Why I Predict a Mega-Landslide Trump Victory

In my sunrise commentary of August 24th (above) I explained why I believe Donald Trump will win by a margin so huge that all the cheating planned by the Democrats will turn out to be wasted energy. Cheating only works in close races (because there’s only so many dead people from whom the cheaters can harvest ballots) which is why the lying leftist media and corrupt pollsters always portray every key race as closer than it is.

Cheating to victory is all about plausibility. But I believe the massive Trump victory will be so obvious by mid-October that all the pre-staging the Dems are doing for a vote-by-mail delayed ballot-count will be pointless. They won’t give up on it, because it’s all they’ve got, but it won’t work – at least not in the perspective of the Trump majority, who will know by then they really are victorious (and act accordingly in response to leftist terrorism and propaganda).

These are the reasons for my optimism

First, as a long-time Christian social and political activist my rule of thumb has always been to add 5% to the conservative side in any key election to account for leftist misrepresentation of the race, and for voter reluctance to give their true opinion to pollsters on candidates and ballot questions the media smears as “controversial.” Many people simply don’t trust the supposed anonymity of the polling process. My 5% rule has been pretty close in quite a few cases, but I don’t think it is enough of a compensation for polling on Donald Trump, the most maligned political candidate in US history – by far. And this smear of Trump has happened in our new era of politics when the malicious public exposure of private information about people the left wants to punish for opposing their agenda has become so common that the term describing it, “doxxing,” has become almost a household word (thanks to LGBT radicals in California who started the trend in the 1990s as a tactic for suppressing petition signature-collection on pro-family ballot measures). Thus, I think it’s necessary to add at least 10% to get a proper handle on Trump’s support.

Second, in line with the first reason, is the psychological phenomenon of passive-aggression among people who have been forced to comply with policies and perspectives they don’t agree with. Most people “go along to get along” when they believe there may be a price to pay for bucking what they perceive is the majority view, or, in this case, the punishment-enforced minority view. They’ll grin and bear it – and perhaps even engage in “virtue-signaling” as an act of self-defense – but inside they smoulder with resentment against those holding them prisoner against their will. When the opportunity presents itself to strike back, they do so passionately, even if secretly (as in the voting booth).

Third, Trump is a great campaigner, but he’s been mostly hanging back letting the riot-loving Democrat governors and mayors educate the American voters on the true nature of socialism. Now that he has the official GOP nomination, he’ll start doing what he does best: political warfare. Except this time he’s not a renegade charging the castle, he holds the castle and all of its assets, and has spent the last four years building an army to defend it.

Fourth, mental health issues aside, Joe Biden is perhaps the worst candidate the Democrats have ever nominated. Originally intended (in my view) to be just a placeholder for Elizabeth Warren during the early-elimination rounds of the campaign process, this life-long go-to water-boy for the Dem elites, got stuck holding the bag when Warren got sunk by her Fake-Indian scandal and the rest of the Dem field got sabotaged by Bernie Sanders Communists. That forced Biden to pick rotten apple Kamala Harris, because her fellow-travelers have taken over the Dem ship like drunken mutineers. Meanwhile, top Dem Nancy Pelosi (third in succession to the presidency) was forced to transition from “faux-moderate” to AOC clone in order to retain her relevance in the now chaos-riven party.

On top of that, Biden’s mental health is obviously deteriorating rapidly and no amount of media spin can hide that. He can’t stay in the basement till November. He’s going to have to make public appearances, and to debate Trump LIVE. His campaign stands a good chance of going down like the crash of the Hindenberg if he tries campaigning publicly, vs dying on the vine if the Dems keep him in hiding. It’s lose/lose for Sleepy Joe.

Fifth, Trump has perfected the art of political poaching from ALL the Democrat constituencies. He’d already made massive inroads with blue collar workers (by rebuilding our manufacturing base) and Catholics (the pro-life issue). Since then his pro-Israel policies have gained many Jewish votes. His (unfortunate) “gay”-affirming policies have poached many homosexuals (but at what cost to Republican principles?). He’s (laudably) poached so many Black voters that the panicked Dems have maxed-out their BLM intimidation and “group-think” efforts to try and preserve that voting bloc (which appears to be back-firing). Even the feminists are feeling the pull of Trump’s political magnetism due to his defense of womens’ sports from the transgender movement’s destructive encroachment.

Sixth, is the economic rebound. For better or worse, Trump’s response to the “lockdown-to-cause-economic-takedown” strategy of the globalists has been to print trillions in new money. Whatever long-term effects this may have, a short term economic boom and bullish stock market is already happening. That, combined with the unlocking process he (and public unrest) has forced the state governor’s to grudgingly enact will significantly influence voter psychology to his benefit.

Seventh, is the energizing of the all-important evangelical voters. I think the main reason for excessive church lockdowns was not mere hostility to Christianity, but to prevent Covid 19 fear-mongering from driving security-seeking non-believers into church. Whatever the motive, the left doesn’t realize the role of persecution in stirring the passion of true believers. That passion will likely create a tsunami of Christian voters in November.

A caveat in closing. If, as I have previously speculated, the globalists drop the “Mother of All October-Surprise Bombs”on us (like a new pandemic or a global economic meltdown), these factors might be made moot. But given the factors known today, I’m predicting a mega-MAGA-Trump victory.

Newt Gingrich agrees with me on the general point. I beat him to the punch by about half a day.
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