Eugenics and America’s Fertility Crisis

Like many voters, I never realized in vitro fertilization was such a big deal politically until Alabama rightfully acknowledged that embryos are human beings and in-state IVF companies reacted by scaling back or shutting down to avoid legal liability for the embryonic lives in their custody. By “chance” this development happened roughly at the same time that cereal manufacturers were exposed for allowing anti-fertility chemicals in breakfast foods.

To be clear, the news media did not imply intent on the part of manufacturers, but I would like to remind everyone that breakfast cereal pioneer John Harvey Kellogg was part of a coalition of powerful American eugenicists who aggressively pushed abortion and forced sterilization policies since the 1910s, before handing off leadership of the (grotesquely racist) global eugenics movement to Adolf Hitler’s Germany in the 1930s after an outraged American public started pushing back. Kellogg’s version of Hitler’s later policies were advanced by his own organization, the Race Betterment Foundation.

If you’re wondering why so many people suddenly need IVF services today to procreate that their numbers can skew elections, perhaps you have your answer – or a partial one: The elites have once again been caught replacing the natural world and its processes (think Monsanto) with artificial ones that, conveniently, also generate income for themselves. (The craven, highly profitable “transgender” surgical industry is another glaring example.)

Ever since Thomas Malthus predicted (falsely) in 1798 that human population would soon outstrip food supplies, “Malthusianism” has been a central tenet and motivator of the global elites. The two obvious questions Malthusianism raised were 1) how to produce more food, and 2) how to limit population. In the present era, Kellogg’s now multinational conglomerate apparently figured out how to do both simultaneously.

But a third obvious question arose among the elite aristos of Malthus’ era (who in many cases were literally “en-titled” members of royal dynasties) who assumed for themselves the right to set laws and social policies to steer the world toward their vision of the future. That question was “If population must be reduced, who do we keep and who do we get rid of?” Out of the contemplation of that question was born “eugenics,” formalized by Charles Darwin’s nephew Francis Galton and expanded worldwide through international conferences and networking. The meme and motto of the movement emerged in the Second International Eugenics Conference (1921) in the form of the infamous “Eugenics Tree” logo, captioned “Eugenics is the self direction of human evolution.”

It is widely believed that eugenics ideology died out after World War II due to its association with Nazi Germany, but in reality it just faded into the background where, due to technological advances in genetics, robotics and artificial intelligence, it slowly but fully morphed into “transhumanism.”

From antiquity in Judeo-Christian civilization, human fertility had always been considered both a personal blessing and a social priority. “Be fruitful and multiply” was one of God’s first commands – and it has never been rescinded despite what people may think under the ever-rising pressure of Malthusian anti-family propaganda by Bill Gates and his ilk.

Biblically speaking, in vitro fertilization is not evil in itself. In at least one instance, when the normal fertilization failed in the Bible, God endorsed an alternative. The story of Judah and Tamar in Genesis 38:1-10 indicates that surrogate impregnation of a woman by a close male relative of her husband was socially expected, even mandated if her husband died. Indeed, when Judah’s son Onan deliberately spilled his seed on the ground during sex with Tamar to avoid his procreative duty to his deceased brother Er, God killed him for it!

Onan’s crime was not masturbation as some teach, but refusal to impregnate Tamar for the perpetuation of Er’s line. It was an anti-fertility crime – as is the presumed elite population-control campaign using anti-fertility chemicals. Let’s not forget that Gates (whose father was a Planned Parenthood board member) and the ultra-corrupt WHO stand accused of putting such chemicals in tetanus vaccines for women in Africa. Leftist media “fact checkers” dispute that, but who believes anything from them after the Twitter Files exposé? Follow the money and the ideology to find the truth.

Prior to advances in anti-fertility chemistry by Big Pharma, surgical sterilization was the primary preventive measure of the eugenicists, and abortion (pre-birth infanticide) was their back-up system. These were relatively small-scale operations from the 1920s through the ’40s, centered on ethnic minorities, but then in the 1950s the elites launched the “sexual revolution” to divorce sexuality from fertility (and family) as a universal social priority and to fully normalize every form of anti-fertility and anti-family practice and policy. The porn industry, the no-fault divorce movement, radical feminist ideology, the abortion industry, the LGBT movement and the pharmaceutical birth-control tsunami were all elements of this strategy that made supposedly “consequence-free” (meaning pregnancy free) sex the highest aim of Western civilization. It has always been about population control.

The weakest link in the eugenicist game plan has always been women, because God designed them as baby-makers and nurturers, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Turning women against their own nature has always required massive effort and expense by the elites, with limited success. Time and life experience has always been on the side of nature with even many of the most virulent self-centered feminists in their teens and 20s later escaping the net and reconnecting with their mothering instincts. I think the attack on women we’re seeing by these same elites using transgenderism is in fact punishment driven by frustration and rage that the Malthusian’s methods just aren’t working. Yes, there is still a large pro-abortion contingent in the electorate, even including women who have otherwise reverted to a more natural version of themselves, but it’s not unbreakable.

I believe the answer to all of it is for men, individually and collectively, to start affirming true femininity and natural womanhood with all the confidence of a conquering army and the passion of an election campaign. Bypass the battlegrounds the left has chosen for themselves and go right to the women, letting them know they are valuable and needed just as God made them. Because the only real antidote to the culture of lies and artificiality enslaving our society today is honest interactions among real people who speak plain truth and pursue a return to the God’s natural order in their own lives. Neither Malthusianism, nor eugenics, nor transhumanism have any place or power in that world.

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