Resisting COVID-19 Tyranny

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COVID-19 Travel Industry Statement of Opposition

Freedom to Travel is a Religious and Human Right
An Open Letter to the Travel Industry Regarding Illegal Vaccine Mandates

    “Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state. Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country” (Article 13, 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights – the foundation for all treaty-based human rights protections in international law).*

To Whom it Should Greatly Concern, Including Executives, Employees and Investors of Cruise Lines, Airlines, Hotels, Rental Car Companies, Travel Agencies and All Businesses Who Benefit from Travel and Tourism,

This letter is sent on behalf of the members of our travel club called the Bible Study Cruise Network.  We are people of faith, including individuals, couples, families and church congregations who like to travel and claim the right to do so as a fundamental human right.  

A tenet of our faith, which reflects the additional human right of bodily autonomy as recognized universally in the Nuremberg Code and domestically in US Constitutional Law, is that medical treatments of any kind, including especially experimental “vaccines,” are and must remain a personal choice. Our group in particular believes that God designed our bodies to heal themselves, and that He grants us absolute sovereignty over all decisions in which human medical intervention may be indicated. 

We, including those of our members who may have chosen to be injected with these treatments,  are not willing to submit to the “vaccine” mandates your companies are being pressured by government to impose as a condition of travel.  This is not primarily due to any of the arguments you may have heard from opponents of the “vaccines” about safety, side-effects, efficacy, nefarious profit motives, etc.. In fact many of our group are fully supportive of the traditional vaccines of the past. 

No, our position is based on principle!  Many of America’s founders, and countless men and women from subsequent generations, literally sacrificed their “lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor” to preserve this principle of freedom.  The members of our group would never trample their sacrifices underfoot – most certainly not in today’s propaganda-driven stampede to escape potential harm from a relatively minor disease – with a better than 94% survival rate for even the most elderly and infirm, and a better than 99% survival rate for the rest.

Presumably a far more serious disease like the Bubonic Plague (not the Covid variants that current fear-mongering is based upon) would persuade more freedom-loving people to choose treatment, even an experimental one, BUT the principle would remain the same!  If we the people ever allow the government to dictate our health choices to us against our will, they will have robbed us of both our humanity and our authority as Delegators of limited power to government, and rendered moot all of the safeguards of the US Constitution, the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Nuremberg Code.  We would become just another version of the Soviet Union, one ruled by a Big Pharma politburo of conflicted politicians and unelected health officials.

If we surrender this most fundamental principle of personal freedom we become nothing but serfs from that point forward, subject to the whims of whomever may wield this power through the decades to come. This principle should concern every reader of this missive, regardless of your views on politics or the pandemic.

We assert that this principle is not just a philosophical, but a legal one as well.  We fully expect and advocate that those who violate it be held legally accountable.

The Bible Study Cruise Network is hoping to book a cruise for an undetermined number of our members in the January/February 2022 window, and we will make our choices of cruise lines, airlines and hotels based on their policies about personal health freedom.  We will not do business with any companies that attempt to mandate “vaccine” compliance.  And we will use our network to encourage all like-minded travelers everywhere to follow our example.

With hope that you will respect our religious and human right to bodily autonomy and freedom to travel, we remain your past and potentially future customers,

Pastor Scott Lively, J.D. Th.D
Credentialed Human Rights Consultant, International Institute of Human Rights, 1997
Founder and Senior Pastor, First Century Bible Church
President, Bible Study Cruise Network.

* The right to travel is distinct from the right to emigrate.  For a discussion of the difference, and case citations regarding the constitutional right to travel within the United States see

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COVID-19 Travel Industry Statement of Opposition

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Petition Against CDC Vaccine Bullying

  • Whereas virtually everyone in America who wants the experimental Covid 19 treatments that are being misrepresented as “vaccines” has now received them, and
  • Whereas many of the rest of us obviously do not want the “vaccines” and would rather risk acquiring Covid 19 than submit to medical treatments against our will, and
  • Whereas it is a violation of our fundamental human rights, codified at Nuremberg and in US Constitutional Law, for the CDC or any government official or agency to force us to take unwanted medical treatments, and
  • Whereas trying to indirectly coerce us into “voluntarily” submitting to these medical treatments (through such tactics as denying freedom of travel or access to goods, services or education to the un-“vaccinated”) is really no different than mandating them, and
  • Whereas the CDC has made no allowance for people with natural immunity to decline the vaccine, and
  • Whereas the CDC has made no allowance for people with sincere religious objections to decline the vaccine, and
  • Whereas none of us ever voted to give CDC Bureaucrats the authority to exercise this extreme, dehumanizing power over our lives, and
  • Whereas these medical treatments have killed and seriously harmed more people than all actual vaccines of the past twenty years combined, and
  • Whereas these medical treatments have not been subjected to the normal FDA testing protocols but are being deployed under “Emergency Use” authorization only, and
  • Whereas it has been obvious for some time, from the real-world examples of fully “unlocked” Florida and Texas, that the “emergency” is now over, and
  • Whereas, again, anyone rightly or wrongly convinced that the emergency is NOT over now has the “remedy” of taking the “vaccine” without delay, and
  • Whereas citizen anger at what the rest of us perceive as CDC medical tyranny is growing rapidly and will likely cause lasting damage to public trust in the CDC’s taxpayer-funded role in OUR society if it is not quickly assuaged,
  • Therefore, we, the undersigned citizens of the United States, speaking as representatives of the total body of Americans from whom ALL governmental authority is delegated, DEMAND that the CDC – and all those in collusion with the CDC – immediately cease and desist from all efforts to bully the American people into submitting to medical procedures that we do not want.

Your signed petition will be sent to the following government officials.

  • Dr. Rochelle Wolensky – CDC Director
  • Putative President – Joe Biden
  • Official White House Contact
  • Mitch McConnell
  • Nancy Pelosi
  • Governor Ron Desantis
  • Senator Rand Paul

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