Pelosi and the A-Team of Evil

The real reason Nancy is slow-walking the fake impeachment

A few weeks ago I stated in my WND column The Democrat Crime Scene Called Ukraine, that the Russian collusion strategy was always about covering up what the Dems A-Team of Evil — the Clinton/Obama/Biden/Soros crime family – did in Ukraine.

They knew from election night 2016 that their crimes would not stay hidden without Hillary in the Oval Office, so their legal defense strategy was to go immediately on the attack. Remember that the Dem elites and their deep state assets aren’t just cold-blooded politicians, they’re cunning lawyers, professional war-gamers, and regime-change super-stars.

The “Russian collusion” narrative was an extortion tactic to pre-taint any Trump investigation into Ukraine as evidence of collusion and force him to drop the case. They picked the wrong guy!

When Mueller’s efforts failed and the Trump team began to expose facts about Ukraine in the build-up to prosecution, the Dems fell back to impeachment, trying to spin Trump’s Ukraine investigation itself as a crime, and the emerging truth as a Trump conspiracy theory concocted as his legal defense to his alleged “extortion efforts.”

But as masterful as their A-Team is, Trump has outmaneuvered them.

People wonder how the Dems (even the Dems) could persist in an impeachment process so embarrassingly baseless and unethical. It’s because they have no choice. They are utterly desperate. All of their collective power and aspirations stand at risk if what their party leaders did in Ukraine is prosecuted in open court!

Now it is clear that the prosecution will proceed, so what’s left in their arsenal? It’s civil war or worse, and, considering that Ahab and Jezebel Clinton are leading the team, I assume all options are open, with civil war being most likely.

What is the key to triggering civil war? It is hyper-polarization even beyond what we’ve yet seen.

Who has the power of hyper-polarization? The Trump-hating corporate media, including now Christianity Today (whose shocking Christmas-time sabotage suggests Dem collusion).

Why then is Pelosi slow-walking the impeachment process? My guess is she was told to delay the start of the acquittal phase to time a riveting false flag incident – a bloody showdown in Virginia over gun rights, perhaps? – during the holiday season when the power of media-driven spin and propaganda can be maximized.

Call me a conspiracy nut, but they really are the A-Team of Evil and they’re cornered. Just do the math.

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