My Analysis of the SMUG Lawsuit

About 100 "gay" activists stage a march and protest against me after filing the SMUG lawsuit at Federal District Court in Springfield, MA, accusing me of "Crimes Against Humanity."

On March 23, 2012 I was served with a summons on a civil complaint for Crimes Against Humanity of Persecution, filed in Federal District Court in Springfield, MA on behalf of Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG) by the Center for Constitutional Rights, which receives some of its funding from George Soros.  The plaintiffs have used the Alien Tort Statute, arguing foreigners should be allowed to sue U.S. citizens in America for alleged violations of international law.

What is the alleged violation of international law? Incredibly, the complaint alleges “Crimes Against Humanity of Persecution,” claiming that my speech on homosexuality and pornography resulted in a conspiracy to persecute homosexuals. This is outrageous!

With full knowledge that these are bald-faced lies, SMUG asserts that 1) I masterminded the 2009 Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda, which they call the “Kill the Gays Bill,” 2) inflamed passions against homosexuals in Uganda by characterizing all homosexuals as irredeemable genocidal child molesters, and 3) introduced to Uganda the heretofore unknown strategy of criminalizing public promotion of homosexuality as a means of opposing the rise of a homosexual movement in Uganda.  The proof that these are lies is found in the very same documents they misuse against me.

Their chief “evidence” for a conspiracy is that 1) I allegedly had communications with Ugandan activists and government officials and disseminated copies of my books and other writings in Uganda, 2) that these individuals introduced capital punishment for homosexuals in Uganda by producing and lobbying for the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, and 3) they launched a campaign of public vilification of homosexuals that supposedly would not have occurred had I not inspired and directed them to do so. The suit leaves out my unequivocal statements where I have repeatedly spoken against the capital punishment provision in the proposed legislation. But, neither SMUG nor the Center for Constitutional Rights are interested in the truth.

This alleged conspiracy is simply absurd, implying that my speech and writings about homosexuality overpowered the intelligence and independence of the entire government and population of Uganda, bending them to my supposedly nefarious will.  It is a breathtakingly insulting and racist premise.  It is factually bankrupt as well, as is proven (once again) by the very documents which the plaintiffs have relied upon for their complaint.

Their evidence that this “conspiracy” resulted in Crimes Against Humanity of Persecution is, in total,

1) the 2011 murder of SMUG leader David Kato (whose confessed killer was NOT an enraged “homophobe,” but Kato‘s live-in male prostitute/lover now serving 30 years in prison for the crime, an important fact they intentionally leave out),

2) the 2012 disruption of a two week conference (on its final day) by police who called the 30 or so of them “terrorists,” none of whom were arrested or detained,

3) the 2008 arrest and brief detention of three activists protesting an AIDS conference against whom no charges were filed,

4) the 2005 arrest of a transsexual who was stripped and fondled by police officers (but who subsequently won a tort suit against the police in a Ugandan court),

5)  an alleged nationwide government campaign to “crack down” on homosexual advocacy, resulting in the temporary suspension of one radio station manager by the Ugandan Broadcasting Council (for violation of “minimum broadcast standards” based on the reportedly foul language of a lesbian guest of a talk show),

6) the “outing” of numerous allegedly homosexual activists by various Ugandan individuals and newspapers (similar to what “gay“ and leftist media and activists do to their enemies here in the US), and

7) the self-claimed “flight” from Uganda of the SMUG Executive Director and spokesperson Robert Mugisha, now presumably comfortably remunerated by one or more Soros-funded NGOs.

This list of so-called “Crimes Against Humanity” is so weak that it smacks of mockery of the very real suffering that true victims of such crimes now face around the world.

SMUG is attempting to leverage a small catalogue of misrepresented and out-of-context comments by me, the independent actions of a few Ugandan leaders regarding their own national public policy, and a tiny handful of relatively minor incidents of “persecution,” into Crimes Against Humanity, the most serious category of crimes in the world.

Had SMUG filed this action in Uganda under Ugandan law, there would be no case. Had SMUG filed this action in the United States alleging violation of U.S. law, there would be no case. Realizing this problem, SMUG has tried to concoct an alleged violation of international law, which is absurd. SMUG would pervert our US Federal Courts into the modern equivalent of a Nuremburg Nazi War Trial.

Why would SMUG and the Center for Constitutional Rights go to such lengths in their attempt to punish one minor American pastor?  They want to silence me and anyone who speaks about the Bible or morality which does not agree with their agenda. Mindful of James 4:6, I pray for continued grace to counter these SMUG deceivers with humility and resolve.

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