Donald Trump and the Crisis of Christendom

Samson Destroys the Philistines with an Ass’ Jawbone by Gustave Dore

Christianity is in terrible crisis across the western world. Christendom – the collective multi-denominational body of believers in Jesus Christ – has been outmaneuvered and marginalized as a cultural force by our Marxist adversaries. Their Humanist religion now holds sway over nearly all the seats of “secular” power and the infra-structure of Judeo-Christian civilization is being systematically refashioned to conform to politically-correct Humanist doctrines.

Humanist strategists have created and unleashed an army of aggressive sexual anarchists to eliminate residual biblical Christianity from within the society, whose campaign victories are marked by rainbow flags of conquest over formerly Christian churches. And they have also created armies of Islamist and Third World “refugees” to invade and overwhelm Christian nations from without to further dilute the influence of Biblical Christianity and soften resistance to a global Socialist order ruled by Humanists.

Shamefully, much of the church has retreated behind its walls in response to these threats, justifying itself with the un-biblical mantra that “politics is too dirty.”

In Biblical history, God responded to crises like this by raising up “judges” – chosen for their suitability to the specific task and adversary at hand. None of those leaders would have passed the test of moral and doctrinal purity demanded of present day political candidates by the today’s church, but they were nevertheless chosen by God, warts and all. For the “dirty” arena of politics, God chose men and women suited to that battlefield.

There are no examples of political involvement by His followers from the New Testament, only the Old Testament. But that Old Testament guidance was specifically endorsed for New Testament-era Christians by the Apostle Paul, in 2 Timothy 3:16.

In this season of crisis God has raised up President Donald Trump. President Trump, a bare-knuckle fighter in the mold of Samson (who openly invokes the name of Jesus Christ and sponsors regular Bible study in the White House), is the clearest example of an Old Testament-style Judge in America since Washington or Lincoln. And like Samson, he is tasked with defeating powerful deeply-entrenched Philistines.

Trump is not the person whom the church would have chosen, but he is obviously the man God has chosen, and the fate of Christendom throughout the West – and of Israel in the Middle East — is closely tied to the fate of his presidency.

Judeo-Christian America was on the brink of disaster in the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency, but God gave us a reprieve in the form of Donald Trump – the most unlikely champion of conservatism we could have imagined. But he has done a remarkable job – despite relentless, unprecedented opposition by the media and the deep state: a job all the more impressive in that he apparently has not yet wrested effective control of large portions of the government, including the Defense and State departments, from the globalists.

As tough a road as it has been for President Trump, it is about to get much worse with the Democrats resuming control of the House of Representatives and the Mueller legal witch hunt continuing unabated. No one on this planet could survive these attacks unscathed, let alone a billionaire former New York liberal who played by worldly rules for decades. There is likely dirt to find and they will likely find and exploit it.

So the first question is whether or not Donald Trump will keep on punching forward and refuse to surrender as their blitzkrieg of pain and pressure escalates toward a grand crescendo in 2020. And the second, equally important question is whether Christians and other conservatives will remain loyal and actively supportive as the case against Trump’s past acts and character – by the world’s most skilled propagandists and regime change specialists – matures.

If the leftist and neo-Con forces united against Donald Trump (these principalities and powers I alternately label Marxist, Humanist and Globalist) are able to drive him from office, or worse, break him to their will for the remainder of his term (as they did in part to Ronald Reagan), our window of reprieve will close, and the globalist end-game will pick up right where it left off in November of 2016.

But because I believe he is God’s man for this job, I am reasonably confident that the bad guys will not break Donald Trump nor drive him from office, and so long as that is true, I will do everything in my power as an American citizen to defend and assist this president and reelect him in 2020.

Politics IS dirty, and that is why Christians have a duty to be salt and light in that arena: not as Pollyannas condemning or distancing ourselves from every human flaw in our leaders, but as ethically-grounded pragmatists who keep our focus on the big picture – in but not of the world.

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