Dark Brandon Rising

Barack Obama’s Avatar, the putative president Joe Biden, debuting as “Dark Brandon, September 1, 2022

Could OBiden’s Nazi-themed speech of September 1st have been subtle psychological preparation of the American people for imminent war with Russia and a not-so subtle taunt and mockery of Vladimir Putin’s pledge to de-Nazify Ukraine (and the west)?

Dementia Joe wasn’t always Barack Obama’s avatar, but as what’s left of his mind has slipped slowly into the shadows, he’s become more and more obviously just a skin suit for the Fundamental Transformer. Obama’s biggest challenge in pulling this off has been the “just plain likeable Grampa Joe” narrative that the Uniparty had settled on to get him “elected.” Grampa Joe’s creeping dementia (or should that read ‘demented creepiness’?) has been far too obvious to hide from the general public which increasing perceives him as weak and incompetent. All this has happened while the same narrative-spinners have cast Trump as the personification of evil menace – a towering monster so threatening to “our democracy” as to justify the impressment of every person, agency, organization and resource in an all-out war to stop him, the constitution be damned.

However, because the Obama team all think like pot-smoking Hollywood scriptwriters they perceive Biden’s negatives not so much as a reflection of policy failures but as a deficiency in his narrative. And conversely, they believe the public likes Trump better because of HIS narrative. Naturally, their pothead solution is to make Biden look more like Trump (not the real Trump, but the Trump of their narrative). If the public wants Hitler instead of Grampa Joe, so be it.

Thus, the invention of “Dark Brandon:” floated as a sneak preview for a while in the chat-rooms of the creative elites, and then bursting fully-formed onto the political scene in Hitleresque glory like the launch of a new Marvel superhero. His shocking diatribe against MAGA Americans on 9/1/22 wasn’t just hate-speech, it was the launch of a marketing campaign, a rhetorical call to domestic political war, and, very possibly the psychological preparation of the nation for actual war against Russia. (Is that the real reason OBiden was flanked by Marines?)

Trump’s greatest sin per Obama/Clinton propaganda is his “treasonous collusion with Russia.” No amount of hard proof de-bunking it will ever kill that accusation: it is the Hitlerian Big Lie of our time, and the essential cornerstone of the defense strategy of the criminal conspirators behind the political enslavement of Ukraine and the plundering of its vast riches. Only Russia has the power to break their stranglehold and expose their crimes, and that is the main reason for the unprecedented flood of US money and weaponry into Ukraine, even to the point of drawing down our own arsenal, and the heartbreaking, needless sacrifice of countless Ukrainian lives.

Of course, much of that treasure is to buy the silence and cooperation of their Ukrainian oligarch co-conspirators, whom they rightfully fear will flip on them if they believe criminal prosecutions by a victorious Russia are inevitable. And that prospect looms larger every day because, contrary to US war propaganda, Russian has been handily winning the war all along and has just crushed the best of the best of the remainder of the US trained Ukrainian army in its long-awaited counter-offensive along the Donbass front. Truth be told it was a humiliating disaster.

At this point, the only hope of a Ukrainian victory, and a continuation of the cover-up of the Ukrainian crime scene, is direct US military involvement. That would mean WWIII (which may have been the plan all along, in furtherance of the already-unfolding global great collapse before the great reset, framing Putin as the scapegoat for all of it). How it starts is an open question, but some sort of false-flag here or there is likely. When? Perhaps on 9/11, just like their Benghazi debacle – a do-over on a grander scale.

[9/10 UPDATE: Yesterday’s significant Ukrainian breakthrough against Lugansk People’s Republic forces on the northern Donbass front appears to be a very thinly veiled US/NATO-led operation, in coordination with western media suddenly bragging about calling Putin’s bluff on outside interference. Obama’s playbook since the 2014 Maidan coup has always been to force Russia to take action through un-ignorable provocations and then accuse Russia of unprovoked aggression. This pivotal battle, especially if it causes Russia to strike NATO in retaliation (or a false flag is staged to make it look like Russia did), could be the trigger to WWIII. Is the timing of this battle on the weekend of the 9/11 anniversary just coincidence?]

On the election front, don’t forget that pro-Ukraine propaganda by the leftist and neo-con media has proven to be by far the most effective wedge for splitting Trump’s MAGA base – a fact which increases the likelihood of war. (And has deep conspiratorial implications for the RINO establishment GOP’s just-announced “Commitment to America” theme in the home stretch of the election. A “bipartisan” call to wartime unity could paint the anti-war MAGA faction as an unpatriotic and traitorous fringe – ostensibly vindicating Dark Brandon’s accusations, and neutralizing the red wave, especially in back-stabber McConnell’s RINO-controlled Senate.)

The Obama team knows that the American people have no confidence in the ability of wimpy Grampa Joe to lead America to war against Russia. But they believe Dark Brandon could change their minds. In reality, it’s just Obama switching to a more suitable avatar.

All acting is by definition deception. You are not who you’re pretending to be. But acting through an avatar is a special kind of deception because you can do it somewhat or completely anonymously, depending on the circumstances. That adds a sense of invulnerability that fosters risk-taking and diminished inhibitions. When Avatarianism is combined with pot-head delusions of grandeur and the sense of megalomaniacal entitlement you get Barack Obiden in the form of Dark Brandon – and all the chaos and insanity that come with it. If it can be imaged as a Hollywood movie, it is within the realm of possibility of becoming an actual Dark Brandon strategy.

But there’s a darker interpretation of all this, in which key players know exactly what they’re doing and the Dark Brandon transformation is a reflection of deliberate diabolical evil, not stupidity. This takes us into the realm of biblical prophecy and demonology.

Human operation through an avatar is virtually identical to the demonic possession of a human. The avatar is merely a disposable host for the human agent. The possessed human serves the same role for a demon. The parallel to Obama’s presumed “possession” of the Biden avatar is remarkable.

The visual staging of Dark Brandon’s debut was strikingly similar to that of Obama’s own acceptance speech for the 2008 Democratic nomination for president, which, like Hitler’s Nuremberg rally stage, was directly modeled on the Pergamum Altar – the “Seat of Satan…where Satan dwells” in Revelation 2:13. Accidental? Unlikely.

In my book-in-progress Dynasty of Darkness , the Antichrist of Daniel 11 and Revelation 13 is not one single person, but just whatever person the demon Satan happens to be in possession of at any given time. I have never hesitated to state that Obama is the best fit for the Antichrist I have seen in my lifetime. If, as Dark Brandon, he launches WWIII, unleashing the four horsemen of Revelation 6 and Matthew 24, I’d say that’s pretty much definitive proof. And I’d be urging prophecy watchers to start counting down the 3 ½ years before he steps out from behind Dark Brandon to fully reveal himself as himself.

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