Scott Lively on Bogus State Lockdowns

As I watched the bluest of the blue states, California and New York go into Coronavirus Lockdown this week, I couldn’t help thinking about those inane comic-book Transformer movies where everyday machines transform into giant robotic villains and turn American cities teeming with weak and helpless human beings into smoking ruins. Except in our real-life version the transformers are the media-controlling evil globalist elites scrambling to transform America into a police state before the hard numbers on actual hospitalizations and fatalities can be used by President Trump to finally neutralize their fear-mongering.

Once it can be proven to the now panic-stricken public that this disease is actually less lethal than the Flu – based on actual cases, not exaggerated projections and spin – then the stampede will end, and the people will realized they’ve been played for fools and start looking for pay-back in the form of a Trump reelection landslide.

We’re still a couple of weeks away from that turning point, so the globalists are maximizing their leverage while they can. That’s the purpose of the state lockdowns, to ratchet up the fear factor, because they know that the stampeding herd will do far more damage to our economy than the disease itself, and that’s their strategy for defeating Trump.

Democrat bastions California and New York kicked this off because they’re hard-left cultural trend setters, then Blue Illinois and Pennsylvania followed immediately to create the sense of momentum, then the media began firing their rhetorical guns in the air to try to stampede the rest of the state governors. Some have already followed suit. Now comes the media thumb-screws for President Trump, who may be forced to initiate some form of national lockdown to placate the increasingly hysterical masses who might otherwise turn against him. Remember, a stampeding herd doesn’t think, it only reacts to the ones shooting the guns (in this case the media) and can thus be steered in any direction, even against the White House.

But there’s light at the end of the tunnel: hard science and simple math are already knocking down the propaganda among citizens who pay attention and know how to use a calculator. The numbers to watch are hospitalizations and fatalities. Of course, getting the flu is never fun, but if you don’t need hospitalization you’re irrelevant as far as justifying a police state emergency goes. So with just those two numbers (dividing the smaller by the larger and moving the decimal point two spaces to the right) you can follow the actual mortality rate of the disease.

For example, using Center for Disease Control stats, the 2018/2019 winter flu season had a roughly 6.97% mortality rate for hospitalized patients: 32,400 deaths divided by 490,600 hospitalizations. The 2017/2018 winter flu had a roughly 8.9% mortality rate: 80,000 deaths divided by 900,000 hospitalizations. So far, with numbers changing by the minute, the Coronavirus mortality rate is under 8.7% of hospitalizations – serious but certainly not sufficient to justify a world-shaking panic-attack.

From now on, every day the US statistics on Coronavirus will get clearer and the mortality rate will drop further because of the various known cures that have emerged in just the past few days using time-tested and readily available drugs. Keep in mind that these cures (for a disease that only started spreading about three months ago) were not known about in hardest hit China and Italy. Once those numbers become common knowledge, everything will change for the better. We might even be able to buy toilet paper again!

One last point. The Democrats and Never-Trumper Republicans are causing huge damage to the country with this scorched earth strategy, but they’re doing the most damage to themselves.

So the best thing all of us in the grassroots can do is spread the word that this pandemic is going to be under control very soon. It will be very helpful in the rebound phase to have documented all of the leftist fearmongering to use against them this fall. Take screen-shots and gather other evidence now because they might delete the examples of their treachery later.

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Scott Lively on Keeping Things in Perspective in the Present Crisis

Dr. Lively urges Christians, especially Christian men, to actively calm and reassure the people in their circles of influence and help them to keep the present crisis in perspective. All believers should be setting an example of confidence and trust in God for all the circumstances of their lives, especially through hardship. He suggests that an important tool for combatting fear and depression is getting away from the artificial things in our lives such as TV and news organizations which only offer a second or third hand view of the world, and instead going to a park or other natural place to focus one’s mind and senses on God’s creation. He reminds viewers that the creation operates in cycles and seasons, ups and downs, valleys and mountaintops, and that we’d never appreciate the high points without contrast with the lows.

“We’re all in this together,” he says, “and we’re going to get past it. Whether this crisis is a short term bump in the road or the season of the last days, we can always rest assured that Our Lord has promised He will never leave us, nor forsake us.”

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Scott Lively Says Trump Winning Again! This Time Over Coronavirus Media Fear-Mongering

Dr. Lively gives President Trump an A+ for managing the elites’ orchestrated pandemic so competently that his leadership as Commander in Chief is winning over even many Democrats. He predicts the media-created stampede will quickly subside once the “bailout” package is adopted by Congress and will be fully calmed once the actual US fatality and survival rates of the coronavirus are able to be determined with statistical accuracy based on actual cases and not media-spun projections.

Dr. Lively shares conservative concerns that another trillion dollars is being added to the national debt, but believes current circumstances warrant the spending. Further, he gives President Trump the highest possible marks for brilliantly co-opting the Democrat leadership by preemptively proposing the bailout remedy himself once he realized he was being outmaneuvered by media fear-mongering. He argues that debt can only be paid off in a strong economy and we won’t have one until we get this crisis behind us and get back to the work of pushing the Marxists out of power.

As a side note, Lively highlights the absurd panic-buying of toilet paper, programmed into the public response by media reporting at the start of the crisis, and then cynically covered as a “supply chain crisis” by the same media, as evidence that the stampede was definitely orchestrated.

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Scott Lively on Coronavirus and End Times

Beginning in early 2011, I did an intensive and very illuminating seven year study of Biblical prophecy that culminated in my yet unpublished book The Prodigal Son Prophecy. I set myself the task of interpreting prophecy from the Hebrew cultural perspective of the Apostles and the OT Prophets de novo (from scratch) as if none of the modern Christian theories had been published, in the same way that an appeals court judge would systematically reconsider all of the evidence in a legal case without accepting any rulings of the lower court as conclusive.

In this process I used the Bible itself almost exclusively – the whole Bible — letting Scripture interpret Scripture and assuming a literal meaning of the text wherever a literal meaning seemed intended. I looked to outside sources only for peripheral questions like the historical context of Biblical events and deeper study into the nuances of Greek and Hebrew words and phrases.

Some of the conclusions I reached in that intensive project confirmed various elements of traditional Christian interpretations from the various eschatological camps, some did not, but in the end I had formed my own comprehensive model which harmonized all of the prophecies without resort to intellectual gymnastics to obscure or dismiss logical contradictions from the text. While I do not hold firm opinions on every specific aspect of prophecy, I believe I have a very sound and trustworthy framework for interpreting all past, present and future prophetic events that is superior to commonly followed models in the church today.

In brief summary, following the leading of the Holy Spirit, I used the Olivet Discourse of Matthew 24-25 as a literal chronological timeline and aligned it with the Book of Revelation: recognizing that what Jesus revealed to John in that book was an expanded and augmented version of that same chronology. To decode the timeline of Revelation, I divided the roughly 25 events it records into four categories based upon the perspective of the passages from inside or outside of time, and oriented toward or from heaven or earth. I also looked to the Old Testament to understand the meaning of the symbols and idioms in the text, which helped immeasurably in the timeline alignment process.

In parallel to that endeavor, I studied the entire body of Old Testament prophecy to get a sense of the key prophetic themes that unify them when taken as a whole. I discovered the most dominant common theme related to the division and reunification of the two Hebrew houses: the most serious crisis of the Abrahamic covenant, caused by Jacob’s bigamy with Leah and Rachel, splitting the package of the specific promises of the covenant into two parts, one each being inherited by the two competing households and their descendants.

The second most dominant theme was the establishment of a future literal Millennial Kingdom on earth, where the newly reunified twelve tribes of the two houses would be ruled by the Messiah in a post-Armageddon regenerated earth.

I then reviewed the New Testament prophecies in light of the promise of future reunification of the Hebrew houses and recognized Christianity as the vehicle by which God accomplishes it.

Thus, the Parable of the Prodigal Son contains not just a profound truth about God’s mercy toward sinners, but a prophecy of the reunification of the House of Israel (Rachel’s household) with the House of Judah (Leah’s household) in the Holy Land at the dawn of the Millennial Kingdom. The latter scenario is one that those with a non-Hebrew perspective of the Bible will “see without seeing and hear without hearing” until they actually study the Old Testament passages that illuminate the text.

I have decided to finally publish The Prodigal Son Prophecy since I think there is a possibility that we may be watching last days events unfolding before us. Starting this week I will publish it as a series of videos based upon and accompanied by the text, posted on YouTube in a new playlist bearing the same title as the book.

The prophetic model that I have created does not predict any specific date when the timeline actually starts, but explains the timing and sequence of events once it does. There are numerous clues that the start may be very soon, including the imminence of the building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem and the rapid rise of apostasy and sexual deviance. These clues raise the question of whether the Coronavirus pandemic is a “pestilence” in the context of what the Bible calls the “beginning of sorrows.”

A significant element of prophecy from the Hebrew cultural perspective are the cycles of sevens in Leviticus 25, including both the seven year “shemita” Sabbath cycles, and the fifty year (7×7+1) Jubilee cycles. Presumably, “Daniel’s 70th Week” (a key component of modern Christian eschatology on which I agree) is a seven year shemita cycle following a Jubilee.

Liberation of the land is the celebratory theme of Jubilee years. Thus, it is seems likely that the liberation of the Holy Land from the Islamic Ottoman Empire by the British in 1917, followed by the issuance of the Balfour Declaration inviting Jews to resettle there, was a Jubilee year in God’s calendar. The liberation of eastern Jerusalem exactly fifty years later in 1967 adds an exclamation point to that presumption. And if those were Jubilee years, the next would necessarily have fallen on either 2015 (under one system of counting) or 2017.

It is also assumed in my model that the Lord will return during the lifespan of the generation born in the “season” when the “fig tree” puts forth its leaves per Matthew 24:32-34. The “fig tree” is symbolic not of all Israel, meaning the 12-tribe House of Jacob, but of the House of Judah per Jeremiah 24.

There are other variables in the equation, but for the sake of brevity, let me summarize by saying that IF Rosh Hashana, 2017 marked the start of the 70th week, the all important half-way point when the Antichrist would be revealed would be on or near Passover in early to mid April.

That seems unlikely at this point, but within the realm of possibility, depending on how various ambiguous prophetic scriptures shake out. If within the next three weeks we see massive earthquakes, the outbreak of new wars, and a Jewish physical reclamation of the Temple Mount, then hold onto your hats. Otherwise, the current crisis – at least in the short term – would seem to be of more earthly than heavenly significance.

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Scott Lively on Conspiracy Theories

SUMMARY: Dr. Lively asserts that scorn for conspiracy theories in mainstream society is itself evidence of a conspiracy to inculcate self-censoring behavior in the citizenry to suppress inquiry into the agenda of the Marxist ideologies in control of our media, academia and other institutions. He argues that people conspiring to bring about mutually desired results is as normal a part of human society as breathing — with some conspiracies being benign and some corrupt. In a truly healthy society, reasonable, evidence-based theories about conspiracies would be a natural and healthy part of public discourse, but in our unhealthy society attempts to “look behind the curtain” are suppressed by ridicule and mockery rather than weighed objectively on their merits.


Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God” Romans 12:2.

One of the first things I noticed as a baby Christian is the extent to which the people of the world manipulate each other for various selfish reasons – often conspiring together to do so. Previously, my sense of reality was largely shaped by the mainstream media and my public school education, which I perceived as trustworthy, generally. But after I was born again in Christ, all of my perceptions changed. I experienced a refreshing and exciting new clarity of mind that allowed me recognize and understand the world as God actually made it – to comprehend the moral and physical laws God built into His Creation, and for the first time to have a truly rational intellectual framework in which to think through any subject or question.

Today I can personally attest to the profound truth of Psalm 19:7-8: “The Law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the LORD is trustworthy, making wise the simple. The precepts of the LORD are right, bringing joy to the heart; the commandments of the LORD are radiant, giving light to the eyes.”

One essential truth is the reality of the SATANIC CONSPIRACY. Mature Bible-grounded Christians will instantly “Amen” this proclamation. But how many less mature Christians will instead hesitate, or cringe or deflect out of fear, either of the word “conspiracy” or the word “Satan.” Not a fear “of Satan,” but a fear of having to defend the concept of Satan in a society conditioned to mock Christianity and the Bible. It’s really the fear of man, which is itself fruit of the satanic conspiracy.

I speak not from judgment but from experience, having once been guilty of these same reactions – before intense persistent persecution for opposing the LGBT agenda strengthened me spiritually. By persevering instead of giving up or compromising, I was blessed by God with the rare and powerful gift of liberation from concern about public opinion – which I now recognize as a hidden meaning of John 8:6 “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.” I do not boast in myself, for this is the gift of God.

With this freedom I can and do boldly proclaim to the world outside the church “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” but I can and do also publicly expound and analyze “conspiracy theories” of any type, regardless of their level of “kookiness” in the perception of others. All matters of truth, deception, reality and fantasy are within the scope of Biblical analysis and it is important for believers to speak truth on all matters of concern to humanity – especially truth that Satan obviously wants suppressed. Remember, he is the Father of Lies whose influence among men relies on deception.

In reality, “conspiracy” is everywhere, as natural as breathing. People regularly conspire with each other to accomplish mutual goals, from the benign agreement of adult children to convince Mom to move to a retirement facility, to the corrupt agreement of gas station owners in a particular locality to fix prices. Corrupt conspiracies are so common they have their own category in criminal and civil law, litigated in tens of thousands of cases every day.

If the “common people” whose lives revolve around working for a living and raising a family so freely engage in conspiracies together, how much more are the agenda-driven “uncommon people” like politicians, business magnates, and ideologues of various stripes conspiratorially minded? A priori, why wouldn’t we expect the super-rich elites, especially multi-generational dynastic families who control vast empires, to be the most conspiratorial of all, developing mutually-agreed strategies and systems designed to perpetuate their power indefinitely? In the logic of the world they would be fools not to do so.

Put this common-sense analysis into the Biblical context, in which Satan, the “god of this world” (2 Corinthians 4:4) has the power to assign principalities and powers to whom he pleases (Matthew 4:8-9), and the existence of an “Illuminati” or similar cabal seems virtually certain.

Given the reality of conspiracy as an normal aspect of social interaction, why are reasoned, evidence based speculations about conspiracies in history, politics and current events met with scorn and derision by the “mainstream” of our society? I argue this is itself evidence of a conspiracy to program irrational self-censorship in society to suppress inquiry that would otherwise be a normal part of public discourse.

Granted, many conspiracy theories are unfounded, just as many opinions on matters of public concern reflect faulty perspectives and/or reasoning. But, in a healthy society the public discourse should be as lively and diverse as the population itself, with all ideas and arguments measured against the standards of truth and evidence.

Our society is presently very unhealthy, because a vast international network of people who share a theology called Humanism (the religion of Marxism) have conspired together for many decades to overthrow Bible-based civilization and replace it with their own global socialist order. They have systematically infiltrated and coopted nearly every institution of our society, retasking them to serve the Marxist agenda. And in furtherance of that agenda they have imposed a “group-think” mentality on at least three generations of public school students, developed by the social sciences and reinforced by mass media: the simple but powerful result of this conditioning being an unnatural but overpowering “fear of ridicule” in virtually everyone.

Saul Alinsky’s book of Marxist tactics “Rules for Radicals,” taught that “ridicule is man’s most potent weapon,” and our culture has been carefully reshaped to maximize the effect of that weapon.

My exhortation today is for Christian believers to “Fear Not.” We should be modeling courage anyway in the face of the orchestrated coronavirus pandemic and panic that has the world stampeding like cattle. But we should especially Not Fear to tell truths and expose conspiracies at this pivotal time when fake news, fake science, and fake Christianity are also at pandemic levels. Be reasonable. Be fact-based. But be Bold Adversaries of the Deceiver.

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Scott Lively on Rockefeller’s ‘Spanish Flu’ Pandemic

Since it first emerged on December 31, 2019, I’ve contended that the Coronavirus plague is a globalist-orchestrated pandemic designed to kill the international populist/nationalist rebellion. I matched the disease timeline to that of the Trump victory over the impeachment scam, and showed a very similar timeline match-up of the 2009 Tea Party emergence with the H1N1 “Swine Flu” pandemic.

Most recently I explained why the globalists are willing to suffer great harm to their own interests from the current pandemic by analogizing the logic of cancer chemotherapy – which is essentially self-poisoning in the expectation that the host will survive the poison while the cancer will not, after which the weakened but living host can eventually fully recover. Trump and the nationalist movement represent to the globalists a form of cancer that will, if left “untreated,” kill their nearly realized vision of a global socialist order.
Other forms of “treatment” having failed, they have resorted to the more extreme measure of unleashing pestilence on the world to crash the Trump economy, and justify a global police-state crack-down masked as a public health emergency.

Are the elites truly that black-hearted to kill possibly millions of their fellow human beings to serve their political interests? For politically-awakened students of history that’s a rhetorical question. People who can and have justified wars of aggression, assassinations, violent regime change, and even the slaughter of innocent unborn babies by the millions are obviously morally capable of spreading disease as a political tactic.

The best example of this may be the “Spanish Flu” pandemic of 1918. A friend recently introduced me to two mustread articles on the topic that triggered my own broader investigation that I will now summarize.

First, according to these highly persuasive articles, the “Spanish Flu” was neither Spanish, nor Flu. It was a form of bacterial pneumonia (virtually identical to equine pulmonary emphysema) spread by an “experimental” vaccine called “antimeningococcus serum” derived from horse blood by the Rockefeller Institute. The first cases were not in Spain but at Fort Riley, Kansas, one of several military bases where US soldiers bound for the WWI battlefields of Europe were used as guinea pigs for human testing of the vaccine starting in January of 2018. The disease spread rapidly in the close confines of troop transport ships and then around the world, while concurrently the Rockefeller Institute was shipping antimeningococcic serum to England, France, Belgium, Italy and other countries. The ensuing global pandemic eventually killed 50-100 million people.

Second, while the writer of the Spanish Flu articles attributed good intentions to Rockefeller (who went on to launch the industry we call Big Pharma) and blamed the pandemic on the hubris of a medical community unwilling to consider evidence compiled by a mere veterinarian, I personally see a much darker Rockefeller motive, grounded in his well-documented eugenicist philosophy. Rockefeller was, of course, a very early financier of the abortion industry but his passion for eugenics went much further than child killing.

Before I detail that, let me shed some light on the eugenics movement itself and how influential it was at the time of the Spanish Flu pandemic. For this summary I will draw heavily on two other superb articles. One titled “ German and American Eugenics in the Pre-World War 1 Era,” the other titled “The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics.

What would later be called the science of eugenics began with a social panic in the late 1700s that human population would soon outstrip food production. Out of this came a movement named Malthusianism (after the writer of a landmark essay on the topic, Thomas Malthus), which focused on population control. The prospect of having too many “serfs” was especially worrisome for the elites, whose own thoughts about limiting population included the desire that higher quality genetic lines be preserved, while the lesser ones would be eliminated.

In 1883, Charles Darwin’s cousin, Francis Galton, coined the word eugenics and advocated for science to increase “desirable qualities” in human beings and decrease undesirable ones through eugenic methods. His notions of race improvement became very popular in the US, where they spawned two major camps: negative and positive eugenics. The American scientific community, backed in part by Rockefeller, aligned itself more closely with negative eugenics which “encouraged occasional purges of the weakest members of society.” In the early 1900s, instruction about eugenic philosophy and methods were woven into the curriculum of over 40 prominent colleges including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Berkeley, and Stanford.

The elites also collaborated internationally to infiltrate all of western society with eugenic principles, drawing scientists from around the world to Dresden, Germany in 1911 for the first “International Hygiene Exhibition.” The 1912 “International Eugenics Congress” there was attended by over 300 scientists. In 1914, at a “National Conference on Race Betterment” in Michigan, Galton acolyte Harry Laughlin expounded the elites’ “principles,” stressing that “purifying the breeding stock of the race at all costs is the slogan of eugenics” Specifically, he pushed for sterilization of the “unfit” and legal restraints on marriage – policies which eventually became law in many US states. (Some believe the sterilization agenda continues today through the use of vaccines.)

Rockefeller was fully on board with this agenda, creating his own “Bureau of Social Hygiene” (BSH) in 1911 to fund research and influence public policy. RI’s own website states “Although the BSH received contributions from a number of organizations…[it] was largely dependent upon the patronage of John D. Rockefeller…who created the organization to address many of his own personal concerns and interests.”

Pre-WWI eugenicists in the US were very concerned about massive waves of “lower-class” immigrants then flooding the major cities of the east coast elites – around a million people per year in the decade preceding the war. Unlike today’s criminal class of illegal border crossers, these were legal immigrants, but they were viewed by the eugenicists as social undesirables. Indeed, even the general population in the US was starting to turn against such massive numbers of immigrants, and, worst of all, long-debunked Malthusian overpopulation arguments were increasingly being repeated across the nation, generating greater support for abortion and sterilization.

While this article was written in the 1930s, its author is Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, whose child-killing zealotry began well before WWI and was well known for using any available argument to justify abortion.

When WWI broke out in 1914, first and second generation immigrants made up over 40% of recruits, while the majority of the remainder were also from “lower class” families. It could not have escaped the attention of Rockefeller and his cronies that this provided a golden opportunity to efficiently “cull the herd” of its “least valuable” members without having to justify their actions to the public, since the disease would be presumed of natural cause.

When Rockefeller’s lab-created “Spanish Flu” had fully run its course, the population of the world had indeed been culled, with the vast majority of the victims being precisely the people the elites wanted fewer of. Was it just an accidental coincidence? Perhaps. But perhaps not.

In weighing the evidence to form your own conclusion it might help to know that the Rockefeller family and Institute went on to heavily fund the German eugenics movement. I’ll close this essay with a quote from “The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics:”

“By 1926, Rockefeller had donated some $410,000 — almost $4 million in 21st-Century money — to hundreds of German researchers…[including] $250,000 to the German Psychiatric Institute of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute… [where] Ernst Rüdin…became director and eventually an architect of Hitler’s systematic medical repression…[In 1929] A grant of $317,000 funded … Hitler’s medical henchman Ernst Rüdin …[who] became a prime director and recipient of the murderous experimentation and research conducted on Jews, Gypsies and others. Beginning in 1940, thousands of Germans taken from old age homes, mental institutions and other custodial facilities were systematically gassed. Between 50,000 and 100,000 were eventually killed.”

To be clear, the Rockefeller Institute had largely ceased eugenics funding in Germany by the outbreak of WWII in 1939, but by then the eugenics machinery of the Third Reich was fully operational and self-sustaining, thanks in significant part to the Rockefellers.

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Is the Coronavirus Pandemic “Globalist Chemotherapy?”

Dr. Lively follows up his earlier video “Scott Lively on Orchestrated Pandemics.” In this sequel he responds to a viewer who asks why the globalists would deliberately orchestrate the Coronavirus Pandemic when it does such harm to their own interests. He offers the analogy of chemotherapy, explaining that a cancer patient submits to chemotherapy — which is essentially self-poisoning — knowing it will harm him, but expecting that the poison will kill the cancer before it kills the patient. After the cancer is dead, the weakened but still living patient can be restored to health.

Dr. Lively contends that the global elites perceive Donald Trump and the nationalist movement he represents as a cancer that will kill their dreams of a global socialist order. Other methods to try and get rid of Trump have all failed, so they are forced to resort to the more extreme method of political and economic chemotherapy in the hope that they can kill the Trump economy and administration while surviving the same poison.

He also brings China into the analysis, suggesting that China has a special interest in bringing down Trump after having lost their trade war with him, explaining their willingness to be ground zero of the pandemic. Dr. Lively reminds the viewers that China only became an economic superpower because the Clintons sold out America to reap benefits for themselves, overseeing the wholesale migration of US manufacturing to China, which incidentally vastly enriched Walmart Corporation where Hillary had served on the board from 1986-1992.

Dr. Lively also suggests that the Clintons took their own chemotherapy in the form of the Monica Lewinsky scandal when Bill Clinton was rumored to be under investigation for treason (for selling US military secrets to China), knowing that a sex scandal, while painful, was far more survivable than a possible indictment for treason.

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Scott Lively on Christian Unity

Video # 63. Dr. Lively discusses the challenges of pursuing Christian unity despite differences of perspectives on theology and explains his method of maximizing unity among believers. Click on photo to watch the video.
Just after filming today’s video on Christian unity, Dr. Lively looked in the henhouse and found a duck and a chicken cohabiting peacefully in this week’s most coveted nesting site.

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Scott Lively Launches a Non-C3 Church

Dr. Lively follows his criticism of “Defeated C3 Churches” with a pro-active solution: the establishment of his own post-denominational, Bible-governed, culturally conservative, politically-active non-C3 church. In this video he simply declares the church into existence in his capacity as a Christian pastor and constitutional law attorney, expressly rejecting the notion that registration with the government is legally required.

He also issues an invitation to Christian believers in the vicinity of Olive Branch, Mississippi to join him in the development of the church as a model that can be followed by other congregations. Anyone, anywhere who is interested in supporting this effort is invited to contact Dr. Lively at and to donate toward this cause at

The new church is named First Century Bible Church in reference to its emphasis first on the model and doctrinal perspectives of the Jerusalem-based first century church, and secondly on the first century of the United States of America, when the culture, law and politics was dominated by the church and the entire society acknowledged that the nation was founded on the Bible.

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Scott Lively on Defeated C3 Churches

Dr. Lively explains how the American church went from being the most powerful cultural and political force in the nation to its current largely neutered condition and debunks the widely held belief that the government has the power to require churches to submit to registration and regulation under IRS Code 501(c)(3). He details the history of the transition and the role of Marxist political strategists in the process.

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Chuck Schumer’s Threat to the Supreme Court

Click Graphic to View Video Commentary

Dr. Lively produces his first video using the picture-in-picture feature in a commentary on Senator Chuck Schumer’s threat to Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, reminding the viewers of the highly suspicious circumstances under which Gorsuch’s predecessor Justice Antonin Scalia died. Dr. Lively suggests Schumer’s threat was directed mostly at “swing vote” Justice John Roberts, and links Schumer’s comments to a 2012 New York Times article by 40-year veteran SCOTUS reporter and extreme left wing ideologue Linda Greenhouse. The article in question, titled, “Reaping the Whirlwind” was a cryptic shot at John Roberts. After retirement, Greenhouse admitted to being a long-time Planned Parenthood donor. Significantly, Schumer issued his threats on the steps of the Supreme Court during a pro-abortion rally.

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Vladimir Putin’s God-Honoring Russian Federation

Watch Dr. Lively’s Commentary HERE

American and Russian Conservatives Would be Best Friends and Partners Against Globalism if not for Non-Stop Anti-Russian Propaganda by the Leftist and Neocon Media.

Dr. Lively talks about the very positive implications of the BBC’s negative coverage of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal to honor God and protect marriage in the new Russian Constitution. Ironically, the BBC accusation that Putin is pandering to the Russian people by making this proposal confirms that this is exactly what the people want!

Dr. Lively offers his own first hand observations of the moral conservatism of the Russians in his three trips to Russia and discusses the importance of Russia’s firm rejection of Marxism and re-embrace of the Orthodox Church as the primary cultural influence in the post-Soviet Russian Federation, while the United States has trended in the opposite direction as evidence by the Socialist/Communist showdown in the unfolding Democratic Primary.

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Scott Lively on Orchestrated Pandemics

The Diseases are real. But the Narratives about them are Weaponized to Create Panic, in this case to Take Down the Trump Economy.

As the Fearmongers Spread Fear — We Christians Should be Walking Examples of the Biblical Admonition to FEAR NOT!

If WWIII – the War of Nationalist Revolution Against Globalism – can be said to have been triggered by a single hyper-polarizing event, that event was the election of the Marxist Barack Obama in 2008.

Now, some might argue that the trigger was some earlier event during the period when the Bush Dynasty faction of the Bush/Clinton tag team was employing Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke (the preeminent expert on the “Great Depression”) to intentionally orchestrate the “Great Recession” through the 2007-2008 banking crisis and bailout, preparing the way for Clinton team-member Obama to “fundamentally transform the United States,”

However, it was the 2008 election that got the entire American electorate “dirty in the deal” by polarizing us on the question of whether an overt Marxist should lead the country. The election result was, of course, a forgone conclusion, since the Republican establishment ran the sure-loser “maverick” John McCain against him. One could even go so far as to say McCain and then Ken-doll Mitt Romney were the “Bob Doles” of 2008 and 2012, respectively.

Barack Obama’s immediate and extreme policy blitzkrieg was the last straw for constitutionally minded Americans and on February 19th, 2009, Rick Santelli delivered his “rant heard round the world” from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, sparking the revolution that became known as the Tea Party movement.

Consumed as they always are with their Marxist fantasies of creating a universally beloved global socialist utopia, the elites were stunned at the ferocity of anti-Marxist passion in the Tea Party movement and suddenly recognized a real threat to their power and plans. They were especially panicked that the movement had called for a national day of mobilization on April 15, 2009. Those “tax-day” protests drew around a half million people in more than 200 cities (but would have been truly huge if the media had not spiked the story).

How does every totalitarian system respond to populist threats? They activate the machinery of their police state, but at least in the early stages they do so in a manner that they can justify to the majority of the population who aren’t necessarily “woke” to the political realities. That’s where the tactic of staging a “public health emergency” comes in. Think “Anthrax scare” in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind – or was that a “nerve gas scare?” Doesn’t matter, they’re interchangeable, because the main purpose of the scare is to serve as the centerpiece of a propaganda narrative that can create both social panic and justify martial law (if necessary). And of course, “martial law” can also take various forms under various names.

That brings me to the H1N1 Global Flu Pandemic of 2009, aka the “Swine Flu Panic.” Here is the introductory statement on the official CDC timeline: “In 2009, a new H1N1 influenza virus emerged, causing the first global flu pandemic in 40 years.” This announcement, as intended, triggered mass hysteria.

What is the first incident on the Swine Flu timeline?

“April 15. First human infection with new influenza A H1N1 virus detected in California.”

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Jump to the present. When did we first hear about a possible coronavirus pandemic? Here’s the first item on the timeline of a major medical news site:

31 DEC: First cases detected. China has alerted the World Health Organization (WHO) of several flu-like cases in Wuhan, the capital of Central China’s Hubei province with 11 million population. Patients have been quarantined and health authorities commenced work on tracing the source of the flu.”

What was happening politically that day in the nationalist revolution against globalism? The sham impeachment of President Trump in the House of Representatives was at an end and had clearly failed. The globalists would require a a fall-back strategy.

When was coronavirus declared a world health emergency? Quoting the timeline again:

‘31 JAN: Death toll hits 213; WHO declares global emergency…WHO emergency committee has declared the outbreak as a public health emergency of international concern.”

What was happening that day in the nationalist/globalist power struggle?

January 31st was the day Brexit was finally implemented in the UK and the US Senate declared that Donald Trump would be acquitted in the impeachment scam.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

In 2009, martial law measures were proved unnecessary because the elites were successful with the dual strategy of distracting the Tea Party with an adversary at the street level – Occupy Wall Street – (taking their focus off the elites), while simultaneously absorbing the movement into the GOP where it could be incrementally dissolved and diffused. So the H1N1 Swine Flu propaganda and panic campaign was allowed to fade away.

In 2020, the goal is take down the Trump economy, and I don’t think they have a better back-up plan for accomplishing that, so…hold onto your hats. Though, as I have said, President Trump will likely outmaneuver them yet again, but not before they do some serious damage.


Read the full essay HERE which contains the prediction: “Their reaction will likely be to move this conflict into the realm of “other means.” The global “Corona Virus” scare might very well be their opening gambit in that pivot (note the heavy British hand in that unfolding drama as has so often been the case in geo-political intrigues), having failed to destabilize the global economy through attempted sabotage of the Fed and other fiscal systems.”


Click photo to watch video


Translation: Calming the Public is Willful Blindness

So, to summarize, this is a propaganda war in which the elites are using a legitimate health crisis to manipulate the public, discredit Trump, and tank the economy through fear-mongering. Our job as remnant Christians is to not join the stampede and instead be examples of reassurance and stability. Our Scriptural mantra should be “FEAR NOT !”

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President Trump’s Most Dangerous Error

Dr. Lively speaks to the serious theological and political implications of President Trump’s increasingly more emphatic endorsement of homosexuality in light of his self-identification as a Christian. Watch the video HERE. The article on which this commentary is based is published at and below.

I’m been about as strong a Trump supporter as you can find. From the point in mid-2016 that I concluded he was being steadily transformed by God into a genuine Christian conservative, I’ve been a stalwart Trump defender and apologist even when others wavered. When I ran for governor of Massachusetts against Romney protégé and uber-RINO Charlie Baker, my campaign slogan was “Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-Trump.” Again, this was in Massachusetts! My repertoire of articles on WND is heavily salted with Trump-lauding columns, and on countless radio interviews I’ve consistently asserted that I believe Donald Trump is God’s man in the White House – adding the caveat that he is NOT in the mold of modern evangelicalism which expects its candidates to be morally pure as the driven snow (which is why we have so few in office) but more like an Old Testament Judge from the pre-monarchic Israelite republic (every one a flawed man).

So, I can overlook the warts and wrinkles of a man being a real man and not a cardboard cut-out from the public relations department. In fact, it’s very refreshing to see a real man fight the culture war like the real war it is.

HOWEVER, the one issue that calls everything else into question, is President Trump’s apparent spiritual blindness on the question of homosexuality. Now I’ve mostly given him a pass on this issue over the past three years, rationalizing that he’s just being politically savvy in a dangerous area of public policy that is (not accidentally) extremely emotionally inflammatory to the youngest generations of public school graduates and the most passionate of the street activists of the left. He’s also been working diligently to peel away voters from all the constituencies of the Democrat Party, including the “gays,” and I’m actually glad to see that many self-identified homosexuals are now pro-Trump.

My argument is not that he is being politically strategic, but that he is doing it in a way that unnecessarily serves the very Marxist agenda that he’s trying to defeat.

President Trump could easily maneuver the LGBT minefield without endorsing homosexuality itself. But he is purposefully approving it. On Jan 21st , in the build-up to his upcoming rally in India, he praised “Bollywood,” its film industry, for releasing its first movie promoting homosexuality. What is the message to the world when the President of the United States – a self-proclaimed Christian – applauds a morally conservative nation for abandoning its principles to celebrate homosexuality? What kind of mentality justifies the normalization of homosexuality to an entire nation’s children as a political tactic? I feel nauseous just thinking about it.

Is this a partial payoff to openly homosexual Richard Grenell for his willingness to be the president’s hatchet-man in the house-cleaning of the intelligence agencies? If so, it’s a devil’s bargain he never should have entered into. It would unfortunately fit his pattern with Grenell. Last year when Grenell announced a campaign to decriminalize homosexuality globally (a top Obama priority), I assumed this was a stunt by the notorious climber Grenell to put Trump into a corner on LGBT issues and ensure the renewal of his plum diplomatic post as Ambassador to Germany. So I gave Trump a pass when he did endorse the Grenell plan – but I offered the president an alternative approach that would not serve the Obama Marxist agenda that Grenell was pushing.

Of course, President Trump probably never saw my article, but he shouldn’t have had to, since my arguments should have been no-brainer, intuitive deductions by anyone with a genuine Biblical worldview in the Trump inner circle. A simple policy pivot from an emphasis on decriminalization to an emphasis on ending violence against homosexuals would have sent just as powerful a message without endorsing the regressive leftist view that discouragement of sodomy through public policy is a bad thing. Discouraging the public health and morals menace of sodomy through law was an unassailable conservative policy position less than a quarter century ago in our country! Now we’re supposed to flip 180 degrees and embrace Obama doctrine instead??

This brings me to Vice President Pence, and a worry I’ve had about him from the beginning. It was five years ago next month that Indiana Governor Mike Pence caved to the “gays” when the Indiana legislature passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to, among other things, protect businesses from attack by LGBT activists and preserve free speech rights for Christians. Governor Pence, who had been ready to sign it into law backed down, requiring the act to be amended. I don’t remember the details, but I remember it was a big victory for the homosexuals that I wrote about in an article titled Indiana Meets the Borg. I went easy on Pence in the article, but I’ve never really trusted him on LGBT issues since.

As the highest ranking Christian in the Trump administration, Mike Pence should be educating President Trump on the critical importance of this issue and even publicly dissenting (in some respectful way) on the “Bollywood” incident, which I consider a moral scandal far more serious than any alleged personal behavioral failings by the president.

Every Christian sins in matters of personal conduct, and we have a remedy from God for that called confession and repentance. In contrast, taking public policy positions that directly contradict the clear instructions of God is a spiritual problem of a much higher magnitude. Every Christian leader with access to the president and an opportunity to do so has a duty to speak that truth to him.

His endorsement of homosexuality even raises the question of whether Donald Trump is actually saved. There are lots of “religious leftists” running around saying they’re Christians based on belief in a non-Biblical Jesus who condones and even approves what the Bible condemns. I argue that one can’t be saved by belief in a false Christ. Which Jesus does the president put his faith in?

My first allegiance is always to God and when the president sets himself at odds with God, I have no choice but stand with God and apart from the president. Not everyone who calls themself a Christian is as committed to the Biblical worldview as I am, but there are enough of us that the president should be very concerned of the consequences of the path he’s taking.

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MAGA “Deplorables” Should Denounce Trojan Horse Richard Grenell

Dr. Lively’s WND Article on this topic is HERE

Above is a link to the NBC New York news story about Hillary’s “Basket of Deplorables” speech at an LGBT fundraiser.

Below is a YouTube video of Dr. Lively’s argument why Deplorables should denounce Richard Grenell as President Trump’s appointment to National Intelligence Director.

There comes a time in the evolution of the progressive agenda when true conservatives should stop using the “slippery slope” argument because the place we’ve degenerated to should be condemned as-is. That’s our situation today where the hero we’re rallying behind to fight the progressive agenda has embraced one of its most insidious and destructive tenets. I’m talking about President Trump’s nomination of open and unrepentant homosexual Richard Grenell to the position of National Intelligence Director.

The insidious and destructive tenet of progressivism I’m referencing is “Sexual Orientation” Theory:” fake science invented by progressive political strategists for the purpose of normalizing LGBT lifestyles and de-normalizing the natural family. It has even less legitimacy than “climate change science.”

Frankly, if Richard Grenell kept his sexual proclivities to himself and told people to mind their own business about his private life, I’d be more inclined to consider the “merit based” arguments for his nomination (though at first glance his resume falls far short of qualifying him for this position). But the minute he went public about his homosexual domestic partnership, he became a Marxist change agent, his very presence in public life making the argument that a homosexual “orientation” is equivalent to normal sexuality. (Who in American history has ever wanted that goal? It wasn’t the conservatives!)

When Grenell did that, he crossed the line from expecting reasonable tolerance from our genuinely magnanimous live-and-let-life society to demanding public acceptance. And in taking that step he also implicitly endorsed the progressive strategy of celebrating his “out” lifestyle as social progress, forcibly integrating it into society, and punishing those who object.

Those are the “Five Stages of Gay Supremacy” I’ve been warning about for thirty years.

  1. Tolerance,
  2. Acceptance,
  3. Celebration,
  4. Forced Participation in “LGBT” Culture, and
  5. Punishment of Dissenters.

As a Trojan Horse in the conservative movement, Grenell might not openly advocate those goals himself but that agenda serves his interests nonetheless. And of course, he won’t be celebrated by the loons of the far, far left, because he takes a more conservative position on other issues than they will tolerate. But he will be, and is, being celebrated by “useful idiots” (Vladimir Lenin’s term, not mine) in the conservative movement who have forgotten exactly what it was that conservatism is meant to conserve, and have moved steadily leftward in their thinking till they’ve passed John F. Kennedy and nearly all the liberals of the 1950s.

Conservatism didn’t change – “conservatives” did, through a decades long steady diet of leftist propaganda combined with a fear of bucking political correctness.

The willingness of conservatives to drift ever leftward from year to year is why I now call myself a constitutionalist. I now work to move the country rightward and reclaim the ground that “conservatives” have surrendered. But I still work to wake up today’s conservatives to the dangers of their slow-motion transformation into yesterday’s liberals.

What conservatism is meant to conserve is the “ordered liberty” of the constitutional republic bequeathed to us by the Founders. The “order” of that liberty is the natural order of “Nature’s God” (invoked in the Declaration of Independence), including but not limited to the natural family of one man and one woman united in life-long monogamous heterosexual marriage.

America was never a “theocracy” and I’m not advocating for one. Our political philosophy was always “Natural Law Based ‘Secularism,’ ” meaning non-sectarian but Theistic, on the foundation of Genesis 1:1, a truth perpetually affirmed as our national motto, proudly emblazoned on all of our currency: “In God We Trust.” It is also expressly confirmed as historic fact by the US Supreme Court in Church of the Holy Trinity v United States, not as a mere footnote, but a heavily documented 27 paragraph long legal treatise within the ruling.

Marxism is designed to destroy and replace every element of that natural order. No matter how conservative you think your fiscal policies may be, if you’re adopting their way of thinking about sex and marriage, you’re helping them destroy the republic. It’s a package deal – there is no American republic without a marriage-based family-centered mainstream, and that is why the Marxists primary weapon to take us down has been the “sexual revolution.”

The reason we MAGA Deplorables are all cheering Donald Trump is because he represents the possibility of pushing back the Marxist agenda. But the people who created the crisis of civilization we want him fix are the exact same people who invented “Sexual Orientation Theory” and created the LGBT movement.

They. Are. The. Same. People!

It. Is. The. Same. Agenda!!

Deplorables. Don’t you realize where Hillary Clinton was and to whom she was speaking when she called us that? It was the 2016 “LGBT for Hillary Gala” (a fact totally suppressed in most media reports the next day). All you need to know is to whom she was pandering to know who were the real “deplorables” in her mind and theirs.

Let me be clear. I’m not saying that a homosexual can’t be a conservative. I’ve known many. What I’m saying is that openly declaring oneself homosexual instead of keeping one’s sexual issues private is a Marxist tactic for forcing social change, and whoever does that from inside the conservative movement is a Trojan Horse – an espionage agent – carrying the progressive agenda behind enemy lines even if they don’t intend to be. The main-streaming of sexual sub-cultures is NOT “progress” to anyone but “progressives.”

Richard Grenell is a Trojan Horse. President Trump should not trust him and neither should we Deplorables.

If you want more information on how to understand and respond to this issue I have two free books available in PDF upon request by email to Redeeming the Rainbow addresses the LGBT agenda from a largely secular perspective. The Petros Prophecy explains and debunks “gay theology” from an unapologetic Biblical perspective.

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The Deep State Takedown of the Boy Scouts of America

Anyone besides me ever wonder if The Atlantic is a CIA front organization?

Anyway, my video on the takedown of the Boy Scouts is HERE

Always remember that the agenda of the deep state is a global Marxist order and its chief barrier is the patriarchal family-centered Judeo-Christian sexual morality on which western civilization rests, because it is the source of societal self-reliance that breeds rebellion to tyranny. As America’s premier youth organization for training boys to become “morally straight” men, the Boy Scouts of America had to be destroyed. Remember also that the deep state are Humanist non-partisan “elites” who control the top strata of both political parties.

On June 26th, 1992 I had the privilege of directly confronting then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton about the LGBT attack on the Boy Scouts of America in a live town hall-style television interview being simulcast from Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. By pressing in quickly with an unauthorized follow-up question to the one approved in advance by the producers, I essentially forced Clinton to state whether he agreed with the effort to force the Boy Scouts to embrace homosexuality. He said he didn’t and Rush Limbaugh talked about that on his program the next day.

The main purpose of the Clinton town hall interview was to highlight his “Gays in the Military” campaign promise, and that softball question was lobbed to him by discharged lesbian Army Colonel Margarethe Cammermyer. “Gays in the Military” was the first major defeat of his administration thanks in large part to Colonel Ron Ray, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan, the attorney who led the legal fight against it.

After Clinton pushed through “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in 1993, Colonel Ray told me personally that DADT was a purely political decision because the law against homosexuality in the military was rock solid. But the elites wanted it, and they simply implemented DADT as a stepping stone toward “Gays in the Military.”

Importantly, it was George W Bush who appointed the Secretary of Defense who orchestrated the final transition: Robert Gates, whose plan required the repeal of the anti-sodomy laws in the US Military Code of Justice and the Common Law which had been in place since the time of General George Washington. Gates completed the DADT repeal in September 2011.

Similarly, the Boy Scouts had a rock-solid legal defense against the LGBT agenda: the Supreme Court case of Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, decided on June 28, 2000. But the elites wanted to take down the Scouts, knew that forcing homosexuality on the group was the key to doing it, and simply pressed on toward that goal.

Who were the men most responsible for forcing homosexuality on the Boy Scouts despite the Dale victory?

The first was GOP elitist Rex Tillerson who, as BSA President from 2010-2012 pushed aggressively for the Boy Scouts to allow openly homosexual scouts (adopted in May of 2013).

The second was Bush’s man Robert Gates, held over as Secretary of Defense by Barack Obama, who became BSA President in late 2013. Gates used the same incremental strategy against the Boy Scouts that he had used against the military, and in 2015, the Gates board at BSA voted to allow homosexual adult scout leaders.

The Boy Scouts of America had essentially taken a fatal dose of slow-acting poison with that vote, allowing Tillerson and Gates to be long gone before the BSA filed for bankruptcy this week.

Ironically, the ostensible reason for the BSA bankruptcy is a long series of sex abuse lawsuits from boy scouts abused by adult male scout leaders: thousands of cases of male on male sexual abuse. Hmmmm.

Even more ironically, the most prescient commentary on the BSA takedown was penned just a couple of months after my challenge to Bill Clinton in 1992. It was written by Leland Stevenson, Co-Recording Secretary of the North American Man/Boy Love Association (America’s most notorious pedophile organization), in its NAMBLA Bulletin, November 1992, who wrote: “At its 16th membership conference, held in Chicago, August 7-9-1992, the North American Man/Boy Love Association unanimously adopted the following resolution: ‘NAMBLA calls on the Boy Scouts of America to cease its discrimination against openly gay or lesbian persons in the appointment of its scout masters. This will permit scouts to be exposed to a variety of lifestyles and will permit more of those individuals who genuinely wish to serve boys to do so. I feel especially honored to have been asked to alert you of this resolution…I have also been a scout and a scout leader and share with so many in NAMBLA affection for the movement. We recognize, of course, that the action for which we call is inevitable. What a great added contribution your organization will make possible to all the boys and girls who participate in it when you take this step.’ ”

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The Borking of William Barr

It should be obvious to any thinking American that the current political blitzkreig against Attorney General Barr is just a continuation of the assault on the Trump administration. The elites are truly desperate now that they will be held accountable for their criminality during the Obama administration. They couldn’t take down Trump, and now his AG is empowered by the impeachment acquittal to start exposing the coup plotters. Like many, I am skeptical that Barr is actually an adversary of the deep state, and not another one of its deep cover agents. Time will tell. But whether it is from actual fear of Barr, or to give Barr cover to go passive on the swamp draining process, the Borking of Barr has begun.

Either way, today’s addition of Donald Ayer (Bush 41’s Deputy AG) to the anti-Barr dog-pile is evidence that the growing desperation of the elites is becoming full-fledged panic. In my view, Ayer represents, at least symbolically, a higher tier of the Bush dynasty than hireling Mitt Romney does, and the elites don’t come this far out of the shadows unless they have no choice. By elites, I mean, of course, the Bush and Clinton dynasties that have ruled America as a tag team since Reagan. Obama is of the Clinton dynasty – forced on Bill and Hillary by Ted Kennedy who had years earlier passed the Kennedy mantle of power to them. (Hillary had to grin and bear it, settling for Sec of State and a guarantee of the Dem presidential nomination in 2016).

The first time the elites were forced this far out of the shadows was when the Donald Trump of the 20th Century, Ronald Reagan, tried to put a second Scalia on the Supreme Court in the form of Robert Bork. Bush 41 had let Reagan have his way in moving social policy to the right domestically because Reagan’s Christian-motivated anti-Communism crusade against the Soviet Union served the Bush/globalists interest of pursuing global banking and oil hegemony. Bush 41 knew he could undo Reagan’s conservative gains through the court later – but Bork would have locked in conservative control of SCOTUS and that could not be permitted (they must always have a “swing vote” they can control): so the elites pulled out all the stops, created the new political term “Borking,” and forced Reagan to nominate elitist fixer Anthony Kennedy as punishment.

The more we see Bush dynasty assets join Ayer and Romney on the anti-Barr bandwagon, the greater the level of panic we can assume is occurring in the Bush/Clinton Purple Uniparty.

The prime figure to watch is Jeb Bush, whom Barr supported in the 2016 primaries to the tune of $55K. If Jeb joins the chorus, we’ll know for sure the elites are ALL-IN to take down or neutralize Barr, and that will be a very dangerous time indeed for Barr (if he bucks them), and President Trump (who will not fold even if Barr does). Because both dynasties of the Purple Uniparty have tasted of ultimate power of the Executive Office and used the full array of its arsenals to enforce their will.

But we can also assume President Trump knows all of this as well and is three steps ahead of them.

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Scott Lively Venerates Rush Limbaugh

Still in Bora Bora, Dr. Lively offer a sunrise commentary on the profound impact that Rush Limbaugh has had upon him over the years, and expresses his desire to eventually pursue his own daily commentary on current events in the style and format that Rush pioneered (but from a more overtly Biblical worldview) offering the hope that Rush’s legacy would be 10,000 Rush Limbaugh emulators. From all of us at Scott Lively Ministries, God bless you, Rush!
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Scott Lively on the Death Penalty for Treason

Scott Lively on Mercy for Traitors

When I operated my own Christian law firm in Southern California, the Scripture that defined our mission was Micah 6:8 “He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?” We recognized a duty to pursue justice but to balance justice with mercy in a spirit of humility.

Justice must be the first priority – requiring an objective, unbiased assessment of the facts of a matter. Once the true facts are known to the best of our ability to discern them (often requiring a trial since opposing parties usually have their own perspective of the facts), then we analyze those facts according to the laws that govern the subjects at issue. That determines how the matter should be judged. Only when judgement according to law is made does the question of the remedy become relevant – and to what extent, if any, mercy should be extended to the party under judgment.

Every law school student knows this formula as “the IRAC:” Issue, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion. It is the most basic mechanism for administering the rule of law, as ancient as the Garden of Eden – but it can only work in a society that holds Objective Truth as its highest judicial priority. Whenever Truth is suppressed to serve anyone’s self-interests, the result is by definition “unjust.” Thus, our symbol of the rule of law is Lady Justice, holding a balancing scale in her hand and wearing a blindfold over her eyes.

Now, my purpose here is not primarily to offer a primer on the rule of law but to address the concept of mercy in the judiciary process as it relates to the matter of holding the criminals of the deep state accountable for their treason in the ongoing but largely defeated coup d’etat against President Trump.

Indeed, the symbol of “justice” in this nation since the Marxists took power over this nation in the mid-20th century, is a blackened statue of Lady Justice atop a trash can filled with burning Bibles and copies of the US Constitution. The traitors working to enslave us to globalism openly brag that their self-serving agenda justifies any means to achieve it – the anithesis of the rule of law.

I’m assuming in this article that President Trump, as the Commander in Chief of the growing army of nationalist patriots presently in rebellion against the deep state, will hold the criminals accountable. Things look very hopeful in that regard. So, as a Christian lawyer I’m thinking ahead to consider what tactics the Marxists might use when they realize they can’t escape justice per the rule of law they so despise.

I’m predicting that the Marxists’ fellow travelers in the “Religious Left” will suddenly rediscover and begin to preach the Biblical admonition to be merciful and to “forgive” those who have trespassed against our nation and people.

First, it must be noted that many of these folks on the religious left are actually psuedo-Christians, because even though they may meet in buildings with a cross over the door, their theology is three parts humanism and one part church tradition, with a smattering of out-of-context Bible quotations around the edges. That’s not Christianity, but merely “Christian flavored Humanism.” Fortunately, most of those congregations can be easily identified by prominently displayed LGBT flags of conquest. Their opinion on Christian theology is about as trustworthy as Jussie Smollet’s hate-hoax police report.

But there are also, alarmingly, growing numbers of left-drifting but still nominally Christian churches and denominations being lured away from the Bible into deviously packaged “social justice” ideology being spread through Soros-funded church-infiltration efforts. Some of these, similar to the once respectable magazine Christianity Today, still have undeserved influence in Christendom.

My purpose, therefore, is to get out ahead of the “forgive the traitors” public relations campaign with four simple observations about justice, mercy and forgiveness.

One. You only have the authority to forgive what was done to you. You have no power to forgive what was done to someone else. In His model prayer for Christians, Jesus said “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who have trespassed against us.” Christians have a duty to forgive what was done to us. We have no duty, or right to forgive what was done to others, and in fact, have a duty to hold perpetrators to account for what they have done to others.

Consider this scenario: You’re standing in a line, and a bully comes along and begins to slap each person in the face. You get slapped first, but Jesus said you have a duty to forgive the slap, so you do so. Your Christian wife gets slapped next. She has the duty to forgive as well. But you, her Christian husband, have no duty or right to forgive any attack on her, but do have a duty to defend her, and can attack the attacker, even preemptively.

We occasionally see news stories of Christian parents “forgiving” the murderer of their child. Biblically speaking they can forgive the indirect injury to themselves for loss of the relationship with their murdered child, but they have no right or power to forgive the murder itself because it wasn’t done to them.

Two, no individual, including a Judge, has the authority to “forgive” a criminal for any crime, (unless that power was expressly granted to him in the governing law – such as the power of state governors and the president to issue pardons). Why, because a crime is a harm to society as a whole – distinct from a “tort” which is a harm done to a individual. That’s what distinguishes civil from criminal procedures. The person harmed can dismiss a civil lawsuit against a defendant, but they technically have no right to dismiss a criminal complaint against a defendant, even in situations like spousal abuse, because the harm was actually to all of society because it was society’s law that was broken – and all lawbreaking hurts us all collectively because of the importance of the rule of law itself.

Three, anyone with authority to judge any matter can exercise mercy, but mercy must always be balanced in the scales of justice against the effect that mercy for the perpetrator will have on the victim. This is the primary “secular” rationale for the death penalty. Biblically, one who intentionally takes a human life has forfeited his own, but the secular argument in support of the biblical law is that failure to execute a convicted murderer diminishes faith in the rule of law and encourages vigilantism.

Conversely, the justice/mercy balance tips to the favor of the perpetrator for so-called “victimless” crimes – which often are only crimes because the government has made them so (in the Latin “malum prohibitum” evil because it’s prohibited), not because they are wrong in themselves (“malum in se” evil in itself).

Four, those who commit the crime of treason must be held accountable and their punishment must be sufficiently severe to deter others from following suit, which is why treason is a capital offence. If, through the pursuit of true justice, according to the true rule of law, the objective facts lead an honest and impartial Judge or Jury to conclude that the crime of treason was committed by the various perpetrators of the attempted coup against President Trump, they would be subject to the death penalty per the law of this land.

It would not be President Trump’s right as a person to forgive those crimes because they were perpetrated against all of us.

It would, however, be within his right to pardon them as the nation’s Chief Executive.

Their fate would thus rest in the very hands of the one they tried to destroy. And in that moment, they would remember all their false accusations against him and hope (perhaps even pray) that Donald Trump is the rough-edged but genuine Christian we supporters know him to be – able to temper Justice with Mercy.

(To be clear, I do not support the death penalty for treason unless it is the proximate cause of the death of Americans.)

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FBI Corruption in the Seth Rich Murder Investigation

Read this important article HERE

There have always been liars in government. But in the generations when our government officially recognized the God of the Bible as sovereign over America, there was an implicit burden on all public servants to acknowledge the reality of objective truth and to conform to it. Those generations all recognized a common “ethical duty” to truthfulness and personal integrity because we agreed these were the expectations of God and that each person was accountable to Him. Even those who did not believe in God believed in the virtues of Judeo-Christian morality, and for that reason we were – collectively if not universally – a God-fearing society.

There was great power for good in that godly consensus because it established beneficial cultural norms that everyone was expected to conform to whether they believed in God or not. And because of that consensus the body-politic had such a strong and healthy immune system we could easily survive the presence of unhealthy sub-cultures amongst us and we generally tolerated them quite well.

Then, in the 1930s and 40s when America welcomed massive numbers of Marxists fleeing an increasingly Fascist Europe, and the elite strata of American society began to embrace their atheistic ideology, the sub-cultures grew like tumors and began to overwhelm the Theistic mainstream. This was especially true in the Democrat Party which had been suffering a crisis of identity because of its close association with American slavery while the mainstream was increasingly rejecting racism. Marxism offered a new unifying ideology centered on the rejection of God and the power of centralized government.

To be sure, this was a slow, incremental process, but by 1947 the Democrats had become the de-facto party of Marxism, and they used their control of the executive and judicial branches of our government replace our Judeo-Christian legal and cultural foundations with Marxist ones.

They essentially staged a slow-motion political coup that most Americans didn’t realize happened until they were awakened to the new reality by the rioting and social chaos of the 1960s.

A primary consequence of the transition from Judeo-Christian to Marxist rule was the steady erosion of ethics and morality. The Reagan Revolution in the 1980s interrupted that trend, but starting with Bush 41 through Obama, the total collapse of ethics was completed.

There is no clearer proof of our current ethical crisis in government than corrupt actions of our chief federal law enforcement agency, the FBI, in the cover-up of the murder of Seth Rich – the incident that sits at the very heart of the Russian Collusion spider web.

I believe Bernie-backing Democrat operative Seth Rich was murdered because he betrayed Obama and the Clintons. I believe he was the whistleblower who leaked the proof of extreme DNC and Hillary corruption to Wikileaks, triggering the October Surprise that fatally tripped up the Hillary campaign. That put in motion the campaign to coordinate all of the machinery of the Bush and Clinton dynasties (including the Obamabots) to destroy Donald Trump. That was the actual beginning of the Russian Collusion narrative in my opinion.

And this makes the investigative campaign by Judicial Watch to force the FBI to release the emails related to their investigation of the Seth Rich murder of paramount importance, even more critical than the Department of Justice investigation of the Ukraine scandals.

I commend the work of Gateway Pundit which has just published a detailed chronology of the FBI coverup scandal (above) and urge you to read it.

My key takeaway from that report is the admission by the FBI that their pretense of compliance with a Freedom of Information Act request is to search their “Index” of documents, and not the actual wording of the documents themselves (in this case emails). This suggests systemic fraud on the court, allowing the FBI to simply not index the documents they want to hide, and creating plausible deniability for itself by setting up the defense of “human error” in the indexing process if they got caught.

In any case, all of the present crises related to the deep state coup against Trump, originate with the Marxist coup against God in the mid-20th century, and can be measured by the evolutionary erosion of ethics in the administration of government.

As a final point, I think it’s important to emphasize that Seth Rich was not a conservative working to sabotage Hillary on behalf of President Trump, he was a Bernie Sanders supporter, whom I believe took the path of whistleblower as an act of revenge on Hillary and the DNC for their blatant and egregious 2016 election fraud against Bernie.

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