Only God Can Save Us Now! But Will He?

The greatest flaw of “conservatism” is its reactive emphasis on “conserving” the status quo, while the greatest advantage of “progressivism” is its constant pro-active pursuit of a vision for the future. Progressives always have a goal to strive for, a systematic agenda to get them there, and doctrinal “narratives” about the goals and agenda to motivate, define, and morally justify themselves by. The Conservatives’ primary goal and agenda is to stop the progressives from achieving their goals by dragging their feet and throwing up roadblocks to lefty “progress.” Thus the Conservatives always win at first because it’s easier to obstruct than to build, but the Progressives always prevail over time because persistence always pays off – and because (since the early 20th Century) Progressives control public education and the media which they use to indoctrinate the Conservatives’ children with Progressive ideology while they wait for enough grey heads to die off to permanently tip the balance in their favor.

Generation by generation, issue by issue, ratchet-like, they engineer social change ever leftward and the rest of us always follow a few steps behind: fighting “gay marriage” tooth and nail under Reagan, then mindlessly inviting “gay” couples to their anti-Trans events under Trump. What changed except their supposed principles? And what makes them think we can beat them this time using the exact same playbook which they wrote?

The best of the American Conservatives (a minority of mostly religious people) have the goal of restoring the models created for us by our Christian-Progressive founders: the biblical vision of a “Shining City on a Hill” and the aspirational goals of the Declaration of Independence they attempted (largely successfully) to codify in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. But most of the rest of the Conservative “movement” are just traditionalists who resist change by nature without any particular knowledge of the reasoning, philosophy or theology behind their traditions. The closest they get to a common defining ideology is “patriotism” (which can be it’s own trap as the elites’ Ukraine boondoggle and devious Russia scapegoating continues to prove).

Sometimes these Populist, Libertarian and nominally-Christian types get awakened to foundational truths when the Progressives move too fast and cause the frog to jump out of the pot. That happened first in the Baby Boomer generation under Jimmy Carter, triggering the Ronald Reagan presidency and the “Reagan Revolution,” and then in the Millennial Generation under Barack Obama which triggered the Tea Party Revolution, the Donald Trump presidency and the MAGA movement.

Unfortunately, through simple incrementalism in their “long march through the institutions” over the past century, the Progressives have taken enough of the seats of power, and destroyed enough of America’s constitutional infrastructure, that they may now be, and likely are, invincible. The 2020 election coup, the plandemic, and now the “trans-demic” all illustrate a level of power and control among the Progressive elite so enormous that they openly scorn law, ethics and social conventions with impunity. The double standards they operate by in every public sphere are so blatant and egregious that they transcend what many believe is just a delusional lack of self-awareness of their own hypocrisy.

No, they are knowingly and sadistically toying with us – like Disney doubling and tripling down on their grooming agenda targeting our children and grandchildren, sneering at us with smug superiority as we try unsuccessfully to bring them to heel with boycott-based financial punishment. We’re plunging down the mountain in a speeding car, furiously pumping brakes that just don’t work and realizing that they really don’t care about the old money system anymore — perhaps because they know the new one will make them better than whole after we’re dead at the bottom of the gorge.

The Progressives don’t care about the Boomers anymore. Our numbers are dropping every day. The Progressives don’t care about anti-Trans activism by the Millennials who will cave faster than the Boomers did because they already embrace much the rest of the LGBT agenda and thus have no moral authority or sense of history. Progressives have got pretty close to 100% control of the schools and media, and corporations, and sports leagues, and everything else so there is really nothing we do can stop them from transitioning ALL the children who are not being specially shielded and counter-trained by their parents. Florida is laudably trying to keep it out of the schools but that’s not enough to protect kids from a trillion-dollar multi-institutional culture-wide targeting campaign in the age of social media.

Importantly, because the Cultural Marxist strategy behind the Progressive agenda is all about using the sexual revolution to disintegrate true marriage and the natural family (the immune system of every nation), recruiting the kids to sexual anarchy clears the path for everything else. That’s why it has such a high priority on the left.

All the above is the practical reality from a materialist perspective. Biblically speaking we have reached the point in the prophetic timeline described in 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12: “The coming of the lawless one will be accompanied by the working of Satan, with every kind of power, sign, and false wonder, and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. For this reason God will send them a powerful delusion so that they believe the lie, in order that judgment may come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness.”

There is no more fundamental a truth than our Creation by God as male and female in His image. There is no more Satanic a lie than the abomination of “gay marriage,” except the denial of male/female binary exclusivity by God’s design.

The Conservative movement has largely moved on from the “gay marriage” battle to the fight against trans-insanity. In doing so, it has sealed its fate, and that of our nation. There is no America – indeed, there is no truly human civilization – without true marriage. To accommodate homosexuality as a social norm and to grant homosexual partnerships the status of marriage is to utterly reject God’s plan for humanity. That defilement of marriage was, according to the ancient Rabbis, the specific sin that triggered Noah’s flood. And, the societal normalization of homosexuality was what got Sodom incinerated by God – specifically as a warning to humanity about the last days destruction of the earth by fire (Jude 1:7).

Nineveh was spared destruction by God because it repented after Jonah’s warning. America is about as far from an attitude of repentance as a nation can get – even among the Conservatives. Things have gotten so bad that only God can save us now. But will He?

There’s nothing more to say except “Repent! For the End is Near.”

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How corporate America actually went woke

As with most of the left-wing fascist developments in America over the past century, the deepest roots of corporate wokeness originate in the LGBT movement.

On April 12, the Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece by “gay” activist Gregory Angelo title “I Helped Make Corporations Woke, and I Regret It.” In it, he confesses to pushing for policy that he knew was bad for the company he worked for, knowing it really had no choice but submit due to “the public flogging the company would take if it failed to support the bill.” He adds, “The trend I helped begin, I now realize, was a disaster. In the past three years, major U.S. corporations have weighed in on everything from abortion and Black Lives Matter to election laws – even as the American public overwhelmingly wishes they wouldn’t.”

Angelo’s confession is a prime example of what is called a “limited hangout” – a spy-craft euphemism from our deep-state intelligence network that means admitting to something relatively small to hide a much bigger truth and deceive the listeners into believing you are trustworthy for “being honest.” You then become a go-to public figure among naïve conservatives who elevate you to pundit-du-jour status on all the talk shows and quote you in all their articles – when all the while your true, secret mission is to prevent the bigger truths from being exposed. And, in Angelo’s case, it includes furthering the post-Obergefell LGBT Trojan Horse strategy to normalize so-called “gay conservatives” in the larger conservative movement by perpetuating the newly invented false distinction between the OGs (Original Gays) and the Groomer Gays/Transexuals (until such time as anti-“groomer” public outrage dies down and the coalition can again admit to being “best buds”).

One of the bigger truths he’s trying to keep covered is that “grooming” has always been a top agenda item of the LGBTs. For example, see Section 2, Demand 7, to state governments of the 1972 Gay Rights Platform: “The repeal of all laws governing age of sexual consent.” That didn’t come from some fringe faction in mom’s basement but was the product of a national convention of the top 200 LGBT organizations in America at that time.

Angelo undoubtedly knows very well the trend he describes did not begin in the 2010s but goes back to at least the 1980s. And take special note than the purpose of his “confession” is not to apologize for forcing the LGBT agenda down America’s throat, but only to help his movement avoid accountability in the growing backlash by pretending it was just riding a existing cultural wave not of its own making.

I was writing about the LGBT takeover of the corporate world back in the early ’90s – which I described then as the “Lavender Bulldozer Strategy.” In short the already large army of LGBT activists, most of whom were still “in the closet,” used their anonymity to infiltrate and take over corporate human relations departments, specifically to gain control of the hiring positions to bring in more of their own people. When enough of the activists had become employees, they would come “out of the closet” en masse, forming a “Gay and Lesbian Employees Association” that would then demand special rights in the company, including mandatory “sensitivity training” both to impose pro-LGBT groupthink on the entire workforce and to identify opponents who could then be neutralized or ousted tactically by HR.

Once a corporation had been fully absorbed and homosexualized, all of the corporate resources and assets would be re-purposed to serve the LGBT cause, as the company was integrated into the larger interconnected LGBT network spanning all the spheres of social, cultural and political influence.

Of course, the “noble theme” of their takeover campaigns was always “civil rights,” a brand they fully owned as a movement after hijacking it from the blacks in the 1980s. I have explained that sordid history here.

At the turn of the millennium there was a serious conservative counter-campaign trying to stop the hostile takeover of the corporations. Indeed, I was in D.C. on 9/11 with a pro-family strategy group that included a representative of the Alliance Defending Freedom (then called the Alliance Defense Fund) tasked with heading that pushback effort. But ADF was no match for the LGBTs even then.

Starting with the election of 2008, things got much, much worse under Obama whose plan to “fundamentally transform America” put all things LGBT front and center on the priority list and spread the woke infestation not just across the entire for-profit corporate world, but through the nonprofits/NGOs as well, including the Boy Scouts of America, whose shameful takedown I chronicle here.

Under Obama, the “Lavender Bulldozer” was upgraded to its current status as the “Rainbow Borg” and deployed against professional sports, the media, academia and federal and state agencies. When conservative legislatures in states such as RINO Mike Pence’s Indiana tried to stop the blitzkrieg with legislation, such as Mat Staver’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the Rainbow Borg pressed in with a national extortion campaign. I addressed that event (including Pence’s capitulation) in a 2015 article titled “Indiana Meets the Borg.”

Indiana offers perhaps the best example of an Obama-era Rainbow Borg shakedown in which all of the recently assimilated components – including corporations, major sports franchises and even churches – were brought together in one campaign. This became, of course, the blueprint for the much more effective national extortion campaign in 2020, which you must remember was spearheaded by BLM, headed by a pair of overtly Marxist lesbians, and raked in literally billions from complicit corporations while imposing a highly toxic anti-white racism and trans-normalization agenda on the entire nation. (Never forget that blacks and women are subservient components of the LGBT-controlled “Progressive” coalition.)

So, bottom line: Don’t be deceived into thinking wokeness is some recent phenomenon or that the transgender agenda is somehow separate from the “gay” agenda. The fact is that “woke” is just a 21st century term for an old Cultural Marxist disease the fully united LGBT movement has been trying to spread through this country since its emergence in middle of the 20th century.

For more information on the history of the LGBT movement read Scott Lively’s book “Redeeming the Rainbow,” a free link to which you can get here.

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Next comes hell on earth

I have written many times on the parallel of Israel’s republic (detailed in Joshua and Judges) with the American republic. Most tellingly, the political logjam preventing ratification of our U.S. Constitution was only broken when holdouts in New Hampshire were persuaded by Pastor Samuel Langdon’s 1788 sermon “The Republic of the Israelites an Example to the American States.” And if that Scripture-based history explains how we became a republic, it can also explain why ours has survived no better than that of the Israelites.

We have just celebrated Easter, the Christian version of the biblical Feast of First Fruits (Leviticus 23:4-14), in which Jesus “has been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep” (1 Corinthians 15:20). On Easter morning I was blessed to receive what seems to be a gift of insight from the Holy Spirit on one of the great mysteries of the Bible: the rationale behind the sacrifice of Jephthah’s daughter in Judges 11.

A few weeks previously, our weekly livestreamed chapter-by-chapter Freestyle Bible Study addressed the story of Jephthah. Like most Christians, I had always been mystified by Jephthah’s strange vow that forced him to (later) sacrifice his own daughter as the price of military victory over the Ammonites. On that day I had prayed for insight on that strange passage but did not receive it.

However, on Easter morning as I was preparing for that day’s Bible Study on Judges 19, I began looking for evidence in the book of Judges of the keeping of the biblical feasts during that era. Such evidence is very sparse and mostly just implied, such as the references to Levites who travel the land, for example in the story of Micah and the Danites in Judges 17-18. Repentant sinner Micah recruits a wandering Levite, Jonathan, grandson of Moses, to be the personal priest of his household.

When a band of Danite warring adventurers later visits Micah and hears the voice of the young Levite (who was already familiar to them) they essentially poach him for themselves, and continue on their way to Laish, inhabited by Sidonians, which they conquered and renamed Dan. “The Danites set up idols for themselves, and Jonathan son of Gershom, the son of Moses, and his sons were priests for the tribe of Dan until the day of the captivity of the land [when the Ark of the Covenant was stolen from Shiloh by the Philistines]. So they set up for themselves Micah’s graven image, and it was there the whole time the house of God was in Shiloh” (Judges 18:30-31).

So what we see is a continuation of Mosiac religious ritual through the book of Judges but in a corrupted form, despite the deliverers whom God raises up to reconnect the people to Himself whenever Hebrew national existence and independence was threatened. The continuously repeated message of Judges is that no matter how many chances God gives His people, they are never truly able to govern themselves under the rule of (Mosaic) law for very long but always fall back into idolatry. And, most importantly to my thesis today is that at least several of the Judges themselves each seem to exemplify the sin/habit/practice that must be purged from the land for it to be restored to God.

I first noticed and began pondering this hypothesis when we read and discussed the story of (Trump-like) Samson, who, despite being set apart even from before birth under the Nazirite vow, lived in many ways a life that mirrored the sins of the Philistines. And Samson ultimately only prevailed over their leadership by pulling down their temple onto himself, killing them – and himself – in the process.

Suddenly, I understood the story of Jephthah and his virgin daughter – his only child. Jephthah was chosen by God to overthrow the Ammonites, a nation born from Lot’s incestuous sin with his own daughter. That sin made Ammon and all his descendants “Mamzers” – which is why they could not intermarry with the Hebrews. “No one of illegitimate birth may enter the assembly of the LORD [the gene pool of marriageable partners], nor may any of his descendants, even to the tenth generation. No Ammonite or Moabite or any of their descendants.” (Deuteronomy 23:2-30)

Jephthah was himself a Mamzer, born to a prostitute whom his father had slept with. His victory over the Mamzer Ammonite nation ultimately depended on the sacrifice (literally or symbolically) of his own genetic line – which ended with his virgin daughter. Like Samson (with Delilah “Stormy” Daniels), Gideon (with the Midianite family altar to Baal) and others, Jephthah’s life was intimately entangled with the sins of the enemy he was raised up to bring down.

In parallel/contrast with Jephthah’s story is that of the Judge Ibzan, whom Jewish tradition asserts is Boaz from the book of Ruth. Ruth, is, of course, a Moabitess under the same Mamzer curse as Jephthah’s daughter because Moab was Lot’s other son by father-daughter incest. Except in this case, which follows immediately after Jephthah’s story in the book of Judges chronologically (but is not explained until the book of Ruth), Ruth is justified and sanctified by the Kinsman Redeemer, Boaz, a type of Christ. And indeed because of this she becomes a part of His genetic line. The curse is broken.

The lesson of the book of Judges is that only Christ can save His people, and so the Israelite republic and its experiment of self-governance under the laissez faire rule of the House of Israel (led by the Tribe of Ephraim) finally ends with the humiliating conquest of the Israelites by the (post-Samson) revived Philistines who destroy the Ephraimite capital of Shiloh and carry off the Ark.

When the Israelites finally get the Ark back they send it to the fortified Judean city of Kirjath Jearim pending the formal transfer of authority over the 12 tribes to the Tribe and House of Judah under the monarchy of King David – the most important Christ figure of the Bible except for Jesus Himself.

America’s “Ark” is our Bible-based constitution, which was stolen by our own home-grown Philistines who also destroyed our “Shiloh” in the election coup of 2020/21. If the pattern holds, we will never again return to self-rule under law, but suffer first a wicked King Saul (an Antichrist) then be delivered by the (Davidic) King of Kings (Revelation 19:11-21).

Throughout Judges there is one repeating statement that explains why the Israelite republic ultimately failed and why America is failing now: “In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” No matter how many Eisenhowers, Reagans and Trumps God raises up in times of greatest need, our (always partial) repentance and restoration only lasts a short while before our collective sin overtakes us again (even more powerfully) and the most wicked among us (like Abimelech in Judges 9 and OBiden today) seize the seats of power. Thus, next comes hell on earth.

Without the one true Shepherd, we are incapable of righteous civilization – which is the entire point and purpose of the grand finale of His-story, His Millennial Kingdom – when He will sit on “the throne of David,” which the Christian world now awaits like a woman enduring the pains of labor (Matthew 24:6-8).

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Unholy week in Ukraine

It is no secret to those who get their news outside the U.S./U.K. media propaganda bubble that the government of Ukraine has become a highly repressive military dictatorship under cultural Marxist President Zelensky, in which both opposition political parties and independent media are banned. But the very worst repression is being seen today in the grotesque holy week persecution of Orthodox monks and believers as showcased in this aptly titled article: “U.S./NATO-funded proxy war in Ukraine fueling hatred, persecution of ancient Christian community: Priests arrested, praying Christians mocked in public by ultra-nationalists and Satanists as standoff continues at holy site.” Pay special attention to the accompanying photo.

This week I gave an online interview on this topic to a Moscow-based Russian media outlet that featured me a few years ago as the primary English-speaking authority in the internationally popular documentary film “Sodom.” I offer their questions and my preliminary answers here by way of educating my fellow American conservatives on this topic.

Question. What provoked the religious conflict in Ukraine?

Answer. There is a worldwide assault on Christianity because it is the strongest force standing against the globalist plot for one-world government. The global elites intend to create this one-world government on a Utopian Cultural Marxist theme – which sets its highest priority on what they call “sexual freedom” but which is really sexual anarchy. The most powerful drivers of this agenda are the LGBTs, who now control the governments of the West, including the NATO alliance. Zelensky is their willing friend and ally in that goal. He is pretending that the current suppression of the church is about nationalistic patriotism, but it is really an effort to purge the church from the culture to make way for Marxism and the “great reset.”

Q. It’s no secret that all decisions in Kyiv are made after consultations in the United States. Today we have witnessed how its inhabitants are being expelled from the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Don’t you think that this is a violation of the principles of religious rights and freedoms that the States themselves defend?

A. While it is true that the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights is intended to guarantee the freedom of the church from government interference, the same corrupt political leaders who are backing the Zelensky dictatorship are working against religious rights and freedoms here in America. If they work openly to suppress and persecute Christians here in America, how much more are they willing to do that in their puppet state of Ukraine? Yes, these attacks on the church are a gross violation of religious rights and freedoms, and it is shameful that the Western governments are not condemning the religious persecutions in Ukraine.

Q. Criminal cases are initiated against clergy in Ukraine, some priests are deprived of Ukrainian citizenship, parishes are seized by schismatics – what will this lead to?

A. On my third trip to Russia in 2013, I toured Moscow and the Kremlin with a delegation from the World Congress of Families, which intended to hold an international conference defending biblical marriage and the natural family there in 2014 (which was canceled due to the outbreak of civil war in Ukraine). Part of that tour featured an overview of what the Soviet Communists did to the church during their control of Russia, which included tearing down beautiful churches and cathedrals, and turning others into storage warehouses for trucks and heavy equipment. That is always what Marxists do when they come to power, and I expect to see more of the same defilement of church properties in Ukraine and insults to the dignity of the believers, the stronger the Marxist powers grow.

Q. What church schisms have occurred in world history and what did it lead to?

A. It is in the nature of human beings to fight and separate from each other over differences of opinion and policy, and that is unfortunately true inside the church as well. Even the apostles and their disciples experienced these schisms. But persecution from outside the church usually has the opposite effect and brings true believers closer together against the common enemy. I think that will be the case in Ukraine. Those who allow themselves to be controlled by outsiders will be exposed as false priests and prophets, but those who truly share the love of Christ in humility will band together – even across denominational lines – and be strengthened spiritually by their ordeals, and the Lord will bless them for their faith and courage, even if the enemy destroys the buildings and other religious trappings.

Q. Does the secular authorities have the right to interfere in the affairs of the church?

A. The Holy Bible reveals that God established state and church as separate sovereigns ruled by separate leaders: kings and priests. He intended them to be what is called in Western law “co-adjuvants” or cooperating equals over human civilization, both subject to His law above the law. As a practical matter, the state usually dominates public policy making with the church acting as the spirit and conscience that preserves morality and discourages evil. When the partnership fails, it is usually because one sovereign or the other abandons godliness and turns to sin, in which case the other sovereign has some right to interfere to bring correction as part of its duty to God. However, in the present case the state has been given over to sin and is thus very hostile to the church. Because of that it has NO right to interfere with the church, but the church does have the right to interfere in order to redeem the state.

Q. What can be the solution of the religious conflict in Ukraine?

A. I think the only solution to the religious conflict in Ukraine is for strong Christian believers with political skills to infiltrate the government and reform it from within, while Christian-influenced world governments and NGOs apply pressure from without to restore God’s standards of ethics, morality and public service to the regime. I also think the Orthodox Church should directly appeal to the conservative Benjamin Netanyahu government in Israel for intervention, because it is experiencing the same Marxist vs. Religious power struggle in its country as is happening in Ukraine, and it also has a powerful role regarding U.S. policy.

Q. What role does the Russian Orthodox Church play in the world?

A. At the present time, the Russian Orthodox Church is the world’s strongest defender of biblical marriage and the natural family, without which civilization itself will disintegrate. It’s essential leadership in this matter is an encouragement to true Christian believers of every confession around the world, and even to those of other faiths who share the universal truths about normal sexuality and family. Preserving and unifying the people of the world around these foundational truths is, in my opinion, the only way to defeat godless globalism, and I urge the Russian Orthodox Church to be more assertive in its promotion of family-based unity around the world, using its resources to actively campaign for such unity internationally.

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Trump’s arrest is a lefty ‘Sieg Heil’ to the Rainbow Swastika

If it is true that history always repeats for those who fail to learn from it, it is doubly true when actual history is replaced by false revisionist narratives to serve a social-engineering agenda. How can you fix a problem you never knew you had? Sometimes, however, the “Wizard” behind the curtain loses control of the propaganda machine, and the previously brainwashed masses get a rude awakening to how much they’ve been duped. That’s today’s reality in America, where newly awakened conservatives and constitutionalists are suddenly on the verge of civil war with the mind-enslaved zombies of the “progressive” left whose lies have been exposed. It’s a showdown of the Awake vs the Woke. And it’s all thanks to the American Samson, Donald Trump, who has pulled down the Temple of Dagon onto their heads (and his own) to give the American Israelites a fighting chance to overthrow the Philistine demon-worshipers we call the “deep state.”

Without Trump we would collectively have slept right through the transition from a Constitutional Republic to a Global Maoist Technocracy under Hillary Clinton – ignoring the shouts of warning from “crack-pot bigots” like myself on the “radical fringe” of society. And that is, of course, why ALL the Woke, and a great many “useful idiots” following their lead, hate Trump with a passion that burns in them like the unquenchable fires of Hell, blinding them to all reason and prudence – to the point that many have abandoned even the pretext of rationality and justice. Trump is America’s “Judge” in the truest Old Testament Samsonian sense, and our fate as a nation is inextricably intertwined with his.

But Americans have only a partial understanding of just how deep the duplicity goes in history. Some of the most important truths necessary to understand our present crisis are still buried under layers of false narratives: the most important being the true history of Nazi Germany, which was in many ways a globalist dress rehearsal for all that is happening in America today.

Two simple, easily documented facts that will help to crack open the door of truth are 1) that the earliest, deepest root of the American LGBT movement was the Chicago chapter of the German Society for Human Rights (whose most famous member was topmost SA Brownshirt leader and Hitler’s right-hand man Ernst Roehm), launched in 1924 by a German-American soldier, Henry Gerber. And 2) that it was the OSS, predecessor of the CIA, who, in the early 1930s recruited the “father” of Cultural Marxism, Herbert Marcuse, and then unleashed him as a social engineer pushing the “sexual revolution” throughout America as the golden oracle of the elite university system. The very term “sexual revolution” was coined by his Marxist fellow-traveler, Wilhelm Reich, whose German version of his 1936 book “Sexuality in the Culture War” was renamed “The Sexual Revolution” for the English version. It was subtitled: “for the socialist restructuring of humans.” Let the implications of that phrase sink in for a moment in respect to our rising trans-sexual/trans-humanist nightmare.

Reich’s most famous book was “The Mass Psychology of Fascism” (1933), an anti-Nazi treatise that was one of the first to expose the homosexual core of Nazi male identity. For example, he wrote: “The male supremacy of the Platonic era is entirely homosexual. … The same principle governs the fascist ideology of the male strata of Nazi leaders (Bluher, Roehm, etc.) [who] … reactivate the sexual life of the Platonic era in their familial form of living. … Rosenberg and Bluher [the leading Nazi ideologists] recognize the state solely as a male state organized on a homosexual basis (Reich:91ff).”

Don’t be fooled by the apparent incompatibility of the Marcuse/Reich “Communist Socialism” with the Nazi Party’s “Nationalist Socialism”: This conflict was only a temporary reflection of the butch/femme division of the German “gay” male subculture in which the butches aligned with the Nazis and the femmes aligned with the Communists. Their internecine war is thoroughly documented in Volume 1 of “The Pink Swastika,” Fifth Edition, which you may buy in print form here or access for free here.

In post-WWII America, however, that butch/femme division was erased, allowing for the unity of purpose that is reflected in today’s rainbow swastika. The LGBTs learned the heavy price of internal conflict in Germany and ever since have made total unity against Judeo-Christian sexual morality their top priority, even, for example, in the face of massive societal push-back against the trans-insanity that has become the new front line of the battlefield.

Like Samson, Trump isn’t just a “Judge” but a symbol of patriarchal alpha-male masculinity (and traditional American hetero-normative values) – despite his reported dalliances with prostitutes, and despite his self-harming limited support for so-called “gay marriage” (by which he wrongly hopes to neutralize “gay” hatred toward him). Like Samson, Trump’s conduct as God’s appointed change agent is “complicated” at best. Nevertheless, Trump is a walking, talking symbol of binary heterosexual cultural primacy – perhaps (ironically) the only one in modern America who can’t be attacked for acting “holier than thou” (their neutralizer of choice against Christians).

Another critical fact buried by revisionists is the collaboration of the Nazis with the Muslims, led by the Mufti of Jerusalem, who formed his own Waffen SS Battalion in Palestine. He was succeeded by his pederast nephew, Yasser Arafat (a pseudonym). And, importantly, unique to Muslims is the strategy of creating armies of fighting “human shields” formed from the enslaved children of their targets for national conquest. That demonic strategy is the apparent spiritual inspiration for the growing enslavement of American schoolchildren as soldiers of the “cause of social justice.” And it is a strategy that has been so successful that a second generation of these slaves, under the “transgender” banner, is being groomed as terrorist special forces – conditioned by second-gen propaganda toward violent acts of “vengeance.” Following their lead, the long LGBT cold war against Christians is now going hot, with the recent Nashville massacre being a harbinger of the future for those who refuse to bow the knee to faux-pronoun fascism and other rainbow swastika tyrannies.

Learning from history doesn’t necessarily ensure you can avoid its repetitions. You also have to take effective action to stop the bad guys. In this case, it means educating Americans on the centrality of the LGBT agenda to the attack on our system, and the willingness to accept that the only real solution is a restoration of Judeo-Christian religious and cultural norms.

But the person who most needs to learn the history exposed in this article is President Trump, who seems completely ignorant of the fact that his indictment and arrest is above all else a Lefty Sieg Heil to the Rainbow Swastika.

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We’re on Step 4 of homo-fascism’s plan

For the left, and particularly its LGBT agenda-steering de facto “executive committee,” the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (of “utopian” social engineering) has always been the power not just to suppress all dissent, but to force dissenters to vocally affirm and parrot its narratives. That is the secret to understanding the rising tyranny of “mis-gendering” and “dead-naming” laws and policies – with much, much worse to come if they have their way.

As I outlined in the preface to the second edition of my book “The Poisoned Stream,” there are five stages of “homo-fascism”: 1) Tolerance, 2) Acceptance, 3) Celebration, 4) Forced participation in “gay” culture, and 5) Punishment of dissenters. In America, that process started in the 1940s when notorious pederast (and “Father of the American Gay Movement”) Harry Hay’s Mattachine Society adopted “the right to be left alone” (the essence of tolerance) as its motto. This was not incidental, but part of a deliberate long-term legal and political strategy built upon SCOTUS Justice Louis Brandies’ theory that a “right to privacy” could be found in the “penumbras” of the U.S. Constitution.

That theory later became binding constitutional law, powerfully facilitating progressive judicial activism by leftist judges, which bypassed the peoples’ legislatures and imposed many culture-transforming policies upon us through the courts – the most consequential being advancements of the “sexual revolution” at the expense of Judeo-Christian moral norms. I have summarized that progression here.

Do not be deceived: In America’s culture war, the LGBT movement has been both the point of the spear and the thrusting arm behind it all along, and the other contingents of the progressive coalition have never been equal partners but always just a “stable of assets” of the “gays.” Many of the major change agents, like Brandeis, have been Jews, not (as claimed by neo-Nazis) because they “control everything” as a single monolithic block (the presence of many stalwart Jewish allies in the conservative movement alone belies that), but because their history of internal cultural liberality on sexual matters (in reaction to overly-restrictive Christian “puritanism”) made their more secularized members early targets in the homosexualization of the Western world. Just as the Boy Scouts, the U.S. military, the Anglican Church and countless other formerly conservative bastions more recently fell to the LGBT agenda, secularized Judaism was conquered (very early) by the same malign force.

As recent history has shown, no groups other than the strongly religious (e.g., true-believer Christians, Jews and Muslims) have displayed enduring effective resistance to the social virus of sexual anarchy – which “virus” is “progressive” not just in the sense of serving a pro-active political agenda, but also in the sense of spreading a degenerative behavioral disorder akin to drug or porn addiction: always worsening over time in ever more defiling and degrading forms of desire and conduct. And so, not just individually, but collectively (as a society containing increasing numbers of afflicted individuals), tolerance gave way to acceptance, then celebration of what prior generations of Americans rightly shunned as depraved and demonic.

Celebration trending to forced participation is the current stage of homo-fascism most of America is suffering. Some parts of the country – the deepest red regions – lag behind at the cusp of acceptance and celebration. Very few have held their ground at tolerance – the only (barely) biblical posture when observed as a “don’t ask, don’t tell” general approach toward individual strugglers and their social groups. Some places – primarily the deepest blue cities and universities – have reach the cusp of forced participation and punishment and are actively punishing dissenters to the (growing) extent that they can get away with it.

Importantly, the progressives are masters of incrementalism – an approach that is imposed on their street-activist armies by the “executive committee” elites, such as the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg whom I spotlighted as Exhibit A in my exposé of the strategy (exactly 10 years ago). She contended in a special speech at U Chicago Law School that Roe v. Wade was a bad ruling because it moved too fast, creating the pro-life movement. I argued that she was telegraphing to the left that SCOTUS was NOT going to create a right to “gay marriage” in its two pending LGBT cases as the street activists demanded and expected. I was soon vindicated in that prediction.

Likewise, I recognized that the ultimate champion of LGBT cultural supremacy, Justice Anthony Kennedy, who wrote all four of the majority opinions imposing it on us by judicial fiat, was not turning against his own cause in Dale v. Boy Scouts of America (2000) by siding with the pro-family majority. Nor, in my opinion, was he showing himself to be a true supporter of Dale’s hybrid right of “expressive association” (combining the right to free speech with freedom of association) in agreeing that the Boy Scouts should not be forced to embrace homosexuality in its ranks. He was only preserving the strategy of incrementalism – knowing that America was not ready for that step. Kennedy gritted his teeth and did it again in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission in 2017 (on the question of whether a baker could be forced to put a pro-“gay” message on a cake) because America was still not quite ready.

But then, after Kennedy resigned in 2018, Donald Trump threw a huge boulder in the path of progressive incrementalism by giving us a “conservative” majority on the Supreme Court that – thank God – is not following conservative tradition by preserving the new status quo created for them by their liberal predecessors. They are instead acting more like true constitutionalists and finally overturning lawless precedents like Roe v. Wade and (it is anticipated) the even more insidious Obergefell v. Hodges invention of “gay marriage.”

But it must be remembered by the activist armies of the right that they (we) have at least as major a part to play in the judicial roll-back to constitutionalism as our street-level counterparts on the left had in prior decades. Our present advantage at the high court MUST be maximized while it still exists, and that means we should be actively fighting the bad laws on the ground to create legal conflicts that can eventually reach SCOTUS. My long-time friend Hal Shurtleff of Camp Constitution did this with the help of my other long-time friends at Liberty Counsel – winning a stunning 9-0 victory for freedom of speech in the Christian flag case in my deep blue home state.

That victory could never have happened without Christian/constitutionalist street activism against bad laws. And there are no worse Constitution-killing laws in America than those crushing our freedoms under the rainbow jackboots of the LGBT movement. Homo-fascism is insidious and deadly and it must be fought first in the streets before honest judges can overturn it in the courts. Our people should be constantly “mis-gendering” and “dead-naming” and otherwise (non-violently) “breaking” those unconstitutional laws for the purpose of creating martyrs with standing to sue the government and every woke institution that practices homo-fascism. As journalist James O’Keefe famously exhorts: Be Brave – Do Something!

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The Evil That Trans-Men Do

Everywhere is
Freaks and hairies
Dykes and fairies
Tell me, where is sanity?

– I’d Love to Change the World,” Ten Years After, Top 40 hit in 1971

Like most Americans, I was greatly unnerved to hear the that a “trans man” murdered three 9-year-old children and three adults at a Nashville Christian elementary school, where this disturbed young woman had once attended. Even though school shootings and other mass murders have (predictably) become rather common in America, this one is especially tragic because it targeted grammar school kids. and because it is clearly a hate crime against Christians that we all know will never be characterized as such, so that no taint of negativity will ever stain the public image of the LGBT community.

To clarify, the radio news report I heard Monday did not identify the killer as “trans,” but instead featured a statement from Biden emphasizing the importance of gun control. I had to seek out conservative news outlets to learn the key fact that “our president” and his coconspirator media deliberately suppressed. But the story was too big for the media to bury, and so now virtually all media outlets are forced to cover it.

It has become standard practice for all divisions of the leftist power bloc to instantly and unanimously ascribe causality for any violence against LGBTs to everyone who criticizes their community or agenda; in other words, if you at any time in your life have ever said anything negative about LGBT people or their political agenda, it is your fault if someone you’ve never met or even heard of, shoots up a “gay” nightclub, for example. But, when the roles are reversed, it is never the fault of leftist rhetoric when someone sharing LGBT views commits a crime – such as when Floyd Lee Corkins attempted mass murder at the Family Research Council, using the SPLC’s “hate map” to find the organization’s location.

Causation is a big deal in criminal law, and rightfully so, because it would create social chaos for the judicial branch to punish someone other than the actual perpetrator of a crime without very strong evidence others were personally involved. That’s why there is well-developed legal doctrine on things like incitement so that free speech is not chilled. But chilling speech critical of anything LGBT is precisely why the left pretends there is NO legal guidance on incitement: They simply imply that the “wrong” kind of speech is legally actionable (knowing that it isn’t) because they want everyone to fear the possibility of criminal prosecution for merely stating facts and opinions they cynically deem “hate speech” (which includes anything even slightly non-celebratory). And they reinforce that posture by socially “canceling” people in the private sector as if their views are criminal. Even worse, they are now working feverishly to establish speech codes forcing people to adopt and use the “transgender” lexicon subject to actual punishments for “mis-gendering” and “dead-naming” anyone. It is Orwellian, bordering, literally, on the psychotic.

THIS is fascism! By the people who ridiculously, preposterously portray themselves as anti-fascist. And now their constant agitation and grievance-mongering among a class of mentally ill young people is pushing them to murder innocents. Does this legally qualify as incitement? Perhaps not, but it is a quantum leap closer to being legally actionable than what they already contend pro-family Christians are guilty of. And from the moral and ethical standpoint, it is unquestionably true that everyone conspiring to bury the truth of male/female binary heterosexual normalcy beneath an avalanche of politically driven, scientifically bankrupt trans-normalizing propaganda shares the blame for the murder of these little children and their teachers.

Enough is enough. It is past time for the normies to rise up and tear down the transgender normalization racket in our society. And if you don’t do that you’ll have no one to blame but yourself when this bloody atrocity becomes as common as Drag Queen Story Hour.

To be absolutely clear, this is not a call to violence against anyone – but it is a call to destroy the propaganda campaign that is literally raping the minds of America’s children. Take back the schools! Take back the libraries! Take back the media! Take back the seats of power from dog-catcher to the presidency! Take back America from these soulless ghouls! And in the process save their mind-enslaved victims by drawing them back into the light of truth and reason.

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The Real Root of All Evil

The Bible does not say that “money is the root of all evil.” It actually says, in 1st Timothy 6:10 that “the love of money is the root of many evils.” Different versions offer slight variations in wording but the actual text comports with the self-evident reality that some evils have nothing at all to do with money. Murder, for example, is statistically more likely to be motivated by jealousy, revenge or rage than love of money.

Make no mistake, the love of money is very high on the list of things that cause evil results, as showcased in Ezekiel 28:11-16 which explains how Satan himself fell from grace. And to show just how insidious the love of money can be even in the church, consider that one of the reasons we have so many versions of the Bible with divergent wording is that copyright laws require a book to be substantially different from those already in print in order to claim an exclusive right to market it. 

But there is a greater evil that even Satan is not guilty of (though he is the author of it among humankind): Atheism, the personal, affirmative denial of God’s existence. Consider the implications of James 2:19 “You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble!” So in the biblical context, it could be said that Atheists are worse than demons – though not necessarily from the human perspective which measures evil by conduct in human affairs. To resolve that conflict God offers a two-tiered standard for judgement, summed up by Jesus in Matthew 22:37-40: “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”  

We humans tend to overemphasize the second greatest commandment because it is more obvious and personal to us, but from God’s viewpoint, loving Him is paramount, meaning that denying He exists really is far worse than any human-on-human crime, even genocide.  

But even Atheism itself is not exactly “the root of ALL evil,” because, obviously, those who admit He exists – even the demons – also commit all manner of evil.   

The one thing that Atheists and sinning Theists (even those who love Him) have in common which makes every evil act they commit possible is Disregard for the WILL of God. It all comes down to whose will prevails, which is why The Lord’s Prayer which He taught to His disciples, centers on the phrase “thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” and why the Lord’s own prayer to the Father in the Garden of Gethsemane ended with “thy will, not my will, be done.”

Of course, Atheists don’t give a second thought to God’s will in anything that they want to do, but in fact either arrogate to themselves the right and responsibility for managing the things of the world (on the theory that Man is his own god), or just live as they please without any regard for questions of “responsibility” (because, to them, ultimately nothing really means anything so why bother do anything but maximize personal satisfaction). And Theists, to the extent they are ignorant of the will of God or believe they have the right to ignore, modify or reinterpret His will, tend to be susceptible to all the worldly narratives and policies of the “humanists” (both “good” and bad) who seek to rule and reign according to their own will. 

The ones least susceptible to evil (but never fully immune) are those who seek diligently to know and follow the will of God in all things – including uncompleted Jews, Muslims and other sincere Theists (even if their source materials are flawed). I call these latter categories “the deceived unsaved” to distinguish them from the intentionally wicked. But among the sincere seekers, only those whose assurance of salvation is rooted in Jesus Christ, are protected by His payment for their sins from its eternal consequences (though they are not necessarily exempted from natural and worldly consequences while on this mortal plane). 

The key to understanding why the world is in its current degenerate state is to recognize that theories, strategies and solutions grounded in God-disregarding human will, regardless of whether they are motivated by benign or malign intent, are in every case fatally flawed because mankind does not have the knowledge or wisdom of the One who created all things for His own purposes. It is not enough to be able to “reverse-engineer” aspects of the created order through mathematics and scientific inquiry: the things the humans discover through these processes are always just a shadow of the larger reality. The limitations of every step of advancement is later proven, like the theory of “junk DNA,” to fall far short of the deeper truths — and that will always be true because of the infinite complexity of the mind/logos of God which sustains His creation. 

In the polarized context of the culture war we conservatives tend to attribute malign motives to the globalist elites, and in many cases that’s a well supported assumption, but in many other cases the motive (in the minds of the perpetrators) is benign, even when the results are not. I’ll never forget reading, in one sitting several years ago, the sequential introductions to the several re-publications of the Communist Manifesto, and being struck by the sincerity of the good intentions implicit in their contentions. That was the first step on my path to writing this article.

They didn’t recognize they were paving the road to Hell, seeing only the positives of their approach, of which there were several, including the end of child labor, more humane working conditions and the social shaming of greed-based commerce. 

And on the capitalist flip-side, looking objectively at the “developed” world, from a broad-brush materialist perspective, there is quite obviously a benevolent intention behind the vastness of our collective material wealth and social progress relative to prior centuries. Let one example suffice to prove this: for the people of the world to be able to walk around with a “smart phone” giving the poorest of the poor virtually unlimited access to the accumulated knowledge of humankind at the touch of a finger is wealth beyond the wildest imagination of our most prosperous ancestors – and this is just one of many such luxuries we enjoy. It would be just as easy for the 1% and their militaries to keep us all naked and in chains eating dirt if they were all as malicious as our rhetoric implies. So give credit where due (but only to the limited extent that is due).

Yet what shall it profit mankind to have gained this world but lost its soul? Money is not evil in itself, nor is being “rich” a sin. But human “advancements” without honoring the God who made them possible always end badly. Marxist “liberation” becomes slavery. Technological marvels become police-state manacles. Egalitarian impulses become reverse-racism mandates. Puritanism-loosening cultural reform becomes civilization-defiling pan-sexual debauchery. Every human attempt to bless the world for our own glory spawns a parallel curse on humanity.

THAT is why we’re in this mess and will never get out of it without true repentance. The real root of all evil is Us without Him.

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Woke Fascism at Stanford Law

My only visit to the Stanford University Law School was in 2007 to present oral argument to a three-judge panel of the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in the most important case of my career in constitutional law: Good News Employee Association v. City of Oakland. My small Temecula-based law firm, of which I was managing partner, represented two African-American Christian women whose attempt to organize a Christian alternative to the recently formed Gay and Lesbian Employee Association (GLEA) was brutally squashed by the Oakland city agency of which they were long-time employees. Although the GLEA had been enthusiastically welcomed by the city government, and allowed to recruit members using the city-wide employee email directory, when our clients posted a flyer in their workplace announcing the intention to form a Christian alternative, it was immediately removed and our clients threatened with termination for any future posting of “homophobic” content. That was in 2003 if memory serves.

We filed our complaint in the proper venue, the U.S. Federal Court in San Francisco, where it was (of course) assigned to the still in-the-closet Judge Vaughn Walker, the very man who would years later strike down Proposition 8 (California’s ban on “gay marriage” by popular vote on a citizen ballot initiative) and then retire to “come out” as a homosexual to nary a whisper of suggestion by any news media or pundits that he should have recused himself for conflict of interest. In retrospect, therefore, we understood why in our case he outrageously ruled against our clients, claiming that their free speech rights as pro-family Christians in the workplace were “vanishingly small.” *

The oral argument in our appeal of the Good News case was, surprisingly, held in the Moot Court room at Stanford Law School, because (I believe) the ultra-liberal three-judge panel wanted to entertain the liberal law students with the judicial equivalent of a gladiatorial slaughter of Christians. Going in, I knew our loss was pretty much a foregone conclusion, but one should always leave room for a miracle from God, and, hey, even as a sacrifice to the leftist mob, how many (little-guy) lawyers ever get to argue a truly righteous free-speech case before the second-highest court in the land? Sure enough, the panel affirmed Walker’s act of “vanishingly small” integrity, and in another surprising move that proved just how constitutionally bankrupt was his legal reasoning, they declined to officially publish their ruling – meaning it couldn’t be cited in other cases where its false logic could be eviscerated.

I offer this firsthand testimony to show that Stanford’s recent faculty-supported riot of left-wing law students to successfully “cancel” the speech of sitting federal Judge Kyle Duncan is not some sudden social outlier but the fruit of a creeping culture of wokeness on that campus that goes back at least to the turn of the millennium – facilitated by the highest echelons of the California elite.

I’m no stranger to cancel-culture bullying; among the many times I have been treated like Judge Duncan on college campuses was a candidate debate on criminal justice at Harvard Law School during my first run for governor of Massachusetts. The student activists were just as rowdy and obnoxious as those at Stanford, and the administration was just as passive in the face of their bullying tactics. In my case, the event was not canceled because it involved a panel in which I was the only target of hate, and much of the audience was there to hear what the liberals had to say. I was thus able to turn the tables on what amounted to a captive audience, using my allotted time to confront their hypocrisy.

My chastisements, of course, had zero effect because woke liberals are, to use a term from the criminal justice lexicon, incorrigible. And that’s the key fact to remember in looking for policy solutions to woke fascism. These people can’t be reformed by logic or reason, and will never stop demanding conformity of the world to their ideology, so the only practical means of restoring and preserving civil discourse without resorting to authoritarian suppression of one side or the other is to defang all such zealots by strengthening and aggressively enforcing equal access free speech codes in all public venues, including meaningful punishments for anti-speech bullies. We must restore our national commitment to freedom of speech and thought, and renew our conviction that free and open debate is the best remedy for bad ideas.

When the dean of Stanford Law, Jenny Martinez, issued an apology (and affirmation of the school’s commitment to free speech) to Judge Duncan, the woke mob went after her as well, lining the hall outside her office and creating what one observer called a “gauntlet” and “walk of shame” through which she was forced to pass. One hopes both Judge Duncan and Dean Martinez will have been awakened by their ordeal to the urgency of the need for campus speech policy reform.

For their part, the cagey law students countered the free-speech argument by contending that the “heckler’s veto” is also a free-speech right deserving of protection. To a point, I would agree with them. I’ve heckled a few deserving speakers in my time – though never to the point of shutting down their event. But to the Stanford mob my counter is that free-speech protocols are venue-specific, and the way to oppose any group’s speaker event to their own members and guests is to wait for the Q&A and offer your opinions then, hold your own speaker’s counter-event, and/or to hold a debate with both sides equally represented.

Fascists don’t and won’t respect such guidelines, so it falls to the rest of us, on both sides of the political spectrum to institute policies that preserve the right of all to be heard when it’s their time to speak, and to ensure all have the equal opportunity to avail themselves of this right without fear of cancellation or bullying. If we can’t restore that, the American dream is dead.


* Footnote: [Interestingly, in our San Francisco depositions of city officials (in 2004), they insisted on the record that posting the text of Proposition 22 on the same employee bulletin board would constitute grounds for termination. Prop 22 was literally state law, passed in 2000, defining marriage as exclusively one man and one woman – again by popular vote on a citizen ballot initiative. And, coincidentally, that deposition coincided with then San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s press conference in which (in a shameless display of political pandering which eventually propelled him into the governorship) he falsely claimed authority to “legalize” same-sex marriage by executive order. I watched that media circus live as a part of the crowd at City Hall. We soon filed a Writ of Mandamus against him for that, which was denied, though legal action by others succeeded in reversing it as outside the scope of his authority.]

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Trump, Our Actual but (As-Yet) Uncertified President

This past week one of the last loose-ends from the 2020 election coup was tied up by the conspirators: the neutralizing of Jenna Ellis, arguably the most effective of the Trump attorneys who sought justice for the American electorate in the courts. The media widely but falsely reported that she admitted to lying about the election in a deal she made with the State Bar of Colorado to keep her law license.

What seems to the general public to be a slam-dunk victory for the “cleanest election in US history” choir (filthy scoundrels all) was in fact the administrative equivalent of a plea-bargain in which an innocent party facing certain defeat in court admits to a lesser charge and consequence to avoid a much harsher sentence. We’ve all seen how this works in Hollywood courtroom dramas and Ellis is a real life example. There was no way the leftist Colorado Bar Association and courts were going to let her get away with challenging the election results. Per a 2020 post-game wrap-up by KDVR in Denver “Tuesday night was a good night for Democrats across Colorado. Democrats now control the governor’s office, the state House, the state Senate …Hickenlooper’s win also gives Democrats control of both Colorado U.S. Senate seats in addition to their 4-3 advantage in the U.S. House.”

You get the picture, but an apparently fair-minded judge bucked the leftist mob to broker a compromise (censure, not disbarment) so she wouldn’t lose her license to practice. In any case, what she signed was in no way an admission that she “lied” – a point she vigorously argued on Twitter after the fact:

“The politically-motivated Left failed miserably in their attempt to destroy me. They’re now trying to falsely discredit me by saying I admitted I lied. That is FALSE. I would NEVER lie. Lying requires INTENTIONALLY making a false statement. I never did that, nor did I stipulate to or admit that.”

As a fellow attorney, allow me to paraphrase what I believe she meant to say but can’t: “To keep my license I was forced by the politics of a Democrat ‘kangaroo court’ to admit to ‘misrepresentation’ of certain official conclusions of the government which are now deemed to be ‘facts’ (which doesn’t mean they are actually true).” That’s the nuanced but principled lawyerly logic behind both her action and her post-plea-bargain statement that preserved both her license and her personal integrity.

Let me add my own un-parsed perspective here on behalf of Ellis (whom I have never met nor communicated with) and every other Trump defender in America who is constrained by politics and the risk of severe punishment. TRUMP WON the 2020 election by an overwhelming majority. We all know it, despite the relentless narrative-spinning, witness intimidation and criminal cover-ups by our corrupt government and media.

To eject Trump from the White House, the American Uniparty and its globalist allies around the world orchestrated the largest and most extensive campaign of fraud in the history of the world: the Purple Revolution. Their multi-faceted, multi-stage conspiracy included and integrated

• the Russian Collusion Hoax,

• two back-to-back baseless Impeachments,

• the genocidal global Covid-19 Plandemic (with all its many sub-components including lockdowns and coerced “immunizations” with poison),

• the creation of massive new election fraud infrastructure (including neutralization of election-safeguards by corrupt courts and legislatures, universal mail-out balloting and harvesting, Zuckerbucks, and unmonitored leftist-controlled ballot counting processes),

• the de-facto takeover of Big Tech by deep-state Intelligence agencies for use as censorship and propaganda machinery,

• the outrageous staging of the J6 “insurrection” (to prevent a vote to postpone certification pending congressional investigation, which made Mike Pence’s treason in certifying the false Biden presidency all the more heinous),

• and the post-election intentional triggering (through un-ignorable provocation of Russia) of the Ukraine War as a cover-up-facilitator and foreign distraction from the domestic fallout to the coup.

But despite ALL of that, Trump won in a landslide and a steadily increasing percentage of the public openly admits it.

I’ve had my disagreements with President Trump – mostly regarding “Operation Warp Speed” and his endorsement of some aspects of the LGBT agenda. But despite these very serious policy flaws Donald Trump is by far the best candidate we have to overthrow the deep state and bring the real America back from the abyss.

But more than that, TRUMP WON! America already owes him four more years in the White House and, like any other robbery victim, he doesn’t legally or morally have to win another election to claim his “property.” If our Supreme Court were not so politically controlled by the Purple Uniparty (shamefully rejecting on ambiguous procedural grounds all the many merit-filled lawsuits) the false certification of Biden would have been nullified long ago, the election coup and its many components would already have been fully reversed and overturned, and President Trump would perhaps by this time be watching re-runs of the post-trial public hangings of the traitors on a restored-to-actual-journalism CNN.

Circumstances being what they are in today’s lawless America, Trump does have to run again. But now the tables are turning because the lies of the left are unraveling. The heroic MAGA contingent in the House of Representatives is documenting the truth on multiple fronts simultaneously. The J6 video footage is debunking the insurrection narrative. Various Plandemic crimes, conspiracies and conspirators (including the rat Fauci) are being exposed. The media is beginning to cover damning truths on Hunter’s “Laptop from Hell.” And Elon Musk is restoring Twitter to a free-speech platform where the hard facts about all these matters are being paraded before the panicked eyes of the leftist elite. Suddenly, Obiden and all his minions are on the defensive as more and more, on topic after topic, people are saying “Trump was right” and demanding accountability.

For the sake of their own political futures and the rescue of the world from globalist tyranny, DeSantis and the rest of the Republican primary field should ceremoniously stand down, forcefully condemn the coup-criminals, and endorse Trump’s already-earned second term unequivocally. The primary season should be treated as a time of war-time national coalescence behind Trump and getting a massive head-start on assembling the most extensive “get-out-the-vote” army in US history, with DeSantis and other worthy contenders serving as the Eisenhowers, Pattons and MacArthurs of that effort.

Whether or not that happens, Jenna Ellis remains a national heroine despite her plea-bargain. And Donald Trump remains the (as-yet uncertified) President of the United States with four more years to serve, pending the upcoming eviction of the present White House squatter.


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How LGBTs Exploit Blacks and Women

Amongst the progressive herd of woke sacred cows, none is more exalted than homosexuality, and there’s no better indicator of that truth than the LGBT movement’s “pride of place” in the wokeness “holiday” calendar.

Black History Month gets the frozen wasteland of February (the shortest month being the “short end of the stick” as it were). Women get March (the month of dirty slush and abortive false-spring disappointments). But the gays and trannies get June for “Gay Pride Month” – the best of summer, lush, green and bursting with life: the month of vacations in the sun and lots of sporting events showcasing the gloating superiority of “trans women” over natural women and girls.

June is, of course, the month most optimal for parades – and parade they do. Indeed, the “gay pride” parades are the high point of the woke year – and everyone on the left is expected – nay, required – to attend. It is the ultimate test of virtue – the woke equivalent of a pilgrimage to Mecca – with the highest virtue-signaling scores going to those who bring their children to cavort with the drag queens and leather fetishists. The woke media cover these celebrations like they were V-E Day in Times Square (1945) – and in a very real sense, they are.

Few recognize that these “gay pride” parades are, literally, celebrations of martial power in the tradition of conquering armies flaunting plunder taken from defeated foes. Not kinetic wars but cultural ones: not captured armor and artifacts but captured people and their cultural symbolism. The floats and finery of these processions accentuate a cavalcade of cultural appropriations: the trans appropriation of the emblems of femininity and feminism, the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” appropriation of Catholic imagery, the “welcoming and affirming” contingents of pseudo-Christians’ appropriation of Protestant imagery, etc. – and above all of them flies the rainbow flag, stolen in the 1980s from the Black Panthers and Jesse Jackson’s “Rainbow Coalition.” Each contingent of Boy Scouts, soldiers and sailors, cops, civil servants, business and community groups represent the conquest of a former secular foe to the LGBT agenda being marched, hook-jawed like the Assyrian captives of old before cow-eyed masses awed by “gay” supremacy.

And of course, beyond the scope of the parade context, every church, government building, corporation or sports team that flies the rainbow flag is acknowledging its conquest by the LGBTs. Importantly, they’re not flying the flags of “Women’s Pride,” “Black Pride,” “Hispanic Pride,” or any other “Pride” flags in anything other than temporary token acknowledgment of their ownership by the herd. It’s only the Gay Pride flag that has priority and permanence.

When it comes to dividing the plunder of cultural conquest it’s always “one for you, and two for me.” That’s how, in addition to ALL of June, the LGBTs also get ALL of October for “Gay History Month.” Again, not just any month, but the premium month of the fall season and, most importantly, the first full month of the new school year – when America’s children have finally gotten past the September squirms and settled in to the rigors and rhythms of the new school year.

They’re then optimally ready to be immersed in all-things “gay” in every academic subject and social event, for regurgitation “in their own words” through the rest of the school year – the first major test with high social credit value being “coming out to your parents” on Thanksgiving in November. (The dress rehearsal for that is, of course, “Coming Out Day,” Oct 11, when the entire student body gets to witness the dispensation of special status and privilege by the faculty, administration and already “out” peers to those who “bravely choose to self-identify as ‘gay’ or ‘trans.'”)

My point in this article is to show that the woke herd of sacred cows is not and has never been a “coalition of equals” but an LGBT stable of assets. Radical feminists were useful to them in politically neutralizing white straight men from the 1950s through the 2015 defeat of the exclusivity of heterosexual marriage, and then they were immediately labeled TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) and targeted for political destruction when the cutting edge of the agenda shifted to trans-sexuality.

Black figureheads were especially useful to them from the 1980s to the present as the political equivalent of “offensive lineman” (relative to LGBT quarterbacking) in the long campaign to socially engineer special rights for “gays” under civil rights law. But, again, “Blackness” now offers NO social credit if you’re not 100% pro-LGBT (e.g., Justice Clarence Thomas). To ensure total LGBT control, the leadership of Black Lives Matter was assigned to a pair of black lesbians, and “hetero-normative” icon Bill Cosby was preemptively taken out politically (pre-Ferguson) so as not to interfere. To quash all doubt of who called the shots, the second defining act of BLM was to launch the black-trans agenda in parallel to the war against cops.

Very soon we’re all going to be subjected to another tsunami of relentless, nauseating LGBT propaganda during “Gay Pride Month.” We can’t stop it (yet), but we can do better at pushing back than we have in the past. I am challenging every normal-thinking person reading this article to take on this task in your own way, and to begin preparing today. (Start by forwarding this article to your friends.)

The LGBT movement is built on a foundation of lies, and I believe its greatest vulnerability is the plain, documented truth about its history, goals, strategies and actions. My co-author Kevin Abrams and I proved this hypothesis when we thwarted the “gay” attempt to “culturally appropriate” (hijack) the Holocaust in the 1990s. Our book “The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party” (First Edition, 1995), which was taken up as a sword against the “Gay Holocaust” fraud by a national network of Orthodox Jewish rabbis, stopped that effort cold.

But the greater benefit of this book is its extensive documentation of the Nazi roots of the American LGBT movement. My plan for “pride month” this year is to bring “The Pink Swastika” out of mothballs and promote its truths in an advertising campaign for the book. I’ve started my own bookstore for this purpose (because it’s aggressively banned virtually everywhere else) and have just accepted delivery of the first reprint of the Fourth Edition in 20 years. I’m not selling it for personal enrichment but to use 100% of the sales to fund an educational campaign about the ugly true history of the LGBT agenda, especially to the America First movement, which has encouragingly taken up the fight under the “anti-grooming” banner, but which is still mostly ignorant of the nuclear bombshell truths exhaustively documented in “The Pink Swastika” (using unimpeachable mainstream and LGBT sources). To help me in my campaign, please buy some books here or email me at to arrange to make a non-tax-deductible gift. (I’d also like tips on where to advertise and who might help promote the campaign for free.)

It’s time to take an ax to the Nazi roots of the groomer trees, but first they need to be exposed.

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Dirty Harry and the Pendulum of Overcorrection

More and more as the woke Western world sinks deeper into the quicksand of quioxity (or, if you prefer, the tar pit of trans-lunacy), my thoughts turn to the great cultural savior of the 1970s: Dirty Harry.

As has been true in so many ways, fictional Harry’s true-to-life California – the land of fruits and nuts – led the U.S., and thus the world, in democracy’s first embrace of total wokeness in the matter of criminal justice. Long before the loosey-goosey liberalization of our election laws allowed the “cemetery vote” to sleazily slide sanctimonious Soros saboteurs into the seats of judicial power in our deep blue cities, 1960s California, most particularly the cesspool of San Francisco, showed liberals how to destroy the social order through judicial permissiveness.

How utterly shocked and outraged the criminal class became when into this lawless hell strode the vigilante-with-a-badge Clint Eastwood, with his cold-eyed disgusted snarl and massive Smith and Wesson model 29 revolver.

“I know what you’re thinking: ‘Did he fire six shots or only five?’ Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I’ve kinda lost track myself. But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do you, punk? … Go ahead, make my day.”

That scene so perfectly embodied the fantasies of a fed-up nation that it rocketed the already famous Eastwood to the pinnacle of Hollywood celebrity, spawned three block-buster sequels and marked the beginning of a cultural swing toward the law-and-order right that would reach its apogee in the infamous “three strikes” laws and other sometimes pitiless policies (the opposite extreme).

Dirty Harry epitomizes the phenomenon of over-correction in human society. He emerged full-blown at the terminus of the swing to the far left and rode the pendulum all the way to the far right – disappearing as a character when his reason for existing ended. And then, after the zeal for a more punitive version of justice became institutionalized to the benefit of the cops and prosecutors (and some of them, per human nature, abused that advantage), there arose the Antifa/Black Lives Matter tag-team: the “Dirty Harry” of organized crime. Not one man, but a movement. Not a Hollywood movie, but violent street theater with burning squad cars and government office buildings – and the corpses of “extras” and bystanders as props.

“Hard cases make bad law” is an axiom among common-sense lawmakers – because the emotion of the moment, stirred up by an otherwise rare or “outlier” event, can override prudence and proportionality in crafting public policy – imposing new laws that go too far in restricting the rights of the majority on issues like the Second Amendment, for example. Activists on both sides of the political spectrum, but especially the “progressive left” (whose very identity is defined by their agenda to change things in contrast to the “conservative” desire to “conserve” the status quo) LOVE hard cases for that very reason. And the leftist puppet-masters steering society for their own purposes stand ready to exploit and maximize the political currency of those hard cases whenever they occur, and sometimes outright stage them (e.g. Charlottesville, the Whitmer “kidnaping” and J6).

As a Christian social activist and attorney, I have long studied this phenomenon from the front lines of the culture war. Thus when the Black Lives Matter army was first being publicly mobilized in Ferguson, I instantly connected the dots to why, mystifyingly, “America’s Dad” Bill Cosby (white America’s most respected black celebrity who singularly dared to tell black youths to “pull up your pants” and stop acting like thugs), had suddenly been “taken off the board” just prior to the riots, based on 30-year-old “me too” allegations. My 2014 article “Bad Moon on the Rise: Bill Cosby, Ferguson and Obama” details my analysis of that. Tellingly, the elites only let him out of jail after the 2020 coup was completed, at which time I published an evidence-rich follow-up piece, “The Cosby Conspiracy.”

Then, in 2018, during my second run for governor of Massachusetts, from my apartment/campaign office overlooking the Worcester Common, I happened to hear leftist anti-gun rhetoric being spouted over a bullhorn one day and went down to discover Parkland school-shooting celebrity David Hogg (the Greta Thunberg of the American gun-grab lobby) launching a 50-mile “March (Marx) for Our Lives” toward the Smith and Wesson factory in Springfield. I met them at the end, joining a pro-2A rally, pointing out in a media interview there that this was another example of leftists exploiting rare “hard cases” to strip Americans of constitutional rights, something that has become automatic on the part of leftist politicians at every gun-related media-circus-enhanced mega-crime.

Thankfully, I was nowhere near the ultimate example of “hard case” extortion: the George Floyd incident, which featured the deliberate unjust crucifixion of police officers as a side-show to the riots. But even now, two years later the pendulum has still not completed its leftward arc, which fact is ominous and disturbing, because the more polarized a society becomes, and the more jingoistic the people at the opposite poles get, the wider and wilder are the swings to the extremes. This time, the overcorrect-become-tyranny of the left has gone so far into the realm of orchestrated chaos – and sadistic punishment/humiliation of the normies and their children – that the developing fantasy of the right isn’t for a no-nonsense street cop. They want a more potent avenger with sights on the higher-ups, whose crimes include mass-enslavement and conspiracy to commit genocide.

The new Dirty Harry (still vigilante-ish but hopefully constrained by the law he seeks to restore) will need a bigger gun and a bolder plan of action. It won’t be enough for this Harry to “put the ‘punk’ perps in prison.” Higher-up heads must, literally, roll as in guillotines and execution swords. We’re taking a growing “French Revolutionary” fervor here that will require justice on a scale proportionate to the crimes – a Nuremberg II followed by public executions like the first Nuremberg did – or the mob will take their own vengeance.

But the elites recognize this too. Their figurehead middle-manager rats like Fauci and Wojcicki (the CEO of YouTube) see the first torches and pitchforks coming down the shoreline and are fleeing the ship, while their bosses, from their island redoubts off the coast prepare to deploy every dystopian police-state tactic ever invented, and some new ones that emerging technology makes possible. That’s really why we’re on the verge of World War III and in the early stages of a culling of humanity: Our nascent revolution is an existential threat to them and must be crushed at all cost!

We may be past the point of no return in the collapse of civilization, but if there is any hope for recovery and restoration (from the sub-spiritual perspective of the world), it will likely be by the hand of today’s real-life Dirty Harry, Donald Trump – if they don’t kill him first, or convince him to switch sides like he did on the fake vaccine and so-called “gay marriage.”

More likely it’s going to be our heads that roll (Revelation 6:9, 20:4) while we wait for the true Savior: not Dirty Harry or Don, but Immaculate Jesus whose second coming (Revelation 19:11-21) is “to judge and make war.”

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Why We Need Natural Rights Based Sanctuary Cities

Across the world, from the dawn of civilization, humanity has shared self-evident universal rights such as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, given to us by our Creator. These are inherent, unalienable natural rights implicit in the natural order of things, independent of the religious and cultural differences of the human race.

The right of a man and woman to marry and bear children to love and nurture is universal, as is the right of all children to be raised by a mom and a dad in a natural family setting. Families have the natural right to guide and protect their children, raising them as they see fit, and to form communities with other families for mutual security and prosperity. Communities have the natural right to control the policies they deem necessary to thrive, to defend themselves from outside interference and to form alliances with other communities as states. My summary of natural rights may be read here.

Fundamental to all of these natural rights is the right of self-determination – each person being deemed by virtue of his or her individual creation by God as a person with unique identity, value and purpose. Thus all humans are equal stakeholders in all aspects of human civilization, especially the process of establishing laws affecting them as individuals, families, communities and states. This perspective of human rights is the premise of America and the essence of its genuine exceptionalism that made it a beacon of liberty for 400 years: exceptional in its aspirations if not always its implementations.

In opposition to natural rights, especially the collective right to delegate limited power to governing authorities, is the concept that “might makes right” by which those with the wealth and power to enforce their will on others assume an entitlement to do so. This is the eternal struggle of humanity from Nimrod to the World Economic Forum. The ocean of humanity had ever frothed with waves of tyranny and overthrow until the revolution that birthed the American island, unique in history, blessed with the firm fertile soil of a constitutional republic undergirded by the solid foundation of the Christian Bible (as understood by Christians with a first-century Hebraic mindset).

Yet, thanks to the success of Atheistic Marxism as a competitor to/corruptor of the Bible-based religions that formerly dominated the world, the American vision of a Shining City on a Hill has been suppressed. The “mighty” now rule mankind with a tighter grip than ever before, and what they will for us is a single global government under their exclusive control, with no regard for life and liberty, and a new definition of “happiness” that might seem to some to be just the same old slavery with high-tech shackles, but is actually far worse. Their vision is to extinguish the natural order and replace it with a transhumanist “Utopia” populated by a new, “improved” version of human beings which they will, literally, create in laboratories through genetics, robotics and artificial intelligence. What seems like dystopian science fiction is in fact an emerging scientific reality in its early to middle stages, backed by the most powerful forces in the world.

Julio Severo and I were fellow culture warriors for many years in the battle for defending true marriage and the natural family. We met just after he had taken his young family into exile from his native Brazil to escape persecution by the Marxist criminal Lula, who was infuriated that Julio had helped the Evangelical Caucus in the Brazilian legislature to stop a bill that would have criminalized “homophobia” (i.e., disapproval of the homosexual political agenda). In revenge, Lula attempted to jail Julio for refusing to vaccinate his children, forcing him to leave the country. (Now returned to power in an OBiden-backed Marxist coup, Lula has made vaccine tyranny the centerpiece of his administration.) Julio twice recruited me to go to Brazil to carry on his work with the pro-family network there, but both trips got canceled for scheduling problems. I in turn recruited him to fill in for me on a pro-family mission trip to Russia, which he did.

In May of 2021, Julio died unexpectedly, leaving a widow and seven small children who were technically “illegals” in their country of exile. When I learned of this, my ministry took on the task of providing for Julio’s family financially and continuing our shared mission to defend natural rights around the world. (Give to either cause here using the donor option list).

Out of that commitment came the decision to establish the Institute for Natural Rights in Julio’s name but with a new approach reflecting the practical realities his own life exemplified.

The situation in America today is looking more and more like that of Julio’s Brazil and frankly like the Roman military dictatorship of the first generation of Christians. Our list of options for pushback is shrinking while the tyrants gain increasing power to crush our resistance, and so, at least as a contingency measure, one strategy for the believers must be to create “sanctuary cities” for the righteous to flee to. A more positive characterization of this is to create the political/cultural equivalent of “nature preserves” in the form of natural communities where natural families can freely exercise their natural rights. And while there is still conservative control of numerous U.S. states, laws should be passed formally protecting the right to establish such communities and codifying the natural rights its residents may establish as their community policies – such as affirmatively normalizing natural family values in their public schools and banning all forms of LGBT propaganda and activism.

There are precedents for this approach (generally speaking) in the Amish communities, Sharia-based Muslim enclaves, and various religious and/or “hippie” communes over the past century. And, frankly, the pursuit of legal protections for Sanctuary City “nature preserves” should involve not just Christians, but a broad coalition of those who embrace natural rights (under Christian leadership as its initiators). Transhumanism is a threat to ALL humanity, and the natural rights we’re trying to preserve truly are universal outside of the tiny minority (globally speaking) of “Secular Humanists” trained to reject them. Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, even nature-loving secular environmentalists should be with us on this! And, a working coalition on those terms (in agreement on at least 80% of our social crises) could conceivably go further and overthrow the entire transhumanist agenda by sheer power of numbers once it had been seasoned in the fight for the natural order against forced artificiality.

For now, we, like the Jerusalem Jews under Nehemiah, need to keep a sword in one hand for fighting those who would enslave, us while wielding a trowel with the other to build life-affirming sanctuaries behind solid defensive walls, while there is still time to do so.

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A ‘Putin Apologist’ Takes on “OBiden” Propagandists

An apologist is a person who argues in defense of someone who is under attack and can’t defend himself. Every defense lawyer in civil and criminal law is one, preserving the fundamental right to a fair trial that is otherwise impossible when only the prosecution is allowed to speak, such as in the case of Vladimir Putin. But I don’t defend Putin only because he, like every other human being, deserves the fair hearing he has so far been denied. I do it because I am trained in Christian Apologetics to defend the far more important biblical mandate of truth-telling.

Based on my own due diligence, I believe Vladimir Putin is legally and ethically in the right in the matter of Russia’s “Special Military Operation” (a position I explained last March in my essay on Putin talking points and the Monroe Doctrine) and that both the U.S./U.K. deep state that orchestrated the war, and the controlled liberal and neo-con media spoon feeding its propaganda to the American people, are as thoroughly dishonest as the devil himself. Thus, as a truth-loving Christian attorney, I would not hesitate to take the role of Putin’s defense counsel in the matter of the Ukraine war and, if the trial court were a genuinely just venue where all the facts and evidence (the heart of which is well summarized and documented here) could be fairly presented to a truly impartial jury, I would be highly confident in victory for my client.

This is not to deny that Ukraine has become hell on earth for the Ukrainian people – whom I dearly love in Christ, grieve for and have personally ministered to on a mission trip there and in other contexts. The issue is who is actually responsible for first unleashing that hell and then preventing Germany, France and Israel from ending it in the early stages, using Boris Johnson as their hatchet-man. The chief culprits are the OBiden (Obama-Biden) regime and its RINO co-conspirators, whose vast criminal operations there might otherwise be exposed and punished.

Saying these things is risky business these days, and I have lost some supporters over this issue, but I fear the spiritual consequences of condoning and repeating lies and slander more than the worldly consequences of defying deep-state bullies demanding and coercing allegiance to false narratives. I’d rather be John and Baptist than Pontius Pilate. And I am ashamed for the church that so many “virtue signaling” Christians – even when rightly opposing U.S. involvement in Ukraine – willingly throw Putin and the Russians under the bus while letting the actual culprits (the true enemies of everything we hold dear) off the hook.

The lying warmongers orchestrating our serfdom in the Great Reset don’t care if we impotently oppose a war we have no power to stop; they only care that they don’t get exposed as the evil masterminds before their task is completed. We serve their cause when we obediently place the blame on their chosen scapegoat to avoid being called a “Putin apologist.” They use the same tactics to make us fear being called a “homophobe,” “white supremacist” and “climate change denier.” Make no mistake, Brethren, when it comes to false narratives, compliance makes you complicit! The price is slavery to an Empire of Lies you helped to sustain.

Imagine for a moment that instead of sending clandestine special forces and $110 billion (it’s actually much more than that over the past decade) to turn Ukraine into a staging ground for Russian regime change, we had invested that money in Central and South America, managed by teams of civil engineers to help turn those nations into more stable and prosperous countries.

Would their citizens still be so desperately miserable as to see their best hope for a happy life in becoming refugees in the United States? Highly doubtful – especially since that $110 billion is more than the combined annual GDP of several of those countries. We would not only be serving an authentically humanitarian cause but boosting regional trade and expanding consumer markets for U.S. goods. AND we would be greatly strengthening U.S. security in our own hemisphere – the very purpose of our Monroe Doctrine – by fostering mutual goodwill. There would be no U.S. border crisis, no gangs of criminal aliens slaughtering Americans in our cities, no bankruptcy of our social service agencies, no bloating of the Uniparty’s election fraud networks, no Marxist takeover of our southern neighbors. Instead, with stunning hubris, we’re funding the bloodiest trench war since World War I to deny Russia’s legitimate exercise of its own “Monroe Doctrine.”

American foreign policy has been run by demons for decades, even under Trump who never had anything more than nominal control of the Departments of State and Defense or their intelligence arms. And now we’re on the verge of WWIII, intentionally, to ensure their Great Collapse will set the stage for the Great Reset in furtherance of the globalists’ Agenda 2030.

Just as the State Department telegraphed its plan to blow up Nord Stream 2, OBiden announced that sending tanks to his puppet Zelensky would trigger WWIII … and now they’re in shipment with great fanfare. But for those of us who have been monitoring the war while ignoring the “Ukraine can win this!” controlled-media spin, the equipment escalation seems too obviously too little too late to be an actual battlefield strategy for the Donbass line where the victory of the now heavily mobilized Russian forces is a virtually foregone conclusion. And the new war narrative accompanying all of this has the feel of a child’s mystery novel or treasure map with the clues highlighted and underlined so there’s no chance that the plebes will wander off the path of discovery.

What conclusion are we being steered to reach? That the Russian bear, pushed to the brink by (conveniently timed) “unbearable provocation,” is enraged to point of irrationality. That suggests to me the set-up for a false flag event justifying direct NATO intervention. Interestingly, it’s a strategy that closely parallels what Biden puppet-master Obama did at the turn of the year in 2016/17 when he tried to trigger a hot war with Russia before Trump’s inauguration.

Remember that? Obama started military maneuvers in Poland and the Baltics while simultaneously staging a diplomatic crisis by expelling Russian diplomats from the U.S. – setting up the Russians to follow suit, an act which every American movie-watcher would recognize as the last step before war. Except that Gen. Mike Flynn – in the famous phone call that triggered Obama’s fury and intensive lawfare against him – sabotaged the plan by persuading the Russians not to respond in kind. In a matter of hours Russia turned from a table-pounding threat to expel American diplomats, to Putin himself magnanimously inviting the children of those diplomats to join his holiday celebrations, killing the Obama plan.

I see the same pattern in play now, but with no Mike Flynn to stop it. But I assume Putin knows that game and who is behind it. He will not take the bait, and would likely respond to any false flag maneuver in the same sane and measured style he has shown throughout this conflict. That minimizes the likelihood of WWIII, which will not proceed without the scapegoat firmly entrapped. In my view, thwarting that entrapment and exposing the lies the trap is constructed from is the best contribution I can make to the cause of truth – and of peace.

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Perv-Pandering to the Walking Dead

“Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and every expression of evil, and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save your souls” (James 1:21).

I could never get past the first episodes of the seemingly endless gore-fest called The Walking Dead, which I liked to a point for its dystopian science-fiction story-line and it’s un-subtle analogy to America’s unfortunate cultural realities in the age of wokeness. The Walking Dead zombies are to today’s Cultural Marxists what the mind-enslaved pod-people in the 1950s classic movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers were to the Communists of that generation. 

One of the most disgusting of the survival tactics of the remaining true humans was to smear themselves with the liquified rotting flesh of the “walking dead” so as to blend in with them whenever they had no other way to move openly in their pursuit of their basic needs. Sadly, in a heartbreaking version of life imitating art, that fiction is becoming fact in the deliberate self-camouflaging of some otherwise “straight” people who portray themselves as “gay” or “trans” to quality for the social favor that status now confers. (Ask any Kindergartner in a deep blue school district.)

Back in the early 1990s when I was spokesman for the Oregon No Special Rights Act, which was designed to prevent civil rights minority status from being granted by government based on so-called “sexual orientation,” I pointed out the stupidity of granting special rights based on non-immutable criteria that cannot be objectively proven. Anyone could simple claim to be “gay” or lesbian to get those special government entitlements and no one could prove they didn’t deserve them because it was all a matter of subjective self-declaration (which remains true to this day despite billions spent to prove otherwise).  

That certainly wasn’t the case with Blacks and the benefits of Affirmative Action, for example. Faking Blackness was so absurd that Hollywood made movies about it. Even the easier grift of claiming Native American heritage could get you busted if you were ever forced to submit to DNA testing – as Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren embarrassingly learned.  

Of course, no one heeded my warning because in those days the idea of wanting to be identified as “gay” was absurd, and that was the point of the push for minority status: to counter-balance the stigma so homosexuals could have “equality” in society. The same people who were susceptible to that argument also missed the deeper problem, which was that there can be no “equality” for “marriage-based heterosexual monogamy” and “sexual freedom.” These are mutually exclusive and contradictory social priorities. There is and can never be “equality” for the ordered sexual liberty of Christianity and the sexual anarchy of Cultural Marxism: one must rule at the expense of the other. You can only have one as your dominant norm even if you make allowance for sub-cultures as American did so effectively in the family-centered 1950s and early 60s. 

I was 30 years ahead of the curve in warning about people faking “gayness” to boost their social credit score, but here we are, and all I’ve got to show for it is the right to say “I told you so” from the farthest edge of the “homophobic” fringe I’ve been relegated to by the zombified children of yesterday’s short-sighted conservatives, as their grandchildren (twice removed from normalcy) embrace the “trans” insanity of genital self-mutilation.

I was inspired to write this piece early this morning when I decided to subscribe to a substack writer, Alex Krainer, whose analysis on Russia and Germany I found insightful. On the sign-up page was a set of other writers one could be automatically be subscribed to at the same time. The list included Glenn Greenwald, who was described there as essentially a man with “no agendas.” I declined that option and then sent an email to the writer saying “your pitch for Glenn Greenwald, whom I cautiously respect at an intellectual level as an analyst of geopolitical matters, is NOT agenda-free, as his flaunting ‘gay family’ icon reminds all who still recognize the insult to God and Christian civilization that it represents.” (Encouragingly, that icon was not displayed on Mr. Krainer’s page.)

Now, I’m not saying that Greenwald is faking “gayness” because he’s obviously all-in on the lifestyle – but he is clearly using his unfortunate actual conduct-affirming “gay” self-identity as a shield against attacks by the Woke. By using the icon, he is essentially claiming the protection of his de-facto “social credit” score because “gayness” offers such enormous points-value. If he were a non-homosexual saying the same things he would suffer far greater punishment or be completely shunned and cancelled like I have been. 

Greenwald IS faking conservatism, however, because his continuing use of an icon of himself, his sodomy partner, and the two children they have acquired, conveys the very essence of “sexual liberation” and the “progressive” revision of God’s definition of marriage and family that is the heart of the Marxist strategy. If his impressive conservative analysis of non-sex-related political matters is serving the cause of normalizing homosexuality to conservatives, Greenwald is more valuable to the globalist puppet-masters than all the “gay” activists in Hollywood because “sexual freedom/anarchy” trumps everything else in the takedown of a nation. Why else would Pope Francis and the UN have chosen the global decriminalization of homosexuality as their top priority for “unifying” the world in all its diversity of morally conservative religions?   

Have you noticed the extent to which “conservative” homosexuals have infiltrated conservative media? I will likely do a future article on this phenomenon, which I believe is being orchestrated by the same players in the Intelligence agencies that drive the cancel culture. They are using back-door funding and pro-active boosting (the opposite of “shadow banning” and “reach suppressing”) of open or known homosexual journalists and new-media executives to make them into right-wing celebrities. To be sure, the work of these media figures is often stellar – but that’s the point: a second-rate Trojan Horse is worse than useless for infiltration and conquest. And to be clear, these “celebrities” don’t have to be in on the conspiracy to be useful to it.  

But the far greater threat to Judeo-Christian civilization is the fact that otherwise normal people have been strongly incentivized to smear themselves with the appearance of “gayness” to improve their ability to function in today’s zombie culture. It’s a step beyond “virtue signaling,” which actually serves as a sort-of “gateway drug” to the more dangerous and destructive choices. 

Where do we see evidence of this “gay-faking?” So far the most obvious examples (pioneered by Bradley Edward Manning AKA “Chelsea”) are men who claim transgender identity when sentenced to prison or who adopt “trans” status to steal glory from real women in sports. And, of course, both boys and girls in elementary school who now go “trans” to win the approval of their woke teachers.

The stigma is gone now, and if it’s gone for the trannies, it’s long gone for the “gays.” And without the stigma the floodgates are open for fake-“gayness” as a fail-safe way to game the system by anyone wanting social acceptance and benefits in the world of the walking dead.    


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The Third Temple and the Third World War

I will bring [foreigners] to My holy mountain and make them joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and sacrifices will be accepted on My altar, for My house will be called a house of prayer for all the nations” (Isaiah 56:7).

On Jan. 24, the recently restored political cat-with-nine-lives, Bibi Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, made a sudden surprise trip to Jordan to meet with King Abdullah II on a matter of great urgency. His mission was to reassure the Muslim king that the newly seated Orthodox Jewish/nationalist majority now controlling Israel would not be allowed to disrupt the status quo on the Temple Mount. That status quo consists of virtually absolute Muslim control of the Temple Mount, preserved by Jewish law enforcement, which aggressively suppress’ Jewish activity there to prevent, literally, World War III. The entire heavily militarized Muslim world has been at DEFCON 3 since the Jews captured the entirety of Jerusalem in the 1967 war, and much of that world instantly kicks up to DEFCON 2 at the merest hint of Jewish political/religious encroachment on any part of East Jerusalem, but especially the Temple Mount.

As a pro-Israel Christian conservative with an eye toward both prophecy and the culture war, I have been amused by the widespread state of panic in the “mainstream” media who universally condemn the new Israeli leadership as “Israel’s most right-wing and religiously conservative government in history,” but who now are trapped into vesting their previous punching-bag Netanyahu with legitimacy in the hope he can and will restrain the Orthodox Jews from fulfilling what they view as a mandate from God to rebuild His Temple. Good luck with that. While Netanyahu seems to be more of a globalist than a populist in some things, like the COVID-19 plandemic, he is unquestionably a Jewish nationalist with a vision for Jewish control of the entirety of the lands they owned in antiquity (at least) and perhaps even to the wider boundaries God established in Genesis. Indeed, the left hates him for pursuing Jewish settlement of the “West Bank” instead of ceding it to the “Palestinians” (aka Jordanians).

I’ve been privileged to visit Israel four times, most recently leading a church tour group from Southern California, and have been on the Temple Mount three times. On our first visit, my wife and I descended to the “off limits” East Gate made impassable with cinder blocks and many rows of graves outside the wall (whose religious “uncleanness” is intended in the logic of Muslim theology to prevent the Judeo-Christian Messiah from entering). It had been temporarily unguarded, but minutes later we got chased off by an angry Muslim guard with a sub-machine gun. On our third visit, I took another risk and accepted the invitation of an unofficial Muslim “guide” to tour the Al Aqsa Mosque (for a fee) which amounted to being escorted down the side of the building to observe the interior through open-air windows where hundreds of men were zealously performing their ritual prayers. Never in my visits to the Temple Mount did I see any overtly Jewish activity or obvious presence at all.

On two occasions, Anne and I also visited the Temple Institute, whose sole purpose is to build and equip the Third Temple. Their preparations are now complete: including the recreation of all the implements and artifacts prescribed by the Bible as well as the altar, the genetic identification and training of the Levitical priests in the Temple rituals, and even the acquisition and verification of the Red Heifer whose ashes are necessary for the final purification of the high priest. “On Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022, at 5 p.m., five perfect, unblemished red heifers arrived in Israel from the USA,” reads a statement on the homepage of the group’s website. All that remains is the building of the Third Temple itself.

In my perspective (and I’ve followed this issue very closely from outside the controlled-media bubble), the path to the Third Temple begins in Ukraine, where the U.S. and U.K. deliberately orchestrated the Russian invasion through relentless provocation in the form of creeping nuclear encirclement by NATO, culminating in the 2021/22 massing of forces on the Donbass border to finally crush the pro-Russian separatists there and eliminate Russia’s security buffer zone. The “unprovoked” mantra of the lying media regarding Russia is just more deceptive spin by the “OBiden” criminal cartel, as more and more Christians and conservatives are finally beginning to realize. Accepting this hard truth in the face of intense non-stop war-propaganda is key to recognizing just how deep the criminal conspiracy runs.

The U.S./U.K. goals and justifications for provoking the war are numerous: from preventing a super-powerful Russian/German economic partnership from arising outside U.S./U.K. control (greatly facilitated by the Nord Stream pipelines), to covering-up the U.S. Uniparty criminal operations in Ukraine (including both billions in graft and the totally illegal bio-weapons labs), to the punishment of Putin and Russia for defying Obama’s global LGBT juggernaut (designed to weaken the nations by unraveling their family-centered social fabric), to balkanizing Russia into multiple competing nations and plundering their natural resources (a centuries-old specialty of the British Empire inherited by the United States after WWII).

But the larger goal – the one related to the Third Temple – is the triggering of World War III to facilitate the One World Government by the U.N./WEF target date of 2030. Nothing would serve the globalist interests of geopolitical consolidation, population reduction, and the total subservience of the survivors better and faster than a global-economy-collapsing world war and its consequent famine and pestilence. It’s all planned and plotted: the Great Collapse paves the way for the Great Reset.

A huge benefit of WWIII for Israel would be the opportunity to fully de-nuclearize the increasingly close Russian ally Iran and to weaken or eliminate all of the other “Death to Israel” players on the board without being blamed for starting the world war. (Russia is the elites’ chosen scapegoat for that.) And, if WWIII is already happening for other reasons, there’s no longer a necessity to preserve the status quo on the Temple Mount. If WWIII launches soon enough, the very people who most want to build the Third Temple will still be in power. How long would it take to build? I’ve heard rumor that there are (for redundancy) three fully-constructed Temple buildings in diverse locations ready to be airlifted in pieces by construction helicopters at a moment’s notice. I don’t know if it’s true, but it is plausible.

On the prophetic side, the above scenario aligns closely with end-times theology, right down to the idea of the completed Third Temple serving as the symbol of world unity – “a house of prayer for all the nations” – when the season of world war gives way to a season of world peace in the transition from Collapse to Reset, and the still-unrevealed “peacemaker” Antichrist begins to pose as the Messiah.


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Porn for Priests

No sooner had I filed my Tuesday column “Pope Benedict and the Antichrist,” contending in part that “Pope” Francis had been installed by Obama to push the LGBT agenda, when news broke that he, Benedict, had authorized the posthumous publication of a book highly critical of Francis for his obvious pro-homosexual sympathies and creeping advocacy of the agenda. Benedict specifically condemned the spread of open homosexuality in Catholic seminaries, especially in America, where it is not merely tolerated but approved. This is no secret to conservative Catholics, many of whom call Francis an “Anti-Pope” and believe that Benedict was “the restrainer” of 2 Thessalonians 2:7. 

Bolstering their theory, Francis followed that breaking news with a bombshell of his own, calling for the de-criminalization of homosexuality around the world – the very same thing that President Trump shamefully allowed Ric Grinell to do as Ambassador to Germany (the perversion-capitol of Europe).  This suggests a globalist game-plan is in play for flipping conservatives using the same incrementalism that snared the liberals in decades past. (Beware this snare, you MAGA patriots – and encourage Trump to repent of that compromise!) 

Benedict’s book also exposed something I was not aware of: that seminarians were being encouraged by their Bishops to use pornography as a means of coping with sexual temptation. That is the issue I would like to address in this essay, because the implication in the news article I read was that Benedict did not distinguish between those two categories of permissiveness in terms of their moral severity. Perhaps he did, but let’s assume for the sake of argument that he intended to equate porn use with homosexual conduct and consider whether that is truly biblical.  

First, let me say that it clearly IS biblical in relationship to the purity of God. No sin can enter His presence without being burned up (Genesis 33), which is the reason He created the Tabernacle and Priesthood as sort-of intermediary safe-zone where He could interact with humanity. He gave them a system of rigid rituals designed to ensure the highest human approximation of purity in one select representative of human-kind – the High Priest — who was allowed to enter the Holy of Holies only one day per year (Yom Kippur). All that preparation was just to get into the room where the Ark of the Covenant was stored – not into the actual presence of God.

It was, ultimately, an unworkable system and a flawed placeholder because human beings – even high priests — cannot achieve purity on their own. When Jesus the Christ later said in Matthew 5:20 “unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven,” He wasn’t calling us to self-perfectionism even beyond their hyper-legalism. He was instead highlighting just how impossible that goal of perfection was to achieve. When at the end of that chapter he concludes his list of behavioral ideals (including never even looking on a woman lustfully or making a scornful remark against a brother) saying “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect,” He was really saying, “No one can come to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6.)  

When the rule is “Whoever keeps the whole law but stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it” (James 2:10) and the court has already ruled in advance “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us” (1 John 1:18) the only sound conclusion is that we need substitutionary atonement by the one true and final High Priest, Jesus Christ, who Himself was sinless, and whose victory over sin on the cross of Calvary tore the veil of the Holy of Holies from top to bottom.  

But sin is measured differently outside the immediate presence of God by the degree of harm it causes to individuals and society as a whole. Gossiping one time will get an unsaved man killed just as quickly in God’s presence as a lifetime of mass murder, but it doesn’t work that way on this mortal plane. Here we have a broad scale of consequences for sins, best showcased in the Mosaic Law, which Jesus affirmed as constant and binding in its spirit if not the letter. And in that context porn use and homosexual conduct are not equivalent or even close. 

Homosexuality is not only a capital crime under biblical law, it is, along with bestiality, the most heinous of the sexual crimes listed in Leviticus 18 – those two forms of perversion being defined as crimes of “sodomy” in the common law. In contrast, porn use, while clearly falling under the general category of sexual immorality, is at the opposite end of the spectrum of moral severity, past such things as polygamy and concubinage which are actually accommodated and regulated in the Mosaic code – even though they, like divorce, violate the spirit of the law. 

Pope Benedict was right to condemn the advocacy of porn use to Catholic seminarians, and frankly, the fact it is even an issue is a very strong argument for ending celibacy in the priesthood. As Paul taught, true celibacy is a holy calling but very rare. Porn use makes a mockery of it. Anyone failing that test by continually surrendering to temptation should heed his advice in 1 Corinthians 7:9 “if they cannot control themselves, let them marry. For it is better to marry than to burn with passion.”  

The greater issue, however, is the diminution of the relative threat of homosexuality by the false equation to porn use. Francis can and may use that false equivalency as part of his pitch for de-criminalization, removing from the still morally-conservative countries of the world the last best social tool for discouraging the normalization of the key sin that triggers the outpouring of His wrath. If the morally contagious crime against nature that got all but four people in Sodom incinerated is no worse than looking at dirty pictures, why keep it on the books? 

I have long supported the re-criminalization of homosexuality (and adultery) here in America, along with a policy of very light enforcement like in the 1950s – primarily to prevent the public advocacy of it or endorsement by government. Don’t ask, don’t tell should be culture wide. An interim step solving many of our social crises today would be to adopt the Russian law banning LGBT propaganda to children. 

There is no legitimate basis in the church or the larger society for whitewashing God’s warning in Leviticus 18 (reaffirmed in Romans 1) that social acceptance of sexual perversion, especially homosexuality, will cause the land to “vomit out” its inhabitants. Any church or pastor – or pope – who does this is biblically untrustworthy at best.  

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Pope Benedict and the Antichrist

As a former Roman Catholic who has rediscovered the Hebrew roots of Christian faith, and how this perspective profoundly enriches the Reformers doctrines of “the priesthood of all believers” and the absolute supremacy of Scripture over church traditions, I have serious differences with many aspects of Catholicism, but I nevertheless recognize that a great many Catholics are authentic, even exemplary Christians by biblical standards. (If, as I believe, salvation truly is by faith alone in Christ alone, whatever other things one believes in – even false doctrines and rituals — are merely sanctification issues that do not affect one’s justification: important but not spiritually fatal.)

One such exemplary Christian is the recently deceased Joseph Ratzinger whose final service to Christendom was in the role of Pope Benedict (Emeritus). His “Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons,” published in October of 1986 when he was “Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith” is in my view the gold standard of guidance for Christians in approaching the issue of homosexual sin in the church. Importantly, his letter was not a set of mere suggestion to the Bishops but a controlling doctrinal mandate, issued just six months after the Catholic-dominated US Supreme Court issued its landmark ruling in Bowers v Hardwick (forcefully rejecting the decades-long effort to make homosexual sodomy a civil right) – these two documents representing an attempt to establish a global bulwark against the already massive and growing LGBT assault on Judeo-Christian civilization being masterminded by principalities and powers in the United States.

Recently, Catholic turned Orthodox writer and editor Rod Dreher of The American Conservative published a stunning article titled “Benedict XVI: It Is The Time Of Antichrist,” sub-titled “In 2015, BXVI wrote letter to Catholic statesman Vladimir Palko, urging prayer against the ‘expanding power of the Antichrist.’ ” The short missive was a note of appreciation for Palko’s book The Lions Are Coming: Why Europe And America Are Heading for a New Tyranny (not available in English). Palko’s personal embargo of the letter ended with the Pope’s death, and Dreher is apparently the first to reveal its contents, the essence of which is just one sentence long:

“As one sees the power of Antichrist spreading, one can only pray that the Lord will give us mighty shepherds to defend His Church against the power of evil in this hour of need.”

In 2015 when this letter was written, Benedict had been in seclusion/captivity in Vatican City for over a year after what I and many Catholic leaders and lay-persons believe was a forced abdication orchestrated by Barack Obama to install his ideological ally Jesuit Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina (who became Pope Francis in March of 2013). My detailed arguments supporting this conclusion are published here.

One especially significantly fact is that this Vatican coup occurred shortly after a report which Pope Benedict had commissioned finally confirmed the existence of a powerful “gay mafia” in the Vatican (an open secret which had been publicly hinted at by his predecessor Pope John Paul).

I have been unapologetic in stating I believe Barack Obama is both a homosexual and (still) a prime candidate for the Antichrist, and that I believe the widespread societal embrace of so-called “gay pride” will be the issue that triggers the wrath of God against the world under the reign of the Antichrist I believe Obama is the puppeteer controlling Joe Biden and is thus the choreographer of today’s expanding geo-political chaos. And we must never forget that it was the tag-team of Obama and Pope Francis which launched the current globalist blueprint for one-world government, the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” at the UN in 2015.

Following a private meeting with Obama on September 23rd of that year, Francis gave an unprecedented address to Congress the next day (gushingly reported HERE), and then on the 25th officially launched the 2030 Agenda with a speech to the UN General Assembly. It is in the context of these events, whose Vatican City preparations began long before Francis’ trip to the US, that Pope Benedict penned his Antichrist warning.

Brother Dreher may or may not hold these conclusions, but his article implicitly bolsters them. He writes “Benedict wrote about the Antichrist in his first book about Jesus of Nazareth. It was the part where he discussed the temptation of Christ by the devil in the desert, where ‘the devil appeared as a theologian’, in Ratzinger’s words. The Pope also recalled Solovyov’s famous Legend of the Antichrist, which is a short fictional prose where the Antichrist…appears…as a great humanist, he fights against hunger…Benedict uses this only as an illustration that even ‘interpretation of the Scriptures can become a tool of the Antichrist’…And he reminded that the Antichrist does not have to look hideous, that he does not have to be recognized as evil, but he can appear acceptable, benevolent, as a humanist.”

These are not casually-chosen words by the Pope Emeritus, which I take to mean he may have shared my opinion that the religion of the Antichrist is not reflected in some crude and obviously demonic institution like the clownish and conservative-punking LGBT culture-war instrument they call the “Temple of Satan,” but is in fact Secular Humanism – the perfection of Satanic delusion in beguiling doctrinal form whose deity is man himself (ala the Serpent’s prophecy in Genesis 3:1-5 and God’s counter-action in Genesis 3:22-24) and whose mind-enslaved adherents deny its beliefs are religious.

Dreher ends his article by drawing special attention to the man I believe may be the actual False Prophet of Revelation, the “married” homosexual transhumanist and World Economic Forum philosopher-in-residence, Yuval Noah Harari. Interestingly, I went public with that hypothesis in a WND column titled “Is this transhumanism guru the false prophet of revelation” in which I tied together the three key elements of this current piece: the centrality of LGBT themes to the Antichrist agenda, the contention that Secular Humanism is the perfection of Satanic religion in the last days, and the starring role of transhumanism in the final insurrection against Judeo-Christian civilization, triggering the second coming of Christ.

I am thus taking Dreher’s illuminating report on Pope Benedict’s perspective of the Antichrist as Holy Spirit confirmation of my conclusions (whether or not he would agree with them), and urging my fellow remnant Christians of all confessions to ponder how this departure from/refinement of traditional eschatology might influence our individual and collective response to current events.

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The Myth of the “Gay Conservative”

By definition every self-identified or self-declared homosexual is either deceived, a deceiver or both. The truth about human sexual identity is manifest in every person’s body: you’re either male or female with self-evident complementarity to the opposite sex. Yes, some people have a birth defect that causes them to have two sets of genitalia (one if which is almost always incomplete), just like others are born with a hare-lip, six fingers or are co-joined as twins – but such cases are rare exceptions that prove the rule. In my wild liberal youth I once dated a girl who had two overlapping nipples on one breast (the other was normal). It was an intriguing oddity but a clear abnormality. There is no “third sex” only the reality of binary heterosexual physiology – and everything about human sexuality originates in and is premised upon that fact.

We are ALL heterosexual beings with the capacity for engaging in all forms of sexual conduct (limited only by morality and opportunity), and we never stop “being” heterosexual just because we decide or declare ourselves to be something else based on the voluntary behavioral choices that we make, no matter how strong the temptation to indulge in those behaviors may be.

Now, there are various reasons someone might perceive themselves as non-heterosexual when they reach the age that such issues become relevant to them. In my study of gender identity disorder, those factors are nearly all if not exclusively psychological in nature, relating to a very young child’s perceptions of his or her actual or surrogate parents. Simply put, in toddler-hood a child first begins to differentiate maleness and femaleness in adult care-givers and ponders which type he or she is. If, for example, Daddy is a violent drunk or is never home, a little boy might decide to model himself on Mommy – a choice that has no sexual implications at that time, but does later when pre-pubescent ideas about pairing with the “opposite” sex get confused because of then-ingrained habits of personality, socialization and expectation.

At any stage of development, even adulthood, gender identity disorder is a reparable condition as the ex-”gay” movement has proven time and again. That fact is so threatening to the LGBT political agenda that it has spent billions of dollars and millions of journalistic “man-hours” trying (largely successfully) to criminalize reparative talk-therapy and demonize the very notion of heterosexual reorientation: all while simultaneously insisting on absolute self-determination for even very young children who (under the guidance of LGBT teachers and community activists) declare themselves “transgender” and demand extreme “medical assistance” to transition. The cognitive dissonance in this contradiction is, literally, psychotic/demonic.

In any case, there is really no such thing as a “homosexual” in the sense of being designed by God or nature to exclusively function contradictorily to ones physiology. Despite their best efforts and massive funding over many decades, pro-LGBT scientists have failed to come up with any objective test to prove homosexuality is anything other than a state-of-mind. To this day there is no way for anyone to know conclusively whether a newborn or pre-born baby will be “gay” in adulthood – meaning all of the relentless propaganda that “gays” are “born that way” with no hope of recovery is a gigantic steaming pile of steer manure.

Sure, there are many self-identified/self-declared “gays” who honestly believe they ARE born that way – but their self-perceptions about their sexual identity (starting in mid-childhood or later) arise long after their orientation was mis-directed by environmental factors in early childhood. And even if that were not true and there were some genetic basis for same-sex attraction disorder (SSAD), all sexual conduct except rape is voluntary. If the all-too-common inclination toward heterosexual promiscuity can be controlled, for example, by married people, why is it assumed that homosexuals have no choice but to indulge themselves same-sex relationships?

And if we create a social right to sexual lifestyles based on inclinations and temptations for “gays,” how can we prevent that logic from normalizing the relationships of “Minor Attracted Persons” (MAPs) with a generation of children newly granted total self-determination in sexual matters (unless, of course, they want to “go straight”)? We can’t, and that very cutting-edge frontier has become the new Shangri La of the sexual revolution – but has been the goal from the very beginning: “the repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent” being Demand #7 to the US States in the landmark “1972 Gay Rights Platform” of the first national conference of (200) LGBT organizations – a demand that has never to my knowledge been repudiated by any homosexual leader over the past half-century.

On the other hand many other SSAD sufferers (a majority, I believe) know full well that aren’t “born that way” (having “become gay” only after experiencing sexual trauma or grooming by an adult or older child).

Thus, every “gay” is either deceived or a deceiver or both, meaning that anyone working to normalize homosexuality in society is furthering a false narrative wittingly or unwittingly. False narratives are the stock-in-trade of the progressive movement, especially when they relate to the sexual revolution, which is the core strategy of Cultural Marxism for overthrowing Judeo-Christian civilization. ANYONE who adopts the label of “homosexual” is serving the cause of the political left, no matter how much they might otherwise align with conservatives on social issues, even LGBT issues, because they are denying the reality of their own creation by God as a “heterosexual” and affirming the lie that a person’s sexual choices irrevocably define them.

There is no such thing, therefore as a “gay conservative.” If you claim “gayness,” you are both a liar and an insurrectionist against God’s natural order and His model for civilization.

The closest one can get to being a legitimate “gay conservative” is admit to himself or herself that one’s struggle with same sex attraction disorder (no matter how difficult that struggle has been) is a condition, not an innate identity, and one’s eventual reorientation to heterosexual normalcy would be the best resolution to one’s situation. A struggler of this type, who can abide by a policy of “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” should be fully welcomed into, and be fully protected from “outing” by the conservative movement. I have known and worked with numerous such individuals over the years. The shorthand for this recipe for inclusion is “MYOB, not LGBT!”

Telling outsiders to “mind your own business” about private sexual lifestyles as a matter between you and God is the only truly conservative posture. Affirming the false presuppositions of LGBT ideology by publicly calling yourself “gay” always serves the “progressive” agenda and defies God’s agenda.

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On January 6. 2021, which will forever be memorialized as J6, corrupt elements of our government orchestrated the so-called “insurrection” at the US Capitol to prevent key legislators from triggering a constitutionally mandated delay of certification of a contested election to allow for an investigation to be conducted. Those insurrectionists-in-congressional-clothing succeeded and forced through the certification of a blatantly fraudulent election. That breach of their legal duty is the basis for the Brunson Brother’s “Hail Mary” lawsuit calling for the removal of 388 Members of Congress. Ironically, the Supreme Court meets today to decide if they will accept this case for review.

Very early the next morning, January 7, 2021, I made a short video declaring that America had become a POW Camp. By divine providence, I “just happened” to have stopped for the night at a hotel whose parking lot bordered a veterans services office flying the POW/MIA flag. I believed then, as I believe now, that we lost the Republic on J6 with only a short window of time to claw it back before the malefactors consolidated their power and control of our federal institutions beyond the point of recovery. With the collapse of the 2022 Red Tsunami (through the sabotage of RINO traitors and more election fraud by the Dems) that window is all but closed. Only a divine miracle can save America at this time — and one wonders if our national sins of child-killing and sexual perversion have so tipped the scale against us that God may give us over to judgment instead of rescue us. I see no significant move toward repentance among our people that could sway Him in that choice. But, His mercy is so great that even now we might be spared the consequences we richly deserve.

While my comments on J7 about America becoming a POW Camp were only metaphorical at the time, they were actually prophetic for the hundreds of men and women who have become literal prisoners of the actual culture war being waged by the Purple Uniparty against the MAGA movement. Never before in the history of this nation have we seen anything like the rank injustice being suffered by the political prisoners of the criminal conspirators of the 2020 coup.

Now on the second anniversary of this outrage, the right to a speedy trial is just one of the many constitutional rights that have been stripped from so many of our fellow Americans who were guilty of nothing more than being suckered into trespassing the “People’s House and/or the Capitol grounds — along public paths cleared of warning signs by nefarious actors, through doors unlocked from the inside, being welcomed in many cases by the police themselves. And the Democrat-controlled committee tasked with investigating these things (literal co-conspirators in the coup), buried the truth instead in a process so fraught with blatant ideological corruption and abuse of power as to constitute a crime in itself.

I find it very difficult to read the testimonies of the J6 prisoners who are brave enough to have gone public about the injustices they continue to suffer. What I hear in their collective appeals is Psalm 94:3-5: “How long will the wicked, O LORD, how long will the wicked exult? They pour out arrogant words; all workers of iniquity boast. They crush Your people, O LORD; they oppress Your heritage.”

As one who has suffered great persecution at the hands of the leftist mob, I can attest that for those who stand firm through the fire by faith, great rewards await in the form of strengthened character and courage and God’s blessings. For the J6 martyrs, there will be an additional category of reward in the form of credibility and stature in the fight against tyranny. Every person now suffering injustice in the DC Gulag will eventually be freed from their nightmare, and when that happens their voice as martyrs to the cause of liberty will be magnified far beyond any influence they might otherwise have had. Their lives will forever be defined (in part) by their ordeal — and some may even literally sit in judgment over those who subjected them to it.

For now, they deserve our respect and prayers.


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