Perv-pandering Pence pivots to compromised Christian college

During the bulk of his tenure as Donald Trump’s supposedly loyal vice president, my opinion of Mike Pence rose higher than my previous view. He first appeared on my RINO radar a few years earlier when, as Indiana governor, he caved to pressure from the LGBTs and killed strong and needed legislation designed to protect Christian businesses from attack by homosexual activists who use state and local anti-discrimination laws as an offensive weapon rather than the defensive shield they were sold to the public as. My column of April 1, 2015, titled “Indiana Meets the Borg,” opened with these two paragraphs:

“Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.” That was the message of the Borg to Capt. Jon-Luc Picard of the starship Enterprise on the television series “Star Trek: Next Generation.” The Borg was a conglomerate of species forcibly transformed into cybernetic drones controlled by a hive mind called the Collective. The Borg grew ever stronger by appropriating and exploiting the assets of whatever new species it encountered as it roamed the universe in pursuit of its insatiable lust for power over the lives of others. Both individual and corporate victims of the Borg were assimilated into the Collective, losing their identity to the hive mind.

“This week, the state of Indiana met the Borg, which on planet earth is spelled LGBT. Like Capt. Picard, the governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, has attempted to reason with Borg and learned that there is no compromise with the Collective. “Resistance is futile,” said Borg drone Tim Cook, the formerly human representative of the now-Collectivist entity Apple Computers. The refrain was echoed by a chorus of other drones, including some from the newly Borg-acquired National Collegiate Athletic Association.

[I went on to explain how the LGBT Borg got such power in corporate American in the first place.]

I went easy on Pence in that piece because he seemed to at least be willing to allow a weak and watered down version of the bill to become law (which later occurred), but I ranked him as a rising RINO on my personal scorecard. Frankly, in retrospect, I believe Pence’s moral compromise on what was probably the most important Bible-based policy of his career was what qualified him in the minds of the Purple Uniparty puppet-masters as worthy of the vice presidency under Trump. They needed someone as clean on the outside but dirty on the inside as Bush 41, who served the same “ace in the hole” function under Reagan.

Hole-card Bush wasn’t needed to fall on a grenade like Pence was: Bush did his dirty work undoing Reagan’s conservative policies after Reagan termed-out – as the “New World Order” president who (intriguingly) gave his defining speech on that theme one decade to the day before 9/11. Hmm. In contrast, Pence was forced to make the ultimate political sacrifice for the Purple team by committing what was arguably treason on J6 (by refusing to allow a vote by Congress on pausing the certification of the fraudulent election pending investigation) and lost any chance of earning the presidency. In further service to his masters he endured the humiliation of a pitiful run against Trump in the 2024 presidential primary.

So what was Pence’s reward for giving so much to the globalist cause? A plum posting to a lucrative A-list NGO, foundation, corporate board or Ivy League university? LOL. No! He was shunted off to puny, pedestrian Grove City College, most famous in pro-family circles as the Christian college that employed fellow “gay pandering” turncoat Warren Throckmorton as a psychology professor.

Some of my longer-term readers may recall that Throckmorton was the snake-in-the-grass who single-handedly launched the decade-long campaign of personal destruction against me that culminated in the federal lawsuit accusing me of “crimes against humanity” for teaching the biblical view of homosexuality in Uganda. I did so at a Kampala seminar in early March of 2009, and also gave comments to Ugandan members of parliament in their National Assembly Hall, urging them to focus not on punishment but on prevention and rehabilitation in their planned but as of then unwritten legislation opposing the normalization of homosexuality. I cited my own personal experience of choosing rehab instead of going to jail for a drunk-driving conviction. (Legally speaking, I consider alcoholism and homosexuality to be roughly equivalent behavioral disorders.)

Immediately following my comments, while I was still in Kampala, Throckmorton launched a surprise attack against me, falsely claiming I was pushing for forced therapy for homosexuals. I was utterly shocked, because even though I had not met him personally, I considered him to be a pro-family peer. He had put out an exceptional video for the ex-“gay” movement titled “I Do Exist” and was well respected in pro-family circles. But apparently, the LGBTs found some dirt on him or otherwise managed to flip him because his knife-stab in my back was only the first in a new mission to attack any Christians who threatened the LGBT cause. I was further shocked when, upon confronting him by phone, he defended his actions and doubled-down on them. He created an entire section on his website devoted to attacks upon me.

I was only one of several, including the eminent Christian historian David Barton, who had recently stoked Throckmorton’s ire by venturing onto the pro-family battlefield with some strong pro-family comments. Upon reading an article about Barton’s publisher suddenly canceling the publication of his book “Jefferson Lies” (refuting lies about Jefferson), I noticed an awfully familiar pattern in the discussion about how the cancellation came about. I called Barton and pieced together that, yes indeed, Throckmorton had orchestrated the attack. I then wrote two articles in Barton’s defense. (See here and here.)

I cite this personal history only to show that I had good cause to ask the leadership of Grove City College in writing to reconsider their relationship with Throckmorton or at least re-affirm the biblical stance on homosexuality. I don’t think any of them replied, but at least I tried.

Since then I haven’t had cause to think much about Grove City College until today, when it was reported on The Gateway Pundit that Pence has been hired by GCC as a “distinguished visiting fellow for the new Center for Faith and Public Life, which appears to have been created just for him. (If anyone can find out who funded it, I’d love to hear from you! I suspect it’s somebody from The Lincoln Project.)

If, as they say, “personnel is policy,” GCC has just made itself a Never Trumper sinking ship, on top of having been a sanctuary for a Bible-defying pro-LGBT saboteur. If I were a parent of college-bound teens, I’d cross this twice-failed “college of Christian compromise” off my list and keep them as far away from the traitor Mike Pence as possible.

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