The Strong Commonalities of Russia and Israel

All my life I’ve been pro-Israel for reasons I never gave much thought, and several adult Jews I encountered in my troubled life as a teenager were a great blessing to me at pivotal moments. I was decidedly non-religious then – inattentive to the Roman Catholic teachings of my childhood and only casually dabbling in the New Age paganism that constituted my spiritual life from age 12 to 28 (precisely my years of alcoholism and drug addiction.)

My first wife was a similarly non-religious Russian Jewish girl who married me in an Episcopal Church – I don’t think we ever had a single conversation about the traditional faiths we came from in the 18 months or so we were together before my addictions broke us apart. I’ve just always been drawn to Jews by an inner magnet and viewed them favorably as human beings. I never even heard of “Zionism” until I was in my 30s as a staunch evangelical Christian of the pro-Israel Reagan Revolution, and didn’t research it in any meaningful way for at least another decade. (I’ve since published a lot on this topic.)

Arguably, my biggest impact on the world was publishing “The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party” in 1995 with my co-author Kevin Abrams, an Orthodox Jewish Holocaust researcher. Together with a distribution alliance of thousands of Orthodox rabbis in the U.S., we so thoroughly debunked the LGBT movement’s attempt to fabricate a “Gay Holocaust” under the Nazis comparable to the Jewish Holocaust that they were forced to abandon their plans and along with them the “Pink Triangle” (used to identify the relatively few homosexuals in Nazi work camps – not the death camps) as the primary symbol of their movement in the 1980s and early ’90s. The LGBTs then stole the rainbow from the Black Panthers and Jesse Jackson’s “Rainbow Coalition” to replace the triangle.

That book earned me a permanent spot on the SPLC’s hate map and top-level cancellation long before the “cancel culture” ever started. But it also opened countless doors, including being hired by prominent New York Rabbi Samuel Dresner to co-write his last book, on the LGBT theme, when his cancer became too incapacitating. (Sadly, he died before it could be completed.)

I’ve since visited Israel four times, the last in 2017 leading a church group from California, and more recently I spoke in defense of Israel at an international conference in Riga, Latvia, where I was part of a panel discussion with Rabbi Yehuda Glick, then a member of the Israeli Knesset.

Previously, this very same Riga-based Russian-speaking denomination sponsored my wife and me on our year-long speaking tour through the former Soviet Union, including a list of venues in Russia that stretched from Blagoveschensck in the far east all the way to St. Petersburg in the far west. I frequently testify about this tour because it was such a rare and amazing experience. I got to see places and aspects of Russia few Westerners have ever observed firsthand and came away with a deep respect both for the Russian people and for President Putin.

I’ve done missionary work and otherwise traveled in 68 countries so far and I recognize the Russians as the closest in mentality and ideology to American conservatives of any nation in the world – which is why our leftist elites propagandize and war against them so aggressively – to keep us separated at all cost. I respect Putin because I was immersed for months in the country he single-handedly transformed from lawless gangsterism following the collapse of the Soviets to a highly civilized and prosperous society in which entrepreneurialism thrives, conservative solutions like the flat tax are a reality, LGBT propaganda to children is totally banned, and the Russian Orthodox church has purged and replaced virtually every shred of communism.

Ever since OBiden orchestrated the outbreak of war in Ukraine while cynically calling Russia an “unprovoked aggressor,” I’ve done my best to present the truthful Russian side of the story to my readers in contradiction to the false narratives of our corporate media – and to remind my sometimes duped fellow conservatives that our media always lie about everything we care about, so why trust them about Russia? To do this I have diligently sought out the most honest and objective of the pro-Russian writers and pundits and vetted their analyses to the best of my ability.

The biggest turning point in the propaganda war over Ukraine occurred when it became clear to military strategists and honest civilian observers like myself that Putin could not be forced to give up the pro-Russian territories he had liberated and would likely take more Ukrainian territory, including potentially the biggest plum, Odessa. Suddenly, “coincidentally,” Hamas committed its massacre in Israel, conveniently justifying a military and media pivot to Israel and the sharp reduction of Western funding, resupplying and media attention to Ukraine.

I have stated from the beginning that I believe the Oct. 7 massacre was genuine Hamas-driven terrorism but was deliberately unleashed by hidden globalist elites to serve, first, their overarching geopolitical timeline and, second, the parallel necessity of (eventually but inevitably) taking out Iran’s nuclear capabilities. The third reason they let slip the Hamas dogs of war was to further regime change in Israel, because for the first time in its history, modern Israel is under the control of Torah-faithful Orthodox Jews, not the Marxist Torah-defying Fake Jews of New York and London. (And even in the midst of war, the “color revolution” Obama started in 2015 continues under the OBiden administration.

The Muslim world naturally united against Israel after the massacre, which changed the calculus of the Ukraine propaganda war because Russia has (understandably but regrettably) allied with Shiite Iran as a counterbalance to the U.S. alliance with Sunni Saudi Arabia et al. Therefore, almost immediately most pro-Russian writers and pundits began backing Hamas and attacking Israel in their updates – equating Israel with Ukraine as adversaries of Russian interests with key common attributes.

My immediate reaction was the opposite: that it is Russia and Israel who are most alike in the war of geopolitics, while the “Palestinians” are, like Ukraine, bribed-to-the-brim puppets of the same leftist Western elites. It is Israel whose national interests have been increasingly threatened (geographically and politically) over the past half century by encroaching Islamists – backed by the ultra-leftist U.N., just as NATO has incessantly, incrementally encroached on Russia since WWII, backed by the U.N.

Israel is obviously a more complex case because many of the globalist elites in question are (non-resident) Torah-defying Jews with mixed motives and loyalties regarding the Jewish homeland. But in the current context in which the true Orthodox Jews control Israel and Orthodox Christians control Russia, both holding the same Bible-based moral compass on the essential left/right cultural conflicts of our time – while Hamas and Ukraine are both simply tools of regime change by outsiders – the Israel/Russia commonalities are stark and potent.

If I were an adviser to either Israel or Russia, I would be working to translate this line of reasoning into practical policies strengthening the Christian/Jewish alliance along biblical moral and cultural lines and even encouraging the Muslims to join in against the great secular humanist threat to all humanity – satanic transhumanism, the true ultimate goal of our actual common enemy.

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