Second Attack by SMUG and CCR

This week Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) and the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) filed an Amended Complaint in their U.S. federal lawsuit against me for “Crimes Against Humanity.” It is better written than the original but still boils down to nothing more than an attempt to define my Biblical views against homosexuality as a crime. You can read it here:

Amended Complaint – against Scott Lively as dated 071312

Clearly, this lawsuit is intended not only to silence me as an effective voice of opposition to the “gay” agenda, it is also to intimidate everyone else who would dare to follow my example.

But I am not intimidated, and I intend to use whatever notoriety these bullies create for me to advance the cause of Christ. Such an opportunity was my trip to Springfield MO last week to oppose the anti-discrimination “Gay Fascism” bill now before their city council. Because I got involved there was controversy, which brought public attention to an ordinance the city council wanted to sneak under the radar. Citizens are now activated. We might just kill that bill.

Jesus set the example of courage under persecution, just as He set the rules for family and sexuality that I am striving imperfectly to defend. The entire culture war is about the Biblical World View. Cowards and man-pleasers in the so-called “emergent” church shrink from defending it in the face of homo-fascism. The remnant refuse to yield to the bullies, and are taking our lumps — the first wave of a coming tsunami of persecution of true Christians.

The sheep and goats are being divided, and the Lord is using the issue of homosexuality as the divider — just as it was the “final straw” for Him regarding the Great Flood and at Sodom.

This lawsuit epitomizes the ongoing rise of homo-fascism in America, meaning the authoritarian abuse of power to suppress all opposition to “gay“ ideology. At this stage it is still mostly limited to abuses of the processes available (supposedly) to all Americans in our systems of courts, media, schools and colleges, etc because they don’t yet have full control of the seats of power themselves. Soon, if the trend of growing “gay” power continues, these systems will simply embrace “gay” ideology as the new norm and the current pretense of respect for the equality of opposing views will end.

All of the liberals rhetoric about freedom of speech is already ringing hollow in the face of their support of “anti-discrimination” laws that trump the First Amendment in court rulings, and in the complicity of “mainstream” media and academia in “gay” misrepresentations of every aspect of their lifestyle and agenda.

This lawsuit represents a direct assault on the First Amendment and there is no guarantee in the current climate that they will not win.

But by His grace, win or lose, at any cost, I will continue to speak the truth of God.

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