Report from Springfield MO

I flew in yesterday from Springfield MA to Springfield MO to try to stop the “Gay Fascism Bill” (the so-called “sexual orientation” anti-discrimination ordinance) from being voted in by the City Council here.  Minor success already in that they have now postponed the vote due to public attention to the issue caused by my visit.  I made the front page of the Springfield News Leader at

Here is my reply to several comments following the story on the newspaper webpage:  “This is Pastor Scott Lively responding to Ms. Smith and others. We are not a ‘hate group’ just because the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center says so (Google them), and I did not advocate nor support the Ugandan bill as written. My book The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party has not been ‘discredited’ by anyone but ‘gay’ activists and their flunkies. It is one of the most thoroughly documented books you will ever read, relying on the most respected and credible mainstream sources of the 1940s thru 1960s. I do not nor have I ever espoused hate or promoted violence toward homosexuals or any other group. Unfortunately, many “gay” activists and their allies are very dishonest about their own agenda and the people who disagree with them. My detailed flyer about the Springfield “Gay Fascism” bill is …[below] and explains the danger of this ordinance. This is NOT San Francisco, the left does not have a majority here. Springfield Christians and other people of traditional values can easily defeat this bill if they simply stand up and oppose it.”

A prior version of this comment disappeared from the site so I had to re-write it.  Hope it stays up this time.  Could have been my mistake (we’ll know if the second version disappears).

Here is a copy of the ordinance: Ordinance Spfld MO

A few key points I will bring up in my presentation at the Public Library tonight:

1.  The “Gay” Political Machine long ago hijacked the Civil Rights Movement and has ever since exploited it for its own selfish ends.

2.  The political instrument called the Human Rights Commission is often nothing more than a Trojan Horse to advance the “gay” agenda past the outer defenses of the local government.  That is its primary purpose in these cases.  It is driven by “gay” activists, hidden behind an ethnic minority  figurehead who is almost always either an in-the-closet homosexual, a pro-“gay” liberal, or a “clueless” stooge who doesn’t know or care that he is being used.  The “gays” bundle their issues together with those of legitimate minorities as a “package deal,” relying on public sympathy for the authentic civil rights concerns of ethnic groups to make their own demands less unpalatable.

3.  Often but not always “gay” and leftist activists in the local media conspire with the Human Rights Commission to create the public perception that legislation is necessary or desireable to counter “a rising tide of bigotry” in the community.  When, inevitably, genunine hate crimes occur, these incidents are highlighted and magnified to suggest (falsely) that existing legal policies and protections are insufficient and that additional legislation is necessary.   

3.  The passage of an “anti–discrimination ordinance based on sexual orientation” represents the capture of the seat of government by “gay” activists, to be thenceforth weilded as a shield against all efforts to curtail the expansion of “gay” power, and as a sword against their opponents, primarily Christians.  It criminalizes “discrimination” against homosexual conduct and lifestyles, granting “gay” activists legal standing to litigate against “discriminators.” 

4.  Lawsuits based on “anti-discrimination” laws then become the primary tool of social engineering.  Key opponents such as people of strong religious faith are deliberately targeted to be made an example of, so that the rest of the public shrinks from speaking against homosexuality out of fear. 

5. The “sexual orientation anti-discrimination ordinance” is the seed the contains the entire tree of the homosexual agenda with all of its poisonous fruit: “gay” marriage, “gay” adoption, taxpayer funding of “gay” projects, etc..  Once it takes root, the local “gay” activist community grows continuously stronger and bolder while their opponents grow continuously weaker and more timid. 

I will make myself available to assist any conservative community in the United States to stop these “Gay Fascism” bills. 

I further urge these communities to pro-actively move the ball in the opposite direction through the use of legislation such as my “Model Family First Ordinance” on Page 181 of my book Redeeming the Rainbow: A Christian Response to the “Gay” Agenda (see sidebar at home page).




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