Motion to Dismiss SMUG Lawsuit

Liberty Counsel, my attorneys in the SMUG lawsuit attempting to find me liable for “Crimes Against Humanity” for preaching against homosexuality in Uganda  have filed the following motion to dismiss the case.

Wow.  It still seems surreal to relate that the filing of this lawsuit is an accomplished fact and not merely the fantasy ravings of some “gay” blogger.  But it is a fact, and here is the link to their Complaint, one of sloppiest, most poorly reasoned briefs I have ever read, filled with embarassing typographical errors and egregious ommissions of fact designed to mislead the court.

In contrast, look at the masterful work of my team at Liberty Counsel!  What a great blessing it is to have them defending me.  If nothing else, read the introduction to the motion.

Memo – Support Motion to Dismiss as filed 062212

To understand these two documents in their right relationship, the SMUG Complaint is like a leaky rowboat sent out to attack.  The Liberty Counsel Motion to Dismiss is like a Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier coming to the defense.

If there is genuine respect for law in this court, the SMUG lawsuit is now as good as dead.


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