The Deep State Takedown of the Boy Scouts of America

Anyone besides me ever wonder if The Atlantic is a CIA front organization?

Anyway, my video on the takedown of the Boy Scouts is HERE

Always remember that the agenda of the deep state is a global Marxist order and its chief barrier is the patriarchal family-centered Judeo-Christian sexual morality on which western civilization rests, because it is the source of societal self-reliance that breeds rebellion to tyranny. As America’s premier youth organization for training boys to become “morally straight” men, the Boy Scouts of America had to be destroyed. Remember also that the deep state are Humanist non-partisan “elites” who control the top strata of both political parties.

On June 26th, 1992 I had the privilege of directly confronting then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton about the LGBT attack on the Boy Scouts of America in a live town hall-style television interview being simulcast from Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. By pressing in quickly with an unauthorized follow-up question to the one approved in advance by the producers, I essentially forced Clinton to state whether he agreed with the effort to force the Boy Scouts to embrace homosexuality. He said he didn’t and Rush Limbaugh talked about that on his program the next day.

The main purpose of the Clinton town hall interview was to highlight his “Gays in the Military” campaign promise, and that softball question was lobbed to him by discharged lesbian Army Colonel Margarethe Cammermyer. “Gays in the Military” was the first major defeat of his administration thanks in large part to Colonel Ron Ray, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan, the attorney who led the legal fight against it.

After Clinton pushed through “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in 1993, Colonel Ray told me personally that DADT was a purely political decision because the law against homosexuality in the military was rock solid. But the elites wanted it, and they simply implemented DADT as a stepping stone toward “Gays in the Military.”

Importantly, it was George W Bush who appointed the Secretary of Defense who orchestrated the final transition: Robert Gates, whose plan required the repeal of the anti-sodomy laws in the US Military Code of Justice and the Common Law which had been in place since the time of General George Washington. Gates completed the DADT repeal in September 2011.

Similarly, the Boy Scouts had a rock-solid legal defense against the LGBT agenda: the Supreme Court case of Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, decided on June 28, 2000. But the elites wanted to take down the Scouts, knew that forcing homosexuality on the group was the key to doing it, and simply pressed on toward that goal.

Who were the men most responsible for forcing homosexuality on the Boy Scouts despite the Dale victory?

The first was GOP elitist Rex Tillerson who, as BSA President from 2010-2012 pushed aggressively for the Boy Scouts to allow openly homosexual scouts (adopted in May of 2013).

The second was Bush’s man Robert Gates, held over as Secretary of Defense by Barack Obama, who became BSA President in late 2013. Gates used the same incremental strategy against the Boy Scouts that he had used against the military, and in 2015, the Gates board at BSA voted to allow homosexual adult scout leaders.

The Boy Scouts of America had essentially taken a fatal dose of slow-acting poison with that vote, allowing Tillerson and Gates to be long gone before the BSA filed for bankruptcy this week.

Ironically, the ostensible reason for the BSA bankruptcy is a long series of sex abuse lawsuits from boy scouts abused by adult male scout leaders: thousands of cases of male on male sexual abuse. Hmmmm.

Even more ironically, the most prescient commentary on the BSA takedown was penned just a couple of months after my challenge to Bill Clinton in 1992. It was written by Leland Stevenson, Co-Recording Secretary of the North American Man/Boy Love Association (America’s most notorious pedophile organization), in its NAMBLA Bulletin, November 1992, who wrote: “At its 16th membership conference, held in Chicago, August 7-9-1992, the North American Man/Boy Love Association unanimously adopted the following resolution: ‘NAMBLA calls on the Boy Scouts of America to cease its discrimination against openly gay or lesbian persons in the appointment of its scout masters. This will permit scouts to be exposed to a variety of lifestyles and will permit more of those individuals who genuinely wish to serve boys to do so. I feel especially honored to have been asked to alert you of this resolution…I have also been a scout and a scout leader and share with so many in NAMBLA affection for the movement. We recognize, of course, that the action for which we call is inevitable. What a great added contribution your organization will make possible to all the boys and girls who participate in it when you take this step.’ ”

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