Prepare for Serious Violence in the Presidential Election

To start with I’m not endorsing anybody. I believe America has been under judgment since SCOTUS ruled in Everson v Board of Education (1947) that Jefferson’s “Separation of Church and State” metaphor had become the constitutional law of the land, effectively de-throning the God of Heaven and claiming the power in itself to put God (and everything worshiped as God ) under its own feet. We’ve seen steady moral and social degeneration of the nation ever since, except for a brief semi-revival under Reagan.

Our presidential candidates and most of the congressional ones have been chosen for us by the elites, and each crop of them has been a steadily less palatable assortment of “lesser of two evils” — None of whom except Reagan took back a single foot of ground on the cultural battlefield while in office on this long march to serfdom.

Under Obama, Cameron, Merkle, Pope Francis and other co-conspirators, the globalists have clearly begun making their final move to a one-world government, using George Soros’ “open borders” strategy and flooding the US and EU with third-world immigrants to destabilize and weaken national resistance, while simultaneously setting up a system of global taxation and control under the guise of a bogus “climate change” crisis.

The moral fabric of the targeted nations has also been severely compromised by the oppression of our natural family social foundation through the facilitation of LGBT supremacy.

The Obergefell “gay marriage” case was the coup-de-grace in the United States, rendering the generation-old “value voting” strategy of the conservative movement totally moot — showing that a handful of globalist federal judges could nullify our every accomplishment, no matter how dearly bought in time and treasure nor how widely supported in the public.

The nation was flooded with perversion within, while already being flooded with third-world invaders from without.

What occurred then, both in the US and EU was the rise of the “silent majority,” that mass of humanity whom we have always claimed to be people who share our Biblical values, but in actuality seek their own personal self-interest first, however they may perceive it. Many of them likely share our concern for family values, but that’s obviously not what motivates them — or they would have joined us long ago in the culture war.

And so here in the US (and in the EU — especially re the Brexit vote and Eastern European border closings) we have watched the emergence of populist nationalism on the right grow like yeast in a lump of bread dough until it overflows the top of the pan — while “social justice” Communism has done precisely the same on the left.

Friends, this phenomenon is entirely unique in American political history! The established political norms and systems are shattered — though many still act as if they still apply, not just among the “establishment” but also among “values voters.”

But this is not unique in world political history! This is a less militarized version of Germany 1932 minus the antisemitism and street brawls (though I think the latter is coming after the primaries). It’s the Nationalists vs the Communists and I think we just saw the first glimpse of what its going to look like at the Trump rallies in Illinois and Ohio: Commie agitators trying to bust up the events, meeting Nationalist resistors not afraid to punch back.

These so-far simply normal and patriotic American Nationalists are NOT Nazis by any stretch of the imagination, despite the historical parallels to Germany, but look at how close the parallels are:

Who were the original agitators in Germany? People forget that it was actually the Bolshevik-backed Communist bully-boys that ruled the streets in pre-Nazi Germany — giving rise to the National Socialist counter-force that eventually defeated them. Unlike here in the US today, both forces were evil, but the Communists were marginally worse, at least at first.

(If you want to get a greater sense of just how close the historical parallels are, complete with the turbulent social undercurrent of “gay”-driven sexual anarchy, read Chapters 1 and 4 of my book The Pink Swastika — here: ) But I digress…

The American left is used to bullying conservatives with impunity because the formerly Christian-dominated right eschewed violence and in-kind retaliation as un-Christ-like, and, of course, the leftist media always gives cover to their fellow-travelers on culture war issues. I have experienced this many, many times as a pro-family speaker harassed and sometimes shut down by leftist, primarily “gay” Brown Shirts.

But the Trump army (again, NOT Nazis by any stretch of the imagination despite the historical parallels) is not dominated by value-voter Christians, though many are a part of it. It is dominated by secular conservatives — the silent majority who have been chafing for decades under the yoke of what some have termed “weaponized political correctness.” They’ve been gritting their teeth and bearing it so as not to risk their jobs or face character assassination, stewing and fuming in the privacy of their homes and thoughts.

But now a mob has formed and it has a super-powerful billionaire leader who never apologizes to the left or lets the media steer him. There is now safety in numbers — vast and increasing numbers — and a chance to push back against the bullies (who, as always, cast themselves as victims and scream “Fascist!” while throwing their Molotov Cocktails and rocks).

Meanwhile on the left, the Communists who have been working for decades to establish their Socialist Utopia on the ashes of Judeo-Christian civilization (with tremendous help from Obama), finally see it within reach under Bernie Sanders (or his ideological successor). They have enormous power and in their mass-delusion share a maniacal sense of entitlement: they believe “the end justifies the means,” especially violent means since that has always been central to their ideology from the dawn of Marxism.

We’ve seen glimpses of this in the black-masked Anarchists, “Earth First”ers, the Black (Lives Matter) Panthers, and the “Act-UP” bullies. These types are in charge of the leftist mob now. They will not accept Corporatist-shill Hillary even if she wins the primary.   More importantly, they will not tolerate Trump under ANY scenario. They will have their way! (so they think) through street violence.

That’s the scenario we face, in my analysis. We’re headed for a mini-Civil War in this election, raising the specter of Obama potentially using it as a pretext to suspend elections and stay in power under martial law. I know that’s an extreme result and I’m not predicting it will occur, just saying that it might.

In my view it’s better for the nation in the short term for the Nationalists to win. For one thing I think the economy would soar, despite sabotage by the left, but as I’ve said many times, secular conservatism when fully implemented is just as toxic to Biblical values as secular liberalism.

Many Christians will get swept up in the populist mob, and be very willing to overlook its flaws and excesses while some aspects of Godly values rise for a time with the broader conservative tide. If nothing else, an effective push-back against Cultural Marxism would create a cultural vacuum that Christians could quickly exploit.

But in time, the rift would grow between Christian and secular conservatives and Bible-believing Christians would begin to seem more and more “liberal” in comparison to the increasingly harsh and punitive secularists.

Remember, the pendulum always swings to the opposite extreme, and we Christians won’t (or shouldn’t) be willing to stay on the bandwagon as it swings ever further to the right.

But that particular challenge is probably a fair piece down the road. A concern, but not a present crisis.

The challenge today is to respond appropriately to the attraction and excitement of the populist uprising. My only advice to my fellow value voters is to keep your clarity of purpose firmly rooted in the Biblical world view, and participate in this extraordinary political season only to the extent that you can reconcile your personal actions with your faith. Don’t succumb to mob psychology.

And remember that regardless of how this election ends, only God can “Make America Great Again!” As far as I can see, there’s no mention by any of the candidates of reversing Everson v Board of Education and restoring Him as the exclusive God of this nation and there can be no genuine, lasting recovery of America without Him.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the scripture says. But the corollary is true as well: cursed is the nation that prefers so-called “religious pluralism” over the First Commandment (“You shall have no other god before Me”).

In the long-term big-picture perspective it makes little difference what human being presides over its inevitable demise, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work to make the best of whatever situation we find ourselves in.


PS.  The day after I wrote this, the following article appeared on Breitbart:

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