Desmond, the Boy Scouts and Pedophilia

My New Year’s Resolution for 2019

The first official “gay agenda” was issued in 1972 from a conference of 200 LGBT organizations in Chicago. It was essentially a list of political demands to the federal and state governments.  You should take a moment and review this short document, keeping in mind that neither the LGBT movement, nor its political allies, have ever publicly repudiated it.

Over the years, thanks to relentless pressure in the form of cultural warfare, nearly every demand has been met. Only three items on the list of demands for states remain:

  • “3. Repeal all state laws prohibiting solicitation for private voluntary sexual liaisons; and laws prohibiting prostitution, both male and female. …
  • 7. Repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent.
  • 8. Repeal of all legislative provisions that restrict the sex or number of persons entering into a marriage unit; and the extension of legal benefits to all persons who cohabit regardless of sex or numbers.”

My focus today is on #7, which addresses so-called “Childrens’ Rights,” which is the globalist euphemism for pedophilia and pederasty. In my use of the terms, pedophilia regards adult sexual relations with minors, but especially pre-pubescent children, while pederasy regards adult sexual relations with teenagers as an aspect of “gay” male culture, although pederasty can also be considered a sub–category of pedophilia.

After Justice Anthony Kennedy declared “gay marriage” to be a constitutional right by judicial fiat in the Obergefell v Hodges case (the 4th of his landmark rulings establishing “gay supremacy” in America), the LGBT movement triumphantly planted its rainbow flag of conquest on the grave of true marriage and its war machine moved on to force the normalization of transgenderism, pedophilia and pederasty on America.

Most Americans don’t recognize the implicit pedophilic premise in the push for transgenderism, which is why I am grateful for the recent notoriety of the child drag-queen “Desmond is Amazing” who dances like a gay bar stripper for men who shower him with money. It should be remembered that the Stonewall Riot of 1969 (which launched the present era of “gay supremacist” militancy) was triggered by a police raid to arrest a boy drag-queen at the Stonewall “gay” bar in Manhattan. This is not new to American “gay” culture, which has always had a strong pedophile component, starting with its founder, Harry Hay.

Source of the Stonewall Boy Drag Queen citation

Central to the transgender agenda is the “childrens’ rights” argument: that minors who identify as the opposite sex have a legal and moral right to live that identity and to conform their physiology to their fantasy through powerful puberty-blocking drugs and surgery. Sadly, this is not just rhetoric but actual practice, as the LGBT movement and Blue-State power-brokers steamroll over a weakened Christian resistance. (It is all the more disturbing in that the LGBT movement is simultaneously pushing through state laws denying children self-determination in seeking reparative therapy to overcome unwanted same-sex attraction and no one in the mainstream media notes the hypocrisy.)

This brings me to the issue of the Boy Scouts of America. It was the Wall Street Journal which recently broke the story that the Boy Scout were on the road to bankruptcy, blaming [man/boy] sex abuse lawsuits as the cause – with no mention of the Boy Scouts decision to open the leadership and membership to open homosexuals. When readers began to comment on that omission, the WSJ abruptly and uncharacteristically closed the comments on that story (a “gay” fox in the WSJ editorial henhouse, perhaps?).

The final nail in the BSA coffin was the decision to bend yet further to LGBT bullying and drop the name “Boy” from Boy Scouts, to be more “inclusive” of transgenders. The Mormons have since given notice that their nearly half million members will officially leave the “Scouts” by the end of 2019.

Importantly, the BSA was NOT forced to embrace homosexuality and transgenderism by a court order. They actually won the case of Dale v Boy Scouts of America at the Supreme Court, which acknowledged their hybrid constitutional right of “expressive association” to exclude homosexual scout leaders. No, it was relentless political pressure and harassment of the Boy Scouts organization by the “gays” that led to their surrender. That, and deep-state sabotage by former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, whom the Boy Scouts foolishly allowed into top leadership. They, led by Gates who had just done the same to the US military in the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, then orchestrated the take-down of the scouts.

Disturbingly, the BSA takedown was prophesied by Leland Stevenson, Co-Recording Secretary of the North America Man/Boy Love Association (America’s most notorious pedophile organization), in its NAMBLA Bulletin, November 1992, who wrote: “At its 16th membership conference, held in Chicago, August 7-9-1992, the North American Man/Boy Love Association unanimously adopted the following resolution:

‘NAMBLA calls on the Boy Scouts of America to cease its discrimination against openly gay or lesbian persons in the appointment of its scout masters. This will permit scouts to be exposed to a variety of lifestyles and will permit more of those individuals who genuinely wish to serve boys to do so. I feel especially honored to have been asked to alert you of this resolution…I have also been a scout and a scout leader and share with so many in NAMBLA affection for the movement. We recognize, of course, that the action for which we call is inevitable. What a great added contribution your organization will make possible to all the boys and girls who participate in it when you take this step.’ ”

My focus for almost three decades had been on the battle to prevent the mainstreaming of homosexuality, and I perceived transgenderism as a less-threatening add-on, a sort-of mop-up operation after our defeat at Obergefell. But as the transgender battle has progressed, I have seen my error. Transgenderism is more, not less destructive than homosexuality because it attacks a more fundamental aspect of our humanity: the truth that we are created male and female in God’s image.

Homosexual normalization undermines the Biblical model of heterosexual complementarity and the natural family, but transgender normalization undermines the binary heterosexual order itself.  It represents a sea-change in our perspective of what it means to be human: opening the Pandora’s Box of transhumanism, the blending of humans, animals and machines through the combined sciences of genetics, robotics and artificial intelligence: Man becoming his own god.

I must admit that I did not foresee transgenderism as the vehicle for normalizing pedophilia and pederasty. The LGBT lobby could easily have focused on adult choices, not those of children. But now it makes perfect sense, because mainstreaming the idea of sexual autonomy in and to children, with programs like Drag Queen Story Hour at public schools and libraries, subtly advances transhumanism, which has always been the hidden satanic end-game. If childrens’ minds can be successfully turned from reality to fantasy through the doctrine of gender fluidity, and children (backed by adult advocates) embrace the notion that their childhood gender choices are a legal and moral right, then an entire generation (“coincidentally” being raised on movies featuring children with super-human powers and abilities perhaps now attainable by medical “enhancement”) will have been prepped to become willing guinea pigs in the transition to transhumanism.

And in this heady dawn of a new era emphasizing “childrens’ rights,” it’s a small step for the LGBT movement to finally push through Item 7 in the 1972 Gay Rights Platform: the legal and moral right of children to choose adults as sexual partners.  In the emerging world of “choose your own reality, as long as it’s not Biblical,” what’s to stop it?

In the light of this analysis, my New Year’s Resolution for 2019, is to redouble my commitment to fight for Biblical Truth and the Natural Order of Creation using every skill, talent and resource at my disposal. I ask for your support.

Dr. Scott Lively

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