The global conservative/populist/nationalist revolution that began with the US Tea Party rebellion against Obama in January of 2009 has become huge and powerful — despite the elites’ counterpunch that knocked Donald Trump out of the White House, Netanyahu out of the Israeli Prime Minister’s office, largely neutered BREXIT and (through un-ignorable provocation) launched a $trillion war in Ukraine to destroy Christian nationalist Russia. Yes, they also largely neutered the 2022 Red Tsunami in the US and its counterpart in the Bolsanaro/Lula contest in Brazil but the threat to the elites remains an existential one so long as the rebellion keeps growing — as IS happening. The number of people awakened to the reality of tyranny and the murderous malice of the puppet-masters just keeps increasing, as do the demands for accountability. Will the elites simply surrender and give up their plans? Or will they use the their police-state powers to crack down on dissent like never before?  

Click on the graphic above to watch Dr. Lively’s discussion of this topic in this latest episode of Prophecy and Politics.

If the link from the graphic doesn’t work , try THIS.

For a text version of the two essays that Dr. Lively reads at the beginning of this video go HERE.

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Scott Lively in Uganda

As seen on Brighteon.TV, Dr. Lively tells the whole fascinating story of fighting the 6 1/2 year, $1.5 million SMUG v Lively US federal lawsuit accusing him of “Crimes Against Humanity” for opposing the LGBT agenda in Uganda. It was the chapter of his life that taught him that “persecution is the refiner’s fire,” but which culminated in a miraculous redemptive ending.

The Smug v Lively lawsuit ridiculously claimed Pastor Lively was responsible for the murder of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) founder David Kato.

Even though they knew at the time of filing the civil lawsuit that Kato had been murdered by one of their own: a young “gay” prostitute whom Kato had bailed out of jail to be his live-in lover and house boy. When Kato failed to pay him, the young man bashed his brains in with a hammer.

The woman to the left of David Kato is Val Kalende, who became the lead plaintiff after Kato’s death.

Judge Michael Ponsor, in a severe abuse of his high office, allowed this travesty of justice to continue for four full years before finally dismissing the case for lack of jurisdiction — but used his order of dismissal to add his personal non-binding and factually unsupported opinion that Lively was indeed guilty, forcing Lively and his legal team at Liberty Counsel to appeal their “win” to have Ponser’s hateful rhetoric stricken from the order. Why? Because the opposing counsel at the ironically-named Center for Constitutional Rights said they intended to use the fake “ruling” in the dismissal to deceive foreign courts into prosecuting pro-family defendants internationally, by fraudulently fostering the impression in the minds of foreign judges that this “ruling” had binding authority in the US. After another 1 1/2 years at the federal appeals court, the higher court affirmed in writing that it had NO binding authority, ending the nearly seven-year long saga.


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Elon Musk, Hate Speech and Nursery Rhymes

Observations on the irrepressible human spirit
and the power of censorship to breed rebellion.  

Elon’s Impossible Task…

Like the old boiler-based steam engines of yore – or today’s ubiquitous residential hot water heaters – societies without an adequate release valve to keep internal pressures within tolerable limits will suffer violent explosions that can’t be ignored – just ask Deathstar project manager Darth Vader regarding Princess Leah’s Rebel Alliance. Or the ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt on the escalating Kanye/Kyrie/Chappell uprising and the sudden call for Jews to flee America for Israel (in my view a cascade of over-reactions that may frighteningly transform a fixable problem into self-fulfilling prophecy).

“Hate speech” like “beauty” is in the eye of the beholder – whose perspective usually depends on whose ox is being gored. And that’s a big problem when it comes to democratic societies because subjectivism is the worst enemy of objective truth and always leads to tyranny by the strongest self-interested faction(s) over everyone else. Which in turn leads inevitably to violent, often murderous insurrection by the serfs, ala the French ‘Reign of Terror,’ or the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, or even our own American Revolution (which was actually just “deadly,” not “murderous,” because the violence was justified in self-defense). 

Importantly, deciding who are the “good guys” and “bad guys” in these matters is also subjective in the absence of an overarching moral paradigm (such as the Bible) deemed binding upon everyone. Without the law above the law, one side’s “freedom fighter” is always the other side’s “terrorist” and only “might” will decide who’s “right:” a determination “carved in stone” in the history books of the victor.

When it comes to preventing explosive social rebellions, the release valve is a carefully established and maintained set of objective criteria for judging disputes that applies equally to everyone. America’s symbol for that ideal is a blindfolded Lady Liberty holding aloft the scales of justice. Its codification of that ideal is the US Constitution, clarified in the Bill of Rights and later augmented by the Due Process and Equal Protection clauses of the 14th Amendment. 

The purpose of the US Constitution, unique in all human history, was to establish one common standard for everyone as a matter of right, safeguarded by a separation of governmental powers that included not just the tripartite division of the national government, but also the separation of the federal government from the individual state governments (the 10th Amendment) and the people collectively from both the federal and the state governments (the 9th Amendment). All power was mandated to flow from the people to the government by delegation, which presupposition is the ultimate first principle of America as set forth in the first organic law of this nation (literally the first law in the law books), The Declaration of Independence, which in turn anchors its authority in the bedrock of “the Laws of Nature and Natures God.”  

Without that law above the law, all disputes come down to contests of little strongmen whose “might makes right” until one super strongman (Dictator), or a group of them (Oligarchy), or a perpetual, usually family-based strongman-system (Monarchy), or a religion-based strongman system (Theocracy) or some combination of them imposes its will on everyone else. This is an inescapable logical imperative of human nature. The best one can hope for is strongmen who are fair-minded and benign.  

America’s own roots began in the soil of rebellion against an intertwined Roman Catholic theocracy and monarchy in Western Europe and Great Britain when “hate speech” meant dissent from government narratives about the Catholic royal family. Yet even then, when “hate speech” was punishable by death, the dissent was irrepressible, spawning the art of “Nursery Rhymes:” mockery and or memorialization of events written in a secret political code hidden in children’s songs. They were the 17th century version of the Ichthys fish symbol of 1st century Christians or “Let’s Go Brandon” for the modern MAGA movement. 

“Rock-a-bye Baby refers to events preceding the Glorious Revolution. The baby in question is supposed to be the son of King James II of England, but was widely believed to be another man’s child, smuggled into the birthing room to ensure a Roman Catholic heir. The rhyme is laced with connotation: the “wind” may be the Protestant forces blowing in from the Netherlands; the doomed “cradle” the royal House of Stuart….Mary, Mary Quite Contrary may be about Bloody Mary, daughter of King Henry VIII and concerns the torture and murder of Protestants.”

Both the French and American revolutions also sprang from that social/political context. The French version, undergirded by Atheism, became an orgy of gore and atrocities. The American version, undergirded by Hebraic-influenced Protestantism produced the model society of the modern world in which all factions, including Jews and Catholics, as individuals, gained an equal place in the process of self-governance.  

“For my part, I sincerely esteem the Constitution, a system which without the finger of God, never could have been suggested and agreed upon by such a diversity of interests” said the eminent Founding Father Alexander Hamilton (emphasis added). 

I believe America’s constitutional republic formally ended on January 6th, 2021 when the US Congress ratified the Purple Uniparty’s theft of the presidency from Donald Trump. Then the failure of the Red Tsunami counter-revolution of 2022 to claw it back sealed our fate as a Cultural Marxist Oligarchy. The looming specter of tyranny has been rising for a long time in the one-sided suppression of free speech and insultingly blatant double standards that serve only the oligarchs and their woke useful idiot minions. Blasphemy codes and punishments are back, but upside-down and backwards. There is now no accountability for the crimes of the elites, but increasingly severe and increasingly blatantly unjust police-state crackdowns on the their victims – world wide. That’s a recipe for revolution beyond anything previously seen – and for resulting brutal suppression like only the Antichrist can dish out. 

Elon Musk’s battle for restoration of freedom of speech on Twitter is a microcosm of the state of new America. It is an impossible task because the very mention of “free speech” has become “hate speech” under the new regime. And it WILL be crushed because the oligarchs have the power and the will, nay, eagerness to do it as an act of sadistic pleasure. Musk’s idealism will surrender to ideological imperatives or he (or at least Twitter) will be destroyed. The simple solution is clearly worded objective standards that define “hate” and apply to everyone – but that cannot be tolerated by those who now rule over us in hate.  

Only Christ can hold them accountable, and He will, but only after “the iniquity of [these end times] Amorites is complete” (Genesis 15:16). Until then, hold fast and pray! 


My Response to a Catholic Brother who took issue with paragraph 7

Hi _. Thank you for the link to I have added it to my media list. I happily and gratefully stand shoulder to shoulder with Catholics in the culture war and always have.

Please don’t assume you know my views based on what other critics of the RCC assert. I don’t “abhor” any Catholic traditions and practices except for the claim of exclusive authority over Christendom (which claim I believe is spiritually moot and irrelevant but psychologically coercive and harmful). I disagree with some of them in the same way I disagree with some in the Reform movement when they insist that Roman Catholics aren’t Christians, but I also agree with some Catholic traditions and practices.

In my theology, justification/salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone per the Romans 10:9-13 standard, and once saved by faith all else falls into the category of sanctification/harmonization to Christ, pending our glorification/completion by Christ Himself. I believe in small “c” pre-Roman, Hebraic-oriented catholicism (the universal church of all true believers in Christ whose full membership is known only to God). A justified person is free in their Christian liberty to follow any faith tradition or path to betterment in Christ including Catholicism, Messianic Judaism, Calvinism, Pentecostalism, Amish communal farm life, or Jesus-movement hippiedom, to name just a few.

To paraphrase Paul, all paths are lawful for them but not necessarily optimal. The “narrow way” is not like walking the edge of a razor blade but accommodates much diversity between its boundaries — from the borderline legalism of James on one side to the borderline license of John on the other. From the perspective of someone on the path, it’s actually comfortably wide, and only “narrow” by comparison to the “broad” boundary-less expanse of lawlessness.

The main theological issue I have with Roman Catholicism is its top-down dictatorial exclusivism, which trades the priesthood of all believers under Christ the High Priest for a rigid theological dictatorship that deems anyone not in compliance with its mandates to be unsaved, and which claims for itself the right to add its own man-made doctrines with the same binding authority as Scripture, and (through most of its history) the right to torture and murder people who refuse to submit. Sure, today’s RCC looks quite different from its historic personae, but that seems largely due to the success of the Reformation and failure of the counter-Reformation. The monopoly was broken, as it were, allowing competition to restore a more natural balance to the marketplace of Christian perspectives on things — a balance that looks a lot more like the cooperative egalitarian diversity of the Apostles (as glimpsed in the Jerusalem Council of Acts 15) than the top-down dictatorship of the pagan Roman Emperors.

You asked “Since there are thousands of different Protestants groups, isn’t the subjective interpretation by ALL these groups of the Bible … what has led us to the crisis we face in society today?” No. because the same God that Roman Catholics assume should control the world through one Pope is limitless. Our limitless God can guide ALL of the individual believers simultaneously just as easily as He can one man, and He does so actively and continuously in real time, because he knows and loves each of us personally in our uniqueness (which truth is the essential premise of the pro-life movement that serves as the primary bridge across the Catholic/Protestant divide in cultural matters).

Furthermore, in His plan, there will not be true civilization-wide harmony among men until the thousand year Sabbath Day, the Millennial Kingdom, which I believe is literal (as did many Roman Catholics over the centuries, especially during the pivotal 17th Century). Until then strife is just a part of the plan, forcing all human beings to make choices that represent the steps in their sanctification process.

Learning to self-govern (at the human-to- human level) rather than simply submit blindly to church or secular governmental authority is a big part of our collective spiritual maturation. And learning, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to personally submit spiritually only to Christ the High Priest and not any human intermediary (live or dead), is the key to faster personal maturation (which does not preclude the seeking of advice from the wise – Proverbs 11:14).

While the promise of Philippians 1:6 is certainly true and greatly exciting that “He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” (meaning that EVERY true believer in Christ WILL be together in Eternity in glorified form regardless of their denominational affiliations or lack of them) I personally want to actively cooperate with Him now in that sanctification process because of the increasingly greater blessings one receives at every stage of it. A person hungry for righteousness seeks it diligently, as many Roman Catholics also do when they look beyond the limitations of church tradition and rituals to the Scripture itself, under the direct guidance of the Holy Spirit, whom Christ Himself identified as the sole agent capable of leading us to all truth (John 16:13).

May God richly bless you, my Brother,

His Reply to Me

Hello Mr. Scott.

Although we will mostly disagree on certain aspects of our Christian spiritual paths, I would stand by a person like you anytime to combat the evils that are prevalent in our society today. Your passionate love for our Lord is there for everyone to see. I wish we had you as a Bishop :O) … Keep up the good fight sir and God bless you.

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Kanye, ADL and Victims Who Turn Bullies

Then Lamech said to his wives: ‘Adah and Zillah, hear my voice; wives of Lamech, listen to my speech. For I have slain a man for wounding me, a young man for striking me. If Cain is avenged sevenfold, then Lamech seventy-sevenfold’ ” (Genesis 4:23-24).

Genesis is the book of beginnings and established the most fundamental tenets of law and morality that undergird human civilization. One of these is the principle of proportionality in the administration of justice – whether by men or their governments. It is the origin of the familiar modern maxim “let the punishment fit the crime,” and its ancient version “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth” (Exodus 21:24). The story of Lamech is a cautionary tale, as my long deceased mentor on Old Testament matters, Rabbi Samuel Dresner, taught me is true of many of the stories told in Genesis. Lamech is not a hero but a villain, because he treated a wound as justification for murder. He was a victim who, by exceeding his right of justice, became a victimizer – a bully.

Now, I am not a Jew but a Christian, and so I have the benefit of all of the wisdom of Jesus Christ, Yeshua Hamasciach, in my analysis of things. I know that Lamech is the biblical counterpoint to Christ on the question of mercy and forgiveness. While arrogant Lamech claimed a right to seventy-fold disproportionate revenge, Christ taught that we have a seventy times seven duty to show mercy through forgiveness.

But my Christianity is of the Whole-Bible variety in which the Old Testament remains the Christian’s primary guide to matters of the world such as government, politics and war while the New Testament guides us in personal conduct and life within the church. The law of 70×7 mercy is not intended for the secular courtroom where government administers justice, but only for the individuals who have the choice of bringing a legal action into court or not (1 Corinthians 6:1-8).

The best balance of those two approaches is found in Micah 6:8 “He has shown you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you but to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?” That was the scripture I adopted as the motto of my law practice, and, I think, succinctly defines the duty imposed by God on the followers of Judaism.

We have seen many examples of disproportionate punishment in this nation during the decades that the Cultural Marxists have risen to power. One of the most egregious recent examples is the obscene judgement against Alex Jones. This needs no further explanation. Then there’s the forgotten case of Adolfo Martinez, serving 16 years for burning a “pride” flag he stole from a “gay” church. These punishments are problematic enough in themselves, but what is more disturbing is that the plaintiffs allowed these results to happen without protest.

Especially in the case of the “gay” church, where is the sense of proportion, let alone the duty of forgiveness? How black-hearted must one be to let someone be jailed for 16 years for something so minor and petty without speaking out? How corrupt must one’s mind and soul be to subject the J6 defendants to the inhuman treatment they have received – all to serve a cynical false narrative?

But that is apparently the new standard for our young people after three generations of Marxist domination of the public schools. A stunning new survey of students found that 48% would approve the death penalty for “hate speech.” One doesn’t need a biblical worldview to recognize that level of inhumanity as a civilization-killer.

That brings be back around to ADL and the Jewish power-brokers who hold so many of the top slots in academia, entertainment and frankly all the social and business spheres – and who don’t make any effort to act or speak out publicly against godlessness and barbarianism. It is not antisemitism to point out their power. It is an obvious fact, and an affirmation of Bible literalism. God gave the Jews incredible brain-power, and blessed them with the very covenant by which civilization has operated since God designated Abraham’s descendants as His chosen people . He gave them the power to “create wealth” (Deuteronomy 8:18) and the right to “control the gates” (governments) of their enemies. (Genesis 22:17) It was “through [their] seed that all the nations will be blessed” promised God (Genesis 22:18) – that seed being Jesus Christ, who was not just a Hebrew descendant of Abraham but a Judean in the direct royal line of David!

As a Whole-Bible Christian I have no problem with the Jews having such enormous power. I don’t even blame them for some of the tactics for control they developed in self-defense to centuries of harassment and persecution by the Christian church prior to the Reformation (and to a lesser extent since then). Many use that power wisely and altruistically. Whenever some brilliant new medical or scientific discovery is announced from Israel, is anyone really surprised that it’s the Jews?

But every coin has two sides. I do have a problem with the many Jews who abuse their power because they have abandoned their biblical foundations. I’m talking about people like Paul Singer who funded a dossier against me by the ultra-reprobate Human Rights Campaign, because I traveled around the world teaching the truth of his supposed religion in Leviticus 18:22. And the shark-pod of Jewish lawyers at the SPLC whose only standards on “hate” issues are double standards. And all the anti-Torah Jews in Hollywood and the New York media whose lives epitomize the arrogance of Sodom! Where do these guys get off ignoring the most basic of behavioral standards that God set for humanity and still call themselves Jews? Are these specific individuals (judged only on their individual merit) perhaps of the Synagogue of Satan Jesus warned about in Revelation 2:9?

But that’s not who this article is about or directed toward. I’m addressing this to the authentic religious Jews who have the ability and authority to stand up for God’s truth, and against the bullying of the Marxists (among whom are many powerful atheistic Jews).

I’m no fan of Kanye West, and no, I’m not going along with his name change (was it slave-masters who named him Kanye or was it his Mom and Dad?) What Kanye said about going “Death-con 3 on Jewish people” was a really stupid outburst from a mentally ill man with terrible impulse control and it deserved push-back. But talk about a Lamech-level over-reaction! You have to completely destroy the man for one stupid comment? – which, while not justified, was triggered by alleged bullying by specific Jewish cancel-culture zealots unhappy with his “white lives matter” stunt? A simple acknowledgment by ADL of the context would have neutralized the venom and created a teachable moment on how stereotyping hurts the innocent along with the guilty.

But instead they exploited the confusion to go “Death con 3″ on West to strike fear in the hearts of all the bystanders – ironically bolstering the false stereotype of Jews as one monolithic entity who care only for themselves, and sowing increased resentment among Blacks whose own long history of victimhood makes them very protective of those from their community who have risen to become celebrities.

As a guy who regularly does battle against Jew-haters of the Antizionism cult, I can tell you they are practically giddy over what ADL et al have done to Kanye West – offering it up now as justification for their Antisemitism. And that’s the point of this article. When victims react out of all proportion to a wound they suffer, they stop being victims and become bullies. It has nothing to do with their ethnicity or their religion. It has to do with their humanity.

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The Window of Reprieve Has Closed — Two Perspectives

The Purple Uniparty is Celebrating its Defeat of the Red Tsunami

The Culture War Perspective

Donald Trump’s remarkable victory in 2016 opened an 11th hour window of reprieve from the enslavement of the world to a global Marxist order. America became The Republic We Couldn’t Keep upon the finalization of the Trump takedown on January 6th, 2021. Trump’s 2022 counter-offensive to claw it back failed – and our window of reprieve closed – when the Purple Uniparty killed the 2022 red tsunami, neutralizing the threat of their overthrow in the short term, granting them another two years to consolidate their power and remove MAGA leaders/influencers from the battlefield. That consolidation will now proceed at a dramatically faster pace (enter the newly mobilized 87K IRS storm troops) — except for the Trump judges, which threat can also be neutralized if they “Scalia” Clarence Thomas (or one of the other conservatives) and put Roberts back in the swing-vote seat at SCOTUS. 

I’d love to be wrong, and we can’t stop fighting in any case, but I think we need to adjust our perspective and strategy to start building a “French Resistance” movement to fall back to if the civil war in the 2024 GOP primary shatters the MAGA movement, which looks likely at this point. You can be certain the Trump will not back down but will wage total war to reclaim what was stolen from him.

Only a fealty pledge by DeSantis to Trump on the grounds that a Trump second term is his by right could prevent this. In the potential 2024 primary field, only DeSantis has the street-cred to represent an existential threat to a second Trump term (but not enough to beat Trump head-to-head), so if he publicly defers and stands down, the other heavy hitters will likely do the same, preventing the political bloodbath the Never-Trumper RINOs so desperately crave. (They’re happy to remain controlled opposition in the minority so long as they keep the perks.)

Convincing DeSantis to respectfully defer to Trump should become the priority of every American conservative. And just maybe, given that a narrow MAGA beachhead was just established in the House of Representatives, we might just crack that window of reprieve back open an inch or two. But human nature, and the apparent appeal of the dump-Trump talking points to the useful idiots of the right, make that seem unlikely at the moment. 

In any case, there’s another existential threat to Trump lurking on the periphery, and that is the potential of a Tulsi Gabbard third party Ross Perot-style campaign run by the same Bush machine that currently has its hooks in DeSantis. After I published my recent WND Column Tulsi Gabbard and the Need for a MAGA Natural Rights Coalition, cautiously urging conservatives to give her a chance to prove herself trustworthy, several people reached out to me warning that Tulsi’s pro-MAGA overtures might be laying the groundwork for second run at the presidency, this time as an Independent.

I promised to raise that point in a follow-up article even before the Tulsi signed on as a Fox News contributor, where she is unlikely (even if she wanted to) to have the juice to defy RINO Paul Ryan and Rupert Murdoch’s Clintonista heirs like their too-big-to-fire golden goose Tucker Carlson does.

I have always been of the opinion that Ross Perot was in league with the Bushies to throw the presidency to Bill Clinton in 1992 because former Ronald Reagan vice president HW, titular head of a deeply and broadly conservative GOP base, simply could not roll back the Reagan policies as fast as Slick Willy could – and that was the key priority of the Purple Uniparty in the 1990s. Perot was essentially the scapegoat to take the blame for a massive defeat of the conservatives, while leaving the Bush Dynasty politically unscathed. The point being that the Bush camp knows how to run a spoiler campaign without getting their hands dirty, and Tulsi would be a highly suitable candidate to play the part of Perot. I hope I’m wrong about her – but even if I am, the third party spoiler strategy remains a strong possibility in 2024 with someone else in the Perot role. 

One thing has not changed, and that is the absolute fanatical commitment of the elites to destroy Donald Trump and the conservative/populist movement he represents. They have not been weakened but strengthened by the 2022 elections in the sense that they absorbed the full MAGA counterpunch at its greatest possible force and stayed on their feet with a minimal loss of resources and territory. Now its their turn to press forward again, against a demoralized and divided rebel army, with the freedom to escalate the savagery and intensity of their tactics without fear of public opinion. The Republic couldn’t stop them. Democracy cannot stop them. Humanitarian questions of justice and ethics and morality and even rationality will not stop them.

What comes next is likely WWIII, famine, pestilence and a deep culling of the human race to complete the Great Collapse make the Great Reset literally irresistible. They WILL have their global Marxist tyranny that only God Himself can and will conquer in His perfect timing. The only question is how long it will take them to get there and how much we can slow them down by fighting on for truth and right.     

The Deeper Prophetic Perspective – Same Facts, Different Vantage Point

The Feast of Trumpets in September 2015 marked the beginning of the first seven-year Shemita cycle of the first officially designated Jubilee year since the Roman expulsion of the Jews from the Holy Land in 135AD. 2015/16 was retroactively designated the Jubilee year by the newly reconstituted Jewish Sanhedrine, based upon its calculation that a majority of the world’s living Jews had returned to the Holy Land: the prerequisite for that all-important holiday to be officially observed. 

2015 also marked the emergence of strongly pro-Israel Donald Trump as a “deliverer” figure in the mode of the Judges of the Israelite Republic. Shortly after the fall feasts pilgrimage period ended in early October, 2015, Trump became the frontrunner in the crowded Republican field and from that point became an unstoppable political force.

In November of 2016, Donald Trump shocked the world by beating the Jezebel/Astarte figure Hillary Clinton, who had been intended by the Satanic elites to finish the work begun by the Israel-hating Barack Obama. The one-world globalist train, packed with human beings destined for slavery and death, was in sight of the final station when Trump derailed it. 

What then ensued was an all-hands-on-deck war on Trump, politically equivalent to the siege of Masada by the Romans or, perhaps more accurately the last days siege of Jerusalem by the armies of the wicked. Why? Because Trump defied all the principalities and powers of the wicked by formally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the US embassy there. The spiritual and prophetic importance of that move cannot be overstated, and far outshadows all of his other pro-Israel initiatives including the Abraham Accords. The Jews minted an enormously significant half-shekel temple-offering coin to honor him for that, equating Trump with the Persian Emperor Cyrus venerated in the Bible and lionized by the Jews as “Cyrus the Messiah” for conquering Babylon and liberating them from captivity.

It is important here to clarify the meaning of “deliverer” or “messiah” in the context of the Israelite Republic as showcased in the books of Joshua and Judges. None of Israel’s many judges were perfect like Jesus Christ was – they were all, like Trump, flawed mortals who fell far short of Christ, as the Bible documents in unflattering detail.  

That context is critical, because America IS the last-days reiteration of the Israelite Republic, right down to its 400 year lifespan, which can be measured from its birth with the Mayflower Compact of November 1620, to its death in November of 2020. In this reiteration Donald Trump plays the role of the last judge, Samuel, who tried but failed to stop the people from trading in their republic for a monarchy. And if Trump is Samuel, Biden is Saul, the demon-possessed first king defined by increasing mental instability.  

And if Biden is Saul, there is waiting in the wings a David figure – but a False David who will look to the world like a true deliverer, showing many signs and wonders to persuade the people he is their savior, but in reality being the Antichrist who will finally be revealed in God’s perfect timing.  

The False David will be the rider of the white horse, bearing the rainbow, the symbol of God’s presence and authority, and he will likely declare a false Jubilee just as the true Messiah, Jesus Christ declared a true Jubilee at the start of His ministry in Luke 4:14-20. 

The world will be desperately clamoring for such a deliverance then because it will be in the depths of the Great Collapse. And the False David will oblige by launching the Great Reset with a global debt jubilee and new economic/financial order. 

Since January 7th 2021 I have been offering this perspective and refining my analysis as events have made the prophesies increasingly less murky. The culture warrior side of me has argued that yes, our republic definitely ended with the November 2020 elections, but enough of our infrastructure remained that Americans could still claw back control in the 2022 elections. I argued that the window of reprieve Donald Trump had won for us in 2016 was closing but still open enough to reclaim our birthright that the founders had bequeathed to us. The pastor/teacher/prophet side of me knew this optimism was probably misplaced, but that there was enough ambiguity in the prophecies to keep hope alive.  

That window is now closed. I thought they’d need to use WWIII or a domestic false flag on the scale of 9/11 to pull it off, but in the end all they needed to do was tweak their election fraud and ballot harvesting methods. They already had the comprehensive lists of “voters” to harvest, and the hidden infrastructure for padding the ballot counts as needed thanks to the 2020 Zuckerbucks conspiracy, so it was probably easier to pull off this time, despite the heightened public scrutiny. 

2022/23 is the first year of the current Shemita cycle. The battle of good and evil in our land is by no means over, but the forces of evil largely defeated our 2022 counter-offensive, leaving us only a (potential) narrow beachhead in the House of Representatives (still tentative as of the time of writing this article). There is really nothing to stop them now from continuing their consolidation of power and transition to a “monarchy” under the Antichrist, whomever that might be. Indeed, with the threat of overthrow now neutralized, I expect they will rapidly escalate their roll-out of a draconian police-state and begin persecuting, cancelling and J6ing all those pesky MAGA leaders, using all the resources at their command, including the 87K new militarized IRS agents, a reinvigorated “public health” enforcement regime, and a cashless/social credit merit and punishment system led by Big Tech, Big Business and the Banksters.

The red horse of WWIII seems almost certain to appear soon, ensuring that famine, pestilence and a deep culling of the “surplus population” will follow in their turn. 

They will, of course, need to end the conservative majority on the Supreme Court and put the presumed Hobbs-case leaker John Roberts back into the swing-voter seat. I woke up this morning with the concern that they might do to Clarence Thomas what many of us believe Obama’s goons did to Scalia. (God save him from that fate!)  

And yet, even if all these speculations are prophetic, our job remains the same: occupy until He comes, gather the lost into the heaven-bound lifeboats, and keep fighting the enemy with all we’ve got to slow them down and maximize the reach and effectiveness of our evangelism and discipleship while THAT window remains open. So lift up your heads in holy anticipation, because beyond this dark night is the dawn of Christ’s own kingdom. 


PS. The brand new Jewish government is, according to the Israelis themselves “Israel’s First Religious Regime” which means that the construction of a Third Temple is far more likely now than at any time since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.

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Where We Go From Here

This 6 minute commentary was filmed at dawn on January 7th, 2021.

Where We Go From Here

It is 4:40 am on November 9th, 2022 and I have been awake for about half an hour reviewing the news from yesterday’s election. While there are some positive outcomes in key races, with Florida being the brightest star, on the whole my first impression is that our collective effort to claw back our constitutional republic from the Marxists has largely failed. It wasn’t a total failure – the flame of hope still flickers in the darkness — but in my estimation it wasn’t enough to stop the Marxists from consolidating their power but will merely slow them down. Their now twice-proven proficiency in election fraud, combined with continuing control of the federal government, news and social media and a huge swath of the judiciary puts them in a slightly more fortified position today than they had yesterday. 

Is it possible that we could still win the war to restore America in 2024? Yes. Is it more or is it less likely based on yesterday’s outcome? Less. If we fail to get a majority in the House after all the mail-in ballots are “processed” it will be lesser still.

Yesterday I published the first draft of my new short book The Battle for Measure 9: The forgotten true story of how pro-family conservatives (temporarily) WON the LGBT war on civilization in 1992 as told by a first-hand witness. I chose that publication date because it was the 30th anniversary of the vote, but perhaps His prompting of that choice was the Holy Spirit’s way of highlighting that the tide of battle has never really changed. As I’ve said before, my entire thirty plus year career has been one long rear-guard action as the pro-family movement has steadily lost ground to the Marxists – and this seems to be just a continuation of that reality.

To be frank, I feel more like a Brazilian today than an American: both nations have succumbed to systemic corruption seemingly beyond the ability of honest electioneering to overcome. In both countries I predict an increase in frustration-driven violence and escalating police-state countermeasures. I hope I’m wrong. My prior warnings over the past few months that the elites might get the US into WWIII or stage a false flag to better control the election battleground proved false – but only because they didn’t need to go that far because they knew they could simply tweak their election fraud tactics to accomplish the same result. I still think those extreme measures are open options for the larger geopolitical conflict that rumbles on.  

As the prospects for worldly victories grow darker, the likelihood increases that the promised final redemption of end-times prophecy will truly soon be dawning before our eyes. BUT, as the old saying goes, it is always darkest before the dawn, and we’re not in its blackest depths yet by far. We have yet to experience the fullness of the “Great Collapse” (the four horsemen – what Jesus called “the beginning of birth pangs”) and the “Great Reset” (the Antichrist kingdom) which seem to be looming menacingly on the near horizon. Like a woman in labor, joy comes in the morning, but the night of travail must come first.

I have always had a two-track ministry emphasizing the parallel mission-fields of the Gospel and the Culture war (exemplified in the title of my TV show Prophecy and Politics). My priorities shift back and forth between the two as circumstances and opportunities change but only as a matter of degree because I never stop working in both realms simultaneously.  

Two years ago, on the morning of January 7th, 2021, when it was clear that the Purple Revolutionists had completed their 2020 election coup the day before, I did a short video titled “America the POW Camp.” It was the first time I opined that we actually lost the republic. Only later did I begin arguing that we had a short window of time to claw it back. Still later I began opining that the 2022 elections would determine if recovery of the nation was possible, and that if we failed in 22 I would shift my priority to evangelism, because the Marxist consolidation of power would make further political efforts futile. Last night was enough of a mixed bag that the path ahead looks more foggy grey than clear black or white, so I will continue to keep a balance and stay active in both arenas. 

A New Battle Strategy

For the last two decades the Lord has been incrementally awakening me to the theme of natural rights as the ultimate answer to the LGBT agenda (which agenda and timeline I contend includes the emerging crisis of transhumanism). Formally recognizing and conserving the natural family in the same way the environmentalists work to conserve the natural order of rainforests and tide pools will be the most powerful and effective counter-action to LGBT cultural hegemony.

The conservative political movement must stop its long-pursued losing strategy of conserving the ever leftward drifting “status quo” and begin conserving our foundational natural rights that derive from “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” both enumerated and implied in our Declaration of Independence.  

That means, in brutal frankness, we must fight just as hard or harder against Adultery, Fornication and Homosexuality as against Transgenderism, and must NOT stipulate that those “lost” battles justify our acceptance of a “new normal” moral standard for each successive generation. It is IMPOSSIBLE to defeat transgenderism while normalizing homosexuality and heterosexual immorality because all these forms of sexual deviance are just separate heads on the same hydra.  

BUT, because that unassailable logical truth will be strongly resisted by the majority (or large plurality) of conservatives who are already morally compromised – there must be an alternative approach that both emphasizes moral and logical clarity about natural rights and provides a realistic chance of creating public policy that acknowledges and protects the natural order of sexuality and the family. The solution is create the equivalent of “nature preserves” for natural rights in the law.

Natural rights was a common interest I held with the late pro-family hero Julio Severo. And as it happens the Lord has just opened doors to begin working with pastors in America who are from Julio’s native Brazil. My plan is to seek their help to develop a natural rights agenda with specific public policy objectives and to make a mission trip to Brazil to discuss that agenda and possibilities for its advancement in the Brazilian legislature, where Julio had an outsized influence, even from exile. The time to do that is now, before the Marxist tyrant Lula is able to rebuild the homofascist coalition that drove Julio’s family from the country in 2007.

And I will take whatever strategies and tactics that gain traction in largely pro-family Brazil and shape them for use here in the US. If you would like to support that effort, donate here and choose the option “Julio Severo (to carry on his work)” 


PS. While in Brazil I will also seek to raise financial support for Julio’s widow and children. To those who have already given to that fund, I thank you deeply on their behalf. Our ministry gives 100% of those donations to the family.

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Proposed MAGA Policy Objectives for the 2024 Election Cycle

Let me first state that I strongly endorse the America First MAGA agenda pretty much as it is. But I have some ideas for new policy objectives, strategies and tactics (and tweaks to existing ones) that could help President Trump and the MAGA movement refine the message and broaden the base over the next two years. My last article of this type was published ten years ago just after the 2012 election – two years before my first of two runs for Governor of Massachusetts. I titled it Time For a New Coalition in the GOP – and some of its ideas were (coincidentally) adopted by Trump in 2015 and 16.

1) We should work to reform the corporate media and force it back into the role of informing the public with honest and balanced reporting of the news, and end the corrupt and manipulative social-engineering agenda that exists today. How? MAGA should add a new standard talking point that the First Amendment’s protections for a “free press” presuppose actual freedom by journalists and the media organs that employ them, and that top-down coercive ideological conformity (in news reporting as opposed to editorials and “advocacy journalism” that is clearly labeled as such) is a form of intellectual/political slavery that falls outside of constitutional protections – perhaps even violating the 13th Amendment. When media cry foul, remind them that all other First Amendment rights have been narrowed except for the press and they have endorsed or even championed those revisions.

Further, remembering that the Bill of Rights is a set of restrictions on government, not the citizenry, any ideological media bias that is directly influenced by government actors or agencies should be deemed constitutionally violative on its face. ALL government employees, including especially intelligence agents and agencies, should be required to formally disclose to the public under threat of meaningful personal financial penalty any relationships with journalists or media entities in which they advocate for or lobby for public policy objectives. Government manipulated media is NOT free. And there is nothing that stops government agencies from advocating their policies through their own official media organs except fear of transparency and public suspicion.

Legislation should add the tort of “False Light” to defamation statutes making it far easier for victims of press misrepresentation to win damages from journalists and media entities, with specific early-stage litigation protections for media that maintain and can document a high standard of balance and fairness in news reporting on a case-by-case basis. Laws governing fair-trade practices and civil rights should allow for news media entities which engage in public commerce (while expressly or implicitly purporting to be neutral reporters) to be legally accountable for religious and political discrimination in hiring and the workplace.

Legislation regarding PUBLIC media should limit public funding to only those entities that meet clear objective standards for fair and balanced coverage in which all significant stakeholders in a matter of public interest have their views accurately represented in reasonably equal measure. Public media should be actively reshaped in this regard to become a model for private media to follow, and their new and improved standards for such things as journalistic ethics and editorial board balance/nonpartisanship should be widely published and promoted as a guide for the citizens to judge the social responsibility of the private media.

2) MAGA should build a non-sectarian “natural rights” coalition to, first, defend and conserve the monogamous one-man, one woman, child-cherishing natural family as the universally recognized foundation of civilization, and second, to promote all the related “self-evident” natural rights that are enumerated and implied in our Declaration of Independence as “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.” This must include the right to life, the right of children to a real mom and a real dad, the right of parents to direct the lives of their children including education, the right of family-centered communities to set their own family-related policies, the right to greater local control of government and ALL its policies, and the right of all people to bodily self-determination regarding such things as medical care and “vaccines.”

As I wrote in my recent WND column Tulsi Gabbard and the Need for a MAGA Natural Rights Coalition “[I]f we normal people who love marriage, children and family all banded together and restored those natural rights across the world, 95% of our social and geopolitical problems would be resolved, and the elites would be exposed for the tiny, insane radical fringe they have always been.” A diplomatically facilitated natural rights coalition would draw people from every ethnicity and world religion as well as clear-thinking secularists to the redemptive, world-reshaping world-view that “Our Bond is Family.”

3) We should adopt and promote ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ (DADT) as a culture-wide policy on LGBT matters. The military had brilliantly solved the thorny problem of balancing individual right on private sexual conduct with the need for public affirmation of the majority’s sexual normalcy in the DADT compromise. After Obama forced the repeal of that policy our military quickly degenerated into the WOKE nightmare that the entire world now rightfully mocks and our enemies celebrate. The same thing happened to our whole society when we ended the de-facto culture-wide DADT that existed in the 1950s and early 60s. We need a return to that workable compromise before we collapse like sexually-anarchistic Weimar Germany did into the hell-scape of homofascist Nazism.

MAGA conservatives with a homosexual “orientation” should set the example for the society by opposing the public normalization of LGBT political goals and agree that private sexual choices remain private to preserve the primacy of natural family values as the social norm. Personal discretion should be the price of public tolerance for private lifestyles. MYOB (mind your own business) should replace LGBT as the motto of conservatives who suffer with same-sex attraction disorder and their allies.

4) We should pass legislation requiring transparency and formal third party citizen oversight of all contractual agreements involving public officials and public employee unions including the power of the citizen overseers to require public ratification of contracts they deem tainted by actual or perceived conflicts of interest. This legislation should also ensure that no public official can represent the public in union contract negotiations whose own election prospects could be substantially affected by the votes of public employee union members.

5) We should revive and prioritize some variation of President Trump’s “Platinum Plan” for facilitating entreprenurialism and self-reliance in the inner cities. Breaking inner-city families free from government dependency is the right and smart thing to do both morally and politically.

I will continue this list in a future article.

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America Owes President Trump a Massive Debt

The all-too predictable RINO campaign to defeat Donald Trump’s bid for the White House in 2024, before it has even been formally announced, has begun. Interestingly, it features as its leading argument that Ron DeSantis would make a better president and wouldn’t have all the “divisive” and distracting baggage Trump has. We’re expected to believe that the RINOs actually want DeSantis as president, when all they really want is a Trump/DeSantis primary-season bloodbath so the White House will stay blue and they can keep their lucrative posts as willingly controlled “opposition” and preserve the corrupt cozy collegiality of the Purple Uniparty.

Does anyone really doubt that Mitch McConnell deliberately sabotaged the MAGA takeover of the U.S. Senate to preserve his own place and power? Does anyone really believe that the light-in-the-loafers Lincoln Project perverts would willingly let “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis get within a hundred miles of the presidency? No, the dump Trump to crown Ron is a bait-and-switch con game trolling for suckers. Donald Trump is not going away, and the only thing that will come from the effort to dump him is an expansion of the list of people we know can’t be trusted to defend the Constitution and Truth itself: some because they never stood on principle in the first place and others because they are otherwise good people who nevertheless allowed themselves to be duped into the role of useful idiots, even after having their eyes opened to election fraud, the plandemic and other serious crimes of the elites.

Every virtue-loving American, but especially the latter group being lured into the RINO trap, should remember one essential fact: Donald Trump doesn’t need to win another election to legally and morally deserve a second term in the White House. HE ALREADY EARNED IT IN 2020! The Usurper-in-Chief occupying the Oval Office is a filthy traitor whose every pronouncement is a pack of lies, and whose very presence behind the presidential podium is an act of contempt for the citizens of this country and our Constitution.

America owes Donald Trump a second term in the same way that a government-run impound yard owes a new car to a victim whose own car was stolen while under government protection. Our election system has a legal and moral duty to conduct free and fair elections and to ensure the rightful winner is seated after an honest, objective and transparent review of the votes cast by legally qualified citizens only. That process was hijacked and grossly abused by a vast network of conspirators of both parties, united by a visceral hatred of Trump so intense that it justified in their warped minds the greatest political crime in world history: a literal regime-change coup in the most powerful nation on earth and a cover-up of that crime, which continues to this very day using every possible weapon and tactic in their considerable arsenal. Not even the United States Supreme Court could stand against that conspiracy, as all the many highly meritorious lawsuits were derailed on cynical procedural pretexts – even the ones that reached the Supremes.

And yet, by the sheer persistence of one of the most remarkable men ever born on this earth, that conspiracy – intended as an American version of the Reichstag fire – has been exposed, explained and partially extinguished in the build-up to the 2022 midterms.

Every honest, educated citizen in America knows that Donald Trump won the 2020 election, and by the time he is finally inaugurated in January of 2025, the entire world will know that as well – with all the evidence laid out clearly on the table for all to see, along with a list of those awaiting prosecution to the fullest extent of the law – some of them deserving the death penalty for treason. The MAGA movement in the House of Representatives and throughout the citizenry will pursue that mission with a passion for truth, justice and the American way that would put Superman to shame.

Donald Trump doesn’t have to earn his second term a second time, but he will. Only an act of God telling him not to run, or assassination by the elites, will stop that from happening.

The best thing Ron DeSantis could do to ensure his own future presidency is to stand down in the 2024 race and instead make himself Donald’s Trump’s wingman, showing himself to be the obvious and deserving “heir to the chair” through loyalty and the proactive exportation of Florida policy victories to other conservative states. DeSantis should work the states, while Trump works the feds. DeSantis should state clearly that 2024 belongs to Trump by right and that he will do all in his power to ensure he isn’t cheated again by the uniparty.

Our debt to Donald Trump is far greater than just the seat he already earned. We owe him our eternal gratitude for keeping the Clinton crime family out of the White House. Hillary would have done infinitely more harm to America than the feckless boob Biden has been able to do as Obama’s handicapped avatar. I said back in 2017 that our debt to Trump for that one gift alone would have justified him spending his entire presidency vacationing on the golf course.

But Trump rolled up his sleeves and began shoveling the Augean stables like Hercules, winning many fabulous prizes he presented to us as gifts. The yuuge list of policy accomplishments is a gift that keeps on giving despite Biden’s best efforts. Trump’s exposure of the deep state and all its minions to public scrutiny is a priceless gift, as is his continuing willingness to do bare-knuckle battle with them on our behalf. His healthy governance by example instead of just by theory was deeply inspirational to the entire conservative movement, top-to-bottom. We would never have received the gift of Ron DeSantis, or Glenn Youngkin, or Kari Lake without Trump first busting up the frozen wasteland of patronage politics like an Arctic icebreaker. We never would have seen the grassroots erupt like a wildfire in a meadow in school board meetings across America if not for Trump. We never would have seen the weasel Roberts lose his swing-voter kingship at SCOTUS without Trump.

This list could go on and on. I’m not going to offer the standard platitude about Trump being a flawed man like the rest of us, because he’s NOT like the rest of us. Only Donald Trump could have brought America back from the precipice of Marxist hell in 2016, and only Donald Trump can finish that job. He is absolutely perfect for the task God has assigned to him, warts and all, and America owes him a massive debt. Admitting that and fully backing his campaign (should he choose to climb back on that bronco and not hand the reins to Ron early) is the very least we can do.

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How We Won and Lost the War for Civilization

Today, Nov. 8, 2022, I am publishing the first draft of my book “The Battle for Measure 9: The forgotten true story of how pro-family conservatives (temporarily) WON the LGBT war on civilization in 1992 as told by a firsthand witness.” It is the 30th anniversary of the Measure 9 vote in Oregon and its sister ballot-initiative, Amendment 2 in Colorado. I called that day Black Tuesday because it was also the day Slick Willie Clinton took the White House.

This is the fifth in a series of articles based upon this booklet. My focus today is why we lost that election in Oregon (but won it in Colorado), the single biggest factors being the betrayal of the Oregon Republican Party and the Roman Catholic Church.

The Republican betrayal is epitomized by two infuriating events. First, at the height of the 1992 election season, when it looked like we could actually win despite an astonishing, unprecedented effort to stop us, the chairman of the State GOP, Craig Berkman, did a joint in-person television commercial with his Dem counterpart – the two of them sitting side by side on barstools in a live-to-camera setting – to denounce Measure 9: a grievous stab in the back by the GOP establishment “elites.”

Second, after we retooled Measure 9 and reintroduced it as Measure 13 in the 1993/94 election cycle, we ran it in 26 cities and county local elections, winning all 26 consecutive votes by margins as high as 80%. Then, the GOP-controlled legislature “preempted the field,” declaring that only the state legislature had the power to decide these issues, invalidating all 26 of our wins with the stroke of a pen!

The Roman Catholic Church (RCC) in Oregon committed its own act of betrayal of the pro-family cause in an 11th hour decision NOT to endorse Measure 9 despite its conformity to biblical morality and (until then) the strong support of Catholic believers across the state. This was the decision of then-Archbishop William Levada.

Before I bash Levada and the RCC hierarchy for just cause, let me pause here to state unequivocally that I love my Catholic brethren, whom I consider to be authentic Christians of a legitimate Christian denomination, some of whose doctrines I strongly disagree with. But, because I believe that salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone (Romans 10:9-13), I conclude that believers who honestly share that faith have total liberty in Christ to choose to adhere to Roman Catholicism, or Calvinism or Pentecostalism, or Messianic Judaism or any of the other hundreds of confessions/denominations across the world. No faith confession is free of flaws, which might affect one’s sanctification process, but thankfully flawed doctrines do not invalidate one’s justification (Romans 8:39). I have proudly included faithful Roman Catholics on past governing boards I’ve set up, and count as one of my highest honors being hosted by Cardinal Janis Pujats of Riga, Latvia, to jointly teach a class with him on understanding the history, goals and tactics of the LGBT movement at a Catholic seminary in 2007.

Here is the opening paragraph of Levada’s Wikipedia page as of Nov. 7, 2022:

“William Joseph Levada (June 15, 1936 – September 26, 2019) was an American cardinal of the Catholic Church. From May 2005 until June 2012, he served as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under Pope Benedict XVI; he was the highest ranking American in the Roman Curia. He was previously the Archbishop of Portland in Oregon from 1986 to 1995, and then Archbishop of San Francisco from 1995 to 2005. While serving as archbishop, he was criticized for covering up sexual abuse by priests within his jurisdiction. Levada was created a cardinal in 2006 by Benedict XVI.”

Reading between the lines from a front-lines culture-war perspective, Levada’s willingness to play ball with the demonic elites on the most pivotal grassroots battle in the LGBT culture war arguably propelled him to the top of the power pyramid. He was rewarded first with transfer to San Francisco – the Shangri-La of homosexual culture – and then succeeded Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict) himself as the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith – the highest body of moral authority on issues of sexuality in the RCC – despite the cloud of controversy that hung darkly over him in the pederast-priest scandal.

My guess is that Levada was himself a homosexual and one of the key members of the Vatican “gay mafia” Pope John Paul II privately battled and Pope Benedict publicly warned against just before he “resigned” (was deposed) in a transfer of power to “Pope” Francis, which many conservative Catholics contend was a coup orchestrated by Francis and Barack Obama. Yes, I know this sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory, but more and more the people of the world are recognizing that many former conspiracy “theories” are actually factual. One important fact to remember is that Levada was the single-most powerful American Catholic during the entire season of the culture war in which LGBT hegemony was imposed on this country while official Catholic opposition to the agenda was muted at best.

I must add here that I think Pope Benedict was a righteous man who attempted to navigate an impossible political quagmire with grace and resolve, but like President Trump in his first term, he did not have actual control of the government under his supposed jurisdiction. The Vatican “deep state” was and is just as corrupt as the American one, and both Benedict and Trump started with just a beachhead, which each significantly enlarged through skill and persistence. But neither ever had full control, and both were removed from office by powerful forces of wickedness. Francis and Biden are the obvious puppets of similar deep state forces whose common denominator is Barack Obama. (Let’s never forget that in 2015 Obama and Francis tag-teamed the launch of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the U.N. – which is the foundation upon which Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum has built the geopolitical machinery for imposing transhumanism and the Great Reset upon the world.)

In any case, I believe the anti-family activism of Berkman and Levada was the political sabotage that killed the Measure 9 campaign in Oregon. We – meaning the larger coalition of pro-family activists using our No Special Rights theme – did, however, win approval of Colorado’s Amendment 2 with a 53% majority. It took a far bigger betrayal at a far higher political level to kill Amendment 2. That was only accomplished by the utterly lawless invalidation of the people’s will by Justice Anthony Kennedy in the Romer v. Evans case. For details about that sordid betrayal of our U.S. Constitution, you’ll have to read the (free) book.

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Seth Rich, Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump Walk into a Bar…

OR Hell Hath No Fury Like Hillary Clinton

Seth Rich, Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump walk into a Manhattan bar. The bartender looks up and says to Trump “We don’t serve your kind here.”

Trump replies “What kind is that?” The bartender says “the kind with Hillary Clinton monogrammed steak knives buried in their backs.”

So Trump says “There’s no Hillary Clinton monogrammed steak knives buried in MY back.” “Wrong again, Orange Man,” gloats AOC, “they’re in all the people who HAD your back on J6.”

America has never produced a wicked witch quite so vile and vindictive as Hillary Clinton (though many come close). Nobody knows that better than Donald Trump, whose second term in the White House was stolen from him and given to Clinton-team water-boy Joe Biden, under the day-to-day control of the Obama-team’s Susan Rice. In reality these top-strata elites are just one big team, and Hillary isn’t the one at the very top of the power pyramid. But among those of the female persuasion (by birth, I mean) Hillary Clinton is the top-DOG if you catch my drift. (Rhymes with “witch,” if you don’t.)

Despite the best efforts of the enemy-of-the-people media, it is all but common knowledge these days that the Russian Collusion hoax was Hillary’s revenge for The Donald “stealing” her final shot at the presidency: her long awaited, desperately coveted quid-pro-quo for bowing to the demand of Democrat patriarch Ted Kennedy (from his deathbed) that she step aside for Obama in 2008. Like so many women in the “man’s world” of politics have always done, she grudgingly put on her best fake smile and accepted a lesser role, as Secretary of State, and maximized her time bribing, extorting and money-laundering to fill her political hope chest (aka the criminal operation called the Clinton Foundation she runs in partnership with Monica’s boyfriend (her other “women’s lot in life” cross to bear).

Poor Hillary. So much pain, buried so deep, but soon all would be made right when she – on behalf of all women everywhere – would finally shatter the ultimate glass ceiling and take her rightful place as Queen of the World – like Tolkien’s Galadriel with the “one ring” of power:

“And now at last it comes [dreams Hillary]. You will give me the Ring freely! [by popular election of the American people!]. In place of the Dark Lord [Obama] you will set up a Queen. And I shall not be dark, but beautiful and terrible as the Morning and the Night! Fair as the Sea and the Sun and the Snow upon the Mountain! Dreadful as the Storm and the Lightning! Stronger than the foundations of the earth. All shall love me and despair!’ ”

But, alas, on election night 2016 (elections were still being decided on election day then) the unthinkable happened.

Hillary was beyond apoplectic – she was infuriated past the bounds of sanity. Her rage, so often murderous in her long climb to power (dragging her horn-dog, obligatory alpha-male escort up each torturous rung – pretending always to sit second chair –walking the necessary half-step behind him – always summoning from deep within herself an Amazonian strength to fix him with an adoring gaze whenever the cameras were rolling) reached new extremes.

Her enemies must pay!

Enemy #1 was not, surprisingly, Donald Trump. It was Seth Rich, because he was the Benedict Arnold of the Army of the Dems – the one who (I am convinced) ratted her out to Wikileaks and created the fatal email-scandal that she never really recovered from. Ironically, “Bernie Bot” Seth Rich was (I am convinced) seeking revenge on Hillary for her seriously dirty tricks against the Bern-Meister in the 2016 Democrat primary. Remember that charnel-house chapter of internal Democrat civil war? Technically, Seth Rich was murdered on July 10, 2016, four months before the election, but the sin for which he was struck down did not bear its ultimate fruit until November 3rd. Rich’s murder (to use the satirical term I invented during law school) was an act of “anticipatory retaliation” on Hillary’s part (allegedly).

Enemy #2 was Donald Trump, of course, and enough has been written on that sordid saga to fill the interconnected Clinton, Bush and Obama presidential libraries twice over – if they weren’t already filled with “stolen” documents the National Archives legal department deems too insignificant to dispute. I seem to recall reading a piece reporting that Hillary actively lobbied the National Archives to go after Trump at Mar a Lago but can’t find it again now that the Google monopoly has improved its system for burying news-story searches it doesn’t like. In any case, I believe it’s still Hillary’s team running the State Department (while Obama runs the White House) so whatever Clinton-affecting actions Blinken, Wray and Garland take can be assumed to be Hillary’s will.

Enemy #3 is, of course, former Clinton pal Harvey Weinstein, who, like Seth Rich, forsook Hillary for Bernie, undermining her support among the super-important Hollywood power-brokers at a critical time in the 2016 election cycle.

Now, in my reading of the conspiratorial tea leaves, Weinstein was by far the most difficult to hit. Seth Rich was a nobody. Donald Trump was universally reviled by everyone who mattered (in Hillary’s world). But Harvey was a horse of a different color. If the Hollywood left was to wake up to find his severed head in their bed, the means of putting it there had to be unstoppable, the fact that it happened had to be un-lamentable, AND the shot-caller who called it had to be unmistakable (to elite insiders only). It would not be the first time Clinton-angering heads would roll, so to speak, as a message to the entire criminal underworld. Just ask Ron Brown and the survivors of Mena, Arkansas.

The means was exposing Harvey as a serial sexual predator (which everyone who mattered had known about and tolerated for decades). The hit squad was the Hillary-controlled “me-too” movement – the pink-bereted special-forces brigade of the vast army of angry feminists uniformed in “I’m With Her” T-shirts (the backbone of the Hillary for President campaign). Once outraged radical feminism collectively rose up on behalf of their sexually victimized sisters, the “everybody-does-it” nod and wink rationalization for Hollywood’s culture of “transactional sex” collapsed like the proverbial House of Cards (which, not accidentally, was the likely reason Kevin Spacey followed Weinstein to the (boys) me-too guillotine – Hillary presumably didn’t like how she was portrayed in his TV series of that name). Given those facts, no one but his closest friends could publicly defend Harvey or lament his takedown.

And, of course, everyone who mattered knew it was Hillary who did it, as now do the Hillary-designated “Deplorables” (at least as many as read and believe my conspiracy theory/aka brilliant analysis). It’s not really a joking matter, but I hope to share with all of you the “last laugh” when we finally, some day, “lock her up!”

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Tulsi Gabbard and the Need for a Natural Rights Coalition in the MAGA Movement

Click on graphic to watch Scott’s Prophecy and Politics show on this theme.

After my recent WND column mentioned having collaborated with Tulsi Gabbard’s Dad, Mike Gabbard, back in the 1990s (drafting the Framingham Declaration defining the natural family I received several emails questioning whether Tulsi Gabbard should be welcomed into the MAGA movement given her mixed voting record as a Democrat.

Tulsi famously renounced the Democrat Party recently, saying “I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that is now under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue & stoke anti-white racism, actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms, hostile to people of faith & spirituality, demonize the police & protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding Americans, believe in open borders, weaponize the national security state to go after political opponents, and above all, dragging us ever closer to nuclear war.”

Since then she has become a rising star in MAGA political circles for her ringing endorsement of top Trump-backed candidates like Kari Lake.

The main concern I’m hearing from Christians regards her voting record on abortion which is very mixed. On the hopeful side she has taken some strong pro-life stands. The following is from a Yahoo News story of December 16, 2020, quoting a press release from Democrats For Life in America:

“Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard introduced her SECOND Pro-Life bill this week, which would amend Title 18 of the U.S. code to give pain-capable fetuses rights under the law,” DFLA wrote on Facebook. “Tulsi has previously voted against this bill three times, but is now the SPONSOR of the new bill. This is proof that DFLA can convince Democrats to join the right side of history.”

Whether this sudden switch represents the true face of Tulsi Gabbard or a tactical post-election shift of political expedience to better align with the MAGA movement is uncertain. Her upbringing might suggest that IS her true face, because her Dad was one of the strongest pro-family champions I have known, and she worked in a couple of his anti-LGBTism organizations.

But when push came to shove in the LGBT political battles in Congress in 2012, Tulsi apologized to the “gays” for her earlier pro-family stance and began pushing for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act – a gross betrayal of the pro-family cause on one of the most fundamental of pro-family issues: the sanctity of marriage. She then became a reliable member of the House LGBT “Equality Caucus” with a voting record consistently above 83% from the Human Rights Campaign during the same years HRC was attacking me as Public Enemy #1 of the global LGBT agenda.

I must admit that I had a much more favorable opinion of Tulsi Gabbard before I started researching her – and I based my theme and title for this article on that prior opinion. But after a couple hours of research I must say I really don’t trust her. Her resume is impeccably tailored to help her 1) rise high in the political realm, including her attainment of the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve, and 2) prove that she is pragmatic enough to serve whatever agenda the dominant power of the day demands in exchange for power of her own. She now wants power in the MAGA movement and is taking pro-family positions again on issues like the Florida Parental Rights Bill, and opposition to the transgender agenda. The leftist LGBTs have renounced her, while Trojan Horse MAGA homosexuals like Glenn Greenwald (whom I respect as a writer but condemn for selfishly using children as props to normalize homosexual parenting) have defended her.

My gut tells me that Tulsi Gabbard is genuinely pro-life and pro-family at heart, but doesn’t consider the principles important enough to stand on at the cost of losing power. I could never do that, which is one reason I have never held political power and lost both my elections for Governor of Massachusetts.

Importantly, Tulsi is not a Christian but a Hindu, which brings me around to the theme of working with non-Christians on the natural rights which are common to all the world religions and the vast majority of the people of the world.

Tulsi Gabbard is not the person I thought she was when I sat down to write this article, and she doesn’t exemplify a true natural rights advocate, in the same way that, for example, the Muslim parents in Michigan do that have joined with MAGA activists to oppose the transgender agenda in the public schools. Those Muslim parents, for all their differences from Christian parents on other matters, are genuinely principled people on the issue of parental rights regarding sexuality.

But even Tulsi, when circumstances allow her to get away with standing for natural rights without losing her power, will do so. So in a sense she may be an even better exemplar of the “average American” who says what they need to say to avoid being attacked for “bigotry” – but deep down knows right from wrong and wants the right to prevail. And isn’t that exactly who Donald Trump is drawing out by the millions to his rallies – where in the safety of huge numbers they can shout the things they have previously been afraid even to whisper.

Natural rights include especially the rights of the natural family: the right to life, parental rights, the right of children to a real Mom and a real Dad, the right of families to dictate school policies, the right of family-centered communities to set the state’s standards on all things related to children and families. These are self-evident universal rights all humanity recognizes, and only a tiny soulless strata of elitist ghouls want to destroy.

It would help all of humanity for the MAGA movement to intentionally develop a natural rights coalition that welcomes all the world’s theistic religions and ethnic groups. Because if we normal people who love marriage, children and family all banded together and restored those natural rights across the world, 95% of our social and geopolitical problems would be resolved, and the elites would be exposed for the tiny, insane radical fringe they have always been. And people like Tulsi could just be themselves on the issues most important to civilization.

Because I knew her Dad and respect her upbringing on natural rights issues, I welcome Tulsi Gabbard to the MAGA movement, on a probationary basis, until she proves that she really is pro-life and pro-family by publicly defending those principles at real cost to herself and not just as a political maneuver to curry favor with Trump. She brings a lot to the team, but not yet political integrity.

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Russia’s Ronald Reagan?

Under Ronald Reagan, the US Supreme Court affirmed the bedrock constitutional right of states to regulate sexual conduct and particularly homosexual sodomy in the landmark case of Bowers v Hardwick in 1986. Under Vladimir Putin the Russian Congress banned “gay” propaganda to children in 2013 and is planning to extend that ban to all such propaganda.

Russia’s Ronald Reagan (10/30/2022)

To be clear, I love America and consider her the greatest nation in history, despite the cancer that has metastasized within her over the past decades. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, and even if she breaks apart in the raging storm that is upon us, I will go down with this ship, fighting with every ounce of my strength to save her till my last breath.
That having been said…

Who in the world today shows exemplary leadership as a national chief executive? Definitely not Dementia Joe Biden! Woke tyrant Justin Trudeau? Certainly not. Emmanuel Macron? Olaf Scholz? Are you kidding? EU head Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen – the woman just exposed for (alleged) collusion with Big Pharma in a $36 billion rape of European taxpayers? Give me a break. How about the new Prime Minister of the UK – that globalist dude who replaced the previous failure after just six weeks? Too soon to tell, but the signs don’t look good. Australia? New Zealand? Woke disasters. Mexico? Iceland? Anybody in the Baltics? The Balkans? Africa? Asia? Nobody really stands out in a positive way.

The right-wing babe just elected in Italy looks promising – though I’m not a fan of women holding executive government power, unless they are, in a biblical sense, a Deborah raised up by God because of a lack of a competent alpha male. It’s too soon to tell, but the fact she is kow-towing to NATO (meaning OBiden) regarding Russia right out of the gate is definitely concerning. Sweden just took a turn for the better, but, again, its too soon to judge its new leaders

Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil has done a good job – and I hope he survives politically. Viktor Orban of Hungary has done an exceptional job and sets a great example for the rest of the leaders of Europe.

But, in terms of current top-seat-holding leaders nobody in the world (except for Orban on a smaller scale) really comes close to Vladimir Putin, whom I consider to be Russia’s Ronald Reagan. This honorific, of course, flies in the face of decades of insidious US and UK war propaganda painting Putin as Hitler-like, but of course the same people say the same thing about Trump. It’s all lies – or if true in some parts (like Trump’s tendency to exaggerate) – the faults are not qualitatively different from other world leaders who get a pass on equivalent flaws.

Crucially, there is NEVER an evidence-based contested hearing on the accusations against Putin – only one-sided conclusory pronouncements of guilt crafted by intelligence agencies and parroted by the corporate media. The brainwashed public then repeats the narrative endlessly or gets their character assassinated. I can get away with speaking these truths because my character was assassinated long ago, but rose like Lazarus from the grave thanks to faith in Christ. All praise to Him, I no longer fear death by slander.

Trump would top the list of the most exemplary national leader if he had survived the 2020 election coup, but he didn’t – a fact I attribute to his God-defying embrace of homosexuality generally and “gay marriage” specifically. (When you invoke God as your guide while insulting Him by rebelling against His law, there will always be a consequence.) As a political pragmatist I still support Trump and greatly appreciate what he has done for the cause of constitutionalism, and I will vote for him if he runs again (something I have strong doubts about), but I will do it with reservations.

There were four populist/conservative giants who led the world in 2016 when God gave us an 11th hour global reprieve from the final stage of the one-world Marxist conquest. Trump was obviously the most powerful and significant of them. The other three were 1) Nigel Farage in the UK, by virtue of his orchestration of BREXIT – a campaign all the more brilliant and impressive in that he did it without benefit of a seat of high power in the government. 2) Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel – who plotted a relatively conservative course despite intense hatred and opposition from the hard-left, super-powerful US “Jewish” elites in concert with the Obama machine. And 3) Vladimir Putin.

Today, only Putin remains in power, and he does so despite literally the entire globalist machine running at maximum speed to drive him out militarily and steal his natural resource rich country from his people. This is a man who took the reins of power when the former Soviet Empire was in ruins and in a single generation transformed the nation from a hell-hole of chaos and gangsterism into a thriving stable and secure country with morally and fiscally conservative policies grounded in the rule of law. Yes, it is more autocratic than Americans would be comfortable with, but it’s [fact-schecked] not a dictatorship (in contrast to Zelensky’s Ukraine, which truly is one), and the Russian people genuinely support their government and Putin himself at levels American politicians can only dream about. I’ve been there on three major mission trips, studied it from the inside, and can testify to the truth of it.

The key to Putin’s success has been the restoration of Christianity as the wellspring of its culture. That has been Russia’s bulwark against every “woke” pathology now ravaging the west like the Black Death of the Middle Ages. And because of that, no other country in the world is doing more to protect its children from LGBT insanity and perversion than Russia – even to the point of expanding its 2013 ban on “gay” propaganda to children to include a ban on transgenderism advocacy

And no other country is doing more to oppose and defeat globalism, which OBiden has euphemistically termed “the rules based international order” (in which the “rules” are – as every conservative American knows in regards to domestic policy – whatever the DC elites say they are.) Indeed, the new multi-polar order Putin envisions, and speaks about so eloquently, is the very antithesis of globalism. His recent speech on this topic, while sobering is very rational, intelligent and encouraging:

In this life I revere no one except Jesus Christ. I see all human beings realistically, as flawed and fallible – to be judged honestly on their merits in the context of their circumstances with grace and humility. And to be graded on the curve of all humanity, not against some perfect standard none can meet. Ronald Reagan wasn’t perfect, but I admire him as a leader. I hold Putin in the same regard relative to his leadership of Russia.

To be clear, I love America and consider her the greatest nation in history, despite the cancer that has metastasized within her over the past decades. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, and even if she breaks apart in the raging storm that is upon us, I will go down with this ship, fighting with every ounce of my strength to save her till my last breath. It is that love and patriotism that compels me to speak the truth about Putin’s re-Christianized Russia, which could and should be America’s closest ally if we could just delouse ourselves of the “elite” Marxist parasites that are killing us – and, by extension, killing all the rest of world we force to fly our “rules based” rainbow flag.


[11/4/2022 update. In the few days since this article was written Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil was “defeated” in a highly suspect election and Bibi Netanyahu was re-elected in Israel.]

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Support the Julio Severo Family

This is a letter we published in our online newsletter on October 13, 2022, but the needs of Julio’s widow and children continue, so we have published it here as-is to give potential donors some background information.

Pure and undefiled religion before our God and Father is this: to care for orphans and widows in their distress (James 1:27).


This Pro-Family Activist Hero Lived for the Cause of Christ and Died Suddenly in 2021 Leaving a Widow and Seven Young Children

Donate HERE and select the option

Emergency Help for Julio Severo Family

Scott Lively Ministries is a small organization with a relatively small support base typical of long-term missionary families. We rely entirely on month to month donations and have no extra funding to cover the needs of the Severo Family. In fact, by fundraising for Julio’s family we risk not being able to cover our own expenses, but we’re willing to take that risk out of love for a brother who gave his all for the global pro-family movement and the defense of the biblical family. We therefore hope that whatever you give will be above and beyond your regular support to us, but if you lack the means to do both, please give to support Sarah and the children this month.

If you send a check, write it to Redemption Gate Mission Society

(a church, so your donations are tax deductible).

The mailing address is on the donate page.

Some background:

Julio was one of my closest international ministry allies who translated many of my articles into Portuguese and distributed them all over the world. We became friends when he was in his native Brazil during the period when the LGBT fascists were taking over the government and trying to pass a horrific “anti-homophobia” law under whose terms Julio would have been jailed for boldly speaking biblical truth. Even thought it wasn’t passed into law, the corrupt powers tried to prosecute Julio anyway, and he fled Brazil for an undisclosed neighboring country, taking his young family into the jungle as “illegal aliens” in hiding from his very dangerous enemies. There he and his wife Sarah had several more children and they all endured the travails of poverty, being sustained only by their love for each other and the meager income Julio received from his work as a pro-family missionary and freelance writer. 

I didn’t know just how difficult life really was for the Severo family until Anne and I went to their country to finally meet them in person. I determined then to do whatever I could to help them, but only a couple of years later Julio died suddenly of health conditions he did not disclose to anyone (even me) nor get treatment for, for lack of funds and fear of alerting the government to his status as an illegal. 

Julio’s death was a blow to all who knew him. He was such a bold witness for Christ and the cause of the biblical family. But, of course, it was an unmitigated disaster for his wife and seven young children (the oldest being just 15 then, I believe). 

As soon as we learned of Julio’s demise, several of us Americans who were closest to him formed an ad-hoc group called Friends of Julio Severo and organized a fundraising drive to support Sarah and the kids. I offered to collect and manage the funds under our Redemption Gate Mission Society (church) umbrella and we raised a little over $40,000 that I then disbursed to the family in monthly support payment sufficient to sustain them at survival level (the cost of living is surprisingly higher there than one would expect), and we also helped them get legal help to become legal residents of their adopted country and some much-needed medical help for Sarah. We are still not disclosing the country in which they now reside out of concern about Julio’s political enemies (because as you know the hatred and vindictiveness of the far left is boundless and implacable.)

When the balance of the Severo support account got low I did another fundraiser — twice now — raising a greatly diminishing amount each time to the point that our efforts seem unsustainable. 

As of today there is less than one month’s support left in the Severo fund, and if the downward trend continues we’ll barely get them through the winter from what comes in from this appeal. It’s crunch time for the Severos.

Whatever you donate is tax-deductible because we are a church and caring for widows and orphans is a high biblical priority. So this is my appeal. If you donate by mail, please make your checks to Redemption Gate Mission Society and put “Severo family support” in the memo.  

Again, because we’re a small ministry with a small support base, optimally, whatever you give would be above and beyond your regular support to this ministry, but if your ability to give is limited, I ask that you donate to the Severo family this month instead of us. 100% of what you give will go to them. We are covering all the overhead costs for managing the funds.

Julio and Sarah’s dream was to immigrate to America — legally — and our initial appeal included that fact and a hope we would raise enough to make it possible. But we raised only enough to sustain them where they are. We remain hopeful that one day a wealthy donor will step forward and make their dream come true, but our part will remain one focused on their simple survival until the children grow old enough to support themselves. The two older ones are getting closer to that time, but they’re still in school now, and frankly there is very little work available where they live. Sarah has no special skills to draw upon other than being a full-time Mom to a house full of little ones and no husband or extended family to help. They do, thank God, belong to a local native church.

God bless you as you give to help them survive.

Carrying on Julio’s Work

Following is an article that gives additional background on Julio’s ministry, and Dr. Lively’s intention to carry on his work in Brazil and around the world.

To give to support the continuation of Julio’s pro-family activism by Dr. Lively donate HERE and select the option “Julio Severo Fund (to carry on his work).”

The Homofascism of the Lula Regime in Brazil (published 10/23/22)

On October 30, 2022, the people of Brazil will chose a new president in a run-off election featuring the conservative incumbent Jair Bolsanaro, and the Marxist former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, aka Lula. Current polling in the corporate media shows Lula in the lead raising the nightmare specter of a return to the extreme homofascism that marked the Lula regime from 2003-2010. It was during Lula’s regime that Brazil’s LGBT Brownshirts drove my friend and ministry ally Julio Severo and his young family into hiding in a foreign country. He died there in 2021, partly in consequence of the dire poverty they faced as Brazilian ex-pats living illegally in exile. My ministry has taken up the task of helping his widow, Sarah, and seven young children to survive without him.

In 2007, while I was on a 50-city tour of the former Soviet Union warning people about the coming wave of US-backed homofascism across the world, Julio Severo was already suffering it in Brazil. My recent article citing my battle with the Bush 43 US Embassy in Riga Latvia in the summer of 2007 alongside the late great Ken Hutcherson is evidence that globalist agenda had already been launched – even before Obama made it the top priority of the State Department from 2008-2016. And Julio’s experience showed that Brazil under Lula was part of the leading edge of that anti-family tsunami.

I first learned of Julio’s ministry in a Lifesite News article by Matthew Hoffman that was emailed to me in June of 2007. The following three paragraphs, edited for length, are from that article:

“During its second year in office, the Lula regime initiated a program, “Brazil Without Homophobia” which teaches that homosexual orientation is unchangeable, and seeks to construct “a culture of peace and values for promoting human diversity.” … Since the initiation of Brazil Without Homophobia, the government has spent millions of dollars funding “Gay Pride” parades and TV programming, and is promoting pro-homosexual “education” programs in the public schools. …

“In addition, the Lula administration is promoting a new “anti-homophobia” law that would prohibit any expression contrary to the homosexual agenda, forbidding Brazilians “To practice, induce or incite discrimination or prejudice of race, skin color, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity…What is determined in this article involves the practice of any kind of violent, constraining, threatening or humiliating action, of moral, ethical, philosophical or psychological order.” … The Brazilian legal system has also begun to allow homosexual adoptions.

“Brazil Without Homophobia” also promises to promote the homosexual agenda at the international level, a commitment that the Lula regime has fulfilled with a rare enthusiasm.”

Julio Severo became a target of the Lula anti-“homophobia” campaign, but was spared prosecution because pro-family conservatives in the Brazilian legislature prevented the bill from passing. So instead the Lula regime went after him for refusing to vaccinate his children. Julio was an “anti-vaxer” long before the Covid clot-shot debacle awakened the rest of the world to the evils of Big Pharma. According to the Hoffman article “a homosexual government official used his refusal to involve his children with vaccines against him and had a court order to remove his children from their home.” This was technically the catalyst for Julio fleeing Brazil, but make no mistake, it was an act of homofascism on the government’s part, not a concern for the Severo children.

Allow me at this point to remind the reader that the slur “homophobe” is an invention of the LGBT movement to characterize literally ALL disagreement with its political agenda as mental illness. A phobia is a anxiety disorder, and the purpose of the “homophobia” slur is to frame disagreement as hateful bigotry driven by an irrational fear of homosexuals.

“Homophobia” was originally a psychiatric term for a person’s fear of his own homosexual inclinations back in the days when “science” admitted the truth about sexual health and actually helped people overcome same-sex attraction disorder. But after the LGBT movement took permanent control over the American Psychiatric Association (APA) in a political coup in 1973, the “science” was edited to serve the new agenda. And the term “homophobia” was re-purposed to create an anti-Christian/anti-naturalist pejorative equivalent to the anti-homosexual slurs “fag” and “dyke.” All such slurs are dehumanizing and antisocial, and “homophobe” should be condemned alongside the other two, but of course the only standards upheld by the left are double-standards.

“Homophobia” was part of a package of words and concepts designed to advance the newly contrived theory of “Sexual Orientation” which has since fully supplanted self-evident objective truth and reason regarding innate binary heterosexual complementarity in Marxist-controlled academia and the popular culture. So successful have the LGBTs been in brainwashing the public that even many of those fighting the current battle against transgenderism have swallowed hook, line and sinker the sexual orientation theory that justifies transgender ideology: it is a form of cognitive dissonance on the right that (if not overcome) guarantees their eventual defeat (after a string of temporary diminishing victories – just like on “gay marriage.”) No one can win a debate once they stipulate that the opponents’ presuppositions are true.

Julio was one of the few Christian heroes who both knew these truths and devoted his life speaking them despite great personal cost. He is, in the truest sense of the word, a martyr for the cause of Christ.

And Lula, the LGBTs Goliath on the Brazilian battlefield, is as evil and corrupt a figure as anyone in the pantheon of principalities and powers ruling America today, which includes even Obama himself.

I am urging Christians around the world to join me in prayer that Lula does not return to power in Brazil. But either way, I intend to carry on Julio’s pro-family work in Brazil, starting with a mission to that country in early 2023.

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Luciferian Transhumanism vs The Natural Family

Click on the above graphic to watch Scott’s
Prophecy and Politics show on this theme.

For about a decade I have been a part of the growing chorus of voices warning about “transhumanism” – a phenomenon that in worldly terms is defined by the technological advancement of the interrelated, mutually force-multiplying sciences of genetic engineering, robotics and artificial intelligence. In spiritual terms, it represents the prophesied last-days rebellion of mankind against our Creator God as we humans attempt, like gods, to create a “better” version of ourselves as if His creative powers are inferior to ours and He is inferior to us (the Luciferian delusion of Isaiah 14:12-14, reflected also in the Serpent’s beguilement of Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:1-5 and God’s response in 3:22-24).

I have been alone in linking transhumanism directly to the LGBT movement, contending that the LGBT agenda represents not just a coalition of sexual dysfunctions but a chronology of stages in the deconstruction of God’s created order (from the tips of the branches toward its roots), and that “transhumanism” represents a hidden “T” contained within “transgenderism” in the LGBT abbreviation.

Transgenderism is the penultimate (next to the last) stage of deconstruction of the civilization God made for us – destroying the human perception that we are created male and female in His image (Genesis 1:27). Transhumanism is the ultimate stage – destroying through genetic modification God’s separation between humans and animals as distinct “kinds” (Genesis 1:11-25). Transhumanists perceive themselves as wiping the earth clean of God’s “mistakes” (returning back to the blank canvas of Genesis 1:6-10) and creating their own utopia in which they are immortal.

This is not hyperbole but an actual plan currently being implemented by the World Economic Forum’s Yuval Noah Harari (whom I have labeled the best candidate for the end-times False Prophet I’ve seen in my lifetime). Significantly, Harari is an admitted homosexual in a counterfeit “marriage” to another man.

In the incomparable genius of God, the solution to every human error is simple truth. And the solution to the error of transgenderism/transhumanism (and the whole package of LGBT errors) is the simple self-evident truth of the natural family.

One of the great privileges of my life was being a part of a special ad-hoc committee of pro-family leaders who met in Framingham, Massachusetts, in the ’90s. It was set up by a sister in Christ named Nancy Sutton (who then had a ministry to conservative students at Harvard), and drew about a dozen front-lines activist leaders, including Peter LaBarbera, Robert Knight, Frank York of Focus on the Family and a few others I can’t remember.

I flew in from Portland, Oregon, with Mike Gabbard (Tulsi’s dad) who did a layover in Portland on his way from Hawaii. (His health food restaurant there had been put out of business by homosexual picketers after he publicly stood up for the natural family – and so he joined the culture war and led his own natural family into politics).

Our gathering, in a basement meeting room of a large hotel, was a single day-long general strategy session that narrowed over the course of the day to establishing a definition of the natural family that could not be co-opted by the LGBT movement (a harder task than one might think). In the end our “Framingham Declaration” declared this: “A natural family is one man and one woman and their children, by birth or adoption, or the surviving remnant thereof.” It is to my knowledge, the only process-created definition of the natural family ever framed. And, importantly, it both affirms binary heterosexual complementarity as the essential prerequisite for a natural family and implicitly excludes as unnatural any reconfigured “family” unit that adds a new homosexual partner to the mix to replace either of the original parents, because only the surviving remnant of the actual family is deemed natural. Two homosexuals cannot create children together naturally.

Interestingly, without our prior knowledge, there was a major “Christian” conference on “Gay Theology” occurring simultaneously in the big fancy hotel ballrooms above our heads. It was a gathering of hundreds of people from one of the liberal mainstream denominations (I don’t remember which one). While our tiny group of Davids were working to find a solution to America’s LGBT challenge in our plain and sparse basement chamber, the globalist Goliath of pseudo-Christendom was basking in worldly luxury above us as it advanced the leading heresy of our day – which I have contended in my book “The Petros Prophecy” is THE end-times heresy warned about by the Apostle Peter.

One of the great pro-family Davids of our generation who was NOT with us that day in Framingham is the late Julio Severo of Brazil. Julio was one of my closest international allies. We became friends in 2007 just as LGBT fascists, emboldened by their massive “Gay Pride” events in Rio, were taking over the Brazilian government and trying to pass a horrific “anti-homophobia” law under whose terms Julio would have been jailed for boldly speaking biblical truth. He was forced by severe, active persecution to flee to an undisclosed neighboring country, taking his young family into the jungle there as “illegal aliens,” in hiding from his very dangerous enemies and suffering the travails of poverty. Yet he pressed on in the cause of Christ until his sudden, untimely death in May of 2021, leaving behind his wife, Sarah, and seven young children under the age of 14.

Julio’s family is the living epitome of a natural family – “the surviving remnant thereof” – and I will never again recite our Framingham Declaration without thinking of his widow and seven children. Because there was no one else to step in and help them survive, my ministry did so starting in June of 2021, even though our support base is small – typical of long-term missionary families. But God has blessed our efforts on behalf on the Severo family which has allowed them to stay together in their home with all their basic needs met.

Julio Severo, his family and Scott Lively (right).

What we have done for the Severo family is what remnant Christians need to do for the natural family everywhere. We need to boldly affirm it. We need to surround and protect it. We need to sustain it as the essential “ecosystem” of humanity in the face of homo-fascism and trans-insanity.

I didn’t intent this article as a fundraiser, but if you want to help Sarah and the children, please give HERE. To give directly to their support choose the option “Emergency Help for the Severo Family,” or you could choose “Julio Severo Fund (to carry on his work)” because I have decided to take a mission trip to Brazil and work with Julio’s support base there to both raise funds for his family and to promote the natural family as the antidote to transhumanist poison.

This fight against transhumanism is a global battle and the only solution is to restore to primacy the natural family foundations and functions of civilization as He designed it – everywhere!

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The Day Before Eternity

Click on graphic to watch the second part of Dr. Lively’s conversation with Pastor Otto Gershon of the Hebraic Assembly of Port Angeles, WA. The article below was inspired by that conversation.

“It shall come to pass, that every one that is left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem [in the war of Armageddon] shall even go up [to Jerusalem] from year to year to worship the King, the LORD of hosts, and to keep the feast of tabernacles”

Zechariah 14: 16-19.

“Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch, and a King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth. In His days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely: and this is His Name whereby He shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS [Jehovah Tsidkenu]”

Jeremiah 23: 5-6.

Many Christians think of themselves as Bible literalists but really aren’t, the proof of which is seen in the widespread Christian ignorance or rejection of two important doctrines: the two-house covenant and the Millennial Kingdom.

I addressed the two-house covenant in my last article [and invoked it in my choice of the Jeremiah citation above re Judah and Israel]. Today I will address millennialism, in celebration of “the great [eighth] day of the feast” of tabernacles/Sukkot (John 7:37-38) which symbolizes the Millennial Kingdom and was the day on which Jesus declared His deity in by announcing His authority to direct the anointing of the Holy Spirit – the “living water.” According to the rabbinical holiday calendar for 2022 that eighth day was October 16th.

Millennialism is the doctrine which holds that all Creation is a seven thousand year period matching the seven 24-hour days of Creation: six days/millennia of work, followed by a Sabbath day/millennium when God and man will dwell together: the Millennial Kingdom. Importantly, the “Feast of Tabernacles” is the seventh of the biblical feasts of Leviticus 23, and also the name which designates the three-feast fall pilgrimage that serves as a ritual rehearsal for the events of the second coming. (They are Yom Teruah AKA the Feast of Trumpets, Yom Kippur AKA the Day of Atonement, and Sukkot AKA the Feast of Tabernacles.)

Millennial doctrine is implicit in the Book of Hosea – the Bible’s key blueprint in allegory form for two house and millennial prophecy – where in Chapter 6, Verse 2 it reads “After two days He [Jesus Christ] will revive us; on the third day He will raise us up, that we may live in His presence.

Peter, writing about the “Day of the Lord” in 2 Peter 3:8 informed us that “With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.” When he wrote that, four one-thousand-year “days” of human history from Adam to Jesus were already completed, and thus, those first “two days” in Hosea 6:2 are the next two one-thousand-year “days” of the Christian era – spanning the fifth and sixth millennia. The “third day” is the “Day of the Lord,” the Millennial Kingdom (the third “day” after the advent of Christ, but the seventh “day” of Creation). Indeed, we are now fast approaching that last 1000 years: Day 7, the Sabbath “Day,” when the King of Kings literally dwells with mankind on David’s Throne on a redeemed Planet Earth (Matthew 19:28; Ezekiel 37:20-24).

Importantly, changes from one millennium to the next do not occur instantaneously at the strike of a clock but gradually like the transition of the seasons: there is always an overlapping cusp from one to the next. Thus Adam, (who was told by God that in the “day” in which he sinned against Him he would die – Genesis 2:17) lived not 999 years until the stroke of midnight on year 1000, but died on the cusp of the first and second millennia – at the age of 930 years (Genesis 5:5).

The current cusp of the sixth and seventh “day” began as prophesied by Jesus in Matthew 24:32-35, with the sprouting of the fig tree (symbolic of the House of Judah in Jerusalem per Jeremiah 24). Therefore, since the return of the Jews to their inheritance, the Holy Land of Israel, we have been in that cusp, awaiting several essential events including:

A) All the drama prophesied in Christ’s “Olivet Discourse” of Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, including especially,

B) The resurrection/“rapture” of 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 and 1 Corinthians 15:51-52.

C) The “Winepress of God’s Wrath” of Revelation 14:17-20, and

D) The return of Christ as the “Lord of Hosts” of Revelation 19:11-21 [which I intentionally invoked in my choice of the Zechariah 14 citation above because it is a singular event in all of history unequivocally linked to the second coming].

To be sure, some of what I have described above is not, strictly speaking, stated in literal terms, but in allegory or symbolism about events clearly intended to be TAKEN as literally true. Thankfully, the Lord Himself removed all ambiguity about the literal nature of these events in His final word to humanity as given to the Apostle/Prophet John in Revelation 20:1-4. He said in no uncertain terms:

Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven with the key to the Abyss, holding in his hand a great chain. He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. And he threw him into the Abyss, shut it, and sealed it over him, so that he could not deceive the nations until the thousand years were complete. After that, he must be released for a brief period of time.

Then I saw the thrones, and those seated on them had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their testimony of Jesus and for the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or its image, and had not received its mark on their foreheads or hands. And they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.

This straightforward passage confirms the reality of the Millennial Kingdom, the resurrection/“rapture” of the saints, and the co-regency of saints as literal truth.

Regarding a believer’s fate after death it is commonly said we will “die and go to heaven,” which is technically true, but there’s an essential interim step many Christians ignore because of bad doctrine. Yes, we will spend eternity together in heaven, but (very soon) there is a seventh, final Sabbath “Day” before Eternity: Christ’s Millennial Kingdom.

This is yet one more reason that the forgotten Hebrew cultural perspectives of the Apostles and the Prophets really should matter to Christians. For more on this theme, read my free book The Prodigal Son Prophecy (see button bar above).

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The Reconciliation of Christians and Jews

Click on the above graphic to watch Part One of the two part conversation of Pastor Scott Lively of First Century Bible Church with Pastor Otto Gershon of the Hebraic Assembly of Port Angeles, WA.

Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and awesome Day of the LORD. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers. Otherwise, I will come and strike the land with a curse.

– Malachi 4:5-6.

He will raise a banner for the nations and gather the exiles of Israel; He will collect the scattered of Judah from the four corners of the earth. Then the jealousy of Ephraim will depart, and the adversaries of Judah will be cut off. Ephraim will no longer envy Judah, nor will Judah harass Ephraim.

– Isaiah 11:12-13.

The most important forgotten truth of the Bible is the history and prophecy of the two houses of the Abramic covenant. Simply, the package of unbreakable promises made by God to Abraham were inherited by (and affirmed by God to) Isaac and Jacob. But when Jacob married two wives – Leah and Rachel – the law of inheritance mandated a split of the promises between the two houses.

Leah’s house, named the House of Judah after her son Judah, inherited the right of royalty (the Scepter Promise) and all the kings of the Jews forever after, including Jesus, were a fulfillment of that promise (Genesis 49:10).

Rachel’s house was named the House of Israel because her son Joseph held special legal rights as the firstborn son of Jacob/Israel. Technically, he was the 11th of Jacob/Israel’s 12 children, but he was the firstborn son of Rachel, and Leah’s firstborn son Reuben had been disqualified from his birthright because of sin (1 Chronicles 5:1), so the firstborn birthright inheritance fell to Joseph.

Joseph’s “Birthright Promise” included the blessing of vast numbers of descendants, and a double portion of everything, including especially the land. So, instead of a single Tribe of Joseph, his sons Manasseh and Ephraim became equal in status to their uncles as patriarchs over the Tribe of Manasseh and Tribe of Ephraim, respectively. In this way, Joseph received a double portion of the land and of influence among the 12.

Jacob famously passed the firstborn birthright to Joseph’s younger son Ephraim instead of Manasseh (Genesis 48:1-22), which was a choice God Himself confirmed in Jeremiah 31:9, saying, “For I am Israel’s Father, and Ephraim is My firstborn.”

Importantly, that verse is the centerpiece of a passage prophesying the promise of a New Covenant upon Christ’s first advent, and a reconciliation and return of the two houses to the Holy Land upon His second coming (Jeremiah 31:1-40). This same prophecy in different terminology is given in Ezekiel 37:1-28.

Evidence of power sharing and trading by the two houses is found throughout the Old Testament. Joshua the Ephraimite and Caleb the Judean were the only two spies to vote for honoring God’s command to conquer the Holy Land from the south soon after their deliverance from Egypt (Numbers 13-14). After the 40 year wilderness punishment of the people for defying God, Joshua became the first “president of the Israelite Republic” (if you will) when the people finally were allowed to cross the Jordan into the Holy Land and enjoy the freedom of relative self-determination under the rule of (Mosaic) law.

God’s tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant were housed in Shiloh in the territory of Ephraim for the first approximately 400 years, under the authority of the House of Israel.

After the House of Israel failed greatly by allowing Canaanite idolatry to rise among the people, God destroyed Shiloh and gave the House of Judah political authority over the nation. “[The House of Israel] enraged Him with their high places and provoked His jealousy with their idols. On hearing it, God was furious and rejected Israel completely. He abandoned the tabernacle of Shiloh, the tent He had pitched among men. … He rejected the tent of Joseph and refused the tribe of Ephraim. But He chose the tribe of Judah, Mount Zion, which He loved. … He chose David His servant.” (Psalm 78:58-70)

Importantly, the House of Israel was never again restored to power over the 12, and when the House of Judah also failed God through idolatry (under Solomon) the two houses were permanently divided into two kingdoms led, one each, by the House of Judah and the House of Israel. Ephraim of the House and Kingdom of Israel again led the way but into deeper sin, not righteousness, until God literally “divorced” the 10 tribes of Israel and sent them away into the wilderness where they lost their identity and were scattered among the Gentiles.

The high drama of this story, and God’s plan to eventually restore the House of Israel to Himself, is told in exhaustive detail in allegory form in the book of Hosea. Hosea adds essential details and context to the prophecies of Jeremiah 31 and Exekiel 37, characterizing Judah and Israel as God’s “wives,” of whom He only divorced Israel, not Judah.

Long story short, the death of Jesus Christ on the cross released Israel to remarry, and thus ALL who believe in Him (from every tongue, tribe and nation – Genesis 22:18) become part of the Bride of Christ (the renewed House of Israel), awaiting remarriage to God at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. To learn more about this, read my free book “The Prodigal Son Prophecy.”

The main point here, however, is that the truth of the two house covenant solves several key problems that keep Jews and Christians in conflict. It corrects the major flaw of “replacement theology” (supersessionism) by showing that only the House of Israel was “replaced,” not the House of Judah. It acknowledges that the House of Judah (Torah-believing Jews) still has a separate, strained but unbroken relationship with God on His terms that are explained to Christians in Romans 11. It explains the severe enmity that has existed between Christians and Jews for nearly two millennia. And it serves as context for recognizing the season of transition at the end of the Age of the Gentiles and the beginning of the Millennial Kingdom.

In the millennial prophecy of Ezekiel 37: 15-28, “the Lord GOD says: ‘I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel associated with him, and I will put them together with the stick of Judah. I will make them into a single stick, and they will become one in My hand.'” That is the very picture of Christ-embracing Messianic Judaism – AND the separate but parallel track of Hebraic-oriented evangelical Christianity such as is practiced by my First Century Bible Church. Both are evidence that the Lord’s return is very near.

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Is WWIII This Year’s “October Surprise?”

The above photo captures the true essence of the Russia/Ukraine war and who is really behind the US/NATO/Ukraine policy. Obama personally loathes Putin for signing the Russian national ban on “gay” propaganda targeting children — which hatred neatly serves the interests of the US oligarchs of the permanent-war military industrial complex. Joe OBiden is just a puppet.

Preface: I’ve been monitoring the Russia/Ukraine war very closely since the beginning and comparing the non-stop shamefully dishonest propaganda of the OBiden-controlled media with news from independent, mostly pro-Russian sources. What matters to me is truth, and that is coming almost exclusively from the pro-Russian side: It’s almost exactly the reverse of the U.S./USSR contest of the Cold War, with America now taking the old Soviet role and the Russian Federation taking the ethical higher ground formerly held by the U.S.

Everything done by Putin in this conflict is reasoned, rational and either clearly legal under international law or clearly defensible by comparison to U.S. interventions in foreign nations, which our government insist are legal.

If you don’t share that view, it’s likely the fault of your “news” sources. Tag-teaming propaganda by the leftist and neocon (RINO) media (which includes huge swaths of Christian media controlled by neocons like Pence, Romney and Ryan) is the only reason so many Americans are backing OBiden on this war. If the average American knew what I know from my independent research, there would never even have been a Russian incursion into Ukraine because we would all recognize that our government has nefariously orchestrated every single step of this conflict since at least 2014.

That orchestration includes especially the Russian invasion on Feb. 24, 2022, which the lying media has the audacity to call “unprovoked” after deliberately covering up the very serious provocations. The psyops campaign against our own people regarding Ukraine has been done at a John 8:44, Father-of-Lies level of deception, particularly regarding the media-created “war crimes” to stir public outrage and keep the cash flowing into the war machine. (Never forget what these exact same propagandists did and are still doing to Donald Trump! They. can. not. be. trusted. about. anything.)

Here is my analysis of where we are in the OBiden rush to World War III.

The starter gun has sounded, the four horsemen are out of the gate, and the culling of humanity through war, disease, famine and natural disasters is about to begin in earnest. It’s a prophesied spiritual season, but a worldly geopolitical one as well.

On the worldly stage, OBiden pulled the trigger on Sept. 1 in a performance dripping with Nazi symbolism – both to evoke the previous world war for context and to subtly mock Vladimir Putin’s anti-Nazism rhetoric about the Ukraine war. American pundits were mystified by the unprecedented “Dark Brandon” drama of the speech and saw it only through the lens of poll numbers and the coming election, but the globalist conspirators planning the “Great Reset” undoubtedly recognized it as the launch of the main phase of the prerequisite “great collapse” in the form of a new world war.

Within a week, the Obergruppenfuhrer of the CIA, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, made a surprise appearance in Kyiv, and two days later the (apparently) successful Ukrainian counter-offensive backed by billions in top-shelf U.S. weaponry began. That the Americans had taken hands-on control of the Ukrainian war machine on behalf of NATO was the obvious message. (I say “apparently” successful because I suspect Russia has been playing rope-a-dope with the West by a series of tactical withdrawals to lure the Ukrainians out of their fortified bunkers where they have been decimated by airstrikes and artillery.)

In response to direct U.S. intervention, Russia moved up the referenda elections in the Donbass to make the four pro-Russian oblasts it had liberated in the war an official part of the Russian Federation. Contrary to our media’s absurd but predictable claim of election fraud (Oh, the irony!), the election result was as foregone a conclusion as Texas voting for Trump – but was also endorsed as legitimate by international observers.

So now any attack on the four new bear cubs will be an attack on Momma Bear Russia, and there will be hell to pay by those who do. And they (“we”) will press the attack because WWIII seems to be our October Surprise for 2022.

Added to hell’s invoice is the rather obvious but perhaps legally unprovable U.S. sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 natural gas pipelines to ensure vassal-state Germany cannot break with her U.S. master and mend fences with Russia to avoid becoming a post-industrial frozen wasteland this winter. That likely won’t be the last false flag of the season. And the chances of one here at home – blamed on Russia, of course – seem fairly high.

Frankly, every death in Ukraine since as least April (when OBiden sent Boris Johnson to kill the peace deal that Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France had brought within inches of adoption) has been the fault of our government. And realistically, the death toll going back all the way to the 2014 Obama/Soros Maidan coup, including the 14,000 people killed in the Donbass by Ukrainian shelling through February 2022, is “our” fault, too.

Looking at it all from the highest level of geopolitical pragmatism, there would be a reasonably strong argument to be made for preserving U.S. global hegemony and discouraging Russia from building a multi-polar alternative IF American values and vision reflected the altruistic Christian heritage of our past. But American “values” today are the most corrupt and perverse of any nation on earth, and the future our leaders envision is a dystopian transhumanist freak show of woke tyrants and sexual deviants.

And even if that were not true, and we were still an ethical and virtue-aspiring people like the good old days, the question about what our nation’s role in the world should be is a matter for WE the PEOPLE to decide, not a thin upper strata of globalist elites and greedy predatory corporatists. I think the American people, if given the choice, would be inclined to share the world’s resources with other nations for mutual benefit rather than violently subjugating all competitors on behalf of U.S. oligarchs.

So what comes next? As of Oct. 5, the Russian Special Military Operation, which was limited to liberating the Donbass and diminishing the Ukrainian military threat will end, and real war will begin against the U.S. and NATO forces that took direct (but still not admitted) control of the Ukrainian forces in September. That will serve as justification for the OBiden military also to “take the gloves off,” triggering various mutual-defense treaties on both sides and the explosion of war across the world. I would dearly love to be wrong, and to celebrate a peace treaty in the coming weeks instead of a cascade of disasters, but things look grim as of today.


Updates in support of the above contentions:

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My Wartime Mission to Ukraine

Culture War: This 2007 article in a pro-family Russian newspaper ran while Dr. Lively was in Ukraine holding seminars for local believers on how to stand up to the LGBT agenda.

On September 23, 2022 putative president Joe Biden awarded homosexual activist and icon Elton John the National Humanities Medal “for his work to end Aids.” Going off script, OBiden let slip a frank Freudian admission, saying “By the way, it’s all his fault we are spending $6 billion in tax payer money this month, to help AIDS, fight HIV/AIDS.”

Now, it’s certainly NOT true that Elton John deserves ALL the blame for the “gay” plague of AIDS (originally called GRIDS: “Gay-Related Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome”). A young Dr. Anthony Fauci, for example, deserves special recognition in the AIDS Hall of Shame for re-purposing the failed and highly toxic cancer drug AZT (the Remdesivir of the 1980s) as Big Pharma’s highly lucrative $olution, inflicting an early death on untold thousands of sufferers. (Yes, Fauci has been America’s top shill for the pharmakeia sorcerers since the Reagan administration.)

BUT, Reginald Kenneth Dwight, AKA “Elton John” ranks high among the homosexual elites who normalized sodomy as a lifestyle across the globe over the past few decades. Let’s just stop dancing around the indelicacies of AIDS reality and admit that AIDS is spread almost exclusively by receptive anal intercourse – the act of sexual deviance that has defined male homosexual relationships (and increasingly heterosexual ones in the age of porn) since time immemorial and is expressly condemned in the Bible as a capital offense.

Unlike God’s specially constructed life-facilitating vaginal canal, designed for handling even the most enthusiastic copulation, the relatively thin and porous lining of the alimentary canal is designed for absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream (and elimination of deadly waste) and is inadequate to prevent the passing of microbes and diseases into the body. Plus it tears relatively easily rendering the body virtually defenseless. Read more about this in The Health Hazards of Homosexuality .

You shall not lie with a man as with a woman, it is an abomination,” reads Leviticus 18:22. And in the New Testament restatement of that law, ensuring that Christians don’t make the mistake of thinking it was only forbidden in the Old Testament, Romans 1:24-26 reads “God gave them over in the desires of their hearts to impurity for the dishonoring of their bodies with one another…Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones [which can be interpreted as either or both lesbianism and/or submitting to heterosexual sodomy]. Likewise, the men abandoned natural relations with women and burned with lust for one another.”

Now pay special attention to the next verse: “Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received IN THEMSELVES the due penalty for their error.” [Emphasis added.] This is directly prophetic of the AIDS plague in these last days. And life-long LGBT culture-warrior Elton John undoubtedly knows this. No amount of “humanitarian” ex-post-facto damage control can undo his part in encouraging men around the world with same sex attraction disorder to give in to their homosexual temptations. Elton John is no humanitarian!

This brings me to my wartime mission to Ukraine. I’m, of course, not talking about the current Ukraine/Russia war. Under the current wartime dictatorship of the LGBT zealot and former TV drag performer Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a world-renowned “homophobe” like me likely wouldn’t survive long there. In fact, the only speaking invitation I have ever turned down in my life due to a Holy Spirit “check” in my spirit was a request to do some pro-family seminars in Ukraine in (I think) 2018. It reminded me of what the Apostle Paul described in Acts 16:6. I knew in my spirit if I went Ukraine on that trip I would be killed or otherwise incapacitated by the Obama/Soros/Clinton/Biden agents already running the country by then from the shadows.

When Zelenskyy (the Jewish Barack Obama) says he wants to fundamentally transform Ukraine into a European Israel he doesn’t mean the Orthodox Jewish quarter of Old Jerusalem: he means Tel Aviv, which advertizes itself as the “Gay Capital of the World” And to show just how much this is a priority for him, he has taken time to push for “gay marriage” even during the war! [warning – highly offensive graphic].

No, MY war has always been the culture war, and my mission to Ukraine was in June of 2007 – when the early groundwork for the current kinetic war was only just being prepared by SENATOR Barack Obama, George W. Bush’s point man for setting up the network of bio-weapons labs across Ukraine.

I was then in the midst of my 50-city pro-family speaking tour of eight countries of the former Soviet Union, based mostly in Riga, Latvia where myself and the late great Black mega-pastor, former Cowboys football star, and famous friend of Rush Limbaugh, Ken “Hutch” Hutcherson, took on Bush’s US Embassy for forcing a Gay Pride parade on the people of Latvia – against the wishes of 95% of the population. We lost the battle when a massive army of riot police and double steel fencing ensured a tiny group of “gays” and transsexuals (and diplomats from the US and Sweden) were allowed to march, and Hutch was abruptly removed from his position with the Bush White House Office of Faith Based Initiatives.

Shortly afterwards, I was in Ukraine at the same time that Elton John was there to normalize the LGBT agenda and lifestyles to the formerly morally conservative Ukrainian people by giving a free concert in Kiev. It was just another of those David and Goliath battles I’ve been in all my life: the nobody Scott Lively trying to help local believers organize a resistance while the globalists blitzkreig’d the culture with a super-star reprobate.

But God will have the last word in this war and I’m happy to be on His side no matter how badly it looks like its going through worldly eyes.

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Pastoral Letter to a Porn Addict

“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus”
(Romans 8:1)

received an email the other day from a man who read my book The Petros Prophecy outlining the Bible’s case against homosexuality and its role in end-times prophecy. He thanked me for writing it and confessed that he struggles with homosexual lust and porn addiction. He asked for advice on how to cope with his situation, and I connected him with First Stone Ministries which ministers to people dealing with homosexuality and other sexual brokenness. He replied with a heart-wrenching description of his emotional torment and a second request for my advice. I then answered from my own life experience as a 16-year alcoholic and drug addict healed miraculously in prayer in 1986, and my subsequent work ministering to people with homosexuality and addiction issues through my work as a pastor, missionary and Christian lawyer.  

The following is an expanded version of my reply, which I think may be helpful to others struggling with addictions of various kinds. People who have never experienced addiction should be reminded here that addictive conduct is not truly voluntary in the normal sense of the word because the addict’s will power is no longer capable of defeating (except incidentally under optimal conditions) the temptation to which he has become enslaved and which grows in power with each successive failure.

The key to being able to live with yourself as a person who struggles with habitual sin is God’s grace and mercy. We can’t ever be good enough behaviorally or legalistically to deserve His love, but thankfully He loves us anyway like a parent loves a toddler. 

Justification – our ticket to heaven — is ours by faith alone in Christ alone, never by works of any kind “lest men would boast” (Ephesians 2:9), But Sanctification (becoming Christlike) takes work and lots of it. It is always and for everyone about progress not perfection, one day at a time, and about recognizing that self-condemnation is siding with the Accuser of the Brethren against our own Advocate in the spiritual/mental/emotional courtroom of our heart.  

Importantly, the Judge of All Things is always going to acquit whomever the Advocate represents (it’s a system totally rigged in our favor!), so the only thing accomplished by self-condemnation is voluntarily trading peace for misery in our sojourn through life. Correcting that upside-down state of mind allows us to honor the command to “count it all joy” when we face our life’s challenges, despite our deficiencies (James 1:2).

My advice is to change your primary focus away from preventing relapses through will power (which is virtually impossible to sustain as a long-term strategy). Instead work actively to cleanse and tend the open wounds that cause the pain which drives you to seek relief through ritual sin, by applying the balm of God’s grace and mercy which, over time, will heal them. Wounds heal slowly and incrementally, although in some rare situations Christ brings instant healing for His own reasons. Most people face the longer, sometimes much longer natural healing process, also for His own reasons. 

Per Romans 8, abide in the spirit even as you inhabit the flesh that you can’t fully control, and keep the two separate in the sense that you never forget that the flesh is just a temporary vessel destined for death, while the real YOU is already in timeless Heaven, a part of the “cloud of witnesses” watching your human self alternately swimming and treading water in Creation’s river of time. Or, to use Paul’s metaphor, “running the race that is set before us” … “throwing off every encumbrance and the sin that so easily entangles us” (Hebrews 12:1). 

Years ago on an early morning prayer walk before serving as a guest preacher in a Southern California church, the Lord taught me a short string of words and phrases that explain very simply the purpose of life:

The purpose of life is to be conformed to the character of Jesus Christ,
through a life-long series of challenges uniquely designed
for each person by God Himself.     

You WILL face a never-ending series of challenges in life. God designed them carefully and specifically for you. It’s your mission to help Him shape you to be Christlike in the way you respond to them. The same is true for every human being ever born. So don’t get caught up in self pity, or self-condemnation, or self-absorption, or self-aggrandizement, or self-justification or self-righteousness, or any other self-centeredness. Die to self, surrender to His plan, and enjoy the sanctification process as He intended you to do.  

And also remember that “freedom in Christ” includes freedom from the expectations of men. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide in all things, not the opinions of other people, especially those who have never experienced addiction.  

But at the same time NEVER give up! Never surrender to despair. Never self-identify with the sin you struggle with (“gayness” is a condition, not a type of person). And Never, Ever compound your sin by declaring it not to be sin.  

Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely, and may your entire spirit, soul, and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The One who calls you is faithful, and He [not you] will do it [through your glorification by HIM at the appointed time] (1 Thessalonians 5:23-24).  


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An Open Letter to Gab’s Andrew Torba re ‘Christian Nationalism’

Dear Brother Andrew. I am a Hebraic-oriented Evangelical Christian attorney, pastor and historian who has devoted my entire adult life in Christ to Christian social, cultural and political activism. I bought your book “Christian Nationalism” to support the mission of Gab Social, and want to offer you some constructive criticism. 

At the outset, I want to commend you for your courage and vision in taking on the powers and principalities of the present age by working to break the chains of censorship and suppression of free speech, particularly of the biblically-informed views that so powerfully contradict the secular humanist dogma of our Marxist would-be masters. They are the true enemies of “Judeo-Christian” civilization, and of course I choose that phrase intentionally to respectfully contradict your well-intentioned but misguided representation of its meaning and purpose relative to our national identity and heritage. 

I will also add that I am both a member of Gab and a vehement defender of your right to address the distinctions between Judaism and Christianity. I do not consider you an anti-Semite, and in fact believe that the secularized ethnic Jews working to destroy your work are actually far more anti-Semitic than they claim you are in that they deny and/or defy the Torah, whereas you worship and revere its Author. 

What defines a “Semite” (Shemite) if not Yahweh-worship? It certainly can’t be an ethnic connection to Shem (or Abraham or even Jacob) which virtually all humanity now shares because of genetic diffusion over millennia. No, it must be the practice of true Judaism, whose terms are defined by the Torah and Tanach (Old Testament Scripture), NOT the Talmud (commentaries on the Scripture by various Hebrew scholars with widely divergent views, values and validity). 

Indeed, Judaism itself is as factional as Christianity but on a smaller scale, only because it’s so much smaller in numbers. Jews are not just doctrinally divided, but notoriously so! As the famous old joke goes “Ask two Jews, get three opinions.” Thus, to cite the view of any Talmudic “sage” as representative of all Jews or Judaism itself (as you did on page 56) is as intellectually dishonest as an anti-Christian Jew or Secular Humanist cherry-picking from the collective works of Christian scholars to define all Christianity.  

You begin Chapter 4 “This is Not a ‘Judeo-Christian’ Movement” asserting that “Christianity and Judaism are totally distinct, incompatible, and irreconcilable religions.” In one essential sense that is true because, as you emphasize, Judaism denies that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. BUT, unlike all the other people groups of the world that also deny Christ (including all the secular factions in our diverse MAGA and populist/conservative movements whom you rightfully seem very comfortable collaborating with), true Torah-faithful Jews believe in A Messiah who will do all the things that Christians anticipate Jesus Christ will do on His second coming.

Most Jews simply “missed the bus” on Jesus/Yeshua during His first advent (by God’s own plan), but remain standing in line for the next one, which Romans 11 tells us they WILL catch, when (as God adds in Zechariah 12:10) “I will pour out on the house of David and on the people of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and prayer, and they will look on Me, the One they have pierced [and] mourn for Him as one mourns for an only child, and grieve bitterly for Him as one grieves for a firstborn son.” 

You and I presumably share all or most of that would be considered the most fundamental tenets of the Christian faith, and many non-essential doctrines too. But we differ strongly on “supersessionism” (replacement theology) which you defend as the justification for your personal theology. Importantly, what you have laid out in “Christian Nationalism” is your personal theology, which does not represent Christianity as a whole, but only one slate of views among the constellation of denominations. That’s not a problem insofar as you admit it, and don’t attempt to impose your interpretations on non-essentials as dogma on the rest of Christendom.

The flaw in your analysis of supersessionism (page 57) is the appeal to tradition (one of the classic fallacies of formal logic)  Whenever we justify ourselves by church tradition instead of the Bible itself, we depart from sound Holy Spirit guidance to tenuous worldly humanism – the common error behind Roman Catholicism’s self-authorizing “Magisterium” theory and Talmudic Judaism’s self-authorizing “Revered Sages” club. Correcting that error in Christendom was the implicit premise of the Reformation, but unfortunately, the reformers failed to reform numerous extra-biblical human-created doctrines in Protestantism, including the RCC’s dramatic changes to the God’s holiday calendar, the presumed right of the church to enforce dogma through murder (i.e. Calvin’s execution of Michael Servetus), and a severe Greco-Roman cultural bias in interpreting Scripture that differs markedly from the Hebraic cultural perspective of the Apostles and the Prophets.

Many of those human-created doctrines were quickly jettisoned as Protestantism splintered into numerous factions, such as Presbyterianism that made the world-changing quantum shift from the top-down ecclesiastical power-pyramid exemplified by the papacy (and Anglicanism) to bottom-up self governance authorized by the “priesthood of all believers” and organized like the Jerusalem Council of Acts 15. THAT is the deepest foundation-stone of America and of the modern movement for constitutionalism (foreshadowed by the Magna Carta in 1215, also heavily influenced by Jews). 

The process of getting from Scottish Presbyterianism to the Pilgrim Separatism of the Plymouth Colony was heavily influenced by Christian-Jewish cross-pollination. Indeed, I know from my studies of this, that there would never have been a US Constitution or the populist overthrow of the western monarchies if not for the 16th and 17th Century Hebraic Movement in Holland and Great Britain. And that is why America is and has always been “Judeo-Christian.” It has nothing to do with how many Jews were active in the physical founding of America, or how Christian-centric the first state constitutions were, it is simply an honest acknowledgment of the Jews’ role in nudging Christians back to their First Century heritage that made America possible: a shared intellectual property right, if you will, like co-authors of a book or a scientific theory. 

Lastly, you asserted on page 61 “It is impossible to overstate the importance of the historic cataclysm that was the Destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 AD.” Sorry, but it not only IS possible, you have done it. If that post-millennial doctrine were true, the real proof would have been unmistakable over the next thousand years, especially the end, but of course, it didn’t look at all like the Millennial Kingdom of prophecy – because Christ’s earthly kingdom, while very near, has not yet begun. You would know that if you studied the Bible from the literal Hebraic perspective, but you don’t and I respect that as your right within the bounds of Christian liberty. 

My point with the prior paragraph is to illustrate that factionalism will be the death-knell to any attempt to build unity on a theological foundation, which is why the Founders and subsequent Christian generations chose the broadest possible platform – Bible-based Yahweh-honoring monotheism (exemplified in our national motto, “In God we trust”) – and not any flavor of Christian sectarianism (which led to many serious conflicts among the denominations in our early days as a nation and thus the ban on establishing state “religions” – meaning “denominations” — in the “Establishment Clause” of our constitution.)  

I don’t expect you to change your theology based on one letter from me, but I do hope you will reconsider your gratuitous exclusionary rhetoric regarding our spiritual cousins in the House of Judah, treating at least the many who share our cultural values (and the all-important Creationist paradigm) with the same basic respect and comradery you show to Atheists in the MAGA and conservative movements. And I offer my assistance in making this necessary course-correction if you care to accept it. 

Pastor Scott Lively, J.D., Th.D.

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