The Pink Swastika 5th Edition

Today we are launching The Pink Swastika 5th Edition with a “beta” version of Chapter 1 in PDF format.

 This book severely undermines the “victim plunder” strategy of the “gay” movement and as such is bitterly hated by “gay” activists and their allies.  Indeed, when a Riverside County, CA area journalist asked the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (at my prompting) what it would take for me to be dropped from their list of “hate groups,” they said “Recant The Pink Swastika.” Frankly, I don’t want to be dropped from that list, because, considering who they are, it is a badge of honor to be so designated. But I’m raising this to show how deeply they are bothered by The Pink Swastika.

We won’t recant because The Pink Swastika tells the truth. It is documentary evidence from recent human history that God’s perspective in the Bible about homosexuality and its destructiveness to society is true. 

This 5th Edition emphasizes the strength of our documentation which will be especially irksome to another of our left-wing critics, Warren Throckmorton.  He has devoted a fair amount of effort to try to “debunk” the book.  Most of his arguments are petty and snipe at minor issues around the periphery of the thesis.  Like most of his fellow Pink Swastika haters he cannot address the book point by point since so very much of it is unassailable.  This edition makes that fact all the clearer.   

The Pink Swastika is being published in a more portable form for easy distribution. Feel free to download and pass it along.  It is quite a large file but can be emailed between gmail accounts (which have a 25mb limit) or downloaded on a flash drive.  The easiest way to distribute it is just to send the link.  You have our permission to do all of these things.

This Chapter 1, Version 1.1 is the first in a series of releases that will eventually culminate in the publication of a single finished work.

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