Confessions of a ‘hate criminal’

First published 5/2/24

The remnant of Western civilization, which still values freedom of speech and other classical ethics and virtues, is aghast at Canada’s Stalinesque “online harms bill,” which would punish so-called “hate speech” with penalties up to life imprisonment, offers both cash incentives and legal anonymity for “whistleblowers” and would retroactively cover speech that occurred even decades before the enactment of the law. The bill could only be worse if it added capital punishment for offenders, which is well within the realm of possibility, eventually.

What conservatives may not realize is that a less extreme version of this proposed law has been in effect in Canada since at least the 1990s in the form of Human Rights Tribunals – including cash incentives for anonymous complainants. I know this for a fact because a Canadian radio talk host was put through one of these investigations for months for interviewing me on-air about my book “The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party,” which I co-authored with Orthodox Jewish Holocaust researcher Kevin Abrams in 1995. And my Canadian friend and fellow-pro-family activist Bill Whatcott has been suffering relentless torture in the nation’s Marxist meat-grinder judiciary for almost a decade for having dared to lead a comedic infiltration of a “gay pride” parade in goofy green Martian costumes to pass out fact sheets on the health risks of “gay” sex (an invitation to which event I was sad my travel schedule did not allow me to accept).

Make no mistake, while the cynical pretext of the new bill is “protecting children,” and the sales pitch for it emphasizes race and ethnicity issues, the primary intended beneficiaries of the policy are the LGBTs. And the primary intended targets for persecution are Christians and Orthodox Jews. This and all similar policies in Canada, the U.K., the EU, Australia and the U.S. (that have since been expanded to empower all the constituencies of the “Progressive” coalition) ALL originate with the LGBTs, going all the way back to Nazi Brownshirt leader Ernst Roehm’s days in Weimar Germany’s “Society for Human Rights” in the 1920s – and have always been designed primarily to serve their agenda.

Because “history always repeats,” Weimar is back with a vengeance today in America as a rising tide of Socialist Brownshirts with Palestinian scarves covering their Pride flags are openly Jew-hunting on U.S. college campuses (of all places) while the far-left government that spawned this anarchy is impotent to slow its momentum by any means short of full-force police-state crackdowns. (Why now when so many of the leftist elites driving U.S. social policy are liberal Jews? Because for the first time in its history, modern Israel is controlled by Orthodox conservatives! The uber-arrogant amoral libs are literally letting it happen, just as – I contend – they deliberately “let slip the [Hamas] dogs of war” on Oct. 7 and are now trying to indict Netanyahu in the International Criminal Court for “war crimes.” Among other geopolitical goals, these events are intended to force “regime change” in Israel.)

What was the cultural force that plunged Weimar Germany so deep into social anarchy that average citizens would accept – even welcome – totalitarianism as the solution under Der Fuehrer? It was the LGBT “sexual freedom” agenda Kevin Abrams and I so thoroughly documented in “The Pink Swastika.” Only ancient Rome under Caligula and modern San Francisco under Harvey Milk (and now Gavin Newsom) have ever truly rivaled Weimar’s debauchery (while still falling short of its perverse extremes). And, of course, “The Pink Swastika” proved that Hitler and his crew were secretly even more homosexually debauched than the Weimar perverts they overthrew!

If I were a Canadian citizen, my freedoms would be forfeited under the “no harms” bill for writing this article. Indeed, despite all of the constitutional “guarantees” our Founders enshrined in America’s foundational laws, I have been the most persecuted of all Americans who have stood up to the LGBT agenda. Christians in Communist and Muslim countries have certainly suffered far worse than I, but here in the land of the free I remain the only person ever put through a civil (not criminal) trial in a U.S. Federal Court (for six and a half years) for “Crimes Against Humanity” for “homophobia.” I’m the first non-crazy Christian permanently added to the SPLC’s “hate map” (preceded only by the lunatic and likely deep-state agent Fred Phelps who led the disgusting “God Hates Fags” demonstrations at the funerals of homecoming war heroes, which poisoned the public against all pro-family activism.)

I’ve received literally hundreds of death threats in my career as a pro-family leader, and suffered many acts of vandalism, sabotage and false witness accusations. And I’ve endured continual and intense character assassination and social media (and pre-social media) suppression since the late 1980s – long before the “cancel culture” made outspoken conservatives heroes of the movement. (I got left behind on that wave because my “evilness” got baked-in to the public record much earlier, when today’s heroes were still drinking the leftist Kool-Aid.) My books are banned (except on my own website). Accounts related to them have been de-banked. My invitations to speak at events have dwindled from dozens annually to almost nothing due to pressure tactics including vandalism of the venues. Online comments I make in my own name are instantly pounced on by teams of “fact-checkers” and well-poisoners. Leftists scour my articles for items to twist and mock. They constantly falsely equate my “tough love” hate-free biblical views and motives with genocide, meaning they would warrant life imprisonment in Canada.

Where’s MY protection from these actual “on-line harms”?

Because of all this I can testify firsthand that “cancel culture” as we know it today began as a program of the LGBTs. But I can also document this fact: Its specific blueprint of goals and talking points was detailed with amazing frankness in a 1987 Guide Magazine article called “The Overhauling of Straight America” They also pioneered the now common leftist practice of “doxxing.”

I’m not stating these facts to garner public sympathy, but to give due weight to my warning that Canada’s bill will probably become American law in time – just as all the evil things our grandparents believed could never happen in America are now commonplace. (Remember when school and college shootings were unspeakable rarities instead of almost weekly realities – increasingly by trannies?) It’s in very large part because we have ignored God’s “litmus test” red-line ban on approving homosexuality (Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:18-32) in favor of licentious humanism. Thus, just as He warned would happen in the closing admonitions of both Leviticus 18 and Romans 1, He has withdrawn His hand of protection that preserved the many generations of our forebears that actively honored Him. How many American Christians still have the biblical grounding to believe and say that openly?

Breaking Update: The latest news is that Canada has just paused the hateful hate bill while they “negotiate” with America’s social media giants to coerce them to voluntarily impose their censorship mandates on the whole world through AI-driven speech restrictions – just like the Obiden administration did with all Plandemic and election-fraud narratives. Either way, it looks like they’re soon going to make “hate criminals” of everyone who dares to stand with God against the LGBT family of behavioral disorders. Welcome to my world.

For more on this topic search for my several articles that reference “The Five Stages of Homofascism” at ScottLively dot net.

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