Scott Lively on Defeated C3 Churches

Dr. Lively explains how the American church went from being the most powerful cultural and political force in the nation to its current largely neutered condition and debunks the widely held belief that the government has the power to require churches to submit to registration and regulation under IRS Code 501(c)(3). He details the history of the transition and the role of Marxist political strategists in the process.

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Chuck Schumer’s Threat to the Supreme Court

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Dr. Lively produces his first video using the picture-in-picture feature in a commentary on Senator Chuck Schumer’s threat to Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, reminding the viewers of the highly suspicious circumstances under which Gorsuch’s predecessor Justice Antonin Scalia died. Dr. Lively suggests Schumer’s threat was directed mostly at “swing vote” Justice John Roberts, and links Schumer’s comments to a 2012 New York Times article by 40-year veteran SCOTUS reporter and extreme left wing ideologue Linda Greenhouse. The article in question, titled, “Reaping the Whirlwind” was a cryptic shot at John Roberts. After retirement, Greenhouse admitted to being a long-time Planned Parenthood donor. Significantly, Schumer issued his threats on the steps of the Supreme Court during a pro-abortion rally.

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Vladimir Putin’s God-Honoring Russian Federation

Watch Dr. Lively’s Commentary HERE

American and Russian Conservatives Would be Best Friends and Partners Against Globalism if not for Non-Stop Anti-Russian Propaganda by the Leftist and Neocon Media.

Dr. Lively talks about the very positive implications of the BBC’s negative coverage of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal to honor God and protect marriage in the new Russian Constitution. Ironically, the BBC accusation that Putin is pandering to the Russian people by making this proposal confirms that this is exactly what the people want!

Dr. Lively offers his own first hand observations of the moral conservatism of the Russians in his three trips to Russia and discusses the importance of Russia’s firm rejection of Marxism and re-embrace of the Orthodox Church as the primary cultural influence in the post-Soviet Russian Federation, while the United States has trended in the opposite direction as evidence by the Socialist/Communist showdown in the unfolding Democratic Primary.

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Scott Lively on Orchestrated Pandemics

The Diseases are real. But the Narratives about them are Weaponized to Create Panic, in this case to Take Down the Trump Economy.

As the Fearmongers Spread Fear — We Christians Should be Walking Examples of the Biblical Admonition to FEAR NOT!

If WWIII – the War of Nationalist Revolution Against Globalism – can be said to have been triggered by a single hyper-polarizing event, that event was the election of the Marxist Barack Obama in 2008.

Now, some might argue that the trigger was some earlier event during the period when the Bush Dynasty faction of the Bush/Clinton tag team was employing Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke (the preeminent expert on the “Great Depression”) to intentionally orchestrate the “Great Recession” through the 2007-2008 banking crisis and bailout, preparing the way for Clinton team-member Obama to “fundamentally transform the United States,”

However, it was the 2008 election that got the entire American electorate “dirty in the deal” by polarizing us on the question of whether an overt Marxist should lead the country. The election result was, of course, a forgone conclusion, since the Republican establishment ran the sure-loser “maverick” John McCain against him. One could even go so far as to say McCain and then Ken-doll Mitt Romney were the “Bob Doles” of 2008 and 2012, respectively.

Barack Obama’s immediate and extreme policy blitzkrieg was the last straw for constitutionally minded Americans and on February 19th, 2009, Rick Santelli delivered his “rant heard round the world” from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, sparking the revolution that became known as the Tea Party movement.

Consumed as they always are with their Marxist fantasies of creating a universally beloved global socialist utopia, the elites were stunned at the ferocity of anti-Marxist passion in the Tea Party movement and suddenly recognized a real threat to their power and plans. They were especially panicked that the movement had called for a national day of mobilization on April 15, 2009. Those “tax-day” protests drew around a half million people in more than 200 cities (but would have been truly huge if the media had not spiked the story).

How does every totalitarian system respond to populist threats? They activate the machinery of their police state, but at least in the early stages they do so in a manner that they can justify to the majority of the population who aren’t necessarily “woke” to the political realities. That’s where the tactic of staging a “public health emergency” comes in. Think “Anthrax scare” in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind – or was that a “nerve gas scare?” Doesn’t matter, they’re interchangeable, because the main purpose of the scare is to serve as the centerpiece of a propaganda narrative that can create both social panic and justify martial law (if necessary). And of course, “martial law” can also take various forms under various names.

That brings me to the H1N1 Global Flu Pandemic of 2009, aka the “Swine Flu Panic.” Here is the introductory statement on the official CDC timeline: “In 2009, a new H1N1 influenza virus emerged, causing the first global flu pandemic in 40 years.” This announcement, as intended, triggered mass hysteria.

What is the first incident on the Swine Flu timeline?

“April 15. First human infection with new influenza A H1N1 virus detected in California.”

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Jump to the present. When did we first hear about a possible coronavirus pandemic? Here’s the first item on the timeline of a major medical news site:

31 DEC: First cases detected. China has alerted the World Health Organization (WHO) of several flu-like cases in Wuhan, the capital of Central China’s Hubei province with 11 million population. Patients have been quarantined and health authorities commenced work on tracing the source of the flu.”

What was happening politically that day in the nationalist revolution against globalism? The sham impeachment of President Trump in the House of Representatives was at an end and had clearly failed. The globalists would require a a fall-back strategy.

When was coronavirus declared a world health emergency? Quoting the timeline again:

‘31 JAN: Death toll hits 213; WHO declares global emergency…WHO emergency committee has declared the outbreak as a public health emergency of international concern.”

What was happening that day in the nationalist/globalist power struggle?

January 31st was the day Brexit was finally implemented in the UK and the US Senate declared that Donald Trump would be acquitted in the impeachment scam.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

In 2009, martial law measures were proved unnecessary because the elites were successful with the dual strategy of distracting the Tea Party with an adversary at the street level – Occupy Wall Street – (taking their focus off the elites), while simultaneously absorbing the movement into the GOP where it could be incrementally dissolved and diffused. So the H1N1 Swine Flu propaganda and panic campaign was allowed to fade away.

In 2020, the goal is take down the Trump economy, and I don’t think they have a better back-up plan for accomplishing that, so…hold onto your hats. Though, as I have said, President Trump will likely outmaneuver them yet again, but not before they do some serious damage.


Read the full essay HERE which contains the prediction: “Their reaction will likely be to move this conflict into the realm of “other means.” The global “Corona Virus” scare might very well be their opening gambit in that pivot (note the heavy British hand in that unfolding drama as has so often been the case in geo-political intrigues), having failed to destabilize the global economy through attempted sabotage of the Fed and other fiscal systems.”


Click photo to watch video


Translation: Calming the Public is Willful Blindness

So, to summarize, this is a propaganda war in which the elites are using a legitimate health crisis to manipulate the public, discredit Trump, and tank the economy through fear-mongering. Our job as remnant Christians is to not join the stampede and instead be examples of reassurance and stability. Our Scriptural mantra should be “FEAR NOT !”

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President Trump’s Most Dangerous Error

Dr. Lively speaks to the serious theological and political implications of President Trump’s increasingly more emphatic endorsement of homosexuality in light of his self-identification as a Christian. Watch the video HERE. The article on which this commentary is based is published at and below.

I’m been about as strong a Trump supporter as you can find. From the point in mid-2016 that I concluded he was being steadily transformed by God into a genuine Christian conservative, I’ve been a stalwart Trump defender and apologist even when others wavered. When I ran for governor of Massachusetts against Romney protégé and uber-RINO Charlie Baker, my campaign slogan was “Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-Trump.” Again, this was in Massachusetts! My repertoire of articles on WND is heavily salted with Trump-lauding columns, and on countless radio interviews I’ve consistently asserted that I believe Donald Trump is God’s man in the White House – adding the caveat that he is NOT in the mold of modern evangelicalism which expects its candidates to be morally pure as the driven snow (which is why we have so few in office) but more like an Old Testament Judge from the pre-monarchic Israelite republic (every one a flawed man).

So, I can overlook the warts and wrinkles of a man being a real man and not a cardboard cut-out from the public relations department. In fact, it’s very refreshing to see a real man fight the culture war like the real war it is.

HOWEVER, the one issue that calls everything else into question, is President Trump’s apparent spiritual blindness on the question of homosexuality. Now I’ve mostly given him a pass on this issue over the past three years, rationalizing that he’s just being politically savvy in a dangerous area of public policy that is (not accidentally) extremely emotionally inflammatory to the youngest generations of public school graduates and the most passionate of the street activists of the left. He’s also been working diligently to peel away voters from all the constituencies of the Democrat Party, including the “gays,” and I’m actually glad to see that many self-identified homosexuals are now pro-Trump.

My argument is not that he is being politically strategic, but that he is doing it in a way that unnecessarily serves the very Marxist agenda that he’s trying to defeat.

President Trump could easily maneuver the LGBT minefield without endorsing homosexuality itself. But he is purposefully approving it. On Jan 21st , in the build-up to his upcoming rally in India, he praised “Bollywood,” its film industry, for releasing its first movie promoting homosexuality. What is the message to the world when the President of the United States – a self-proclaimed Christian – applauds a morally conservative nation for abandoning its principles to celebrate homosexuality? What kind of mentality justifies the normalization of homosexuality to an entire nation’s children as a political tactic? I feel nauseous just thinking about it.

Is this a partial payoff to openly homosexual Richard Grenell for his willingness to be the president’s hatchet-man in the house-cleaning of the intelligence agencies? If so, it’s a devil’s bargain he never should have entered into. It would unfortunately fit his pattern with Grenell. Last year when Grenell announced a campaign to decriminalize homosexuality globally (a top Obama priority), I assumed this was a stunt by the notorious climber Grenell to put Trump into a corner on LGBT issues and ensure the renewal of his plum diplomatic post as Ambassador to Germany. So I gave Trump a pass when he did endorse the Grenell plan – but I offered the president an alternative approach that would not serve the Obama Marxist agenda that Grenell was pushing.

Of course, President Trump probably never saw my article, but he shouldn’t have had to, since my arguments should have been no-brainer, intuitive deductions by anyone with a genuine Biblical worldview in the Trump inner circle. A simple policy pivot from an emphasis on decriminalization to an emphasis on ending violence against homosexuals would have sent just as powerful a message without endorsing the regressive leftist view that discouragement of sodomy through public policy is a bad thing. Discouraging the public health and morals menace of sodomy through law was an unassailable conservative policy position less than a quarter century ago in our country! Now we’re supposed to flip 180 degrees and embrace Obama doctrine instead??

This brings me to Vice President Pence, and a worry I’ve had about him from the beginning. It was five years ago next month that Indiana Governor Mike Pence caved to the “gays” when the Indiana legislature passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to, among other things, protect businesses from attack by LGBT activists and preserve free speech rights for Christians. Governor Pence, who had been ready to sign it into law backed down, requiring the act to be amended. I don’t remember the details, but I remember it was a big victory for the homosexuals that I wrote about in an article titled Indiana Meets the Borg. I went easy on Pence in the article, but I’ve never really trusted him on LGBT issues since.

As the highest ranking Christian in the Trump administration, Mike Pence should be educating President Trump on the critical importance of this issue and even publicly dissenting (in some respectful way) on the “Bollywood” incident, which I consider a moral scandal far more serious than any alleged personal behavioral failings by the president.

Every Christian sins in matters of personal conduct, and we have a remedy from God for that called confession and repentance. In contrast, taking public policy positions that directly contradict the clear instructions of God is a spiritual problem of a much higher magnitude. Every Christian leader with access to the president and an opportunity to do so has a duty to speak that truth to him.

His endorsement of homosexuality even raises the question of whether Donald Trump is actually saved. There are lots of “religious leftists” running around saying they’re Christians based on belief in a non-Biblical Jesus who condones and even approves what the Bible condemns. I argue that one can’t be saved by belief in a false Christ. Which Jesus does the president put his faith in?

My first allegiance is always to God and when the president sets himself at odds with God, I have no choice but stand with God and apart from the president. Not everyone who calls themself a Christian is as committed to the Biblical worldview as I am, but there are enough of us that the president should be very concerned of the consequences of the path he’s taking.

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MAGA “Deplorables” Should Denounce Trojan Horse Richard Grenell

Dr. Lively’s WND Article on this topic is HERE

Above is a link to the NBC New York news story about Hillary’s “Basket of Deplorables” speech at an LGBT fundraiser.

Below is a YouTube video of Dr. Lively’s argument why Deplorables should denounce Richard Grenell as President Trump’s appointment to National Intelligence Director.

There comes a time in the evolution of the progressive agenda when true conservatives should stop using the “slippery slope” argument because the place we’ve degenerated to should be condemned as-is. That’s our situation today where the hero we’re rallying behind to fight the progressive agenda has embraced one of its most insidious and destructive tenets. I’m talking about President Trump’s nomination of open and unrepentant homosexual Richard Grenell to the position of National Intelligence Director.

The insidious and destructive tenet of progressivism I’m referencing is “Sexual Orientation” Theory:” fake science invented by progressive political strategists for the purpose of normalizing LGBT lifestyles and de-normalizing the natural family. It has even less legitimacy than “climate change science.”

Frankly, if Richard Grenell kept his sexual proclivities to himself and told people to mind their own business about his private life, I’d be more inclined to consider the “merit based” arguments for his nomination (though at first glance his resume falls far short of qualifying him for this position). But the minute he went public about his homosexual domestic partnership, he became a Marxist change agent, his very presence in public life making the argument that a homosexual “orientation” is equivalent to normal sexuality. (Who in American history has ever wanted that goal? It wasn’t the conservatives!)

When Grenell did that, he crossed the line from expecting reasonable tolerance from our genuinely magnanimous live-and-let-life society to demanding public acceptance. And in taking that step he also implicitly endorsed the progressive strategy of celebrating his “out” lifestyle as social progress, forcibly integrating it into society, and punishing those who object.

Those are the “Five Stages of Gay Supremacy” I’ve been warning about for thirty years.

  1. Tolerance,
  2. Acceptance,
  3. Celebration,
  4. Forced Participation in “LGBT” Culture, and
  5. Punishment of Dissenters.

As a Trojan Horse in the conservative movement, Grenell might not openly advocate those goals himself but that agenda serves his interests nonetheless. And of course, he won’t be celebrated by the loons of the far, far left, because he takes a more conservative position on other issues than they will tolerate. But he will be, and is, being celebrated by “useful idiots” (Vladimir Lenin’s term, not mine) in the conservative movement who have forgotten exactly what it was that conservatism is meant to conserve, and have moved steadily leftward in their thinking till they’ve passed John F. Kennedy and nearly all the liberals of the 1950s.

Conservatism didn’t change – “conservatives” did, through a decades long steady diet of leftist propaganda combined with a fear of bucking political correctness.

The willingness of conservatives to drift ever leftward from year to year is why I now call myself a constitutionalist. I now work to move the country rightward and reclaim the ground that “conservatives” have surrendered. But I still work to wake up today’s conservatives to the dangers of their slow-motion transformation into yesterday’s liberals.

What conservatism is meant to conserve is the “ordered liberty” of the constitutional republic bequeathed to us by the Founders. The “order” of that liberty is the natural order of “Nature’s God” (invoked in the Declaration of Independence), including but not limited to the natural family of one man and one woman united in life-long monogamous heterosexual marriage.

America was never a “theocracy” and I’m not advocating for one. Our political philosophy was always “Natural Law Based ‘Secularism,’ ” meaning non-sectarian but Theistic, on the foundation of Genesis 1:1, a truth perpetually affirmed as our national motto, proudly emblazoned on all of our currency: “In God We Trust.” It is also expressly confirmed as historic fact by the US Supreme Court in Church of the Holy Trinity v United States, not as a mere footnote, but a heavily documented 27 paragraph long legal treatise within the ruling.

Marxism is designed to destroy and replace every element of that natural order. No matter how conservative you think your fiscal policies may be, if you’re adopting their way of thinking about sex and marriage, you’re helping them destroy the republic. It’s a package deal – there is no American republic without a marriage-based family-centered mainstream, and that is why the Marxists primary weapon to take us down has been the “sexual revolution.”

The reason we MAGA Deplorables are all cheering Donald Trump is because he represents the possibility of pushing back the Marxist agenda. But the people who created the crisis of civilization we want him fix are the exact same people who invented “Sexual Orientation Theory” and created the LGBT movement.

They. Are. The. Same. People!

It. Is. The. Same. Agenda!!

Deplorables. Don’t you realize where Hillary Clinton was and to whom she was speaking when she called us that? It was the 2016 “LGBT for Hillary Gala” (a fact totally suppressed in most media reports the next day). All you need to know is to whom she was pandering to know who were the real “deplorables” in her mind and theirs.

Let me be clear. I’m not saying that a homosexual can’t be a conservative. I’ve known many. What I’m saying is that openly declaring oneself homosexual instead of keeping one’s sexual issues private is a Marxist tactic for forcing social change, and whoever does that from inside the conservative movement is a Trojan Horse – an espionage agent – carrying the progressive agenda behind enemy lines even if they don’t intend to be. The main-streaming of sexual sub-cultures is NOT “progress” to anyone but “progressives.”

Richard Grenell is a Trojan Horse. President Trump should not trust him and neither should we Deplorables.

If you want more information on how to understand and respond to this issue I have two free books available in PDF upon request by email to [email protected] Redeeming the Rainbow addresses the LGBT agenda from a largely secular perspective. The Petros Prophecy explains and debunks “gay theology” from an unapologetic Biblical perspective.

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The Deep State Takedown of the Boy Scouts of America

Anyone besides me ever wonder if The Atlantic is a CIA front organization?

Anyway, my video on the takedown of the Boy Scouts is HERE

Always remember that the agenda of the deep state is a global Marxist order and its chief barrier is the patriarchal family-centered Judeo-Christian sexual morality on which western civilization rests, because it is the source of societal self-reliance that breeds rebellion to tyranny. As America’s premier youth organization for training boys to become “morally straight” men, the Boy Scouts of America had to be destroyed. Remember also that the deep state are Humanist non-partisan “elites” who control the top strata of both political parties.

On June 26th, 1992 I had the privilege of directly confronting then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton about the LGBT attack on the Boy Scouts of America in a live town hall-style television interview being simulcast from Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. By pressing in quickly with an unauthorized follow-up question to the one approved in advance by the producers, I essentially forced Clinton to state whether he agreed with the effort to force the Boy Scouts to embrace homosexuality. He said he didn’t and Rush Limbaugh talked about that on his program the next day.

The main purpose of the Clinton town hall interview was to highlight his “Gays in the Military” campaign promise, and that softball question was lobbed to him by discharged lesbian Army Colonel Margarethe Cammermyer. “Gays in the Military” was the first major defeat of his administration thanks in large part to Colonel Ron Ray, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan, the attorney who led the legal fight against it.

After Clinton pushed through “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in 1993, Colonel Ray told me personally that DADT was a purely political decision because the law against homosexuality in the military was rock solid. But the elites wanted it, and they simply implemented DADT as a stepping stone toward “Gays in the Military.”

Importantly, it was George W Bush who appointed the Secretary of Defense who orchestrated the final transition: Robert Gates, whose plan required the repeal of the anti-sodomy laws in the US Military Code of Justice and the Common Law which had been in place since the time of General George Washington. Gates completed the DADT repeal in September 2011.

Similarly, the Boy Scouts had a rock-solid legal defense against the LGBT agenda: the Supreme Court case of Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, decided on June 28, 2000. But the elites wanted to take down the Scouts, knew that forcing homosexuality on the group was the key to doing it, and simply pressed on toward that goal.

Who were the men most responsible for forcing homosexuality on the Boy Scouts despite the Dale victory?

The first was GOP elitist Rex Tillerson who, as BSA President from 2010-2012 pushed aggressively for the Boy Scouts to allow openly homosexual scouts (adopted in May of 2013).

The second was Bush’s man Robert Gates, held over as Secretary of Defense by Barack Obama, who became BSA President in late 2013. Gates used the same incremental strategy against the Boy Scouts that he had used against the military, and in 2015, the Gates board at BSA voted to allow homosexual adult scout leaders.

The Boy Scouts of America had essentially taken a fatal dose of slow-acting poison with that vote, allowing Tillerson and Gates to be long gone before the BSA filed for bankruptcy this week.

Ironically, the ostensible reason for the BSA bankruptcy is a long series of sex abuse lawsuits from boy scouts abused by adult male scout leaders: thousands of cases of male on male sexual abuse. Hmmmm.

Even more ironically, the most prescient commentary on the BSA takedown was penned just a couple of months after my challenge to Bill Clinton in 1992. It was written by Leland Stevenson, Co-Recording Secretary of the North American Man/Boy Love Association (America’s most notorious pedophile organization), in its NAMBLA Bulletin, November 1992, who wrote: “At its 16th membership conference, held in Chicago, August 7-9-1992, the North American Man/Boy Love Association unanimously adopted the following resolution: ‘NAMBLA calls on the Boy Scouts of America to cease its discrimination against openly gay or lesbian persons in the appointment of its scout masters. This will permit scouts to be exposed to a variety of lifestyles and will permit more of those individuals who genuinely wish to serve boys to do so. I feel especially honored to have been asked to alert you of this resolution…I have also been a scout and a scout leader and share with so many in NAMBLA affection for the movement. We recognize, of course, that the action for which we call is inevitable. What a great added contribution your organization will make possible to all the boys and girls who participate in it when you take this step.’ ”

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The Borking of William Barr

It should be obvious to any thinking American that the current political blitzkreig against Attorney General Barr is just a continuation of the assault on the Trump administration. The elites are truly desperate now that they will be held accountable for their criminality during the Obama administration. They couldn’t take down Trump, and now his AG is empowered by the impeachment acquittal to start exposing the coup plotters. Like many, I am skeptical that Barr is actually an adversary of the deep state, and not another one of its deep cover agents. Time will tell. But whether it is from actual fear of Barr, or to give Barr cover to go passive on the swamp draining process, the Borking of Barr has begun.

Either way, today’s addition of Donald Ayer (Bush 41’s Deputy AG) to the anti-Barr dog-pile is evidence that the growing desperation of the elites is becoming full-fledged panic. In my view, Ayer represents, at least symbolically, a higher tier of the Bush dynasty than hireling Mitt Romney does, and the elites don’t come this far out of the shadows unless they have no choice. By elites, I mean, of course, the Bush and Clinton dynasties that have ruled America as a tag team since Reagan. Obama is of the Clinton dynasty – forced on Bill and Hillary by Ted Kennedy who had years earlier passed the Kennedy mantle of power to them. (Hillary had to grin and bear it, settling for Sec of State and a guarantee of the Dem presidential nomination in 2016).

The first time the elites were forced this far out of the shadows was when the Donald Trump of the 20th Century, Ronald Reagan, tried to put a second Scalia on the Supreme Court in the form of Robert Bork. Bush 41 had let Reagan have his way in moving social policy to the right domestically because Reagan’s Christian-motivated anti-Communism crusade against the Soviet Union served the Bush/globalists interest of pursuing global banking and oil hegemony. Bush 41 knew he could undo Reagan’s conservative gains through the court later – but Bork would have locked in conservative control of SCOTUS and that could not be permitted (they must always have a “swing vote” they can control): so the elites pulled out all the stops, created the new political term “Borking,” and forced Reagan to nominate elitist fixer Anthony Kennedy as punishment.

The more we see Bush dynasty assets join Ayer and Romney on the anti-Barr bandwagon, the greater the level of panic we can assume is occurring in the Bush/Clinton Purple Uniparty.

The prime figure to watch is Jeb Bush, whom Barr supported in the 2016 primaries to the tune of $55K. If Jeb joins the chorus, we’ll know for sure the elites are ALL-IN to take down or neutralize Barr, and that will be a very dangerous time indeed for Barr (if he bucks them), and President Trump (who will not fold even if Barr does). Because both dynasties of the Purple Uniparty have tasted of ultimate power of the Executive Office and used the full array of its arsenals to enforce their will.

But we can also assume President Trump knows all of this as well and is three steps ahead of them.

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Scott Lively Venerates Rush Limbaugh

Still in Bora Bora, Dr. Lively offer a sunrise commentary on the profound impact that Rush Limbaugh has had upon him over the years, and expresses his desire to eventually pursue his own daily commentary on current events in the style and format that Rush pioneered (but from a more overtly Biblical worldview) offering the hope that Rush’s legacy would be 10,000 Rush Limbaugh emulators. From all of us at Scott Lively Ministries, God bless you, Rush!
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Scott Lively on the Death Penalty for Treason

Scott Lively on Mercy for Traitors

When I operated my own Christian law firm in Southern California, the Scripture that defined our mission was Micah 6:8 “He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?” We recognized a duty to pursue justice but to balance justice with mercy in a spirit of humility.

Justice must be the first priority – requiring an objective, unbiased assessment of the facts of a matter. Once the true facts are known to the best of our ability to discern them (often requiring a trial since opposing parties usually have their own perspective of the facts), then we analyze those facts according to the laws that govern the subjects at issue. That determines how the matter should be judged. Only when judgement according to law is made does the question of the remedy become relevant – and to what extent, if any, mercy should be extended to the party under judgment.

Every law school student knows this formula as “the IRAC:” Issue, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion. It is the most basic mechanism for administering the rule of law, as ancient as the Garden of Eden – but it can only work in a society that holds Objective Truth as its highest judicial priority. Whenever Truth is suppressed to serve anyone’s self-interests, the result is by definition “unjust.” Thus, our symbol of the rule of law is Lady Justice, holding a balancing scale in her hand and wearing a blindfold over her eyes.

Now, my purpose here is not primarily to offer a primer on the rule of law but to address the concept of mercy in the judiciary process as it relates to the matter of holding the criminals of the deep state accountable for their treason in the ongoing but largely defeated coup d’etat against President Trump.

Indeed, the symbol of “justice” in this nation since the Marxists took power over this nation in the mid-20th century, is a blackened statue of Lady Justice atop a trash can filled with burning Bibles and copies of the US Constitution. The traitors working to enslave us to globalism openly brag that their self-serving agenda justifies any means to achieve it – the anithesis of the rule of law.

I’m assuming in this article that President Trump, as the Commander in Chief of the growing army of nationalist patriots presently in rebellion against the deep state, will hold the criminals accountable. Things look very hopeful in that regard. So, as a Christian lawyer I’m thinking ahead to consider what tactics the Marxists might use when they realize they can’t escape justice per the rule of law they so despise.

I’m predicting that the Marxists’ fellow travelers in the “Religious Left” will suddenly rediscover and begin to preach the Biblical admonition to be merciful and to “forgive” those who have trespassed against our nation and people.

First, it must be noted that many of these folks on the religious left are actually psuedo-Christians, because even though they may meet in buildings with a cross over the door, their theology is three parts humanism and one part church tradition, with a smattering of out-of-context Bible quotations around the edges. That’s not Christianity, but merely “Christian flavored Humanism.” Fortunately, most of those congregations can be easily identified by prominently displayed LGBT flags of conquest. Their opinion on Christian theology is about as trustworthy as Jussie Smollet’s hate-hoax police report.

But there are also, alarmingly, growing numbers of left-drifting but still nominally Christian churches and denominations being lured away from the Bible into deviously packaged “social justice” ideology being spread through Soros-funded church-infiltration efforts. Some of these, similar to the once respectable magazine Christianity Today, still have undeserved influence in Christendom.

My purpose, therefore, is to get out ahead of the “forgive the traitors” public relations campaign with four simple observations about justice, mercy and forgiveness.

One. You only have the authority to forgive what was done to you. You have no power to forgive what was done to someone else. In His model prayer for Christians, Jesus said “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who have trespassed against us.” Christians have a duty to forgive what was done to us. We have no duty, or right to forgive what was done to others, and in fact, have a duty to hold perpetrators to account for what they have done to others.

Consider this scenario: You’re standing in a line, and a bully comes along and begins to slap each person in the face. You get slapped first, but Jesus said you have a duty to forgive the slap, so you do so. Your Christian wife gets slapped next. She has the duty to forgive as well. But you, her Christian husband, have no duty or right to forgive any attack on her, but do have a duty to defend her, and can attack the attacker, even preemptively.

We occasionally see news stories of Christian parents “forgiving” the murderer of their child. Biblically speaking they can forgive the indirect injury to themselves for loss of the relationship with their murdered child, but they have no right or power to forgive the murder itself because it wasn’t done to them.

Two, no individual, including a Judge, has the authority to “forgive” a criminal for any crime, (unless that power was expressly granted to him in the governing law – such as the power of state governors and the president to issue pardons). Why, because a crime is a harm to society as a whole – distinct from a “tort” which is a harm done to a individual. That’s what distinguishes civil from criminal procedures. The person harmed can dismiss a civil lawsuit against a defendant, but they technically have no right to dismiss a criminal complaint against a defendant, even in situations like spousal abuse, because the harm was actually to all of society because it was society’s law that was broken – and all lawbreaking hurts us all collectively because of the importance of the rule of law itself.

Three, anyone with authority to judge any matter can exercise mercy, but mercy must always be balanced in the scales of justice against the effect that mercy for the perpetrator will have on the victim. This is the primary “secular” rationale for the death penalty. Biblically, one who intentionally takes a human life has forfeited his own, but the secular argument in support of the biblical law is that failure to execute a convicted murderer diminishes faith in the rule of law and encourages vigilantism.

Conversely, the justice/mercy balance tips to the favor of the perpetrator for so-called “victimless” crimes – which often are only crimes because the government has made them so (in the Latin “malum prohibitum” evil because it’s prohibited), not because they are wrong in themselves (“malum in se” evil in itself).

Four, those who commit the crime of treason must be held accountable and their punishment must be sufficiently severe to deter others from following suit, which is why treason is a capital offence. If, through the pursuit of true justice, according to the true rule of law, the objective facts lead an honest and impartial Judge or Jury to conclude that the crime of treason was committed by the various perpetrators of the attempted coup against President Trump, they would be subject to the death penalty per the law of this land.

It would not be President Trump’s right as a person to forgive those crimes because they were perpetrated against all of us.

It would, however, be within his right to pardon them as the nation’s Chief Executive.

Their fate would thus rest in the very hands of the one they tried to destroy. And in that moment, they would remember all their false accusations against him and hope (perhaps even pray) that Donald Trump is the rough-edged but genuine Christian we supporters know him to be – able to temper Justice with Mercy.

(To be clear, I do not support the death penalty for treason unless it is the proximate cause of the death of Americans.)

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FBI Corruption in the Seth Rich Murder Investigation

Read this important article HERE

There have always been liars in government. But in the generations when our government officially recognized the God of the Bible as sovereign over America, there was an implicit burden on all public servants to acknowledge the reality of objective truth and to conform to it. Those generations all recognized a common “ethical duty” to truthfulness and personal integrity because we agreed these were the expectations of God and that each person was accountable to Him. Even those who did not believe in God believed in the virtues of Judeo-Christian morality, and for that reason we were – collectively if not universally – a God-fearing society.

There was great power for good in that godly consensus because it established beneficial cultural norms that everyone was expected to conform to whether they believed in God or not. And because of that consensus the body-politic had such a strong and healthy immune system we could easily survive the presence of unhealthy sub-cultures amongst us and we generally tolerated them quite well.

Then, in the 1930s and 40s when America welcomed massive numbers of Marxists fleeing an increasingly Fascist Europe, and the elite strata of American society began to embrace their atheistic ideology, the sub-cultures grew like tumors and began to overwhelm the Theistic mainstream. This was especially true in the Democrat Party which had been suffering a crisis of identity because of its close association with American slavery while the mainstream was increasingly rejecting racism. Marxism offered a new unifying ideology centered on the rejection of God and the power of centralized government.

To be sure, this was a slow, incremental process, but by 1947 the Democrats had become the de-facto party of Marxism, and they used their control of the executive and judicial branches of our government replace our Judeo-Christian legal and cultural foundations with Marxist ones.

They essentially staged a slow-motion political coup that most Americans didn’t realize happened until they were awakened to the new reality by the rioting and social chaos of the 1960s.

A primary consequence of the transition from Judeo-Christian to Marxist rule was the steady erosion of ethics and morality. The Reagan Revolution in the 1980s interrupted that trend, but starting with Bush 41 through Obama, the total collapse of ethics was completed.

There is no clearer proof of our current ethical crisis in government than corrupt actions of our chief federal law enforcement agency, the FBI, in the cover-up of the murder of Seth Rich – the incident that sits at the very heart of the Russian Collusion spider web.

I believe Bernie-backing Democrat operative Seth Rich was murdered because he betrayed Obama and the Clintons. I believe he was the whistleblower who leaked the proof of extreme DNC and Hillary corruption to Wikileaks, triggering the October Surprise that fatally tripped up the Hillary campaign. That put in motion the campaign to coordinate all of the machinery of the Bush and Clinton dynasties (including the Obamabots) to destroy Donald Trump. That was the actual beginning of the Russian Collusion narrative in my opinion.

And this makes the investigative campaign by Judicial Watch to force the FBI to release the emails related to their investigation of the Seth Rich murder of paramount importance, even more critical than the Department of Justice investigation of the Ukraine scandals.

I commend the work of Gateway Pundit which has just published a detailed chronology of the FBI coverup scandal (above) and urge you to read it.

My key takeaway from that report is the admission by the FBI that their pretense of compliance with a Freedom of Information Act request is to search their “Index” of documents, and not the actual wording of the documents themselves (in this case emails). This suggests systemic fraud on the court, allowing the FBI to simply not index the documents they want to hide, and creating plausible deniability for itself by setting up the defense of “human error” in the indexing process if they got caught.

In any case, all of the present crises related to the deep state coup against Trump, originate with the Marxist coup against God in the mid-20th century, and can be measured by the evolutionary erosion of ethics in the administration of government.

As a final point, I think it’s important to emphasize that Seth Rich was not a conservative working to sabotage Hillary on behalf of President Trump, he was a Bernie Sanders supporter, whom I believe took the path of whistleblower as an act of revenge on Hillary and the DNC for their blatant and egregious 2016 election fraud against Bernie.

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Scott Lively’s Political Jungle (Satire)

Dr. Lively uses a trip to the Honolulu zoo as a context for satirizing the extraordinary political events of the past week, and takes his rudimentary video editing skills to the next level. The Political Jungle was a comic strip he created during his second run for governor of Massachusetts, but he has broadened it to video satire with this current effort.
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Trump’s Table-Turning Trifecta

In this third of a trilogy of short commentaries on three momentous political events ending with the President Trump’s formal acquittal in the Impeachment trial, Dr. Lively discusses their impact and ascribes the impetus for each event as TBS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) among the Democrat Party elites, who are in total meltdown due to the failure of their coup attempts.
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Scott Lively Contrasts Loveable Limbaugh with Nasty Nancy

Rush v Nancy: the Highlight and ‘Lowlight’ of President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union Speech.

In the second of his “Sunrise Commentaries” while on vacation in the Pacific Islands, Dr. Lively discusses President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union Address, and the highlight and “lowlight” of that great speech: the highlight being the Medal of Freedom award to Rush Limbaugh and the lowlight being Nasty Nancy Pelosi’s childish and petulant antics during the speech, culminating in tearing up her copy of it. Dr. Lively also talks about meeting Rush in person in Manhattan years ago in the lobby of the “EIB Building,”
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Them Cheatin Dems: The Iowa Debacle

The conservative media is exultant over last night’s utterly disastrous Iowa Caucus, with every outlet leading with clips of trains derailing or the crash of the Hindenburg. Some are beginning to suggest the chaos is intentional, as I have believed from the start. It’s not that the Dems want to look like the Keystone Kops, it’s that their greater fear is the Socialists’ loss of control of the party to the Communists, meaning Bernie Sanders or Pete Buttgig. Because the Dems control the mainstream media, they don’t care how bad they look in the short term, because they simply revise the facts later in the official Marxist narratives that the corrupt media and “record-keepers” like Wikipedia present as “reality” forever after.

It’s the same end-justifies-the-means logic that motivated Jerry Nadler to race Adam Schiff like 5th graders to the microphone to give the Dem closing comments on the final day of the failed Trump Impeachment. An even closer analogy is the willingness of Bill Clinton to endure his own impeachment over the (survivable) Lewinsky sex scandal in order to derail the much greater (unsurvivable) threat of exposure for treason in his craven sell-out to the Chinese, including advanced military technology.

Election fraud has been thee hallmark of Democrat politics since “Landslide Lyndon” Johnson’s blatant cheating in the Texas Dem primary of 1948.

Indeed, for seven decades now, American elections have followed the “Chicago Rules” where the only criteria for voting in Dem controlled precincts is a valid death certificate. [Sarcasm] So it’s fully consistent with Democrat philosophy and methodology to sabotage their own primary machinery to create a scenario in which the controlling Socialist elites can cheat Bernie Sanders out of an Iowa victory with “plausible deniability,” however tenuous.

Scapegoating the “New Technology” is the new favorite tactic for establishing “reasonable doubt” about suspected fraud. The RINOs of the Mass GOP tried this against me in my second run for governor. At the 2018 GOP Convention electronic voting was instituted for the first time – after two previous elections when fraud by paper balloting kept conservative candidates off the primary ballot, and – being prepared for it the second time – 2014 candidate Mark Fisher successfully sued the party and was placed on the ballot by the court.

Republicans – even those fully aligned with Democrat policies – are not as adept at cheating as the Dems. When, after the lesser races were finished successfully, the GOP officials called me and the Senate race campaign reps into a back room to announce problems with the balloting wifi, necessitating a switch to paper ballots, I (an attorney) marched out promising litigation. Before I reached my own convention war-room down the hall, the Executive Director came running to stop me, saying “we fixed it, we fixed it!” I then garnered an historic 27.6% of the delegate vote and a place on the ballot with great media fanfare.

I don’t see any way the Dems survive this debacle without civil war in their own ranks. I don’t think they dare rig the votes for Biden, which would be their preference, all things considered. But they can’t allow Bernie to win this, either. My guess is they declare the crisis unresolvable, and either release conflicting tallies to keep everything under a cloud of doubt, or schedule a new vote for some date following an expected Biden win in another state or states. In any case, it’s going to be fun to watch.

UPDATE: What they did instead is trickle out the results, leading with Buttgig beating Bernie in early returns that they let stand through most of the next day news cycle, accomplishing the goal of suppressing Bernie.

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Scott Lively on Money and Materialism

Having entered adulthood as an often homeless drifter with alcohol and drug addiction, I never had much in the way of money or material possessions. For quite a few years everything I owned fit in a backpack, and I knew how to live on what I could scrounge. During my “on the road” years I developed my own survival system built around short-term jobs in restaurants. I would take a job as a dishwasher (or – later on – as a cook) for two pay periods which was about a month. I’d take draws on my first paycheck and borrow from people until the first payday, at which time I’d pay the lenders back and live on the remainder for the next two weeks. Then when I’d earned my second paycheck I’d quit the job, take the cash, and hit the road again.

Many years later, as a saved and delivered former addict with a family and a stable life, my money-making potential peaked when I became the managing partner of my own four-attorney law firm in Southern California. My formal, office-bound legal career lasted seven years, and I was billing $250 hr on a book-of-business of about 75 active cases at any given time. But my mentality on money matters didn’t change all that much. The biggest difference was upgrading my diet from hamburger to rib-eye steaks. I actually regularly drove to court in my beat-up 1981Volkswagon Vanagon, and my common retort to anyone who noticed was “Hey, when you get to be a successful lawyer, you can drive whatever you want.” The joke was that was what I actually wanted to drive even though I had lots of money.

The money was not sufficient motive to continue in that lifestyle, and through a transition from mid-2006 through early 2007 I turned the firm over to my partners and went back on the mission field, living on donations again. That was the time-frame of my 50-city speaking tour of the former Soviet Union I often speak about.

During that law-practice period, I kept my ministry organization alive and active, but deferred my salary, and taught myself how to invest in the stock market. I had a phenomenal 40% annual return on my investments, building the fund to around $225K, and had a program that issued $250 to $2000 seed-money grants for pro-family projects (giving away around $25K). After the crash of 2008, which took a big bite out of our balance, I liquidated the account and bought 455 State Street in Springfield to house the inner-city mission we launched that year. I used my legal skills to established that mission as a church, used the balance of the investment account cash to renovate it, and then donated the building from my original ministry organization to the church.

That made the (still thriving) Redemption Gate Mission sustainable on a very modest budget, which I largely covered myself either personally or through fund-raising since everything we offered at Holy Grounds Coffee House (our storefront church facility) was provided without charge.

During that same chapter of our lives (2008-2015), Anne and I bought 60 Sherman Street, an abandoned former crack house on the verge of being condemned. It was a 2800 sq ft well-built Farmhouse Victorian built in 1887, on a quarter acre of land with mature trees, but it was so run down and dilapidated that we acquired it for just $25,000 cash. We called it Redemption House, and we spent seven years and about $50,000 renovating it (the last of our savings from the law practice) – intentionally setting the example of “redemptive living” to our neighbors – and when it was fully “redeemed” we sold Redemption House, at cost, to an admirable longstanding charity next door to us called the Children’s Study Home, which served troubled youths. We considered our seven years rent-free living there sufficient compensation for our labors.

We spent the next two years (and the proceeds of the sale) touring 27 countries of the world on a personal fact-finding study of the anti-Globalist movement.

So, basically, I never stopped living the lifestyle of interspersing periods of work with periods of travel until I fully matured as a writer and speaker, and ever since then my travel is my work – or at least is the context in which I do my work.

One personal conviction that arches over all of this is my commitment to let God be my provider in all things, and the vehicle I have employed to make this practicable is The Lively Letter, my typically twice-monthly postal-mail newsletter I’ve been publishing since 1993.

I don’t sell anything. I don’t charge any fees. I live by donations I solicit through The Lively Letter, which, after overhead and operations costs are paid, is our sole source of personal income in the form of a monthly salary slightly less than the US median income. And everything that I produce for and through this ministry – all of the books, articles, other media, consulting, speaking, counseling and intangibles — are offered freely, without even a “suggested donation” solicitation in most cases.

If I had stayed in private law practice I would undoubtedly be a multi-millionaire today. If I had created a large-scale ministry organization I would almost certainly be able to command a high six or even seven figure salary which is not uncommon among big “non-profit” organizations. If I had hoarded all of my earnings and used my investment skills full time to achieve maximum profit I might very well have become a very rich man by now, sailing the world on my own private yacht. The valuable and diverse skill set with which the Lord has blessed me could have opened the doors to many different financially lucrative paths.

But none of those options are appealing compared to the great blessing of a life of service to Christ. I live what I consider my perfect life – virtually unlimited personal freedom to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in any project or direction He urges, and enormous personal impact for the cause of Christ in this world far beyond what one would expect from our tiny, streamlined organization.

What makes this lifestyle possible, by God’s grace, is my ministry family, the subscriber base to The Lively Letter. If in reading this short appeal you believe God wants you to become a financial supporter of my ministry, please make a donation of any amount and make sure we have your postal mailing address. You’ll then be part of our ministry inner-circle that makes this ministry possible. On-line donations are certainly welcome, but we just couldn’t survive on what comes in via the Internet. People so much love getting things of value for free that only a tiny fraction of them give anything online. (Frankly, that’s why the traditional newspaper business – even the good part of that industry — is almost extinct today.)

February is Subscription Month at Scott Lively Ministries, and I solicit your financial help by subscribing, or renewing your subscription, today.

Many Blessings,

Dr. Scott Lively

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Scott Lively on WWIII

If war truly is “politics by other means” as Clausewitz’s convoluted assertion is often paraphrased, the current state of geo-politics could easily characterized as “WWIII by ‘regular means.’ ”

What he actually said in his 1918 book, On War, was this: “War is not merely a political act, but also a real political instrument, a continuation of political commerce, a carrying out of the same by other means…[T]he political view is the object, War is the means, and the means must always include the object in our conception.” Emphasis mine.

What exactly then is the essential political “view” or question at issue today? Very simply, it is whether an 11th hour revolt by Judeo-Christian Nationalists can derail the rushing train of Global Marxism before it reaches its full realization (and with that realization, achieves the power to crush all dissent).

I’m writing this essay in the early morning of January 31st. As of this moment, the Nationalists are clearly winning.

The Nationalist Brexit movement in the United Kingdom will today celebrate the formal separation from the key Globalist stronghold of the European Union after a protracted three year long touch-and-go battle by “Remainers” using every dirty trick in their tool-kit to sabotage and reverse the Brexit vote.

Christian Nationalist President Donald Trump, the primary symbol of Nationalism in the world today, will by all reports be formally acquitted by the US Senate in the Globalists Impeachment sham, following a three year long treasonous coup attempt by the “deep state” to remove him from office.

Jewish Nationalist Benjamin Netanyahu has this week broken the intense, years-long siege against him by Globalist forces in his own country by returning from America to Israel arm in arm with his chief political rival, basking in the triumphal glow of a the “Deal of the Century” which put the full weight of the United States, and tentative support of top leaders of Sunni Islam on the side of Israel in their long, long battle with the Globalist United Nations.

Orthodox Christian Nationalist Vladimir Putin is celebrating his ongoing orchestration of an historic restructuring of the government of the Russian Federation in what appears to me to be a modernized and sustainable version of the pre-Soviet Tzarist Russian Empire less susceptible to its greatest threat: Globalist/Soros regime change subversion.

Whatever Americans may think of Putin and the Russians after years of non-stop one-sided propaganda by both liberal and neo-con media, he and they are unarguably Nationalists. I will here reiterate my view that the purpose of the anti-Russian smear campaign is to prevent the very US and Russian cooperation against Globalism that President Trump campaigned on, and I add my prayer that our two nations will indeed team up against the Marxists after President Trump is reelected.

However, the dark cloud that still hangs over the future is the implication of Clausewitz’ observation on war, combined with our own recognition that the nationalist counter-revolution we’re applauding represents a truly existential threat to globalism. Will the globalists accept this string of major defeats quietly and surrender to the will of the people? Ha!

Their reaction will likely be to move this conflict into the realm of “other means.” The global “Corona Virus” scare might very well be their opening gambit in that pivot (note the heavy British hand in that unfolding drama as has so often been the case in geo-political intrigues), having failed to destabilize the global economy through attempted sabotage of the Fed and other fiscal systems. Let’s all pray they fail in that effort they have failed so spectacularly this week. But keep your powder dry.

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The Israelite Republic as a Model to Our Founders

A curse of humanity from the time of Adam and Eve has been thinking ourselves smarter than God. That idea originated with the false promise of Satan: that we could become like gods by thinking for ourselves instead of just trusting what God said.

Humanism (the religion of Marxism) is the ultimate form of satanic delusion, in which we believe so completely in human self-perfectibility that we imagine ourselves as truly gods, justified in and capable of “creating” a new superior form of humanity through transhumanism: the blending of humans with animals and machines through the technological integration of genetics, robotics and artificial intelligence. That’s no longer science fiction, but emerging scientific reality, theologically representing the unraveling of the created order of “kinds” God formed and separated on the sixth day of creation – prophetically signaling the soon return of Christ.

It’s easy to see that curse in atheists, but it has always been at work among God’s people as well. God’s plan for man was what America’s founders would later describe as “ordered liberty,” a representative form of government resting on the rule of God’s law. That was what God designed for the 12 Hebrew tribes – the first true republic in history – and it lasted 400 years from their entrance into the Holy Land until, corrupted by the idolatrous beliefs of the Canaanites (whom they failed to purge from the land as God instructed), they sold their birthright of liberty for a monarchy like those of the surrounding nations.

Now, some would say the Mosaic law wasn’t “the perfect law” described in Psalm 19, but was a form of His law suitable to the state of the Hebrews’ moral development at that time, containing in its statutes and rituals the spiritual principles of the perfect law. As the Apostle Paul stated in Hebrews 8:7 “For if that first covenant had been without fault, no place would have been sought for a second.”

I raise this point to illustrate a great unacknowledged truth: that – to a point – God has always accommodated human choices differing from His own regarding human affairs. This is perhaps best proved by Jesus in his explanation, in Matthew 19:8-9, of why divorce was allowed in the Mosaic code in contradiction to the perfect principle of the law of marriage embodied in Genesis 2:24. Concubinage, slavery and polygamy are other examples of God’s accommodation of institutionalized human sins in the Mosaic law, which Jesus disallowed in calling His followers to aspire to the higher spiritual principles of the perfect law: “You have heard it said you must not commit adultery, but I tell you …” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Yet, even as He accommodated human choices, He allowed the consequences of those choices to be a lesson in themselves about rejecting His will in favor of our own. Like the reprobates of Romans 1:18-32, humans who think themselves smarter than God always “receive in themselves the due penalty of their error.”

The monarchy was a heavy self-created burden on humanity for over two millennia, until a great revival of biblical study of the Old Testament in England in the 1600s by so-called “Christian Hebraists” allowed a class of post-Renaissance, post-Reformation philosophers and theologians to explore and exposit a new perspective of Christianity unshackled from human-created ecclesiastical dogmas of both the Catholic and Protestant church hierarchies. In other words, the man-made Hellenic (Greco-Roman) assumptions of Catholicism and Protestantism were set aside, and the Bible was studied from the original Hebrew cultural perspective of the Apostles and Old Testament Prophets.

William Federer, lists some of these men in his excellent book “Who is the King in America?” They include “Thomas Erastus (1524–1583); Bonaventure Vulcanius (1535–1614); Joseph Scaliger (1540–1609); Johannes van den Driesche (1550–1616); Isaac Casaubon (1559–1614); Johannes Buxtorf (1564– 1629); Daniel Heinsius (1580–1655); Hugo Grotius (1583–1645); John Selden (1584–1654); Thomas Hobbes (1588–1679); James Harrington (1611–1677); and Petrus Cunaeus (1586–1638), who published ‘The Hebrew Republic’ in 1617.”

To be sure, there was a wide spectrum of beliefs and perspectives that emerged from this era (including the misguided theology of deism), but it was the seed-bed of constitutionalism and made possible John Locke’s brilliant articulation at the end of the 1600s of what would become American political philosophy.

Importantly, the long-repeated accusation that Locke (and some other biblical rationalists) were not Christian is untrue – reflecting only the perspective of the Hellenic ecclesiastical camps who defined Christianity by alignment with their own man-made doctrines. But, in my view, Locke (whose published books included “The Reasonableness of Christianity,” 1695) had a truer biblical worldview than his critics because he grounded his arguments in the rationality of the Bible and not the opinions of “the church.”

Likewise, the genius of America’s founders was not that they invented something new, but that they went back to the system God established as their model for this nation. This fact is best exemplified by the election sermon of Harvard President Rev. Samuel Langdon in 1788, which broke the political log-jam in New Hampshire over ratifying the United States Constitution, winning its support as the final state ratification necessary for adoption as the law of the nation.

The title of the sermon itself tells the story: “The Republic of The Israelites An Example To The American States.” It’s logic reflected the vision of the founders era: to build a nation on the foundation of the Bible – and a government modeled on God’s original republic.

There is no possibility that America will survive as a republic unless we return to God’s model, and there is no “non-religious” version that can substitute for it.

And I don’t think it is any accident that we are perched at the edge of this precipice – with the most critical election in our history falling in November of 2020, exactly 400 years from the Pilgrims entering the Promised Land of America in November of 1620: a direct parallel to the 400 years the Israelite republic survived.

The window of reprieve is closing, and we have one last chance to save America. I urge you to rise up as a Constitutionalist and join me in the Revolutionary Remnant Regiment.

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Scott Lively Discusses Antisemitism

The first rule in discussing any subject intelligently is defining the terms at issue. Indeed, the most common trick of Marxist propagandists is obscuring the true meaning of words and phrases through euphemization: the creation and popularization of euphemisms. Euphemisms are intentionally vague words or phrases invented for the purpose of manipulating the public, or the redefinition of existing words or phrases to make their meaning more ambiguous.

In practice, euphemization is a tactic for supplanting reason with emotion in public discourse, because it is much easier to manipulate people through their emotions than to persuade them through their intellect.

But there is a very high cost to civilization from this abuse of power. To coin a phrase, to euphemize the language is to euthanize the truth.

Restoring America to her pre-Marxist constitutionalism requires us to de-euphemize the English language. I want to set an example by starting with one of the most destructive euphemisms in modern useage: Antisemitism.

Let me preface my comments by declaring myself to be a strongly pro-Israel “Pro-Semite” or Hebrewphile Christian Pastor who firmly rejects so-called Replacement Theology (a topic on which I frequently debate). The following criticism regards what I perceive as the misuse of the English language by Marxist (i.e. theologically Atheist) ethnic Jews to shield themselves from scrutiny and effective opposition by – in effect – using legitimate Yahweh-believing Jews as political and cultural “human shields.”

Antisemitism is defined as “hostility to or prejudice against Jews” which accurately describes an unfortunately large number of people in our society, who are truly hostile to anyone or anything “Jewish.” The problem with this word is that it is the exclusive term for describing all non-favorable opinion of “Jews,” and “Jewish groups,” and as such it is intentionally so over-broad as to sweep all such opinion into one net. That’s a serious problem because it lumps legitimate criticism of anti-Torah Marxists such as George Soros and his ilk with the noxious and dangerous views of Neo-Nazis. And by doing so, it both heavily suppresses legitimate criticism by those wanting to err on the side of innocent true Jews, and increases hostility toward Jews-as-a-class by those whose concerns about the cultural and political manipulations of guilty fake-Jews outweigh their concern for the true Jews.

Like the close cousin of the term “Antisemitism,” the more recently invented slur “homophobia” allows for no distinction between legitimate criticism and actual hatred. In both cases, that is clearly intentional. I cite this only to show that euphemization is a common tactic across all the battlefields of the culture war.

Rather than rehash the familiar talking points associated with Antisemitism, let me instead explain how I define the term, “Semite,” as a credentialed Christian theologian and serious student of history. My explanation will show just how euphemistic the term “Antisemite” actually is.

Biblically and historically “Semite” means “Shem-ite,” any descendant of Shem, the oldest son of Noah. Today that would encompasses such a vast number of people of all ethnic and theological stripes that it logically cannot be synonymous with “Jew.” So why do Jews identify with Shem? It is because Shem is identified in the Jewish Talmud (the commentaries on the Tanakh or Old Testament) as Melchizadek, the Priest of the Most High God, to whom Abraham paid homage in Genesis 14. “Semite” is thus a religious designation, not an ethnic one.

Shemite or Semite, means “Yahweh worshipper,” which has always distinguished the Jews as a people during the diaspora. Indeed, it is reasonable to assume that most Jews who left the faith voluntarily or not (such as through forced conversion to Roman Catholicism during the Inquisition) lost their identity as Jews and were assimilated into the surrounding Gentile populations. In other words, true Jews are Yahweh worshippers” and fake Jews are Yahweh rejectors.

However, the Jewish ethnic heritage of the fake-Jews provides a convenient pretext to euphemize the word “Antisemite” as a shield against criticism at the expense of religious Jews. In reality, the Yahweh-rejecting fake Jews are actual Antisemites according to the true meaning of the term.

To be sure, this analysis is complicated by the phenomena of “Reform Judaism,” and to a lesser extent “Conservative Judaism” which, like many mainline Christian denominations, largely reflect Marxism, cloaked in the garb of the traditional religion. But if we set the standard for separating the sheep and the goats by the Biblical text regarding both Judaism and Christianity, there’s a fairly bright line between the true and the fake.

Let me be clear that I am not ignorant nor dismissive of the various theological differences that have tested the relationship of Jews and Christians for two millennia and this article is not to attempt to reconcile those differences.

My purpose is twofold: 1) to thwart the Marxist elites – many but by no means all of whom are ethnic but fake Jews – who have hijacked this constitutional republic in part through their mastery of euphemization, and 2) to enlist our close spiritual cousins, the true Jews, to take on the challenge of cleaning their own house, for their own benefit, and to contribute to the reconstruction of our shared Judeo-Christian foundations.

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Scott Lively Shares Some Childhood Memories

Dr. Lively takes a break from heavy subjects to share some childhood memories and introduce his launch of a new autobiographical multimedia “book-in-progress” on his blog at, titled “A Lively Life.” He talks about his hometown of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, the house he grew up in, and some of his favorite things to do as a boy. This video is in the off-the-cuff style that parallels but is not identical to the text posted on the blog. Watch the video HERE

Viewed from the outside, and in many ways from the inside, too, my early childhood was idyllic. The oldest of six children in a Roman Catholic family I was born and raised in the quaint and picturesque Village of Shelburne Falls. Our home at 9 South Maple Street had a big backyard with a hill for sledding in the winter, and a flat hilltop for a large garden in the summer. Behind the garden and up the slope, passed the historic Mohawk Trail over which the French-allied Mohawk Indians had transported British captives to New France (now Canada) in the mid-1700s. Across the highway, the slope continued rising till it reached the summit of Mount Massaemett and its old stone fire tower atop a ridge of granite ledges, reached by a hiking trail I used frequently as a boy.

Across the Mohawk Trail’s two lanes and off to the south was a short street where my best friend Tommy lived. Our homes weren’t visible from each other, but they were close enough that we could signal our availability to play by giving a Tarzan yell. We both got pretty good at that, and later in adult life I won a “Tarzan Yelling Contest” at my wife’s company picnic – one of my most satisfying life achievements 🙂 . And still later when I section hiked about 500 miles of the Appalachian Trail over a seven year span starting in 2011, my “trail name” was Tarzan.

Shelburne Falls was small, peaceful and secure. We walked to elementary school and back every day, and when I was a little older I had a paper route delivering the Greenfield Recorder all over town. Several of my stops were in the center of the village, just a quarter mile from my house, including the Rexall Pharmacy, with a soda fountain right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. And the Pratt Memorial Public Library – my very favorite place – where I spent countless hours perusing the collection, typically going home each week with six or eight books. I read more books than any other child I knew, and won the summer reading contest, hands-down, two years running.

The library had a narrow stone ledge about six feet off the ground that ran about 2/3rds of the way around the building, and (when it was closed and none of the adults were around) it was a test of courage and agility to walk the whole length.

A few blocks away, down behind Main Street, the “falls” – known in Indian days as Salmon Falls, were a small but spectacular set waterfalls cascading over and slowly shaping the largest collection of glacial potholes in North America. The biggest was a cauldron-shaped swimming hole maybe thirty feet across and fifteen feet deep that you could jump into from a ledge, but the entire riverbed there was one giant, contorted slab of granite, carved and pocketed like swiss cheese. I spent countless hours there. One of my fondest memories was going down to “the potholes” after an unusually massive rainstorm to see the swollen river flooding over the falls and hitting the “cauldron” pothole, creating a geyser-like vertical plume of water at least fifty feet in the air.

A hundred yards upriver, a steel bridge connects Shelburne Falls with Buckland, and parallel to that is the old trolley bridge, converted in 1929 into the “Bridge of Flowers” a beautifully tended and world famous garden.
I was blessed, growing up, that our big house was divided in two, and my Nana and Gramps (and my two aunts – my Mom’s parents and sisters) lived in the other half. Gramps was a minor league baseball player and worked in his day job as a machinist. Nana was very active at Trinity Episcopal Church, and recruited me to work in their food concession booth at the Franklin County Fair every fall. My first stop every day after elementary school was to see Nana, who always had a snack waiting. And I’d play with “Tammy,” my Aunt Sue’s spider monkey who live in a cage in their kitchen and loved to eat grapes.

As the oldest boy, followed in age by three younger sisters, I had my own bedroom, right at the corner of the house on the second floor, overlooking Maple Street on the front and a mature maple tree on the south side of the house. There was a huge two-trunked fir tree at the corner of the front yard and an old baseball bat someone had left in the crotch of the tree, which had grown around it, so the handle of the bat protruded like the Sword in the Stone of Arthurian legend. On the other corner of the yard, another huge fir tree featured a waist-high gash facing the street and an old license plate was embedded in the wood from an old car-crash.

One weekend my Dad planted a row of Maple saplings across the entire front of the lawn. Those trees which were about an inch in diameter then, are now about a foot wide.

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