Scott Lively on Self-Evident Truth

The Biblical worldview recognizes that God has written His truth on the human heart – every person everywhere shares this gift and the vast majority of the world agrees on what we call the natural law: which is simply the most obvious and self-evident truths about how we’re made and how we should live, such as the nature of family and community. Aristotle called the study of these things Teleology, and observed that every created thing has a purpose that can be discerned by its design and function. The Bible goes even deeper in Romans 1 and says the truth of God is so obvious in the created order that humans who fail to recognize Him in it have no excuse.

Rejecting God and His universal values doesn’t come from ignorance but from “suppressing the truth in unrighteousness.” Children will naturally learn and embrace these values unless they are deceived by training or trauma into believing something else.

We don’t ever really “teach” truth to anyone, we only help them to recognize the truth they already know by clearing away the accumulation of falsehoods that cover up the truth like layers of rubble obscuring a priceless archaeological treasure.

The great challenges faced by the defenders of Judeo-Christian civilization have very little to do with the fine points of Christian doctrine we focus so heavily upon, but are very much about the universal values of the natural law.

God’s truth is like a pyramid: broadest at the base and narrowing to a pinnacle of refinement achieved by diligent pursuit of attunement with His heart and mind.

Advancing God’s kingdom on this earth begins by first uniting humanity on the basics, and ensuring that society and culture rest on those foundations.

The Humanists have tricked us into agreeing that Atheistic secularism is the norm for society and left/right polarization within that framework is the way to fight for our values.

If we can break free from that trap and start thinking of our true allies as the people who share the universal values of the natural order we can build a mega-majority to reset public policy on the broadest and most stable foundation.

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