Scott Lively on Rescuing Kids from Humanism

A Critical Priority for Constitutionalists of the Revolutionary Remnant Regiment must be to Stop the Enemy from Poaching Our Children and Those of Our Neighbors.

This is an appropriate time to acknowledge the priceless value of homeschooling, which I will address in a separate essay in the future.

In 2008 Anne and I returned from a year-long speaking tour through eight countries of the former Soviet Union to launch an inner-city mission in Springfield, MA called Holy Grounds Coffee House as a model for re-Christianizing post-Christian cities. After seven years we turned the mission over to local leadership and went back on the mission field on a 27 nation personal fact-finding tour to study the anti-globalist revolution.

There is much to share about each of those chapters of our missionary career, but a great success at the Holy Grounds mission deserves special emphasis today. That is the powerful ministry of daily morning outreach to the High School students of Commerce High School, three doors down from the Coffee House.

Early on we launched a daily morning Bible study and Christian discussion group at Holy Grounds that drew street people, the homeless, ex-cons, the mentally ill and people in substance abuse recovery, as well as missionary-minded Christians from the suburbs with a heart for ministering to these groups. Many lives were transformed in that program, which continues to this day.

We noticed that as we would set up each morning for the 7:30 Bible Study that hundreds of High School students would pass by on the sidewalk. So we started a separate pre-Bible Study ministry to these kids (exclusively – no one else but the teens and our team were allowed during this period) – offering them free coffee, hot chocolate, baked goods and other breakfast items – and daily prayer over them for the needs and concerns of their lives and for success in school. Before long as many as 200 kids passed through each morning, and a sizable portion of them wouldn’t leave without being prayed for by our ministry team!

We were later informed by a staff member at the school that the atmosphere at Commerce High was dramatically changed whenever these kids were around. That was all the more gratifying to hear, because Commerce was well known as the worst school in the city. And as time went on former students came back after graduating to testify to the blessing Holy Grounds had been in their lives.

A few years ago a pastor from Mozambique offered to serve at Holy Grounds just when we needed a new leader for the morning Bible Study and he led the Bible study for the next two years.

Yesterday, I received an email from Mozambique, where Pastor Brasio had returned in 2019 to launch his own version of the Holy Grounds mission. His ministry is focusing on morning outreach to school-bound students with bakery carts near the schools.

I was so excited about that development, I awoke early this morning and designed a gospel tract for his use, and wrote “A Prayer for Students” for the back panel.

It dawned on me afterward that this is precisely what we need here in the US as well, and so I offer it to you. And I want to engage you in the completion of this tract by soliciting your suggestions for scriptures that should be listed as bullet-points in the two inner panels, one titled “Scriptures for Success as Students” and “Scriptures for Avoiding the Lies of the World”

If you have graphic art skills and want to offer a suggested design, I’m soliciting those as well.

Lastly, I invite you to join me in helping to fund this mission in Africa – or in Springfield if you prefer HERE.

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