The last gasp of the Boy Scouts of America

First published 5/13/24

In the Cultural Marxists’ “long march through the institutions,” perhaps their toughest conquest was the Boy Scouts of America. This past week the BSA finally fully succumbed to the life-draining internal parasites with which it was infected 11 years ago after decades of stalwart resistance.

As with so many aspects of the fundamental transformation America has suffered in the 21st century, the turning point in the takedown of the Boy Scouts was an Obama operation – headed by deep-state swamp creature Rex Tillerson with a major assist by then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

The then heavily besieged but unbroken BSA stupidly allowed these men through the front gate and onto its board during Obama’s second term where they internally orchestrated the organization’s entirely unwarranted and unnecessary surrender to LGBT demands – bypassing and neutralizing the impenetrable shield of legal and cultural immunity that had been granted to the BSA by the United States Supreme Court in Boy Scouts of America v. Dale (2000).

In the Dale case, SCOTUS recognized that the hybrid constitutional right of “expressive association” absolutely trumped the LGBT agenda. It was the only one of the five major cases on LGBT issues in which “Justice” Anthony Kennedy voted with the conservatives. (He wrote the aggressively pro-LGBT majority opinion on all of the other four – Romer v. Evans (1996), Lawrence v. Texas (2003), U.S. v. Windsor (2013) and Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) – establishing LGBT cultural supremacy over Christianity.)

I’ve been in the fight to save the Boy Scouts since the early 1990s, when I was working to pass the No Special Rights Act in Oregon and Colorado (as state communications director of it’s drafter, the Oregon Citizens Alliance), which fell short in Oregon but passed as Amendment 2 in Colorado. Amendment 2 prohibited “sexual orientation” from being granted civil rights minority status; a legal slam-dunk based on existing case law. But Kennedy struck A2 down in Romer v. Evans with no constitutional review of its merits on his bare opinion that Colorado voters were motivated by “animus” (hatred) and thus the ballot measure was not a legitimate exercise of governmental authority. (He taught the left in that case that accusations of “hate” would invalidate every conservative initiative – which advise they have since followed scrupulously.)

That was the 1992 presidential election cycle that put Bill Clinton in office – in significant part based on his promise to put “gays in the military.” I confronted him on a live “Town Hall” television show about the left trying to force the Boy Scouts to accept open homosexuality in its ranks and leadership. Clinton first dodged it, but my unauthorized rapid follow-up question forced him into a corner in which he stated, “No, I don’t support that.” Rush Limbaugh highlighted that exchange in his radio program the next day. The Clinton administration was soundly defeated on “gays in the military” right out of the gate, offering them the consolation prize of Executive Order 12968 ending the ban on homosexuals receiving Top Secret security clearance and opening the floodgates for the LGBT infiltration (and presumed takeover) of the intelligence agencies.

Obama picked up the anti-military/anti-BSA baton in 2008, and by the end of his second term had both killed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the military (which first necessitated decriminalizing sodomy and bestiality in the The Uniform Code of Military Justice) and orchestrated the surrender of the BSA to the “gays.”

I have chronicled the war on the Boy Scouts from the conservative perspective in a series of articles. In “How to Save the Boy Scouts: The First Amendment Supremacy Clause” (March 3, 2013), I explained how Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs) adopted by major U.S. corporations were being used by fifth columnist Tillerson to threaten the BSA with loss of corporate funding if they did not vote to embrace homosexuality. I also explained how a simple amendment to all public and private anti-discrimination policies could thwart the SORs – a tactic that could work just as easily today.

Following the BSA’s vote to surrender to the “gays,” I wrote “Satan Wins Back the Scouts” (May 24, 2013), explaining how pederasty had literally and openly defined the scouting movement in its earliest days going back to Germany in the late 19th century – until Baden Powell refounded it in the U.K. on Christian values, which the United States scouting movement built upon and improved. I argued that the 2013 BSA vote to embrace homosexuality, essentially handed scouting back to the pederasts, and I advocated it should be shut down immediately to avoid a return to a massive wave of sexual abuse – advice which was, of course, ignored.

In “Desmond, the Boy Scouts and Pedophilia” (Dec. 29, 2018), I offered an update on the moral decline of the Boy Scouts organization and highlighted a specific prediction in 1992 by the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) that the BSA would inevitably cave to the pederasts. I also explained how this sequence of events advanced pederasty and pedophilia in the larger society.

In “The Deep State Takedown of the Boy Scouts of America” (Feb. 19, 2020), I reframed many of the facts I’ve cited here in the context of the larger deep-state agenda, and added additional information not previously cited, including a summary of the history of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

In my most recent sit-rep, “The Boy Scouts of Gomorrica” (Aug. 5, 2023), I reported on how the BSA had been fully transformed into an LGBT recruitment/grooming operation, and pointed families to a healthy alternative called Trail Life USA.

Based on this week’s news, reaching that openly grooming stage after a decade of increasing degeneracy apparently represented the final death throes of the once venerable institution that taught “morally straight” boys to become virtuous men. RIP, BSA.

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