The Ugly True History of LGBT Normalization

Information in this Section is Offered as a list of Links and Short Summaries Organized Primarily in the Form of a Timeline, and Secondarily by Topic.

The Deepest Roots of the Modern LGBT Movement

**** 1795 ****

Let’s start at the very beginnings of the modern homosexual movement to highlight its very earliest pioneer. And for our source lets avoid even the slightest hint of anti-homosexual bias and turn to the pre-eminent scholarly journal of the LGBT community, the Journal of Homosexuality, and one of its most respect contributors, Gert Heckma PhD, of the Gay Studies department of the University of Amsterdam. In his 1989 article, titled “Sodomites, Platonic Lovers, Contrary Lovers: The Backgrounds of the Modern Homosexual” (Vol. 16, No 1. 1989) Heckma writes:

“The most important exception to the philosophes’ ambivalent politics of the body was D.A.F. Marquis de Sade, who based his political philosophy precisely on sodomy…Sade used sodomy as a particularly good example of what seemed to be unnatural, unreasonable and purposeless, but which could in no way be proven to be against nature or reason. Sade’s Philosophy in the Boudoir (1795) was a clear apology for the decriminalization of pederasty [man/boy sex] and sodomy…Sade emphasized that there were no rational arguments against any form of social behavior, be it prostitution, lust murder, or sodomy, and he strongly opposed the suggestion that theft, prostitution, sodomy or lust murder were against nature…. [cited and continuing in the following articles]

Nothing to Celebrate in LGBT History


Schoolchildren to Drink “Gay” Koolaid in October



****Early 1900s****

[In the late 1800s and early 1900s ] a group of moral perverts … surrounded the last Kaiser : Moltke, Haessler, Eulenburg, Lynar, Wedel, Schulenburg, Hohenau, etc., etc., to say nothing of the Kaiser’s cousin, King Ludwig II of Bavaria and his associates. The lives of these men seem like a prophetic fulfilment of the description given in the first chapter of Paul’s letter to the Romans, verses 27-32…This indictment could he taken as an historical description of the men around the Kaiser who brought on the first world war and also Hitler, together with his immediate followers, who plunged humanity into the greatest disaster of all time. Conscious of this, Count Schulenburg, a leader of the homosexualist group around William II, tried to give a completely contrary meaning to the words of the Apostle. [Excerpt from Germany’s National Vice (1945) which details the central role of homosexuality in the lead-up to both WWI and WWII]

Germany’s National Vice by Samuel Igra

The Emergence of an Organized Homosexual Political Force

What Comes Next?


What’s Next on the ‘Gay’ Agenda after Transgenderism?