Elites take big step toward ‘stroking out’ old Joe

First published 5/17/24

It’s been two months since I published my WND column titled “‘Joey the Scapegoat’ will soon exit stage left,” in which I reiterated my predictions – going all the way back to the Democratic Convention of 2020 – that Joe Biden would eventually take the fall for the entire constellation of Dem debacles that were made inevitable by the astonishing overreach of their criminal conspiracy to deny Donald Trump the second term he rightfully earned.

I argued that the most likely scenario for removing Biden with the least amount of legal and political fallout would be to stage a “stroke” or similar medical emergency that would both maximize public sympathy for him and eliminate the threat of criminal prosecution under the defense of “diminished capacity.” In other words, he couldn’t legally be prosecuted because he wouldn’t be mentally capable of aiding in his own defense. Joey the Scapegoat would thus carry all the sins of the co-conspirators with him over the cliff of Azazel – into the waiting memory-hole already prepared for them by Big Media (or so they hope).

Over the intervening weeks, we’ve seen a remarkable change in media coverage of Mr. Obiden. They’re still fully propping him up on his policy positions – because those are their own priorities – but they’re undermining him in regards to his personal conduct, family relations and prospects for winning the 2024 rematch with Trump. They’re obviously getting the public ready for a change of candidate. Trump surrogate Vivek Ramaswamy recently argued very succinctly that Obiden’s sudden turn-around on debating Trump – at the earliest date in presidential debate history – is a sink-or-swim Hail Mary the results of which will decide Obiden’s fate. I strongly disagree in that I believe his fate is already sealed and the debate is intended to convince his supporters that he needs to go. The whole country will be watching that show.

The most important clue bolstering my theory is the strange May 14, 2024, revisitation by the Washington Post of Joe’s near-death experience with a brain aneurism in 1988, titled “Biden once nearly died of an aneurysm. Risky surgery changed his life.” Presented as a human-interest story told ostensibly to showcase Joe’s “resiliency,” I instantly recognized it as a perfect fit for the medical-emergency scenario I’ve predicted. I think WaPo, the primary narrative-setter for the political realm, is setting the stage for the Obiden removal performance by hanging the opening-curtain backdrop.

The absolutely essential centerpiece of the “diminished capacity” defense on which the scapegoat strategy depends is Robert Hur’s report letting Obiden skate on infinitely more egregious violations of classified document laws than Trump is being prosecuted for by Obiden’s own Justice Department! As I wrote in my prior column:

“The Obiden Justice Department conveniently just set the table for this [scapegoat strategy]. Per Reuters, ‘Robert Hur, the special counsel appointed to investigate whether President Joe Biden improperly handled sensitive government documents, is a former high-ranking Justice Department official with experience in prosecuting sensitive leak investigations. On Thursday, he concluded that probe and found that Biden retained classified materials about Afghanistan after leaving the vice presidency in 2017 but said he will not be criminally charged.’

“Of course, Reuter’s omitted the reason that he’ll skate, which was stated by the nominally more conservative Forbes in its article titled ‘”Elderly Man With A Poor Memory”: Special Counsel Explains Why Biden Won’t Face Charges Over Classified Docs.’

“Those wondering why Obiden’s own DOJ – normally so junkyard-dog ferocious in fighting his battles – would seeming disrespect the president so cavalierly now have their answer. Like so very much in today’s public square, it’s all about narrative-setting and selling. The Biden departure narrative is being built on the foundation that it’s Joe’s age and health to blame for the classified documents theft – and everything else.”

Interestingly, just last Thursday the House Oversight Committee voted to hold Merrick Garland in criminal contempt for refusing to release the tapes of Obiden’s interviews with Hur. While this is (rightfully) being spun as a huge win for the conservatives, it also serves the agenda of the Uniparty elites IF my conspiracy theory is true. The DOJ can’t be seen by the Obiden base as caving too easily to the Republicans, so there has to be some high-profile resistance as part of the show, but everyone already knows what the tapes will prove, so the real purpose of the controversy in my view is to put and keep the underlying matter of Joe Biden’s mental health in the public spotlight. It perfectly serves the elites agenda to have all of America debating Obiden’s mental capacity.

The big question still unanswered is the timing of Joe’s “stroke.” The Dem convention in which a replacement candidate could be hand-picked by the DNC starts Aug. 19. That’s only three months away.

When trying to ascertain liberal strategies, especially associated with Obama and the Clintons (whom I think are running this show) I always try to think like a Hollywood scriptwriter. They’re going to want to coordinate the key events to maximally hurt/blame Trump even as they replace Obiden. I’m thinking the context of the first presidential debate at CNN on June 27 is a likely option – such as goading Trump into going extra hard at Biden in the first debate, followed by a Biden stroke that evening or soon after. Trump gets framed as the playground bully who put a feeble old man in the hospital with the force of his mean-spiritedness. Pure speculation, I know, but very plausible. It would play well to liberal women, which constituency is (election fraud aside) the Dems’ best hope for a November upset.

The second Biden/Trump debate set for Sept. 10 on ABC obviously would be moot in that scenario, but the official Presidential Commission debates set for Sept. 16 and Oct. 9, 2024, could go on as scheduled with Trump vs “Big Mike” Obama, Hillary or whatever other circus clown the Uniparty picks at the DNC convention.

There are other possible scenarios, I know, such as Obiden catching a permanently debilitating new Fauci super-bug (as I mentioned in my “Joey the Scapegoat” article) – which would further other agendas of the elites at the same time. But, thanks to the Washington Post, I’m feeling pretty good about my chances for being right on the staged Biden Stroke-Out option.

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