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Re-Christianized Russia Now Defending Biblical Values 🙂


I am writing to you from Moscow (Russia, not Idaho) where I am on a one-week mission to bolster the Russian pro-family movement.  At the moment I am in my 9th floor hotel room overlooking the Moskva River in the heart of Moscow (Moskva).  It is a rainy, grey morning but the city is fully alive and awake, the roads choked with traffic (as bad as New York or L.A.).  It’s a very expensive city, so I am eating my breakfast of items from the grocery store rather than going down to the restaurant.  (I made the mistake of ordering lunch at the hotel restaurant on my first day without asking the price.  It was $65).

I arrived on the 14th and have been very busy since I touched down. On the 15th and 16th I participated in the planning meeting for the World Congress of Families VIII, which will take place September 2014 here in Moscow.  There were representatives from several countries, all there to help the Russian planning group to ensure their conference is a success.  About half the group was from the U.S., but Mexico, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela and France were also represented.  We dealt with logistics on the 15th and then on the 16th we visited the conference facilities.

The Kremlin complex is like an ancient walled city

The grand opening of the conference will actually be held at the Kremlin, the most prestigious venue in the nation.  We got a special group tour of the Kremlin, which is a surprisingly large complex surrounded by a medieval-style wall interspersed with towers.  Inside the grounds are also several Orthodox cathedrals, including the Archangel Michael Cathedral which houses the remains of all the Czars from 1340 to 1730.

Archangel Michael

The second and third days of WCFVIII will take place at Christ the Savior Cathedral, a stone’s throw from the Kremlin.  It is a gorgeous facility, rebuilt just 20 years ago to replace the ancient cathedral that had been destroyed by the communists during the time of the Soviet Union.

Americans tend to still equate Russia with communism, without realizing that Russia was a deeply Christian country until the communists swept into power by force and then kept an iron grip on the people through brutality.  Just as the “progressive” movement has done in the U.S., the “progressives” of the Soviet system  used their control of media, education and other key institutions to brainwash the children with communist propaganda to win a majority of the population to Soviet ideology over time, but they never fully stamped out Christianity.  I have many Russian-speaking friends in the U.S. whose own family members were sent to gulags for being caught with a Bible, or participating in a prayer group.

Russia is today experiencing a Christian revival and is decidedly NOT communist.  Some 30,000 churches have been built in the last year, and the ones in Moscow are reportedly overflowing with worshippers on Sundays.  Most of the church is Orthodox, which is steeped in tradition, but at the same time relevant to the modern society.

Painting in the Newly Rebuilt Christ the Savior Cathedral

The Orthodox churches are stunningly beautiful, both inside and out.  The iconography that defines its style of worship is like an exquisitely detailed picture-book of the story of the Bible, laid out as a visual feast across the walls and pillars and domes of the interiors.  One’s language or level of education is largely irrelevant: you can “read” the Bible through the artwork.

Yesterday, the 17th, I did a walking tour of Red Square and visited St. Basil’s Cathedral, the famous one in all the American movies about Russia.  In the afternoon I met and did a television show with Archpriest Dimitri Smirnov, head of the Patriarch‘s Commission on the Family.  The Patriarch is the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, equivalent to the Pope of the Catholic Church.  Father Dimitri is his right-hand-man for family issues, and a warm and humble man.  We bonded instantly and had a wonderful time of fellowship.

Pastor Scott with Father Dimitri

Father Dimitri is very supportive of my Rainbow strategy for the Winter Olympics and thinks it has a chance of being implemented.

The Rainbow Belongs to God Strategy

Here is a link to my article about this

In short the “gays” want to embarrass the Russian government by “Rainbow-bombing” the Sochi Olympics in revenge for passing a law banning homosexual propaganda of children.  I proposed just such a law during my 50-city tour of the former Soviet Union in 2006-2007.  See my Letter to the Russian People from 2007

(Our good friend and ally Brian Camenker infiltrated the Gay and Lesbian Journalists Conference in Boston this fall, and exposed the details of this “progressive” media-driven campaign against the Russians:  )

Even worse from a spiritual and global culture-war perspective, the “gays” hope to lay claim to exclusive global use of God’s rainbow as a symbol of homosexuality, and the Western media is poised to ensure that this “Rainbow=LGBT” branding is indelibly stamped in the minds of the entire world population.

I’m encouraging everyone to do whatever you can do to help thwart this evil plan, including efforts to encourage Christians to reclaim the rainbow in your sphere of influence.  Remember Ezekiel 1:28, and Rev 4:3.

Father Dimitri has also offered to help me find a publisher for the Russian version of The Pink Swastika. (If you have any leads on Russian publishers with a national distribution system please let me know) We have pledged to devote 50% of earnings from this book to promote the pro-family movement in Russia and the former Soviet countries. Given the Russian attitude about homosexuality, and the still-fresh memories of Nazism in the Russian population, this book has significant potential to further harden resolve against the homosexualization of Russia and the countries in its orbit.

For  The Pink Swastika in English, read and/or download chapters 1-3 of our new 5th Edition (in progress) at

Interestingly, Father Dimitri’s television facilities are at “Gorky Film Studios.” The Pink Swastika contains a quote from Maxim Gorky, himself, who said in 1934 “Eliminate the homosexual and fascism will disappear,” acknowledging the once well known but now-suppressed fact that homosexuality was the central unifying vice of the Nazi elite.

TV Interview at Gorky Film Studios

I haven’t yet received a reply from my Open Letter to President Putin

You may also be interested in my short-follow-up piece on that theme here

How incredibly ironic it is that Russia is now our best hope for stopping the conquest of the world by the “progressives.”  On Father Dimitri’s television show I made the point that the Americans and the Soviets both won and both lost the Cold War.  The Americans broke the Soviet system through economic strategies and tactics.  But before they collapsed, the Soviets poisoned the United States with Cultural Marxism, promoting moral degeneracy and family breakdown through so-called “progressive“ ideology.  Today, post-Soviet Russia is re-emerging as a Christian nation, while the United States is becoming a “Gay Soviet Union.”  What a strange turn of events.

That’s all for now.  Please pray for me, as I pray for you.  God bless you!

Pastor Scott at St Basil's


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