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How I Beat Election Fraud

There is no state in the union more corrupt than my home state of Massachusetts. In 2014 I ran for governor as an Independent, mostly to inject Biblical values back into the political process, and, of course, to break the “Saul Alinsky Box” that the hard left had put me in with the intent to destroy me publicly as a lesson to all opponents of the LGBT agenda. 
In ‘14 my only interest was a platform. I chose as my running mate, Shelly Saunders, a Black homeless woman who volunteered in my inner-city mission church, and we called ourselves the Miracle Ticket – because it would take a miracle to win (and an even bigger miracle to WANT to win). God honored that mission by getting me into both official state-wide debates, and in hundreds of media interviews and news reports. It did in fact “break the Alinsky box,” ensuring my eventual legal victory over my persecutors. And I did boldly proclaim numerous truths of Scripture without hesitancy or compromise for months on the campaign trail.

Since then my constitutionalist mantra for elections is “Every Race, Every Time!” (ERET), forcefully rejecting the lie that long-shot efforts are futile. ERET builds armies of blooded candidates and workers who know the basics of campaigning. My part-time very low budget effort earned me millions in free media and journeyman level on-the-job training – while many voters heard well-framed constitutionalist perspectives for the first time. ERET also eviscerates the “campaign consultant” class used by the establishment to control the field and enforce politically-correct compromises.

In 2017 when I learned that Uber-RINO Charlie Baker had promised Planned Parenthood state tax dollars to replace money lost from Congress in the aborted baby parts harvesting and sales scandals, I decided to run against him again – to win. I also believed that Baker, Warren, and Lesbian-activist AG Maura Healey had cut a deal for Healey not to run for governor, and for both party elites to ensure Baker and Warren landslides – so that Mitt Romney’s protégé Baker could run against Trump in the 2020 primary (not to win but to sabotage Trump), and then Baker, “the Republican Voice of Reason,” could join the presumed “Warren administration” as a symbol of bipartisan unity. A leftist national media blitz was already touting Baker as “the most popular governor in America” and it appeared the fix was in. 

Although I ran a long-shot effort to win, my more realistic goal (which I achieved by getting 36.1% in the primary) was to wound Baker severely enough to kill the anti-Trump plot, and weaken Baker’s power in-state.   Reportedly, the MAGOP had always used election fraud at the state convention to keep conservatives out of top races. Getting on the primary ballot requires at least 15% of delegate votes. Somehow, the back room vote counting always found the conservatives falling short. Baker’s first gubernatorial run was in 2010 and his conservative challenger was very popular Mr. Christy Mihos, a famous whistleblower who exposed massive corruption behind Boston’s “Big Dig.” When the vote counters announced Mihos lost to Baker there was explosive but futile outrage by the unprepared conservatives who were convinced that Baker cheated but had no recourse. Baker then lost to Obama buddy Deval Patrick in the general.  

In 2014, conservative businessman Mark Fisher experienced a similar convention scenario (against Baker’s second attempt), but this time the conservatives were ready. My friend, MassResistance founder Brian Camenker, had filmed Fisher’s win by voice vote on the floor before the ballots were formally cast, so when the vote counters declared Baker the winner again, Fisher sued and won a roughly quarter million dollar settlement, costing the Mass GOP nearly $500K including lawyer fees. But Baker didn’t mind because the uncertainty of the lawsuit’s eventual outcome killed Fisher’s campaign momentum and he lost a primary he should have won.  

In my 2018 convention challenge to Baker, I knew his team would try to cheat. But for the first time, the party was using electronic voting, because they were still smarting from the Fisher lawsuit and had to show the public that reforms had been made. But instead of cheating me electronically, they used a different strategy. First, they took away the secret ballot by putting cameras on the voting machines to ensure all the delegates could not pretend to be pro-Baker in the floor vote and then switch in the ballot box. Then they had people work the floor, falsely warning delegates that Lively was an “extremist homophobe” who would hurt the party. The many anti-Baker delegates were urged to cast a blank ballot instead of for me (blank ballots reportedly being key to their vote fraud strategy).  

Their ace in the hole was to fall back to paper ballots for the governor’s race (after the down-ticket races were done) by faking a crash of the wifi needed to run the electronics. I received the bad news while being ushered into a room with a guy I thought was just a flunky, while GOP Chair Kirsten Hughes went to get the staff from the also-affected US Senate candidates. I turned to the “flunky,” saying essentially, “I’ve been waiting all day to see how these guys were going to cheat me, and now I know. They’re going to pull a Mihos and Fisher on me. But, I’m a lawyer, and I’m going to sue their pants off.”

When everyone was assembled, to my surprise, Hughes introduced the “flunky” as their lawyer and asked him to explain the situation, which he dutifully did, after glancing sheepishly at me. I just repeated my threat to Hughes and stormed out, followed twenty seconds later by the Executive Director, jogging after me down the hall shouting “Wait, wait, we fixed it!”  
I had planned to give a mild and good-natured speech to prove I wasn’t an extremist, but was so infuriated by the incident that I gave the most forceful and impassioned speech of my life, purely spontaneous and off-the-cuff (using only half of my allotted time) challenging the delegates to stand on their principles (and to boldly support President Trump) – and I won a stunning and historic 27.6% of the vote. 

By God’s grace – and His perfect staging of events – I beat the election fraud with unyielding passion and principles – just as God’s man President Donald J. Trump is about to beat the Great Election Fraud of 2020.   

MAGOP Chairwoman Kirsten Hughes Reacting to Scott’s Speech

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