – a demand that has never to my knowledge been repudiated by any homosexual leader over the past half-century.

On the other hand many other SSAD sufferers (a majority, I believe) know full well that aren’t “born that way” (having “become gay” only after experiencing sexual trauma or grooming by an adult or older child).

Thus, every “gay” is either deceived or a deceiver or both, meaning that anyone working to normalize homosexuality in society is furthering a false narrative wittingly or unwittingly. False narratives are the stock-in-trade of the progressive movement, especially when they relate to the sexual revolution, which is the core strategy of Cultural Marxism for overthrowing Judeo-Christian civilization. ANYONE who adopts the label of “homosexual” is serving the cause of the political left, no matter how much they might otherwise align with conservatives on social issues, even LGBT issues, because they are denying the reality of their own creation by God as a “heterosexual” and affirming the lie that a person’s sexual choices irrevocably define them.

There is no such thing, therefore as a “gay conservative.” If you claim “gayness,” you are both a liar and an insurrectionist against God’s natural order and His model for civilization.

The closest one can get to being a legitimate “gay conservative” is admit to himself or herself that one’s struggle with same sex attraction disorder (no matter how difficult that struggle has been) is a condition, not an innate identity, and one’s eventual reorientation to heterosexual normalcy would be the best resolution to one’s situation. A struggler of this type, who can abide by a policy of “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” should be fully welcomed into, and be fully protected from “outing” by the conservative movement. I have known and worked with numerous such individuals over the years. The shorthand for this recipe for inclusion is “MYOB, not LGBT!”

Telling outsiders to “mind your own business” about private sexual lifestyles as a matter between you and God is the only truly conservative posture. Affirming the false presuppositions of LGBT ideology by publicly calling yourself “gay” always serves the “progressive” agenda and defies God’s agenda.


June 22 Ronald Reagan vs the ‘Gay Conservative’ Myth

Caption: Putative Roman Catholic “Justice” Anthony Kennedy is the elites’ hatchet man who established LGBT cultural supremacy over Christianity at SCOTUS (see Day 19 of this series). But a few months after Peter Thiel’s GOP convention speech (and a little more than a year after he his “gay marriage” ruling in Obergefell v Hodges), Kennedy’s son Gregory received a plum position in Thiel’s financial empire. Per Wikipedia: “since October 2016, [Gregory Kennedy is] the chief operating officer at the investment bank Disruptive Technology Advisers, which works closely with … Peter Thiel‘s Palantir Technologies.” Thiel actually appears to be be owner of DTA. In hiring his son, was Thiel just grateful for Anthony Kennedy’s judicial activism or was this a Biden-like pay-off? Could Thiel have been Kennedy’s “Rasputin” or “éminence grise” all along? And, if so, does this level of strategic maneuvering help to explain Trump’s disturbing capitulation on LGBT issues?

Ironically, I think I sat with Thiel at a conservative banquet years ago without knowing who he was (other than a founder of PayPal) and believe he would have fit my exception for a true conservative until he was “outed” by the leftist Gawker magazine. He funded Hulk Hogan’s unrelated lawsuit against Gawker and essentially bankrupted it, but Gawker ultimately won that war and achieved its objective by prompting Thiel to join the cause of normalizing the LGBT agenda — undoing all his prior good work for conservative causes in the sense that the “sexual revolution” is the Cultural Marxists’ super-weapon against the Judeo-Christian culture that “conservatism” exists to conserve.

Day 22 (first published July 28, 2016)

Ronald Reagan vs the ‘Gay Conservative’ Myth

It was with disappointment but not surprise that I read the news about the standing ovation that openly homosexual Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel received at the Republican national convention. It’s being spun by some conservatives as merely appreciation for Thiel breaking ranks with the Trump bashers of Silicon Valley, but in fact there’s a serious problem of moral compromise on the homosexual issue in the GOP and we need to face it for what it is.

Ronald Reagan was not a perfect man, but he was a great man and an outstanding leader whose presidency marked the high point of conservatism in the latter half in the 20th century. In 1983 President Reagan did two things that exemplify the battle of left and right ideologies that still define the culture war: On February 3rd of that year, in a message to the National Prayer Breakfast, he declared 1983 to be “The Year of the Bible,” and one month later in a speech to the National Association of Evangelicals, he declared the Communist Soviet Union to be an “Evil Empire.” In that latter address he contrasted America’s Judeo-Christian heritage with the Atheism of the Soviets, explaining that this contrast was at the heart of the conflict between the US and USSR.

In 1980 Candidate Reagan rode a wave of populist conservatism into the White House, in defiance of the GOP establishment, which was forced to settle for getting their man George Herbert Walker “read my lips” Bush in the VP slot. They bided their time and once Reagan was termed out they went back to steering the ship of state toward the New World Order with Mr. Bush, the former CIA spymaster, at the helm.

But President Reagan had been so effective at articulating conservative values, and so courageous in pushing back against his Cultural Marxist opponents in media, academia and government, that America experienced a massive spiritual, cultural and patriotic revival during the 1980s whose influence lingers even today.

So powerful was Reagan’s impact on the GOP, that the hands of elitists Bush, Dole, Bush, McCain and Romney were publicly tied on the homosexual issue, though the GOP brass kept advancing the “gay” cause behind the scenes. And so powerful was the revival of moral values of the Reagan Revolution on the culture at large, that it’s taken more than a quarter century, millions of hours of pop-culture propaganda, the complete takeover of the US public education system, and the blatant hijacking of the federal judiciary for the Cultural Marxists to undo it.

Reagan’s power did not come from the Party, it came from his Biblical values. And his conservatism was not measured by how many feet it walked behind liberalism on the path to globalism. What he fought to “conserve” was the authentic Christian worldview of the Founding Fathers as embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. He did not accept the Marxist “Tide of History” lie, but pushed boldly in the opposite direction, advancing the Kingdom of God in world affairs and reclaiming lost territory in the domestic culture war. Under Reagan, “American Exceptionalism” was real, and not just a neo-con euphemism for bullying the world.

Ronald Reagan would never have allowed Peter Thiel to use the GOP stage to legitimize homosexuality, nor would the populist conservatives of the Reagan Revolution have ever applauded it.

Reagan knew that true conservatism is absolutely incompatible with the “gay” agenda. The two are as contradictory in principle and practice as marital fidelity and adultery. Every plank of its platform rests on the foundation of the Bible, from private property, to national identity and security, to personal freedom, to law and order: Conservatism stands for the truth of God or it stands for nothing. And the truth of God is clearer on the danger of legitimizing sexual deviance, especially homosexuality, than on any other social policy. It was the Reagan-era Supreme Court that affirmed the right of states to criminalize homosexual sodomy in Bowers v Hardwick (1986) a decision vigorously defended by Reagan appointee Antonin Scalia, his closest ideological ally on the court.

Ronald Reagan reminded America that our enemy was Marxism, that the root of its evil was godlessness, and that its goal was the total elimination of Judeo-Christian civilization. To quote The Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engles directly, “Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things.”

The primary tactic of Marxists is syncretism, meaning the blending of two opposing views into a compromised view that’s always one step closer to Marxist goals. It’s called the Marxist Dialectic, and was taught to Soviet schoolchildren with a little dance: “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back — Net Gain One Step.” In other words: Demand a radical leftward change of policy and then compromise with the conservatives so that you get only part of what you demanded, but still move forward toward your goal. That strategy is detailed in astonishingly forthright terms in the must-read LGBT Manifesto, “The Overhauling of Straight America.” 

Sadly post-Reagan Republicans have proven to be endlessly gullible and susceptible to this strategy.

Nowhere has this been more obvious than at Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Network. In 1996 Fox designated itself as the guardian of the conservative hen house and heir to the Reagan legacy, launching what began as a genuinely conservative news network. Over time, however, Fox became merely an arm of the GOP. As Republican elites increasingly capitulated to the Marxist “Tide of History,” especially on LGBT issues, Fox continuously adjusted its personnel and programming to reflect the compromises and make them palatable to the masses.

On behalf of the GOP establishment Fox has led the way in normalizing the myth of the “gay conservative,” and other “conservative” media outlets have followed suit, such as Breitbart with it’s openly “gay,” spotlight-hungry representative “Milo.” But like the truth of the Bible, true conservatism doesn’t “change with the times.” If it abandons its logical presuppositions, such as the resolve to protect civilization from the cancer of sexual degeneracy, then it loses all moral authority. True conservatism must agree with God that “A man must not lie with a man as with a woman. It is an abomination” (Leviticus 18:22).

President Reagan once said in a speech to his conservative supporters “Without God, there is no virtue, because there’s no prompting of the conscience. Without God, we’re mired in the material, that flat world that tells us only what the senses perceive. Without God, there is a coarsening of the society. And without God, democracy will not and cannot long endure. If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”

By Reagan’s standard we’re going under. It’s time for conservatives to reject the Marxist-invented myth of the “gay conservative” and get back to Biblical truth.


Postscript: It is true that in 1978 as former California Governor, Ronald Reagan helped to kill the Griggs Amendment which would have prevented open homosexuals from being public school teachers. But I believe that battle and the subsequent takeover of the teachers unions by the “gays,” opened his eyes to the reality, so that during his presidency he was a staunch pro-family advocate.

June 23 How I Became a ‘Homophobe’

At the outset, let me apologize for the use of the slur “homophobe,” which I contend is the rhetorical equivalent of “Fag,” and “Bull Dyke,” and should as a matter of basic civility be excluded from public discourse. I use all three slurs today for illustration only. 

As a second preliminary, let me admit that it is probably true in some few cases that people who strongly oppose the LGBT agenda do secretly struggle with same-sex attraction. I don’t see anything wrong with that motive, and if it helps them resist those destructive urges, more power to them. That is not the case with me, although I’m often accused of it, my favorite example being one lady who insisted she could tell I was a homosexual because I have “kind-hearted eyes,” bless her heart. I’ve always replied that I really don’t care if my enemies think I am secretly “gay” – while also challenging them to be intellectually honest and admit that if I were “gay,” that presumption should strengthen my case, not weaken it, in the same way that being a former drug addict and alcoholic (which I am) strengthens my arguments against substance abuse. But logic was never the strong suit of these types.

To be clear, by the mercy of God I have never experienced same-sex attraction, romantic or sexual. But as a former alcoholic and drug addict I have always sympathized greatly with those who struggle with that sin/behavioral disorder, which is not “Gay,” but “SSAD.” Indeed, in my observation Same-Sex Attraction Disorder” is the toughest of all behavioral dysfunctions to cope with for two reasons. 

First, unlike most other addictions the conduct one gets addicted to is not triggered by some external stimuli like pouring alcohol down your throat or pulling the arm of a slot machine, but the unavoidable prompting of one’s internal sexual wiring. While it is technically true that all addiction is really about brain chemicals (what you actually get addicted to is stuff like endorphins) the external triggers also play an essential role. With sex addictions, you can’t, like with whiskey, escape the temptations by simple abstinence and avoidance – you have to actively re-wire your sexual circuitry to re-orient your sexuality to match your physiology (which is hard, but not impossible) and to extinguish the harmful habits. That “re-wiring” can happen spontaneously through genuine lifestyle changes (most effective in the Christian spiritual context) or through “reparative therapy” such as one-on-one counseling and ex-gay groups equivalent to Alcoholics Anonymous. I know many ex-”gays” for whom these methods have been life-changing and it is outrageous that the Marxists are trying to criminalize “gay” recovery all over the world. (To help counter that malign effort support the life-affirming work of the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity).

Second, unique in all behavioral science is the vehement, often violent resistance of SSAD sufferers to the assertion that recovery is possible, and real hatred for those who pursue it. While there are some pale similarities to the phenomenon of active drunks mocking people who “go on the water wagon,” and others who try to entice their recovering drinking buddies to come back to the bar, nothing in the world of recovery truly compares to the militarized anti-recovery industry of the LGBT movement, complete with relentless propaganda comparable to that of a nation at war and the persecution of dissenters at levels not seen since the Soviet Union. That is, of course, because they ARE, metaphorically, a “nation” at war – in reality just a vast army of useful idiots waging “sexual revolution” against Judeo-Christian civilization in service to Cultural Marxist elites (many of whom are afflicted with the same disorders). To encourage recovery is, literally, to undermine their military power. 

But back to the subject of how I became a “homophobe.” In my teens and twenties I was a hard-left liberal on all the social issues. When my lesbian sister Shelly (third in order of the six children I was the eldest among) decided to come “out of the closet,” I was the first person she approached because I was so liberal and “tolerant.” A few years later when I moved to Portland, Oregon because of the liberal drug laws, I hired a lesbian as my car mechanic, and when I later formed a semi-Marxist-style “workers collective” of independent home repair contractors, I didn’t hesitate to retain the new phone dispatcher “Doug” I’d just hired when he confessed to being a transvestite named “Rita” after hours. I could virtue-signal with the best of them.  

The first change in my thinking occurred when a family I knew closely debated whether to take in a relative: a “gay” older teen boy accused of molesting kids while serving as a counselor at a boys camp back east. Naively, I didn’t hesitate to recommend they do it to help the kid get a new start on the west coast. A year or so later that family was in terrible crisis when it was revealed that this “gay” teen had molested their four-year old son. Later it was alleged he molested an older son as well. The family only discovered this when they sought counseling for the younger boy to understand why this formerly sweet and adorable child had become violent and filled with rage. That family never did recover. Both of the molested boys descended into drug addition and criminality as teens and, to my knowledge continue on that trajectory to this day.  

It was during that family’s traumatizing wake-up call that my own family life changed massively as well. My addictions threatened to ruin my own family and, on my knees in a secular residential rehab center, I ended up getting saved and healed in prayer. I surrendered my life to Christ and was transformed in body and mind.

Shortly into my recovery life I received a call from Shelly whose own life had also entered a crisis phase. She had been discharged from the military for mental health problems and her lesbian partnership had become abusive. I led her to the Lord over the phone and she repented of lesbianism. Shelly had developed bi-polar disorder, which I had come to recognize as extremely common among homosexuals. My Dad (who was not homosexually oriented to my knowledge but had similar issues) was bi-polar, and by observation I had surmised that the condition was at least in part a consequence of irreconcilable mental conflict over indefensible personal conduct relative to objective reality and moral absolutes.  

But it was only later, when I became a Christian culture warrior against the killing of unborn babies that my eyes were opened to the reality of the war of the deathstyles against the culture of life – and saw with my own eyes that the army of the left – at least on the front lines — was mostly LGBT activists. That’s when I became a “homophobe,’ determined to stop them from the literally demonic goal of destroying humanity (including themselves), thinking they were doing “good.” That, of course, put me in their cross-hairs more than almost any other American. 

Of all the evil they did to hurt me, the worst was the “murder” of my sister. She had fallen back into a platonic (emotionally) lesbian-lite lifestyle with a former partner dying of cancer who needed a companion. When the global news media falsely and maliciously accused me of masterminding the “Kill the Gays” bill in Uganda, Shelly had a mental health breakdown I assumed was related to that. When in a manic state she got violent at the VA hospital, she was put in 4-point restraints without water so long that she got blood-clots in her lungs. There was a brief mad scramble supposedly to save her, in the midst of which she died of a heart attack. My Mom won a wrongful death lawsuit against the VA over that.

I believe but can’t prove that Shelly was mistreated – even murdered – because leftist LGBTs or their allies hate me – many of whom reading this testimony even now will rejoice that I suffered this terrible loss. Yet, despite that belief I don’t hate the LGBTs like they hate me. I became a “homophobe” (long before Shelly’s demise) to try to save them from the consequences of their sin and to save my country (and the world) from their mission to supplant Christianity with Marxism. (As Jesus said on the cross “forgive them Father, they know not what they do.” )

Despite everything they’ve done to me, I truly love them with the love of Christ as much as they hate me for being like Him. If that’s “homophobia” then, yes, I AM a “homophobe.”    


June 24 America’s Most Famous ‘Gay’ Nazi

Above: Photo and caption from Page 280 of The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, 4th Edition, Chapter Eight, “Homo-Fascism After Hitler.”

America’s Most Famous ‘Gay’ Nazi

Given that the entire coalition of leftist institutions in this country from the corporate media propagandists to “critical race theorizing” academia, to violent street activist networks like BLM and Antifa, to the Biden White House, and even our military and intelligence agencies have all been hyperventilating about the threat of “White Supremacy” for the past few years, you would expect the name Frank Collin to be on the lips of every politician and pundit. But, instead …. crickets.  

On June 24, 1978 Frank Collin staged the most notorious display of White Supremacy and Antisemitism and in American history. The head of a recreated Nazi Party based in Chicago, Collin shocked the nation with a plan to march his troop of actual Nazis in full uniform and regalia through the Jewish suburb of Skokie. Here’s a short summary from the Wikipedia page of the National Socialist Party of America which he founded in 1970:

“In 1977 Collin announced the party’s intention to march through the largely Jewish community of Skokie, Illinois, where one in six residents was a Holocaust survivor. A legal battle ensued when the village attempted to ban the event and the party. Represented by a Jewish ACLU lawyer in court, they won the right to march on First Amendment grounds in National Socialist Party v. Village of Skokie, a lawsuit carried all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, though it failed to carry through its intention (at the last minute, Chicago relented and [in 1978] they marched there instead).”

I was a Portland, Oregon-based hard leftist in those days and learned about this event in advance. My first marriage (to a Russian-Jewish girl) had failed after just one year due to my pot-head stupidity, and I had bought a ten-day Amtrak train pass as the first step in a return to my drifting nomadic lifestyle. Rolling eastward through the western states I met a couple of Antifa-types in the observation car on their way “to throw stones at the Nazis in Chicago.” Over a snack of marijuana brownies they invited me along, but I declined because I wanted to get the full value out of my train pass (and stayed on for 9 ½ days: Portland to LA, to Montreal, to St Peterburg, FL). In retrospect, I wish I’d been there in Chicago to see the spectacle with my own eyes.

Years later as a “right-winger” exposing the homosexual roots of the Nazi Party, I discovered that one year after the Chicago march, Frank Collin was convicted and jailed for sex with boys: he was a pederast! — just like the original Nazi Brownshirts of 1920s Germany. Now you know why Frank Collin is almost NEVER mentioned by the left, and why the entire incident is largely memory-holed (although ABC News broke ranks in 2018 to invoke the Skokie incident as a way to bolster the Charlottesville “very fine people” smear against Trump).

Film buffs will recall the “gay Nazi” sub-plot of The Blues Brothers in which comedian Henry Gibson plays a role based on Frank Collin, leading his troop of Nazi goons on a sporadic chase of the Chicago-based band. In the climactic scene for the Collin character, as his car plunges him toward certain death, he turns to his Nazi companion in the driver’s seat and exclaims “I have always loved you.” 

While Frank Collin has long been portrayed as a far-right figure (notwithstanding the fact that the Nazis openly named themselves Socialists!) I have long suspected that Collin’s “real-life” Nazi persona may have been as phony as the Blues Brothers portrayal.  

First of all, Collin was the half-Jewish son of a self-proclaimed Holocaust survivor and his chief defender was a Jewish left-wing activist ACLU lawyer, David Goldberger. While that fight by a Jewish lawyer to preserve the swastika as a symbol protected by the First Amendment is usually cast as a free speech purist’s heroic defense of free expression, it also ensured that at least in the short term, swastika displays would serve as a powerful motivator of counter-action.

Second, Collin’s term as a Nazi figurehead parallels the birth and rise of the Southern Poverty Law Center (the world’s most lucrative direct-mail fund-raising operation cynically using “right-wing hate” as its pitch to fleece wealthy Jewish donors). Collin founded his Nazi chapter in 1970, the SPLC was founded in 71.

Third, the most significant outcome from the Skokie outrage was the establishment of the Chicago Holocaust Museum in 1981 – a major boost to the vision of creating a national network of such museums, which is important because…  

Fourth, a key LGBT political strategy begun in the 1970s was the fabrication of a “Gay Holocaust” equivalent to that of the Jews. As soon as the Holocaust museum network arose it was hijacked by the “gays” to advance that fraudulent “pink triangle” narrative (as documented in my book The Poisoned Stream, specifically Part Three “How American Gays are Stealing the Holocaust”). 

To be clear, I am a staunch defender of the truth of the Jewish Holocaust – which was the deadly fruit in Nazi Germany of the exact same eugenics movement that spawned the abortion industry in the US (and today pushes “transhumanism” world-wide). But I am a vehement opponent of the Gay Holocaust Hoax which is a gross exaggeration of the deplorable but relatively minor mistreatment of a small minority of German “gays.” Kevin Abrams and I wrote The Pink Swastika to debunk that fraud, but we couldn’t stop the more devious “gay” exploitation of the Jewish Holocaust through control of the museums.

Even today, the landing page of the US Holocaust Museum in D.C. (whose hugely influential first director was openly “gay” Klaus Mueller) features the Gay Holocaust lie. And scroll down on the home page of the Chicago Holocaust Museum to read about “Celebrating Queer Joy in 1920s Berlin” and how “LGBTQ Kids are Under Attack” by a Florida law banning “gay” propaganda to elementary school students. (Importantly, these Holocaust museum are “must visit” field-trip destinations for virtually all public schools in driving range.) Plus, read about their new CEO: Illinois’ most prominent LGBT lawyer/activist (see below). Collin’s antics made all this possible.

From his squalid Nazi lair in the Marquette neighborhood of Chicago, America’s most famous “gay” Nazi, Frank Collin and his handful of (FBI plant?) followers, generated a media circus that garnered the attention of the world and created the impression in the public mind that the Nazi Party was alive and well in America, and a major threat to minorities. In a very real sense that circus may be viewed as the equivalent a false-flag terror attack in that it rallied the nation against a common enemy to serve hidden political agendas, because in retrospect his swastika flag really does seem to have been a “false flag:” just a theatrical prop.

What decidedly wasn’t false among all the swirling factors in this landmark historical event was Frank Collin’s pederasty – the same sexual deviance that characterized so many of the actual Nazis of Hitler’s party and regime. So, ironically, in the final analysis, Collin’s perhaps phony Nazi street theater antics really did reflect his own inner-Nazi identity. And that’s the fact the public will never be allowed to know.    


PS. Meet the new CEO of the Chicago Holocaust Museum (see announcement below) as summarized by Google:

“Bernard Cherkasov, a lawyer by training, was the CEO of Equality Illinois, the Midwest’s largest civil rights organization advocating for LGBTQ equality. Under his leadership, Equality Illinois supported legislation including Illinois’ marriage equality law and a national model ban on ‘conversion therapy.’

 “Cherkasov was at the forefront of the campaigns for passage of civil unions and marriage equality in Illinois, as well as legislation that enhances hate crime protections and protects LGBT youth through strengthened anti-bullying policies and a conversion therapy ban.”

Translation of the Voice of the Museum:
Move Over, You Homophobic Jews, We Queers have a Higher Agenda.”

June 25 The Cure for ‘Gayness’

Or do you not know that the unrighteous ones will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor coveters, not drunkards, nor verbal abusers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. And some of you were such. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God. (1 Corinthians 6:9-11). [Emphasis added]

For with God nothing shall be impossible” Luke 1:37

As we know from 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, ex-“Gays” have been a part of the Christian church from its earliest days. That scripture was foundational to the ministry of Exodus International, which served as a hub for many independent groups of ex-“Gays” around the world from 1976 to 2013. Exodus was so named to evoke the exodus of the Hebrew slaves from Egypt in the Bible, and to analogize compulsive same-sex attraction and conduct to slavery from which one could be delivered by God.

Though I have never experienced same-sex attraction, I attended several Exodus conferences and other functions and was deeply impressed by the glowing Christian character of many of its members and the overpowering presence of the Holy Spirit, especially during their worship in music. I have always had a special place in my heart for “Gay” strugglers and have ministered to many individuals over the years as an aspect of my Bible-based Christian activism.

As with any compulsive behavioral disorder, homosexuality is tough to overcome. There’s an aspect of physiology involved in all addictions – drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, video games, porn, whatever – that addicts the struggler to his or her own pleasure-related brain chemicals that are released when they act out. Unlike most other addictions, however, sex-based ones are especially hard to escape because sexuality is hard-wired in us and the brain chemistry associated with sexual release is extraordinarily powerful. If you never experienced cocaine, you’d never miss it, but everyone is sexual by nature, and the sexual impulse is continual throughout life, whether you want it or not.

Once your brain associates sexual pleasure with any particular illicit act or fetish – especially during the formative years – the stage is set for possible addiction. You can’t un-ring the bell and you can’t prevent the bell from ringing again in the part of your brain where temptations dwell. The more you indulge the temptation, the louder and more insistent the bell will ring. What is worse, the shame associated with indulgence create an inner turmoil which enhances the effect of the brain chemistry and becomes a part of the addictive cycle.

For example, in 1992 my wife and I cared for an ex-“Gay” man, Sonny, in our home during the last year of his struggle with AIDS. He had been raped by a friend of his father in the men’s room of a YMCA at the age of seven, triggering a terribly degrading fetish compelling him to seek out the strong smell of urine during his homosexual dalliances. But at his death, unlike the all-too-common horror stories of unrepentant “Gay” AIDS victims thrashing and screaming in their last moments of life, Sonny was freed from his bondage and passed peacefully into the arms of Christ, as I and a few other of his closest friends (an ex-lesbian and two former Satanists) sang his favorite worship songs in his hospital room — the presence of the Holy Spirit wafting over the entire ward. It was truly glorious — one of the sweetest experiences of my Christian life.    

For my part, I was miraculously healed of drug and alcohol addiction in 1986 – on my knees alone in prayer at a (secular) treatment center – after sixteen years of bondage that started at the age of 12.

I believe it was because my prayer was one of total surrender to Christ, holding nothing back, that I never had another desire to drink or take drugs ever again to this very day. I’ve never once had to exercise will power, because the temptation was completely miraculously extinguished.

Nevertheless, I attended Alcoholics Anonymous regularly for over a year and saw that for many addicts temptation fades very slowly but they can stay abstinent through the constant mutual encouragement of fellow-sufferers. A few years later when I became familiar with Exodus International, I noticed that the successful local groups of ex-“Gays” seemed to follow the same general approach.

AA enjoys enormous public support, even among drunks who don’t wish to seek recovery. Nevertheless, the relapse rate for alcoholics is very high.

Exodus International, on the other hand, not only did not have public support from anyone but Christians and Torah-faithful Jews, but suffered the full relentless wrath of the powerful LGBT political movement from Day One! Why? Because every one of its members was living proof that homosexual self-indulgence is a choice (even if the temptation isn’t). Every member of Exodus was thus individually a target – with the goal of forcing them to relapse, recant and re-commit to a “gay” self-identification.

And, of course, many did fall back under that assault, including Alan Chambers, who closed Exodus in 2013 with an apology for ever suggesting homosexuals could overcome same-sex temptation. Alan “went back to Egypt,” metaphorically speaking, while the surviving chapters simply migrated from Exodus to other more Biblically-oriented networks and added him to their prayer list.

But if vilification and ridicule are the “stick” driving “gay” strugglers to relapse, then so-called “gay theology” is the “carrot” that tries to lure them back into bondage. Gay Theology is the Christian heresy that fraudulently reinterprets the Bible to change its message from condemnation to affirmation of homosexuality.

From apostate Derrick Sherwin Bailey’s Homosexuality and the Western Christian Tradition in 1955 to a rising flood of more recent publications “Gay Theology” has always been satanic bait to tempt those with same-sex attraction into lives of active homosexual sin. It is also a seductive siren-song for ex-“Gays” in the weak moments of their recovery.

In tandem with “Gay Theology” is the heresy of antinomianism, which holds that salvation by grace frees the Christian believer from accountability to the moral law (which fails the most basic test of logic if theft or murder is substituted for sodomy in the equation: reductio-ad-absurdum).

Antinomianism is the heresy Paul debunked in the book of Romans, which, importantly, begins with a correlation of homosexuality with the “reprobate mind” (Romans 1:18-32), and follows with a detailed treatise on law and grace in chapters 2-8, contrasting “justification” (salvation by faith alone, Romans 5:1), with “sanctification” (becoming Christlike, Romans 6:12-19).

Effective ministry to Christian “ex-“gays” and backsliders requires a basic understanding of Paul’s teaching. While justification is by faith alone, sanctification requires work: specifically, proactively following the spirit of the moral law that underlies the letter of the law. To the argument that “gay sex” (or stealing) will send you to hell, the heretics cite “salvation by faith alone” and they’re right on that narrow technicality when taken out of context.

But their deadly error is missing the truth about sanctification:

1) becoming Christlike is not possible without following the spirit of the moral law and cooperating with Him in the transformation process, and

2) only a false Christ contradicts the spirit of the moral law to rationalize sin, meaning if you’re doing that in His name you’re probably not saved because you can’t be justified by faith in a false Christ. This is why “faith without works is dead” (James 2:20) because faith is proved by its fruit (not perfection but changed character and behavior) – as measured by the spirit of the moral law.

“Gay Theology also confuses grace with mercy. Grace is God’s dispensation of an unearned gift, while mercy is His forgiveness for sin-earned punishment. Moral equations involving homosexuality and its consequences are not governed by grace but mercy.

Thus, the darkest spiritual condition for “Gay” strugglers arises from declaring that homosexual temptation and conduct is a “gift” of God (blaspheming Him – and the Holy Spirit – by contradicting His explicit moral law), while simultaneously pushing away His hand of mercy by insisting that homosexual sin doesn’t need forgiveness. Such a person is doubly cursed.

“Gay theology” is thus not just a threat to the integrity of the Church, it is a diabolical trap designed to ensnare same-sex attracted believers in a soul-binding heresy. That fact was my motivation to write The Petros Prophecy — debunking “Gay Theology” while exposing it as the last days heresy warned about by the Apostle Peter.

Our duty as Christians is to boldly affirm the truth and encourage “Gay” strugglers to do the same – especially if they’re backslidden – because grace can come only from the true Christ, and forgiveness for sins of defiance is only effective for those who admit they need it.

The Apostle John perhaps said it best in 1 John 1:8-10: “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.”

That graceful summary contains both the essence of “gay” recovery and the remedy for relapse.


A prior version of the above article was published in September of 2017 under the title “Biblical Law, Grace and ‘Gay’ Recidivism.”

June 26 Tinky Winky and the Murder of True Marriage

I’m writing this letter in the early hours of June 26th , the anniversary of the murder of marriage in America in the Kennedy majority’s 5-4 SCOTUS ruling in Obergefell v Hodges (2015) inventing a constitutional right to “gay marriage” by judicial fiat. You’ve heard of “fiat money” created from nothing? Well, the Obergefell ruling was “fiat morality.” 

In protest, I have never read the Obergefell decision because I hold it to be illegitimate on its face — not only because it’s blatantly unconstitutional, but because two members of the Kennedy majority, Ginsberg and Kagan, grossly violated their ethical duty of impartiality in having performed same-sex “weddings” during the pendency of the case. Before that ruling was issued, I led a protest in front of the Supreme Court with a sign reading “Ginsberg and Kagan Don’t Get to Choose — Biased Judges Must Recuse.” Their betrayal of judicial ethics was the most egregious in the court’s history.  

Obergefell v Hodges is the coffin within which the institution of true, natural marriage has lain dead and decomposing since that day, draped, oh so appropriately, under a purple funeral shawl. 

Funeral purple has always been the color of “Gay Liberation” and the LGBT “death-styles” since October 31st 1969 “when activists protested the San Francisco Examiner’s series of anti-gay articles by protesting in front of the building. Employees of the newspaper dumped purple ink on the peaceful protesters. The activists used the ink to draw slogans on the building and to make a visible mark of gay uprising.” That’s a quote from an LGBT history blog called Queers United. That landmark event is why purple (actually the whole color spectrum from purple to lavender to pink) has ever since symbolized “gayness.”   

Years ago the late Jerry Falwell was mercilessly mocked for asserting the true fact that a pop-culture toy called Tinky Winky (a character in the childrens’ Teletubbies TV show) was designed to groom kids as LGBT allies/experimenters. Tinky Winky (a boy) was colored purple, sported the “gay” movement’s inverted purple triangle on his head, and often carried a red purse. Unknown to most normal people, per Wikipedia: “Twink is gay slang for a gay man who is usually (but not always) in his late teens to twenties whose traits may include a slim to average physique, a youthful appearance that may belie an older age, having little or no body hair, flamboyancy, and general physical attractiveness.“ 

In other words, a “Twink” is an effeminate teen boy, just like its cartoonish derivative “Tinky Winky” (and the children who identified with him) were intended to become when they grew up. And isn’t that exactly what happened to a large number of so-called “soy boys” of that generation? How many of those young men who grew up watching the child drag queen Tinky Winky cavort on television are the same ones now “transitioning” into fake women? Pat was absolutely right that purple Tinky Winky was a tool of leftist social engineering, i.e, “grooming.” 

Importantly, purple is also the color of the US “Uniparty” representing the unity of Cultural Marxists in the Blue Democrat Party and the Red Republican Party. We must never forget that RINO Republican Anthony Kennedy’s partnership with the four Democrats of the Kennedy majority in Obergefell was a prime example of Purple Uniparty social engineering – but with infinitely greater cultural effect than Tinky Winky.  

We must also recognize that the coup which locked down the world to oust Trump in 2020 was in actuality a Soros/Clinton/Obama domestic color revolution launched in 2016: the “Purple Revolution” to be exact. And it was driven in large part by the LGBTs in both parties (primarily Clinton and Obama

 on one side, the Bush dynasty’s “Lincoln Project” on the other. 

The word “revolution” is misleading, however, because it misrepresents the Cultural Marxist/LGBT strategy of incrementalism — evolution, not revolution — notwithstanding the fact that the umbrella banner over the various components of the strategy has read “Sexual Revolution“ since Wilhelm Reich (a Freudian psychoanalyst and author of The Mass Psychology of Fascism which exposed the homosexuality of the Nazis) coined the term in the 1930s.   

The grooming of children is a long-term process, as was the murder of marriage. Obergefell wasn’t a knife stabbed through the heart in a back-alley surprise attack — it was a decades-long poisoning of God’s institution of marriage. And it happened in full view of the public, beginning with the concurrent SCOTUS legalization and Hollywood normalization of adult fornication, adultery and radical feminism in the 1950s and 60s, evolving to the normalization of abortion and “gay” liberation in the late 1960s and 70s, then “safe sex” education and the normalization of “casual” copulation by teenagers in the 80s and 90s, etcetera. Obergefell was just the terminal event — the morphine drip euthanasia of a hospice patient — but it was still murder: a deliberate unjustified killing — not a natural death.  

The last three of the four Kennedy Majority rulings establishing “gay” cultural supremacy over Christianity in America were all published on June 26th in different years. Only the first one, Romer v Evans (1996), was decided earlier (in May), but that was before “Pride Month” was forced upon us by Bill Clinton in 1999. Thus Lawrence v Texas (2003) was the first of the four to be released on June 26, with just enough lead time before “Gay Pride Day” (June 28th, the anniversary of the Stonewall Riot of 1969) to ensure maximum gloating triumphalism on that most sacred of all pagan holidays. That intentional SCOTUS set-up for perfectly timed purple propaganda grand slam home runs was repeated again in 2013 and 2015. 

Why does the normalization of “gay marriage” represent the murder of true marriage? Because God-instituted marriage is His cocoon of protection for the one man/one woman “one-flesh” foundation of Judeo-Christian civilization. That exclusive “one flesh” paradigm is the most foundational affirmation of God’s natural order in human society. The “one flesh” IS marriage! To defile and redefine it to legitimize homosexual sodomy is to destroy it.  

Who most benefits from the murder of marriage? The enemies of Judeo-Christian civilization, all of whom are represented in the prophetic sense in the Antichrist Kingdom the Lord warned would rise in the last days. But until the foundation of Bible-based civilization was broken, the counterfeit kingdom of the demonic realm could not be raised on the shifting sands of moral ambiguity, situational ethics and lust-driven lawlessness. And, of course, it’s no coincidence that demonic activity has become increasingly common and obvious since 2015, nor it’s open association with the LGBT cause. 

I will end this letter with an excerpt from a Pink News story in 2019. “In a interview for documentary Hail Satan? published in Attitude magazine, Satanic Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves …said: “It would be a conservative estimate to say that more than 50 per cent of our membership is LGBTQ…He explained that before the US Supreme Court ruled in favour of equal marriage, the Satanic Temple had planned to test ‘religious freedom’ laws by holding a gay Satanic wedding. “We will always fight… to the death to ensure that there are equal rights for the gay community.”

And with this additional article showcasing the centrality of “gay marriage” to the Satanic agenda.

June 27 Don’t Let Groomer Tantrums Trump Truth: Three Precepts for Effective Push-Back

The groomer doth protest too much, methinks!

Queen Gertrude, in Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

(paraphrased for satiric effect).

One of the first things I learned as a newly minted pro-family activist in the late 1980s was that the closer one comes to hitting the mark in stating truths unfavorable to the LGBT cause, the more vocal and violent is their outrage. I noticed it first regarding public comments pointing out the obvious, factual association of AIDS with sodomy: extreme, rend-your-garments level over-reaction. I observed it again in response to my book The Pink Swastika thoroughly documenting the homosexual roots of the Nazi Party. The fury that unleashed was like kicking a hornets nest. 

But the most violent LGBT reactions have always been triggered by exposing their homosexual recruitment of children. For example, the whole world watched the left’s immediate and continuing full-throated all-hands-on-deck counter-attack in support of Disney and public school grooming policies after Governor DeSantis exposed them. 

So, Precept #1 is this:

Regarding facts which threaten the LGBT agenda, the more consequential the truth being told, the more loud and anguished the LGBT tantrums.

Unfortunately, Precept #2 is this:

The “Tantrum Tactic” actually works by triggering a primal “rescue the victim” impulse in fellow humans.

This is the reason that women (the softer hearted sex) in general, and liberal women (and girly men) in particular, are the most susceptible to LGBT propaganda, and frankly to all appeals to “victim-hood” (except the actual victim-hood of unborn babies, which is suppressed at all costs behind obscurantist euphemisms). If a group can plausibly define itself as a “victim” of Christians or Conservatives, the left will support them even to the point of excusing rioting and murder against their “oppressors” (e.g. Black Lives Matter). It’s not rational, but it’s a real thing, and it is central to Marxist “victim plunder” strategy.

Have you seen ANY public discussion on the still sky-high correlation of AIDS and receptive anal intercourse since the 1980s? Have you seen ANY public debate on the heavily documented homosexual roots of the Nazi Party EVER? Have you seen the media admit the existence of an LGBT political “agenda” EVER? The proof is in the pudding. LGBT tantrums have worked spectacularly to suppress truths they don’t want discussed.

“We’re the victims, here!” wail the teachers and administrators whose elementary school grooming tactics and agenda are now being systematically exposed to a nation of shocked and angry parents. Even more insidiously, these groomers and their powerful network of defenders are adding “These children are victims! – of systemic societal and parental ignorance and bigotry.”

These upside-down arguments are literally Diabolical – a tactic of Diablo, the Devil, who always calls good evil and evil good. These children ARE victims, but victims of the sexual deviants our society has allowed to infiltrate and commandeer every major social institution we have.

Let’s talk about how grooming works as a practical matter. Grooming is roughly synonymous with recruiting. We don’t use the word “recruiting” related to the homosexual movement, because of LGBT tantrums in the 1980s and 90s. 

For years I’ve been waging a lonely campaign to get normal people to stop adding the “Q” to the LGBT acronym. “Q” stands for “questioning,” meaning primarily young people who, because of relentless LGBT promotion and propaganda, are questioning whether they might be “gay,” “lesbian,” or “bisexual.” Unless you’re a groomer yourself, why would you grant to the LGBT movement that those vulnerable kids should be part of their coalition? We should all be fighting tooth and nail to rescue those young people from their clutches! Similarly, while it’s fun to mock the ridiculous ever-growing alphabet parade of categories, every one of those additions is a social power-grab we shouldn’t assist by repetition.  

Those of us against the grooming of children should recognize that “Q” really stands for ReQruitment, and that prompting a child to start questioning they might be “gay” or tranny (that God might have made a mistake in their creation) is itself grooming.

Lets also clarify here that recruiting/grooming is much broader than just trying to lure kids into sexual relationships with adults. In the past “grooming” was associated almost exclusively with pedophilia, but even in the LGBT community, pedophiles are a minority. 

Proportionally the percentage of pedophiles IS much higher among LGBTs than in the larger society, especially among homosexual men (cue the screaming tantrums). Pederasty, or sex between adult men and pubescent boys, is a sub-category of pedophilia and has been the core of male homosexual culture going back even before the Greeks of Plato’s time. It was a defining characteristic of the early Nazi Brownshirts, and is the common denominator in the few homosexual crimes that still make the news these days. Harvey Milk, Jim Jones (of Jonestown), Obama bundler (and Human Rights Campaign founder) Terry Bean, Portland Mayor Sam Adams, Seattle Mayor Ed Murphy, Kevin Spacey, recently convicted Ed Buck, Obama “Safe Schools Czar” and GLSEN founder Kevin Jennings, and most of the founders of the American LGBT movement going all the way back to the 1920s are proven or plausibly accused pederasts.

And yet, homosexual pedophiles are definitely NOT the majority of LGBTs, especially when you include lesbians, whose sexual attraction to minors is much less common than among men, in my observation.

Focusing only on the pedophile aspect of recruiting blinds us to the bigger and more dangerous phenomenon. The LGBT pedophile is focused only on satisfying their own perverse sexual cravings which are, of course, terrible crimes that must be prevented if possible, and harshly punished if not. But it is limited to just those children they can physically get their hands on through grooming. 

The much larger agenda of the long-term LGBT vision is to recruit ALL the children into the ideology of sexual anarchy in which there are no boundaries to sexual conduct, and in which homosexual experimentation with EACH OTHER is the means to determine one’s own “sexual identity.” And given that one’s first sexual climax is the human psychological equivalent to “imprinting” among birds, the percentage of children who then decide they are “gay” grows (and has grown) exponentially.

What the LGBT movement wants, and has largely achieved, is total cultural and political hegemony. The “sexual revolution” has been their vehicle, which they, not their heterosexual co-conspirators, have been driving all along. And the final phase of that century-long plan is the wholesale recruitment of our children and grandchildren into their movement as the final victim class, fighting the “oppressive” older generations to win their right to sexual self-determination, meaning the right to indulge in any fantasy in the realm of sexual anarchy, and to punish those who get in their way. Got that, “Boomer?”

We started losing this war back in the 1980s when we accepted the false premise that “discrimination” against sexual perversion is “morally wrong.” That flipped logic on its head and essentially criminalized Biblical values on sex and family. If you legally can’t discriminate against something, you make it impossible to stop. The LGBT stranglehold on the teachers unions (and every other arm of leftism) is living proof. The inertia of “traditional values” ensured that resistance to their agenda would continue on a steadily declining scale as propagandized youth replaced traditionalist elders, but now the left believes it is so close to making our dissent irrelevant, they’ve dropped their pretense and broken out in a mad dash for the finish line.

HOWEVER, the good news in this analysis is that Trump and the MAGA movement have proved that we still have a sizable traditionalist majority, no matter what the lying media wants us to believe. And ironically, that majority is actually growing larger with every illegal alien the Democrats lure across the border. (They may be invaders, but they’re mostly pro-family invaders. God has a sense of humor.)

Our new anti-grooming battlefront is starting to drain the LGBT swamp like I never thought would happen. Parents are taking back school boards and big corporations are rethinking their “wokeness” as Disney stock is plummeting and Bud Light is being de-throned as the “King of Beers.” The entire left is screeching like banshees that “grooming” is a lie, proving that we’re precisely on target.

It is time to remember Precept #3:

Half-Measures Can Not Defeat an Implacable Foe. 

This culture-war is a zero-sum game. It’s like the fight against cancer in your body. You won’t truly be well until the cancer is purged. To be clear, the cancer is the agenda, not the people. The people are salvageable. The LGBT ideology, on the other hand, is demonic and thus irredeemable.

As this “anti-grooming” truth-liberation campaign picks up steam, let’s determine to take back ALL the ground and fully restore God’s standards on sex and family that blessed our nation for so many generations. THAT, more than any other factor, would truly make America great again. And let’s not stop this time, just because they throw a fit.


A previous version of this article was published in May of 2022 under the title “The LGBT Agenda is Worse than just Grooming.” It was the article and video that got Dr. Lively’s YouTube channel terminated.

June 28 Homo Hate Crimes and Hoaxes

June 28 Happy “Pride” Day

The First Homo Hate Hoax of the Era of Gay Supremacy … was the LGBT movement’s cynical spin casting the violent Stonewall rioters as victims of police brutality, when, according to an inside source, the well justified police action was to break up a presumed pederast ring involving a boy “drag queen.”

The rioting that ensued on June 28, 1969 has ever since been celebrated in
“Gay Pride Day.”

From Azalea Cooley in the early 1990s to Jussie Smollet and Ellen “Elliot” Page more recently it has become almost axiomatic that a “hate crime” against an LGBT will eventually be proven to have been either staged by the “victim” or an act of “gay on gay” violence.  

And why not, because our very “hate crime” laws here in America are based on the most consequential of all homo hate crimes, the Matthew Shepard Hoax. To this day, despite the fact that our federal hate crime law is literally named after him and untold thousands of public school children have been brainwashed in “gay” propaganda through a play about his life, the majority of Americans still do not know that the Matthew Shepard hate crime story was a hoax. That’s because (with very rare exceptions) homosexual political activists and their “progressive” allies sitting in most of the seats of power in the mainstream media are LIARS.

What’s that, America? This is the first you’ve about the Shepard hoax? What a surprise. You mean to say that your trusted mainstream news sources neglected to remind you even once over the past decade that a “gay” journalist in 2013 exposed the Matthew Shepard “hate crime” murder as an incident of “gay on gay” violence by poor Matt’s former sex partners in a drug deal gone bad? Hmmm. 

Maybe the Shepard hoax was such a rare incident, and so damaging to the otherwise worthy effort of protecting “gays” from violence that we should forgive the media for suppressing the story? After all, it is certainly true that homosexuals as a class truly are victims of terrible persecution and violence. Aren’t they?

Let’s look at some of the most high profile examples this century. We all know, of course, that the allegedly most hateful “anti-gay” regime in the world is Uganda. We know that because the media tells us so. We know especially about Ugandan “gay rights” leader David Kato, murdered in broad daylight in January 2011 in Kampala by a vicious homophobe allegedly inspired by the “hateful” preaching of yours truly.

But, no, after a week of world-wide hysterical hand-wringing and finger-pointing by the leftist media and “human rights” groups, the Ugandan police caught the killer, who turned out to be a male prostitute, Enoch Sydney Nsubuga whom Kato bailed out of jail to be his live-in lover and houseboy. Young Enoch confessed to bashing in Kato’s head with a hammer and is now serving 30 years in a Ugandan prison. Read the whole story HERE.

So Kato was just another super-high-profile “gay” murder that turns out to be “gay on gay” violence. Didn’t see that follow-up coverage in your trusted mainstream news sources? Don’t take it so hard. The Marxist law firm that sued me for “Crimes Against Humanity” (based largely on the Kato case) didn’t include those inconvenient facts in their complaint, either. If the urgency of the “gay rights” cause can justify lawyers bound by strict rules of ethics to withhold these facts from an (albeit complicit) U.S. federal judge, what do you expect as a mere member of the public from journalists with no ethics at all?

Speaking of hammers, they seem to be the weapon of choice for many “gay” men who want to murder their lovers. A couple of years ago the conservative Daily Mail reported on the 1986 murder of President Obama’s high-school drug dealer and party-pal “Gay Ray” Boyer by his live-in rent boy…with a hammer.

But I digress.

Are there any more examples of persecution of homosexuals in the news? Well, there’s that nationally reported case of the lesbian waitress who was the object of a cruel message instead of a tip. But no, that turned out to be a hoax. Then there’s that guy in, Utah, was it? The one who claimed in 2017 “that he was robbed twice by bigots who force-fed him bleach and carved “Die Fag” into his arms.” We all saw the pictures cause that story got major coverage. But no, that turned out to be a hoax also. (Nice try, Dude. But, hey, kudos for creativity!)

Wait, what about that famous “gay” celebrity journalist, Carlos Castro, murdered in his hotel room in New York a few years ago? Oops, that was just another “gay on gay” killing, this time (close your ears men) due to blood loss after castration with a corkscrew. Ouch! (I guess there weren’t any hammers around.)

The “gay” killer of “gay” fashion celebrity Gianni Versace (Elton John’s pal), used a hammer, but not on Versace. He shot Versace but killed several other “gay” friends with a hammer. But again, I digress (It’s hard to maneuver around all these heaps of corpses in the “gay” community).

I could go on and on but you get the point. I’ve got a huge file on these cases, even bigger than Brian Clowes’ convenient, well documented online list

As cited in the lead, one of my favorite “gay” hate-crime hoaxes was the case of Azalea Cooley back in Portland, Oregon in 1992 (#6 on the Clowes list) when I was the spokesman for the No Special Rights Act (Ballot Measure 9).

Poor Azalea, a wheelchair-bound Black lesbian, was subjected to a vicious months-long hate campaign that included 21 cross-burnings on her front lawn… until a couple of rogue cops set up their own private sting and caught Ms. Cooley walking out her own front door in the dead of night with a wooden cross and a can of gasoline. Which, of course, didn’t stop the No on 9 campaign (one week later) from conducting their massive “March Against Hate” parade from Azalea’s neighborhood to downtown Portland, with their “hate-crimes” poster-child Azalea leading the parade… in her wheelchair!! (You couldn’t make this stuff up.)

No one, of course, asked Azalea’s lesbian partner (who worked for the Sheriff’s Department), or Police Chief Tom Potter (a No on 9 spokesman whose daughter was an open lesbian on the force) why law enforcement could never catch the “hate criminals” prior to the rogue cops’ sting. Potter went on to become Mayor of Portland while I continued to be accused by the Oregon media of “creating a climate of hate and fear” for saying “gay rights” activists are liars. Go figger.

Perhaps the greatest of all international hate crime hoaxes – still ongoing – is the portrayal of homosexuals as exclusively victims rather than the primary perpetrators of Nazism. 

As “gay” journalist Johann Hari (another rare truth-teller) admitted in his Huffington Post article, “The Strange, Strange Story of the Gay Fascists”: This is a taboo topic for a gay left-wing man like me to touch, but there has always been a weird, disproportionate overlap between homosexuality and fascism….With the exception of Jean-Marie Le Pen, all the most high-profile fascists in Europe in the past thirty years have been gay…. Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell [explains] …‘They are going for hyper-masculinity, the most extreme possible way of being a man….These troubled men have a simple belief in their minds: ‘Straight men are tough. Queers are weak. Therefore if I’m tough I can’t be queer.’ [Bashing the Femmes] is a desperate way of proving their manhood.’” 

Indeed, even the ultimate “gay” claim to victim status — persecution by Nazis under the Third Reich — was almost entirely Butch/Femme “gay on gay” harassment, as Kevin Abrams and I exhaustively document in The Pink Swastika.

So don’t be fooled, folks. The “gays” are not the victims, at least not as a class. They are usually the bullies beating up each other (or themselves) on and off camera, sometimes by consent, to dupe the public into granting them collective “victim status,” with all of the extensive social and political benefits that entails. Just remember, in America today, “hate crime” almost always means “hate hoax.”


Portions of this article were published previously in a February 2014 article titled “The Anti-Russian Human Rights Watch Video is a Hoax.”

June 29 The Final Battle is Upon Us

It may seem surprising that God would choose something not considered essential to the Gospel of salvation as the litmus test for faithfulness to His Word in this generation, but from Genesis to Revelation He warns that civilization will stand or fall on the issue of homosexuality. Why? Because it represents extreme rebellion against God’s natural order at the most foundational level of human relationships.

Without the one-flesh paradigm of Genesis 1:27 and 2:24 there is no natural family, and without natural families cooperating for mutual benefit there are no self-sustaining organic communities to grow and refine civilization through networking, only dog-eat-dog self-centered individualism and barbarism: the law of the jungle.

Civilization as we know it was made possible by sexual self-restraint through the institution of true marriage: lifelong, child-nurturing, heterosexual monogamy.

Satan’s strategy is to use the lure of “sexual freedom” to deceive human beings into dismantling civilization ourselves, piece by piece, in the reverse order to which God made it.

Sex itself is most like fire – a great blessing when safely contained but a deadly curse when unleashed: the difference between a campfire and a wildfire. Satan’s “sexual revolution” has systematically torched one social institution after another, producing a wildfire that is now spreading by its own power toward a raging conflagration intended to burn all of civilization to ashes before our eyes.

First we normalized the “sexual freedom” delusion by legalizing “fornication,” a word which means “to misuse the fire burning within you” (from the root for “furnace”). That was the purpose of Griswold v Connecticut (1966) legalizing “contraception on demand” for married couples, which was quickly extended to non-married people in Eisenstadt v. Baird (1971). Discussions on the morality of contraception aside, the true purpose of Griswold was to set up Eisenstadt to separate sex from both marriage and procreation and establish “sexual freedom” as a universal social value.

Then we normalized adultery state by state, by removing its social stigma and legal consequences via a model statute on No Fault Divorce, released in 1967 by the Uniform Law Commission. Divorce law that punished adultery had been both an effective deterrent to infidelity and a powerful cultural affirmation of the importance of marriage. Soon, “faultless” divorce reached pandemic status and is still slowly worsening.

Then “abortion on demand” was established with Roe v Wade in 1973 after a tsunami of out-of-wedlock babies, conceived by legions of newly “freed” libertines, threatened to cause a backlash against the sexual revolution. The very purpose of the abortion industry is to preserve the delusion of “free sex without consequences” by murdering the witnesses whose birth and childhood would disprove the lie.

Roe v Wade triggered a Christian cultural backlash that crested in the 1980’s “Reagan Revolution,” then slowly faded under the suppression of the Bush and Clinton dynasties, until Trump packed the Supreme Court with pro-life Justices who finally reversed the Roe decision as federal law (but NOT the curse of abortion itself which is still legal in most states and deeply entrenched in our culture nationally.)  

The next major step in deconstruction occurred with Lawrence v Texas in 2003, decriminalizing sodomy, which in Biblical and classical legal terms is synonymous with homosexuality. 

That made possible the complete nullification of Biblical marriage norms in Obergefell v Hodges (2015), purporting to establish a constitutional right to “gay marriage.” That step was especially destructive: the end of the social and legal consensus recognizing the marriage-protected natural family as the wellspring of civilization. It was a game-changing triumph of the artificial-reality of the Marxist-driven soft-sciences over the hard science of the natural order. And a triumph of the religious dogma of Secular Humanism over Theism.

The next and current stage, normalizing “transgenderism,” is about formally rejecting Genesis 1:27’s precept that we are created “in his image, male and female:” our very identity as humans.  

But now the “sexual revolution” has advanced so far, and has gained such speed and momentum that the final battle – against “transhumanism” – is also emerging upon us simultaneously. Even as transgenderism softens up today’s young people to be “guinea pigs” for tomorrow’s cyborg experimentation (to blend humans with animals and machines), the transhumanists are rapidly advancing and integrating the sciences of genetics, robotics and artificial intelligence, to produce the necessary technology.

This final two-front battle is an assault on the reality of Genesis 1:24-26, in which God separated humans from animals, and animals from each other, as distinct “kinds.” While transgenderism is the inferno incinerating the civilized order, transhumanism is Satan’s sledgehammer to destroy the final foundation-stone of the natural world on which it was built. 

He is very close to achieving his goal, begun in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, to persuade humanity to become our own gods. And indeed, what is transhumanism, really, but humans taking the role of God into their own hands! – creating “superior,” even immortal forms of ourselves – essentially “eating from the Tree of Life,” which God closed Eden to prevent from happening: Genesis 3:22-24.

In June of 2013 (long before Obergefell) I predicted all this would occur. And in January of 2020 (long before the Marxist coup that took out Trump) I predicted that collapse of our culture would “speed up and intensify in 2020, but that a larger part of the Bible-faithful remnant will rise up in response like we haven’t seen since the Reagan Revolution.” 

We are today in the midst of a counter-revolution begun during the Obama years that escalated under Trump and soon will rival what we had under Reagan. That’s a hopeful truth, over which looms the prospect of Satan’s final triumph – a (short-term) kingdom of his own. The outcome and timing is in God’s hand and His prophetic calendar. Our role is to fight for right with all we’ve got – regardless of the outcome. Either way those of us in Christ will win – either an earthly end-time revival-based reprieve or a Messianic rescue (before or after tribulation).  


June 30 Why America Should Follow Russia’s Example

Pastor Scott doing Russian radio interview in St. Petersburg, 2007

In 2007, in my capacity as a missionary to the global pro-family movement, my wife and I lived in Riga, Latvia for a few months. Riga was the headquarters of the Russian-speaking denomination sponsoring our year-long speaking tour through the former Soviet Union to warn the Christians of the East of the coming LGBT tsunami that had, even then, already devastated the West and enslaved a large share of its children. The Russian-speaking world was, of course, aware of the issues because virtually the entire post-Soviet society (like the rest of the world) was awash in Hollywood and Manhattan moral sewage (Revelation 18:3) and the George W Bush State Department was already pushing “gay pride” parades globally (while W himself cynically pretended to pander to Christian conservatives back home).

I was recruited by Pastor Alexey Ledjaev of Riga-based New Generation Church, after one of my US supporters gave him a copy of my book The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party. He realized I had the knowledge and the boldness to help him wake up Russian-speaking Christendom. I thus was invited to be a speaker at their highly impressive international conference in the summer of 2006, followed by a fall/winter trip to Blagoveshchensk, Russia (in the far east) and then a whirlwind tour of seven former Soviet countries in 2007 including the Baltics from our “home base” in Riga. 

Our Riga sojourn allowed us to immerse in the former Soviet society and learn its ways and culture, which was a fascinating mix of good and bad. One of the bad things the Latvians faced was a plague of highly skilled pick-pockets. We were riding a local train one day when onto our car came a man I immediately realized was a pick-pocket – who had instantly picked me as his target. It was the strangest feeling psychically squaring off from twenty feet away, knowing he was going to try to steal my wallet, and him knowing that I knew but having such confidence in his skill that it didn’t matter. I backed my wife and I into a corner of the car by the door so he couldn’t get behind me, and he followed us, maintaining a pretense of nonchalance. As we approached the next stop and others moved toward the door to debark, he suddenly turned around and pressed his back hard against my front as if he was being crushed by the crowd. 

When I angrily shoved him forward, he turned and glared threateningly into my eyes while poking me painfully in the chest as if to blame me for aggressing against HIM! And then, in a flash, he turned and jumped off the car as it came to a stop. He had utterly perfect timing. For just a split second, I felt a flush of triumph knowing I had thwarted him from stealing my wallet, but that suddenly gave way to an emotional gut-punch of embarrassment when, wondering why my pen had just fallen out of my shirt pocket onto the floor, I realized he had stolen my phone — from that pocket.   

The moral of this story is that the knowledge that you are targeted by evil men does not necessarily give you the power to stop them.  

My job in the former Soviet Union was to teach the history, goals and tactics of the LGBT movement to Russian Christians and conservatives to empower them to protect themselves from the rising flood of LGBT propaganda and social engineering. I knew that they could not prevent that flood because the evil men behind it are too skilled, too powerful, and too dedicated to their agenda. But I knew the Russian-speakers could survive the flood if they properly prepared for it – like Floridians facing an impending hurricane. 

Wisely, some of my host congregations, especially in Russia, got me into the universities where I addressed packed auditoriums of college students. These were the future leaders who were most important to educate – and it was truly a surprise to me how conservative they actually were. 

Of the thousands of students who attended my lectures, I can remember only two students who expressed any disagreement at all with my comments, and those two were very mild. Indeed, by far the most common comment I got in the after-class conversations was “That could NEVER happen here,” to which I always replied “That’s what we Americans used to think.” The most pleasantly shocking example of this reversal of perspectives (relative to American college students) was in St. Petersburg where the most conservative young people of the entire tour were the students of a college for the performing arts!  

The most important advice I offered throughout my tour was to focus on protecting the children from the agenda. The social engineers don’t care what the grey-hairs want or think – their focus is always on the children. My final action of the tour as we were about to return to the US was to publish, in St. Petersburg, my Letter to the Russian People

My prescriptions in that letter are radical by modern American standards (to our shame) but they were well received by the Russian-speaking people. In fact, two years later St. Petersburg became the first of numerous Russian cities to ban LGBT propaganda to children. That ban was adopted nationally by the Russian Duma (Congress) and signed into law by President Putin, June 30, 2013. I am very gratified to have played my small part in that victory. Russian schoolchildren will never face the relentless groomer/tranny/drag queen culture that enslaves so many American children (unless NATO wins and spreads “our democracy” across the Russian Federation).

On August 30, 2013, I published “An Open Letter to President Vladimir Putin” and physically mailed it to him along with a copy of The Pink Swastika.  In it, I warned that “The battle to protect your society from homosexualization has only just begun, and you may be surprised to discover in the coming months and years just how aggressively many world leaders will work to try to intimidate and coerce you to capitulate to homosexualist demands.”

I strongly believe the advent of that Russian ban moved up the timing for the (inevitable – long-planned) Obama/Soros Ukraine coup, beginning with the LGBT “rainbow sabotage” of the Russian hosted Sochi Olympics in February 2014. I organized a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC that month to support Russia’s pro-family stand and push back against the sabotage.

Importantly, Ukraine was one of five post-Soviet countries planning to adopt the Russian ban for themselves. However, because of the coup, Ukraine today is not only the proxy battlefield for trying to destroy (and then Balkanize) Russia, it’s leader Zelensky is a champion of the LGBT cause who has himself performed in drag. None of the five countries followed through to protect the children.

America may very well be a lost cause, but if there is ANY hope at all for surviving and coming back from the globalist agenda we must do what Russia has done (and Florida and a few other states are starting to do on a smaller scale) and protect our children from the LGBT agenda which is the essential core component of the globalist strategy. We can’t stop the tide of evil from rising, but we can put at least some of America’s children in lifeboats of moral sanity so they can perhaps rebuild what we have failed to preserve. If we aren’t willing to do all we can to save these kids, then WE aren’t worth saving and deserve everything that’s about to unfold.