The Lincoln Project is an LGBT Trojan Horse in the GOP

Faux-Conservative Billionaire and LGBT mega-donor, Paul Singer, is a Key Funder of the Never-Trumper Cabal in the GOP

Trump’s worst enemies are either homosexuals or their closest political surrogates. Obama is almost certainly a homosexual. Hillary, whom many believe is a lesbian, landed her hardest punch against Trump and his base – the “Deplorables Speech” – at a massive LGBT fundraising event. And GOP LGBT mega-donor Paul Singer’s financial “seed money” made the infamous Steele Dossier possible.

The Lincoln Project, the most effective anti-Trump effort in 2020 represents the homosexual core of the GOP establishment, co-founded by its most noxious agent Steve Schmidt – who followed his senior advisor role for uber-Rino John McCain (and “strategic communications” manager for George Bush’s installment of John Roberts to SCOTUS) by pushing “gay marriage” in the GOP for the ACLU. Co-founders Ron Steslow and Mike Madrid are both open homosexuals. Co-founder Rick Wilson, lobbied the Supreme Court in favor of “gay marriage.”

The token woman in the group Jennifer Horn, was a board member of the openly homosexual Log Cabin Republicans (likely the source of the “Lincoln Project” name).

The token “happily married man with children,” co-founder John Weaver, resigned in shame after a sex scandal involving numerous young men.

More important is the fact that “Queer Theory,” which insists – militantly — that…

DNA-based binary male/female gender is actually fluid and changeable (and not binary),

while feelings-based and self-assessed “sexual orientation” is fixed and unchangeable…

has always been the central core of progressivism – more foundational even than the “Critical Race Theory” of BLM (founded by a pair of Marxist lesbians).

The bottom line is this:

Anyone who claims to be “conservative” while normalizing false LGBT theories by claiming to be innately and proudly “gay,” (instead of invoking the true conservative model of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and telling people to mind their own business on all sexual privacy issues) is an intentional or self-deceived Trojan Horse for sexual anarchy, the most socially destructive force in human civilization.

The Lincoln Project is a potent case-in-point.

PS. This truth unfortunately applies to the otherwise laudable Richard Grenell who is a actually a more dangerous Trojan Horse because his open advocacy of the LGBT agenda from inside President Trump’s inner-circle is injecting the poison of “Queer Theory” into the very heart of the conservative movement — very similar to how the poison of “Social Justice” has been injected into the heart of Evangelical Christianity by the “woke” leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Purported lesbian Hillary Clinton made her “Trump Deplorables” comments in a speech to her most loyal constituency: the super-rich LGBT elites of Manhattan.

December 2021 Update

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