Dirty Harry and the Pendulum of Overcorrection

More and more as the woke Western world sinks deeper into the quicksand of quioxity (or, if you prefer, the tar pit of trans-lunacy), my thoughts turn to the great cultural savior of the 1970s: Dirty Harry.

As has been true in so many ways, fictional Harry’s true-to-life California – the land of fruits and nuts – led the U.S., and thus the world, in democracy’s first embrace of total wokeness in the matter of criminal justice. Long before the loosey-goosey liberalization of our election laws allowed the “cemetery vote” to sleazily slide sanctimonious Soros saboteurs into the seats of judicial power in our deep blue cities, 1960s California, most particularly the cesspool of San Francisco, showed liberals how to destroy the social order through judicial permissiveness.

How utterly shocked and outraged the criminal class became when into this lawless hell strode the vigilante-with-a-badge Clint Eastwood, with his cold-eyed disgusted snarl and massive Smith and Wesson model 29 revolver.

“I know what you’re thinking: ‘Did he fire six shots or only five?’ Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I’ve kinda lost track myself. But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do you, punk? … Go ahead, make my day.”

That scene so perfectly embodied the fantasies of a fed-up nation that it rocketed the already famous Eastwood to the pinnacle of Hollywood celebrity, spawned three block-buster sequels and marked the beginning of a cultural swing toward the law-and-order right that would reach its apogee in the infamous “three strikes” laws and other sometimes pitiless policies (the opposite extreme).

Dirty Harry epitomizes the phenomenon of over-correction in human society. He emerged full-blown at the terminus of the swing to the far left and rode the pendulum all the way to the far right – disappearing as a character when his reason for existing ended. And then, after the zeal for a more punitive version of justice became institutionalized to the benefit of the cops and prosecutors (and some of them, per human nature, abused that advantage), there arose the Antifa/Black Lives Matter tag-team: the “Dirty Harry” of organized crime. Not one man, but a movement. Not a Hollywood movie, but violent street theater with burning squad cars and government office buildings – and the corpses of “extras” and bystanders as props.

“Hard cases make bad law” is an axiom among common-sense lawmakers – because the emotion of the moment, stirred up by an otherwise rare or “outlier” event, can override prudence and proportionality in crafting public policy – imposing new laws that go too far in restricting the rights of the majority on issues like the Second Amendment, for example. Activists on both sides of the political spectrum, but especially the “progressive left” (whose very identity is defined by their agenda to change things in contrast to the “conservative” desire to “conserve” the status quo) LOVE hard cases for that very reason. And the leftist puppet-masters steering society for their own purposes stand ready to exploit and maximize the political currency of those hard cases whenever they occur, and sometimes outright stage them (e.g. Charlottesville, the Whitmer “kidnaping” and J6).

As a Christian social activist and attorney, I have long studied this phenomenon from the front lines of the culture war. Thus when the Black Lives Matter army was first being publicly mobilized in Ferguson, I instantly connected the dots to why, mystifyingly, “America’s Dad” Bill Cosby (white America’s most respected black celebrity who singularly dared to tell black youths to “pull up your pants” and stop acting like thugs), had suddenly been “taken off the board” just prior to the riots, based on 30-year-old “me too” allegations. My 2014 article “Bad Moon on the Rise: Bill Cosby, Ferguson and Obama” details my analysis of that. Tellingly, the elites only let him out of jail after the 2020 coup was completed, at which time I published an evidence-rich follow-up piece, “The Cosby Conspiracy.”

Then, in 2018, during my second run for governor of Massachusetts, from my apartment/campaign office overlooking the Worcester Common, I happened to hear leftist anti-gun rhetoric being spouted over a bullhorn one day and went down to discover Parkland school-shooting celebrity David Hogg (the Greta Thunberg of the American gun-grab lobby) launching a 50-mile “March (Marx) for Our Lives” toward the Smith and Wesson factory in Springfield. I met them at the end, joining a pro-2A rally, pointing out in a media interview there that this was another example of leftists exploiting rare “hard cases” to strip Americans of constitutional rights, something that has become automatic on the part of leftist politicians at every gun-related media-circus-enhanced mega-crime.

Thankfully, I was nowhere near the ultimate example of “hard case” extortion: the George Floyd incident, which featured the deliberate unjust crucifixion of police officers as a side-show to the riots. But even now, two years later the pendulum has still not completed its leftward arc, which fact is ominous and disturbing, because the more polarized a society becomes, and the more jingoistic the people at the opposite poles get, the wider and wilder are the swings to the extremes. This time, the overcorrect-become-tyranny of the left has gone so far into the realm of orchestrated chaos – and sadistic punishment/humiliation of the normies and their children – that the developing fantasy of the right isn’t for a no-nonsense street cop. They want a more potent avenger with sights on the higher-ups, whose crimes include mass-enslavement and conspiracy to commit genocide.

The new Dirty Harry (still vigilante-ish but hopefully constrained by the law he seeks to restore) will need a bigger gun and a bolder plan of action. It won’t be enough for this Harry to “put the ‘punk’ perps in prison.” Higher-up heads must, literally, roll as in guillotines and execution swords. We’re taking a growing “French Revolutionary” fervor here that will require justice on a scale proportionate to the crimes – a Nuremberg II followed by public executions like the first Nuremberg did – or the mob will take their own vengeance.

But the elites recognize this too. Their figurehead middle-manager rats like Fauci and Wojcicki (the CEO of YouTube) see the first torches and pitchforks coming down the shoreline and are fleeing the ship, while their bosses, from their island redoubts off the coast prepare to deploy every dystopian police-state tactic ever invented, and some new ones that emerging technology makes possible. That’s really why we’re on the verge of World War III and in the early stages of a culling of humanity: Our nascent revolution is an existential threat to them and must be crushed at all cost!

We may be past the point of no return in the collapse of civilization, but if there is any hope for recovery and restoration (from the sub-spiritual perspective of the world), it will likely be by the hand of today’s real-life Dirty Harry, Donald Trump – if they don’t kill him first, or convince him to switch sides like he did on the fake vaccine and so-called “gay marriage.”

More likely it’s going to be our heads that roll (Revelation 6:9, 20:4) while we wait for the true Savior: not Dirty Harry or Don, but Immaculate Jesus whose second coming (Revelation 19:11-21) is “to judge and make war.”

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