HRC Agents Now Sending Me Death Threats

In the few days since the Human Rights Campaign put out its thinly veiled contract on me and other America pro-family activists I have already received two death threats.

I claimed in my response to its report that HRC has targeted me for murder  I stand by my accusation and believe these death threats (below) are proof of HRC’s intent.

These two men, obviously deranged, have been incited to action.  Much of the blame falls to HRC for this criminal speech and any additional action these and other similarly motivated HRC agents may take.

It is necessary to point out that my arguments against the homosexual political movement have always been in the context of public policy debate. To me, the culture war is about a conflict of ideas, not people.  I do not minimize the facts about the danger of homosexuality and other sexual perversions to the people who practice them and to society at large.  It is a well documented fact that the Nazi Party was rife with homosexuality.  It is a fact that large numbers of homosexual men prey on teenage boys for sex.  I refuse to recant or censor the truth about these and other issues out of fear.  And I refuse to allow my comments to be misrepresented.  I have never said that all Nazis were homosexuals, or that all or even most homosexuals molest children.  Those are lies.

Importantly, even in the most heated arguments I have always distinguished the humanity of individuals in the LGBT movement from the inhumanity of their political goals.  I care for all people who struggle with homosexual sin and want them all to be delivered from their bondage.  I love them enough to tell them the truth, even though they hate me for it.

In contrast, the HRC hit list is not about ideas.  It does not even acknowledge the public policy debate.  It is just raw hatred for individuals who stand in their way of their goals.  We have no humanity in their eyes.  We are malignant, evil insects that must be squashed.

Take a lesson from HRC’s own agents from their comments below.   Then contrast that with the Foreword and Introduction to my textbook, Redeeming the Rainbow, on how Christians should respond to the “gay” agenda:   This is the textbook form of my doctoral thesis in theology: what I teach wherever I go around the world.

None of my comments, taken in context, encourage hatred or violence against homosexuals.

But HRC’s comments are clearly designed to incite both against me.

Where are the cultural gatekeepers in our society to call HRC on its hypocrisy?  They all seem to be in bed together.

Trusting in God alone for my safety as I continue to speak the truth in love, I am

Dr. Scott Lively

Two Death Threats Incited by HRC:

Lloyd Cooper

Subject: lively scared of death threats

Message: he should be. please let him know we are waiting for a moment when he is alone. then we will take him to the woods, rip out his throat and show him videos from youtube where he has caused misery and suffering to the gay people of the world. then we will put a hungry rat into his throat and film it on youtube. time is coming soon.

Robert Berger

Undear Scott Lively (I would never use the term “dear “ with someone as despicable & loathsome as you ) : You are more full of shit than all the sewers

of the world combined , and they smell positively fragrant next to you . You are nothing but a self-righteous, bigoted piece of shit masquerading as

a Christian & a human being .

You have been doing everything in your power for years to spread vicious lies & disinformation about gay people for years , and you are nothing but

a filthy thug claiming to be a “man of God “. You are not . You are a man of the devil ! You are pure evil, with absolutely no redeeming qualities.

For what you have done in Africa , Russia and elsewhere to demonize, stigmatize , stereotype and scapegoat gay people, you deserve to be

sentenced to life imprisonment in prison , where you will ,I hope be homosexually raped on a routine basis, because you are the lowest scum on earth !

I have far more respect for any rat or cockroach than for human vermin like you !

You do nothing but spread vicious lies & mindless hatred ! In fact, it’s an insult to shit to call you this, because shit is at least useful as

fertilizer . But YOU are nothing but a worthless sack of vomit & pus ! Everything you say about homosexuality & gay people is pure BULLSHIT !!!!

I would love to see an angry crowd kick you in the balls until you rupture , then cut your tongue out with a knife & shove it down your throat !

Then I would like to see a gang of gay men fuck you in the ass until the doctors had to remove your asshole surgically and you needed a

colostomy bag for the rest of your miserable, worthless life ! Then I would like to have a hose hooked up to your throat and have you force fed

tons of shit down your throat ! Then, I would like to see you slowly lowered into a vat of acid !

I make no apologies whatsoever for using a lot of profanity with you, because you deserve it !

Too bad there’s no hell for you to go to when your very welcome death comes . But go to hell anyway ! And take other vicious homophobic

bigots like Matt Barber, Matt Staver, Bradlee Dean , Linda Harvey (may a flaming pole be shoved up her stinking cunt ) Harvey ,

Joe Farah ,, Jerome Corsi, and other professional bigots with you !!!!

By the way ,I’m not gay myself . I just loathe homophobic bigots like you . Fuck you, fuck you again, and fuck you into the ground !!!!.

Fucking asshole ! Fucking idiot ! Prick ! Fucking liar ! Bigoted sack of vomit ! Fucking hypocrite ! Self-righteous horse’s ass !

You are just as evil as Hitler or the KKK, . May you die a slow, agonizing death from some horrible disease with no one & nothing to help you !!!!

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