Swamp Rangers

Swamp Rangers was formed just prior to the 2020 election in the expectation that President Trump would have a contiguous second term, in which the Marxist usurpers could be purged from the seats of power in America. Then came the election fraud coup that put OBiden back in office and solidified Uniparty control. Swamp Rangers has thus gone into dormancy, awaiting the possibility that Trump will be restored to power in 2024. In the mean time, please enjoy the Swamp Ranger section of our website as a “museum exhibit of what might have been” …

And always remember that the Swamp Ranger approach is satirical and tongue-in-cheek. We actually have Christian love for the “vermin” we seek to depose, want them to be saved and healed of their “wokeness,” and ask you to join us in prayer for that far better outcome.

Also, we’re still accepting members who want to get in on the ground floor, just in case the doorway of opportunity for draining the swamp opens again.

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