Abortion, Feminism and Gender Reality

Even in their bold defiance of God, the radical left cannot help but affirm His truths about the roles of men and women in His Creation. When setting the stage for today’s emerging season of feminist rage, the evil Senator Chuck Schumer stood before the US Supreme Court and vowed “I want to tell you Gorsuch. I want to tell you Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

Schumer may be a moral reprobate, but he’s no girly-man. His threat was not just an example of raw, “toxic” masculinity, he was literally assuming a moral right to leadership of the feminist cause. He was the Black Knight on his mighty stallion of political power, spitting forth a scornful challenge before the King’s dias and throwing down his gauntlet, declaring himself to be the champion of the helpless damsels of darkness and pledging to defend their “honor” in mortal combat. And not a single feminist leader rebuked him for that, because they unconsciously recognize the natural order of male authority in gender relations. When Senator Pocahantas Warren recently tried to copy Schumer, it came across as merely shrill and impotent histrionics. She was laughed at by those she sought to intimidate.

How has the collective feminist world begun it’s “Summer of Rage” now that Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, and the other three conservatives of the Supreme Court, have cast their preliminary vote to end federal protection for child-killing and return the matter to the states? Amusingly, they’re playing the victim in need of a rescuer: “Today is day one of an uprising to protect abortion rights,” said one of their main speakers at the first mass gathering of the troops. “It is day one of our feminist future and it is day one of a summer of rage where we will be ungovernable, ungovernable. And we will not stop until the politicians on our side start acting like they’re on our side.”

“Please, please save us, pro-choice men!” is their battle cry. And, of course, they – the toxically-masculine men of Antifa, eager to win the damsels’ favor (wink, wink) – have dutifully sprung into action to protect the women of their tribe by attacking their enemies.

Combat has already begun at the street level with at least two bombings of pro-life organizations: one in Madison, Wisconsin and one in Kaiser, Oregon. Importantly, these targets are right on Antifa’s home turf. Madison, WI and Eugene, OR (just south of Kaiser) are the birthplace of American “Antifism.” (I personally witnessed black-clad anarchists camped out at Eugene City Hall with “Kill the Police” signs back in the 1990s, and in that same decade was the speaker at a pro-family church event in Madison that was forcibly invaded and occupied by hundreds of proto-Antifan militants.)

Street brawling, bombings and rioting is not the domain of women. Yes, there are usually some women involved, mostly on the periphery, occasionally in the front lines as part of a cluster of men, but if you watch the videos of BLM/Antifa rioting in 2020, for example, what you see are men at war. And often the most forward-positioned “women” on the battlefield are not actually women but male transsexuals in female “form.”

Consider also the difference in the male-dominated Antifa, and the female-controlled Black Lives Matter (founded by two Marxist lesbians). Antifa has used its money for the mission of burning down cities and defeating the police. If you were to review their “books” you’d undoubtedly see most entries are for gasoline, pallets of bricks, tactical gear, logistics and travel expenses, and all the other supplies and services related to urban warfare. How have the women of BLM spent their money? They’ve bought luxurious and beautifully decorated homes, to “ Creat[e] space for black imagination and innovation and centering black joy,” which one investigator characterized as “[J]ust a fancy way to say, ‘We bought mansions for parties.”

After more than a century of effort and countless billions of dollars spent to erase distinctions between men and women, even the most “woke” zombies of the left cannot suppress their true nature. Their men remain mission-oriented, and their women remain focused on “the nest.”

Ironically, even the mission of creating a “feminist movement” was the work of a man, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, according to feminist pioneer Clara Zetkin. “Comrade Lenin frequently spoke to me about the women’s question. Social equality for women was, of course, a principle needing no discussion for communists. It was in Lenin’s large study in the Kremlin in the autumn of 1920 that we had our first long conversation on the subject. ‘We must create a powerful international women’s movement, on a clear theoretical basis’, Lenin began…‘Up to the present, however, [we] haven’t got very far. You will have to help.” Clara dutifully complied.

Radical feminism is a Marxist invention intended to accomplish what Cultural Marxism pioneer Herbert Marcuse prescribed as the essential prerequisite for defeating Judeo-Christian civilization: “a disintegration of…the monogamic and patriarchal family.” Patriarchal means the natural order of male authority as seen in human civilization from its dawn. Feminism was specifically designed by the Communists to disrupt that order and sow social chaos.

Ironically, that mission-oriented man, Marcuse, gave today’s “ungovernable women” their marching orders. His lifelong advocacy of “the Great Refusal” (ie. civil disobedience and cultural warfare) as a strategy for breaking down the existing social order to make way for a Marxist utopian alternative was articulated in his books Eros and Civilization (1955) and One-Dimensional Man (1964), and was adopted by the Stonewall-era “gay” leaders in the 1960s (and their political heirs) who have been the driving force of “progressivism” ever since.

Gender reality is a self-evident truth. Left to themselves all rational people recognize binary heterosexuality and the natural family as normal, healthy and eminently sustainable. It takes persistent aggressive training to convince people that killing their babies and switching genders is good and not bad for individuals and society. That’s why the enemy focuses on the children.

How can we stop the insanity? Real men need to “man up” and make it their mission to take power back from the radical feminists and their Black Knights. Real women need to band together and reclaim ownership of the “women’s voice,” and use that voice to help and encourage their men, and to shame the “damsels of darkness” into repentance.

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