The Curse of the LGBT Rainbow

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One proof of the argument that the “Antichrist” is a human being spiritually possessed by the demon, Satan, is Paul’s testimony in 2 Thessalonians 2 that “He will oppose and exalt himself above every so-called god or object of worship. So he will seat himself in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God.” It is the very crime for which Satan was cast down from heaven, as Jesus described in Luke 10:18. Satan wants to overthrow and replace God the Father. In his human form, the Satan/Antichrist wants to overthrow and replace Jesus (Yashua), the Son, whose title, “Christ,” means Messiah or “Savior.” And so we are warned by Scripture to watch for the Antichrist to try and deceive the world into believing that he is the Second Coming of Christ (or if you are a member of the partially-blinded House of Judah – Romans 11:25-27 — the “First Coming” of Christ that you will accept as true).

The Book of Revelation showcases the distinction using the symbolism of the White Horse. In Chapter 19:11-16, the return of the true Messiah is described in perhaps the most soul-stirring passage of the entire Bible:

“Behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.”

But in Chapter 6:1-2, the False Messiah is described: “And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.” This first of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” is associated previously in the Gospels of Matthew (24:5-8), Mark (13:6-8) and Luke (21:8-11) with “false Christs.”

Revelation 6:2 explains that while a “crown was given unto him” (to “wage war against the saints and to conquer them” per Rev 13:7), the False Messiah already has possession of the “bow.” The first use of this word “bow” in Scripture is Genesis 9:13, describing God’s rainbow. And significantly, the same word “bow” is used to name the weapon that shoots arrows, as in Ephesians 6:16, “the fiery arrows of the evil one.” In other words, there is a very strong case from Scripture that the False Messiah can be recognized by his association with the rainbow.

Why the rainbow? Because the rainbow is the Biblical symbol most closely associated with the presence and authority of God the Father, and Satan’s ultimate goal is to dethrone Him and take His place. Ezekiel 1:28 states “As the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD.” And Revelation 4:3 adds “behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne. And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne.”

Satan, and therefore his Antichrist human host, will cloak himself in the rainbow as an essential element of his claim to be the Messiah.

Again, the first mention of the rainbow is about its creation by God as a sign of His unilateral covenant never to destroy the earth again by flood (Genesis 9:8-17). Implicit in that covenant is the warning that His second and final destruction of the earth will be by fire. Peter explains this in 2 Peter 2:4-6 “God…did not spare the ancient world, but protected Noah…when He brought a flood upon the world of the ungodly and… He condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to destruction by reducing them to ashes, having made them an example of what is coming for the ungodly.”

There, too, is the unmistakable identification of the infamous “Sin of Sodom” as the ultimate harbinger of His Wrath. Now, to nip in the bud the “Christian Left” sophistry that deflects attention away from homosexuality to the sin of “pride,” let me stipulate that pride IS the sin at the very root of LGBT perversions, finding its most complete expression in homosexual copulation, as Moses noted in Leviticus 18:22, and Paul so eloquently explains in Romans 1:18-32. I’ll further stipulate that their other favorite deflection tactic re the “Sin of Sodom,” that the actual sin was “inhospitality,” is also true: there was no act in the ancient Hebrew culture so grossly inhospitable as the attempted homosexual gang rape of visiting strangers by “all the men of Sodom both young and old” described in Genesis 19:1-11.

Thus, rampant homosexuality is the key symbol of ultimate rebellion triggering God’s wrath. And this was true in the case of Noah’s Flood as well, in that homosexual “marriage” triggered it, as Jesus implied in Matthew 24:37-38 (taken together with Genesis 6:5) and the ancient Hebrew rabbis expressly stated in the Talmud (Genesis Rabbah 26:5:4). Revelation 11, especially verses 7-8, confirms its association with the Kingdom of the Antichrist.

Isaiah 3:8-11 warned the Judeans of God’s coming punishment for their sins: “For Jerusalem is ruined, and Judah is fallen: because their tongue and their doings are against the LORD, to provoke the eyes of his glory. The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves. Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings. Woe unto the wicked! it shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him.”

Let this be America’s warning as it willingly hosts countless rainbow-emblazoned “Gay Pride” parades and flies the LGBT rainbow flag over every US Embassy in the world. THIS is the harbinger of wrath. And your attitude about pride in perversion is a big part of God’s litmus test for your fate. Shun the curse of the LGBT rainbow flag!

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A Henhouse Full of Foxes

The surest way to destroy America’s world-blessing system of “ordered liberty” is to allow bad people to act with impunity. Impunity means exemption or immunity from punishment, harm, or loss. Impunity is doing whatever bad thing you want without suffering the consequences that would normally follow. It is “liberty” without order, which breeds anarchy, which produces social chaos, which has been the goal of every Marxist enemy we have ever faced from the time of Marxism’s emergence to today’s partnership of American Cultural Marxist elites with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Another way to describe “ordered liberty” is “the rule of law,” but not just the ruled-law of man, since that can be (and has been) corrupted by bad actors in the legislative process, but the true “Law of Nature and Nature’s God” invoked by America’s founders in the Declaration of Independence. “Ordered liberty” is more accurately “the rule of the law of human society when it is aligned with the natural law of right and wrong, cause and effect, blessing and cursing.”

Ordered liberty is God’s Holy Grail of true civilization.

Impunity-bred Anarchy is the Devil’s counterfeit that turns order into chaos: the Unholy Grail that promises sin without consequences.

The seduction of “sin without consequences” always starts with sex since that is the easiest form of sin for humans to rationalize – a law of nature that Balaam taught to King Balak (Revelation 2:14) who then sent sexually corrupt Moabite women among the Hebrew men to create chaos in their social order (Numbers 25:1-3).

Sexual sin without consequences is the false promise of contraception on demand to normalize culture-wide fornication (Griswold v Connecticut, 1966), the back-up plan of abortion on demand ( Roe v Wade, 1973), the “No Fault” Divorce laws of the 70s that ended punishment for adultery, legalized sodomy (Lawrence v Texas, 2003), and finally the invention of “gay marriage,” that ended the ancient and essential primacy of natural-family norms which had always served as the “immune system” of society (Obergefell v Hodges, 2015). Today’s front line of cultural assault on our immunity-suppressed body-politic is transgenderism which moves beyond sexual conduct to destroy binary male/female human identity in preparation for transhumanism. The now-rapidly emerging transhumanism brings the end of God’s design for mankind and the rise of a new human-created “better” species made possible by technology.

Once anarchy had defeated ordered liberty in sexual matters, the disruption of order in all the other social realms was made easier. An army of ideologues united by the new norms of sexual anarchy could abuse whatever power they held, wherever they operated – in academia, news media, social media, NGOs, law enforcement, the judiciary, the church, etc – to cooperate in allowing their agents and fellow-travelers to act with impunity. Their decades-long strategy came to fruition in 2020, whose seemingly distinct and separate forms of disaster and chaos were all just different heads of the same Hydra, defined by one common purpose – the removal of the Restrainer, President Donald Trump – and defined by one common method – the granting of immunity from consequences for all of their key co-conspirators.

The most obvious example of this is the George Soros brigade of District Attorneys in deep-blue cities who refused to prosecute their BLM and Antifa allies in the streets who were being arrested for a months-long, hugely destructive campaign of rioting, looting and arson, while the co-conspirators in the media spun a narrative of “mostly-peaceful” protesters justifiably enraged by “out-of-control White Supremacy-driven police brutality.” News and social media suppressed all truthful dissent from that narrative, while co-conspirators in the government, academia, and NGOs formed a virtual human chain of solidarity to reinforce the false narrative and de-fund the police. The goal and end result was pervasive lawlessness without consequences that continues today.

Who else was granted immunity from the consequences of unethical and/or criminal behavior in 2020? Big Tech’s outrageous censorship and misrepresentation of Trump and the MAGA movement was an abuse of their immunity under the now infamous “Section 230″ enacted during the Clinton administration. Big Media grossly abused their “free press” protection under the First Amendment. Big Pharma got immunity from liability for harms related to their “vaccine” development. Fauchi continually lied with impunity about Covid 19, its origins and masking efficacy, protected by the elites because the pandemic and the lockdowns hurt Trump.

James Comey, Robert Mueller, Christopher Wray, Bill Barr, Adam Schiff, and a host of other anti-Trump zealots acted with impunity because of the conspiracy of the elites. The judiciary, including SCOTUS, allowed Democrat and RINO state officials to blatantly commit election fraud with impunity. Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden have never been held accountable for their criminality in Ukraine and elsewhere – or their sponsorship of the Russian Collusion hoax. Accused-culprit Dr. Peter Daszak is still being allowed to serve as America’s sole representative in the WHO and Lancet investigations of Covid 19’s origins.

There are just too many examples to list – and it’s not necessary because the point is proved.

We’re reached the place where there are so many foxes guarding the henhouse of America that it seems like there’s no room left for the hens.

But that’s an illusion, because we good patriots who love this country and the true rule of law that made America great vastly outnumber these traitors. And all over this land there is a righteous rebellion brewing against their treachery and tyranny that looks like it’s going to explode this summer and dramatically change the political and cultural landscape.

Let us pray and work for that counter-revolution to do more than just punish evil figureheads like Fauchi, Newsom and Cuomo. Let us be champions of a return to the “ordered liberty” that can restore our national immune system. And let our voices be heard especially clearly during this “Gay Pride” month of June, when the people most responsible for destroying our moral foundations are celebrating their presumed supremacy with presumed impunity.

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Pushing Back Against CDC Vaccine Bullying

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“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” That is the exact language of our First Amendment, and the authority by which We the People issue the demand that is framed in this article.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services, headquartered in deep blue and therefore deeply corrupt Atlanta, Georgia. Like all government agencies it is run by unelected career bureaucrats who craft agency-level policies that are deemed legally binding on the citizenry, equivalent to actual legislation passed by our duly elected representatives, but without the (supposed) accountability of actual legislators. Federal agencies are, at least theoretically, subject to our elected representatives, but as we saw during the Trump administration, the actions of the bureaucrats are often beyond the power of the President to fully control, and thus we call them, collectively, “the deep state.”

We the People, who legally hold the true power of this nation by right of limited delegation of said power to our chosen representatives at the local, state and federal level, have for decades increasing chafed under the tyranny of the unelected deep state and have dutifully attempted to redress our grievances through the election process. However, unbeknownst to us until recently, our elections have been corrupted to the point that we no longer have confidence that the people holding many elected offices were actually elected by us, but suspect that many are instead the chosen agents of the “deep state.”

What we witnessed during the 2020 election debacle, while not yet fully exposed, was an abuse of power so blatant and so extensive that it has taken the combined efforts of Big Tech, Big Media, Big Pharma and the entire Phalanx of Democrat and RINO operatives at every level of government to suppress the truth to that sizable portion of the American people still subject to their persuasion.

Indeed, “abuse of power” is the one phrase that describes the actions of all the co-conspirators in the total subversion of the US Constitution in the eighteen months since the declaration of a “Covid 19 Pandemic” granted them that opportunity under the rubric of a “public health emergency.”

Every element of the First Amendment was nullified in this process.

The Free Exercise of Religion has been ruthlessly denied by tyrannical governors and mayors backed by their police powers (sometimes literally).

Freedom of Speech has been aggressively suppressed in the defacto “public square” of the virtual world controlled by Big Tech.

Freedom of the Press has been largely nullified by a united front of monopolistic Big Media ideologues who (in cooperation with Big Tech) openly and dishonestly attack the alternative media as “fake news” and “conspiracy theorists” to poison the public against them.

Freedom of Assembly has been perhaps the most universally suppressed right by every government zealot capable of enforcing a “lockdown” mandate, forcing people to stay in their homes, let alone try to gather in groups at state capitols.

The Right of Petition for Redress of Grievances has been suppressed by all of the above conspirators through the false characterization of our protests as “selfish,” “dangerous,” “White supremacist,” and “insurrectionist.”

Behind all of this has been Big Pharma and its government enforcer the CDC, which now seeks to destroy our Fourth Amendment Right of Bodily Sovereignty by forcing the entire nation to submit to “vaccines” to generate vast Big Pharma profits, paid from our public treasury.

The following petition is to finally and unequivocally say NO!


Whereas virtually everyone in America who wants the experimental Covid 19 treatments that are being misrepresented as “vaccines” has now received them, and

Whereas many of the rest of us obviously do not want the “vaccines” and would rather risk acquiring Covid 19 than submit to medical treatments against our will, and

Whereas it is a violation of our fundamental human rights, codified at Nuremberg and in US Constitutional Law, for the CDC or any government official or agency to force us to take unwanted medical treatments, and

Whereas trying to indirectly coerce us into “voluntarily” submitting to these medical treatments (through such tactics as denying freedom of travel or access to goods, services or education to the un-“vaccinated”) is really no different than mandating them, and

Whereas the CDC has made no allowance for people with natural immunity to decline the vaccine, and

Whereas the CDC has made no allowance for people with sincere religious objections to decline the vaccine, and

Whereas none of us ever voted to give CDC Bureaucrats the authority to exercise this extreme, dehumanizing power over our lives, and

Whereas these medical treatments have killed and seriously harmed more people than all actual vaccines of the past twenty years combined, and

Whereas these medical treatments have not been subjected to the normal FDA testing protocols but are being deployed under “Emergency Use” authorization only, and

Whereas it has been obvious for some time, from the real-world examples of fully “unlocked” Florida and Texas, that the “emergency” is now over, and

Whereas, again, anyone rightly or wrongly convinced that the emergency is NOT over now has the “remedy” of taking the “vaccine” without delay, and

Whereas citizen anger at what the rest of us perceive as CDC medical tyranny is growing rapidly and will likely cause lasting damage to public trust in the CDC’s taxpayer-funded role in OUR society if it is not quickly assuaged,

Therefore, we, the undersigned citizens of the United States, speaking as representatives of the total body of Americans from whom ALL governmental authority is delegated, DEMAND that the CDC – and all those in collusion with the CDC – immediately cease and desist from all efforts to bully the American people into submitting to medical procedures that we do not want.


Go here to sign and send this petition to key recipients.
Then forward this article to your lists.

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Prophecy and Politics | 5-30-2021 | Episode 12 – The Ugly Truth of LGBT History

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God’s Dysfunctional Family

Click the graphic above to watch the video version of Installment 11, which includes the second half of Chapter Seven, and addresses God’s divorce of the House of Israel, the use of the familial terms “wife” and “son” to describe God’s relationship with the two houses, and how Jesus taught the two house prophecy in the three parables of Luke 15. The article below was written to promote this installment to the readers of — in the form of Scott’s weekly column there.

As every good Jew and Christian knows, God is perfect. But His human family created in His image? Not so much. And that has always been true. Take the case of Jacob, for example. He inherited the amazing seven-point civilization-renewing covenant God had made with his grandfather Abraham, and father Isaac, but due to his own bigamy, created two separate households with Leah and Rachel that in turn created innumerable complications for his 12 sons and their descendants. Like any modern man bearing children with multiple women (he also made “baby-mamas” out of Leah and Rachel’s handmaids) Jacob created a real mess and reaped both natural and legal consequences.

The biggest problem was passing down the covenant itself. God’s laws of inheritance meant that at least two of the promises of the covenant had to be split between two legal claimants, and that is how Leah’s household became the House of Judah and Rachel’s household became the House of Israel. Leah’s 4th son Judah received the “Scepter Promise,” humanity’s only true royal line of kings by divine right, culminating with Yashua (Jesus) the King of Kings per Genesis 49:10. Rachel’s firstborn, Joseph, received the ‘Birthright Promise” of a double portion of the inheritance, which is why there is no “Tribe of Joseph” among the 12, but instead two tribes, Ephraim and Manassah, holding Joseph’s two-twelvths of the Holy Land to his brothers’ one-twelvth each. For God’s own reasons, Ephraim would hold that title down through the ages per Jeremiah 31:9 “For I [God] am a father to Israel, And Ephraim is My firstborn.”

The story of the two houses has been largely forgotten by Christendom, but their histories, partnerships, rivalries, separation and still-future reunification are in fact the most dominant theme of Biblical prophecy and the essential back-story of Christianity, which can only be recognized by re-studying Scripture from the Hebrew cultural perspective of the Prophets and the Apostles. As I have shown in my book “The Prodigal Son Prophecy: God’s Amazing Plan for the Restoration of the Two Hebrew Houses and the Salvation of the Gentiles,” the House of Judah is Torah-faithful Judaism, and the House of Israel is Christianity, and they will eventually (probably soon) be reunited in the Holy Land at the start of the Millennial Kingdom.

Today I am releasing Part 11 of The Prodigal Son Prophecy in PDF and Video formats which anyone may read and/or view without charge, along with all prior installments, including charts, graphs and comprehensive Biblical proofs.

The Two Houses as “Wives” and “Sons” of God

God’s relationship with Judah and Israel is always described in familial terms in the Old Testament, with the two houses addressed alternately as wives and sons of God depending on the aspects of the relationship being emphasized in the passage. Importantly, the New Testament also addresses Christians alternately as sons and “Bride of Christ.”

Ezekiel Chapter 23 is entirely devoted to the portrayal of Judah and Israel as wives of God:

“The word of the LORD came again unto me, saying, Son of man, there were two women, the daughters of one mother: And they committed whoredoms in Egypt; they committed whoredoms in their youth: there were their breasts pressed, and there they bruised the teats of their virginity. And the names of them were Aholah the elder, and Aholibah her sister: and they were mine, and they bare sons and daughters. Thus were their names; Samaria [Israel] is Aholah, and Jerusalem [Judah] is Aholibah. And Aholah played the harlot when she was mine; and she doted on her lovers, on the Assyrians her neighbours….And when her sister Aholibah saw this, she was more corrupt in her inordinate love than she, and in her whoredoms more than her sister in her whoredoms….And the Babylonians came to her into the bed of love, and they defiled her with their whoredom, and she was polluted with them’…” (Ezekiel 23:1-17).
The House and Kingdom of Israel was conquered by the Assyrians in 722BC, the House and Kingdom of Judah was conquered by the Babylonians in 586BC.
…In the Book of Hosea (written in the generation preceding the Assyrian conquest of Israel) the two houses are also portrayed as wives, in part to emphasize the sexual nature of the idolatrous conduct that separates them from God. But even more importantly, the story of Hosea highlights the Hebrew marriage laws and customs as a framework for interpreting the prophecies related to the two houses. These interpretations would include the way in which marriage is addressed in Jeremiah 3:

“If a man put away his wife, and she go from him, and become another man’s, shall he return unto her again? shall not that land be greatly polluted? (Jeremiah 3:1). Why is this so critically important to prophecy? Because in Jeremiah 3:8 God explains “for all the adulteries of faithless Israel, I had sent her away and given her [but not Judah] a certificate of divorce.”

So how could God keep His promise to restore Israel to Himself “after many days” without breaking His own law? He, the Husband, died on a cross, and freed her to remarry. Thereafter ALL those who accept Christ’s free gift of salvation, including Gentiles, but most especially the “lost sheep of the House of Israel,” become the “Bride of Christ,” awaiting the still future “Wedding Feast of the Lamb” in which Israel is legally remarried to God.

Remember that theme, but change the relationship from wives to sons, and the hidden meaning of the Parable of the Prodigal Son is illuminated. Judah is the older son, Israel is the prodigal, the feast of the fatted calf is the “remarriage to God” ritual. Space limitations require me state that as a simplistic summary but it reflects a deeply profound truth with enormous Scriptural support – IF you examine it through the Hebraic lens. I hope you will open up your Bible and give this thesis an honest assessment, because it has been for me the most life-changing and prophecy-validating Biblical teaching I have ever encountered.

And it really helps to know that all the dysfunction our human family has shared has been for a glorious redemptive purpose we can know and prepare for, and that in this process, the Torah-faithful Jews are not our enemies but our soon-to-be reconciled brothers, united in worship of the same Messiah and King (Ezekiel 37:15-28).

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What’s In My Wallet? Not Capital One!

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An open letter to “Woke” Corporate America.  

It has been nearly two months since the laughably self-labeled “non-partisan” Civic Alliance attacked America’s first significant election integrity effort since Obama and his leftist toadies stole the White House from We the People.  It was nothing if not impressive: 1000 of our most powerful corporate giants rubber-stamping Dementia-Joe’s insultingly blatant lie that Georgia’s election reform half-measures amounted to “Jim Crow on steroids.”  

It was political shock-and-awe as only the NYC/Hollywood/DC elites can pull off. 

In years past, a display of power like that would have achieved it’s goal of pummeling the hoi polloi back into line, because, hey, if they’re that powerful, resistance is futile.  But that was before The Donald proved to us all that resistance is NOT futile.  Now we know who you are.  We know there are a lot more of us than there are of you.  And we’ve seen just how difficult it really is for you to keep us down.  You had to subject yourselves to the geopolitical equivalent of “chemotherapy” to take down our champion with your phony pandemic.  And you all had to come out of the shadows and expose yourselves to our scrutiny when your political dirty tricks against President Trump kept failing one after another, requiring increasing personal commitment, expense and risk.  No amount of propaganda and mass psychological manipulation is ever going to make us forget who you are what you’ve done.

Of course, when I say “you” I mean the whole cabal of conspirators from the Obama/Clinton/Soros cluster, to the Bush/Cheney/Romney/Lincoln Pedo-Project cluster, to the NYTimes/Wapo/Fox News cluster, to the Facebook/Twitter/Google cluster, to the Newsom/Whitmer/Cuomo Lockdown Tyrant cluster, to the Fauchi/CDC/WHO/Big Pharma cluster, etc..  But you “woke” corporations have clearly sided with the cheaters and bullies and must bear the consequences with them.

We suspect that many “woke” companies are just along for ride because you’re afraid of the BLM/LGBT shakedown artists, or you think your future profits from a Biden partnership with the Communist Chinese slave-state will more than offset any US losses you many incur.  But, as the saying goes, when you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.  Little people like us are indeed like fleas to you corporate giants.  But we can bite.  And when enough fleas keep multiplying on a dog, their little bites can literally kill it.  (To be clear, when I say “dogs” I mean companies, not people – and to be clearer still, I hope all of you “dogs” who stay “woke” go out of business for the good of the nation.)

But that’s really an upside-down analogy, because it is you, not us, who are the parasites.  We are the hard-working patriotic Americans that built this country and sustain it.  WE are the body that you parasites feed upon.  It is the fruit of OUR labor that “you” steal through confiscatory taxation and redistribution to non-earners.  It is the earnings from OUR labor that your consumer-manipulating advertising has conditioned us from childhood to waste upon your over-priced products.  It is the contribution of OUR labor to your companies that has enriched you far beyond what we have been compensated. 

Don’t confuse these complaints with the rhetoric of the Marxists whom we despise, and who have entangled your boardrooms with their “woke” sensibilities.  Our complaints are personal, not ideological.  You have used our money to advance public policies that hurt us.  We’re not the lazy millions who exploit and exaggerate every possible grievance they can think of to extort a free ride through life. We are the productive tens of millions who have funded both our over-reaching government and your predatory corporatism for as long as we can remember.

We see your weaknesses now in a way we never did before.  We can recognize, for example that a massive advertising budget is an admission that people would stop buying whatever you’re selling without relentless prompting that costs you huge amounts of money.  We can see that the most advertising-dependent companies are the most vulnerable.  Take Woka-Cola for example.  People think of “Coke” as an American icon, but it’s just caramel-colored sugar-water with pretty packaging.  What good does it actually do anyone?  I haven’t drunk a coke since Coke went Woke, and I don’t miss it in the slightest.  And I can’t be the only one, because you geniuses at the Coke corporation felt compelled to remove from leadership the leftist boob who got your company involved in the attack on election integrity.  But I’m not going back to your products until you apologize and work to undo the damage you caused.  All you care about is protecting your brand.  We, your former consumers, care about protecting this nation! 

Capital One is another corporation with a gargantuan advertising budget (which, by the way, helps to keep the enemy-of-the-people media afloat with our consumer dollars).  I’ve had one of your credit cards for at least 20 years (maybe closer to 30) and have earned untold thousands of dollars for your company with my purchases.  You haven’t gotten much from me in usury, because I never carry a balance, but the 2-3% you got from vendors every time I used it added up to lots of cash.  On April 2nd when I saw your logo on the Civic Alliance list I stopped using Capital One.  So the next time you ask me in your ads “What’s in my wallet?” rest assured my answer is always going to be “NOT Capital One” – until you apologize and reverse course. 

For us little people, boycotts are always worthwhile, even if it’s just for the personal satisfaction of not funding companies that work against our values.  But boycotts done by a large number of people, like the MAGA 100 Million, can be very effective.  President Trump’s call to boycott Coke, Delta Airlines and Major League Baseball likely caused you all more pain than you’ll ever admit.

We’re frankly beyond boycotts now. We’ve realized that we don’t need a lot of the things you sell.  More importantly, many of the hundreds of thousands of patriotic anti-woke small business people you leftists bankrupted in the plandemic, recognize the golden opportunity they now have to go back into business selling the very goods and services we all used to get from you.

It’s your choice corporate America: reject “woke” or go broke. The fleas have spoken.



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Prophecy and Politics | 5.16.2021 | Episode 10 – Israel in the Last Days

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Prophecy and Politics | 5.9.2021 | Episode 9 – The Battle for California

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The Walking Political Disaster Formerly Known as Bruce Jenner

There comes a time in every season of moral decline when “slippery slope” arguments become moot, because all of the terrible things you predicted on the long downward slide have come true and you find yourself in the stinking swamp at the bottom of the hill, covered in mud and surrounded by rats and snakes.

That’s where we Americans are today with the normalization of transgender insanity. And by insanity, I mean the old-school looney-tunes, climb-on-the-table-in-your-birthday-suit-and-declare-that-you’re-Napoleon kind of crazy. The keeping up with the Kardashians attention-whore kind of crazy where absolutely anything can be rationalized if it keeps you in the public spotlight. The Bruce-Jenner-as-a-drag-queen-version-of Ronald-Reagan running for governor of California kind of crazy. That’s the bottom of the slope, folks – here we are.

At the top of the slope in the 1950s we conservatives correctly predicted that normalizing porn and making comedies about marital cheating was a slippery slope that would break up marriages. In the 1960s we correctly predicted that legalizing contraception on demand and promoting “free love” philosophies would turn the children of those newly broken homes into self-centered and self-destructive hedonists. When that hedonism led to abortion on demand and “no-fault” divorce in the 1970s we called it a slippery slope to social and fiscal chaos. When the left wing pulled out all the stops to undermine the Reagan Revolution’s efforts to restore normalcy in the 1980s, we predicted that the country would collapse into socialism and the loss of our family-centered society if they won. Then they won.

By the 1990s the slippery slope of moral and ethical decay had spread to the Republican Party, and the “establishment” RINOs had moved so far to the left that JFK’s legacy became conservative by comparison. We conservatives now had to fight the elites of both parties in warning that normalizing homosexuality for adults would be a slippery slope to the recruitment of our children in that lifestyle. By 2015, that battle was fully lost, “gay marriage” was “legalized” by the Supreme Court, and a vast percentage of American school-children had been fully brainwashed in Marxist ideology and “sexual freedom.” Lesbianism among teen girls was the most popular social fad of the decade, and increasing numbers of boys started wearing girlish clothing and defending “gayness.”

It’s hard to believe that was only six years ago, but there was still a “slippery slope” we could warn about in the form of transgenderism. My, how conservative the society still seemed then when the majority strongly pushed back. My, how things can change so quickly the leftist social engineers really put their shoulders to the wheel, and the Biden FDA helps out by fast-tracking the approval of “puberty blockers.” (Thanks again, Never Trumpers!)

“Conservatism” has always been a losers game for those who forget what it is we’re supposed to be “conserving.” These “loser-conservatives” think their job is just to conserve the “status quo” whatever that might be at the moment, and as the status quo gets more liberal, so do they. They’re the conservative movement’s version of useful idiots, always moving leftward at the same rate of speed as the liberals, just ten paces behind. They’re actually more idiotic than the liberal’s useful idiots, who at least get the joy of winning each new battle as it gets fought, while the “loser-conservatives” never stop eating their dust while they adjust themselves to each new loss – perpetually. Look at how many “conservative” opponents of transgenderism now defend homosexuality, just as many opponents of homosexuality in the 90s defended sex outside of marriage. It’s a whole other kind of crazy, to be frank, but we’ll leave it at that.

True conservatism has always been about our founding principles – constitutionalism – and the Judeo-Christian culture from which they grew. It has always been about the Biblical concept of “ordered liberty,” not secular libertarianism, which has no standard for order, only a resistance to “being ordered,” which constitutionalists share when tyranny raises its head (which makes today’s MAGA coalition possible). Ordered Liberty may (within reason) tolerate some dissent from the essential norms – natural marriage, family, community, economy, health, foods and foreign relations — but it can never survive if it allows these norms to be supplanted by counterfeit alternatives.

The primacy of the natural family in the order of mainstream society, for example, is the immune system of a healthy civilization. Overthrowing that norm to serve the interests of “sexual minorities” was predictably disastrous for social health: a manifestly true law of nature that the still-sane can confirm with our own eyes by observing the chaos we’re suffering today by breaking that law.

Transgenderism is both a mental health problem and a behavioral disorder. There is no healthy version of it. It is by definition pathological. (Bruce Jenner is no more a woman than “Worf” of Star Trek was a Klingon.) To hold otherwise is to reject self-evident reality that any rational human can confirm by observation of male and female bodies – so perfectly complimentary in design and function it is as if they were created for the purpose of becoming “one flesh” for the bearing and raising of children in families. That is of course, what the Bible teaches, but as Paul notes in Romans 1, the creation itself teaches that truth, so clearly that those who fail to recognize it – and the Creator Himself in His Creation – have NO EXCUSE!

Here at the bottom of the slippery slope where there is no deeper depth of moral insanity to warn against – only more of the same in ever more grotesque variations as transgenderism morphs into transhumanism – there is no excuse for the conservative movement to mollycoddle the “loser conservative” traitors who helped get us here by falling into line with the left. There is no benefit to compromising with the crazy people or trying to win their approval by virtue signaling. The level of insanity is beyond affecting with strategy or guile. It’s like fighting the undead, now: they can’t be reasoned with because they have lost connection with reality.

The only thing left to do is fight like the Host of Heaven for truth and righteousness – and there is no more important target to defeat in that process than the walking political disaster formerly known as Bruce Jenner. No “conservative” should be allowed to support this deeply disturbed fake-woman without serious push-back from the rest of us. Can we finally say enough is enough?

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Religious Serfdom vs Christian Sovereignty

Dr. Lively challenges Christian churches to end their voluntary submission to government dominance and restore “the lost Doctrine of Christian Sovereignty.”

I earned my law degree at one of the very few authentically Christian law schools in America, Trinity Law School in Santa Ana, CA. It was actually named Simon Greenleaf University (SGU) when I started in 2005, but merged with Trinity Evangelical Divinity School half-way through my 4-year program. Simon Greenleaf, a professor of law at Harvard in the early 1800s (when it was still a staunchly Christian institution) was the nation’s foremost expert on the laws of evidence, and wrote a landmark work of Christian apologetics titled The Testimony of the Evangelists proving the absolute trustworthiness of the Gospel by subjecting its claims to the same standards of proof used in courts of law.

The university that bore his name operated as three separate but interrelated colleges: law, apologetics and human rights. I availed myself of all three programs, graduating Magna Cum Laude in law, earning a Certificate’ in International Human Rights in 1997 at an SGU summer program in Strasbourg, France (in conjunction with the International Institute of Human Rights loosely affiliated with the United Nations), and learning the essentials of Christian apologetics (the defense of the Bible) to enhance my work (since the late 1980s) as a Christian social and political activist.

I offer these facts not for self-aggrandizement, but in self-defense, because for thirty years my enemies on the political left have used their considerable power to assassinate my character and portray me a social pariah – or as one LGBT-activist federal judge in an obscenely malicious faux ruling put it – “a crackpot bigot.” After years of ignoring them, in the belief I had been raised with that “people should never tout their own accomplishments but let others do it for them,” I finally realized that idealistic axiom doesn’t apply in the context of Marxist smear-mongering, which is specifically designed to strike crippling fear into all who witness the assassination of your character, so that on one dares to defend you. So now I fight back by unapologetically highlighting all of the gifts, skills, experiences, accomplishments and credentials God has blessed me with and giving Him all the glory.

Ironically, taking this path of righteous defiance (instead of compromise) liberated me from the fear of “what other people think” and gave me special insight in what Jesus meant when He promised true freedom in Him. Freedom from the expectations of men is a empowering “bonus” dimension of Christian liberty. Being able to calmly, rationally and persistently speak plain truth in the face of vicious mockery and slander from the world is (behind prayer) the most powerful weapon we have in the culture war.

It was also a pathway to understanding the lost doctrine of Christian sovereignty, which I first learned at SGU in my studies of law as understood by America’s Founders. That biblical worldview is a perspective you cannot find in secular, or secularized “Christian” law schools, because it contradicts the Marxist revisionism that began flooding legal education in the late 1800s.

When Abraham Lincoln pursued a legal career that process meant studying the Bible and Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England (which reads more like Christian sermons than much of the humanist drivel heard from many mainstream church pulpits today). What is called “Stare Decisis” or “settled law” binding on lower courts, today means whatever the higher courts have ruled in their own human wisdom, but originally all judges were presumed to be duty-bound to seek God’s guidance in matters before the court, and since His view is perfect and unchanging, those matters were fully settled for all subsequent cases with substantially identical circumstances. Both approaches accepted that a judge could be wrong in motive or reasoning, but only in the God-honoring system was the standard of measurement (the Bible) a fixed constant for corrections. Now we have no standards but the personal ethics, if any, of the black robed tyrants who rule over us with often-blatant political bias.

The Doctrine of Christian Sovereignty holds that the Christian church is a separate sphere of human society from the sphere of government with separate but equal authority in human affairs. The doctrine is implicit in the Bible in such concepts as “kings and priests,” the “sanctuary cities” of the Levites, and Jesus’ exposition of the law regarding taxation (giving unto Caesar what is his, but not what is God’s). It is also easily recognized in the history of Christian civilization, most pointedly in the emphasis on church freedom from government control being the First Principle of human rights in both the Magna Carta of 1215 and the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution, but also in our legal system which even to this day has two parts: the Court of Law (of “Kings,” enforcing the rules made by government) and the Court of Equity (of “Priests,” enforcing the Christian ethics of justice and fairness as defined in the “common law”).

It is also implicit in Jefferson’s metaphor “the separation of church and state” which has been deliberately misinterpreted in corrupt rulings by the US Supreme Court since Everson v Board of Education in 1947 to forbid church influence in government. In actuality, the original metaphor means the “coadjuvancy” of church and state, i.e. the co-administration of society by the separate but equal sovereigns of church and state – which was why Christian prayer in the public schools was (and remains) fully constitutional until it was illegally banned by the Secular Humanist usurpers in 1963, and why the national motto “In God We Trust” remains on our currency (for now).

I have been working for years to challenge the American church to reclaim its sovereignty, the loss of which is best recognized in the capitulation to secular government dominance in the form of “mandatory” incorporation as 501(c)(3) entities. Congregations were never intended to be corporations, and the shocking collapse of Christendom into humanism-defiled theology and “social justice” activism is the direct, predictable consequence. Our collective capitulation to this mentality is nothing less than religious serfdom.

My First Century Bible Church refuses to surrender its sovereignty regarding government registration, church stewardship in all spheres of human life, including business and politics, and the sovereign control we Christians have over our own bodies relative to “vaccines” and other public health mandates. I’m challenging all like-minded remnant Christians to follow our lead and work diligently to restore the doctrine of Christian sovereignty in all of our churches.

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Prophecy and Politics | 5.2.2021 | Episode 8 | A Prophecy Timeline Update

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King Solomon’s Sins and America’s Civil Divide

In this 10th Installment, Dr. Lively explains the biblical and historical origins and significance of the “Lost 10 Tribes of Israel,” how the two Hebrew houses became two separate kingdoms, and how these things relate to Christianity.

The following article was published on as one of Scott’s weekly columns in April 2021, to apply the lessons of this period of Biblical history to the present crises in America. The video linked by clicking the above graphic is a reading of the verbatim text of this installment, not the essay below.

Read the PDF of the text of this installment HERE:

King Solomon’s Sins and America’s Civil Divide

As we remnant American Christians struggle with the rapid erosion of our republic and our freedoms at the hands of an unelected super-wealthy elite and their partners in government, it helps to remember that abuse of power is a pattern we have seen many times in the Bible. This pattern includes the story of Solomon, perhaps the richest man of all time, whose fall into extreme moral corruption and profligate public spending shattered the unity of his father David’s Kingdom, normalized sexual perversions, and burdened the people with vast debt and oppressive governmental control.

After building the Temple, Solomon had received a conditional promise from God that if he remained righteous before Him, David’s kingdom would belong to him and his descendants in perpetuity — the same promise He made to David (1 Kings 9:4-7).

Sunday school lessons about Solomon tend to emphasize the great wisdom he displayed in his youth, but when he grew old, his wisdom waned and he broke faith with God, becoming one of the most wicked men generally and the single most prolific polygamist in all of Scripture:

“King Solomon, however, loved many foreign women besides Pharaoh’s daughter—Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Sidonians and Hittites [Mamzers and Canaanites]. They were from nations about which the Lord had told the Israelites, ‘You must not intermarry with them, because they will surely turn your hearts after their gods.’ Nevertheless, Solomon held fast to them in love. He had seven hundred wives of royal birth and three hundred concubines, and his wives led him astray. As Solomon grew old, his wives turned his heart after other gods… He followed Ashtoreth the goddess of the Sidonians, and Molek the detestable god of the Ammonites. So Solomon did evil in the eyes of the Lord; he did not follow the Lord completely, as David his father had done” (1 Kings 11:1-6). These demonic religions were characterized by sexual deviance and child sacrifice.

Because of this “The Lord became angry with Solomon…and said “‘Since this is your attitude and you have not kept my covenant and my decrees, which I commanded you, I will most certainly tear the kingdom away from you…Nevertheless, for the sake of David your father, I will not do it during your lifetime. I will tear it out of the hand of your son. Yet I will not tear the whole kingdom from him, but will give him one tribe for the sake of David my servant and for the sake of Jerusalem, which I have chosen’ ” (1 Kings 11: 9-13).

But there was another cause, as well. Biblical history shows it was both his moral corruption and his profligate tax-based spending that broke the Kingdom in two – just as America has been polarized nearly to the point of civil war for the same reasons. Despite Solomon’s phenomenal wealth, beyond all the other kings of the earth (described in 1 Kings 10:14-29), he was never satisfied. It was a weakness we see reflected today among Americas oligarchs. (How much personal wealth and power is enough?)

In the latter days of his reign (just as we see in our land today) Solomon essentially enslaved the Hebrew population to a massive tax-funded social and public works ageda. Then, when Solomon died, his son Rehoboam succeeded him, and his “Democrat” style of oppressive dictatorial government was further institutionalized, despite heavy resistance by the people.

“[T]he whole assembly of Israel went to Rehoboam and said to him: ‘Your father put a heavy yoke on us, but now lighten the harsh labor and the heavy yoke he put on us, and we will serve you’… The king answered the people harshly….[saying] ‘My father made your yoke heavy; I will make it even heavier. My father scourged you with whips; I will scourge you with scorpions’ ” (1 Kings 12:1-4; 13-14).

It was for this reason that the people backed tax reformer Jeroboam the Ephraimite, who had been a high-level servant of Solomon heading the public-works labor forces of the tribes of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh). After the prophet Ahijah of Shiloh had prophesied that Jeroboam would become king over the northern 10 tribes, Solomon tried to kill him, so he fled to Egypt (1 Kings 10:26-40). Upon his return, amidst Rehoboam’s refusal to enact reforms, the people rebelled against Rehoboam and made Jeroboam king over them: by that act establishing the Kingdom of Israel (as distinct from Rehoboam’s two-tribe – plus Levites — Kingdom of Judah).

Thus the two houses of the Hebrews that had been united as a 12-tribe confederation through the lifetime of Jacob, through the long sojourn in Egypt, and through both the age of the Judges and the reign of Kings Saul and David, were formally divided into two nations: the House and Kingdom of Judah and the House and Kingdom of Israel – never to be fully united again until the yet-future Millennial Kingdom.

It is this milestone in the history and prophecy of the two houses which prompts me to write this article today. This week I am releasing Installment 10 of my book “The Prodigal Son Prophecy: God’s Amazing Plan for the Restoration of the Two Hebrew Houses and the Salvation of the Gentiles” and Solomon is the dominant figure in this portion of the book. As always, I offer free access to all of my books and books-in-progress here at Just hover over the “Scott Lively Books” option in the header and select a book from the drop-down menu.

America is in so many ways a parallel to ancient Israel, and the lessons of Solomon and Rehoboam seem to closely parallel both our current moral and fiscal crises, and our social hyper-polarization. But in the study of the two house Biblical theme we see why and how these patterns illuminate the prophetic calendar and heighten our expectation of the soon second coming of our Messiah.

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Prophecy and Politics | 4.25.2021 | Episode 7 | Preparing for the Day of the Lord

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Prophecy and Politics | 4.18.2021 | Episode 6 | Are “Vaccine Passports” Our Global ID?

This video was BANNED by the leftist censors at YouTube for “medical misinformation” so we’ve posted it at Bitchute.
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Prophecy and Politics | 4.11.2021 | Episode 5 | Abortion and the Antichrist Agenda

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The Year of Living Slavishly

It’s all about the kids

It was right about a year ago that America began seriously locking down to “flatten the curve” of Covid 19 infections as computer models projected a massive death toll and a terrifying tsunami of hospitalizations certain to overwhelm our health care system. Those projections would prove to be outrageously overstated. And the “flatten the curve” narrative would prove to be just a pretext for shutting down small businesses from coast to coast (while enriching the multi-national corporations in league with the Marxist elite) to crash the Trump economy and justify unprecedented anti-Trump changes to election policies and practices.

We’ve since learned that the death stats were consistently, deliberately inflated to maximize public panic, and when enough data had been accumulated to supersede the computer models, the actual proven data showed a better than 95% recovery rate even for octogenarians in bad health (and a better than 99.9% survival rate for young people), so the powers and principalities of public health then shifted their fear-mongering focus to “active cases” and stopped reporting death stats. It was always about creating and sustaining a climate of anxiety and social isolation.

Along with the lockdowns came global government-enforced Mask Mandates: a cynical and totally unwarranted tactic for engendering the psychological submission of the common people. The refusal by some US States to impose these mandates has given us proof in the form of actual health stats that there is NO benefit to mask-wearing. But elites respond with “What of it? Shut up and get in line.” Nothing must disturb their dominance and our submission.

And it’s working. Even as mandates have been lifted by some conservative governors, the vast majority of people continue to voluntarily wear them. Most disturbingly, as I have personally observed, the people most likely NOT to go mask-less are children and young adults. For them, mask-slavery is the new normal and they’ve accepted it – even though CDC stats show pediatric mortality “from Covid 19″ is roughly half of the annual average for deaths from the flu (roughly 200 vs 400 – and that’s not factoring in the politically-motivated presumed inflation of Covid numbers).

Meanwhile, we’re learning more and more about the manslaughter of the elderly in nursing homes by eugenics-minded far-left governors who deliberately sent infected Covid 19 patients into their facilities. One might be tempted to theorize that Covid 19 was deliberately engineered to kill off the elderly while preserving the more propaganda-susceptible young people.

In our well-justified outrage about the suppression of conservative speech and networking on social media platforms we’ve missed the larger purpose of it, which is to insulate the young people from ideas and data that contradict the narratives of the elites. The elites couldn’t care less about what we Boomers and older Gen Xers think or say to each other, and know they’re not going to teach us old dogs any new tricks: they care only about the generations that will replace us, and populate their brave new world of utopian transhumanism. Even the propaganda about “re-educating” Trump supporters is really only about stigmatizing us in the minds of the youth as dangerous crazies they should shun.

As we get further in time from the 2020 election, we can see that all of this evil nonsense has been done with a larger goal than defeating Trump. It is about implementing the United Nations “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” adopted in 2015 through the orchestration of Barack Obama and Pope Francis (who launched the plan with a speech at UN HQ in NYC). In furtherance of that goal, the Plandemic has set the stage for the “Great Reset” (which could be triggered at any time with a global economic collapse), intended to destroy once and for all the “Old Normal” (Judeo-Christian civilization) that we Boomers were the last generation to enjoy as children.

In just the past couple of weeks the global public-heath tyrants began a new wave of lockdowns in Europe, and here at home “Dr. Fausti” (his namesake being famous for making a pact with the devil) is pushing a continuation of mask mandates for another 2-3 years. The authorities waited until their so-called vaccines had been rolled out and injected into millions of people before telling us that even the “vaccines” would not eliminate the mask requirements. Another bait and switch. Now they’re pushing hard for making travel and other basic human privileges conditional on holding a “Vaccine Passport.”

All of our hopes for “going back to normal” in 2021 are being dashed, while we are being forced into greater and greater dependency on government. The Year of Living Slavishly is being extended — despite populist demands.

“How shall we then live?” asked Peter rhetorically. We live the way the first century believers did under Roman military occupation. We make our families and local congregations the center of our lives. We develop methods of coping with unfolding events that do not involve compromise: living IN the world but not OF the world.

But perhaps more importantly, how shall we protect the younger generations from the evils we Boomers see so clearly, but they see only hints of due to the “strong delusions” that have shaped their worldview since infancy? We learn to specialize in using the self-evident witness of God’s natural world to undermine the delusions of the artificial world. We teach them about the birds and the bees – literally. We see that our grandchildren spend some time on working farms (family farms, not agribusiness). We do nature walks. We stand with them on the shoreline and look up at the star-filled sky as we talk about the reality of God. We collectively start promoting the conservation of the natural family as a social responsibility in the way environmentalists have successfully done to protect rain forests and tide pools, and to improve air and water quality.

We use the lessons from our Year of Living Slavishly to start conversations about what freedom really is, and use the self-evident truths of Creation to help introduce them to the Creator, Jesus Christ: “For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.” And that truth in turn will give them hope for surviving the very tough days that lie ahead as we wait for His return to break ALL the chains now being forged by these temporary slave-masters.

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The Once and Future Sodom

Sodom and Gomorrah - Wikipedia
The Incineration of Sodom

Leviticus 18:21And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech… 22Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

There is nothing new under the sun, said King Solomon, who knew from whence he spoke, having departed so far from righteousness in his later years that he instituted Canaanite demon worship on the Mount of Olives (1 Kings 11) that lasted 300 years, until righteous King Josiah ended the practice by, in part, “breaking down the houses of the Sodomites that were by the Temple, where the women wove hangings for Asherah” (2 Kings 23). The Asherah, or Asherim, were huge phallic poles, often carved from oak trees, that adorned the “high places” where Baal and Ashtereth were worshiped through male and female cult prostitution and the sacrifice of children (who were roasted alive). Solomon lost his regency – for himself and all his posterity – for that idolatry and David’s United Kingdom was split in two, because there are some things that Our God – so longsuffering in so many ways – will not tolerate. Chief on the list is Canaanite demon worship, which has always been characterized by extreme sexual deviance and child murder. Abortion. LGBT perversions. There is nothing new under the sun.

Our great grandparents, no matter where they might have migrated from across the world, shared the universal condemnation of “the love that dares not speak its name.” Even as late as the 1950s homosexuality was so utterly reviled as a form of sexual deviance, that it could not be mentioned “in polite company” and thus the absolute primacy of the marriage-based natural family was secure as the foundation and framework of mainstream society.

It was the rise of Marxism that changed everything. Karl Marx and Frederick Engles were themselves hostile to the then-underground homosexual movement. And for its entire history Soviet Communism also thoroughly shunned homosexual practices due to their social destructiveness. But because its ultimate goal has always been the overthrow of Judeo-Christian civilization, and because (Torah-faithful) Jewish insistence on heterosexual monogamy has always been the foundation of that civilization (affirmed most militantly in the Maccabbean overthrow of Antiochus IV Epiphanes in 164BC), it was unsurprising that the greater Marxist Movement would eventually use homosexual activists to stir up “sexual revolution” to topple our civilization from within (just as the magician Balaam advised Moabite King Balak to do to the Israelites in Numbers 25). There is nothing new under the sun.

And so it became standard Soviet policy to foment sexual revolution in all the countries of the West (but never in Russia). And their chief agents were homosexuals, for whom “sexual revolution” meant “liberation” from what Herbert Marcuse called “the repressive order of procreative sexuality.” It was no accident, therefore, that the “Father of the American Gay Movement” was Harry Hay, a long-time teacher of Marxism before he founded the Mattachine Society in 1950.

Now, Germany needed no external manipulation to embrace “sexual revolution,” being the homeland of the “Grandfather of the Modern Gay Movement,” Karl Ulrichs. I’ve addressed that in a prior article. And England, whose “elites” were enamored of envelope-pushing “gay” Dandies like Oscar Wilde (author of the “dare not” quote above) needed no heavy arm-twisting either. But “provincial” America did. And thus we became the target of a multi-faceted social engineering campaign that has succeeded far beyond Oscar’s wildest dreams.

That campaign has always been “progressive” in the sense that LGBT is not a “coalition of sexual minorities” but a set of steps in the dismantling of heterosexual normalcy.

Indeed, the whole concept of “sexual minorities” is a Marxist invention – a component of “Queer Theory.” In self-evident reality, all human beings are, genetically, binary heterosexual beings capable of voluntarily engaging in any form of sexual deviance. It is the spiritual and emotional nature of sexual deviance to capture one’s sense of identity as a sexual person in a process I believe is related to human brain chemistry associated with sexual climax, producing in the human psyche something akin to the phenomenon of “imprinting” in birds. I’ll never forget learning that lesson from my ex-“gay” friend Sonny (whom my wife and I nursed through late-stage AIDS in our home until his death). He was raped by a man in the bathroom of a YMCA at seven years old, and forever after fought the fetish of seeking sex combined with the smell of urine.

Remember that all “sexual orientations” are defined by personal self-identification, not objective physiological criteria, so emotionalism and ideology play a huge role in the process, which is why socially-approved and government-sponsored LGBT propaganda to children is uniquely dangerous. And is the reason I always warn that “gay recruitment” of kids is more about encouraging them to experiment homosexually with each other than it is adult molestations of kids (which also is far more prevalent than the media will report). That’s why they always add Q (for “questioning”) to “LGBT:” it is a marketing strategy.

Lesbianism is the easiest to sell to the public, since it gets the least resistance from men because it has always been a staple of modern porn. Male homosexuality is a tougher sell but they forced it on us gradually over decades. “Bisexuality” is really about finally abandoning the pretext that homosexuals are “born that way” and shifting back to their original argument (soundly defeated during the conservative Reagan Revolution) that all sexuality is a matter of personal choice which society has no right to regulate. We’re there now in the rapid rise of “polyamory,” just another name for bisexuality, but in groups. Transgenderism is the cutting edge and isn’t really about sexuality at all but an attack on genetic determinism designed to prepare the younger generations for “transhumanism” through which human beings use genetic manipulation, robotics and AI to create “superior,” ultimately “immortal,” forms of ourselves. (The very thing God expelled us from the Garden of Eden to prevent).

Sodom is the ultimate symbol of rebellion against God, triggering His wrath. And it is the symbol used to define the Antichrist Kingdom in the Book of Revelation. Sodomy is the behavior associated with both Noah’s Flood (according to the Talmud) and the coming (perhaps emerging) Age of Apostasy (according to Paul). It is never condoned or minimized in Scripture, but mandatory Christian acceptance/celebration of it has become the world’s rigidly inflexible measure of “goodness” in pastors and churches. But should we really be surprised? There truly is nothing new under the sun – only the choice every generation must make: whether to obey God or defy Him and reap the consequences accordingly.

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Why the Neo-Conservatives Hate Trump

One of the great paleo-conservative thinkers of the pre-Reagan era is WND columnist Pat Buchanan. I had the privilege of meeting and sharing a stage with him as a young Christian activist in Oregon around 1990, and have always benefited from his insights and observations in his writings. The main issue that separates paleo-conservatives from neo-conservatives is war-policy: the paleos are the original America First champions firmly against unnecessary foreign wars, and the neo-cons seem to have never met a war they didn’t like. Pat’s piece this past week was about the geopolitics of oil and natural gas pipelines, specifically Russia’s pipeline to Germany, and thus all Europe.

The main reason the neo-cons joined with the leftists to take down President Trump’s presidency was his opposition to foreign wars, and his successful pursuit of domestic energy independence. The leftists hate Trump for many reasons, but the neo-cons have primarily one. You see, the wars of at least the past half-century have almost always been related to the projection of American military power to control oil and gas resources on foreign soil.

Pat Buchanan wrote: “Issue: Nord Stream 2, the Baltic Sea pipeline Vladimir Putin is building to complement his Nord Stream 1 and carry more natural gas from Russia to Germany, and from there to other NATO nations….What is behind American opposition…? First, the pipelines bypass Ukraine and Poland, cutting those countries out of the transit revenue. Second, we want Germany to buy our own shale-produced natural gas.” The rest of the article focuses on the question of whether Germany is wrong to partner with Russia in this. He reveals his own view, by writing “[Post Glasnost] Russia was no longer the largest captive nation of communism but a nation reaching out in friendship to the United States… [But] Having won the Cold War, and unable to find a new mission, we started a second Cold War to contain the new [significantly shrunken] Russia – this time at the borders of Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia, as we had once contained the old USSR at the River Elbe.”

I would add that the second Cold War ran rather luke-warm until, as Secretary of State under Obama in 2009, Hillary Clinton presented a “reset button” stage prop to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to signal a new season of cooperation between our nations. But, in retrospect, that season of thaw appears to have been just another Clinton Crime Family scam, in this case to enrich themselves through such deals as the Uranium One scandal.

The real restart of a deep-freeze Cold War was triggered shortly after the Uranium One deal closed, when an infuriated Barack Obama (the ultimate LGBT global activist) determined to punish Russia for passing a nationwide ban on homosexual propaganda to children in 2013. It kicked off with an attempt to sabotage the 2014 Winter Olympics in Socci, Russia by humiliating the Russians with massive pro-LGBT propaganda and provocation during the games. It then continued with an Obama/Soros orchestrated 2014 Ukrainian coup that replaced the pro-Russian president with a pro-Obama stooge and handed the keys to the Ukranian treasury to Joe (and Hunter) Biden.

In August of 2013, I published and sent an Open Letter to President Vladimir Putin, predicting that Obama would take severe revenge on Russia for the “gay” propaganda ban.

I had done a public speaking tour across Russia in 2006-2007 and visited Moscow in October 2013 for an international pro-family conference. From personal observation, I can testify that Russia is not only NOT a Marxist state, but that its people are ideologically the closest to American conservatives of any nationality of the 65 countries I have visited in my travels.

I was thus very pleased when then-candidate Donald Trump campaigned heavily in 2016 on restoring relations with Russia. But this Trump campaign promise scared the Purple Uniparty globalists more than any other. Obama, Clinton and Biden were terrified that their crimes in Ukraine would be exposed and prosecuted, and the Neo-Cons were terrified that Trump would pull the military out of their highly lucrative wars – especially Syria, which has only ever been about completing the Qatar to Bulgaria pipeline across Syria and Turkey before Russia could complete Nord Stream 2. For decades, Syria has been a US/Russia proxy-war battlefield over oil revenues, complicated by an Iranian second pipeline across Iraq and Syria to the Mediterranean (presumably stalled by the US occupation of Iraq).

This is the true reason for the Russian Collusion Hoax still being pushed by the Never Trumpers despite having been totally debunked. And the all-hands-on-deck commitment to force President Trump into an anti-Russian posture is, I believe, why he uncharacteristically flipped on Syrian policy and bombed Syrian targets April 6th, 2017 supposedly in retaliation for Syria’s supposed use of “chemical weapons” on April 4th – an allegation vehemently (and very plausibly) denied by Syrian President Assad. It should be noted that international law allows military action outside of wartime on very limited grounds, explaining why “chemical weapons” is the go-to pretext for neo-con warmongers since before the George W. Bush wars (which I regret having supported at the time).

My personal conspiracy theory is that Trump was forced into striking Syria in 2017 by heavy left and “right” media propaganda, combined with extortion from neo-con Senators John McCain and Mitch McConnell, the latter of whom inexplicably held back the Senate confirmation of Trump’s SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch from January 2017 until just after the bombing. But Trump tipped off Russia with media comments before the attack to (I believe) prevent an intended escalation – in the same way General Flynn (I believe) prevented an intended Obama Hot War between the 2016 election and the inauguration. If President Trump is reelected in 2024, I think he will find a way to keep his promise to essentially end the second Cold War, to the benefit of the world and the detriment of the warmongers.

I don’t wish to suggest Pat Buchanan shares my personal theories – but I think he would agree that while geo-politics always involves partly hidden factual complexities – the motivations behind the actions of nations are no different than the basic motives of powerful individuals: a greed for money, and a lust for power (including, especially in Obama’s case, the power to enforce your will on everyone else). And in our lifetimes the nexus of those motives usually involve politicians, armies, and oil (as in “President” Biden sending the US military sweeping back into Syria in his first week). But in Trump’s case they didn’t. He truly put America First. And that is why the neo-cons hate him.

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Social Justice, the Great Reset and Biblical Economics

When I was a teenager growing up in a lower middle-class family in Western Massachusetts, my prospects for success in life were dramatically reversed when my father suffered a major mental health breakdown that required him to be institutionalized for the rest of his life. My Mom and five younger siblings crammed into a much smaller house, while I (then 16) pretty much lived wherever I could, having become quite independent by then due to a desire to avoid my Dad’s increasingly hostile behavior toward me, in part deserved because of my drug and alcohol centered lifestyle (since the age of 12). Sometimes I lived with the families of friends. For a while I was on welfare and with three friends had our own house (party-central). I spent a brief period in a commune. And sometimes I literally lived on the streets.

One summer vacation from the far-left Hippie alternative-school that I attended after dropping out of High School in 10th grade, I got a temporary job as a groundskeeper at the ultra-exclusive prep-school Deerfield Academy, which prepared the children of the very rich to attend the elite universities which would in turn train them how to rule the world. My main job was to maintain the tennis courts – top-quality clay courts, of course (no concrete or asphalt for these kids). But I also did general maintenance, one day being responsible for cleaning out a barn filled with expensively framed paintings it was my job to throw into a giant dumpster. The casual waste appalled me.

If ever I were susceptible to Marxist recruitment, that summer would have been it, but I guess even the Marxists didn’t want the kid I was then, and fortunately I never went that direction.

Indeed, you’d be hard pressed to find a more stalwart opponent of Marxism than I. But my opposition to Marxism is based on its malicious war against Judeo-Christian civilization – not on its (original, ostensible) motivation to solve the genuine problem of vast accumulated wealth and power in the hands of a few at the expense of everyone else. (The elites of that age were even worse than the Zuckerbergs and Bezos’ and Gates’ of our own.)

I’m not talking about capitalism vs communism – which is itself a false choice invented by Marxists to control the debate. I’m talking about the Biblical concept of stewardship, and its duties that are implicit in Judeo-Christian civilization vs systemic abuse of power for the perpetual self-enrichment of an elite.

Private property is an essential tenet of Christianity implied even in the Ten Commandments. “Thou shall not steal,” and “Thou shall not covet” would be meaningless without a right of private ownership. Even the Christian supposed “experiment with Socialism” in Acts 4:32-5:11 was in actuality a voluntary pact, not a government mandate as Acts 5:4 makes clear.

But conversely, God repeatedly warns against “the love of money” and its corrupting influence (e.g. 1 Timothy 6:10), even identifying abundance from commerce as the source of Satan’s rebellion against Him (Ezekiel 28:16-19). God even imposed the Jubilee economic model upon the Hebrews in the Holy Land. Labor contracts were limited to seven year terms. Transfer of the ultimate commodity, real-estate, was limited to fifty year terms.

Yet even in that Israelite economy under the Mosiac law, the solution to human greed and selfishness was not statutes – which can always be outmaneuvered (Matthew 23:23-24). Instead, the solution was the guiding PRINCIPLE best articulated by David in Psalm 24:1 “The earth is the LORD’S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.” Since God owns everything, including us, we are accountable to Him for how we use His stuff.

When America was still a “God-fearing” nation we were the self-regulated “moral and religious” people for whom the Founders created our Constitutional Republic. Our written laws were relatively few because we followed the spirit of the law and practiced self-restraint out of a sense of accountability to the Law-Giver.

But today we have so many laws we need warehouses to store the books that contain them and literally no one knows the law in its totality – and new thousand-page packages of laws are passed annually that are no longer even read by the legislators before voting. Yet, in our conduct we are a lawless society ruled by deeply unethical men and women for whom “Principles” and “ideals” are merely sugar-coatings for poisonous social policies.

The term “Social Justice” suggests high principles that have lured many naive but well intentioned people to embrace it. The false promise of a “Great Reset” suggests the ideal of a “Jubilee” that wipes out global debt and gives the world a new start. But in reality “social justice” is class warfare pitting the poor-to-middle-class against the upper-middle class and lower strata of “the rich,” and the “Great Reset” is a ploy to establish a global China-style Marxist economy marrying Communism and predatory corporatism. Both strategies serve only the ultra-rich – the ones whom the street-level Marxists never seem to target, and the populist conservatives always unthinkingly defend in their unexamined, reductionist definition of “capitalism.”

How do all these diverse ideas tie together? They identify our problem as the collapse of the rule of law into the rule of man, and identify our “masters” as the ultra-rich who want a return to a two-class society in which we are their slaves. And while we placed our hope in a populist movement that fought valiantly to break their yoke – and almost succeeded – they defeated our champion and are now rapidly consolidating their power. I doubt they will let us get that close again.

I believe our best course of action as we await the return of Christ (and continue fighting to overthrow the tyrants) is to actively pursue our own Biblical economy amongst ourselves, outside of the elites’ control. If He tarries, we’ll have something to base a restored America upon. If not, we’ll have our best shot at survival through the troubled times ahead.

I’ll offer my ideas about a Biblical economy in a future article, but until then I encourage us all to meditate upon the idea and imagine what it might look like in actual practice.

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Evangelizing the Progressives

In my last article I addressed the problem of Christian pastors being led into apostasy by “progressive evangelists” using “social justice” themes, especially “gay theology,” to capture an increasing number of Christian leaders who are intimidated by our culture’s relentless attacks on Biblical truth and who desire to be liked by the world and be “relevant” to the Marxism-indoctrinated younger generations. In this article I want to explain how Bible-faithful Christians can turn the tables and successfully evangelize “progressives” and the younger generations influenced by the leftist worldview (and potentially overthrow the elite puppet-masters who rule over both of us through divide and conquer polarization).

Progressives are a particularly challenging mission field for Christians who use traditional evangelistic methods because they have been largely “immunized” against Christianity since childhood through anti-biblical propaganda and talking points pushed in public schools and colleges. We’ve lost something like 85% of young people from Christian homes in this contest and won very few young people from “progressive” homes.

But there is one form of Christian witness that is still has great potency because 1) the enemy has only recently started undermining it (to further the transgender agenda), and 2) it shares a common logical foundation with a core ideology of the progressive movement. That witness is the self-evident NATURE of things. Let me tell you how I discovered this truth and developed it as a bridge to establish rapport with progressives.

Just after the turn of the millennium I was running my Sacramento-based Christian Mediation Center (which I founded as the first business of my law career) and was serving as California State Director for the American Family Association on the side. I was also fighting the LGBT agenda as a public speaker and media figure. All three tracks intertwined when I was asked by Phyllis Schlafley’s Eagle Forum to help stop a major escalation in pro-homosexual indoctrination at Santa Rosa High School.

One of my events in that effort was an evening presentation at a local community center. But when I arrived the room was packed to the gills with hostile high school and college students. (We had been outmaneuvered by local LGBT organizers.) Not wanting to endure another session of obnoxious heckling and childish antics that usually dominate such meetings, I put on my “mediator” hat (while the moderator was introducing me) and silently prayed for guidance from the Holy Spirit on how to connect with these kids.

I had an immediate epiphany about the common ground that pro-family advocates share with environmentalists: the recognition of a natural order that must be respected by humans to prevent harm. I abandoned my prepared notes and with real-time Holy Spirit guidance (per Matthew 10:19) I explained that environmental concepts like “bio-diversity,” “eco-systems,” and “the interdependence of species” all rest upon the natural law presuppositions that the pro-family movement also holds: things are supposed to be a certain way in nature and if you do things like poison the tide-pools with chemicals, or clear-cut the rain forest, bad things will happen. I then said, “All I’m asking you to do is open your minds a little and recognize that humanity has its own ecosystem called the natural family. If you disturb that by, for example, removing one of the parents, it’s the equivalent of cutting down half the rain forest. Negative consequences will follow.”

Watching those young people visibly ponder that idea – one college student with purple hair literally scratching his head as its profundity, light bulbs switching on behind his eyes as he looked off into the air – was one of the most satisfying moments in my entire pro-family career.

A few years later I was invited to debate same-sex marriage at U.C. Berkeley (which is so liberal that the “moderator” was the Northern California director of the ACLU). I dusted off that natural-family ecosystem concept and built my entire argument upon it. Long story short, I started with a 100% extremely hostile standing-room-only crowd but by the end had shifted about 25% of them to an attitude of respectful attention – a huge victory under the circumstances.

Fast forward to 2014. On the final day of my part-time “running-only-to-have-a-platform” campaign for governor of Massachusetts I decided to have some fun and hit the streets of ultra-leftist Northampton with a flyer featuring a still-further developed “natural-family ecosystem” theme, while being shadowed by a hostile film crew from HBO’s “Vice” program hoping for fireworks. Instead, I had such an amazing day of harmonious interactions with random strangers, including a Smith College philosophy professor who really liked the concept, that when I went home afterward I faxed over a copy to the Rainbow Green Party, whose person-in-charge offered to send my flyer to their whole list – until other leaders shut him down after discovering I was the author.

Two years later in October 2016 I was in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia in my capacity as a Human Rights Consultant, helping (successfully) to pass a national constitutional amendment defending marriage. To highlight the universal appeal of the “natural life” theme while there in the eastern hemisphere with my Muslim hosts, we formed the Natural Life Movement and I published the Declaration of the Natural Life Movement to frame its tenets in a final concise form.

The key to “natural life evangelism” is to shift your discussion away from traditional “right vs left” arguments and perspectives toward the completely different paradigm of “natural vs artificial.” The goal is not to flip them from “liberal” to “conservative” (a distinction exploited by the elites) but to establish common ground on the most basic and universal truths of the natural law. Once you reach that common ground on “the laws of Nature,” it is an easy pivot to a discussion about “Nature’s God” – and, depending on the person, turning either to the Declaration of Independence (where “the laws of Nature and Nature’s God” provided the logic for America’s founding), OR directly to the Bible, where there are many mind-healing passages rooted in the witness of nature (e.g. Romans 1:19-20).

Further, to grasp the potency of the Natural Life paradigm as a tool to redeem the political realm, consider how easily we could win all our key culture war battles if the vast majority of world’s population who already embrace natural life presuppositions were united in that goal instead of (as now) being polarized across lines chosen by the elites to keep us fighting amongst ourselves instead of overthrowing their tiny-minority rule.

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