Scott Lively Explains WHY Trump Lost the Election

Yes, unprecedented election fraud was HOW the Uniparty stole the presidency, but the bigger question is WHY God allowed it to happen.

The Real Reason Trump Lost the Election

Before the Trump presidency, the hard-working patriotic common people of America who make up the bulk of the Trump base – the “silent majority” – were not generally politically-oriented. They pretty much minded their own business and adapted to the seasons of change in our society and culture without necessarily agreeing with it all. Things that didn’t affect them personally they ignored, and the rest they resisted quietly, inside their trusted social circles and family networks, limiting their push-back to grumbling complaints or anonymous warfare in the comments section of Internet media sites.

As those cultural changes racheted farther and farther leftward into the realm of lunacy the common people grew increasing uncomfortable, until, under Obama, their discontent took a more overt political turn in the Tea Party movement. But, being political novices, they were easily manipulated by the Republican Establishment which used its skills and resources to entice them into its party machinery where they were easily diffused and neutralized as a political threat. Yet, being experts at “ostensible compliance” while silently dissenting, their movement languished but did not die. Like a smouldering forest fire starved for oxygen, it roared back to life bigger than ever when the Trump campaign came sweeping over the political landscape like hurricane. The rest is history.

The greatest weakness of the Trump base, and of Trump himself – the real reason why we lost the election – is the continuing unnatural and self-deluding separation of “bread and butter” fiscal issues from “not my business” social issues. Trump tried to rectify this problem but was only partially successful because he followed the example of the corrupt Republicans who have always used the pro-life issue as a panacea to the working-class Christian right, while simultaneously pandering to the big-spending “gays.” Trump was vastly better for the pro-life cause, which he actually championed, than the continually head-faking Republicans, but in pretending that being more zealously pro-life could substitute for being pro-family in the broader, more fundamental meaning of the term, he undermined his own cause and lost the favor of God.

Trump – and his base – lost the election because we did not fight the dragon at center of the Marxist agenda, but allowed that snake inside our own camp: homosexual perversion. On this score, billionaire Trump’s family had been undermined by the same Cultural Marxist social-engineering that infiltrated every poor and middle class home in America since the 1960s. His own daughter Ivanka was seduced by the allure of “Queer Theory” pop-culture propaganda in all of its insidious forms, becoming (apparently) the Eve in the garden of Trump’s own family, convincing him to eat the apple of pro-“gay” political correctness.

Despite being a self-avowed Orthodox Jew, Ivanka persuaded her father to openly defy God’s unequivocal command in Leviticus 18:22 calling male homosexuality “toeva” (abomination) the harshest form of condemnation in Scripture, and expressly warning in verses 26-28 “you must not commit any of these abominations—neither your native-born nor the foreigner who lives among you. For the men who were in the land before you committed all these abominations, and the land has become defiled. So if you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it spewed out the nations before you.”

If God had wanted Donald Trump to remain in the presidency, nothing in heaven or earth could have dislodged him. Instead, just as first Israel and then Judah were expelled from the Holy Land by wicked conquerors for ignoring Leviticus 18, God allowed Donald Trump to be expelled from the White House by obviously corrupt and senile Joe Biden and his sneering Jezebel side-kick, riding a tidal wave of insultingly blatant election fraud.

Now, I’m not rejecting Donald Trump as a political leader as a result of this assessment. Despite his flaws he remains the single most potent human force for constitutionalism in America and I no longer subscribe to the Evangelical requirement of moral perfection in political leaders. Most importantly, I still believe Trump was God’s man in the White House during his term and that God is not done with him any more than he’s done maturing and shaping the rest of us to be more like Jesus Christ.

However, to regain God’s favor, Trump must repent of his defiance of God, and toward that end I offer the following facts that he, and his well-intentioned but deceived daughter/advisor, should consider.

Trump’s worst enemies are either homosexuals or their closest political surrogates. Obama is almost certainly a homosexual. Hillary, whom many believe is a lesbian, landed her hardest punch against Trump and his base – the “Deplorables Speech” – at a massive LGBT fundraising event.

The Lincoln Project, the most effective anti-Trump effort in 2020 represents the homosexual core of the GOP establishment, co-founded by its most noxious agent Steve Schmidt – who followed his senior advisor role for uber-Rino John McCain (and “strategic communications” manager for George Bush’s installment of John Roberts to SCOTUS) pushing “gay marriage” in the GOP for the ACLU. Co-founders Ron Steslow and Mike Madrid are both open homosexuals. Co-founder Rick Wilson, lobbied the Supreme Court in favor of “gay marriage” (and is now bent on destroying Ted Cruz).

The token woman in the group Jennifer Horn, was a board member of the openly homosexual Log Cabin Republicans (likely the source of the “Lincoln Project” name).

The token “happily married man with children,” co-founder John Weaver, recently resigned in shame after a sex scandal involving young men.

More important is the fact that “Queer Theory” which insists – militantly — that DNA-based binary male/female gender is actually fluid and changeable (and not binary), while feelings-based and self-assessed “sexual orientation” is fixed and unchangeable, has always been the central core of progressivism – more foundational even than the “Critical Race Theory” of BLM (founded by a pair of Marxist lesbians). And anyone who claims to be “conservative” while normalizing false LGBT theories by claiming to be innately and proudly “gay,” (instead of telling people to mind their own business on all sexual privacy issues) is an intentional or self-deceived Trojan Horse for sexual anarchy, the most socially destructive force in human civilization.

My advice to President Trump is to first apologize to God for defying His command and then, at minimum, pivot to a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” philosophy, the only workable compromise between the secular society and the MAGA millions who rightfully insist that Christian family values and traditions MUST be protected for the survival of not just our nation, but humanity.

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Swamp Rangers | 01-24-2021 | The Real Reason Trump Lost

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Swamp Rangers | 01-17-2021

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The Lively Plan for Reclaiming the Republic

Dr. Lively lays out a simple 4-year plan for the MAGA Movement to both take over the GOP and take back the country from the Dems.

How We Take America Back

I went to bed last night planning to write this article, and, as I sipped my first coffee of the morning read David Kupelian’s superb summary of the cultural, political and spiritual state we’re in. David is one of the last genuine journalists in America and one of the few writers I envy both for his analytical and writing skills and his productivity. He has again “nailed it” and shown why WND deserves the strongest level of support the constitutionalist remnant in America is capable of providing. We’ll need to zealously protect our supply lines of truthful news coverage and commentary through the emerging season of Maoist “cleansing” and “reeducation,” and WND – which literally pioneered Internet news coverage from a conservative perspective — should be at the top of our priority list.

In my last article I offered 5 Steps for Surviving the Marxist Purge. It outlines a short-term defensive strategy for protecting our community from a tidal wave of leftist wrath and vengeance. My focus today is on the specific actions We the People must take to reclaim cultural dominance and restore the infrastructure of our republic after that wave has begun to subside. Much preparation can be done in the interim.

My plan rests on the powerful truth that even some on the left are beginning to acknowledge as they pivot from their 4-year anti-Trump coup toward the task of destroying the MAGA movement: that Donald Trump did not create “Trumpism” – Trumpism (going all the way back to the Reagan Revolution of the 1980s, and exploding into a global populist counter-insurgency during the poisonous Obama presidency) created him. He will rightfully remain our Commander in Chief, but as we patriots transition to the new reality of being an American version of the French Resistance under the Nazis, we should embrace the greater individual and tribal autonomy, and the greater moral authority and exigency it offers us.

Calls for “unity” (meaning submission to the triumphant Marxist usurpers who have captured the White House and Congress by fraud and violence) are an insult to intelligence and vile mockery of every American who has ever shed blood in the cause of liberty. The second American Revolution has begun, just as the first one began two and half centuries ago, and just as the Christian church began two millennia ago: under aggressive occupation by an evil regime determined to crush us. And even as we must undermine, sabotage and otherwise resist it’s inhuman agenda, we must organize and implement a plan to overthrow and replace it. The Biden/Pelosi/Schumer Nazis and their Vichy boot-lickers in the GOP will call this “sedition,” but a government must first be legitimate before it can claim a right to defend its existence.

My simple plan, detailed below, is the fruit of more than thirty years of Christian social and political activism, including my early years running ballot-measure campaigns and more recently two runs for Governor of Massachusetts, balancing the aspirations of Christianity with the realities of politics, and (just as America’s Founders did) drawing heavily upon the wisdom of the Old Testament (tempered but not invalidated by the New Testament), where most of the Lord’s guidance on dealing with political matters is found.

My political philosophy is called RESET – Run Every Seat, Every Time. It is perfect for the MAGA Movement. We throw out the professional “campaign consultant” playbook, which focuses on public relations and forcing candidates to compromise on their principles to minimize media criticism. We reject turf-protecting efforts by the GOP establishment to push MAGA candidates out of the process on the grounds that “they can’t win” and instead make it our goal to “move the ball down the field as far as possible in every game on every play,” build an army of brave patriots with hands-on experience in campaigning, and educate the electorate on the reasons true constitutionalism is better than Marxism.

It’s a win/win strategy whether we take the seats the first time or not. Starting immediately in the 2021 off-year municipal elections, we send hundreds of willing patriots into the political arena to force the other side to spend money and defend their crazy positions and conduct to the voters, and to maximize our chance to win some races even if it’s just because we’re there when the opponent self-destructs or resigns due to scandals. We make especially sure that every RINO everywhere is primaried every time and that the establishment learns this will be their “new normal” until they surrender to MAGA control.

The plan is this:

1) We focus on organizing our people into a national grassroots network in 2021 and 22 (I’ve started my own model for this called Swamp Rangers) with emphasis on local and state politics.

2) We set our sights on MAGA control of 3/4 of the states, emphasizing the issue of election integrity in every state, and also taking back control of the House of Representatives in 2022, making every race a referendum on election integrity.

3) In 2023 we use our control of the state legislatures to convene a Convention of States per Article 5, Option 2, to strip the federal government of powers we did not delegate to it, restore the parts of the constitution that the left has neutralized over the past century, add new amendments for a balanced budget, term limits and election integrity, and strip the Supreme Court of power to thwart the will of We the People as established by this convention.

4). With constitutional originalism and limitations on federal power restored, we take back the Congress and the Presidency in 2024.

The centerpiece of this plan is the Article 5 Convention of States, which conservatives should not confuse with the “runaway Constitutional Convention of 1787″ when this nation was called the “Confederation of States,” not the “United States.” No Article 5 Convention of States has ever been held, but the option can be assumed to be a safe process since it was deliberately adopted by the Founders in 1789 as a part of the brand new United States Constitution, which was written by the Founders specifically to fix the problems raised in and by 1787 event when those problems were still fresh in their minds.

Now that the entire federal government has been hijacked by the left, the genius of the founders in including a Convention of States in Article 5 is now made clear. As Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist 85, it’s purpose was to provide a mechanism to “erect barriers against the encroachments of the national authority.” The Marxists now have absolute top-down authority that will be impossible to break by traditional means. But the Founders gave us a back-door to solve this very problem. My plan is to use it to the fullest to restore citizen controls from the bottom up.

(This article has been corrected based upon a reader comment pointing out the distinction between the oft-condemned Constitutional Convention or “ConCon” of 1787 and the “Convention of States” option of Article 5, which has never been used since the adoption of the United States Constitution in 1789.)

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Our Red Pill Reality in 2020 Hindsight: 5 Steps to Survive the Marxist Purge

Click graphic to watch video. Summary: Dr. Lively says the Marxist revenge against the MAGA movement has begun, and is going to get really ugly, really fast, but offers 5 Steps for Surviving the Marxist Purge.

Our Red Pill Reality in 2020 Hindsight

The Matrix movie has spawned many a political meme on the choice of staying comfortably asleep in a fantasy world where one enjoys free agency and a meaningful role in shaping the future, or awakening to the cruel reality of being an expendable slave to the agenda of a machine designed to control one’s every thought and action. In the film, the protagonist, Neo, is rudely awakened to reality by members of a resistance movement who have broken free from the machine, and, in a meeting with their leader Morpheus, is given the choice to remain free by taking a red pill, or to return to the fantasy dream-state by taking a blue pill. He takes the red pill, and the fight for good (liberty) vs evil (slavery) begins.

Over the past four years, We The People have been Neo, and Donald Trump has been our Morpheus. The MAGA movement chose the red pill. The Dems, Never Trumpers and RINOs chose the blue pill. Today the battle rages on between the MAGA Deplorables and the Machine, but with Morpheus seemingly defeated, and only vaporous QAnon rumors, or the miraculous intervention of God, left to base our hopes for a restored America upon, our collective grasp of reality is being shaken by the Machine’s power to conform human perception to its narratives. Who can we trust and how can know what is real?

I had written and submitted a very different version of this column last night, but this morning I read Joseph Farah’s critically important piece “The night of long knives – tech-style” and I’m rewriting my column in support and in response to it. Please take a moment to read his before you continue with mine.

This election was, as we continuously reminded each other, a winner-take-all battle for control of the nation between hyper-polarized partisans. A post-election purge of the losers was inevitable and we would be happy about it if the purge was removing Marxists from power. However, if we were doing the purging our standards would be truth-based and our tactics honorable and proportionate. Not so with the left. Truth does not matter to the left, only the narratives. And their leaders are by nature malicious, often sadistic people who excel at what Hillary (cynically posing as a victim) called “the politics of personal destruction.” Trust me, I’ve been through their meat grinder. This is going to get really ugly, really fast and last for a long time.

From here on, under their new relentlessly-repeated revisionist narrative, Trump will be the American Hitler and every Deplorable a White Supremacist. In their minds, and to the Blue Pill Public, this will justify their every action against conservative speech, thought, symbol, organization and person. The reprehensible rhetoric and tactics of the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) hate-group will become public policy. BE WARNED: especially in the early stage, any militant bluster or bravado from Trump supports will be characterized as hate-speech and/or sedition. Marxist Brownshirts will look eagerly for people to make examples of. If you doubt me, just ask Adolfo Martinez who is serving sixteen years in prison for the unforgivable crime of burning a “gay pride” flag.

How can the MAGA movement not just survive the purge but emerge from it stronger when it finally wanes? Use your 20/20 hindsight and consider what you would do if you were a Russian Christian during the Bolshevik takeover of 1917.

1) The most important action constitutionalists can take right now is to fully document what really happened over the past four years. The fatal flaws in the Marxist plans are their lies about the election fraud and all of the other dirty tricks and tactics they orchestrated to take down Trump. The left will soon begin to purge the evidence from the public record, so TODAY start getting downloads and screen-shots of everything! Load all digital documentation on off-the-grid external hard drives and store them in EMP-proof containers. Make paper copies of the most important items. If you have skills, create media to disseminate the truth, from one-page bullet-point flyers to feature-length documentary films. If you lack those skills, volunteer in the projects of others.

2) Go low-tech at least part-time from now on. Get a land-line telephone as a back-up communications method. Export all of your electronically-stored data and print it out, especially your contact information with fellow constitutionalists, and start keeping hard-copy paper back-ups of everything important to you. Get back to using the US Postal Service for some of your correspondence so it doesn’t go bankrupt and deprive us of the only truly confidential communications method we have. Start using paper currency more often to counteract the push toward a cash-less society. Start thinking about bartering among your friends and family.

3) Go Natural. Start categorizing the things in your life as either natural or artificial, and adopt the general rule of preferring the natural. The most artificial thing in our lives is the virtual world which the elites want to replace the natural in all things because, as we’re beginning to experience, they can exercise total control over everything in it. It IS the Matrix! As a starting point for breaking free, I offer you my Declaration of the Natural Life Movement (a red pill).

4) Go Underground. In 2019 the Holy Spirit began prompting me to begin preparing to establish a network of “underground” Christian believers and congregations, in the expectation that this final generation leading to the return of Christ would face circumstances similar to what the Christians of the first century endured. I formally launched First Century Bible Church in March of 2020. I believe the current Marxist purge of MAGA members will include the persecution of Christians, and I urge Remnant believers to act accordingly. If you agree, and can accept our model of unity in the essentials, tolerance in all else, you are invited to join or affiliate with FCBC.

5) Join Swamp Rangers. If there remains any chance of saving America (in whole or in part) from Marxist hell, that can only happen from the bottom up through the actions of grass-roots constitutionalists. I formed Swamp Rangers as a ministry of First Century Bible Church to build a national grass-roots network and maximize our combined influence. We officially launched on January 1st and are now accepting members.

Come what may, never give up the fight for truth and liberty! But choose your battles, and your allies, very carefully.

Click on the graphic above to read Scott’s column at WND, and join the conversation about it in the comment section below the article. Support WND!

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Swamp Rangers | 01-10-2021

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Swamp Rangers | 01-03-2021 | WEDNESDAY’S WAR IN DC

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Swamp Rangers | Episode 5 | 12-27-2020

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Obama, John Roberts and the Mystery of Lawlessness

Click on graphic to watch video. Summary: Dr. Lively argues that Obama is primarily responsible for the shocking rise of lawlessness in America and the suddenly evident corruption of the Supreme Court, and discusses how current events follow the pattern of Biblical prophecy regarding apostasy and the Antichrist in 2 Thessalonians 2.

Background photo above: The Roberts Court, November 30, 2018. Seated, from left to right: Justices Stephen G. Breyer and Clarence Thomas, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., and Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Samuel A. Alito. Standing, from left to right: Justices Neil M. Gorsuch, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and Brett M. Kavanaugh. Photograph by Fred Schilling, Supreme Court Curator’s Office.

Obama, John Roberts and the Mystery of Lawlessness

It was recently (falsely) reported that in a closed-door meeting of the nine justices of the Supreme Court about the Texas lawsuit against election fraud, Chief Justice John Roberts was heard screaming profanities about President Trump and refusing to consider the Trump-favoring precedent of Bush v Gore as he browbeat the group into rejecting the case. His justification, as supposedly overheard by a whistle-blowing staffer in the outer room, was that the Bush v Gore contest was not attended by rioting, while this one is. While this story was factually false, it rings true emotionally, and as a theory about John Roberts psychological profile seems highly plausible – enough so that (this, now revised) article I wrote while thinking it was true should still be published.

When I first heard the story two thoughts immediately came to my mind. First was a reminder of Benjamin Franklin’s famous axiom “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” The second was that our Supreme Court was granting a “heckler’s veto” of the US Constitution itself to Antifa Fascists, and even the strongest conservatives on the court were willing to allow it, with only tepid dissent from our anchor-men, Thomas and Alito. These are valid reactions regardless of the court’s motives.

Then, when I learned (the factually true report) that attorney Lin Wood was calling for Roberts’ resignation and suggesting that the Chief Justice was thee “John Roberts” seen on uber-pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Orgy Island in the company of Bill Clinton, the mystery of Roberts’ history suddenly made sense.

I remembered how Roberts flubbed the administration of Barack Obama’s oath of office (which I believe was intentional so that the Anti-Christian, self-admitted Muslim Obama could retake the formal oath the next day minus the Bible). I remember how Roberts contorted himself into a pretzel to save Obamacare with an obviously fabricated pretext, and all the subsequent court rulings where he sided with the liberals amidst constant rumoring that Obama must have something on him.

As I contemplated this relative to the four-year anti-Trump rolling coup – in which all the key players have been increasingly exposed for their links to home-grown Marxism and/or allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party – I was reminded of the Biblical prophecy of Hebrews 12:18-29 often paraphrased “everything than can be shaken will be shaken.” That describes today’s emerging civil war between patriotic Constitutionalists, and a vast web of criminal co-conspirators infesting our key institutions (led, I believe, by Obama). As the MAGA movement gathers on the battlefield for a final showdown of good and evil that will decide the fate of America, everything that can be shaken is being shaken.

There are striking parallels between these current events, and the prophecy of 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12.

“1 Now, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ…we ask you, 2not to be soon shaken in mind…as if…the day of Christ had come. 3Let no one deceive you…for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed…who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped…7For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way. 8And then the lawless one will be revealed…9The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, 10and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

In 1947 the US Supreme Court did in fact set itself “above all that is called God or that is worshiped” in the case of Everson v Board of Education, by making itself arbiter over the claims of all religions and requiring government to treat them all equally. That ended America’s legal status as “one nation under God” and replaced it with Secular Humanism (the religion of Marxism). In June, 1961, the same “swing Justice” Hugo Black wrote the majority opinion in Torcaso v Watkins defining Atheism as a religion equal to belief in God, empowering the Marxists to use the “equal protection” clause to purge Christianity from public life (staring with school prayer in ‘63). Importantly, this occurred between May 1945 and August 1961 while the United States (the dominant Allied power), had defacto legal possession of the Pergamum Altar (the literal “Seat of Satan” of Revelation 2) in conquered Germany, until the Berlin Wall made it the property of the Soviet Union.

Since then the “mystery of lawlessness” in America has so fully matured that “unrighteous deception” has ensnared millions of Americans in a “strong delusion.” And the total conquest of our nation by the agents of the Father of Lies (John 8:44) is prevented only by “He who now restrains…until He is taken out of the way.” That’s unarguably Trump in today’s political context, even if the prophecy means something else. And IF Trump (the last political barrier to the Marxist plot to “fundamentally transform America”) is taken out of the way, who do we all then expect to emerge as the mastermind of the campaign of lawlessness? Obama! Whom many (including me) have named an Antichrist if not necessarily thee Antichrist of 2 Thessalonians 2.

Have you been asking yourself how it is possible that so many people in power can be this corrupt? That is the “mystery of lawlessness.” Have you been tempted to deny the obvious conspiracy-in-fact of the elites and dismiss it as a “conspiracy ‘theory’ ” because you want so much for it not to be true? That is the lure of “unrighteous (self) deception” you MUST overcome. Have you noticed how so many people we thought were Christians seem to have lost their Biblical worldview? That is the “falling away” which results from surrendering to the deceivers.

Everything that can be shaken is being shaken. In the midst of this we should hold fast to a strong HOPE that God will extend our reprieve by keeping Donald Trump in office (the battle is still far from over), but more importantly, we should be sure that our FAITH in Christ remains unshakeable, regardless of which way this goes.

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Swamp Rangers Episode 4 | Our Corrupt Supreme Court

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Contrary to Christmas holiday tradition, Jesus Himself said in Matthew 10:34 “Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.” The notion that Jesus came to establish world peace (prior to the Millennial Kingdom) is actually a misrepresentation of the Christmas story as told in Luke. What the Angel of God actually said upon the birth of Jesus was this: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom His favor rests!” (emphasis mine). The final phrase is a qualifier, like the conditional promise of Romans 8:28 that He will make all things work to the good of those (and only those) who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Only men and women on whom God’s favor rests deserve peace. And until He returns to establish the thousand year Sabbath “Day” on earth (the Millennial Kingdom) there will and must be conflict between those on whom His favor rests and those who defy Him.

This conflict exists for the benefit of the lost, since the Devil wants them to be comfortable, lazy and apathetic in spiritual matters because they belong to him by right under the curse of Adam, and will remain his Hell-bound slaves unless they repent and voluntarily accept the free gift of salvation in Christ per John 3:18 (although my Calvinist friends might have trouble with the word “voluntarily” in that sentence, and my Orthodox Jewish friends might defer to their deadline which our Christian Bible sets in Romans 11 — the close of the “age of the Gentiles”). It is only when the lost are confronted with the reality that God created humanity for His plan and purpose — that it becomes possible for the scales to fall from their eyes allowing them to see and understand TRUTH.

Only the enlightened can recognize the great cyclical tumult of human history, waxing and waning from season to season and from valley to mountaintop, as one continuous dramatic performance of His Story: a riveting interactive spectacle which commands our attention and forces us to take sides in the ceaseless battle of good and evil; a non-stop 4-D movie in which we all are both audience and actors in the glorious theater of His Creation, which groans in anticipation of the crescendo toward which it builds: the soon return of the Messiah.
We are exhorted to “contend earnestly for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:7), and commanded by Jesus both to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) and to “occupy until I come” (Luke 19:13).

In my theology of “Whole Bible Christianity,” all the teachings and resources of the Old Testament (tempered by the New Testament in matters of church life and personal morality) serve the Cause of Christ today, and impose a duty upon us to be active stewards of ALL spheres of society — including the social, political, commercial and cultural.

To that end I established First Century Bible Church early in 2020 as a non 501(c)(3) fellowship of individuals and affiliated congregations around the world, united on the essentials of the faith, with tolerance in non-essentials. (In short our essentials are the Revised Nicene Creed of 381, plus the behavioral essentials of Biblical marriage and sexuality without which our self-perpetuating ethics-based human civilization — founded upon God’s covenant with Abraham — is impossible.)

In November 2020, under the spiritual covering of First Century Bible Church, I created “Swamp Rangers: a citizen network for swamp creature pest control” using a strategic satirical theme as a cover for serious cultural/political engagement I call “campy but cunning constitutionalism.”

To many, this concept of church-originated cultural/political engagement without an overt evangelistic theme and tone is unfathomable. But to such people the rise of a Christian rebellion against tyrannical British occupation, under the self-proclaimed legal authority of a “Declaration of Independence,” would have seemed equally mystifying and “un-Christian” had they lived then. But, thankfully, the Founders were Whole Bible Christians, or else this constitutional republic whose Christian works have blessed the world beyond measure (until the Marxist take-over in the 20th Century) would never have been formed.

I ormed Swamp Rangers as a Christian pastor confident in my authority to fight under the banner of Christ for the preservation of this God-blessed Republic and the (indirectly) Bible-based Constitution on which it stands, through an organization that is not overtly evangelical any more than the Continental Army was. As a modern member of the Black Robed Regiment I do not hesitate to fight on a secular battlefield for victories in this world that produce major but largely unseen parallel spiritual victories, just as the forming of this nation did.

Importantly, the presence of clergy (the “Black Robes”) in the fight against the British provided succor and encouragement to the believers in the mixed Christian and non-Christian Continental Army, but they also provided a bridge to salvation for the many non-believers who accepted Christ specifically because they came to trust the Black Robes whom they saw put feet to their faith in a cause they all were willing to die for — rather than just spouting lofty spiritual rhetoric from the safety of church sanctuaries.

I will never give up trying to disciple the weak-of-faith majority in today’s American churches, and to evangelize the deceived-unsaved pew-sitters among them. But having labored in that fruitless field for decades with so little return, and often been scorned by its feckless shepherds, I am elated and energized to have discovered a brand-new mission field in the MAGA Movement: millions of secular but patriotic children and grandchildren of overtly Christian households, who themselves might never or rarely been “to church” but who generally respect God and agree that American greatness is somehow associated with her Christian heritage. These, along with the Christian Conservatives (the remnant) who make up the other half of the Trump base, will be recruited by Swamp Rangers — and by the lifestyle example of Whole Bible Christians in this network — I expect many will be saved.

Contact me at to join. We launch officially on January 1st.

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The DC Gathering of the MAGA Tribes

In this third of three Swamp Rangers pre-launch tour videos, Scott reports on his four-day visit to Washington DC, culminating in his participation in the Mega MAGA March for Trump. This video includes clips and commentary about the deep state and leftist street activism including the ‘Wall of Hate’ at Black Lives Matter Plaza and Barack Obama’s DC shadow-government offices, a pitiful Joe Biden March of less than twenty people, four different pro-Trump events involving tens of thousands of people, a massive ‘Jericho March’ around the Supreme Court, a Proud Boys march and assembly, comments by General Michael Flynn, and a flyover by President Trump himself in the Marine One helicopter.
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Scott Lively Reacts to SCOTUS Texas Slapdown

Dr. Lively explains why the fight to save the republic is not over, despite the Supreme Court striking down the Texas lawsuit.
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Swamp Rangers | 12-13-2020

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Scott Lively on the Legendary “Swamp Fox”

Dr. Lively travels to the swamps of the South Carolina coast just north of Charleston to talk about a legendary hero of the Revolutionary War whom the British military occupiers dubbed the “Swamp Fox:” Francis Marion. In the very swampland where Marion pioneered an American form of guerilla warfare that he had learned from the Cherokee Indians during the French and Indian War (as an enemy combatant), Dr. Lively gives a thumbnail sketch of the “Swamp Fox” and explains why his use of unconventional tactics by his team of mission-oriented volunteers is a model for Scott’s new grassroots activist network, Swamp Rangers.

This is the second of Scott’s stops (and videos) on his Swamp Rangers pre-launch tour, the first being a live rally in Valdosta, Georgia with the ultimate swamp-drainer, President Donald Trump. Swamp Rangers will officially launch on January 1, 2021 but enrollment in the Swamp Ranger network has already begun at a pre-launch version of

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My Evening with President Trump

Scott drove 9-hours to Valdosta, Georgia on the Florida border to experience his first live Trump speech and rally, managing to get an aisle seat in the 12th row, less than 50 feet from the president. This event was the first stop in Scott’s pre-launch tour — getting up close to America’s #1 swamp drainer for an excellent, classically Trump speech. This video is made from a string of clips taken on a phone-camera and edited to provide the high points of the speech and the feel of being there in the crowd. We hope you enjoy it.
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Swamp Rangers | 12-06-2020

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Your Strongest Defense Against Vaccine Mandates

Click graphic above to watch the video. Summary: Dr. Lively talks about “sincerely held religious belief” as perhaps the strongest basis for non-compliance with potential vaccine mandates, and has drafted the “Declaration and Doctrine of First Century Bible Church on Governmental Health Mandates Including Vaccines” for his church, and invites believers everywhere to join and or register with the church if they agree with its basic non-denominational philosophy and this document, as a means of establishing and documenting their own doctrinal position now, before they find themselves in the future situation of deciding to defy a mandatory vaccine order when the sincerity of their belief may be called into question. Membership in FCBC is not exclusive, and in fact members are encouraged to have membership in a local congregation for more personal fellowship than an Internet-based network can provide, and for “cross-pollination” of the FCBC philosophy of “unity in the essentials, charity in all else” and its philosophy that Christians are to be salt and light in all spheres of society including business, politics and culture.

To review the document and options for membership or registration of agreement go HERE

One of the most troubling questions about our very near future as Americans is whether our state and/or federal governments will mandate a Covid 19 vaccine – either by a clear government dictate like the lockdown policies, or by coercive measures in cooperation with leftist-controlled private companies to make refusal to “voluntarily” vaccinate so onerous as to force compliance.

The prospect is all the more troubling given what we already know about vaccine puppet-master Bill Gates’ Malthusian agenda and its vaccine-based biometric tagging of human beings for tracking purposes, the well established greed and untrustworthiness of “Big Pharma,” the reports of fetal remains being used in the vaccine creation process and perhaps in the vaccines themselves, the emerging utopian (dystopian) “Great Reset” plans of the global elites, and the horror stories of proven Covid-19 side-effects from the initial human trials.

Compounding our anxieties in this matter is the massive cover-up of data on Covid 19 death rates, the truth of which (were it known by the general public) would largely neutralize the fear-based motivation and justification for the vaccine. One need only consider that even the highest-risk category of Americans (those over 70 years old) have a 99.5% survival rate, and that the total death rate of the nation (from all causes) in 2020 is statistically no higher than prior years. This disease is not only not a modern version of the bubonic plague, but is far, far less lethal for children and young people than the flu, and in terms of overall public health has done virtually nothing but shift the body counts of dead people from, for example, the “heart disease” and “pneumonia” columns to the “Covid 19″ column in the data-reporting process. And, increasingly, to the “suicide” column, now inflated due to incessant soul-draining media fear-mongering to emotionally-vulnerable lockdown victims.

Trump has pledged Not to mandate the vaccine, but you can assume Biden will, regardless of what he says now, if the ongoing coup d’etat of the Purple Revolution steals the presidency for him.

I am not opposed to vaccines, per se, but as a Christian and a constitutionalist I am strongly opposed to government health mandates of any kind that purport to supercede my sovereign right under God to the control of my own body. It is my choice whether to seek or accept any health remedy or procedure regardless of the opinion of government officials. This right is also implicit in the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution, with very limited exceptions for things such as taking blood or DNA samples from criminal suspects against their will.

More importantly, personal bodily sovereignty is a core Biblical tenet, and therefore, as a Christian attorney and the founding pastor of First Century Bible Church, I have drafted a policy against vaccine mandates and posted it on our church website as our official doctrine.

There is no guarantee that our judiciary will honor our demand for religious accommodation in refusing to comply with a vaccine mandate – if and when that contest comes. However, if you intend to take that stand, it will be far better for you if you have proof of a sincerely held religious belief against vaccine mandates that can be documented.

Therefore, I invite you to adopt our doctrinal statement on the matter, and to register as having done so on our website. Here is an excerpt:

Declaration and Doctrine of First Century Bible Church
on Government Health Mandates Including Vaccines

“First Century Bible Church’s policy on governmental mandatory edicts rests upon two
pillars as its foundation: The Bible as the inerrant Word of God, and America’s Bible-based founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, both of which honor the liberty of individuals to pursue their own happiness subject to the revealed guidance of God and, among other things, to determine for themselves what, if any, health measures they wish to pursue.

“Our Church believes in the absolute sovereignty of God in all things, and His delegation
of authority to human beings over the control of their own minds and bodies (Colossians
1:16–17; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20). We believe we possess both the God-given ability to
reason and the gift of free will to make our own choices regarding our lives, inclusive of
our health and well-being, and that individuals should be the ones to make their own
decisions pertaining to any and all medical services and medications, including all
decisions regarding vaccines no matter what conditions—including pandemics—may be

“The choice to use or accept any forms of external intervention to address any mental or physical health problem remains a sacred personal right, notwithstanding the opinion of other people, including medical professionals and government officials. Regarding the question of Covid 19 vaccines and other emerging medical technologies, we hold that the use of any product containing or derived from the remains of unborn babies terminated by abortion is absolutely forbidden and that knowingly accepting such a product into one’s body is to become an accessory to murder, subject to the full force of Biblical law (Proverbs 28:17; 1 Samuel 3:13).

“Furthermore, any medical product designed to alter one’s genetic code or to create a
“biometric” or comparable mark or other identifier by which one can be tracked by
government or its agents is also absolutely forbidden as a surrender to idolatry. If such
mark is not technically the Mark of the Beast warned against in Scripture, it is so close in
form and substance as to be at least preliminary preparation for it, if not a binding
spiritual substitute (Revelation 19:20; 1 Corinthians 8:4-7)… End excerpt.

The remainder of this one-page document may be reviewed at the home page of First Century Bible Church, along with options for adopting the declaration as your own doctrinal position individually, as a family, or as a congregation of any size.

Again, there is no guarantee that government will respect your personal sovereignty in the matter of vaccines but your strongest basis for non-compliance will almost certainly be your sincerely held religious belief. My purpose is to help you define that belief and prove you have formally adopted it for yourself.

For More Go HERE

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Trump Should Not Surrender the White House

Dr. Lively says the 2020 election fraud and cover-up is the poisonous fruit of the Purple Revolution launched against Trump in 2016, and that IF Trump’s election night victory is not vindicated through the normal constitutional provisions it will only be because the left has broken the constitution, in which case Trump should declare a national emergency and stay in office until a new election can be conducted in a manner that guarantees fairness and honesty. Scott cites his article of November 17, 2016 that predicted the anti-Trump tactics of the left in detail, and his January 7, 2020 draft of a Declaration of Restoration — drawn narrowly from the Declaration of Independence — that frames the broad legal authority for Trump and the American patriots to take this action.

Trump Should Not Surrender the White House

If not for the surreal, unprecedented “Big Lie” conspiracy of the elites who monopolize our public information systems (Big Media and Big Tech) – and who dominate the top strata of our institutions, including the courts and intelligence agencies — all fair-minded Americans would agree that the 2020 election was irredeemably corrupted by fraud. The overwhelming preponderance of the evidence on the Trump side is matched only by the intensity of the criminal suppression of it by the anti-Trump side. Now even President Trump is admitting that it may be impossible to get his case to the Supreme Court for vindication of his election night victory through a full disclosure and review of that evidence by the constitutionalist majority of justices.

IF that turns out to be the case, and the elites have so thoroughly solidified control over the legal and political mechanisms which the Founders established for us, it will mean that they have broken the US Constitution itself. They will have accomplished what none of us believed possible – a coup d’ etat by means of the Purple Revolution, which is the domestic version of the color revolutions by which the globalist left and our CIA have overthrown governments across the globe. I have been writing about this Purple Revolution since before Trump’s inauguration in January 2017.

Now we know why Pelosi and the other narrative-setters of the Purple Revolution began injecting the then-mystifying accusation (without a shred of evidence) that Trump might refuse to vacate the White House on January 20th. They expected to be able to block Trump from getting his case to SCOTUS, and to be able to gaslight such a huge portion of the electorate with the “no evidence of fraud” Big Lie that we would accept their theft of the presidency as “constitutional,” and acquiesce to a “peaceful transition of power.”

I still believe SCOTUS will get the case and rescue the nation from the Marxists. And I believe the fall-back contingency of presidential electors being chosen by the state legislatures is a second path to preserving the republic.

However, if these last constitutional barriers to the overthrow of the United States are defeated by the globalists, there is only one remaining option for the free and just America our founders bequeathed to us to survive: a declaration of national emergency by President Trump to allow him to remain in office long enough for a new election to be conducted by means guaranteed to ensure its fairness, with every step of the process except the secret ballot casting itself being done under full public scrutiny and recorded on video.

It is essential to recognize in the face of this existential election fraud crisis, that the US Constitution is not the deepest foundation of our country. The bedrock on which the constitution was constructed is the Declaration of Independence. It is in that document that we find the remedy for curing the Marxist cancer that has put America on her death-bed.

Having been a front-lines culture war activist for more than three decades of America’s incremental take-over – fighting a rearguard action against same leftist elements now arrayed against Trump (with many deep battle scars to prove it) – I perceived that the trajectory of the Purple Revolution would likely bring us to this precipice. Therefore, on November 17th, 2016, I specifically predicted exactly what would and has now transpired:

“1) An army of faceless anarchists engaged in civil disobedience and property destruction on an “anti-fascism” theme (imagine the explosion of street violence in the late 1960s but employing “social justice” rather than anti-war rhetoric – like Black Lives Matter but bigger and broader). This is designed to terrorize the public but also to deliberately provoke police reactions that can be documented on film and edited to misrepresent the police as Brownshirt-style fascists.

2) A coordinated propaganda campaign by all the usual suspects on the left in media, academia, Hollywood, and the non-profit/foundations sector, branding the Trump administration as a fascist regime akin to the Third Reich. This will build slowly but inexorably as the left gathers and weaves together its case like a crooked prosecutor in the courtroom of international opinion.

3) Obstruction of conservative policy through guerrilla litigation tactics by groups such as the Center for Constitutional Rights and Southern Poverty Law Center, and their silent partners in the federal judiciary.”

I outlined a broad-brush counter-strategy in that article as well that remains timely. But on January 7th, 2020, after my predictions had come true and cracks had begun to show in the foundation-stones of the constitution, I foresaw the potential need for a more legally-oriented proto-constitutional remedy grounded in the Declaration of Independence, specifically this clause:

“governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…[thus] whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.”

I drafted a “Declaration of Restoration” that frames the legal path forward. My prescription then and now is invoke this law to alter, not abolish, our government, by the use of the emergency powers of the president to impose necessary election reforms through a new presidential election with just two sections – 1) a re-vote for President and all down-ticket races and 2) a binding referendum question allowing voters to affirm or reject the reform package as a guarantee of election integrity in all future elections.

Hillary Clinton pronounced on August 25th, 2020 that Joe Biden should not concede the election under any circumstances. In retrospect, I believe she was baiting a trap for conservatives to jump on her with both feet and thus preemptively neuter any argument from our side that Trump should not concede. I never took that bait, and I’m saying loud and clear right now, that Donald Trump should not vacate the White House unless he does so because he agrees he legitimately lost the election and was not cheated out of it through election fraud.

If he knows the election was fraudulent and he really did win, he has a legal and moral duty to preserve the republic by implementing an election do-over.

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Swamp Rangers | 11-29-2020 | Citizens Guide to Swamp Draining

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