Lively on the Elites’ Small Business Takedown

Video Summary: Dr. Scott Lively contends that a major target of the globalist elites in the orchestrated coronavirus pandemic is small business because it is a cornerstone of American self-sufficiency and serves as a barrier to the complete Marxist takeover of our society. He argues that the bogus state total-lockdown strategy is specifically intended to harm small businesses, many of which operate on slim profit margins and may not survive the lockdown. He highlights the political motive of the Cali and NY Governors who initiated the strategy by pointing out that abortion clinics and marijuana dispensaries are exempted from the close-your-doors-under-penalty-of-arrest orders.

Dr. Lively asks and answers the question “quo bono” (who benefits?) with commentary on the Purple Uniparty of co-conspirator Dem and GOP elites, representing them as Socialists and Predatory Corporatists, and the model of globalism they seek to restore in a post-Trump era as the Communist China model that emerged after the Bush/Clinton NAFTA sellout.


We conspiracy analysts and investigators have all been beating the same drum about the most obvious target of the coronavirus orchestrated pandemic – President Trump – and that is the most important trumpet to be sounding during this crisis.

But there’s a another critical target that only came into clear focus with the implementation of the Dems bogus state lockdown strategy: small businesses. Next to the institution of the natural family, Small Business is the most critical cornerstone of American self-sufficiency and the totally unwarranted and in my opinion utterly unconstitutional order to cease operations is a direct assault on millions of family-owned and other small business enterprises. Many of these businesses operate on slim profit margins and will struggle to survive if not go under – not because of the disease – but because of the lockdown, whose only justification is leftist and neo-con media-created panic (and I specifically include the once trustworthy Drudge Report in that hall of shame).

We already knew the lockdown strategy was politically motivated because it was led by Dem state governors in Cali and NY who never do anything without a political motive. But our conclusions were immediately confirmed by the news that these governors have exempted abortion clinics and marijuana dispensaries from the close-your-doors-under-penalty-of-arrest order. How’s that for a coronavirus spit in the face to conservatives and constituionalists.

In unraveling conspiracies it is always helpful to ask “Quo Bono?” (Who benefits?)

Who benefits from the crippling of small business in America? There are two primary benefactors who just happen to be the two partners in the Purple Uniparty of American politics:
Socialists and Predatory Corporatists – to put a clearer face on it, the Clintons and the Bushes are the poster-children for this conspiracy, but they’re just a more visible part of a much bigger cabal.

I’ve been developing my understanding of the Purple Uniparty since my 2018 run for governor in Massachusetts when I got an insiders view of how the cabal operates. It was especially noticeable in the inner-cities (where we lived then: Springfield, MA). The inner-cities are the elites’ pattern for modern day slavery: lots of people packed densely together in a small space, heavily monitored by the police, most dependent on government to varying degrees, with few options for economic survival other than monthly entitlement checks or dead-end subsistence jobs in corporate franchises: Socialism or Corporate wage slavery.

Remember, these are the two conspirators behind the open borders agenda also.

And that’s who benefits most from the takedown of small business.

Importantly, we’re not letting the Republicans off the hook in this analysis. Texas – headquarters of the Bush Dynasty which is just as hostile to Trump as the Clintons – was, I believe, the first Republican controlled state to join the lockdown.

This disease pandemic should be recognized for what it is: biological warfare in the Globalist counter-offensive to the Nationalist Revolution. The end they seek is global serfdom for the populists under strict control by the elites – a gigantic world-wide “inner-city” run by Marxist-compatible multinational corporations under a single centralized politburo: just like China became after the Clinton/Bush NAFTA sell-out in the 1990s.

There’s no mystery to China’s motive in unleashing the coronavirus bio-weapon. They’re conspiring with America’s Purple Uniparty to replace Trump with someone who can get the China-model of the globalist program back on track.

And there’s no mystery why they’re killing America’s small businesses in the process.

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