Scott Lively Victimized by ‘Cancel Culture’

Dr. Lively talks about Amazon’s recent removal and ban of his book The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, and explains the origins of the so-called “Cancel Culture” in the Oregon LGBT community which in part inspired his writing of the book.

In its pre-election purge of conservative scholarship and inconvenient historical truths, Amazon has just banned my book The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, which I co-authored in 1995 with Orthodox Jewish Holocaust researcher, Kevin Abrams.  I will discuss that below, but first a word about the “cancel culture” and where the American version of it started.

“Cancel culture” is a social-pressure based system of  political transformation that relies heavily on malicious propaganda to “educate” and “inspire” hard left activists who then carry out attacks on designated targets. Long before the term was coined, there were “fringe” conservatives like me for whom being “cancelled” was just day-to-day life.  We were the ones who rose up during the Reagan Revolution to oppose Cultural Marxism before most conservatives even knew what it was. In fact, even today, with the term “Marxism” on the lips of nearly every conservative, most still don’t realize that the point of the Marxist spear now stabbing through the heart of our Constitutional Republic has always been the LGBT movement.  

Few remember that the “Father of the American Gay Movement,” Harry Hay. (who marched for NAMBLA in the early “Gay Pride” parades) was a teacher of Marxist theory and tactics for eighteen years before he founded America’s first lasting “gay rights” organization in 1953, the Mattachine Society.  

Fewer still remember that the Frankfort School founder of Cultural Marxism (and predecessor to Saul Alinsky), Herbert Marcuse, saw Hay’s growing network of “gay” activist cell groups as the army that would make his vision a reality in America.  Who better to fight what Marcuse considered the primary barrier to Marxist utopia, “the repressive order of procreative sexuality,” by implementing his solution, “the disintegration of the…monogamic and patriarchal society” ?

And when the “gays” fully embraced Marcuse’s radicalism in the Stonewall Riot of June 28, 1969 (featuring an attempt to burn police alive in the Stonewall bar – just like today’s BLM/Antifa rioters in the Portland federal building), the outright dismantling of marriage and family-based society became a priority of the left, producing most of the social crises of the past fifty years, from the legalization of abortion in 1970 to the wholesale collapse of the nuclear family in the 90s, to the normalization of transgender mutilation of children happening today; and all of their secondary effects including epidemic levels of crime, poverty, mental illness, cultural fragmentation and sexual deviance.  

Heck, how many conservatives remember to whom Hillary Clinton was speechifying when she called Trump supporters “a Basket of Deplorables?”  It was a large gathering of “gay” power-brokers and major donors at the “LGBT for Hillary” fundraiser in New York.  

It’s no mere coincidence that Trump’s most vicious attackers in the media are homosexuals, from Anderson Cooper, to Chris Johnson to Rachel Maddow, or that funding for the Steele Dossier is linked to LGBT mega-donor, billionaire Paul Singer, whose son is an open homosexual. I bring up Singer, because he’s the one who funded the “Export of Hate” Dossier in 2012 naming me Public Enemy #1 of the global LGBT agenda

That dossier was a milestone in my long sojourn through the “cancel culture:” It was published by the world’s largest LGBT organization, the  “Human Rights Campaign,” to bolster the 6 ½ year major federal lawsuit against me, alleging my non-hateful, non-violent preaching against homosexuality in Uganda constituted “Crimes Against Humanity.”  I only survived that legally frivolous and ethically outrageous attempted “cancellation” of my Biblical worldview (driven by a Soros-funded Manhattan-based Marxist law firm) by the intervention of Liberty Counsel which spent over a million dollars to defend me.

The “cancel culture” got its start long before I became the spokesman for the Oregon “No Special Rights Act” in 1991 (a version of which was passed in Colorado, and later struck down in the SCOTUS case of Romer v Evans).  But in that Oregon campaign, the form of “cancel culture” we’re seeing today – a multi-layered conspiracy of media, politicians, corporations, non-profits, and violent Brownshirt street activists – was born.  

The “Bigot-Buster Squads” the LGBTs deployed in 1992 to intimidate our petition signers, and destroy petition forms evolved over the next decade into the LGBT “doxing” of petition signers of Proposition 8 and other CA pro-family ballot measures.  Today “doxing” is used against anyone opposed to any Marxist goal. Likewise, the mob-pressured cancelling of our Oregon pro-family speakers and venues was an LGBT tactic later adopted against all conservative speakers. Likewise, the widespread use of fake hate crimes to influence public opinion during political contests started with the Oregon LGBTs.

Cancellation efforts against me personally escalated when Kevin and I wrote The Pink Swastika, a thoroughly documented defense of Jewish history in rebuttal to cynical LGBT effort to fabricate a “Gay Holocaust” for political advantage.  That made me one of the very first pro-family targets of the Southern Poverty Law Center. SPLC’s totally dishonest portrayal of the book as “discredited” (citing a small handful “gay” activist academics), and Kevin and I as “Holocaust revisionists” – exactly the opposite of our role – has ever since been used by liberals of every stripe to smear and “cancel” me in every possible way.

Brick thrown through glass door at church where Dr. Lively was scheduled to speak. Below was the note that was attached.

I’m surprised ultra-leftist Amazon took so long to ban The Pink Swastika, perhaps because it had so few sales there (probably because we give the book away for free in digital form to anyone who requests it, but perhaps due to Amazon’s own behind-the-scenes suppression of sales).  Nevertheless, it irks me greatly that the virtual monopolies that make up “Big Tech” are getting away with such obvious politically-motivated censorship.

If it were just me, I’d likely turn the other cheek.  But since it now affects our entire nation and its future, I say it’s time we started cancelling back – as soon as Trump gets re-elected.

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