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Schoolchildren to Drink “Gay” Koolaid in October

In many elementary and secondary schools across America October will be designated as LGBT History Month .  It is certain to feature prominently in California where promotion of homosexuality to all school children is now mandated by law.  And it is … Continue reading

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Pulling Down Strongholds – The King Josiah Project

Announcing the formation of The KING JOSIAH PROJECT  of Abiding Truth Ministries Breaking Down the High Places: II Kings 23 and II Corinthians 10 Deut 5:7 “YOU SHALL HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME!!” Deut 7:5  “This is what you are … Continue reading

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Masculine Christianity

Masculine Christianity by Scott Lively (2001) Scripture teaches in Genesis that when God created man in His image, He created us male and female. The implication is that God’s character spans the full spectrum of masculine and feminine qualities. This … Continue reading

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Has the Worm Finally Turned?

Long ago in my early days of Christian activism when I was working with my friend and then mentor Pastor Lon Mabon of Oregon Citizens Alliance we often talked about how things just did not seem to be getting any … Continue reading

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