The War of Truth and Right

The Current State of the Culture War — Our 2018 Year-End Report

by Dr. Scott Lively

Following is a two part Air1 interview with Dr. Lively about the Natural Life Movement

The term “culture war” was coined by Pat Buchanan right about the time I was first drawn into it in the mid 1980s. That was at the peak of the so-called Reagan Revolution when President Ronald Reagan presided over something of a Christian revival in the United States. Reagan declared 1983 the “Year of the Bible.” At the same time and in the same assertive spirit he challenged Michael Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin wall and allow Christianity to flow back into the nations of the Soviet Union — to drive out the disease of Communism which had caused immeasurable suffering for the people of Russia and the other countries under Soviet control.

When the Berlin wall fell, and Glasnost followed, most Americans thought Communism had been defeated in the world, and went back to sleep. It wasn’t entirely their fault, however, since the public’s perspective of reality was in those days largely controlled by the Marxist ideologues of America’s corporate media giants. These gatekeepers carefully concealed their common Marxist parentage with the Communists while continuing to indoctrinate the public in Marxist presuppositions framed as “secularism.”

I was as ignorant of the truth in those days as anyone else and fought abortion and the LGBT agenda as if they were stand-alone social issues related only to naturally evolving sexual mores. After thirty years of battle across five continents I now know that the culture war has always been a war of global conquest by Marxists. It is and has always been a religious war of Humanists against Bible-believing Christians and Torah-faithful Jews in the West and Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists in the East.

The True Adversary is Humanism

Humanism is, after Communism, Socialism and Fascism, the fourth form of Marxism, often called “Cultural Marxism” because of its emphasis on social and cultural tactics of subversion, rather than economic ones. It is the religious form of Marxism and “political correctness” is its moral code. While sometimes labeled “Secular” Humanism (to falsely frame it as non-religious), Humanism most certainly is a religion, and was acknowledged as such by the US Supreme Court in Footnote 11 of Justice Hugo Black’s majority opinion in Torcaso v Watkins (1961).

Importantly, Hugo Black was FDR’s Marxist agent on the court who shifted the US Constitution from a Biblical to a Humanist foundation in Everson v Board of Education(1947) and then leveraged the Everson ruling to, in effect, declare Atheism a religion vested under the 14th Amendment with “equal protection of the law” in Torcaso. That empowered the Humanists to use “equal protection” civil lawsuits to purge Christianity from public life, which began in earnest in 1963 with the banning of government-sponsored prayer in public schools. Black’s corrupt intervention in Lyndon Johnson’s (blatant) voter fraud scandal in the 1948 Texas Democrat primary allowed LBJ to win election to the US Senate where he pushed through the “Johnson Amendment” to the IRS code in 1954, prohibiting direct church involvement in politics. FDR, Black and LBJ were de-facto Humanists who abused their vast power to systematically dismantle the Judeo-Christian foundations and infrastructure of the nation.

Humanism, utilizing Darwinian evolution in the place of Creationism as a foundational theory of origins, offers a comprehensive alternative to the Biblical worldview, including a prophetic vision of collective human self-perfection as a substitute for Heaven.  It’s doctrines are taught as dogma in its temples – our “public education” system – where dissent from its essential narratives is punished as blasphemy under Humanist “speech codes.” Indeed, public education was the first target of Humanist subversion beginning in the late 1800s through the work of “Progressive” John Dewey, who would later be a co-signer of the Humanist Manifesto in 1933. “Progressive” is synonymous with “Marxist.”

Humanist moral precepts – the “thou shalt not”s of Humanism we collectively label “political correctness” — are today rigidly enforced in every sphere of “secular” society.

Today, Humanism is the common religion of the global elites, and of the vast majority of gatekeepers who wield power not just in the news media but in all the controlling institutions of the western world. While these gatekeepers may hold nominal membership in churches, synagogues or mosques, their de-facto world-view is Humanistic.

Why the Political Left Acts in Unison

“Mainstream” journalists, academics, pundits and politicians don’t need a daily confab to decide how to react to current events and the social or public policy initiatives of Theists. Just as every Biblically grounded and literate Christian knows, for example, to oppose the normalization of sex outside of true marriage, every Humanist knows to support it, because they are guided by the clear tenets of their religion which are continually perpetuated in the form of simplistic false narratives as sacred to them as the Bible is to Christians (e.g. “Opposition to ‘marriage equality’ is motivated by hate and fear”).

Theologically speaking, Humanism perfectly fits the description of the religion of the end-times Antichrist who “sets himself above God and everything worshiped as God” (2 Thessalonians 2:4a). This result is precisely what every “secular” government achieves by declaring itself responsible to “separate” church from state and to maintain neutrality toward the competing claims of the religions operating “under its authority.” But Humanism is in fact the ultimate state religion, and is truly Satanic in the sense that it relies on deception to impose its inverted morals and doctrines on a deluded public which embraces them unquestioningly as a “non-religious” alternative to “sectarianism.”

Humanist elites pursue global supremacy using the “divide and conquer” strategy of polarization. Two blatant examples in the United States are left/right political polarization and Christian/Muslim religious polarization. The elite strategists inflame legitimate differences to breed hatred and distrust among these populations that might otherwise cooperate against them, and to create crises which they can “resolve” by implementation of Humanist policies.

Examples of Humanist Polarization

For example, the movement that coalesced on the right and left as the “Tea Party” and “Occupy Wall Street” respectively arose simultaneously in the United States in reaction to the 2008 collapse of the mortgage industry and subsequent bail-out of the elites’ corrupt banking interests which had caused it. The movement was a spontaneous revolt of populists across the entire political spectrum – in which grassroots activists of both the right and the left correctly pointed the finger of blame at predatory corporatists and the establishment core of both major parties (the purple Uni-Party). Yet somehow the Tea Party and Occupy never pursued detente in the interest of deposing the elites, nor did the possibility of such cooperation ever become a topic of national public discussion. I believe the two groups were kept unnaturally polarized by the elites until each could be successfully co-opted and absorbed: the Tea Party by the GOP and Occupy by the Dems.

Similarly, Christian/Muslim relations in America seem to me to be polarized to an unnatural degree, especially considering how closely Christians and Muslims align on the very social issues that polarize the political left and right: sexual morality, parental rights, abortion, etc. It seems even more unnatural to see most Christians shunning most Muslims when we consider how central the idea of lifestyle evangelism is in modern Christendom, and how eager the church usually is to open new mission fields. I don’t think this is accidental.

The Humanists’ divide-and-conquer “ace in the hole” is that serious differences really do exist between conservatives and progressives and between Christians and Muslims. Humanists don’t need to invent the conflicts, just exploit them. And – after generations of refining their tactics in “regime change” campaigns and other deep-state puppet-mastery around the world – these elites are so deft at their statecraft that they leave only the faintest of fingerprints behind.

One fingerprint the elites cannot hide is the phenomenon of “jingoism” on both sides of a polarized conflict. Jingoism is best described as irrational hyper-partisanship. It only exists where emotion supplants reason in analysis of the facts of any dispute, and it only becomes habitual and pervasive (as now) when it is systematically cultivated through manipulation and propaganda.

A common example of jingoism is the use of double standards by partisans in political campaigns. When we absolve our own candidate or party for doing what we condemn the other for doing, we are guilty of jingoism. This is an especially grievous sin for Christians because it is both dishonest and unjust.

The opposite of jingoism is scrupulous objectivity – such as openly acknowledging the good points of one’s opponent, even during the heat of conflict (an extreme rarity). A truly Christian culture lauds scrupulous objectivity as a virtue and discourages jingoism, but our present Humanist society does just the opposite.

Are you the victim of polarization, reader?

You may well be if your internal response to reading the prior paragraphs was to marshal arguments as to why hostility toward Progressives or Muslims is justified or to interpret my arguments as a call to compromise our principles rather than simply a desire to identify points of common interest.

Awareness of differences with other groups and of problems with their beliefs and practices is essential! But knee-jerk partisanship or hard-heartedness toward the lost is not natural nor healthy for men and women who claim a Biblical worldview. This is not to condemn anyone. We all have been subtly conditioned to polarization by the elites, not just in America, but around the world. However, in that knowledge is the power to regain our own ethical equilibrium and to collectively implement effective counter-measures.

Neutralizing Polarization Tactics

This world is presently embroiled in global chaos through the deliberate machinations of a Humanist elite.

  • They have used the sexual revolution and the LGBT agenda to attack the family foundations of our societies.

  • They have used mass migration and the open borders agenda to attack national sovereignty.

  • They foster and weaponize Islamic radicalism to challenge and collapse the Judeo-Christian infrastructure of the west.

  • They polarize American and European societies to distract and neutralize the populists and the church, and to prevent cooperation by Theists against their Atheist agenda.

  • They issue incessant anti-Russian propaganda through the US, UK and EU corporate media to prevent an Anglo/Russo conservative alliance against globalism (their greatest fear).

  • They wage relentless all-out warfare against every populist/conservative bulwark: President Trump in the US, Brexit defenders in the UK, Netanyahu in Israel.

In every battle the Humanists are an unseen hand steering the conflict while increasing their own power and tightening their control over the machinery of change.

As we watch the invasion of the United States and Europe by massive waves of “immigrants,” the continuous slaughter unborn babies, and an entire generation of born children being enticed into the web of LGBT deviance, we must take our eyes off the enemy’s army of “useful idiot” foot-soldiers and recognize who the generals and command staff directing these battles really are. Bill and Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkle, Emmanuel Macron, Barack Obama, The Bush Dynasty, James Comey, Robert Mueller, George Soros, The Deep State, the Mainstream Media, the GOP and DEM establishment, the massive “philanthropic” foundations, the Hollywood Moguls, the Academic elites, the Corporate elites are – almost universally — true-believer HUMANISTS engaged in religious war against Theists generally and Yahweh-worshiping Christians and Jews especially.

The Solution: A New Paradigm

The antidote to forced polarization of any population is voluntary unity on essential points of common interest by individuals and groups who respectfully agree to disagree on points of difference to preserve civility.

I propose that the answer to our polarization by Humanists is the Natural Life Movement, which shifts our political and cultural perspective from left vs right and religion vs religion to natural vs artificial. (See the attached Declaration of the Natural Life Movement).

The Marxists’ Humanist religion is a collection of artificial systems designed to supplant God’s natural order. That natural order is the obvious common ground of Theists and the ways we can cooperate to preserve it are also obvious.

The natural order is also, less obviously, the common ground of conservatives and progressives – especially in the context of environmentalism. Environmentalist concepts familiar to progressives such as “bio-diversity,” “eco-systems” and “the interdependence of species” rest on natural law presuppositions as does the preference for natural foods and medicines. It is a small step from that awareness to the broader natural vs artificial paradigm as a basis for cooperation against Humanism.

We Can and Must Organize Preemptively

In Humanist theology, Trans-Humanism is the next step of human evolution and all the societies under its sway are on the cusp of revolutionary transformation due to advancements in technology, and the successful political suppression of Christian resistance. The age of Trans-humanism is dawning, in which humanist scientists from the fields of genetics, robotics and artificial intelligence, playing God, work to “create” a new generation of supermen by blending elements of humans, animals and machines.

A global movement to recognize and preserve the universal principles of the natural order can unify the polarized populations of the world and we should create it now. Every development in the Trans-Humanist revolution will swell our numbers as awareness of the new reality grows.

We begin simply by adopting and teaching the principles, and using them a place for common ground with everyone who agrees.

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