Scott Lively on Christian Nationalism

Restoring America to Constitutionalism means rescuing her from slavery to Marxism. To accomplish that we must first understand our enemy and how he has enslaved us. Many of my commentaries in December addressed this need in broad terms and I will continue to share my observations and insights in ever more specific terms as this series proceeds.

The six most important points to remember are

1) the culture war has always been a war of aggression by the Marxists against Judeo-Christian civilization,

2) it is a religious war pitting Humanism against Yahweh-worship,

3) the Marxist power structure is top-down and centralized in an “elite” strata which depends upon relentless propaganda and psychological manipulation to capture and retain its vast and ever growing army of “useful idiot” foot-soldiers,

4) through their abuse of public education and information systems over the last hundred years the Marxists have duped “conservatives” into adopting an unwinnable defensive strategy on a battleground they control,

5) the most potent weapon of the elites both to undermine conservative resistance and seduce us into slavery is the sexual revolution, and

6) the most critical tactic to preventing the masses from waking up and overthrowing them is jingoism-driven hyper-polarization at the grassroots level.

The seventh and most important point is the counter-point to all of the above:

7) we are a nation created by Christian nationalists, and only through reclaiming that identity can we defeat this enemy.

Here we must be exceedingly scrupulous to define our terms precisely, because the Marxists have preemptively poisoned the well of public opinion against nationalism of any kind – precisely because it is their Achilles Heel. If we shrink from identifying as nationalists out of fear of controversy they win by default.

American Christian nationalism is constitutionalism, and constitutionalism is Christian nationalism. God blessed us with a founding generation of men of true genius and vision, and we need only to embrace and restore what they established for us, adapting its principles and policies to the modern context, and emulating their hands-on pro-active leadership.

Importantly, most conservatives think they understand constitutionalism but they don’t. The Christian nationalism of the founders does not closely align with either modern conservatism or evangelicalism. The founders generation was in many ways far more fundamentalist on New Testament doctrines than we are today, and in many other ways far more invested in Old Testament doctrines and perspectives than we are. They didn’t use the term then, but their Christian Nationalist concept of “secularism” was Judeo-Christian in its breadth, subject, in terms of practical governance, to distinctly Christian control through the then-common doctrine that active “stewardship” of the government was a Christian’s civic duty.

I will explain more fully what I mean by Judeo-Christian in a separate commentary.

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