Operation Warped Screed

Dr. Lively appeals to President Trump to change his messaging about “Operation Warp Speed” to separate himself and his efforts from the greed, disastrous failures and coverups of Big Pharma, the false narratives of Big Media, and the increasing tyranny of Big Tech and Big Government. Dr. Lively offers a short summary of what President Trump should say, and he cites his bullseye prediction about the current global chaos from two weeks before the 2016 election.

By continuing to describe his Covid “vaccine” rollout, “Operation Warp Speed,” as an unqualified success, instead of updating his messaging to distance himself from Big Pharma’s now obvious greed, lies and cover-ups, President Trump is unintentionally helping his (and our) worst enemy, Big Media, to push their own “Operation Warped Screed:” the liberty-destroying false Covid narrative that Big Government and Big Tech are using to justify tyranny.

During his first term, President Trump faced unprecedented opposition by the entire global network of Marxist elites, including the Bush and Clinton dynasties here at home. It was almost miraculous that he accomplished anything, let alone rack up the impressive checklist he rightfully touts at his rallies. But he was not immune to political extortion. For example, I firmly believe that McConnell and McCain held back Senate confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch to SCOTUS until President Trump agreed to a a transparently illegal military strike on Syria, “justified” by the neo-con’s favorite pretext of “chemical weapons.”
And I believe that his far-too liberal positions on “gay” issues have been to appease key (conflicted) “conservatives” like Ric Grenell who would otherwise abandon him to the progressive wolves.

But the most consequential of his capitulations to globalist extortion was Operation Warp Speed – the super fast-tracking of the experimental Messenger RNA drugs falsely characterized as “vaccines.” The globalists had maneuvered the president into an impossible no-win situation in which he was being set up to take the blame for the highly exaggerated and relentlessly, breathlessly hyped plandemic death toll, and the only political escape route was to kow-tow to Big Pharma and allow their unproven, highly dubious “remedies” to bypass normal safety protocols and get emergency authorization, complete with immunity from liability.

He made the best of a bad situation by framing the fast-tracking as yet another example of his genuinely superior executive skills, while in reality ALL the globalist players WANTED to neutralize the legal and ethical barriers to the world’s first “universal” vaccine and its promise of vast profits. They only needed President Trump not to oppose them.

That forced surrender to Big Pharma was also sweet revenge against President Trump for his interference with their domestic price-gouging policies. (Here’s the most recent example of their longstanding brazen greed). If you recall, he tried heroically to force price cuts on numerous drugs such as insulin, and had some limited success. But Big Pharma not only won that battle, they made sure he would be punished for having defied them. The all smiles “vaccine” rollout was President Trump’s punishment in the same way that being forced to nominate LGBT Supremacist Anthony Kennedy to the Supreme Court was President Ronald Reagan’s punishment for having tried to put Robert Bork there (a second Scalia who would have solidified a pro-family conservative majority).

I wrote about the Reagan/Trump comparison in “The Borking of Donald Trump
two weeks before the 2016 election and predicted the following”

“The hyper-‘borking’ of Donald Trump has implications far beyond the American presidency. In my view it is evidence that the globalists have gone to DEFCON 1 and the next step could be actual war. In my opinion it is not mere coincidence that America and British war drums are building an ever louder case for war with Russia in parallel with the Trump v Clinton election. The ostensible rationale for their chest-beating is Syria but I believe the real reason is BREXIT, compounded by the shocking durability of the Trump candidacy and its enboldenment of populists worldwide, portending a future total meltdown of globalist control under a Trump administration. The last resort of the puppet-masters is likely to be orchestrated global chaos, probably through war, economic collapse, or both, providing a justification for the implementation of police-state strategies and tactics.”

I did not anticipate that their method would be a global disease plandemic, but otherwise my prediction hit the bullseye.

I do not blame President Trump for Operation Warp Speed itself because he really had no choice. However, I do fault him for continuing to promote these dangerous drugs as “vaccines” and not fighting for us against Big Pharma and its Big Government and Big Media toadies now that so many of the facts are in about the globalist conspiracy that is still driving covid tyranny worldwide.

President Trump should say something like this:

“My part of Operation Warp Speed was a huge success. I used my executive powers to streamline the rollout process like never before. It was Big Pharma’s job to produce safe and effective drugs, which we now know they didn’t do. It was the government health officials’ job under the Biden administration to track and report the negative side effects and use that information to protect the public, which we now know they didn’t do. And it was Big Media’s job to hold Big Pharma and Big Government accountable which they didn’t do and we frankly knew they would never do, because they are the enemy of the people. If I had real control over those companies, and had been in the White House when the tragic side effects were being covered up, I could have solved these problems, but I wasn’t. So I am proud of my part, which was a success, but I am angered at what the others have done. They took the opportunities I gave them and ruined them like liberals always do.”

I want Donald Trump to have a second term in the White House and will certainly vote for him if he runs in 24 (or 22 and 24 – kudos to Joseph Farah ) despite my concerns. But I am hoping and praying that President Trump will stop serving the interests of corrupt and sociopathic Big Pharma and go back to being our champion against them and against public health tyranny.

Pastor Lively’s First Century Bible Church provides Religious Exemption Letters to Christian believers with a sincere Bible-based objection to the “vaccine” mandates. Go to FCBible.org for more information.

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