2020: The final culture-war battle is coming

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It may seem surprising that God would choose something not considered essential to the Gospel of salvation as the litmus test for faithfulness to His Word in this generation, but from Genesis to Revelation the He warns that civilization will stand or fall on the issue of homosexuality. Why? Because it represents extreme rebellion against God’s natural order at the most foundational level of human relationships.

Without the one-flesh paradigm of Genesis 1:27 and 2:24 there is no natural family, and without the naturally occurring mutual cooperation and co-dependence of natural families there is no network of self-sustaining organic communities from which civilization can naturally emerge, only dog-eat-dog self-centered individualism: the law of the jungle.

Civilization as we know it was made possible by sexual self-restraint through the institution of true marriage: lifelong, child-nurturing, heterosexual monogamy.

Satan’s strategy is to use the lure of “sexual freedom” to deceive human beings into dismantling civilization ourselves, piece by piece, in the reverse order to which God made it. The “sexual revolution” works from the branch to the trunk to the root like a life-wasting disease.

As I stated in my short-form version of this essay, “Sex is like fire – a great blessing when safely contained, a deadly curse when unleashed: the difference between a campfire and a wildfire.” Satan’s “sexual revolution” results in forests of trees as dead and dry as tinder that today are engulfed in raging forest-fires, burning civilization to ashes.

First we normalized the “sexual freedom” delusion itself — “fornication” – from the root for “furnace” meaning “to misuse the fire burning within you.” That was the purpose of Griswold v Connecticut in 1966 legalizing “contraception on demand.” Discussions on the morality of contraception aside, the true purpose of Griswold was to separate sex from procreation to establish “sexual freedom” as a universal social value.

Then we normalized adultery state by state, by removing its social stigma and legal consequences via a model statute on No Fault Divorce, released in 1967 by the Uniform Law Commission. Divorce law that punished adultery had been both an effective deterrent to infidelity and a powerful cultural affirmation of the importance of marriage. Soon, divorce reached epidemic status and remains there.

Then “abortion on demand” was established with Roe v Wade in 1973 after a tsunami of out-of-wedlock babies, conceived by legions of newly “freed” libertines, threatened to cause a backlash against the sexual revolution. The abortion industry exists to preserve the delusion that “free sex without consequences” is possible, by murdering the witnesses whose birth and childhood would disprove it. Abortion is thus the spiritual equivalent of Old Testament child sacrifice.

Roe v Wade triggered a Christian cultural revival that crested in the 1980’s “Reagan Revolution,” then slowly faded under the suppression of the Bush and Clinton dynasties.

The next major step in deconstruction occurred with Lawrence v Texas in 2003, decriminalizing sodomy, which in Biblical and classical legal terms is synonymous with homosexuality.

That made possible the complete nullification of Biblical marriage norms in Obergefell v Hodges (2015), purporting to establish a constitutional right to “gay marriage.”

This step was pivotal: the end of the social and legal consensus recognizing the phenomenon of “natural community” (woven from the fabric of natural families), as the wellspring of civilization. It was a game-changing triumph of the artificial-reality of the Marxist-driven soft-sciences over the hard science of the natural order; and of the religious dogma of Humanism over Theism. It was the death of the tree back to its trunk – the nullification in our law of Genesis 2:24 “therefore shall a man leave his family and cleave unto his wife and they shall become ‘One Flesh.’ ”

The current stage, normalizating “transgenderism,” is about formally rejecting Genesis 1:27’s precept that we are created “in his image, male and female:” our very identity as humans.

Thus, it is easy to predict that the next step will be an assault on the reality of Genesis 1:24-26, that God separated humans from animals, and animals from each other, as distinct “kinds.”

That is the emerging final battle of the culture war, over “transhumanism,” in which the sciences of genetics, robotics and artificial intelligence are intertwined to create the technology to blend humans with animals and machines.

Transhumanism is Satan’s sledgehammer to destroy the final foundation stone of the natural world, and achieve his goal, begun in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, to persuade humanity to become our own gods.

And indeed, what is transhumanism but humans taking the role of God into their own hands – creating “superior” forms of ourselves – essentially “eating from the Tree of Life,” which God closed Eden to prevent from happening: Genesis 3:22-24.

All of this was made possible only through the theology of Humanism, the religion of Marxism, which I believe is the religion of the Antichrist.

It is Humanism, not Christianity, that is reflected in the 2019 moral retreat of Josh Harris, Chic-Fil-A and Hallmark, and in the sudden embrace of “social justice” by prominent church leaders.

In 2013 I predicted all this would occur.

My prediction today is that this “great falling away” will speed up and intensify in 2020, but that a larger part of the Bible-faithful remnant will rise up in response like we haven’t seen since the Reagan Revolution.

I’m forming my own Revolutionary Remnant Regiment for 2020, just email me at scottlivelyministries@gmail.com if you’d like to enlist.

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