Scott Lively on Sexual Anarchy

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Civilization as we know it was made possible by sexual self-restraint through the institution of marriage. Sex is like fire – a great blessing when safely contained, a deadly curse when unleashed: the difference between a campfire and a wildfire. Indeed, the word “fornication,” from the root for “furnace” means “to misuse the fire burning within you.”

The natural order of sexuality is taught by God as a set of moral laws backed by cautionary tales.

He first established the model to follow in Genesis 1:27 and 2:24, the “One Flesh” Paradigm: we’re made in His image as male and female for lifelong monogamy at the initiation of the male.

He then tells a series of Bible stories showing the consequences of deviating from the model:

• the story of Abraham’s polygamy that produced the anti-Hebrew nation of Ishmael;
• the story of Sodom and Gomorrah;
• the story of Lot’s incest with his daughters from which came the anti-Hebrew nations of Ammon and Moab;
• the story of Balaam’s weaponization of Moabite sexual rebellion as a strategy to weaken the Isralite society from within; and
• the consistent Old Testament narrative theme identifying adultery as synonymous with idolatry, best recognized in the story of Hosea and Gomer.

Leviticus 18 lists these plus the derivative sin of child sacrifice as the reason God tasked the Hebrews to purge the Canaanites from the Holy Land.

I learned this from Rabbi Samuel Dresner who, incapacitated by cancer, hired me in the late 1990s to complete his unfinished book on the subject.

The systematic deconstruction of Judeo-Christian America in law and culture follows a satanic strategy, using these sins to unravel the social fabric in the reverse order to which God made it. Follow the sequence:

Fornication (sex before marriage): Griswold v Connecticut (1966), legalizing “contraception on demand.”

Adultery: via state-by state adoption of the No-Fault Divorce model statute created in 1967 by the Uniform Law Commission.

Child Sacrifice: Roe v Wade (1973), legalizing “abortion on demand.”

[Long Pause due to pro-life backlash and Reagan Revolution of Christian conservatives]

Sodomy: Lawrence v Texas (2003).

Nullification of Biblical Marriage Norms: Obergefell v Hodges (2015), purporting to establish a constitutional right to “gay marriage.”

Transgenderism: the current stage, attempting to nullifying Genesis 1:27 as a legal and cultural norm.

Transhumanism: the emerging next stage in which the sciences of genetics, robotics and artificial intelligence combine to blend humans with animals and machines, nullifying Genesis 1:24-26.

I’ll continue this analysis in my World Net Daily column of December 31st so please look for that next Tuesday.

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