San Francisco’s ‘Two Minutes of Hate’

By Pastor Scott “Emmanuel Goldstein” Lively


In George Orwell’s novel 1984, the Party members of the society of Oceana must daily watch a film depicting the Party’s enemies (most notably Emmanuel Goldstein) and  engage in “Two Minutes of Hate” for those enemies.

At the “Gay Pride” festival this Sunday, June 29th, San Francisco’s LGBT community will devote their “Two Minutes of Hate” to hating me.

It would be bad enough if it were for just two minutes but this hate-fest has actually been running steadily since April 7th when I was first awarded the “Pink Brick Award” described by the SF “Pride” organization as “a symbol of the first brick hurled at the Stonewall Riots in 1969.  This faux award is an opportunity to highlight an individual or organization that has done significant harm to the LGBT community.”

I responded to that “honor” here

A few days ago I was asked to comment on the matter again for an article in the Daily Caller here

The following is my written response, from which the DC writer took excerpts:

“In the late 1980s I was healed and delivered from sixteen years of bondage to alcoholism and drug addiction in a prayer of surrender to Jesus Christ. He saved me and then led me first into the battle to defend the unborn and then against the broader threat of the global movement to destroy Christian civilization through sexual perversion (ala Balaam). For a quarter century I have been an independent full-time Christian culture warrior, following the leading of the Holy Spirit from skirmish to skirmish.

“From the very beginning I learned that LGBT activists work relentlessly to destroy anyone whom they cannot silence by intimidation, primarily through character assassination. As the Scripture warns in Romans 1:24-32, they are malicious deceivers, and I have endured 25 years of such abuse.

“I am just a simple Bible-believing Christian who refuses to stop telling the truth about homosexuality and the LGBT socio-political agenda. I have never felt in my heart or advocated hatred of homosexuals or violence against them. I don’t use slurs or pejoratives in my public or private speech about them. I have loved and cared for countless “gay” and lesbian individuals throughout my life and even brought an ex-“gay” AIDS sufferer into my home with my wife and four young children to nurse him through the last year of his struggle with that horrible “gay” disease.

“I live a life today that is in many ways a model of what the political Left advocates (but does not follow). I run an inner-city mission that serves the most downtrodden people of our society and has helped numerous of them to transform their lives. I have set it up as an entirely volunteer-run organization. Neither I, nor any of the other staff, take any salary or other compensation for it. We don’t accept a nickel of government money to run it but raise support for the mission from fellow Christians.

“My wife and I live in the same poverty-stricken and violence-plagued inner-city neighborhood in a formerly abandoned crack house which we have renovated with our own hands — deliberately — to show by example the power of “redemptive living” in Christ. We live simply and devote ourselves to helping all we meet in whatever way we re led by the Lord.

“Yet none of that matters to the pro-“gay” left. Because I oppose the LGBT agenda I am cast (as one “gay” activist said who left a death threat in my voicemail) as a “Nazi maggot” destined to “hang” and “burned alive.” (Listen to that death threat here: )

“By awarding me the “Pink Brick Award,” the San Francisco “Pride” Organization is simply bolstering the argument of the global homosexual movement that I am a dangerous hate-monger working to exterminate homosexuals across the world. They are following the Saul Alinsky strategy of cultural war: choose someone to be the symbol of your opposition, freeze that person in place in the public eye, then destroy him as a warning to all. I am just the latest in a series of targets.

“It is true that I am a danger to the LGBT agenda (but not the people): not because of “hate,” but because of love. I love my God and His truth enough to keep standing unapologetically for Him in this demonic LGBT battle against His Kingdom, working to turn from Hell and from the awful earthly consequences of their sin the very people who want to hang me.

“To be clear, while I recognize the right of the democratically-elected government of Uganda to set its own laws and policies, I do not support the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Law as written, even after the removal of the death penalty provision, and did not advocate for it in Uganda. I have always said that it is too harsh. My Letter to the Ugandan Parliament and their reply is published here:

“I do support the 2013 Russian law banning homosexual propaganda to minors, and take a small share of credit for inspiring that law by advocating for it in my 50-city speaking tour of the former Soviet Union in 2006-2007. Importantly, the homosexual movement’s desire to corrupt children is clearly revealed in their hysterical reaction to this very reasonable law that preserves the right to privacy and the personal freedoms of adult homosexuals.

“Lastly, I want to point out the irony of the homosexuals awarding me the “Pink Brick Award” since I have never used such a weapon of violence against them, but they have used it against me. A large pink paving brick was thrown through the plate glass door of Christian Liberty Academy near Chicago, Illinois on the eve of my speech there against “Gay” bullying at the 2011 Americans for Truth About Homosexuality conference where I received their annual “Truth Teller Award.”

“It’s an old adage: people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. It’s true also for ‘pink bricks.’  The LGBT ‘Pink Brick’ attack bruises me slightly, but the Truth of God I am telling in reply shatters their entire house of lies.

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