Christian, Moslem and Jewish Common Ground: Reminding the Children of Abraham to Oppose the Common Enemy of Secular Humanism and Stand Firm for Family Values.

All across the western world the political left has begun propagandizing hard against “Islamophobia” in a multifaceted campaign to woo Moslems into their coalition of victim groups. My eyes were opened to this strategy a few months ago when I was asked to hold a seminar in Talent, Oregon on how to respond to a city resolution against “Islamophobia” that was a thinly veiled attack on Christians. Eyes opened, I quickly recognized that this is a coordinated global strategy, already deep-seated, with very serious implications. I’ve since come to suspect it was planned even before the “crisis” that flooded western nations with Moslem refugees.

In essence, the left is promising Moslems political power in exchange for acquiescing to the LGBT agenda and taking sides with the “gays” against Bible-believing Christians (and Torah-faithful Jews). The strategy appears to have worked in England and the European Union, where there are numerous pro-LGBT Moslem political leaders now in office, and it is spreading rapidly in America where it serves as another cynical Democrat maneuver to win elections.

I am reminded that the world’s most dangerous and aggressive “religion of global conquest” is not Islam but Secular Humanism – a religion rooted in Marxism that presumes a right of dominance over all competitors and which promotes an atheistic version of “religious tolerance” and “cultural diversity” as moral imperatives to neutralize dissent from its rule. It is the religion of globalism, and the common unifying ideology of the elites in every western nation.

This is not to discount the serious threat of radical Islam, but merely to highlight the relatively greater threat to Judeo-Christian civilization. It is the Secular Humanists who use sexual deviance to dissolve the foundations of the family centered social order designed by God, and who skillfully and continually pit the various religious and other factions of society against each other as a mechanism of control – for example, deliberately creating and inflaming monsters like Al Queda and ISIS to use as tools of “regime change.” Secular Humanism is, in my view, the religion of the Antichrist.

Last year my wife and I traveled to Kyrgyzstan where I lent support to a successful effort to amend its national constitution to define marriage as a man and a woman – which defeated a pro-LGBT campaign that appeared to be driven by the US Embassy and Soros-affiliated NGOs pushing Secular Humanist values. I didn’t realize till I arrived that my hosts were Moslems, but in our week-long stay with them, despite serious inherent theological differences, we came to find much in common and I decided to launch a project there that I had been developing conceptually over the past several years: The Natural Life Movement. My report on that is published here:

My attitude was further changed in spending a day with a Moslem naval officer from Indonesia, who gave us a personal tour of the ancient Borobudur Bhuddist temple complex on the island of Java while we discussed theology and politics. I realized that not all Moslems fit the caricature we’ve allowed ourselves to adopt in conservative Christian circles – even if many or most do.

I believe limited and carefully defined Christian and Moslem cooperation is possible, and probably necessary to defend the natural family model all civilization depends upon. And to be clear, a prerequisite for that cooperation must be agreement on the Christian mandate of genuine compassion for people who suffer from homosexual and related dysfunctions even as we oppose their political agenda. Love the sinner, hate the sin.

Let me next address the knee-jerkers who suspect I’m just a babe-in-the-woods who needs to be set straight on the nature of Islam. As a Christian pastor who has traveled in several Moslem countries, I fully recognize the incompatibility of many aspects of Christian and Islamic theology and am not suggesting any sort of whitewashing of that, or compromise of faith principles. On the contrary, just as in dealing with any other belief system or ideology we must be able to differentiate the people from the beliefs or behavior we oppose. The guidance of Scripture has two parts: 1) Have no fellowship with the unfruitful WORKS of darkness, but rather reprove them (Eph 5:11), and 2) If it is possible on your part, live at peace with every PERSON (Romans 12:18).

Recently I proposed to my Kyrgyz friends that we create a Letter of Understanding on Christian/Moslem Cooperation regarding family values, and I have now begin the long process of study and “due diligence” necessary for a document of such serious import – a process that will involve foreign travel and on-site research and consultations over the next several months.

My first step is seeking counsel (Proverbs 15:22) and I began last week with an email to dozens of my friends and allies around the world. Two responses have been most helpful. A Catholic friend in London (in whose home Anne and I watched the BREXIT election returns last year) pointed me to the ongoing Moslem effort called “A Common Word,” here: And my Jewish friend Arthur Goldberg of the Jewish Institute for Global Awareness offered the following summary of how the Laws of Noah, common to all the Abrahamic religions, have been used to seek common ground despite serious differences:

“Because Noah is recognized as a prophet in the Koran, there is Muslim support for and compliance with the spread of the Seven Noahide Laws. This fact is evidenced by its specific acceptance by many Muslim leaders. For example, the Mayors of several Israeli Arab communities such as the Mayor of the Galilean City of Shefa-Amar (Shfaram) and the Abu Gosh Mayor (Salim Jaber), both of whom signed a declaration in 2004 committing to establish a more humane world by adopting the values of the seven Noahide Laws. Mohammed VI, the King of Morocco, has expressed the view in 2012 that these values truly unite civilizations. The spiritual leader of the Druze community in Israel, Sheikh Mowafak Tarif (in 2004) likewise recognized these seven principles as fundamental values of society. And, Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi, a leader of the Italian Muslim Assembly, unequivocally declared in 2006, ‘Islamic law holds within it the seven laws of Noah and can be taught correctly to the Muslims of the world.’ ”

I therefore issue the following statement of principle as the formal starting point for my pursuit of a broader Letter of Understanding:

“Notwithstanding deep theological and other differences, the people of the Abrahamic faiths strongly agree that homosexuality and related forms of sexual and gender deviance must be not be legitimized in public policy, but opposed through non-violent means that respect the inherent value of persons who struggle with these reversible disorders.”

My email is for anyone who cares to comment constructively on the topic. Meanwhile, I urge the adoption and promotion of this statement of principle informally.

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