Swamp Rangers Structure

Swamp Rangers is building a nationwide system and structure to facilitate grassroots social activism for American citizens to take back our country. It is more of a movement than an organization, but has both traditional and non-traditional structural elements.

All Rangers at every level are self-funded and self-regulated volunteers.

The core traditional structure is a top-down hierarchical leadership system headed by a Commander in Chief (Dr. Lively) with plenary authority in all things, assisted by a staff of cabinet ministers who oversee specific departments, and layers of regular subordinate officers with authority over their own subordinates, like an army. All of this is designed to maximize efficiency in organizing large numbers of people in a common mission. The specific details of this internal structure are confidential and proprietary.

The non-traditional structure is organic and self-organizing. Members of Swamp Rangers are each independent agents responsible for themselves. They may operate as an Army of One or, formally join any registered unit of the organization, or work informally with any one or more registered units, or join or create ad hoc groups outside the official Swamp Rangers network.

For example, a Ranger with a special interest in recalling corrupt public officials could formally join a unit that focuses on collecting petition signatures on recall campaigns, or informally go out with a team collecting signatures to help out, or create an ad hoc group to go door to door or man a table in a shopping mall.

But any Ranger can also build their own formal organization of volunteers and recruit new or existing Swamp Rangers to join their unit. To create a unit, a Swamp Ranger must apply for leadership status and be accepted. The details of the application and acceptance process are confidential and proprietary.

These non-traditional or “irregular” units can be organized on any basis within the scope of the Swamp Ranger mission, subject to approval by leadership, including issue-focused units such as 2nd Amendment, Pro-Life, Term Limits, or Religious Liberty; geographical-focused units, such as state-wide, all inner-cities anywhere, or a particular city or town or region; target-oriented units such as a group seeking to recapture control of pubic libraries from the far left, a Wikipedia Editor Truth Team, or a Fox News Boycotter group.

Dr. Lively has his own “irregular” unit focused on reforming American Christendom by organizing Christian clergy and their “armor-bearers” in a modern Black Robed Regiment. His unit is called the Revolutionary Remnant Regiment, and pre-dates the Swamp Rangers project, but has now been incorporated into Swamp Rangers.