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Swamp Rangers Draft Policy on Private Lifestyles

Only Agents of Chaos Push “LGBT”
Civilized People Say “MYOB”

Just as the Marxists use “Critical Race Theory” and false accusations of “systemic racism” to sow division and promote racial conflict, they use “Queer Theory” and “sexual orientation” rhetoric to sow confusion about sexuality and destabilize the delicate social balance of freedom and privacy in sexual matters.

A healthy society preserves the primacy of the natural family while tolerating discrete sub-cultures. But forcibly mainstreaming those lifestyles breeds chaos, which is why they do it.

Indeed, preeminent “Cultural Marxism” pioneer Herbert Marcuse called “The repressive order of procreative sexuality” the chief barrier to Marxist Utopia, and prescribed the “disintegration of… the monogamic and patriarchal family” as the remedy.

Only “useful idiots” cooperate in the the disintegration of their own civilization.

Therefore, we call upon all Americans to stop legitimizing Queer Theory’s “sexual orientation” strategy with its false hetero/homo equivalencies and its evil invention of “homophobia” to demonize reasonable dissent. And to never let that diabolical slur go unchallenged.

Instead, we should all respect the right and duty of privacy. We won’t ask, if you don’t tell, because a truly private lifestyle is between you and God, but a public stance on any issue affects everyone.

Let us all work to restore a public/private balance in sexual lifestyle matters that exclusively mainstreams natural family norms for our collective social good.

*Truly conservative people who struggle with same-sex attraction disorder or gender identity issues promote MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) instead of “LGBT” when “progressives” demand they embrace “Queer Theory.”

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