The Declaration of Restoration

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Scott Lively on Winning Impossible Victories

Dr. Lively celebrates the anniversary of his mission to Springfield Massachusetts by showcasing the “impossible victories” that have occurred there from the time of Dr. and Mrs Lively’s arrival by train January 5th, 2008 with just their suitcases and the vague outlines of a plan to create a model for re-Christianizing “post-Christian” cities. He talks about the intense opposition he received from the “progressives” and how God used him to set an example of persistence under persecution in Springfield, and around the state in his two runs for governor.

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Scott Lively on Redemptive Weaponry

A Seven Point Battle Strategy for the Revolutionary Remnant Regiment

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for (2) pulling down strongholds, (3) casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, (1) bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:4-5).

Do not repay anyone evil for evil. (4) Carefully consider what is right in the eyes of everybody. If it is possible on your part, live at peace with everyone. (5) Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but leave room for God’s wrath. For it is written: ‘Vengeance is Mine; I will repay, says the Lord.’ (6) On the contrary, ‘If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a drink. For in so doing, you will heap burning coals on his head.’ (7) Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” Romans 12:17-21.

The Seven Steps to Victory

(1) Discipline your mind to learn and follow the Biblical Worldview under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, confirming each thought, idea, hypothesis, conclusion by testing against the Bible.

(2) Set your mission objective high – pursuing the goal of utterly destroying even the most powerful enemy strongholds.

(3) Begin by discovering, exposing and debunking the lies that contradict God’s Word in your own mind and in the world around you.

(4) Diligently learn and master your understanding of God’s broadest universal values written on the hearts of all men, to win trust and rapport with everyone willing to share that common ground with you.

(5) Work to redeem each adversary by blessing them with the nourishment of love and truth, leading them from the broad universal values toward the purer love and truth of Jesus Christ.

(6) Purge yourself of the motive for revenge and fight to save the people from the snare of the Devil: pacify, disarm and convert the people, knowing each conversion is really a gain of two (minus one for the enemy, plus one for the good guys)

To summarize these points as

(7) Do not use the tactics of the world, which feed and spread the culture of death, but use the tactics of Christ which feed and spread the culture of life.

Our Regimental Motto:

Destroy the Fortresses – Rescue the Captives

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Scott Lively on Rescuing Kids from Humanism

A Critical Priority for Constitutionalists of the Revolutionary Remnant Regiment must be to Stop the Enemy from Poaching Our Children and Those of Our Neighbors.

This is an appropriate time to acknowledge the priceless value of homeschooling, which I will address in a separate essay in the future.

In 2008 Anne and I returned from a year-long speaking tour through eight countries of the former Soviet Union to launch an inner-city mission in Springfield, MA called Holy Grounds Coffee House as a model for re-Christianizing post-Christian cities. After seven years we turned the mission over to local leadership and went back on the mission field on a 27 nation personal fact-finding tour to study the anti-globalist revolution.

There is much to share about each of those chapters of our missionary career, but a great success at the Holy Grounds mission deserves special emphasis today. That is the powerful ministry of daily morning outreach to the High School students of Commerce High School, three doors down from the Coffee House.

Early on we launched a daily morning Bible study and Christian discussion group at Holy Grounds that drew street people, the homeless, ex-cons, the mentally ill and people in substance abuse recovery, as well as missionary-minded Christians from the suburbs with a heart for ministering to these groups. Many lives were transformed in that program, which continues to this day.

We noticed that as we would set up each morning for the 7:30 Bible Study that hundreds of High School students would pass by on the sidewalk. So we started a separate pre-Bible Study ministry to these kids (exclusively – no one else but the teens and our team were allowed during this period) – offering them free coffee, hot chocolate, baked goods and other breakfast items – and daily prayer over them for the needs and concerns of their lives and for success in school. Before long as many as 200 kids passed through each morning, and a sizable portion of them wouldn’t leave without being prayed for by our ministry team!

We were later informed by a staff member at the school that the atmosphere at Commerce High was dramatically changed whenever these kids were around. That was all the more gratifying to hear, because Commerce was well known as the worst school in the city. And as time went on former students came back after graduating to testify to the blessing Holy Grounds had been in their lives.

A few years ago a pastor from Mozambique offered to serve at Holy Grounds just when we needed a new leader for the morning Bible Study and he led the Bible study for the next two years.

Yesterday, I received an email from Mozambique, where Pastor Brasio had returned in 2019 to launch his own version of the Holy Grounds mission. His ministry is focusing on morning outreach to school-bound students with bakery carts near the schools.

I was so excited about that development, I awoke early this morning and designed a gospel tract for his use, and wrote “A Prayer for Students” for the back panel.

It dawned on me afterward that this is precisely what we need here in the US as well, and so I offer it to you. And I want to engage you in the completion of this tract by soliciting your suggestions for scriptures that should be listed as bullet-points in the two inner panels, one titled “Scriptures for Success as Students” and “Scriptures for Avoiding the Lies of the World”

If you have graphic art skills and want to offer a suggested design, I’m soliciting those as well.

Lastly, I invite you to join me in helping to fund this mission in Africa – or in Springfield if you prefer HERE.

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Scott Lively on Self-Evident Truth

The Biblical worldview recognizes that God has written His truth on the human heart – every person everywhere shares this gift and the vast majority of the world agrees on what we call the natural law: which is simply the most obvious and self-evident truths about how we’re made and how we should live, such as the nature of family and community. Aristotle called the study of these things Teleology, and observed that every created thing has a purpose that can be discerned by its design and function. The Bible goes even deeper in Romans 1 and says the truth of God is so obvious in the created order that humans who fail to recognize Him in it have no excuse.

Rejecting God and His universal values doesn’t come from ignorance but from “suppressing the truth in unrighteousness.” Children will naturally learn and embrace these values unless they are deceived by training or trauma into believing something else.

We don’t ever really “teach” truth to anyone, we only help them to recognize the truth they already know by clearing away the accumulation of falsehoods that cover up the truth like layers of rubble obscuring a priceless archaeological treasure.

The great challenges faced by the defenders of Judeo-Christian civilization have very little to do with the fine points of Christian doctrine we focus so heavily upon, but are very much about the universal values of the natural law.

God’s truth is like a pyramid: broadest at the base and narrowing to a pinnacle of refinement achieved by diligent pursuit of attunement with His heart and mind.

Advancing God’s kingdom on this earth begins by first uniting humanity on the basics, and ensuring that society and culture rest on those foundations.

The Humanists have tricked us into agreeing that Atheistic secularism is the norm for society and left/right polarization within that framework is the way to fight for our values.

If we can break free from that trap and start thinking of our true allies as the people who share the universal values of the natural order we can build a mega-majority to reset public policy on the broadest and most stable foundation.

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Scott Lively on Christian Nationalism

Restoring America to Constitutionalism means rescuing her from slavery to Marxism. To accomplish that we must first understand our enemy and how he has enslaved us. Many of my commentaries in December addressed this need in broad terms and I will continue to share my observations and insights in ever more specific terms as this series proceeds.

The six most important points to remember are

1) the culture war has always been a war of aggression by the Marxists against Judeo-Christian civilization,

2) it is a religious war pitting Humanism against Yahweh-worship,

3) the Marxist power structure is top-down and centralized in an “elite” strata which depends upon relentless propaganda and psychological manipulation to capture and retain its vast and ever growing army of “useful idiot” foot-soldiers,

4) through their abuse of public education and information systems over the last hundred years the Marxists have duped “conservatives” into adopting an unwinnable defensive strategy on a battleground they control,

5) the most potent weapon of the elites both to undermine conservative resistance and seduce us into slavery is the sexual revolution, and

6) the most critical tactic to preventing the masses from waking up and overthrowing them is jingoism-driven hyper-polarization at the grassroots level.

The seventh and most important point is the counter-point to all of the above:

7) we are a nation created by Christian nationalists, and only through reclaiming that identity can we defeat this enemy.

Here we must be exceedingly scrupulous to define our terms precisely, because the Marxists have preemptively poisoned the well of public opinion against nationalism of any kind – precisely because it is their Achilles Heel. If we shrink from identifying as nationalists out of fear of controversy they win by default.

American Christian nationalism is constitutionalism, and constitutionalism is Christian nationalism. God blessed us with a founding generation of men of true genius and vision, and we need only to embrace and restore what they established for us, adapting its principles and policies to the modern context, and emulating their hands-on pro-active leadership.

Importantly, most conservatives think they understand constitutionalism but they don’t. The Christian nationalism of the founders does not closely align with either modern conservatism or evangelicalism. The founders generation was in many ways far more fundamentalist on New Testament doctrines than we are today, and in many other ways far more invested in Old Testament doctrines and perspectives than we are. They didn’t use the term then, but their Christian Nationalist concept of “secularism” was Judeo-Christian in its breadth, subject, in terms of practical governance, to distinctly Christian control through the then-common doctrine that active “stewardship” of the government was a Christian’s civic duty.

I will explain more fully what I mean by Judeo-Christian in a separate commentary.

For more information visit

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2020: The final culture-war battle is coming

Read the column on WND HERE

It may seem surprising that God would choose something not considered essential to the Gospel of salvation as the litmus test for faithfulness to His Word in this generation, but from Genesis to Revelation the He warns that civilization will stand or fall on the issue of homosexuality. Why? Because it represents extreme rebellion against God’s natural order at the most foundational level of human relationships.

Without the one-flesh paradigm of Genesis 1:27 and 2:24 there is no natural family, and without the naturally occurring mutual cooperation and co-dependence of natural families there is no network of self-sustaining organic communities from which civilization can naturally emerge, only dog-eat-dog self-centered individualism: the law of the jungle.

Civilization as we know it was made possible by sexual self-restraint through the institution of true marriage: lifelong, child-nurturing, heterosexual monogamy.

Satan’s strategy is to use the lure of “sexual freedom” to deceive human beings into dismantling civilization ourselves, piece by piece, in the reverse order to which God made it. The “sexual revolution” works from the branch to the trunk to the root like a life-wasting disease.

As I stated in my short-form version of this essay, “Sex is like fire – a great blessing when safely contained, a deadly curse when unleashed: the difference between a campfire and a wildfire.” Satan’s “sexual revolution” results in forests of trees as dead and dry as tinder that today are engulfed in raging forest-fires, burning civilization to ashes.

First we normalized the “sexual freedom” delusion itself — “fornication” – from the root for “furnace” meaning “to misuse the fire burning within you.” That was the purpose of Griswold v Connecticut in 1966 legalizing “contraception on demand.” Discussions on the morality of contraception aside, the true purpose of Griswold was to separate sex from procreation to establish “sexual freedom” as a universal social value.

Then we normalized adultery state by state, by removing its social stigma and legal consequences via a model statute on No Fault Divorce, released in 1967 by the Uniform Law Commission. Divorce law that punished adultery had been both an effective deterrent to infidelity and a powerful cultural affirmation of the importance of marriage. Soon, divorce reached epidemic status and remains there.

Then “abortion on demand” was established with Roe v Wade in 1973 after a tsunami of out-of-wedlock babies, conceived by legions of newly “freed” libertines, threatened to cause a backlash against the sexual revolution. The abortion industry exists to preserve the delusion that “free sex without consequences” is possible, by murdering the witnesses whose birth and childhood would disprove it. Abortion is thus the spiritual equivalent of Old Testament child sacrifice.

Roe v Wade triggered a Christian cultural revival that crested in the 1980’s “Reagan Revolution,” then slowly faded under the suppression of the Bush and Clinton dynasties.

The next major step in deconstruction occurred with Lawrence v Texas in 2003, decriminalizing sodomy, which in Biblical and classical legal terms is synonymous with homosexuality.

That made possible the complete nullification of Biblical marriage norms in Obergefell v Hodges (2015), purporting to establish a constitutional right to “gay marriage.”

This step was pivotal: the end of the social and legal consensus recognizing the phenomenon of “natural community” (woven from the fabric of natural families), as the wellspring of civilization. It was a game-changing triumph of the artificial-reality of the Marxist-driven soft-sciences over the hard science of the natural order; and of the religious dogma of Humanism over Theism. It was the death of the tree back to its trunk – the nullification in our law of Genesis 2:24 “therefore shall a man leave his family and cleave unto his wife and they shall become ‘One Flesh.’ ”

The current stage, normalizating “transgenderism,” is about formally rejecting Genesis 1:27’s precept that we are created “in his image, male and female:” our very identity as humans.

Thus, it is easy to predict that the next step will be an assault on the reality of Genesis 1:24-26, that God separated humans from animals, and animals from each other, as distinct “kinds.”

That is the emerging final battle of the culture war, over “transhumanism,” in which the sciences of genetics, robotics and artificial intelligence are intertwined to create the technology to blend humans with animals and machines.

Transhumanism is Satan’s sledgehammer to destroy the final foundation stone of the natural world, and achieve his goal, begun in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, to persuade humanity to become our own gods.

And indeed, what is transhumanism but humans taking the role of God into their own hands – creating “superior” forms of ourselves – essentially “eating from the Tree of Life,” which God closed Eden to prevent from happening: Genesis 3:22-24.

All of this was made possible only through the theology of Humanism, the religion of Marxism, which I believe is the religion of the Antichrist.

It is Humanism, not Christianity, that is reflected in the 2019 moral retreat of Josh Harris, Chic-Fil-A and Hallmark, and in the sudden embrace of “social justice” by prominent church leaders.

In 2013 I predicted all this would occur.

My prediction today is that this “great falling away” will speed up and intensify in 2020, but that a larger part of the Bible-faithful remnant will rise up in response like we haven’t seen since the Reagan Revolution.

I’m forming my own Revolutionary Remnant Regiment for 2020, just email me at [email protected] if you’d like to enlist.

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Scott Lively Forms a ‘Revolutionary Remnant Regiment’

That’s [email protected]

Recently I renounced conservatism in favor of constitutionalism as an assertion of political self-identification. The goal of conservatism is to slow the progressive agenda. The goal of constitutionalism is to totally roll back the progressive agenda through the pursuit of our own agenda which was set by the Founders: to make America a Shining City on a Hill consistent with their pro-active Biblical worldview.

My first act as a constitutionalist was to expose the false choices of Conservative vs Progressive, Capitalist vs Socialist and Left vs Right because these all define a debate framework created by the Marxist elite to advance their agenda and keep the masses neutralized through polarization.

We must think “outside the box” because that box is actually a trap built by the elites to control us.

The next step, therefore, is to establish a new framework and nomenclature of our own, and strategies and tactics for enacting our agenda.

To that end I am forming a Revolutionary Remnant Regiment.

Revolutionary in the sense that we reject the defensive conservative model in which we react to each new initiative of the Marxists and instead set our own policy objectives that reflect our vision for the future. And revolutionary in the manner in which we operate and the philosophy we hold about political alliances and the essentials of a healthy public consensus.

Remnant in the sense that only Yahweh-worshipers whose worldview is defined by Holy Scripture can grasp the true vision of the Founders. It is group with wide theological parameters as implied by the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence, that can roughly be summarized as “adherents of Creationist Natural Law presuppositions as reflected in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, capable of distinguishing church from state as separately sovereign ‘coadjuvants’ in a Christian-stewarded “secular” society as the term was understood by the Founders.”

Regiment in the sense that there must be an order to the campaign for restoration of liberty, an order that was best represented during the Revolutionary War by the Black Robed Regiment of Christian clergy who led militias of the continental army. As a long-time member of that regiment philosophically, and by the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit, I am forming my own “militia” whose weapons of warfare “are not physical, but are mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God” 2 Corinthians 10:4-5.

I will expand on each of these revolutionary concepts in future essays.

In the meantime, send me an email at [email protected] if you want to enlist.

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Top 10 Pro-Family Heroes of 2019

The pro-family movement was slow to emerge in response to the Marxists’ “sexual revolution” strategy for dismantling Judeo-Christian civilization that was launched just after WWII. It began to coalesce during the national pro-life backlash to Roe v Wade in 1973, and had it’s first taste of cultural-street fighting specific to LGBT issues in the brutal Anita Bryant media takedown following her successful campaign to repeal a “sexual orientation” anti-discrimination ordinance in Dade County Florida in 1977.

Mrs. Bryant (we were still allowed to use “Mrs” as a prefix for prominent women then) was the first national symbol of pro-family activism, and thus the first victim of the Marxist smear-machine to be publicly vilified as a social pariah for opposing so-called “gay rights.”

During the Reagan Revolution of the 1980s the pro-family movement became a major political and cultural force, perhaps best represented by the 1986 Supreme Court ruling in Bowers v Hardwick, recognizing the right of states to regulate all sexual conduct (but especially homosexual sodomy) in the public interest. JFK appointee Justice Byron White wrote the majority opinion. Justice Harry Blackmun of Roe v Wade infamy wrote the dissent.

The power of the pro-family movement peaked in the mid-1990s and began to swiftly decline after the irresistible force of Christian constitutionalists met the immovable object of Marxist constitutional revisionism – in the form of Romer v Evans (1996), the first of four majority opinions written by Justice Anthony Kennedy establishing “gay” cultural supremacy in America.

Kennedy’s nomination to the high court had been forced on Ronald Reagan, after the same leftist power-block that destroyed Anita Bryant did the same to Reagan’s first choice, Robert Bork.

In Romer v Evans Kennedy taught the leftist bullies to frame all conservative messaging on LGBT issues as “hate” to render any laws based on conservative values invalid on their face as outside the scope of legitimate legislative authority. That turned the national battlefield over sexual health and morality in public policy into an anti-conservative “killing field” where virtually no-one who stands for traditional Biblical values can survive, since the presumed motive of “hate” by conservatives is deemed so threatening as to justify virtually any act of “self-defense” by leftists: what I call “the Antifa Sanction” and my friend and co-author Kevin Abrams calls the “Victim/Plunder Strategy.”

That’s why so few conservatives stand up to the hard left on LGBT issues and why those who do are true heroes. Here’s my top ten list of them, which I encourage you to use as a guide in your year-end giving. Apologies to other heroes not listed here, but the Lord put these on my heart.

  1. Mat Staver and Horatio Mihet of Liberty Counsel
  2. Brian Camenker of MassResistance
  3. Pastor Stephen Broden and Pastor Paul Blair of
  4. David Kupelian of WorldNetDaily
  5. Ex-Gay Spokesman Steven Black of First Stone Ministries
  6. Dr. Michael Brown of The Line of Fire radio show
  7. Bryan Fisher of American Family Association Radio
  8. Pastor Greg Young of Chosen Generation Radio
  9. Peter LaBarbera of AFTAH
  10. Scott Lively Ministries or via WePay
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Scott Lively Introduces The Trojan Mouse

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My son Samuel has written his first book, titled The Trojan Mouse: How Disney is Winning the Culture War. You can easily find it online, but I’m hoping you’ll get it from me as a premium for subscribing to my ministry.

If anyone in your extended family or social circle watches Disney films this is a great resource for spotting and neutralizing the subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle leftist messaging in the films which are designed to engineer incremental social change through steering the hearts and minds of children.

Sam is a phenomenal film critic and historian, and he’s done a masterful job of detailing the history of the Walt Disney company through several distinct phases, and identifying the specific leftist narratives in the enormous Disney catalogue of films – every one of which he watched and analyzed in his research for The Trojan Mouse.

Sam needs help raising awareness about the book. You can contact him through me at [email protected]

Sam’s ministry from his early teen years has always been to have a Christian influence on Hollywood and the film industry. We saw this early on because Anne and I home-schooled our children – which frankly was the best decision we ever made as parents. We not only prevented Sam and his older brother Noah from being indoctrinated in Humanism in public schools, we had the chance to identify their natural talents and interests and actively facilitate their growth and learning along the tracks God had established in them.

As the boys were becoming more aware of the things of the world in their pre-teen years, Anne and I grew increasingly angry at the “gotcha” strategy of TV broadcasters who ran crude and obscene advertisements during otherwise family-friendly programming. There was no way to guard against it, so we shut off the TV for good and switched our family entertainment plan to classic films. Five years later, Sam was a full-fledged, home-grown teenage classic film historian who could watch 30 seconds of just about any classic film and tell you the year, plot, cast and director, and had his sights set on a career in film.

In his late teens we were living briefly in Lake Elsinore, CA. One evening Sam called for help because his car had broken down on the I-15 coming home from church youth group in Corona. When I got there, a man had already stopped to help, and I was so grateful I immediately gave him my law office business card and told him to call me if he ever needed help.

“A Christian lawyer?” he said, “I’m a Hollywood stunt coordinator and I’ve always wanted to have a ministry to help young people have an impact on Hollywood.” A true story of God’s Providence! His name was Randall Huber and I set up a nonprofit corporation for him called The Star Above, and last I knew he was doing ‘USO” style entertainment for relief workers of Hurricane Katrina.

He got Sam an internship with a film company at Universal Studios. That springboarded into a script-writing Master’s Degree at Cal State Fullerton, where his professor liked him so much he sponsored him to teach film there immediately after graduation.

Publishing The Trojan Mouse is the next major step in Sam career, and I ask you to help him continue aong that path by buying his book and promoting it to your friends.

However, if you make a donation of $20 or more to my ministry via, I’ll send you a free signed copy of The Trojan Mouse and add you to my postal-mail newsletter The Lively Letter, which is how we fund our missionary lifestyle.

That’s all for now. God bless you, and see you next time.

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Scott Lively on Sexual Anarchy

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Civilization as we know it was made possible by sexual self-restraint through the institution of marriage. Sex is like fire – a great blessing when safely contained, a deadly curse when unleashed: the difference between a campfire and a wildfire. Indeed, the word “fornication,” from the root for “furnace” means “to misuse the fire burning within you.”

The natural order of sexuality is taught by God as a set of moral laws backed by cautionary tales.

He first established the model to follow in Genesis 1:27 and 2:24, the “One Flesh” Paradigm: we’re made in His image as male and female for lifelong monogamy at the initiation of the male.

He then tells a series of Bible stories showing the consequences of deviating from the model:

• the story of Abraham’s polygamy that produced the anti-Hebrew nation of Ishmael;
• the story of Sodom and Gomorrah;
• the story of Lot’s incest with his daughters from which came the anti-Hebrew nations of Ammon and Moab;
• the story of Balaam’s weaponization of Moabite sexual rebellion as a strategy to weaken the Isralite society from within; and
• the consistent Old Testament narrative theme identifying adultery as synonymous with idolatry, best recognized in the story of Hosea and Gomer.

Leviticus 18 lists these plus the derivative sin of child sacrifice as the reason God tasked the Hebrews to purge the Canaanites from the Holy Land.

I learned this from Rabbi Samuel Dresner who, incapacitated by cancer, hired me in the late 1990s to complete his unfinished book on the subject.

The systematic deconstruction of Judeo-Christian America in law and culture follows a satanic strategy, using these sins to unravel the social fabric in the reverse order to which God made it. Follow the sequence:

Fornication (sex before marriage): Griswold v Connecticut (1966), legalizing “contraception on demand.”

Adultery: via state-by state adoption of the No-Fault Divorce model statute created in 1967 by the Uniform Law Commission.

Child Sacrifice: Roe v Wade (1973), legalizing “abortion on demand.”

[Long Pause due to pro-life backlash and Reagan Revolution of Christian conservatives]

Sodomy: Lawrence v Texas (2003).

Nullification of Biblical Marriage Norms: Obergefell v Hodges (2015), purporting to establish a constitutional right to “gay marriage.”

Transgenderism: the current stage, attempting to nullifying Genesis 1:27 as a legal and cultural norm.

Transhumanism: the emerging next stage in which the sciences of genetics, robotics and artificial intelligence combine to blend humans with animals and machines, nullifying Genesis 1:24-26.

I’ll continue this analysis in my World Net Daily column of December 31st so please look for that next Tuesday.

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Pelosi and the A-Team of Evil

The real reason Nancy is slow-walking the fake impeachment

A few weeks ago I stated in my WND column The Democrat Crime Scene Called Ukraine, that the Russian collusion strategy was always about covering up what the Dems A-Team of Evil — the Clinton/Obama/Biden/Soros crime family – did in Ukraine.

They knew from election night 2016 that their crimes would not stay hidden without Hillary in the Oval Office, so their legal defense strategy was to go immediately on the attack. Remember that the Dem elites and their deep state assets aren’t just cold-blooded politicians, they’re cunning lawyers, professional war-gamers, and regime-change super-stars.

The “Russian collusion” narrative was an extortion tactic to pre-taint any Trump investigation into Ukraine as evidence of collusion and force him to drop the case. They picked the wrong guy!

When Mueller’s efforts failed and the Trump team began to expose facts about Ukraine in the build-up to prosecution, the Dems fell back to impeachment, trying to spin Trump’s Ukraine investigation itself as a crime, and the emerging truth as a Trump conspiracy theory concocted as his legal defense to his alleged “extortion efforts.”

But as masterful as their A-Team is, Trump has outmaneuvered them.

People wonder how the Dems (even the Dems) could persist in an impeachment process so embarrassingly baseless and unethical. It’s because they have no choice. They are utterly desperate. All of their collective power and aspirations stand at risk if what their party leaders did in Ukraine is prosecuted in open court!

Now it is clear that the prosecution will proceed, so what’s left in their arsenal? It’s civil war or worse, and, considering that Ahab and Jezebel Clinton are leading the team, I assume all options are open, with civil war being most likely.

What is the key to triggering civil war? It is hyper-polarization even beyond what we’ve yet seen.

Who has the power of hyper-polarization? The Trump-hating corporate media, including now Christianity Today (whose shocking Christmas-time sabotage suggests Dem collusion).

Why then is Pelosi slow-walking the impeachment process? My guess is she was told to delay the start of the acquittal phase to time a riveting false flag incident – a bloody showdown in Virginia over gun rights, perhaps? – during the holiday season when the power of media-driven spin and propaganda can be maximized.

Call me a conspiracy nut, but they really are the A-Team of Evil and they’re cornered. Just do the math.

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Scott Lively Gives His Christian Testimony

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This is the first of a series of autobiographical videos and essays that will be published on the page titled A Lively Life

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Scott Lively on Tribalism

Today’s Video. Please view, like, comment and subscribe.

Tribalism is an unnecessarily derogatory term for the normal human tendency to form affinity groups. Most tribalism is healthy and benign. What makes tribalism unhealthy is polarization into opposing camps of “Us” vs “Them” in which honest objectivity about ourselves and our opponents gives way to “jingoism:” meaning we lionize our side and demonize the other to a dangerous extreme. Jingoism was coined to describe patriotic fanaticism in wartime, but is most commonly seen in American politics.

The elites have perfected polarization as a tactic for neutralizing the masses, and that phenomenon of orchestrated jingoism-driven polarization is what we see on display today, not organic tribalism. As Jesus said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand” and thus we are being driven deliberately toward civil war to defeat our stand against globalism.

The elites of the British Empire perfected the divide and conquer technique in geo-politics following World War I, carving up the conquered people into new nation-states to dilute the cultural cohesion of the populations, especially in Europe and the Middle east. Reuniting the “German-speaking people” whom the British had split apart to weaken them politically was the issue that propelled Adolf Hitler to power during the Weimar era leading to World War II.

After WWII, and the stunning advance of mass communication technology, it became easier to manipulate the public, and the Socialist elites who had fled Europe to the United States in the 1930s recognized this was the key to reshaping the world in their image. They quickly infiltrated Hollywood and the media but pushed too hard too fast, triggering a legitimate back-lash in the 1950s that they still mock today as the “Red Scare” as if it was all a baseless conspiracy theory.

By the 1960s they had refined their skills and the rest is history – specifically the history of the culture war that we Constitutionalists have been losing steadily for seventy years as mass-media driven leftist “narratives” supplanted self-evident truths in the public mind.

The elites are a relatively small group of people who are united in the Marxist theology of Humanism (notwithstanding nominal religious affiliations) and in the agenda of globalism. The measure of their success is the percentage of non-elite Dupes they convince to align with them.

What they fear most is unification of we Constitutionalists and our rescue of the Dupes, so keeping is polarized is essential

How polarization works as a neutralizer is best shown in their response to the Tea Party movement, which arose spontaneously in 2009 against Obama’s Marxist agenda.

To counter the Tea Party, the elites did two things. First, they created a polar opposite called Occupy Wall Street and deployed their standing army of street activists Dupes to make it newsworthy. That was to shift the Tea Partiers focus away from the elites toward a visible and familiar adversary. Second, they tasked the Republican establishment to absorb the Tea Party into the GOP and diffuse it. Viola, the Tea Party was neutered.

However, being a true ground-up revolution it continued to spread and grow across the world – fanned by the hubris of Obama, who thought he could force the global socialist order into reality during his presidency. He turned up the heat too fast and the sleeping populist frog woke up and jumped out of the pot. That in turn triggered Brexit in the elites’ stronghold of London, and Donald Trump in the elites’ stronghold of New York. And because of those two victories, there is real hope for defeating globalism.

Now back to the problem of forced tribalism in the United States. Although it can work in our favor in the short term, while the “Us” is a partnership of Constitutionalists and Conservative Populists, and the “Them” is the Purple Uniparty of the Clintons/Bushes/Obama/Biden and Soros, we’re headed for civil war unless – after we re-elect President Trump – we transition from war-time tribalism to the peacetime reconstruction.

Here is where the unparalleled wisdom of Christ comes in. He is the one told us that we must love our enemies, and inspired Paul to advise us that “inasmuch as it is within your power, live at peace with all men.”

Today we’re fighting a defensive war with the hard left who are vicious aggressors working to overthrow our president and constitution and install a Marxist regime. It’s not possible to live at peace with these opponents now. We must defeat them!

But after we reelect President Trump, as I am certain will occur, we will have the power and opportunity to reconstruct America in the same way that the God-fearing Greatest Generation reconstructed Germany and Japan after WWII.

Our war-time jingoism – in which all our adversaries have one group identity – must give way to what Chuck Colson called “restorative justice” in which our goal is to identity and rehabilitate those individuals whose minds and hearts are reclaimable, while stripping power from those who are not.

Yes, the main culprits behind the anti-Trump coup must be prosecuted and jailed. Yes, the deep state must be purged like cancer from our government. Yes, the Marxists must be gently but firmly removed from all the institutional seats of power and influence, starting with our public schools and universities. But we must never allow tribalism and jingoism to make us behave like our adversaries who cannot see the humanity in each person. We must have sympathy for the Dupes whose primary fault is believing the leftist propaganda their lives have been steeped in since childhood.

What then must our post-war agenda be? It must be the reimposition of the rule of law and ethics, and a return to the “melting pot” mind-set in which all tribes and cultures within our borders are one American family – all subject to the values and vision of Constitutionalism.

So by all means let’s make the best of this forced tribalism until we win, then let’s get back to showing the world what true American greatness really looks like.

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True Freedom in Christ

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Therefore, if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed” John 8:36.

Freedom in Christ extends far beyond the fundamental truth usually discussed in sermons: our life-saving liberation from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:2), which occurs the instant we accept the free gift of salvation in Him.

His freedom extends even beyond liberation from addictions and other behavioral disorders. He freed me from sixteen years of bondage to drugs and alcohol in 1986 – at the precise moment I surrendered my life to him on my knees in a secular rehab center.

Importantly, our Messiah also liberates us from obligation to human-created customs, traditions, rituals and other expectations of men, which are even stronger chains than physical or psychological addictions.

It was precisely the human tendency to bind ourselves by man-made rules that the Pharisees exemplified and that Jesus rebuked more forcefully than any other human sin. In His preamble to the seven counts in His legal indictment of the House of Judah in Matthew 23, called the “Seven Woes,” he explained:

The scribes and Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. So practice and observe everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach. They tie up heavy, burdensome loads and lay them on men’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them….But you are not to be called ‘Rabbi,’ for you have one Teacher, and you are all brothers. And do not call anyone on earth your father, for you have one Father, who is in heaven. Nor are you to be called instructors, for you have one Instructor, the Christ.”

This exhortation from the lips of God Himself is the theological foundation-stone of individual sovereignty which makes the rule of law through Constitutionalism possible.

But it also explains why all Bible-based religions and denominations have strayed from the Biblical Worldview (to varying degrees), in that so very much of what we Yahweh-worshipers do and think about serving and following God is based on human interpretations of the Bible and not the Bible itself.

Total liberation lets us follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in anything that is truly from God, regardless of what anyone else thinks about it. The more our minds are conformed to the Biblical Worldview the easier it is to exercise and enjoy the fullness of that freedom.

I have reorganized my life around this profound truth and I encourage you do so as well.

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Refuting “Gay Theology”

Download and distribute this simple flyer to refute “gay theology”

From Chic-Fil-A to Hallmark to the Southern Baptist Convention to Josh Harris’ public recanting of Christian faith, there is ample evidence to suggest that the “Great Falling Away” has begin — and, of course, it is all the bitter fruit of “gay theology.” As prophesied, homosexuality is the last-days litmus test for Biblical faithfulness vs surrender to the world. That is the theme of my book, The Petros Prophecy, which I offer freely in PDF HERE Please use this book and flyer as tools to strengthen and encourage the faithful remnant and to reprove and exhort those who are wavering in their faith.

Download The Petros Prophecy HERE
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Scott Lively Explains Constitutionalism

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As part of my law program I minored in human rights and in 1997 earned a Certificate’ in that field at the University of Strasbourg, France.

The history of human rights in Western Civilization is the history of Constitutionalism and of the Common Law. They all begin at Runnymede, England in 1215 with the Magna Carta, a set of restrictions on the power of the British monarchy. The Magna Carta was the first constitution in the western world, and the origin of the rule of law in place of rule by monarchs.

Importantly, Rule #1of the Magna Carta was “The English church shall be free.” Not accidentally, our First Amendment to the United States Constitution also begins “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

Constitutionalism eventually became a full-fledged Bible-based political ideology in England.

In 1620, America’s first constitution took the form of a coventental oath by British separatists. Their “Mayflower Compact” was adopted in part “to advance the Christian faith,” and the goal of their government was soon afterward envisioned as the “Shining City on a Hill” of Matthew 5.

Constitutionalism was fleshed out in Thomas Hobbs’ Leviathan (1651), and elegantly refined by John Locke in Two Treatises of Government (1690).

Locke’s first treatise rebutted Sir Robert Filmer’s defense of the “Divine Right of Kings,” in which Filmer argued that God intended humanity always to be subject to one divinely appointed king in an unbroken line of succession from Adam. Locke countered Filmer’s argument with a point by point explication of the Biblical concepts of individual freedom and equality originating in our creation as individual sovereign beings under His rule.

Locke’s second treatise applied those principles to the social contract theory of government, essentially creating what would become the core of American political philosophy as summarized in the Declaration of Independence.

In the 1700s, a heavy political battle in England between constitutionalist Whigs and the pro-royalist Tories spilled over to the American colonies, essentially setting the stage for the American Revolution, which operated in a sense as their proxy war — of which Americans were the biggest winners.

To be a constitutionalist is thus to align with the Founders love for the Bible-based rule of law, and to diligently pursue their vision to make and preserve America as a Shining City on a Hill.

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Henceforth I am a Constitutionalist, Not a Conservative

Today’s Video is Scott Lively Adopts the Constitutionalist Label

Dr. Lively talks about adopting the name “Constitutionalist” as an alternative to “Conservative” (hat tip to Cherie Z,) and pledges to do so consistently in the future and to encourage others to do the same. He reads his short essay on the subject during this free form video — asking people to weigh in on whether they prefer this style to the teleprompter style of scripted commentaries. During filming his granddaughters Camille and Sophie (and Mom Kelly –Sam’s wife) came out to the campfire and were introduced.

As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but it’s not the intention that condemns you, it’s thinking you can produce any good by turning away from God and toward Hell in the pursuit of your goal. The poster boy for that truism is Karl Marx.

His good intention was to help the poor by getting the super-rich to share their wealth. The impulse was as noble as the excesses of the European monarchies were obscene, and the plight of the poor was heartbreaking.

His fatal error was rejecting the effectual guidance of the Bible in favor of his own godless system of state confiscation and forced redistribution of private property. That hell-bound ideology has produced more death and misery than any other human invention.

But does Marxism’s evil negate Marx’s original good intention or justify the defense of the super-rich who greedily hoard their vast wealth for themselves?

Remember, there are more than two choices, here. We can reject the false choice of capitalism vs socialism and follow the Biblical model instead, where good intentions are always fulfilled by following Jesus Christ. He set the example of charity and laid out clear ethical guidelines for shaping our actions and character to be more like Him.

Yesterday, a man characterized my approval of Marx’s good intention as “Communism,” making the common mistake of equating criticism of selfish hoarding with rejection of private property rights. The Marxists equate those ideas to recruit Socialist foot-soldiers. The predatory corporatists and greedy super-rich equate those ideas to recruit unthinking serfs to defend their castles.

But Biblically “woke” Christians recognize that God gives us both private property rights AND the ethical duty to voluntarily bless others with what we have.

The more we blindly polarize as Socialists vs Capitalists, aligning with either the armies of “social justice” zealots or the oligarchy of the super-rich, the faster they drive our constitutional republic down the road to hell.

Motivated by the Biblical worldview, America’s Founders envisioned a nation that furthered the advance of “civilization” by pursuing God’s goodness in public policy. They set our path toward that Shining City on a Hill. If we break free from the enfeebling Marxist nomenclature of “capitalists” and “conservatives” and start thinking and acting like Constitutionalists, we can take back the steering wheel, pull a U-turn, and get back to pursuing the Founders’ inspiring vision.

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The False Choice of Socialism vs Capitalism

Still learning how to use his teleprompter, Dr. Lively creates a video version of this essay

This essay builds upon my recent WND column which addressed the false choice of “progressive” vs “conservative” political affiliation, and exposed it as a tactic of psychological-manipulation-through-rhetoric by the Marxists, designed to trap the people of God into a “tide of history” mind-set, in order to neutralize our resistance to their campaign to replace Judeo-Christian civilization with a “Socialist Utopia.”

The best way to break free from a trap is to know how it was constructed, so today’s column delves deeper into political history.

The origins of left/right progressive/conservative polarization come from France during its revolutionary period that started in the 1790s. The French Revolution, like the American Revolution, was ultimately a war by the “lower classes” against the top-down rulership of European monarchies.

Crying “No King but Jesus,” the children of the First Great Awakening (1740s) in America (many of them Christian clergy of the “Black Robed Regiment” ) won that war in 1776, creating the world’s first, best and longest lasting constitutional republic: a non-sectarian Bible-based model embraced by theists and deists alike that ended both rule by Monarchy and formal class distinctions.

The French, however, associated Christianity with the corrupt Roman Catholic system then undergirding the French monarchy and thus rejected the Judeo-Christian framework of the American model. Instead, they invented a new humanistic state religion that blended paganism and occultism with deism, allowing them to justify a demonic orgy of mass murder of aristocrats, clergymen, and others, called the Reign of Terror.

The French Republic which emerged from the revolution was forced back under Catholicism by Napoleon and pursued a pre-Marxist proto-socialist agenda (which Pope Francis would probably have loved). That ended with the “June Insurrection” of 1848 in which ten thousand unemployed workers were slaughtered by the government for protesting a subsistence-level “welfare” program.

Two facts from that period are critical:

First, the Communist Manifesto (1848) by Karl Marx and Frederick Engles was translated to French and published in Paris a few weeks before the June Insurrection.

Second, the French parliament in 1848 was a political battlefield pitting the “Party of Movement” (progenitors of the progressives) against the “Party of Order” (the pro-Royalist “conservatives”). The Party of Movement sat on the left and the Party of Order sat on the right in their assembly hall.

So the framework for the Marxist “tide of history” narrative in which they play the “progressive” heroes fighting for freedom and liberty for the oppressed, and we’re the “conservatives” defending the status quo of privilege for the rich and powerful, embodies the spirit and perspective of the French Revolution, not the American Revolution.

What is the primary difference between the two revolutions that produced such stunningly different results? Allegiance to the God of the Bible!

Americans overwhelmingly prospered by aligning ourselves to God in our constitution and culture until 1947 when our Supreme Court replaced the Bible with Secular Humanism (the religion of Marxism) as our religious foundation. Since then our freedoms and culture have been smothered by ever creeping (sometimes leaping) Socialism.
Now, just as identifying as “conservatives” ensnares us in the Marxist trap of being “foot-dragging defenders of the status quo” instead of proactive visionaries of a God-honoring “Shining City on a Hill,” so does our blind and unqualified defense of “capitalism” (as the term is used today) ensnare us in the role of shielding the globalist super-rich from scrutiny and accountability.

Socialism vs Capitalism is a self-defeating false choice for “conservatives” because it frames the public policy debate in Humanist terms. Both Socialism and Capitalism reflect Darwinist premises: Socialism emphasizes human-driven evolution toward utopian perfection (measured by the advance of egalitarianism), while pure Capitalism emphasizes hands-off economic “survival of the fittest” as the alternate path toward the same goal (measured by technological advancement). Both reject the notion of God’s active guidance of humanity in favor of the Humanist doctrine of human-self-perfectibility.

Both Socialism and Capitalism contain enough elements of the Biblical worldview to lure well-intentioned members of the religious left and religious right into fighting about their respective merits and shortcomings. Thus, once again the Humanist elites use the tactic of polarization to divide and conquer the masses by getting us to believe that predatory corporatism and governmental socialism are our only choices: always keeping public policy debate focused on the fight between the two camps (both of which they control at the top level). It’s just another version of the Dem Blue Team vs GOP Red Team tactic of the Purple Uniparty that we fall for every election cycle.

In contrast, the Biblical model of economics assumes all wealth is God’s and the duty of every human being is ethical stewardship of whatever portion He puts in our hands, to maximize the blessing for all. And the Biblical legal principles for preventing multi-generational hoarding by self-serving family dynasties are limitations on usury and the cyclical Jubilee system of debt-liberation.

Shamefully, we modern Christians are so Biblically illiterate that most of us can’t even grasp how Biblical economics works, let alone articulate its fundamentals as an alternative to the Socialist/Capitalist paradigm. Indeed, we are so heavily steeped in the Marxists’ corrupt logic that even we Christians will fall immediately into squabbling about “forced redistribution of wealth through taxation” vs “the duty of society to care for the poor and needy” as if those are the only options.

We would never have been engulfed in this swamp of false choices had we not first surrendered the culture to “secularism,” which is just the religion of Humanism by another name. To reclaim America we must stop letting the Humanists define reality for us by submitting to their false logical presuppositions, and instead openly and unapologetically champion Biblical wisdom as the solution to social and fiscal problems. Truth will prevail only if those who know the truth resume our duty to defend and teach it.

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Scott Lively on Christmas Mythology

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As a cultural tradition Christmas is a great holiday, but as a representation of Christianity to the world it teaches more mythology than it does Bible truth and I’m not just talking about Santa Claus.

I don’t want to “spoil Christmas” for the believers who love the Christmas mythology we’ve grown up with, but let me remind everyone that God’s reality is ALWAYS far more satisfying, edifying and “magical” than any human-created alternatives. And the parts of a story that misrepresent facts cannot be from God, because “it is impossible for God to lie” (Hebrews 6:18).

Let’s start with unpacking the word “magical” by talking about the “Magi from the East.” In the cartoonish version we’ve grown used to, the Magi are like Disney’s fairy godmother, popping in with a few gifts for the newborn Jesus to highlight his royalty, then disappearing. Their actual identity and significance is glossed over, despite tantalizing clues from Bible history that highlight a mystery far more captivating than Hollywood could invent. The scriptural facts even explain why Mickey Mouse’s peaked hat in The Sorcerers Apprentice is adorned with stars and planets.

Then there’s the false depiction of Jesus as a newborn when the Magi arrived, when the Bible clearly reports that he was a toddler. Consider the fascinating implications of the actual communication possible between a two-year old Jesus and those who came to honor and adore Him. Every parent and grandparent knows how very different it is to spend time with a toddler than with a newborn. Think how different Christmas would be if we talked about Jesus as a real boy and not a baby doll.

OK, so maybe conflating events in Nativity Scenes can be excused as artistic license, but not unless our telling of the fuller Christmas story corrects the error, which it usually doesn’t.

Then there’s December 25th. Was Jesus actually born then, and if not, when, and why pretend?

There are more questions to be asked but my point is that people with a true Biblical worldview don’t settle for faith-weakening mythology because the true facts of the Bible are far more interesting – and faith building!

And it’s our willingness to accept and perpetuate mythology over Bible truth that has ridiculously morphed into the Santa Clause narrative we’re now stuck defending as symbolic of our faith.

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