Goodwill Toward Men

First published on WND, 12/18/2023

And suddenly there appeared with the angel a great multitude of the heavenly host, praising God and saying: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom His favor rests!” When the angels had left them and gone into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, “Let us go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has made known to us.”

When the Bible was written, and until the rise of Marxist feminism in the 20th century, the term “men” as used in these verses meant “all humankind” but with the intentional, unmistakable overtone that the male sex was absolutely dominant over the female sex, individually and collectively. That straightforward summary of God’s natural order for family and society was never viewed as something negative for or toward women, but was rather God’s chosen system for women to flourish – under the provision and protection of men mandated by Him to cherish them as His greatest gift and most fundamental responsibility.

In practice it was always a flawed system because ALL of God’s standards for human conduct are “aspirational” goals for always imperfect man. But the failure of the church to preserve God’s system of male/female relations as best it could, even within the walls of its institutional denominations, is the primary cause of modernity’s social and cultural collapse.

As James, the brother of Jesus and first bishop of Jerusalem, wrote in his letter to the church, “Pure and undefiled religion before our God and Father is this: to care for orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

What is the one crisis common to both widows and orphans that makes caring for them the purest form of religion? It is the loss of the male “covering” over them – causing women to become husbandless, and children to become fatherless. Indeed, it was the desperate need for a husband for Ruth, ancestor of Jesus, that drove the widow Naomi to orchestrate (by God’s plan) Ruth’s womanly allurement of the kinsman redeemer, Boaz, who was smitten by her beauty and virtue.

Had “feminism” prevailed in her day, the capable and self-sufficient Naomi would likely have instead become the CEO of her own thriving business back in Moab and God’s plan for redemption of man by God would have been thwarted, lacking the legal status of Judean ancestry, through Joseph, necessary for Jesus to qualify to inherit the scepter of Hebrew royalty.

One of the chief contributions of the book of Ruth to Christendom is the timeless lesson of the central importance of female submission to male authority. These Bible stories aren’t mythology for us to separate out and cherry-pick details to suit our fads and whims – they are expositions of biblical law framed and illustrated by historically factual events to teach underlying legal principles that remain constant and binding despite the passage of time. To highlight that truth, Jesus drove an explanation point like a golden stake on the Mount of Beatitudes, proclaiming, “You have heard it been said that … but I say to you …” Each one of those pronouncements declares the superiority of the eternal spirit of the law over the temporal letter of the law, keeping them fresh and timely despite changing social mores and logical adaptations of the laws’ letters. (We don’t still stone teens to death for rebellion, but teen rebellion remains legally punishable within the spirit of the law.)

Right about now, many female readers are fuming, and their feminized male companions are rationalizing like a whore caught in adultery – because it IS a form of adultery to choose the ways of the world over The Way. “Friendship” (wink, wink) with the world, is enmity toward God, warns James, adding “You adulteresses! … whoever chooses to be a friend of the world renders himself an enemy of God. Or do you think the Scripture says without reason that the Spirit He caused to dwell in us yearns with envy? But He gives us more grace. This is why it says: ‘God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.'”

The sin-root of feminism is surely pride. The sin-root of male submission to feminism is, as James writes “double-mindedness” (compromise). The combination of the two sins in human relations paints the very picture of “being polluted by the world” because none of the talking points of feminism come from the Bible – which offers only a few out-of-context verses to bolster them, and even then very feebly against the overwhelming counter-argument of Scripture as a whole.

The fatal flaw in most church efforts to restore “biblical masculinity” is their unwillingness to chop the root of the tree bearing the poisonous fruits we’re so desperate to overcome: feminist ideology itself. They want to be sensitive to differing opinions, meaning they are “double-minded.” But as I used to teach in my classes on critical thinking and debate, you can never win an argument in which you’ve adopted your opponent’s presuppositions (for example on LGBT issues, agreeing that “discrimination” against homosexuality and transgenderism is morally wrong) because conclusions are dictated by premises.

Mine was the first generation of American boys indoctrinated with feminist ideology, which descended on our public schools like the Spanish Inquisition in the early 1970s. I didn’t break free from it until the late 1980s while separated from my wife, who had kicked me out of the house to end the heated war of wills I had going with my oldest step-son over obeying basic house rules. It was shortly after my miraculous deliverance from alcoholism and drug addiction (since the age of 12), and I was no longer the happy-go-lucky permissive drunk the step-kids tolerated and sort of liked. I was becoming a man for the first time.

I came home to my lonely Portland, Oregon, apartment one afternoon to find Dr. James Dobson starting a lecture called “Where’s Dad” on secular television. Talk about a divine appointment! Over the next half hour he laid out the fundamental principles of biblical masculinity so clearly that I found myself at the edge of my seat exclaiming “yeah, yeah!” as he dismantled, one by one, all the precepts of feminism I had been indoctrinated in. Thirty minutes later I was a totally changed man (and years later got to share this story personally with Dr. Dobson when we were both speakers at a conference in D.C.).

Now, my wife, a former Vassar girl with a masters in anthropology from the University of Chicago, was about as feminist as a woman can be who still prefers men. But, again, just days later by divine intervention, God broke her independence and both of our hearts as we stood helpless together looking through hospital glass at our infant son strapped to a gurney in ICU over multiple grand mal seizures triggered by an ear infection. God melted us back together in that moment, and we’ve had an exemplary Christian marriage ever since. We’ve both changed a lot over those years by following the biblical model.

In my next article, I will focus on the solutions to the problem I outlined here, but I wanted to first establish my credentials to speak on this topic both intellectually and personally.

Civilizationally speaking, goodwill toward men (mankind) starts with honoring the dominant role of men (males), the chief model for all being the man-in-infant-form Jesus whom the shepherds longed to see.

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Updating an Ancient Hard Edged Hymn

Updating an Ancient Hard Edged Hymn, 12/15/2023

In 1542, Martin Luther published his classic hymn “Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word,” the original version of which began

“Lord, keep us in thy Word and work,
Restrain the murderous Pope and Turk,
Who fain would tear from off thy throne
Christ Jesus, thy beloved Son.”

He penned these words in 1541 in response to a call to prayer by church leaders over the then imminent Muslim invasion of Vienna, the culmination of a dozen years of steady Islamic conquest of Christian lands and forces. After that particular threat subsided he edited the verse to broadened its reach:

“Lord, keep us in thy Word and work,
Curb those who by deceit or sword
Would wrest the kingdom from your Son
And bring to naught all He has done.”

Most Americans don’t know that Martin Luther was such a huge figure in Danish history that the Constitution of Denmark had, until recently, required all Danish laws to comport with Lutheranism, its state religion. I only learned this fact during a seminal battle against today’s greatest threat to Christendom: LGBTism.

A few years ago I was asked to hold a Bible conference in Bournemouth England where by divine appointment I met the inimitable Pastor Jonny Noor and and a Danish countryman who had joined him in partnership to defend their nation after Jonny’s Christian radio broadcast (from his home in the Negev Desert in Israel) condemned the then-recent “legalization” of “gay marriage” in Denmark. A trio of morally corrupt government officials, led by Govt. Minister Manu Sareen, had ramrodded “gay marriage” into law in typical lawless fashion, blatantly violating Section Four of the Danish constitution.

Greatly distraught, and burdened by the pessimism of several lawyers who predicted that overturning “gay marriage” by appeal to the constitution would be nearly impossible, these two Christian soldiers were brought to my Bible conference by a British Christian activist who had met them in Germany, where they were traveling as pilgrims seeking the Lord’s guidance. We enjoyed several days of anointed Holy-Spirit enrichment and excellent fellowship, including strategic brainstorming about the way forward. This included the input of one of the top international law attorneys of England and other sharp Christian minds. But, of course, it was to no avail – the LGBT’s conquered the Danish government like the Muslim’s conquered Constantinople and immediately began crushing all internal dissent, while marching on to their next target, Finland.

The first of the state churches to fall to the “Gays” was the Anglican Church of England, whose stand for biblical morality had been strongly bolstered by the cornerstone of modern human rights jurisprudence, the Magna Carta. The first demand of that incredible document (a copy of the original I personally viewed at Salisbury Cathedral) states in pertinent part: “the English Church shall be free.” That juridical foundation-stone served as a bulwark against all threats to the biblical worldview in English law for eight centuries until the rise of so-called “Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs) erupted like oozing sores on the British body politic, somehow trumping biblical morality.

I played a small part in that battle, as well, by divine appointment spending a night with my family at the home of David Anderson in Edenborough, Scotland on the very weekend he was tasked with writing a policy paper against the repeal of Paragraph 28 banning the promotion of LGBT issues to schoolchildren in the UK. We only met David, who happened to be the head of the Scottish Evangelical Alliance, because we stopped to chat with one of his church members that day who was passing out gospel tracts downtown. That parishioner then, impromptu, arranged for our stay at Dr. Anderson’s home. That very night we hammered out a great policy paper. But, again, using political dirty tricks, the LGBTs prevailed over the Christians in the British Parliament on that issue, striking down Paragraph 28, leading directly to today’s horrific pandemic of sexual deviance among UK schoolchildren.

Similarly, the first demand, nay, MANDATE upon government of our Bill of Rights to the US Constitution was “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” It was proposed and passed by the very men who were printing and distributing Bibles as school books on behalf of the government, funded by the treasury. I’ve written extensively on this theme And yet, with no legal grounding in four thousand years of jurisprudence globally, having merely been DEEMED a category of human rights by the wishful proclamation of special interest groups in the 20th Century, the First Amendment fell to the “Gays” as easily as the Magna Carta had done. America’s natural family and marriage-based societal immune system collapsed and now our country is so morally disease-ridden and crawling with parasites of every kind we may not survive.

As the Bible warns Psalm 12:8: “The wicked prowl on every side when vileness is exalted among the sons of men.”

In 1542, Martin Luther specifically named the human foes of Christendom to give believers a specific target for their prayers. When those prayers were answered, he changed the target to include any other threats that might arise. I think it is time to update Luther’s hymn to again specify the chief enemy of the church. That enemy is the LGBT “movement” which is in reality an army of conquest. Just like the Islamists they dream of global conquest, show no moral or ethical restraint in their wars of aggression, enslave and indoctrinate every person they conquer (and all their descendants from that moment forward), and after each victory re-purpose every institution, technology and asset into weapons of war against the next target. Exactly like the “Borg” of Star Trek but in real life.

So I offer the following two-stanza revision to update Luther’s ancient hymn.

Lord, keep us in thy Word and way,
Restrain the grasping Trans and Gays,
Who fain would steal our every lamb,
to blind them to the great “I AM.”

Aloft our spires restore the cross, redeem for us the souls we’ve lost, cast down the sullied rainbow flag, that mark of Babylon’s leprous hag.

To end on a more positive note, I’ll close with this link to one of the fruits of my partnership with Jonny Noor – the music video titled The Rainbow Belongs to God.”

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The People of the Book vs Transhumanism

The People of the Book vs Transhumanism, 12/2/2023

I’ve had harsh words for the Islamists in recent articles relative to their attempted re-conquest of Israel through terror and international cultural pressure, but I’ve not changed my missionary heart toward the Muslim people on a case by case basis, and I think there are opportunities for evangelism through cooperation against the great, emerging common threat of transhumanism.

The “people of the book” is a phrase used in Islam to acknowledge the common roots of Muslims, Jews and Christians as a basis for cooperation. The best example of that doctrine in practice was in the “Golden Age” of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain), when there was (especially from the Jewish perspective) intermittent relative harmony under Muslim rule for several centuries. A modern example of the doctrine is President Trump’s Abraham Accords. Cooperation IS possible as I can personally attest, and may soon be necessary in the face of rising transhumanist villainage.

Before the plandemic I was developing a side-ministry called the Bible Study Cruise Network for holding nondenominational daily Bible studies on the largely unworked mission field of cruise ships. (Remember, Christ’s Great Commission says to “Go ye into ALL the world” – not just the slums.) On a 2017 cruise from to Sydney to Singapore we made a stop on the island of Java, where Anne and I very much wanted to see the world wonder called Borobodur – an ancient Buddhist temple complex carved out of the jungle after being lost and hidden in a gorgeous remote valley for a thousand years. Unfortunately, the ship’s cost for getting there was prohibitive and so we set out on foot to seek our own alternate adventure locally.

Intimidated by the dangerous-looking neighborhood just past the port entrance, however, we turned back, but were stopped by the police/military squad guarding the gate. The Sargent of the trio grilled us about our intentions, and upon learning that we were thwarted in our desire to visit Borobodur, abruptly said “Wait right here, I’ll take you myself.” He then handed his rifle and bandoleer to his subordinates, got his car, and took us on a long and wild ride through the lawless jungle roadways of Java — to and through the gate of the Borobodur complex, using his authority to get us VIP treatment. Along the way we had a wonderful discussion of theology. Even though he was a strict Wahhabi Muslim he gushed eloquently about the common grounds for harmony among Muslims and Christians. But then, with remarkable vehemence, he looked me straight in the eye, and said “But NOT the Jews.”

Being by then miles from port in third-world conditions and completely dependent upon this man for our safety, I held my peace and deflected to another topic, remarking on how amazing it was for a devout Muslim to be helping devout Christians to visit a Buddhist holy site. We further explored the topic of universal values rooted in God’s natural order, and became email friends for a year or so before losing touch.

I was well prepared for that conversation because only the year prior, I had been asked to travel to Muslim Kyrgyzstan to help pass protection for natural marriage in the national constitution. I learned only on our ride from the airport to the guesthouse that our host was not a Russian Orthodox Christian, as I believed, but a Muslim. My mind instantly flashed back to articles I had published in the previous years strongly critical of Islam and wondered if we would survive the trip. But our host was a thoroughly gracious man whose behavior would have made me assume he was Christian if he hadn’t said otherwise. Long story short, the amendment passed and I invited him to co-publish from Bishkek my precis on universal values titled the Declaration of the Natural Life Movement. We have been friends by email ever since and plan some day to attend the Nomad Games together (Central Asia’s version of the Olympics).

After returning from Bishkek, I bought a copy of “The Quran: With References to the Bible” jointly published by Christians wanting to facilitate a more objective approach on cross-creedal issues, and I began promoting the idea of Christian/Jewish/Muslim cooperation against what I now summarize as the “transhumanist agenda.” I argue that’s the next, rapidly developing, phase of the LGBT culture war which will dominate after “transgenderism” breaks the world’s children free from their natural moorings to the natural order of sex and family.

However, pushback against my cooperation-with-Muslims effort was very strong by some Christians in my support base. I realized I was still far ahead of the curve on transhumanism and moved that effort to the back burner, reintroducing it slowly as events made it more understandable to people. It’s not that I disagreed with their genuine concerns about Islam and Muslims, but I knew they had not yet perceived the true threat of transhumanism which makes those religious differences (politically, not theologically) less important in the big picture. It’s ideologically akin to leftists on the “nutty-crunchy” environmentalist side of the Progressive spectrum only awakening to the importance of conserving the natural family when they finally recognize the family as the “human eco-system” being destroyed before their eyes. Once they see the issue as a question of “natural vs artificial” rather than “left vs right” they become reachable. In both cases it takes time and a climate in which the ever worsening consequences of “progress” force reasonable people to rethink their views.

This morning I woke with the intention of writing an article on the imminent explosive rise of robots as a component of the transhumanist agenda and assumed I’d be breaking new ground with it. However, the first item of interest I found in my email as I sipped my coffee was a link to a Leo Hohmann article on Substack: “Invasion of the humanoids: No, this is not science fiction!” making the same points I intended to make. As I wrote in an email to him, “If I weren’t familiar with the working of the Holy Spirit in the realm of dreams and visions I’d think this ‘coincidence’ uncanny.”

The big takeaway I offer my readers from this is that massive changes loom on the horizon equivalent in their cultural impact on civilization to the industrial revolution or the invention of the Internet. But in practical terms this leap will be much bigger in consequence because it poses an existential threat to the meaning of being human, and the very real prospect, perhaps even the inevitability, of humanity being usurped by transhumanist creations that will (by 2030 according to Musk, Netanyahu and the head of OpenAI ) pass beyond our ability to control. It represents the end of God’s rule over man and the beginning of Man’s rule over God – or so it is imagined in the delusional minds of the transhumanists.

For those with a biblical worldview, it is the rise of the “Beast.” The “Created Thing.” And for all the “people of the book” it represents a threat so dangerous and so contrary to the several fundamental values we share, we should stand against it TOGETHER.

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Jews vs Jihad Janissaries

Jews vs Jihad Janissaries, 11/24/2023

In early March of 2022, about one week into the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine, I published an article titled Human Shields and Swords in Ukraine and America. The main thrust of the piece was a comparison of Ukraine’s use of human shields (and swords) in the first days of the Russian SMO with the Marxist’s use of LGBT-groomed children as human shields (and swords) in the American culture war. Presciently, however, the article cited the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as the supreme model for how human-shield operations function best. I wrote:

“Sometimes the ‘defenders’ behind the human shields are actually the aggressors, such as the Muslim rocket squads in the Gaza Strip and West Bank who operate from schools, hospitals and apartment buildings. Or the ‘defenders’ who retreat to a position behind civilians after offensive actions, kinetic or political, including war posturing (such as openly working to put nuclear weapons on your enemy’s borders). Either way, the civilians are human shields.

“Perhaps most evil is the offensive deployment of human ‘shields’ as ‘human swords.’ Again, the Muslim world offers the best examples. Muslim warlords didn’t just use their own civilians as human shields, they created entire slave-armies of captured enemy soldiers and civilians and used them as human swords in the front ranks of all their battles, so that defenders would need to kill their own countrymen to defend themselves.

Even worse, they both stole boy children and demanded boys as a form of tribute, whom they cruelly broke psychologically through sodomy and torture, and then trained as willing slave-warriors. History’s most famous proof of this is the case of Vlad the Impaler (mythologized as ‘Count Dracula’) – given in tribute as a boy to the Ottoman Turks. Vlad witnessed their use of impalement torture, then escaped to later lead counter warfare against the Muslims in which he used the mass impalement of thousands of captured Muslim troops to demoralize and successfully turn back an invasion.”

The use of slave armies by the Muslims throughout history has been carefully documented by Daniel Pipes in his scholarly book, Slave Soldiers and Islam, whose thesis he frames in the title of his article “Military Slaves: a Uniquely Muslim Phenomenon.”

My own WND article of November 9, 2023, Why the Palestinians refuse to civilize, alluded to this phenomenon and showed how it had been adapted wholecloth and perfected by the Cultural Marxists who now employ it globally as a perspective and practice I call “Oppression Theology.” From the outside, the world now perceives all current events as stories of victims and victimizers in which the “oppressed” are justified in whatever revenge they choose to take against their “oppressors.” But in the behind-the-scenes, big-picture overview it’s the just the modern elites creating slave armies to fight their battles like the Muslim warlords of old once did (and how the Hamas handlers do today in “Palestine.”)

This is why the parallels between Hamas-controlled Gaza and Zelinsky/Azov-controlled Ukraine are so striking (for those capable of seeing past the official narratives of the corporate media). In these conflicts it is Russia and Israel that are painted as aggressors in the official war propaganda, even though both are responding to very long-term provocation and aggression that escalated suddenly as a trigger to war. Or perhaps it is better to say – “were escalated suddenly” – to emphasize the intentional workings of the puppet-masters’ hidden hand. And it is the Ukrainians and “Palestinians” who have consistently played the victim card while intentionally using civilians as human shields while hard-spinning every civilian casualty as “murder” and/or “genocide.”

The most famous of the many Muslim slave armies were the Janissaries (from whom “Vlad the Impaler” escaped), established by the Ottoman Turks who ruled the last Muslim Caliphate (global Islamic government to which all Muslims must submit), which (King of the North?) Turkish President Erdogen longs to restore. and trending geopolitics makes more likely.

As I frequently remind my readers, it was only just over a century ago that the British Empire liberated the Holy Land from the Turks and gave it back to the Jews (to whom God granted it as a perpetual covenant.

While the flaws of the “Anglo-Zionists” are many, their best contribution to modern civilization may well be the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire and subsequent division of the Muslims into opposing factions – the key to which has been maintaining Jerusalem in the hands of the Jews. For while, yes, Jew hatred is a major unifying factor in Islam, their greater interest as religio-military factions is power and control. What has kept them divided is competition for the top seat in the Muslim hierarchy when it finally reconstitutes under the next Caliph – the literal heir in Islamic doctrine of Mohammed himself whom none can disobey.

Here is the operational bottom line in today’s geopolitical equation: whomever retakes Israel into Muslim hands and holds it is very likely to be the next Caliph. And since there is no higher goal in Islam than global conquest for Allah, is there anything true-believer Muslims wouldn’t sacrifice to attain it – including martyrdom as “civilian refugees” posing as human shields to win the cultural victory as the world’s greatest “victim class?” And thus fatally weaken Israel among its narrative-susceptible American backers. That’s why I call the Gazan population “Jihad Janissaries”: a mix of religiously fanatical willing martyrs and submissive slaves with no other choice.

The idea of a revived Muslim Caliphate hell-bent on global conquest may seem absurd to many readers of this article but only because the average westerner has lived so long under US/UK/NATO hegemony and its pursuit of a secular humanist global order that we assume it’s the permanent norm. We think that even if we don’t reverse the grotesque moral decay our Secular Humanist elites have produced we’ll still plug along under watered-down or Marxist-flavored Judeo-Christian rules.

But all over the globe Muslim fanatics are drooling over the prospect of regaining power – while President Putin in Orthodox Christian Russia plays the dangerous game of empowering them as a weapon against NATO, which in turn will not back down from its plan to break-down and Balkanize the Russian Federation (an existential threat). What could go wrong?

Anyone who opposes the idea of living under Muslim rule is an utter fool for backing the “Palestinian cause.” To misquote Voltaire, and perhaps explain Revelation 6:9 and 20:4, “those who fail to learn from history may be doomed to beheading.”

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Oppression Theology and “Black Privilege.”

Oppression Theology and ‘Black Privilege,’ 11/20/2023

In my last column, Why the Palestinians Refuse to Civilize, I put the Israel/Hamas conflict in its proper perspective as the inevitable fruit of cultural Marxism’s division of all humanity into oppressors and the oppressed, with the Palestinians achieving the collective status of “most oppressed” after decades of painful and careful cultivation of that image, and, thus far, winning the all-important propaganda war among the brainwashed American policy-setters with its grand prize of the right to punish and plunder their “oppressors” without limit. Today I am coining the term “Oppression Theology” to define this phenomenon more precisely as as form of Secular Humanist religious dogma and show how it functions domestically.

Yesterday here in Memphis my day started with breaking news – delivered right to my cell phone in the form of a “bolo” emergency alert – that an armed and very dangerous mass murderer was on a rampage, with three killing sites already behind him. We later learned that it was a family affair, and the multiple victims were the man’s relatives by blood and marriage. He was an African-American man, as are (vastly disproportional to their numbers as a minority) a high plurality if not strictly the majority of excessively violent criminals in Memphis and frankly all the deep blue cities. It’s strictly verboten to point this out, but we all know it’s true.

The problem with inner-city African Americans isn’t the “African” part as so many racist-types insist, but the “American” part, because America’s Africans have been stewed and steeped in the “victim/plunder” marinade of Cultural Marxist “Oppression Theology” more than any other faction of our “multi-cultural” society. (After multiple African missions I know the African-Africans are not naturally like that.) The poisonous “critical race theory” being forced upon America’s schoolchildren emphasizes a “white privilege” narrative painting all whites as inherently oppressive regardless of their overt actions, and paints all blacks as inherently oppressed regardless of their personal successes.

This has, of course, created a de-facto victim-based “black privilege” in our society – including both 1) the right to plunder the assets of the oppressors in the form of presumed eventual high dollar reparations (with increasingly widespread shoplifting and looting considered by many just a deserved advance against future payments) and 2) the right to disregard any aspects of the law and customs of the oppressor’s society with impunity (including most obviously here in Memphis the traffic laws). These problems are compounded wherever the Soros machine has installed its agents in the criminal justice system: “justice” is simply redefined to serve the social goals of “oppression theology” which means no prosecution, no punishment, and, sadly, no protection for black neighborhoods from home-grown thuggery.

Back in my days as State Communications Director for the Oregon Citizens Alliance, I did several Manhattan-based daytime TV talk shows, including Montel Williams,’ to share my conservative views. One time I was asked to come and address “affirmative action” and didn’t realize I’d been set up until the curtain began to rise and the floor monitor displayed the title of the segment: “White Men on the Edge.” The audience was, of course, all black and primed for rage, but I nonetheless put on a knowing smile and shared that affirmative action is bad policy because it is counter-productive – breeding resentment against blacks because of favoritism. Nobody likes line-cutters! (And that goes double for border-jumping “immigrants.”)

But, of course, that’s the real point of victim-plunder ideology – to breed resentment, create social chaos and break America down.

The next most victimization-empowered class of Americans are the “gays” whose spokesman “Michael Swift” explained the victim-plunder mentality most eloquently in his classic essay The Gay Revolutionary (which Congressman Bill Dannemeyer read into the Congressional Record back in 1987.)

“This essay is an outré, madness, a tragic, cruel fantasy, an eruption of inner rage, on how the oppressed desperately dream of being the oppressor. We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theater bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses…Your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding….The family unit – spawning ground of lies, betrayals, mediocrity, hypocrisy and violence–will be abolished….All churches who condemn us will be closed.”

There are an additional 15 paragraphs here if you have the stomach for it, ending with this: “We shall be victorious because we are fueled with the ferocious bitterness of the oppressed who have been forced to play seemingly bit parts in your dumb, heterosexual shows throughout the ages. We too are capable of firing guns and manning the barricades of the ultimate revolution. Tremble, hetero swine, when we appear before you without our masks.” This essay was called “satire” at the time but history proves it was deadly serious – a blueprint even for “gay” victim/plunderers. [Emphasis added]

Black Lives Matter is a joint venture of elite-controlled blacks and “gays,” run by a pair of black openly Marxist lesbians. As I’ve always said “ the lives of black people matter very much but ‘Black Lives Matter’ is an evil Marxist cult whose far left agenda destroys Black families and their neighborhoods.”

Importantly, all these victim/plunder armies are tools controlled by a globalist social-engineering elite with a heavy emphasis on breaking stalwartly self-reliant Judeo-Christian America as the necessary prerequisite to global Marxist government. I was onto BLM as an agent provocateur in this plan all the way back in 2014 as I explained in my article “Bad Moon on the Rise: Bill Cosby, Ferguson and Obama” I bolstered my case in “The Cosby Conspiracy” in 2021 with additional evidence

Look around, America. What is the common denominator on display among all these forces breaking America down? It is, as Swift admitted: “The ferocious bitterness of the oppressed” – the fruit of Cultural Marxist religious fanaticism. We must accept this is spiritual warfare and act accordingly.

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The Cult of Anti-Zionism

The Cult of Anti-Zionism, 11/12/2023

In my prior column I promised to explain my phrase “the Cult of Anti-Zionism.”

According to Google Summarizer a cult is “a social group with socially deviant or novel religious, philosophical or spiritual beliefs and practices.” By that definition, I call “cult” on the growing hodgepodge of fringe-faction post-millennial Christians, Muslims, Marxists and a sliver of ultra-ultra Orthodox Jews who share the viewpoint that “Zionism” is the main source of political and cultural evil in the modern world and that all its members are not actually Jews but a network of “Khazarian Mafia” families bent on world domination. Typical of their mindset is this comment I got this week in my email: “Zionists are fake Hebrews. Let God sort It out. Satanist’s baby eaters are not Included. I will not support them or their Lackies in the fake church.” Apparently, I am the “lackie in the fake church” to whom she was referring.

To be clear, I do not consider myself a “Christian Zionist” which is a highly politically loaded term that means different things to different people. I prefer the term Millennialist, which better reflects the common doctrine Christians and Jews shared about the restoration of the TWO Hebrew houses (Israel and Judah) to the Holy Land during the nearly five centuries in which the Christian Hebraic Movement cooperated with Millennialist Jews in Great Britain and Holland. Their partnership under the banner of Zionism (the still future “two-stick” homecoming to Israel per Ezekiel 37) included the pro-active Christian repatriation and resettlement of Jews in the Holy Land through most of the 1800s, but ended abruptly in 1897 with the formal establishment of “Zionism” (in actuality Neo-Zionism) as an exclusively Jewish nationalist political movement. Exactly twenty years later the British liberated the Holy Land from the Turks and gave it to the Neo-Zionists, rather than to the partnership of Christian and Jewish Millennialists who had made it possible.

That having been said, I strongly support the restored nation of Israel as a fulfilment of biblical prophecy, even as I strenuously object to the influence of the super-rich functionally Marxist, anti-Torah Jews who have tried to recreate the Jewish homeland culturally as as mini-America – complete with LGBT supremacy and an abortuary in every neighborhood. I love Israel like I love America – the way one loves a dear relative who has fallen into the clutches of a religious cult — by which I mean in this case the cult of Secular Humanism (the religious form of Marxism that denies it is a religion).

Ironically, many Christians who have embraced Anti-Zionism have done so because they conflate Zionism with Secular Humanism and thus decide that Zionist Jews are not true Jews. That’s not such a big leap of logic considering just how many very powerful fake Jews we have in America and their obvious inordinate influence both here and in Israel. But just as Christianity is plagued with “tares” among the “wheat” (Matthew 13:24-29), Judaism has (per Jeremiah 24) its “bad figs” amidst the “good figs.” The Apostle Paul addressed this topic directly in his treatise on Christian attitudes toward the Jews in Romans 11:

“God did not reject His people, whom He foreknew. Do you not know what the Scripture says about Elijah, how he appealed to God against Israel: ‘Lord, they have killed Your prophets and torn down Your altars. I am the only one left, and they are seeking my life as well?’And what was the divine reply to him? ‘I have reserved for Myself seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal.’ ”

As is within our right, we Christians appropriate this passage frequently, forgetting this was originally given to the Hebrews and that our claim to it is only by virtue of being “grafted in” (Romans 11:17-18). Paul firmly rebukes those who ignore this truth, saying “Now if some branches have been broken off, and you, a wild olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others to share in the nourishment of the olive root, do not boast over those branches. If you do, remember this: You do not support the root, but the root supports you.” Importantly, he said this specifically of Jews who had not yet accepted Christ, and will not do so collectively until His second coming (Romans 11:19-30).

So both by biblical logic (and by direct observation by honest Christians like myself) there are many genuine Hebrews – as measured by faithfulness to Torah – among the “Zionists.” What standard then are we bound to judge the entire group by? Does a majority of “tares” or “bad figs” in any congregation condemn the entire body? Clearly not according to Paul. And not according to God, certainly, who was pressed by Abraham to define just how many righteous men were needed to spare even Sodom from His wrath and settled on the number 10. I am NOT granting by this line of reasoning the idea that a majority of Zionists are “bad figs,” just showing that even if they were, it doesn’t change our Christian duty of fairness toward each person as an individual.

The term “Khazarian Mafia” has recently become popular in the debate over Zionism on the Anti-Zionist side. As I explained to a Jewish friend who complained about my citing the term in a past article:

“I actually see the emergence of the “Khazarian mafia” rhetoric as a positive step because of its logical implications. Yes, its the same old batch of Jew haters who espouse it, but the rhetoric itself departs from targeting “the Jews” as a single monolithic body and instead targets non-Hebrew Jews who lack a legitimate ethnicity-based claim to the covenant God made with the patriarchs. That’s a huge concession and a backhanded affirmation of the legitimacy of the special status of those with true Hebrew ancestry and Torah-grounded theology.

More importantly it begs the question why the ethnic Khazarians claim Jewishness. That necessitates a discussion of the actual basis for the special status which is not primarily racial but theological, a proper understanding of which redeems Yahweh-worshiping “Khazarians” as true Jews (as I did in my article) and, prima facia, exposes ALL Yahweh-rejecting non-Hebrews as fake Jews. That’s both a victory for the biblical worldview and a powerful challenge to the authentic Jewish community to stop protecting and therefore identifying themselves with the anti-Torah civilization-destroyers [bad figs] in their midst who literally have no legitimate claim to Jewishness.”

Sadly, the breakout of war in Israel has escalated the crisis of Anti-Zionism in Christendom and complicated the pursuit of objective truth on all the related issues. War breeds jingoism (mindless hyper-partisanship) on both sides of any conflict, causing both sides to rigidly adopt slates of official positions regardless of their factual accuracy. Trying to point out mitigating factors in the spirit of a truth-loving mediator can get you painted as a traitor and shunned. I’m afraid we’re moving rapidly toward that in the ideological conflict about Zionism – but that will not change my position that truth is the only antidote to lies, and I will keep telling it, no matter the cost. Anti-Zionism IS a cult, rooted in heresy, and its growth in Christendom is harmful.

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Why the Palestinians Refuse to Civilize

Why the Palestinians Refuse to Civilize, 11/8/2023

On my fourth trip to Israel I led a church tour group from Riverside, California – a two week tour timed to coincide with 10 Days of Awe, which starts with Yom Teruah (the Feast of Trumpets) on the bibical calendar of Leviticus 23, and ends with Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). Most of our daily excursions took us to places on the standard tourist list but on Yom Kippur I arranged an “off the grid” tour of the Kidron Valley with a Messianic Jewish guide with special expertise in Jerusalem history.

Even though the Kidron Valley runs directly between the Temple Mount and the Mount of Olives – almost literally a stones throw from each other – it is a place almost completely wild compared to the carefully maintained tourist areas. The eastern hillside on the northern end of the valley has many ancient burial chambers just abandoned and neglected, with trees growing out through their openings, and on the valley floor was the half-eaten rotting carcass of a dead sheep and the older remains of other animals. An abandoned building that looked like it had once attempted to serve as a tourist attraction was the home of a pack of wild mongrel dogs, which were thankfully still only puppies.

But in the middle stretch of the hillside as we hiked south was a different pack of “predator puppies” – a group of pre-pubescent Palestinian boys who immediately began throwing stones at us from up the hill. Thankfully, they seemed more interested in impressing each other with their daring than in hurting us so their aim was poor and the force they used to lob their missiles rather weak. Still, our small group included several women, and there was no Israeli police presence virtually anywhere because it was a high holy day, so we just picked up our pace and prayed for God’s protection. When we reached the southern end of the valley, at the base of the City of David where Hezekiah’s water tunnel ends (a tourist attraction), we felt saver, even though the boys had followed us there on bicycles.

I put on a charm offensive with the obvious leader of the group, who spoke reasonably good English, and won him over. The group then accompanied us back up the valley on our return trip – mostly friendly (with a blustery edge) and overflowing with curious boy questions.

Muslims consider themselves People of the Book (the Bible) along with Jews and Christians, even though they follow the Quran and “The Life of Mohammed” as their religious guides – linking themselves to the Bible through Abraham’s son Ishmael, whom they portray as the favored son and heir rather than Isaac. That’s a major doctrinal chasm coloring virtually every aspect of civilization arising after Genesis 17. We three groups (to the extent we actually follow the Bible) have very strong agreement on Creation, the natural family, the special status of the Abramic bloodlines and other foundational values, but on a great many issues covered by Genesis 18-Revelation 22 there is variance and tension.

This is a problem because in Genesis 16: 12, the Angel of the Lord warned Abraham that soon to be born Ishmael “will be a wild donkey of a man, and his hand will be against everyone, and everyone’s hand against him; he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.” Islam is the religious embodiment of the seed of Ishmael, birthed from the lifetime of military conquest of its prophet Mohammed as chronicled in his biography which in some ways carries more weight than the Quran – the book of doctrines – itself.

During its first century, Islam was actually considered a sect of Christianity, but that soon morphed into the hostile rivalry that has ever since characterized it. The history of the world since then is a chronicle, first of the wars of conquest waged westward against Christendom by the Muslims, then of the eastward multi-century Christian military counter-campaign, and then, roughly since the rise of the British Empire, the attempted containment of Islam in the lands of the east.

Throughout it all the most contested territory has always been Israel which has repeatedly changed hands among “the People of the Book” like the most coveted toy of three fighting brothers. Most of the time it has been held by the militarily stronger brothers, Islam and Christianity, but during the peak of its global power, when also the crypto-doctrine of British Israelism dominated its elites, the British Empire decided to give the Holy Land back to the Jews who had formed a nationalist Jewish movement which coopted the name Zionism in 1897 to facilitate their repatriation there. (For the prior four centuries Zionism had been a joint Christian Jewish movement centered on the shared doctrine of Millennialism, but after 1897 it was exclusively associated with Jewish nationalism in a restored Israel.)

In 1917, at the end of WWI, the Jews finally got hands-on control of Israel including West Jerusalem. At the end of WWII they formally established the secular State of Israel. In 1967 they got de-facto control of East Jerusalem and much of the covenant territory outlined in the Bible.

The Islamic people of the religion of military conquest have never accepted Jewish ownership of the Land God covenanted to them, but they have not had the strength to take it back because of the combined military might of the nationalist Jews and of the (still nominally) Christian Anglo-American alliance. So instead they have engaged in asymmetrical warfare in various forms including “intifadas” while at the same time waging much more consequential CULTURAL warfare, exploiting the weaknesses of the west against us – most especially those related to the disease of Marxism, and most particularly the powerhouse Marxist doctrine of “oppression.”

Under the doctrine of oppression the greatest evildoers are “oppressors” and the greatest good is “liberation of the oppressed from their oppressors.” The doctrine is so incredibly powerful in the Christian west because it appeals to the essential Christian virtue of protection of the weak, and thus it has allowed cynical western Marxists to usurp power, even to the point of now politically controlling both the US and UK, as well as the EU. It is also the perfect counter to traditional Jewish influence in the west, which has relied in large part on reminding Christians about their “oppression” of Jews over the centuries.

The key to cultural victory in the western world today is defining oneself as a victim and one’s opponent as a victimizer. And that in turn depends upon how good your propaganda is compared to your opponent. The Palestinians refuse to civilize, despite billions of dollars of assistance, because Muslim military strategist have cultivated them since the 1940s to become the world’s ultimate victim class in the eyes of the west – even to the point that they could get away with justifying their October 7th massacre as “pushback against oppression” – just like the Black Lives Matter terrorists of 2020 – and be fully backed in that irrational contention by huge numbers of Americans (especially youths), even at Jewish-funded Harvard University.

Unfortunately, because they have (with few exceptions – please excuse the profanity) refused to distance themselves from actual oppressors like the many fake Jews backing such atrocities as the LGBT campaigns to enslave our children, the pro-Israel lobby throughout the west has lost its edge on the scale of “oppressor/oppressed” and at the same time alienated an increasing number of Christians who are being sucked into what I call the Cult of Anti-Zionism. I’ll address that phenomenon and how I think all this will play out in my next article.

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Vladimir Putin’s Dangerous Game

Vladimir Putin’s Dangerous Game. 11/1/2023

I have never been afraid to show my respect for Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom I believe is the most competent, effective and law abiding head of state on the five member UN Security Council. I’ve weighed and rejected the various claims made against him over the past twenty years as fairly obvious war propaganda, and have admired his calm and measured prosecution of the current war in Ukraine that NATO forced upon him. His leadership in preserving and promoting true marriage, the natural family and gender normalcy against the LGBT global war-of-conquest is the unrivaled model for the world and the only real hope for a rollback of that truly satanic and literally existential threat to humanity. If Russia falls to that agenda, the entire world will drown in its own moral sewage just like America’s groomer-targeted schoolchildren in the deep blue cities are doing. All our other disputes will be moot because we will have lost the favor of God.

As someone who has done missionary work in Ukraine and worked shoulder to shoulder with Ukrainian Christian co-workers around the world in the culture war battles against the LGBT agenda, I deeply deplore the staggering human losses that the poor Ukrainian people have suffered in their tragic role as cannon fodder proxies for the US/UK aggressors. But the blame for that falls squarely on those who orchestrated the very long campaign of encroachments and provocations against Russia, repeatedly broke negotiated settlements such as the Minsk accords, and deliberately sabotaged the French and German brokered peace agreement of March 2023 (and Nordstream 2). High on the American segment of that list of evil elites are Obama, the Clintons, the entire inner circle of the present Obiden administration and their many allies in the “controlled opposition” wing of the GOP.

That having been said, I remain a stalwart American loyalist of the Constitutional Republic bequeathed to us by our Founders, large remnants of which survived the Marxist coup of 2020 and could be the core of a restored republic during a second Trump term (something I strongly hope will happen). And I am also an unwavering supporter of the Bible-based legal right of Israel to possess the Holy Land despite its own infestation with US and EU-backed evil leftist elites pushing civilization-eroding Marxist agendas.

Vladimir Putin’s dangerous game – perhaps more accurately characterized as a tightrope walk over the pit of hell – is his attempt to balance the realpolitik variables of geopolitics vis-a-vis the BRICS alliance/NATO showdown while managing the risks of overly empowering his Islamic political and military allies. As an heir to the Christian Byzantine Empire whose wondrous capital Constantinople (now Istanbul) was wrested from them by Muslim warlords centuries ago, today’s newly revived Russian Orthodox Empire should know better than most the consequences of underestimating Mohammed’s religion-of-conquest, literally founded on militarism.

It was Trump, not Putin, who first upset the (“divide and conquer”- motivated) balance of Middle East powers (so carefully created and maintained by the British since WWI) with his Abraham Accords (something I largely supported). But the unintended consequence of that peace-effort was to unite the religious fanatics of the entire Muslim world against the “sacrilege” of recognizing Israel’s right to exist, which sudden “harmony” Putin has exploited to pull the former Islamic rivals away from the US and into his political orbit.

Indeed, an argument could be made that one of the several reasons the globalists unleashed Hamas on Judah (per my personal conspiracy theory) was to force Putin into the near-impossible position of trying to preserve his long-cultivated good relations with Israel while not alienating his Muslim allies. The recent story of Muslims hunting down Jews in a Russian airport highlights the thorniness of the problem Putin now faces.

Compounding the complications is the escalating conflict in the US/Russia proxy-war theater of Syria, which pre-dates the Ukraine war. Israeli officials are now issuing thinly veiled threats to assassinate Syrian President Assad, a close Putin ally, as a massive buildup of combat-ready US military forces accumulate in the eastern Mediterranean, angry with the sting of defeat in Ukraine. Looming huge in the wings is Turkey, which has just issued its own threat to Israel that should it choose to do so it could send massive forces of its own to Gaza “overnight.”

Should there be a restored Califate (a single Islamic governing authority uniting all Muslims) it is Turkey that dreams about and claims the natural right to form it (re-form it) as a Neo-Ottoman Empire. Other powers might disagree, but that is now a conversation about possibilities made plausible by current events, as is Christian discussion of the “Gog and Magog” war of biblical eschatology in which either Russian or Turkey hold the role of mastermind in rival theories of whom the “king of the north” may be in that prophecy.

It is in the very nature of geopolitics for rival Empires to form alliances with otherwise incompatible nations with their own regional rivalries — and for all parties to downplay their own hypocrisies while highlighting those of their opponent. The whitewashing of our US alliance with Sunni Saudi Arabia is a case in point relative to the Russian alliance with Shiite Iran. “Our Muslims are less a danger to the world than yours” is a mantra now ringing hollow for both sides as the Islamic factions all appear ready to coalesce into one furious swarm of hornets.

The US, whose formerly chiseled masculine face to the world in matters of war has been replaced by that of a effeminate transgender tattooed in rainbows, has lost much of its credibility with the Muslim world and may never get it back. But the face of Russia, Putin, has that world’s respect at this most critical juncture of history. I expect he will address the Muslims regarding the Israeli war with the same calm and measured style I mentioned above – staying neutral on Israel as Israel has stayed neutral in Ukraine – while being careful not to alienate those in his own coalition whose cooperation he must preserve.

It is and will remain a dangerous game – not a gamble, but a series of calculated “lesser of two evils” decisions very much like what Trump was forced to make during his presidency. Trump and Putin are both masters of that political game while both keep their eye on the prize of maximal national health and prosperity for their own people.

If by God’s mercy we avert the descent into the global collapse/reset I write so much about, and also restore Trump to the White House in 2024, I believe there is a very good chance Trump and Putin will together walk the world back from the brink of global Marxism, kill the “climate change” canard, restore traditional values, and establish a healthy balance of super-powers that will respect national sovereignty and sweep all the shattered pieces of the globalist one-world dictatorship into the dustbin of history. Admittedly that’s a Yuuge IF.

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The Real War for Israel

The Real War for Israel 10/29/2023

It is often said that truth is the first casualty of war but that is a lie. Jesus is Himself the embodiment of truth (John 14:6) and He abides eternally as the Builder and Sustainer of all things in Creation (Colossians 1:15-17). He also promised and delivered the Holy Spirit to all Christians “to guide you into all truth” (John 16:13). His truth is the only thing that separates “the elect” from the rest of the world when the Great Deceiver begins his short reign upon the earth by the permissive will of God, it having been “given to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them, and authority was given to him over every tribe, people, language, and nation” (Revelation 13:7). “If it were possible,” reads the key text of Mark 24:24, “even the elect would be deceived” by the signs and wonders the Antichrist will use to dazzle the eyes of the non-elect.

Who then are the “elect?” Logically, they must at minimum be those Christians who actively “abide in Christ” and are thus submitted to the leading of the Holy Spirit, because no other source of information will be trustworthy once the Great Deceiver turns on his “signs and wonders” machinery. Remember that this broader period of time (which seems already to have begun) is traditionally called “the Age of Apostasy,” meaning a very great many people who have claimed the name of Christ will betray Him and defect to the Evil One, even before he emerges costumed as the “Angel of Light” (2 Corinthians 11:14).

And even before the signs and wonders begin “the mystery of lawlessness is already at work” (2 Thessalonians 2:7) and those with eyes to see can recognize it rising around us like insanity-inducing vapors from the steam vents of hell.

On this landscape shrouded in the roiling fog of war let us pull back the heavy curtains of war propaganda and seek to discern what is actually happening in Israel – because it is from the perspective of Israel that all prophecy was written and is properly considered.

The war today in Israel is not primarily Israel vs Hamas or Hezbollah, or Syria, or Iran or all of Islam. It is a civil war of Jews – the globalist Synagogue of Satan “Jews” of the United States vs the ultra-nationalist authentically Judean Jews who came to power in Israel last November for the very first time since the British repatriated the Jewish people in their ancestral, God-covenanted homeland in 1917. This new Jewish government represents primarily the Sephardic minority, descendants of Jewish “golden age” on the Iberian Peninsula whose ethnic claims to the Holy Land have never been contested – as opposed to the majority Askenazi Jews of largely Khazarian (non-Hebrew) ethnicity by way of Germany (where the literal Seat of Satan was reconstructed by the last Caesar of the Second Reich in the late 1800s and so very many modern evils originated).

To be clear, Khazarian heritage does not in itself disqualify any individual from membership in authentic Judaism because the Mosaic Law had always allowed for non-Hebrew conversions (Deuteronomy 23:1-8). But it is from this cohort of Jews that the evil branch of Torah-defying fake Jews has grown into a world-strangling vine heavily laden with the Grapes of Sodom: the George Soros and Paul Singer and Chuck Schumer types.

To understand what is happening in Israel we must step back to see the bigger picture of the entire world at war. In a very real sense WWIII began with the election of Barack Obama to the White House, whom many still recognize as a prime candidate for the final Antichrist even though he mostly lurks in the shadows at present. It was Obama who dramatically escalated the globalist campaign for world control – sponsoring along with “Pope” Francis the 2023 Agenda for Sustainable Development which is the final blueprint for achieving global government, and which the UN has ominously just pledged to complete in the seven remaining years – even while admitting they are behind schedule (consider the implications of THAT).

Obama’s election marked the beginning of a world-wide rebellion against globalism that has continuously grown larger and more powerful every year since. Here in the US it began with the Tea Party, which morphed into the MAGA movement, which is has become an unstoppable army of America First nationalists determined to restore Donald Trump to the presidency. In the UK it empowered Nigel Farage to deal a mortal blow to the globalist EU in the form of Brexit by a still mostly silent majority of patriots that has been smouldering with anger since the Plandemic and chaffing under containment (so far) by the world’s most advanced police state. In Russia it emboldened Vladimir Putin to finally push back against NATO nuclear encirclement by which the same globalists intended to subjugate the Russian Empire and force American “Democracy” (read LGBT supremacy and cultural Marxism) upon it. The BRICS alliance Russia leads is a coalition of otherwise incompatible nationalistic countries united primarily by a desire to break free of globalist control.

Finally, it provided an opportunity for the Jewish nationalists of Israel to take the government into their own hands. Here I see the clear hand of God at work because it was only possible due to Benjamin Netanyahu’s determination to stay in power. For the first time, he could not form a government without empowering the ultra-nationalists, which he did in spite of his opposition to their agenda. Netanyahu is himself a mixed bag – a globalist with conservative leanings, but God used him to bring the Temple Builders into power. That’s right, the ultra-nationalists are firmly Orthodox and they intend to build the Third Temple. They are “messianic” in the sense that they believe the Messiah’s (first) coming is imminent, and they have done virtually everything necessary short of sacrificing the red heifer to restore ancient Temple-centered Judaism in the Holy Land. The red heifer ceremony has apparently been planned for Passover season, 2024.

The loss of Israel to the nationalists was the ultimate nightmare scenario of the Synagogue of Satan globalist “Jews” who have since engaged in all-out political and judicial warfare to stop the them from reforming the leftist controlled Israeli judiciary (where the real power over policy is wielded, just as is true in the US). In the past month these globalist “Jews” seemingly lost that domestic Israeli battle, while at the same time realizing they have lost the Ukraine proxy war. Their time for desperate measures had come – and for that reason, I believe, THEY unleashed Hamas on Israel. (Netanyahu may or may not be complicit but its too soon to tell.) And when, not if, the true Jews build the Third Temple, these globalists will somehow wrest control of it from them and install their own man – Satan’s man – in that place.

So, yes, Israel clearly is in a multi-front war, but the central and most consequential front is the civil war the media is not covering.


For more analysis from this perspective read Scott Lively’s newest book “Dynasty of Darkness

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Frankenstein Goes to Harvard

Mary Shelly’s immortal classic has become a real life morality tale to liberal Jews who created a monster they can’t control. I’m not talking about Hamas – at least not directly – but about Harvard University.

It’s late October and we’re again approaching that most hallowed of secular humanist holidays, Halloween, when the nation will be given over to a celebration of demons, dystopia and death – all dressed up like pigs in lipstick to make it fun for the kids. It began long ago as a form of push-back against the Roman Catholic church-created holiday, All Saints Day, when a very strict human-created moral code would clamp down on the Christian world like the torture implements of the Spanish Inquisition. All Hallows Eve, like it’s cousin Mardi Gras and distant relative, the Bachelor Party, were designed to celebrate one last night of “freedom” by indulging deeply in vice and sin before surrendering the next day to slavery. At least that’s how the world thinks of the Romanized church and its derivatives.

No groups had more to hate or fear from Roman Catholic tyranny in the middle ages than the Jews and Proto-Protestants who would team up in Holland and Great Britain in the 1500s on the common theme of Millennialism (belief in a future literal Jerusalem-based Millennial Kingdom ruled by the Messiah). They held this belief in common, in direct contradiction to the official Roman Catholic doctrine of Amillennialism (no Millennial Kingdom) – and for this they both suffered during the Inquisition. Their subsequent intermittent but continual cooperation and cross-pollination produced or at least facilitated the Protestant Revolution and the Hebraic Movement in Christendom, most easily recognized in the Judeo-Christian crypto-theology of “British-Israelism” which heavily influenced the British Empire for over four centuries, ending only after the British conquered the Turks and gave the Holy Land back to the Jews in the early 1900’s.

In parallel to that relatively healthy, God-honoring track of Messianic Judaism and Hebraic Christianity in all their myriad forms, a separate track of resistance to Roman Catholicism and its network of monarchies formed around “secularism” – also integrating Jews and Christians, but around a common atheism, producing Marxism, Secular Humanism and their many variations. This track was dominated more heavily by the Jews, whose misguided liberal views and attempts to fundamentally transform civilization to conform to them are the subject of this article. They are today reaping a whirlwind of their own making – a Frankenstein monster they brought to life with their own hands.

These Torah-defying liberal Jews’ road to this hell was admittedly paved with the very best of intentions but the most inverted and hubristic logical premises: they thought they knew better than God what’s best for humanity.

Let’s now shift our gaze to Harvard University, which like Stanford on the west coast has been among the most intensely coveted destinations for their own children. Stanford provided a foretaste of the current crisis earlier this year which I addressed in my article “Woke Fascism at Stanford Law” in mid-March.

Like in the Stanford case, I have personal knowledge of the matter at hand because I debated criminal justice reform at Harvard Law School as an Independent candidate for Governor of Massachusetts in 2014. The Democrat candidate was Attorney General Martha Coakley, who was running on that theme, but both she and GOP contender Charlie Baker (who won that election) boycotted the event because I was there. (If I remember right, Coakley popped in to make a brief statement to her base and then split but Baker was a total no-show.)

As you may know, I have enjoyed super-pariah status among the hard left since the late 1980s, and have the high honor of holding perhaps the longest continuous “Christian hate group” designation of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and so I am no by no means a stranger to leftist tantrums and disruption tactics. But my Harvard experience was unique. Even when I debated “gay marriage” at Berkeley (in 2004?) the ACLU moderator kept control and forced the crowd to be civil. At Harvard, the LGBT contingent that turned out to harass me was given carte-blanche to take over the room – with no meaningful pushback by weak-willed school officials running the event. I chronicled that here.

I knew then that Harvard was a lost cause.

The first article I read this morning with my coffee was “Wexner Foundation Cuts Ties With Harvard After ‘Dismal Failure’ To Condemn Hamas’ ” in the student newspaper The Harvard Crimson.” All the Harvard administrators faces should be crimson with shame that their cowardice in the face of Woke insanity has produced such a massive revolt among the core of its base. BUT, irony of ironies, it was primarily that base of liberal Jews who pushed that wokeness in the first place.

It is in the nature of liberals to mis-read reality whenever it conflicts with their narratives, so the collective pro-Israel left is likely to blame previously hidden “white supremacy” or a secret “right-wing” conspiracy for Harvard’s ideological civil war. But perhaps this time some might actually awaken to the fatal flaws in their woke agenda – because Harvard is just the flagship of a nationwide anti-Israel rebellion in American academia. Many college campuses – and even high schools – are metaphorically on fire like the streets of France are literally.

The greatest irony of all in this crisis, is that the major benefactor, when all is said and done, is likely to be Donald Trump – who has been Israel’s staunchest political ally and maintained the most immovable barrier to funding the Palestinian agenda of all the recent presidential administrations. Obiden’s crew was caught on its back foot, spewing pro-Palestinian platitudes when the Hamas terror crisis broke – and no amount of the coming major military pounding of Israel’s enemies will wipe away that memory in the minds of the Jews.

Shelly’s Frankenstein was a nightmarish morality tale about playing God. Let us pray that the liberal Jews awaken from their ideological stupor to recognize that they created the Harvard Frankenstein and all the other woke monsters now ravaging the countryside, and that they repent and seek the forgiveness of God, who alone has the power to fix what they broke, and to fix them.

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The Hebrews Irrevocable Right to the Holy Land

In Genesis, God gave irrevocable title to the Holy Land to the Hebrews.

“On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, ‘To your descendants I have given this land – from the river of Egypt to the great River Euphrates – the land of the Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, Hittites, Perizzites, Rephaites, Amorites, Canaanites, Girgashites, and Jebusites.'” These are the spoken words of God recorded by the inerrant Word of God (Genesis 15:18-21).

God reconfirmed the promise in the form of a perpetual Deed of Trust in Genesis 17:7-8, saying, “I will establish My covenant as an everlasting covenant between Me and you and your descendants after you, to be your God and the God of your descendants after you. And to you and your descendants I will give the land where you are residing – all the land of Canaan – as an eternal possession; and I will be their God.”

In Numbers 34:1-12, God again spoke personally to Moses as the Hebrews were preparing to cross the Jordan into the promised land, establishing the specific legal boundaries of the deed:

“Your southern border will extend from the Wilderness of Zin along the border of Edom. On the east, your southern border will run from the end of the Salt Sea, cross south of the Ascent of Akrabbim, continue to Zin, and go south of Kadesh-barnea. Then it will go on to Hazar-addar and proceed to Azmon, where it will turn from Azmon, join the Brook of Egypt, and end at the Sea. Your western border will be the coastline of the Great Sea; this will be your boundary on the west. Your northern border will run from the Great Sea directly to Mount Hor, and from Mount Hor to Lebo-hamath, then extend to Zedad, continue to Ziphron, and end at Hazar-enan. This will be your boundary on the north. And your eastern border will run straight from Hazar-enan to Shepham, then go down from Shepham to Riblah on the east side of Ain and continue along the slopes east of the Sea of Chinnereth. Then the border will go down along the Jordan and end at the Salt Sea.”

There is no ambiguity in this matter. God made a binding, perpetual covenant with the Hebrews giving them eternal title to the Holy Land. That covenant was not broken by the Assyrian or Babylonian conquests and mass deportations from the land, nor by the Roman Empire’s “permanent,” enforced banishment of the Hebrews in A.D. 135 when they renamed it “Palestine.” No human power can rescind or nullify a deed granted by God.

Importantly, the deed was to all the Hebrews collectively, not the Jews alone. The modern world has forgotten that “Jew” is a nickname for “Judean,” first used in the Bible when the Judeans of the Southern Kingdom and the Israelites of the Northern Kingdom were at war. The word Hebrew was introduced in Genesis 14:13 in the phrase “Abram the Hebrew,” and later became synonymous with the phase “children of Israel.” Remembering that is essential to properly interpreting the historical restoration of the Jews to the Holy Land by the British Empire in 1917.

While I have never seen the case presented as such in debates about the Jewish/Palestinian conflict, the Christian British liberation of the Holy Land from the Muslim Ottoman Turks in World War I clearly falls under the ancient universal law of war and conquest: to the victor go the spoils. Indeed, this law was well-established in Abram’s day when (again in Genesis 14) he chased down and conquered the Elamite-led forces who had plundered Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboiim and Zoar and taken many captives, including his nephew Lot. Upon his return in victory he famously divided the spoils and paid the Bible’s first tithe – to Melchizedek.

When the British defeated the Turks they held the universal right of the conqueror and they exercised that right by restoring the Jews to their inheritance via the Balfour Declaration. Notwithstanding modern international law among the world powers and the claims of the conquered Palestinians, both biblically and traditionally the Holy Land became again morally and legally the rightful possession of the Hebrews.

It being the Brits in charge of this land transfer, however, the deal was crafted in such a way as to retain de facto control in furtherance of granting them an advantage in the never-ending geopolitical contest for world domination. Essentially, the British Monarchy cut a deal with Jewish hyper-nationalists (who had formed the political movement known as Zionism in 1893) to let them have Israel on the condition that the country serve as a military outpost representing Western interests on the Muslim frontier. Cut out of that deal were the Christian millennialists who had partnered with the Jews since the 1500s in the extremely influential movement called “British Israelism” and shared the biblical vision of a restoration of the two Hebrew houses (defined by Judaism and Christianity) per such prophecies as Hosea 1-3 and Ezekiel 37. For more on this theme go here.

From the biblical perspective, the Jews have every right to “occupy Palestine” because it has always belonged to them by right, and the failure of the Palestinians to capitulate to Jewish rule makes them responsible for all the natural consequences rebels must face in war – because war is exactly what they have been waging since the Jewish rightful owners of the land returned. And it is to the great shame of the Anglo-American powers that they have given credence to Palestinian ownership clams instead of backing the Jews and forcing the Palestinians to submit to realities or relocate elsewhere. We Americans would never have tolerated in Germany or Japan after WWIII what the Jews have been forced by our geopolitical games to endure since WWI.

And to those misguided Christians who deny the Jewish right to the Holy Land on the grounds that they are not ethnic Hebrews but Khazars (which is true of many but by no means all of them), be aware that the current “right-wing” government fighting for Israel’s survival represents the interests of the Sephardic Jewish minority whose Hebrew heritage has never been in question. (While it is the “Kazarian” dominated Ashkenazi Jews of the hard left Soros and Singer type who invited the current war by taking all the guns away from the people while they were in power and viciously sabotaging the new conservative regime.)

As unacknowledged owners of the other half of the “two house” inheritance, Christians have an equal biblical stake in the Holy Land we will one day share with our spiritual cousins the Jews. We should do all we can to preserve it in Jewish hands until that day.

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October is Gay Recruitment Month

While the world’s attention has been drawn to the spectacle of the The Mideast Road to WWIII, here at home the wholesale recruitment of America’s children into the LGBT sex cult has again picked up speed. This is the true priority of the “progressive” movement. They really don’t much care about the adults so long as they can hoodwink enough of them to keep their “election” results plausible enough to stay in power. Who they really want are the kids for all the obvious reasons, and “Gay History Month” is the cornerstone of their recruitment strategy.

Unlike Gay Pride Month, which is an annual, inescapable shock-and-awe propaganda campaign to convince Americans that resistance to LGBT cultural supremacy is futile, Gay History Month is much more subdued and stealthy – advertised mostly in loyal leftist venues to rally the groomer foot-soldiers, but downplayed in most of the “mainstream” media. Nearly all of the Gay History Month recruitment efforts are done behind the schoolhouse doors by a decades-old national network of LGBT activists called GLSEN, which was vastly enlarged and upgraded by Obama’s “Safe School’s Czar,” Kevin Jennings, before he was forced out of the Obama administration (by public outrage) for his defense of pederasty (man/boy sex).

GLSEN’s original name was the “Gay Lesbian Straight TEACHERS Network (GLSTN), but was renamed the GLS Education Network to obscure the activist role of public school teachers. Jennings also vastly expanded the use of Gay Straight Alliance student clubs for training newly recruited schoolkids as student activists and as a pipeline for trafficking these kids to the adults. The formal junction for child/adult interactions is a companion network of outside (often taxpayer-funded) LGBT community centers that “serve” a typical age range of 12-24. But, of course, once the child has “come out” to the larger LGBT community it is nearly impossible to track their movements.

Every year GSA clubs snag tens of thousands of new recruits by creating a warm and inviting “safe space” for the socially awkward and “oddball” kids just looking for somewhere to belong. This, is, of course, the traditional role of Christians in the schools, but hostility to Christianity by increasingly dominant leftist public school teachers and faculty has been high and increasing since at least the 1980s, so these days there is virtually no alternative to LGBT culture in the public schools. Obama ensured that America’s high schools and even junior highs would become like little “college campuses” regarding all things “gay.” Today even elementary schools and preschools are integrated in the recruitment system, and “transgenderism” has been included in the lifestyle options list for new recruits (with “gayness” as the fallback for those unwilling to become transgender pioneers). Any hint of opposition to this agenda is deemed “homophobic” and punished in a myriad of ways.

Thanks to conservative educational efforts like the “Sound of Freedom” movie, the American public has been awakened to the reality of international sex trafficking, previously known as “sexual slavery,” and are rightfully horrified. BUT, in some ways the “trafficking” of public school children into the LGBT movement is worse, because the LGBT recruitment system persuades children to voluntarily join its sex cult as a permanent lifestyle, a decision relentlessly hardened by continuous, mutually reinforced, self-deluding “sexual identity” dogma. Unwilling sex slaves can be rescued and resume a normal life, but, a great many LGBT recruits lose any sense of sexual normalcy, becoming “social justice” fanatics in defense of deviance, more zealous than even religious cultists. And attempts to rescue them – even through talk-therapy – have literally been criminalized in a growing number of left-leaning jurisdictions.

And, yes, behind all the media-crafted benign facades of “normalcy” is the reality of pederasty, the core of “gay” male culture from time immemorial. Lesbianism’s underlying pathology of emotional dependency and dysfunction presents a different kind of threat to the social order, but male homosexuality is driven by disoriented sexual lust that very often fixates on boys.

True “Gay History” is a poisoned stream of pederast exposés, from Hitler’s Brownshirt commander Ernst Roehm’s criminal conviction for recruiting boys from a Munich high school, to Obama bundler and Human Rights Campaign founder Terry Bean’s long season of courtroom scandals involving the “alleged” gang rape of a teen boy. And those were just the ones who got caught.

Every major step of the LGBT movement’s advance has been made by pederasts. The first openly homosexual organization in America was Henry Gerber’s chapter of Ernst Roehm’s “Society for Human Rights” in Chicago in 1924, before Gerber and his two cofounders were convicted of pederasty with teen boys. The next milestone was pederast Harry Hay’s Mattachine Society in the late 1940s. When public outrage got NAMBLA (the North American Man Boy Love Association) banned from Gay Pride parades in the 1970s, Hay (the so-called Father of Gay Rights) marched with a sign reading “NAMBLA walks with me.”

Harry Hay was Kevin Jennings’ inspiration for starting his GSA organizations.

NAMBLA was a “gay” activist organization started by David Thorstad (founder of the Gay Activist Alliance) and Thomas Reeves who wrote this about the LGBT movement: “Almost every one of the early openly homosexual writers was a pederast. Pederasty was a constant theme of early gay literature, art, and pornography. The Stonewall riots were precipitated by an incident involving an underage drag queen, yet that detail was not viewed as significant. … Many of the leaders of early gay liberation and the founders of the major gay groups in the U.S. were boy-lovers (Reeves in Pascal, Marc (ed), Varieties of Man Boy Love :47).”

Regular readers will recognize that I’ve cited these facts in prior article exposing the ugly true history of the LGBT movement. Each version addresses some other aspects not covered here, so I invite you to review the list here.

As I’ve reached “retirement” age, the culture war has somewhat passed me by. My battles pretty much culminated in the great loss of true marriage in 2015 with the Obergefell v Hodges ruling at SCOTUS. The line of conflict has since moved down the field to transsexualism, and many of the new anti-groomer forces in the conservative movement have foolishly accepted “gay marriage” as normal – which robs them of all moral authority in their otherwise laudable attempts to stop the Trans-Train. I’ve mostly leapfrogged that stage and am among a small number pioneering the transhumanism resistance movement (the inevitable next stage after transgenderism).

But my main role today is as a chronicler of the culture war past, many battles of which I fought on the front lines all over the world. I hope that will give me some credibility with those just awakening to these issues today. To them I say get your own children and grandchildren OUT of the public schools ASAP, at all cost, and fight with all you’ve got to rescue as many others from those indoctrination camps. If its true that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it – failing to learn from actual “gay” history could mean losing your very progeny to one of the worst of all possible cults.

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The Mideast Road to WWIII

Note: This is a re-write of Dr. Lively’s prior post “WWIII as a Facilitator of Something Worse.”

In my WND column of last week, “The race to global government,” I summarized the post-Reagan globalist takeover of our national government and international alliances by malign domestic forces. I ended my article with links to two news stories that highlight the culmination of their strategy and agenda, and a promise to comment on them.

The first headline is self-explanatory: “Leaders at the U.N. make a 7 year agreement to implement a single global agenda.” It details how and why “Officials from all over the world gathered in New York City to commit their nations to fully implement the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals over the next seven years.” Essentially, the globalists are escalating their efforts to impose tyrannical global government on humanity by 2030.

The second predicts “‘2030 is when the merge happens,’ OpenAI president tells Netanyahu of coming man-machine merger,” with “two possible futures: A future extinction of mankind, [or] a future ‘heaven’ in which AGI eliminates poverty, hunger, and sickness and mankind merges with machines.” Only God creates heaven. Any man-made counterfeit will be hell on earth: making this a secular prophecy of the “beast” government.

The single greatest threat to the globalist agenda is the still-rising populist/nationalist revolution behind the domestic MAGA movement in the U.S. and the Russia-led BRICS alliance across the world – both of which seem unstoppable despite massive suppression efforts. Trump and his MAGA army are simply crushing all opposition in what’s left of the GOP primary race, while the Dems weigh their slate of bad options under the walking corpse Biden. Putin is handily winning both the Ukraine war and the economic sanctions war, each victory on both fronts incrementally drawing an increasing number of nations into his orbit.

As I (and many others) have been predicting all along, the fall-back plan of the elites to retain power is World War III to facilitate their Great Collapse/Great Reset strategy. Yet all their efforts to provoke the Russians into NATO intervention-justifying escalation in Ukraine have failed.

Conveniently for the elites, however, the world was suddenly shaken this week by a shockingly savage Hamas attack on southern Israel, tied closely to Iran in initial media reports. Suspiciously, it comes just as the NATO powers are finally admitting (obliquely) they’ve lost the Ukraine war and MAGA “radicals” in Congress have mortally wounded the golden goose of Ukraine funding. And just as the elites have agreed to dramatically escalate their global takeover.

Even more suspiciously, we’re expected to believe that Israeli intelligence was taken completely by surprise. I’m NOT saying this was a “false flag,” especially since this is exactly the sort of “revenge” radical Islamists dream about, but I do strongly suspect it was steered or orchestrated. I think it likely, even, that these bloodthirsty dogs of war were deliberately unleashed by the very people who have mercilessly fed up to 500,000 Ukrainians into the Russian meat grinder.

Now Netanyahu is invoking Pearl Harbor and Israel has 9/11-level justification for wiping out its enemies. No more walking on geopolitical egg shells to appease the United Nations. No more nail-biting or politically necessary self-restraint about taking out Iran’s nuclear capabilities militarily. And now NATO will have its justification for WWIII, as mutual defense pacts kick in on both sides of the NATO/BRICS battlefront – as it memory-holes its humiliating defeat in Ukraine.

Is this, then, the kick-off of the Great Collapse? Was this week’s heart-wrenching carnage of innocents in Israel just the first entry in a long parade of real-time, real-life horrors that will drive the world to its knees, ready to accept deliverance in the form of a new global government and a new global economic system? Will the rebellion of the dollar-disenfranchising BRICS alliance be smashed and shattered – or further empowered? The world nervously awaits it fate.

On the Bible prophecy front, we seem right on track for the Antichrist kingdom, as the world collapses into barbarism and the demonic realm is unleashed.

In any case, we of the remnant should remain cool and calm, knowing that the Lord of Hosts will soon arrive on His preset schedule to take this planet under His control.

Our most important role in the expanding crisis is to point people to the simple truths that God is still on the throne, that He made us in His image, that this world belongs to Him and that all its natural systems and order remain available to us as a sanctuary from satanic tyranny.

The left is notorious for “never letting a good crisis go to waste.” I remember particularly that on 9/11, while the rest of the nation was in deep shock and mourning, the California Legislature met to push through a lightning vote on some big LGBT legislation.

This time, how about we Christian patriots use the crisis for a godly end? We often cite Christ’s general command to “occupy till I come” (Luke 19:13), but in his Olivet Discourse laying out the chronology of the end times for his disciples at their request, He specifically states: “Who then is the faithful and wise servant, whom the master has put in charge of his household, to give the others their food at the proper time? Blessed is that servant whose master finds him doing so when he returns. Truly I tell you, he will put him in charge of all his possessions” (Matthew 24:45-47).

“Their food” is the milk and meat of the Word, and the blessings of His natural order. I believe we can do the most good by reaffirming and conserving His natural world in our laws: undermining transhumanist ideology while giving sanctuary to those seeking an escape from the insanities of the counterfeit parallel world of artificiality. I will outline my proposed strategy for pulling this off in my next article.

The depraved Machiavellianism of the elites has been exposed to the people of the world, so they can’t hide their plans anymore – but they can still implement them because they hold power. That WILL change, either very soon by the hand of MAGA and BRICS, or a bit later by the Lord’s return – but we’re guaranteed global pain and suffering in the interim. Either way, our duty is the same: to “occupy” in His name and through His systems of goodness and order.

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WWIII As the Facilitator of Something Worse

Just yesterday as I write this, the world was shaken by the shockingly savage Hamas surprise attack on Southern Israel, tied closely to Iran in initial media reports. Israel now has its 9/11-level justification for taking out Iran’s nuclear capabilities militarily, which in turn will trigger WWIII, as mutual defense pacts kick in on both sides of the NATO/BRICS battlefront. But this is just the means to an end…

In this season of crisis and chaos it’s hard even to keep up with the news on all the various threats to humanity we face, let alone meaningfully respond to them. We’re each in our own way fighting furiously on several fronts to resist the grooming of our children and grandchildren, the jack-hammering of our constitution, the theft of our elections, the pharmaceutical defilement of our bodies, the debasement of our economy, the erasure of our national borders, the censorship of our opinions and the elimination of the biblical worldview from public life. Fighting them all isn’t just difficult, it is impossible, and that’s the point. We are being deliberately overwhelmed by those with the power to create social chaos – all for their purpose of imposing the greatest of all threats upon us with minimal resistance: transhumanism. It is, by far, a threat greater than WWIII, which will serve to usher it in.

I am by no means the first to raise the alarm about transhumanism – which has been a growing technological and ideological phenomenon for at least 20 years, but in terms of awareness of the threat I am far ahead of the curve on this topic among conservatives, many of whom still do not even know what transhumanism is. And even this late in the game, I am an early pioneer of what is still not big enough to be called the “transhumanism resistance movement.”

In my WND column of last week “The Race to Global Government,” I summarized the post-Reagan rise of the globalist take-over of our national government and international alliances by malign domestic forces. I ended my article with links to two news stories that highlight the culmination of their strategy and agenda, and a promise to comment on them.

The first headline is self-explanatory: “Leaders At The UN Make A 7 Year Agreement To Implement A Single Global Agenda.” It details how and why “Officials from all over the world gathered in New York City to commit their nations to fully implement the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals over the next 7 years.” Essentially, the globalists are escalating their efforts to impose tyrannical global government on humanity by 2030.

The second predicts, happily, “ ‘2030 is when the merge happens,’ OpenAI president tells Netanyahu of coming man-machine merger,” with “two possible futures: A future extinction of mankind, [or] a future “heaven” in which AGI eliminates poverty, hunger, and sickness and mankind merges with machines.” Only God creates Heaven. Any man-made counterfeit will be hell on earth: making this a secular prophecy of the “beast” government.

The single greatest threat to the globalist agenda is the still-rising populist/nationalist revolution behind the domestic MAGA movement in the US and the Russia-led BRICS alliance across the world – both of which seem unstoppable despite massive suppression efforts…

BUT, just yesterday as I write this, the world was shaken by the shockingly savage Hamas “surprise attack” on Southern Israel, tied closely to Iran in initial media reports. Israel now has its 9/11-level justification for taking out Iran’s nuclear capabilities militarily, which in turn will trigger WWIII, as mutual defense pacts kick in on both sides of the NATO/BRICS battlefront. Suspiciously, it comes just as the NATO powers are admitting they’ve lost the Ukraine war and MAGA “radicals” in Congress have mortally wounded the golden goose of Ukraine funding – and just as the elites have agreed to dramatically escalate their global takeover.

This, then, is likely the kick-off of the great collapse – a parade of real-time, real-life horrors amidst which the last thing on anyone’s mind will be the abstract threat of transhumanism.

I’m NOT suggesting the Hamas attack was a false flag, but I do think it may have been orchestrated in the same way the Ukraine war was orchestrated, and by the same strategists. I also believe it is an Assyria/Babylon-like fulfilment of Bible prophecy as the world collapses into barbarism and the demonic realm is unleashed. Those two perspectives are not mutually exclusive.

In any case, we of the remnant should remain cool and calm, knowing that the Lord of Hosts will soon arrive on His pre-set schedule to take this planet under His control.

Our most important role in the expanding crisis is to point people to the simple truths that God is still on the throne, that He made us in His image, that this world belongs to Him and that all its natural systems and order remain available to us as a sanctuary from satanic tyranny.

The left is notorious for “never letting a good crisis go to waste.” I remember particularly that on 9/11, while the rest of the nation was in deep shock and mourning, the California legislature met to push through a lightning vote on some big LGBT legislation.

This time, how about we Christian patriots use the crisis for a godly end? We often cite Christ’s general command to “occupy till I come” (Luke 19:13), but in his Olivet Discourse laying out the chronology of the end times for his disciples at their request, He specifically states: “Who then is the faithful and wise servant, whom the master has put in charge of his household, to give the others their food at the proper time? Blessed is that servant whose master finds him doing so when he returns. Truly I tell you, he will put him in charge of all his possessions” (Matthew 24:45-47).

“Their food” is the milk and meat of the Word, and the blessings of His natural order. I believe we can do the most good by reaffirming and conserving His natural world in our laws: undermining transhumanist ideology while giving sanctuary to those seeking an escape from the insanities of the counterfeit parallel world of artificiality. I will outline my proposed strategy for pulling this off in my next article.

The depraved Machiavellism of the elites has been exposed to the people of the world, so they can’t hide their plans anymore –but they can still implement them because they hold power. That WILL change, either very soon by the hand of MAGA and BRICS, or a bit later by the Lord’s return, but we’re guaranteed global pain and suffering in the interim. Either way, our duty is the same: to “occupy” in His name and through His systems of goodness and order.

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The Race to Global Government: A Timeline

The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.

– Eric Schmidt

During my stint as the California state director of Don Wildmon’s American Family Association, I had the rare privilege of sharing a head table with Phyllis Schlafly at a banquet held in her honor by the California chapter of her organization, Eagle Forum, in Santa Rosa. We had become friends over the years, but I had never previously heard her give a speech. That evening, as I sat next to her traveling companion and conservative Hollywood legend Jane Russell, Phyllis gave a point by point eye-opening, eyewitness account of the history of the conservative movement starting from her days supporting Barry Goldwater. It was a remarkable testimony filled with personal anecdotes and insights – and with hope, which we all needed because the Clintons were then in office, working overtime to roll back the conservative gains of the Reagan Revolution.

Most memorably, Schlafly contended that the most powerful force in the modern world for advancing our cause and breaking free from the tyranny of the elites was the internet. She contrasted the heavily controlled society of the “Walter Cronkite era” with the then-present day freedoms of information-sharing among the populace, and predicted that American conservatism would never again be shackled and powerless as it had been in the early days. She was right – but what she didn’t address was the desperate lengths to which the elites would go to retain their power in the face of rising opposition.

Starting with Bush 41, America entered an era in which the fear of Reaganesque populism drove the elites to establish new technology-based systems of government control and manipulation, and to rush toward globalism to head off revolution. Those systems were created during the Silicon Valley explosion of computer-based industries – the technological equivalent of the California Gold Rush – when a brand new class of American oligarchs emerged, led by people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos.

It was no accident that these men were almost universally leftist ideologues, because it was a “managed” revolution under our first full-fledged (but veiled) Marxist regime, the Clinton administration. And its leaders were mostly not generated spontaneously: They emerged victoriously from a pool of young hand-picked Ivy League scions, contending amongst themselves for the choices plums and vastest fortunes.

And it was no accident that so many of them were male homosexuals, because that group is the most ideologically reliable contingent of the “progressive” movement. The LGBTs were on the ascendency themselves as a power-bloc – being highly energized to achieve cultural supremacy after having suffered the worse defeat in the history of their movement under Reagan in the 1986 Bowers v. Hardwick case at the Supreme Court.

It was no accident that “gays in the military” (and in its cultural “cadet” program, the Boy Scouts) was Bill Clinton’s top issue in his 1992 campaign (something on which I confronted him on live television). It was no accident Clinton gave homosexuals top secret security clearance for the first time in American history – openly homosexualizing the “deep state” as it drastically ramped up its command-and-control functions domestically and abroad.

There had been an open globalist agenda for decades by then (at least since the Woodrow Wilson administration), but the internet made its goal of centralized top-down global government more urgent, because opposition to global controls was growing apace, threatening Anglo-American hegemony. Rebellion internationally was growing at an especially alarming speed as Muslim countries tried to throw off globalist banking controls (which violate fundamental Islamic doctrine) – triggering what I have finally, grudgingly come to admit was probably a false-flag operation by Bush 43: 9/11, as a pretext for justifying the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and expanding NATO throughout the Muslim world.

Then, under Obama, globalist urgency became even more frantic as domestic push-back reached its (then) highest level since the Civil War. The Tea Party rebellion against Obama’s plan to “fundamentally transform America” was so threatening to the globalist oligarchy that the GOP elites had to come out of the closet and reveal their Purple Uniparty partnership with the Dems. The RINOs managed, barely, to neutralize and absorb the Tea Party into Republicanism by the end of Obama’s second term – while the Democrats ran their parallel “Occupy Wall Street” scheme to minimize defections to it from the grassroots. By then, however, populism had (from their perspective) “metastasized” into what we would soon be calling the MAGA movement, but which was and is really a global phenomenon.

From late 2015 to mid 2017, my wife and I did a 27-country personal fact-finding tour of the global conservative/populist movement. For example, we were in London for the Brexit vote and in Hungary when Viktor Orban stood up to the EU on open borders and “gay marriage.” I helped Kyrgyzstan defend marriage in its constitution in 2017 with seminars and a media campaign in Biskek. That tour followed a 50-city speaking and pro-family activism tour through eight countries of the former Soviet Union in 2006-2007. So I have had a rare “overview” of the global rebellion that produced the Donald Trump presidency in 2016 and the amazing (informal) conservative “alliance” of Trump, Netanyahu, Putin and Nigel Farage. The British Brexit divorce from the EU, the American Trump phenomenon, the “no more NATO expansion!” Russian Federation and the new “right-wing” government of Israel are all the fruit of that movement – though few on the right seem to recognize their common root.

Make no mistake, however, the leftist elites recognize it and are so utterly terrified they pulled out all the stops to kill MAGA in 2020/21 with election fraud, the plandemic and massive police-state censorship (but failed!) and by intentionally provoking the Ukraine war (which they’re losing). So now they’re in frothing-at-the mouth desperation – ready even to trigger World War III to usher in their “Great Reset.”

But to paraphrase H.G. Wells, there’s a great orchestrator behind this chaos – an intellect vast and cool and unsympathetic, who regards this earth with envious eyes – awaiting his time to conquer and reign. And his top human minions are just as cool, or rather cold blooded. The final step in their plan has just been launched: a seven year countdown to full globalist control, culminating in a transhumanist “singularity.”

I’ll give you my take on those two items next week.

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A contrarian Trump scenario for 2024

When state security services like the CIA or KGB want to plant an essential top-tier agent deep into enemy territory, they build a narrative around him that makes his loyalty to that enemy’s agenda seem unassailable. Intelligence and law enforcement agencies do the same thing – like infiltrating the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers with agents seemingly more zealous than the actual members – endeavors that are usually managed far more competently than the OBiden J6 clown show and the amateurishly staged Gretchen Whitmer “kidnapping.” Only a blatantly corrupt and complicit judiciary is preventing these schemes from total implosion. Imagine how much worse things would be for us if actual pros were running those operations.

OR, is that what we are intended to conclude as part of a deeper and more devious design? Is all this agitation and chaos just the set-up to sell us a “deliverer” who we decide is our only hope to save us, but then turns out to be a false “messiah” – just like the Great Reset is being set up by the Great Collapse?

Let’s look at all these current events in the prophetic context, first through the lens of end-time theories we’re pretty familiar with, and then to align what we discover with the most relevant deliverer analogy in Bible history.

Sticking with our statecraft metaphor and the question of competence, in the case of the emerging Antichrist Kingdom, we’re taking about the ULTIMATE state security apparatus, under the Ultimate “Great Deceiver,” Satan, who has been granted permission by God to conquer and rule the earth for a short time (Revelation 13:7). Jesus Himself warns in Matthew 24:24 that “if it were possible even the elect would be deceived” by the Satanic plan, how much more so the worldly minded and those who are only nominally Christian?

And we are warned by Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2, “Let no one deceive you in any way, for it [the Day of the Lord’s return] will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness – the son of destruction– is revealed.” Thus there will be a period of time (most likely the first half of a Shemitah-cycle, three and a half years) in which the Antichrist operates behind a veil of deception that causes the world to believe he is the Messiah.

So, the prophetic context in which Antichrist emerges is one in which the world welcomes and heralds him as the deliverer. Deception is the watchword – of a degree only the “elect” can escape. In the first-century context, “elect” meant Jesus-accepting Jews, but I think that category today includes all Christians with an understanding of the Hebrew cultural context of the prophecies. And, of course, that includes all believers who actually listen to the Holy Spirit, unshackled from human doctrinal limitations.

Who is “the world” in this context? Remember that unless otherwise indicated by context, all prophecy should be viewed from the perspective of Israel and within the same Hebrew cultural context implicit in all the prophecies. He will thus be perceived primarily as the deliverer of Israel, with secondary benefit to the rest of the world.

However, America holds a special place in end-time prophecy because of its close parallel to the Israelite Republic. I’ve done a lot of study and written several articles on this theme over the past few years. Amazingly, our world-changing U.S. Constitution was only ratified after a political logjam was broken by Rev. Samuel Longdon’s sermon “The Republic of the Israelites an Example to the American States” (1788). And if you recognize that America’s first constitution was the Pilgrim’s covenantal oath called the Mayflower Compact in November 1620 – our republic lasted exactly 400 years – until the Marxist coup of November 2020. The duration of the Israelite republic is held to have been 400 years – an important symbol in biblical numerology.

Both republics were defined by self-determination under the rule of law: the Mosaic law for the Hebrews, and a sequence of Bible-based constitutional law frameworks for the Americans, the most lasting set beginning with Americans first organic law, the Declaration of Independence (another covenantal oath), upon which rested the Articles of Confederation, which were replaced by the U.S. Constitution.

But what’s most interesting are the parallels of America and ancient Israel in the transition from a republic to an autocracy. For 400 years in which “Judges” were raised up only in times of crisis, the 12-tribe Hebrew nation enjoyed self-determination under the Mosaic Law and the general authority of the House of Israel based at Shiloh. In the end, the people fell so far away from God that they disrespectfully used His Ark as a “magic charm” to try and defeat the Philistines, who then stole it from them (I Samuel 5). Shiloh’s authority was broken then, and the city became a symbol of reproach. God shifted governmental authority to the House of Judah, which would eventually reign through a monarchy from Jerusalem, per the prophecy of Jacob in Genesis 49:10.

It is that interim period, from the collapse of the republic to the rise of the monarchy under David (a type of Christ), that parallels our situation today in America. The Israelites rejected their republic and demanded a king. In 2020, the Americans “rejected” their republic in favor of top-down centralized government. The first king the Israelites got under their new system was King Saul – a wicked man with dementia. The first “king” Americans got under the new system was Joe Biden – a wicked man with dementia.

In Israel under Saul, David was actually anointed by God to reign, but Saul refused to relinquish the throne and instead devoted all of his energy to destroying David. In America, Joe Biden wrongfully occupies the White House, preventing the duly elected President Trump from reigning, and devotes all of his energy trying to destroy Trump.

If the pattern holds, our King Saul will be replaced in 2024 by Donald Trump, the David figure, who is a type of Christ. But that would mean he would be the false Christ, because the real Christ will only return at the end of the great tribulation (per Matthew 24:29-30), just before the outpouring of God’s wrath on the wicked – Revelation 19:11-21.

I like Trump and don’t want this to be true, but already he’s being spoken of in messianic terms as the world’s only hope (a characterization his personality type would unfortunately seem inclined to embrace after a victorious return to the presidency), and we’re still more than a year away from the 2024 election, with the Great Collapse likely to occur in the interim, driving the entire world to desperation and unprecedented susceptibility to savior-hunger.

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The Global Showdown of Anglo-Zionism and the Russian Empire

As Russia and the BRICS Alliance increasingly challenge US global hegemony, Americans will increasingly be confronted about the history of “Anglo-Zionism.” Here is some historical analysis on what that phrase really means. 

The most illuminating book I have ever read aside from the Bible is J.H. Allen’s Judah’s Scepter and Joseph’s Birthright” which expounds his version of the doctrine of British Israelism (that Brits and Jews share a common Hebrew ancestry) – a version I do NOT endorse, but to which some of the monarchy and many of the elites of Great Britain did subscribe (going all the way back to the 1500s), and which contains some highly intriguing elements that are at least plausible when separated from the larger myth. Allen published his fascinating summary in 1902 at the peak of BI’s social and political influence, five years after the formal establishment of Zionism (a Jewish Nationalist movement) in 1897 and fifteen years before the British Empire liberated the Holy Land – by military conquest – from the Muslim Ottoman Turks in 1917 and essentially gave it back to the Jews with the Balfour Declaration.  

Allen’s book offers by far the best summary of and biblical justification for the so-called “two house” teaching, which is the deeper and genuinely reliable scriptural bedrock on which the semi-mythological doctrine of BI is built. For that reason alone, it is well worth your time to read. It is upon that same foundation that I wrote my own book The Prodigal Son Prophecy, which, among other things, expands upon Allen’s “two house” explanations with further biblical proofs. My book, however, takes on the larger task of reexamining all of Bible prophecy from the Hebrew cultural perspective of the Apostles and the Prophets – showing in that process just how central the two-house doctrine actually is to God’s plan.

In the process of testing Allen’s summary of the doctrine of BI, I found so many highly questionable and vigorously disputed contentions that I was forced to reject the theory as offered while sifting out and setting aside the more plausible elements of it for further study. While engaged in that study over the past decade I came to realize that the truth of BI theory is really a separate issue from the geopolitical impact of belief in the theory by powerful elites. The distinction is analogous to that of a rich man who bequeaths his estate to someone he becomes convinced is his long lost heir. Whether or not that inheritor is truly a relative is an important question, but the practical consequences of the belief in its truth is an entirely different and perhaps more important matter.  

My primary focus, therefore, has shifted to a study of the development of the BI doctrine as a socio-political phenomenon in Great Britain and Western Europe, and that really begins with the rise of the Hebraic Movement in Christendom.     

What I mean by the Hebraic Movement is the rediscovery of the Hebrew perspective of the Apostles and the Prophets by Christian theologians with the help of Jews among whom they began intermingling because of shared or parallel persecution under the Spanish Inquisition. Over the course of a century or more these groups fled Spain: the Jews coalescing primarily in Holland, the Christians primarily gathering in England, Scotland and Switzerland but they continued in intermittent intellectual/religious fellowship and a constant shared apprehension of the power of Roman Catholicism. 

Out of that cooperation/cross pollination came Protestantism itself, built upon the “Messianic Jewish” understanding of “the priesthood of all believers” exemplified by the Jerusalem Council in Acts. Martin Luther was strongly influenced by the Jews and vigorously defended them at the start of his reform ministry, before fully and shamefully reversing himself, presumably under intense pressure from traditionalists amid his increasing frustration that they would not convert to Christ (which had been his only practicable self-defense for fellowshipping with them in the first place). 

Protestantism began formally under Luther and developed two key early branches: one under John Calvin in Switzerland and the other under John Knox in Scotland. The Knox branch formalized bottom-up Christianity in Presbyterianism, blossoming into the phenomenon of the Scottish Covenanters, from which came constitutionalism as a form of government.

The most monumental landmark of their cooperation was the purported sojourn of the Pilgrim Separatists with the Leyden Jews just prior to that fateful voyage of the Mayflower to to Plymouth, where “America’s first constitution” The Mayflower Compact (a covenantal oath) was written, and where America’s first Protestant church was built on Leyden St (and still operates today — as a Christian bed and breakfast in which I’ve stayed).

BUT, the vehicle by which all these things came about (at least from the 1500s) was the shared Christian/Jewish religious/political doctrine of British Israelism — which they believed to be true even if much of it wasn’t. British Israelism was the doctrinal taproot of what is today called Anglo-Zionism, and the ideological basis for the partnership of the British Monarchy and Jewish mercantile bankers that established the British Empire and ended the monopolistic religious/political tyranny of the Roman Catholic Church.

I contend based on my research thus far that British Israelism or “Anglo-Zionism” was the largely unheralded ideology of the elites that built the British Empire. I wrote a three-essay series documenting my support for this thesis here.

Now I must address the unpleasant implications of whether the Jews in the British Israel coalition actually believed the doctrine, or only invented it or used it as a tool to manipulate the British monarchy into fighting its battles. That will be the claim of today’s fervent Anti-Zionist movement in Christendom. I believe most Jews were sincere Millennialists, especially from the 1500s through the 1800s, but some were not, especially approaching the turn of the 20th Century, and that latter group is whom the Bible calls the “Synagogue of Satan.” I believe that’s who rules the Anglo-American and NATO alliance today and why the world is racing toward global tyranny overrun with systems of human enslavement and moral degeneracy (before the Russians can derail their train). 

I will defend the True Jews with the Bible’s Jewish parallel to the Wheat and Tares. Wheat is symbolic of Christians. Figs are symbolic of Jews. In Jeremiah 24 the good figs, like the true wheat, are taken away to a place of safety while the false/bad category are destroyed. And, just as Jeremiah and a remnant among those “left behind” were spared the wrath to fulfil God’s purposes, so will 144K Jews be sealed against death to survive the bowl judgments after the resurrection/rapture. That 144K (and a mixed multitude) will survive the 10 Days of Wrath and repopulate the earth during the Millennial Kingdom. 

The Bible shows that Christians and Jews WILL be reconciled in the Millennial Kingdom, and that British Israelism/Anglo-Zionism, properly understood – and purged of “tares” and “bad figs” and corrupt geo-politics and fantastical mythology — IS, like Messianic Judaism, a fulfilment of prophecy. Russia, while trying to hold the moral high ground in it’s Byzantine revival seems in all of this to be God’s instrument to bring the world to its final pre-millennial crisis where that purging will occur. 

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The Impending Dem Bum-Rush of ‘Joey the Scapegoat’

(All Glory to God for the things shared in this testimony. It was all Him using a willing vessel.)

Joe Biden was never intended to become “President” of the United States in 2020. That slot was intended for Elizabeth Warren of the bluest of the blue states, Massachusetts, following a strategy that God used yours truly to foil. That strategy was a tag-team effort of the nation-wide Purple Uniparty led on the red side by the Bush Team through their man Mitt Romney, and on the blue side by the Clinton/Obama Team using Warren herself.

The key to the plan was setting up Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker to take down Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential primary season as the “voice of Republican reason,” while Old Pocahontas made a beeline for the oval office, where her first act as President would be the “refreshingly bipartisan gesture” of hiring Baker for a top cabinet post as the nation breathed an enormous collective sigh of relief that the “hateful and divisive” Trump era was finally over.

The strategy kicked off as a nationwide media campaign in 2017 and early 2018, exemplified by a Politico article titled “How Charlie Baker ditched Trump to become the most popular governor in America

The essence of the plan was for both Baker and Warren to win off-the-chart landslide victories in the November 2018 elections while giving each other the occasional high-profile neck rub to “show how the grown-ups can work across the aisle for the good of the people.” All of this would be gushingly praised non-stop by the corporate media and contrasted with clips of Trump acting “rude” and “mean.”

Charlie Baker was being set up as America’s Knight in Shining Armor: not to win the presidency in 2020 (because the conservatives in the GOP would never back him in the general election) but only to weaken Trump sufficiently in the primary and among Independents so that Warren could beat him in the general. In the general, Baker would bash Trump and praise Warren – perhaps as a hired gun on CNN or some other key media outlet. BUT when I primaried Baker and annihilated that “most popular governor” narrative, Mitt Romney was substituted for that Trump-bashing role – far less effectively as a barely-relevant Utah Senator – and at huge political cost.

They could theoretically pull all this off because nowhere is the Purple Uniparty more fully in control of a state than Massachusetts. But there was a big problem to fix first – because lesbian then-Attorney General Maura Healy (and now governor) was next in line to be governor and probably would have beaten Baker handily in 2018 if she ran against him. But for the sake of taking down Trump, Healy “graciously” stayed out of the race and the Dem machine allowed only a couple of no-name political weaklings to run in her place. The whole thing was a blatant stand-down by the Democrat Party to clear the path for Baker.

Meanwhile, the Massachusetts Republican Party had been in the iron grip of the RINOs since the Bush Machine successfully ran Utah Mormon Mitt Romney (a sort-of reverse carpet-bagger) to win the MA governorship in 2002. Romney is essentially the red-team counterpart to Joe Biden – a political “waterboy” who does what he’s told and takes whatever job he’s assigned. After serving in the MA governor’s role (where he launched the prototype of Obamacare), he was later assigned to take a dive to Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election, just as his fellow Bush waterboys John McCain did in 2008, and Bob Dole had done for Bill Clinton in 1996. Importantly, Baker was Romney’s protégé, personally hand groomed.

So confident of its power, the RINO MAGOP had for years openly cheated to keep conservatives out of the governor’s race. At the GOP convention in 2010 (at the height of the Tea Party) they kept conservative hero Christy Mihos off the ticket by back-room ballot stuffing until he fell below the 15% minimum to qualify for the primary – after having obviously won more than 15% in the floor vote. Furious conservatives had no legal recourse but in the next gubernatorial convention in 2014 my friend Brian Camenker of MassResistance organized video-taping of the floor vote, so when the RINOs cheated again to keep my friend Mark Fisher off the ballot, he sued and won a settlement that cost the MAGOP nearly $500,000 (including attorney fees).

I first ran for Mass governor in 2014 as an Independent conservative and so I was an ideological insider with front-row seats to all the political circuses. My purpose in that run was to to have a platform to preach the biblical worldview in the political arena (where its rarely heard) but also to break free from the “Saul Alinsky Box” the MA LGBTs had locked me in to destroy my pro-family ministry there and drive me from the state. Read this article to learn about that tactic and how I beat it. Here is more information about that 2014 and 2018 races.

I had no intention of running for any office again, but when Baker announced in late 2017 he would use MA state tax dollars to refund Planned Parenthood any money they lost from the US Congress for their role in the grotesque baby parts harvesting scandals exposed by undercover pro-life activists, I was suddenly inspired to go after him politically. Having always been a “waterboy” for Jesus Christ I jumped into that task with both feet – but with no knowledge of any of the Baker/Warren strategy I outlined above – I learned all that later. I was just a useful tool for the Lord, saying “Here I am, send me” (Isaiah 6:8) – with invaluable practical knowledge from my prior run.

In 2014 I ran to win – not EXPECTING to win absent a massive miracle, but running for real and I was dead serious. That meant running as a Republican, and that meant taking on the Bush/Romney/Baker machine. I had to pull money from my (not so big) retirement account to launch my campaign including a $25,000 fee for the right to give a speech on the main stage at the state convention. Long story short, the MAGOP pulled out ALL the stops to try to keep me off the ballot including an elaborate cheating strategy. BUT, in a truly glorious, genuinely miraculous David and Goliath showdown I not only thwarted their fraud but, in a barn-burner speech that earned a roaring standing ovation, broke the bank with an unprecedented 27.6% delegate count, and went on to win 36.1% of the primary votes. (The look on then GOP Chairwoman Kirsten Hughes face during my speech – bottom of the page – is priceless!)

I spent less than 150,000 dollars for 100,000 voted compared to Bakers $7 million for 175,000 votes, while being boycotted by the state media, except for the Boston Globe which painted me as Satan incarnate.

God used me to destroy the Baker/Warren anti-Trump strategy, which means I’m partly to blame for Joe Biden being sent in as a substitute for Warren, just as Romney substituted for Baker. And like Romney, Biden is not up to that job, and thus has been set up as a scapegoat for the collapse of their plans – which are inevitable because Donald Trump was NOT broken and replaced in 2020. The best they could do was a clumsy and blatant coup and cover-up that has been unraveling ever since.

I first publicly predicted that “Joey the Scapegoat” would be taken out by the Dems in my WND column of October 25, 2021 As usual, my timeline was too short, but the rest is still timely and accurate. Now even the rank and file Dems know he’s pretty certain to get the bum’s rush out of the White House – and fairly soon.

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Brazil and the Crisis of BRICS

In one of the little ironies of history, Edward Gibbons began publishing six volume writing project, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire in 1776, just as what would become the American Empire was being launched with a revolution against a powerful British Empire still in its ascendency. His final book in the series was published in 1788 as America was in the middle of its two-year transition from a Confederacy to a Constitutional Republic. The British Empire peaked around 1914 and was surpassed by the United States as the world’s foremost super-power in WWII, becoming the sole super-power upon the success of the Anglo-American partnership in collapsing its chief rival, the Soviet Union during the Reagan/Thatcher Administrations.

Studying the history of geo-political upheavals is fascinating, but living through one makes the topic personal and often painful. Today the world is in the midst of a new upheaval involving many of the ancient powers seeking a new global order, led by a coalition called BRICS which is an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. On August 22-24, 2023 the BRICS coalition doubled in size, adding Iran, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Egypt, and Ethiopia, effective January 1, 2024.

The dominant powers of this group are primarily Russia and China, with Russia providing the executive and military leadership and China providing both the financial stability of an economic giant and the political leverage of holding most of deeply indebted America’s loans. But all twelve of these countries are major developed nations with a common interest in ending Anglo-American hegemony – which largely translates into ending US/British control of global trade and banking, and defanging NATO as its global enforcer.

For decades, rival elites on both sides of this divide have been engaged in a global chess-match set mostly along the imaginary boundary line of Europe and Asia – because apparently most of them accept Mackinder’s maxim that whoever controls Eurasia controls the world. But adding to the complexity of this equation, and bringing in other regions, especially the Middle East, is the importance of trade routes, including oil pipelines.

If you start with this premise and look back over geo-politics since WWII, all the subsequent lesser wars and “police actions” initiated mostly by the US fit easily into the chess-match paradigm. Syria is about rival oil pipeline routes. Iraq and Lybia were about global banking dependency. Iran is about control of the Suez Canal. The Ukraine war is both about oil pipelines and creating an “Israel” on Russia’s border – meaning a heavily militarized forward base to represent western interests on a mostly hostile frontier.

It is also about gaining a tighter political and economic grip on Europe through energy dependency, of which the US destruction of the Nord Stream II pipeline was an essential component: to prevent a Russian/ German economic alliance that would have also supplied all of Europe with cheap, abundant energy.

US domestic policy is being heavily affected by these geopolitical moves. For example, I contend that the sudden move to ban natural gas stoves is to free more supply for Europe which is building gigantic transfer terminals to receive liquified natural gas from US tankers to offset the loss from Russia (none of which is getting US media coverage).

Indeed, the entire frantic “climate crisis” over carbon emissions – while also a means of increasing globalists power – also seems to be an acknowledgment by “our” elites that the BRICS alliance might very well wrest control of the oil-based global economy away from us, and we need to be positioned to survive a global ban on carbon-based fuels that we will attempt to impose as a counter-measure. While that goal may prove unattainable given the growing clout of the BRICS alliance, it does at least provide an emerging narrative theme to justify future wars and police actions to “save the planet” from “criminally carbon-spewing nations.”

This chess-game framework also explains why we’re being conditioned to prepare for a Great Reset. We already have no ability to pay back China and other holders of our massive debt, but that problem will become exponentially worse if/when the dollar loses its globally exclusive reserve currency status. The best chance for retaining our hegemony would be the announcement of a global debt jubilee in conjunction with the launch of a completely new economic system which we control. Think of the Great Reset like geo-political chemo-therapy: a dose of poison designed to kill off the “cancer” in the world (i.e. non-submissive regimes) which theoretically would not kill the host body in the process, but leave it stronger in the end.

As much as the extreme moral degeneracy of our elites makes the thought of a new global order more appealing, I don’t think BRICS can beat the west in this worsening conflict and I believe the example of Brazil shows why. Brazil’s recently coup-reinstalled President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is as much a creation of the American left as any of our home-grown blue-state tyrants, but he’s also a highly ambitious political animal who presumably would rather not be under the American thumb. He was one of the original founders of BRICS (which got its name in 2010 from a Wall Street financial analyst) and is the only one of the original heads of state from its founding.

The BRICS threat to US hegemony in 2010 was nominal, but by last month’s meeting in South Africa it was massive and growing. Lula’s participation in that meeting suggests to me he now is either serving as a US mole in the BRICS leadership, or he believes BRICS represents a realistic opportunity to break his country free from US control. Perhaps it was only for managing public perceptions but concurrent with the BRICS summit, the Brazilian Supreme Court (which staged the coup that reinstalled him) passed one of the world’s first anti-homophobia laws with actual criminal penalties.

That fascist law was a major bone for Lula to throw to the American leftists who helped rig the Brazilian election, in essence saying, “I’m still your boy.” But it also exposes the weakness of the glue holding BRICS together – the LGBT agenda is anathema to Russia and the other members. There is really nothing but a mutual desire to escape US control that keeps them aligned – and THAT makes it extremely vulnerable to the British side of the Anglo-American pact, who are history’s greatest masters of “divide and conquer.” Watch and see.

To the painful personal side of this crisis, it was Lula who, during his first term in 2007 first attempted to criminalize pro-family activism and my great friend and ally Julio Severo had to flee Brazil for the jungles of Guatemala after leading the defeat of the law. He, his wife, and their young seven children lived in exile there until he died in 2021. My ministry has ever since provided financial support to keep them together in one home, fed and clothed. My point is that global changes always hit the “little people” hardest – but being aware of what’s really going on helps us to better prepare and adapt. ###

(To help Julio’s Severo’s widow and seven children survive and get their legal status resolved donate here using the Emergency Help for the Severo Family option. To help carry on Julio’s work defending the biblical standard for marriage and family against LGBT bullying choose the “Carry on his work” option )

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The Rivalry of Joseph and Judah

Evangelical Pastor Scott Lively of First Century Bible Church and Messianic Jewish Rabbi Otto Gershon discuss the history of Messianic Judaism from the earliest days of the New Testament to the present time, and how the doctrine of the Two House Covenant plays out in Bible history and prophecy, especially as it relates to the First and Second advent of Christ.

The division of Jacob’s covenantal inheritance into two separate houses occurred simply by his marrying two wives, Leah (House of Judah) and Rachel (House of Israel). The rivalry of these two houses for power and influence among the twelve-tribe nation began early and is showcased in Genesis 37 when Joseph first flaunted his favored status with their father Jacob (exemplified by the “coat of many colors”) and in revenge was sold into slavery among the Gentiles by jealous older half-brother Judah. Joseph becomes a slave in Egypt, where his later tribal identity gets linked to the image of the ox (the fatted calf/golden calf becoming highly symbolic of his sojourn there).

Living among the Gentiles would forever be a dominant theme of Joseph’s life (the man as well as the tribe, house and kingdom) as prophesied by Jacob in Genesis 40:22 in which the fruitful (highly populous) vine (symbol of the House of Israel) would grow “over the wall” (outside the boundary of the Mosaic law). Joseph, as the “prodigal son,” of Luke 15:11-31, would also famously live among the “swine” (Gentiles). When his House becomes also a Kingdom in rebellion to David’s grandson Rehoboam, it’s first act is to reject essential tenets of Mosaic Judaism. Eventually its land is purged and repopulated by Gentiles, as represented during the time of Christ by 1) the Samaritans and 2) a mixed population of Hebrews and Gentiles called Galileans in “Galilee of the Gentiles” which is the northern portion of what had been Northern Israel. 

Most importantly, upon the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the House of Israel becomes the home to all Gentiles (and individual Jews) who accept His gift of salvation — all of these saved ones collectively being identified as the “Bride of Christ,” awaiting remarriage to God in the Wedding Feast of the Lamb just prior to the Millennial Kingdom.  

Meanwhile Judah is the older brother who 

1) not only stays metaphorically within the boundaries of Hebrew identity (i.e. stays in strained but unbroken fellowship with the father) in the prodigal son parable, but 

2) physically stays with father Jacob while Joseph lives as a slave in Egypt, plus 

3) legally inherits and fulfils the covenantal promise of holding the “scepter” to the Hebrew monarchy per Genesis 49:10, starting with David, and 

4) thus actually defines “Judaism” as the centerpiece of Hebrew identity for those who decline to accept the Christ of the First Advent but instead stubbornly keep their focus on the Christ of the Second Advent (the one and the same Messiah to whom they remain partially blinded as summarized in Romans 11.     

The Apostolic Age of Christendom, which spanned the period from the birth of Jesus to the publication of the Book of Revelation and death of it’s scribe John (roughly 90CE), ended with a transition of power from the House of Judah (Jerusalem-based Judaism) to the House of Israel (Rome based Christianity). 

Importantly, because the franchise of Salvation in Christ was opened to the Gentiles by Jesus, the power in question was no longer limited to the political and geographical boundaries of the twelve tribes but became more a measure of their collective authority in the world, especially religious authority.

Lets review the history of the two house rivalry. During the life of Jacob, the twelve tribes had been united under his authority as holder of the entirely of the Abrahamic Covenant. While there was rivalry between the House of Judah and House of Joseph, the House of Jacob nevertheless dominated both. It wasn’t until Jacob’s death that a successor would assume the dominant role. That successor, of course, would be Joseph. Indeed, all twelve tribes joined him in Egypt for hundreds of years, subject to the authority of his house, which was in turn subject to the top authority of the Gentile world, the Egyptians.

In the end Joseph’s house lost its influence when a Pharoah arose “who did not know Joseph” (Exodus 1:8, Acts 7:19) and power shifted temporarily to the House of Levi through the intervention of Moses. God raised up Moses and the House of Levi to lead the Hebrews out of slavery, establish the Levitical Priesthood, and to become a unifier of the twelve tribe nation under one common, comprehensive body of laws. This was the also the origin of what we call “the separation of church and state” (a benign social distinction in God’s design for civilization).

During the Exodus and the subsequent years in the wilderness, the people were being prepared for the conquest and colonization of the Holy Land, which was legally theirs by God’s decree in Genesis 15:18-19. They were also being formally and thoroughly restored to their distinct tribal identities: receiving separate and distinct tribal symbols and banners, roles and responsibilities, and being organized by tribe in precise geometrical order around God’s tabernacle.  

When it was time to enter the Holy Land, Moses sent in one spy from each of the twelve tribes. Importantly, only Joshua of the House of Ephraim (Joseph) and Caleb of the House of Judah insisted that they obey God and invade. But fear among the other ten tribes prevailed and they were all then cursed to spend another 40 years in the wilderness – a curse that has echoed across the centuries on the 9th of Av.  

Upon the death of Moses the Levite, power shifted back to the House of Israel under Joshua the Ephraimite. Remember that it was to Joseph’s second-born son Ephraim that Jacob/Israel had personally bequeathed the first-born right of inheritance per Genesis 48:13-22. That’s why the name Ephraim is synonymous with House of Israel, as reconfirmed in Jeremiah 31:9.

Joshua established Shiloh as the political and religious capital city of the twelve tribe nation and home to God’s tabernacle for roughly 400 years. Eventually the Ephraimites fell so far into Gentile idolatry that God allowed the Philistines to capture the Ark of the Covenant, ending the House of Israel’s reign in shame punished by the desolation of Shiloh and the elevation of the House of Judah to dominance.  

After a brief transitional period under the Benjamite King Saul (an Antichrist figure who slaughtered the Levitical priests at Nob and tried repeatedly to kill David) David the Judean became the first true King of Israel per Jacob’s prophecy of Genesis 49:10 and established his capital at Jerusalem in the territory of Judah.   

David’s united kingdom – the symbolic but imperfect representation of the Millennial Kingdom – lasted only through the life of his son Solomon, whose grievous sins cost him the throne and divided the two houses and two kingdoms against each other – under Rehoboam the Judean and Jeroboam the Ephraimite. 

That sibling rivalry will never end until the actual Millennial Kingdom, when “the jealousy of Ephraim will depart, and the adversaries of Judah will be cut off. Ephraim will no longer envy Judah, nor will Judah harass Ephraim” (Isaiah 11:13).  

What has never been done, to my knowledge, is a chronicle of that rivalry during the Christian Era. This has become my chief area of study in recent years, and elements of it have been the subject of various articles, but now I am ready to start documenting my findings in a more systematic fashion. This essay is essentially my starting point on that project.


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